but ugh babyface


I was tagged about a billion times by a lot of amazing(and hella beautiful) people to post some selfies but I never did because, oh well, my face is shit. But I’m finally posting them now so yaay ._.

So I tag you guys to post some prettyful selfies because you’re all beautiful lil’ creatures: agwith perunathor yggdrasill– your-basileus immortalxwitch d-e-r-n-h-e-l-m skallenknuse metalnshit s-a-o-r-s-a valhallawaits 0oncanvas metalnshit misscurse anneissleepingwithsirens bitte-totet-mich and pretty much anyone who wants to do it<3


I was tagged by valhallawaits to post a selfie(sooooo sorry it took me this long, thank you, wonderful human) and s-a-o-r-s-a (beautiful<3) to post six selfies, but imma stick to two. Don’t want anyone to die from the horror.

I tag: bitte-totet-mich metalnshit myheartispunkrock anneissleepingwithsirens perunathor byrjing finnish-power misscurse d-e-r-n-h-e-l-m (hana, moras.) and anyone who wants to