but u wanted to see it so

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hey🌹 just want u to know that ur body is beautiful and self-love is important and ur *so* brave and confident 🌹🌹 but also please tag ur pics with "body horror" because people could see u and by physically repulsed tee-hee 🌹🌹🌹 again ur SO beautiful and have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. just, y'know, be confident and unashamed somewhere where we can't see it thanx <3

jerrod let me reverse vore myself into ur body so i may walk outside and see daylight and flowers without the townspeople shrieking in terror at the sight of me


Needless to say, it’s been a bit of a rocky year at the prestigious U.A. High School. Worried for the spirits of the students as the holidays approach, All Might puts forth a proposal to the principal and faculty for a particular event he believes the students will immensely enjoy taking part in. It’s a more Western tradition typical of American high schools, but given U.A.’s international prominence and community, All Might sees no harm in borrowing from such a concept — aka, hosting a winter formal!

The proposal is initially met with some pushback ( i.e., not wanting to throw a party for the sake of a party, having to allocate budget, safety concerns ) before negotiations pull through, allowing the event to gain approval.

And so, just before they break for the holidays, U.A. will hold its very first high school dance for all classes and levels. On the surface, it’s announced as a ( mandatory ) opportunity to network with other students as well as other pro-heroes who will be in attendance and practice for formal / charity events that pros working in the hero industry are often invited to / are expected to attend. In other words, it’s an event and quasi-assignment where the students will be “graded” on behavior — but it’s a very fun “assignment” nonetheless!

Proceeds from ticket sales / donations will be donated to a charity dedicated to helping heroes with severe PTSD.

Leading up to the formal, students are encouraged ( i.e., will get extra credit ! ) to join one of six committees dedicated to getting the formal set up ( with each committee lead by a member of U.A.’s management/business department. ) 

The six committees are as followed:

Marketing/Publicity Committee: Their job is to inform as many people about as many things concerning the winter formal as possible. This includes information for a website sent to the public about the events leading to the event and publicity about the fundraising component.

Ticket Committee: Their job is to choose the actual info that will be printed on the ticket, along with setting up a schedule to sell tickets and keeping track of all ticket sales.

Decoration Committee: They’re in charge of the site decorations and clean-up after the event — probably the biggest task of all! The official theme for the formal is “Winter Wonderland” — a beloved classic.

Entertainment Committee: They’re responsible for booking the DJ or hiring a band to play at the winter formal, as well as find and book professional photographers to take photos during the event.

Security Committee: They’re responsible for laying down the groundwork and setting up the logistics needed to make certain the winter formal is both a fun, and more importantly, safe event for all! This committee works very closely with U.A. faculty to achieve that purpose.

Menu Committee: They work with a catering company to develop a specialized menu for the event.

Let the party planning, date-asking and outfit-deciding begin!


  • The actual event will take place throughout the weekend of December 15 through 17 ( so Friday, Saturday and Sunday specifically dedicated to roleplaying this event, although you’re obviously free to continue RP relating to it thereafter! )
  • VERY IMPORTANT: The event hashtag to track and use in regards to any and all RP relating to the event: #UAWinterBall   there will be a few mini-events leading up to the ball that you’ll definitely won’t want to miss out on! Otherwise, feel free to writer starters/respond to starters within the hashtag to get the activity rolling!
  • This is a BNHA RPC wide event — meaning everyone is invited to participate ( OCs, blogs with BNHA verses, “doubles,” the whole shebang ! ) While this is a U.A. school-oriented event, if villains want to sneak in and mingle ( peacefully ) for whatever reason, go for it. That said, BE NICE, OOC and IC. This is supposed to be fun and chill. You be fun and chill, or else :/
  • Any and all questions, concerns and suggestions can be sent to me, @heromight !

Special thanks to @redrioted & @ugravity for helping with plotting and backstory!  


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Hey are u gonna reblog one of those Self Ship memes again bc I enjoy those and reading about ur self inserts fam 👌👌👌

Ha, maybe if I see another one of those floating around, I’ll reblog.  I’m one of those ‘oh shit, this technically isn’t a Reader-insert; no one wants to scroll through this self-indulgent trash’ people, so I try to not to reblog too many ask memes.  Though, now I really want to find one.  


You’re a sweetheart. <3  

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Why do anons feel the need to send u sexual stuff like, it's just rude? And really inappropriate and I'm v sorry mint, ppl like this just stress me,,

Idk man people think its funny to see a character And just spam my inbox explaining just how much they want to fuck them its weird And Also p gross tbh

Bts gif reaction to their son/daughter graduating.

(Credits to gif owners)

Request:Can u please do a reaction when the members see their daughter or son graduate

This request is so cute, I hope you love reading it as much as I loved writing it, my requests are always open too, so keep the requests coming~~


Rapmon would have everything ready, he’d bring a full blown photographer to take pictures of your graduation, he wanted to leave this in his memory forever, he’d have a full dinner ready to spend with his middle school daughter and you, your daughter would be confused towards why there was almost 10 photographers there to take pictures of her, and namjoon would let your daughter know that she is very special to him, and she shouldn’t be too surprised.

“What can I say, I love you and I want to remember this time forever”

Originally posted by kisseokjin92


If jin isn’t able to attend the ceremony, he’d make sure it’s cancelled and set for another day, because he didn’t want to miss any part of your twins graduating, and he didn’t want to leave you by yourself to watch them graduate middle school, high school to him was the most important year of all education, that’s where they’d be making more friends, friends that would last them a life time, and growing into young adults,

“What can I say, I don’t want to miss any of my son and daughters graduation, this is a big moment”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


Suga would attend everything, each time bringing, special things, he’d usually call everyone, he’d call all of bts and tell them all to attend everything, from graduation to her birthday, to him anything that involved your daughter was the most important thing, and if he could show her ways to say how proud he was he’d do it, from bringing flowers to booking holidays for your daughter and her friends after the graduation of high school.

“I’ve booked you and your friend a holiday to Japan, have fun there and relax, you’ve worked so hard all those years.”

Originally posted by cyyphr


Jhope would attend everything, he’d attend your daughters graduation, recitals for ballet, and rewards because your daughter did everything, while you were growing up you wanted to try out everything, but you were never able to because education was the only thing that was pushed towards you, so you wanted to give your daughter the freedom of her own life, so when she was graduating, hobi made sure to bring bouquets of flowers, and bring a gift to say how proud he was.

“I’m so proud of you, love you both”

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Jimin remembered when he missed your son going into middle school, your son being your son was understandable, he knew how his dad was busy and jimin couldn’t control it, but he didn’t want jimin to miss his graduation, he’d be going into high school, and he wanted his father to be there and wanted to make his father proud, you knew jimin was always proud of his son, still you couldn’t help but remind jimin to keep that day free.

When that day came, jimin was just a smiling mess, he was so proud of where his son came, your son being your son was being called up for all sorts of awards, stealing the jealousy of other parents.

“That’s my son, claiming everything”

Originally posted by jimiyoong


V remembered when his daughter was born, he loved every second of it, the 3 of you went through so much, your daughter being V’s girl, she had many friends, she was like a mini V she was always so high in energy and needed to constantly socialise, so when she was graduating, she was on that stage interacting with everyone and anyone, and congratulating them.

“Tae, she’s just like you, she’s never able to stay still, I love you”

Originally posted by piedpiper405


Jungkook remembered back to the day where your son was born, and remembered back to all the first times, the first time your son started to walk, talk, started to eat food, started to play football with him, and it bought a huge smile onto his face, he remembered when his son first started elementary school, how your son started to freak out and say he wasn’t ready and how much he didn’t want to go, Jungkook knew more than anyone that he’d have to leave his side and go to school, so when your son was now graduating elementary and looking proud and standing up high, ready to start a new chapter in his life, Jungkook Just smiled and held onto your hands tighter.

“Thank you for giving me such a big part of my life, I love you and our son”

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Sooooooo this is like a part 2 of the giving birth one, hope you figured that out…… anyways keep requesting and love you all ^~^

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1/2 *claps hands* Ok. So. Here's the issue now. U see all these popular blogs. U admire them. U love their stories. They gain so much love and support. Hell when theyre in trouble or need help with troubles and toxic situations, they get help or at least support. Then there's the small blog. They produce fanfics too and want to have fun, but absolutely nothing. Either no followers or u attract people who bully you and give u death threats for nothing other than ur just easy. Asking for help make

2/2 u look like the most evil person who deserves to die for asking. U don’t wanna go back on internet or write fanfics or try to be like big blog bc of the negative experience. In fact now you gained attention but a very negative one and all these lies where people only know u by ur reputation u now have. I guess what I’m trying to ask is what r u suppose to do or wanna say to small blogs going through this or don’t have it so lucky or on the verge of quitting…?

First off, thank you for this ask. It resonates a lot with me for many reasons. When you run a smaller blog it’s easier to feel dispirited, and it’s easier for bullies to attack you. You’re making a huge gamble putting your stuff out there, and it’s no easy task.

If you’re a small blog on the verge of quitting what you do, I have one main thing to say. The reason you picked up your pen in the first place, what is it? That passion you first felt strongly enough to want to create, hold on to it. Don’t let it go. Let it be your solace.

For the first half of my life, I didn’t have internet. I rarely got to play games. I had nobody to share with. My passion for these stories was the only thing I could hold on to, and I poured my soul into it. Gave myself a lot of time to practice, to develop skills, because what I wanted more than anything was to be able to convey these feelings I felt. Even if it only affected one other person in the world, that would be enough. And, even if it didn’t, at least I had this beautiful internal space I’d sculpted to take refuge in.

There will be a lot of times when it feels like nobody around you is interested. But don’t let that fact destroy the beautiful things your mind holds. Those stories, those worlds, it would be so terribly sad if they died.

You’re not an evil person for asking for help. In fact, I’m really glad you came into my inbox to leave this message. It means you want to keep trying. There’s a lot of negative people out there, but we’ll beat ‘em back, one creation at a time. Consider yourself welcomed into the fold.

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HELLO! may i have a ship? (in love with draco but whatever you think) im almost a slytherin but i’m a gryffindor. i’m very stubborn and impulsive. i’m outgoing and i love adventure. i’m 5”3 and have dark blonde hair and blue eyes. i’d do anything for friends. i’m funny and i like to see the good in people, and be kind. i’m fairly loud but i love enjoying quiet moments too and reading and listening to music. i value bravery and love, and i’m quite sarcastic as well. thank you so much, love!! xx

(aaah! Hello!! you sound super charming lovely!! Before I get into it tho,

heres where u can find more writing and better Organisation lol

. if u want a ship u can head over there too, its way more appreciated if u do :v) 

I ship you with (luck you)


Originally posted by fairylightsmalfoy

- actually though, he has no idea who the hell this person is but she’s really good at potions

- he doesn’t speak to you until fourth year when he hears you mumble about how suspicious you find moody

- you are actually the one who then catches his eye and asks him what hes staring at

-hes dumbstruck

- this is rare and extremely funny

- hes like “what not at u thats for sure”

- so u, being a gryffindor, just blurt out

- “im guessing ur father will hear about this?”

- he gapes at you

- u just grin but oh no hes started insulting u

- ur just like sitting here waiting for him to finish. 

- when hes done u shrug and go “thats all?”

- “uh…”

- “good, then ill be on my way.”

- u just…up and leave

- he approaches u a week later after he saw u talking to a slytherin

- “what the hell is your deal?”

-ur very confused to say the least

- “why are u so nice to everyone but me?”

- ur like, completely blankly

“im not.”

- hes so confused. 

“I only said that youd probably tell your father about the staring.as a joke. ever heard one?”

-hes scoffing now

“heard– of course i have!”

- this discussion continues for awhile – and repeats a few days later.

- during the first task ur sitting next to draco who is not really paying attention to anything

- u start a conversation by telling dragon-jokes

- he eventually just gives in and shoots back with bad puns

- u really became friends during the second task and u had told him how hermione said that harry wasnt prepared at all

- u bet actual money that he wouldnt make it.

- draco insisted on u being his date to the yule ball instead

- so that happened. 

- u ended up educating him on various things from muggleborn stereotypes to house-prejustices 

- he actually listens

- ur friends now!! and he has a cute school boy crush!!

-during the last task Draco just stares at Cedric while u scream 

-u hug him really hard and he just pets u

-hes very protective of u in fifth year and manages to protect u from umbridge

- but u have a really bad fight towards the end of the year


- you yell before running off 

- he gets yelled at by hermione and blaise  to find u

-he finds u in the library under a table. 

-everyones already gone

-its very cute tho and theres cuddles and confessions.

- “im very sorry Y/N. i truly am. i love you too, you know.”

- u fall asleep in his arms under the table

-when he becomes a death eater u dont question it cuz u know hes doing it for u and his family

- when the battle of hogwarts happens u cry alot

- when its over ur all over him hugging, peppering kisses everywhere u can reach, hugging, kissing.

- when u (finally) meet his arents, narcissa loves u and thanks u for showing him love and how to redeem himself

- lucius is suspicious but warms up


-ur wedding dress is very expensive. 

-like. what. 

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okay i want to hear what u think spill the tea plz i gotta knoww - anon with the problem of not knowing who tops (bill×stan)

Omg how rude of me. I mean only if you’d feel comfortable telling about it. No pressure, just curious. Also sry if i made you feel unease, i tend to say/do things without really thinking anything through. I’m workin on it tho 8)) also, I absolutely love everything u write, your works are masterpieces 👌👌👌 -anon with the problem of not knowing who tops (bill×stan)

dw about it!

Keep reading

Hi! Tonight I’ll be STREAMING some ART, that’ll be my birthday party. xD I’ll be doing that on my TWITCH I think from like 7pm EEST (daylight savings time), just look up the time in Helsinki or something and you’ll know when it’ll be. xD 

The scribbles will mostly be Fallout-related but that means like 90% Jay so -shrug-. :D I could squeeze in some DA-related stuff as well if you wanted to throw prompts my way. ^u^

Anyway that’s the plan for tonight! :D Hope to see some of you there so I’ll have lots of friends to blabber with. ^U^

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Assalam-u-alaikum, Hameed. Are you getting any orgasms these days, and if so, how? I am not letting Peter inside me very much now, and he does not seem to want to anyway. When I do let him inside, he comes very quickly. I do give him handjobs, and he still masturbates and very occasionally sees other women. I am fully satisfied by his eating me and using large dildos on me, and of course by my playtime with other men.

wasalam erika, sis, i do get to cum but only through my on manual labour lol.  i dont expect or demand anything from mrs and am happy with that. she does tease me from time to time, but in a playful way, doesnt go all the way. sounds like similar situation to you guys.  i dont think of myself as having an entitlement to fuck her and much prefer she offers that to guys who will do her the way she likes.  i cant compete in the size or stamina department and i know she’s gotten quite comfortable with both those things from other stronger well endowed men lol.  and if not, she has some very big dildos too lol

i dont know how it is with peter but i get a lot of satisfaction from knowing my queen is out living a full sex life with other men. i especially love having the chance to lick her clean when she comes back home from her meet. she mostly makes guys wear condoms but occasionally i get a treat :)

me, a mlm: that dream daddy game isn’t for straight ppl lol 

 what i mean: straight people can play it and enjoy it as much as they want but need to realise the characters were not made for them to relate to or just for them at all 

 what the straights think i mean: straight people cannot play this game at all and should actually go die because straight people are the devil and deserve death


when u’re trying to support ur bf but u’re bad at it verbally but still trying