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Rush is a Canadian rock band composed of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart. The band formed in 1968 and went through several reconfigurations between then and 1974. Rush is known for its musicianship, complex compositions, and eclectic lyrical motifs drawing heavily on science fiction, fantasy, and philosophy. The band’s musical style has changed several times over the years, from a blues-inspired hard rock beginning, later moving into progressive rock, and including a period marked by heavy use of synthesizers. In the early 1990s, Rush returned to a guitar-driven hard rock sound, which has continued to the present. (x)

Livin’ Easy, Lovin’ Free

Since I wanna write about Tony being a fuckin nerd with a robot tie I’M DOIN’ IT and virtually none of u can stop me bc i love my idea (pt. 1??) 

Steve Rogers was in a band. No one thought he would be in one because he was an art student in high school who was so asthmatic that he couldn’t even fast-walk without an inhaler at his side. And then in college he got big. Like, football big. But the man still had two left feet when it came to sports, so he was regretfully passed on. 

It started when Bucky accidentally forgot to unlock him out of the dorm room and left for a two-hours-away concert with Clint. Steve had already sent him a text, and Sam would retrieve him in the morning. Maybe. But Steve had nothing to do besides read his textbooks (not likely), watch TV (he had just marathoned an auction show, so no) or learn something. He chose guitar. 

He has to google it. He starts practicing. He likes it, even if the strings make his hands all rough. It’s rhythm. He just plays all night. Learns a couple of chords. 

Steve starts getting pretty good. 

He joins a band. It’s Bucky, Clint, and Sam. They’re called the Howling Commandos after Steve’s grandfather’s troop in World War II. “That’s bitchin’,” Clint comments. “We have to do that.” The group mutually agrees on it, and so it becomes. 

It’s supposed to be a local college thing. They perform stuff from Led Zeppelin and AC/DC and all the classic rock stuff, occasional softie being thrown in there. Bucky’s voice is made for raspy singing and hard rock, something Steve can’t do. He cannot sing for shit. Like, at all. He can hum. But he can work the guitar. Bucky just jokes and says “yeah, he’s got artist hands.” Which is true. He does. His fingers are nimble and Steve can shred like nobody’s business. 

They blow up after Sam, new member and all around Best Guy, releases a snippet on his Twitter to promote the band going to the pub. Way more people show up. “If you’re going to advertise, get a bigger bar,” Hill snipes as she wipes off spilled tequila. “Tequila’s coming out of your payment.” 

“Better drink some then,” Clint says. 

The Howling Commandos start performing at other venues. A record label picks them up. They’re the warm-up band for a bigger one. And it goes from there. 

They become a household name overnight. People ask you who your favorite is, if you’re going to the concert. Steve doesn’t want to be stereotyped as the Apple Pie Lifestyle Dude. While he doesn’t mind it, he gets a feeling that’s what he’s gonna get all his life. So he mixes it up. Comes out on stage with eyeliner around his eyes, making already icy eyes explode. He wears his beat-up leather jacket and works on not smiling like Mr. Rogers. Bucky thinks it’s an improvement. 

“Damn you look different,” Bucky says with a grin. “Like you’re actually gonna win a fight.” 

“Aw, shaddup.” 

Natasha Romanoff is not invincible when it comes to music she likes. She forced Tony to listen to classical music for a week straight because she was so moved by Tchaikovsky one day. She likes music. The Howling Commandos caught her eye because they’re right up her alley: classic rock without coming off as an asshole. Plus, it helps that both Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers have launched themselves into the audience to stop a pervert or to help someone who is having difficulty. They’re nice people. Natasha finds it adorably disgusting. (And if she has a thing for Barnes, then that’s her business.) 

She knows Clint Barton. They went to high school together and kept in contact. She was one of the only classmates to think that he was worth something and that he wasn’t gonna end up as a hobo somewhere. 

He got her in for free, front row. With a friend. So she chose Tony, naturally. If she brought anyone else, she wouldn’t have as much fun. 

Of course, Tony comes as he is. “Hi!” He says brightly. They’re taking his flashy Maserati so they know that Natasha means business. (Also so she can look famous and badass while walking out of the car with her held-together-with-safety-pins shirt and her ripped jeans and scuffed boots. It’s thirteen year old her’s dream.) 

Tony did not change into his Prescribed Hot Clothes. No, he’s still wearing his stupid “I’m Not Just a Businessman, I’m a Cool Businessman” attire, which meant he looked like a goofy teacher with a button-down and his robot tie. 

“I’m gonna die of embarrassment,” Natasha says. “Where’s your AC/DC shirt?” 

“In the wash,” Tony says with a shrug. “Rock isn’t about your outfit, it’s about your attitude.” Natasha snorts as she gets in the car. 

“You’re such a dork.” Tony smiles. She plugs in the aux cord. He calls one song groovy and starts humming along to one she was playing earlier. 

“I like this one.” 

“It’s called Falling Off a Jet. I like it.”* Natasha is more nervous than she looks. She makes sure that she has her ticket and Tony’s in her purse more than once. They get in no problem. Tony smiles at the security guard. They get front seats with fancy drinks and food that Tony pays for. 

The intro band is good. Natasha thinks they have potential. Tony keeps saying he likes one of the member’s neon pink shoes ironically. He dabs once. “I cannot believe I’m your friend,” Natasha groans. 

“I’m in with the kids,” Tony says. “I’m a Cool Engineer. Peter told me so.” 

“Peter would kill the president for you, his opinion means nothing.” 

The band comes on. Natasha has to admit that Bucky Barnes’ Murder Strut makes her feel some type of way. 

Tony…he’s in awe. Because here’s this blondie with icy eyes and a leather jacket, guitar slung across his body. He’s grinning as he looks out at the crowd. 

“Nat, which one is that? Is that Clint?” 

“No, Clint’s the one who just tripped,” Natasha says. “That’s Steve Rogers. He plays guitar. He’s scarily good at it.” Tony files the information away for later use. 

Steve Rogers doesn’t notice Tony Stark at first. It’s only when he bends down to get the bottle of water that he hears someone laugh and it’s loud and sincere and he looks over and…

There’s a cute guy. He’s in a button-down and a tie with something on it. Steve kind of wants to see what’s on it. He moves a bit closer. He thinks they’re robots. Interesting. 

The concert goes off without a hitch. Sharon’s interns have the lights downpat and Clint doesn’t trip again. Sam gets to sing quite a few songs, making some ladies and men scream as his mellow voice fills the stage. He keeps his eye on Cute Tie Dude. 

After the concert, Clint tells them that some friends are dropping in to say hi and meet them. 

It’s Cute Tie Dude! 

Oh no. 

Steve looks like shit. His eyes look like a raccoon’s, he’s drenched in sweat, and is currently in a shirt that is advertising some stupid tourist attraction that Clint swears he saw a ghost at. 

“This is Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark,” Clint says. Natasha’s stare lingers a bit longer on Bucky. Steve already knows that’s gonna go well. Tony steps up. 

“I uh, liked the guitar,” he says. “Oh no, I’m sure everyone says that…” 

“It’s fine,” Steve offers. “Uh, thank you. That means a lot to me.” Clint and Sam snort. 

“Loverboy,” Sam mouths at Steve. 

“Asshole,” Steve mouths right back. “So…Stark. Happen to be affiliated with Stark Enterprises?” 

“That’s my company,” Tony says. “That’s why I wore the robot tie today. I was giving tours to some schools.” Goddammit he’s too cute abort mission Steve

“That’s so cool,” Steve says. “How were the tours?” 

And this is how Tony eventually tunes Steve’s guitar to just the write notes and fixes Sharon’s wonky light (”I think I’m in love with you,” Sharon says seriously to him, and he blushes he motherfucking blushes) and also blushes whenever Steve compliments him. 

“I had a great time talking to you,” Steve says. “You’re…great. Awesome.” Tony’s face turns red. He looks adorable. 

“Well thank you,” he says, smiling. “You weren’t too bad yourself, Rogers. You have to tell me the story of how the band formed sometime, yeah?” Steve nods. 

“Here’s my number,” He says, holding out his phone. “I…I’d like to talk to you some more, if you wouldn’t mind terribly.” 

They’re such fucking dorks. They send each other dog memes and Tony calls him to tell him that he bought another vintage painting of flowers because “it reminded me of you Steven, don’t you dare scold me” and Steve sends him presents from wherever they perform with a handwritten card and Tony sends him flowers and postcards. 

“You guys are such dorks,” Natasha says one night when they’re finally watching a movie together. 

Steve smiles down at Tony. 

They kind of are. 

blake shelton being named sexiest man alive when idris elba is out here walking around every day, really makes you understand what kanye was feeling when he interrupted that speech bc people magazine, imma let you finish, but idris elba is the best looking man of our time

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Hey there! I saw you needed promps for gadget/infinite and came running as fast as I can. We need more stuff with these two ;-; Hm... How Infinite being haunted by what he done under the influence of the ruby and Gadget is there to comfort him?

god im so sorry this took so long. im trying to work on the prompts in the order i receive them but that’s, uh. not what happened. at all. hhhhhhh

still gonna post em in order tho lel im a sucker for pain

anyways i kinda had a “infinite laments over his past deeds” with the previous one so if you dont mind i incorporated some introspection on the other end this time :)

(note: just as some context, ive been playing with the idea of infinite doing investigative work pre-ruby bc the idea of him purposely checkin out a strange disturbance in town and then disappearing is more interesting to me than “he stumbled upon magic rock and then Became Evil”)

anyways u kno the drill yall click Keep reading to read the things

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“You alright, man?” Lewis asked Max, and Max was really quite pleased to see the fondness in the older man’s eyes. 

“I, um, I need some advice.” Max said, trying to think of something that he could reasonably ask Lewis that he wouldn’t have been able to ask Daniel first, and that would also get Lewis to tell him why he was in such a foul mood.

Lewis raised an eyebrow. “Oh.”

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u probably get this a lot but honestly i still can’t believe ravenscroft is your real last name like holy shit? ur whole name is cool as shit rock on dude. anyway good luck!!!!!! u n alex are gonna be such amazing dads

I was so lucky to be born with that surname tbh. And my mother married into it - her profession is world famous fantasy artist. With the surname Ravenscroft. She really hit the jackpot.

lovetolisten2  asked:

I would really like to post art that I have that's nsfw , but I'm nervous about what would happen if ppl irl found out about it, especially if I ever get a following of any size. any advice about that balancing act? (sfw and nsfw art, blogs, etc)

I’ve had several questions about this  so will try to address a few of the others as well with this one if it’s alright <3

It’s something I had to come to terms with a long time ago. I’ve drawn NSFW stuff for a long time but just recently dedicated a blog to it.  
To me it ultimately came down to ‘ Am I embarrassed that I do this? Should I be? Why do it? How should I present it? ’
I’m not embarrassed by any of it because nothing I’ve done I see as wrong. Yes what I  draw are weird humans, human monsters or some facsimile- but all are sentient intelligent beings that in the gross majority of my work have heavy romantic/consensual/ loving undertones *SPOILERS I’M A HUGE HOPELESS ROMANTIC* So even though I do draw a lot of smut/porn/etc there’s always substance to it. Not to mention it fulfills my love for drawing the nude form in weird contorted posing and not having to cover it up with clothes.

I also don’t subscribe to the notion that sex is wrong or should be frowned upon. All normal laws applying of course - age , consenting, etc . If you’re a willing participant and that’s what you want- by all means. If that’s not your jam- no problem! Everyone’s different. It’s the main reason I keep my blogs separate- not because I’m embarrassed but I know that’s not some people’s jam. If they still want to enjoy my art they can by following one, both or neither - no biggie! Thanks for stopping by <3

Why do it at all if it was something I had to come to terms with and how to approach? Simple! As a transman I not only felt bad about my body at the start but a lot of what I saw wasn’t what I was looking for in porn/smut. I love exploring the diversity of  human forms and that eventually branched out into the semi human and monsters. It was a way for me to both  accept what I have been working towards with my own body but seeing what I don’t see out there already.

All of this is individualized and yes sometimes I still get embarrassed if one of my more ‘vanilla’ friends finds my blog but ultimately its not something I worry about. I have student loans for christ sake - I’d rather worry about that and my overwhelming debt.

As a bonus, here’s a picture of my mom looking at Monsters and More 1. LOL She’s insanely understanding, I think she’s just happy that I make money anyway I can. THANKS MOM U ROCK HAPPY EARLY MOTHERS DAY!

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Ok, so ive been out of the Robron loop pretty much since 'The Incident' tm for various reasons, but ive been dipping in and out recently to see if the madness has continued and it looks like the worlds gone mental. Is there any way you could do a quick round-up of the events of the last month just so i can know what the heckles is going on?? Pretty please.

where… to start….

i know u said last month but time is meaningless so im just gonna give u the full jammy run down:

so our dear robert sugden, freshly single and hating every second of it, has set his sights on getting home farm and all the money and power that surely goes along with it - robert’s OG goal, i’m sure you’ll remember, that he had spent years working towards, before aaron came along and ruined everything by making robert feel inconvenient things like ‘happiness’ and ‘love’

rob sets the whole thing in motion when lawrence white, henceforth known as sugar daddy larry, suffers a hella convenient stroke because he’s always two steps away from death but never quite close enough. rob breaks into home farm and slips some sleeping pills into sugar daddy larry’s scotch - a drink his ex-fiance ronnie gave him that he has been indulging in bc alcohol numbs the pain of being alone. larry ends up in a permanent drunk and drugged out stupor whilst trying to recover from his stroke and rebecca is left to run home farm all by herself, because who needs employees when u have unqualified family.

chrissie would help, except at this point she doesn’t care about her family and is living her best life in the village doing… something and lookin fine. 

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Incorrect Tron quotes 7/

uhh no one asked but jeyne has several thin scars , mostly on her calves , from slipping while climbing rocks ( barefoot ) n accidentally getting cut on them 

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I dont have a tumblr so I'm just gonna comment my trends I really want to end in the 17-18 season if thats ok. 1. slow ass contemp solos (duh) 2. TIGHTS OVER THE LEOTARD (whyyy is this still a thing) 3. acting like its cool for 10 year olds to be dancing "mature" (theres a difference between dancing above your age & dancing like you are 18 when you are 10) 4. talking about which young dancers are "mean" vs. "nice"(lets face it, its hard enough to be 13) anyway thanks for all you do carrie u rock

tights over a leotard? when have you seen that??

yea i agree with we need to stop commenting on a 10 year olds personality based on their facial expression in a video. 

Character & Seiyuu series~ 

Sakamoto Ryoma/ Taniyama Kishou

Shinsaku Katsura Okita Hijikata