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Hey I was wrapping gifts earlier and wondered what would happen if you were wrapping gifts with all the boys


-dis boi would be all confident like
-“I got this y/n pleaseee’
-“okay so ….how do I do this”
-“hey I’ve never done this before I usually just put it in a bag”
-“Tom’s that’s called being lazy”
-“it’s called being civil y/n wrapping a gift is called being extra”
-this boi would totally surprise you
-you thought he would not know how to wrap a gift
-like at all
-but he did
-he did it really well to the point where you didn’t want to open the gift because it was wrapped so perfectly
-“y/n why are you staring at the wrapping paper”
-“it’s just perfect like what this f u c k”
-this angel would be like
-“y/n can you help me love?”
-“sam it’s not that hard…how tf did you get your hands tapped together”
-literally sam is covered in wrapping paper…..
-“….it’s a long story”
-this lil bitch would be like
-“how about instead of wrapping person I unwrap something else”
-“hey y/n how about I wrap myself under the tree as your gift and you unwrap your gift”
-“I’d rather throw it in the trash thanks”

SPOILERS: more thoughts on the last jedi

SPOILERS SOOO here we go.

- this movie fed the r*ylos with so much content im so mad…….

- they did have one (1) fight scene together that was.. dare i say iconic… THE LIGHTSABER THING. u know what im talking about. i still hate kyle though.

- finn & rose’s mission was useless tbh n they couldve been given smth so much better

- speaking of finn and rose. kiss was. unnecessary. very one sided imo….

- poe SHINED which im so happy abt bc hes my favorite character.. he was the first person to come on screen too so i immediately cried

- didnt like how leia + holdo kept stopping poe from doing his thing + treated him like he was reckless when he was really just trying to help


- luke. poof.

- i needed more paige tico

- bb-8 id die for you.. i rly would…

- did not need to see luke drinking that milk

- rey .. u beautiful beautiful fool…

- shirtless kylo… feels bad scoob

- luke tickling reys hand with the leaf added 10 years onto my life

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what were u expecting from the last jedi ???? i thought it was bomb as hell. if anything it made kylo ren’s character more unlikable SOOO. and poe was amazing

i was expecting a star wars movie and like… rian killed luke’s character by making him so ooc and change everything about like before doing what they did and rey was so ooc and her whole storyline was tied to kylo’s instead of her own and about redeeming him when leia couldnt even do it for her own son (or even gave leia the chance lmao, and like how did rey go from hating him from all this shit kylo did a week before to wanting to save him when hes a STRANGER) and poe and finn (especially) got regulated to a b plot when finn was a main character in tfa. also side lining leia for this entire movie at the same time. the movies are about the skywalkers and they ignored them all except for stupid ass kylo whos the VILLAIN like scream.

plus the plot was so boring. a 2 hour slow car chase where finn and poe’s work didnt amount to anything bc one character refused to give information for legit.. no reason.

also like they had the main trio separated the entire film. they only have one movie left to bond and become remarkable like the last two trios.

rian johnson made this script BEFORE the force awakens even came out. mark hamill said he hated what he did to luke skywalker.

like me and my friend, whos not even as big as a star wars buff as me, said that was terrible and not a star wars film

i was expecting star wars not…. that mess

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I’m surprised you don’t want to go into an english major or some sort of writers craft course! Either way, i hope you enjoy your optical journey 💓

thnk u so much!! i will do my best <33 being a teacher was my dream as a tiny broomstick. i thought it was what i wanted 2 do for sure!! i couldnt rly explain why, i just wanted 2 be one. preferably english. but then i had a grand realization!!..,,,,,,,,,

i have never liked anything in english class ever!! ive always liked 2 write n i always do well on written tasks but having “guidelines” i guess u could say, completely threw me off. i just wanted 2 write what i wanted 2 write, but there were a lot of specifics in english. it also became a personal craft tht i did not want 2 share with anyone so i h8ed creative writing assignments.

i didnt want 2 ruin writing by turning it into a chore. or having 2 do essays on these books i didnt give a rats ass abt. or continuously create pieces when i wasnt feeling it. i wanted it 2 be an escape from those things if tht makes sense. bc i control when/where/what i write, it is always enjoyable!!

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What are the symptoms of ADHD besides hyperactivity? All I've been exposed to is stereotypes of what it's like to have ADHD and I want to learn more!

well here’s what it’s like for me

  • feeling like you need to Do Shit All The Time
  • like, literally every second
  • if you aren’t stimulated for even a second you’re incredibly bored
  • boredom is literally painful
  • it’s worse than death
  • worse than e v e r y t h i n g
  • feelin that sweet Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria™ any time you get teased or insulted
  • when you’re listening to music you always tune it out eventually
  • not picking up on social cues At All
  • actually, what are social cues?
  • can’t regulate attention
  • not interesting = not worth paying attention to
  • hyperfocus for hours
  • did i forget to eat again
  • The Thoughts go from point a to point g in less than one (1) fuckin sentence
  • *someone says a thing* what *person repeats thing* what *person repeats thing again and you still don’t hear them but dont ask what again in case they think ur weird*
  • or, alternatively
  • *someone says a thing* what *person starts to repeat said thing; you reply less than a second after they start*
  • using subtitles all the time so you don’t have to go back twenty times to determine What The Fuck someone said
  • “sorry i tuned you out for that entire sentence can you repeat that”
  • needing e x t r e m e l y s p e c i f i c d i r e c t i o n s
  • tfw that thing u were working on falls apart and u cant redo it bc u already did it and that would be boring
  • long blocks of text are Extremely Hard to Read
  • ur fuckin brain works 12 times as fast as everyone elses. for every ADHD person it’s somethin different. for me it’s puns. ill choke on my own laughter at a pun an Entire Second before anyone else even gets it
  • The Leg Bounce™
  • Disassociation
  • that ADHD feel when you
  • ^^ that one is a True Marker of an ADHD person. only ADHD people understand.

a list of klance things that happened that i forget actually happened and aren’t fanon:

  • “i’ll stick yOU IN A WORMHOLE”
  • that forehead touch thing after ‘shut ur quiznak’
  • that entire scene where they’re blindfolded and in their lions and keith & lance are racing each other
    • “you still goin keith”
      “you know it”
  • the iconique ~bonding moment~
    • keith, kneeling down and grabbing lance’s hand, and HOLDING IT as they fuckign gaze longingly at each other 
    • “we did it,,,, we are a good team”
  • “haha. hey lance, i got ur lion back”
    • “thank u keith, now can u come and unchain me”
      “whats that i, uhh,, ur cutting out i cant,, i cant hear u”
      “oh CMON i thought we BONDED,, keith,,,, buddy,,,,, my MAN
  • that entire scene where they work together from “cool your jets, keith” to “na na na boo boo”,,,, good shit
    • their like generic old married couple banter when theyre trying to cut open the ceiling
    • lance trying to communicate to keith non verbally and keith not getting it but still figuring out the plan and them still kicking ass together,,,, thanks sm
  • when the castle was going ~apples & bananas~ and keith managed to show up at the perfect time to save lance’s ass
  • heh,,,,,,, like that? ;)
  • two bros chillin in a hot tub five feet apart cause they’re not gay
    • that elevator scene feels like a fever dream but people genuinely took the time to animate it and i, for one, am thankful
    • keith, still shirtless: i got u covered,,,, i uh- i dont got u
  • keith: we need to focus
  • lance: wE nEeD tO fOcUs
Signs and their Usual Thoughts

Aries: T U R N U P

Taurus: Wat

Gemini: What if I was in a horror film?

Cancer: hungry

Leo: WAT

Virgo: well shit. what am I supposed to do?

Libra: (literally any song)

Scorpio: help

Sagittarius: why did they show a slight change of emotions what did I do 


Aquarius: (wake me up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (can’t wake up) WAKE ME UP INSIDE (SAVE MEE)

Pisces: (ponders life questions)

Send Nude Pics of Your Heart to Me

James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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I was trying to design casual outfits for Human Allura and Coran and then thought what mysteries could be under the jacket, then I imagined and I laughed.

If I ever get stuck in space, I want to be wearing that shirt.

BTS in Bed (Based on Their Venus and Mars Signs) - Hyung Line

warning: longg 18+ post ahead

Maknae Line version here.

Jin - Capricorn Venus Cancer Mars

  • the cheesy romantic type
  • capricorn is a cold business like sign
  • while cancer is emotional and sensitive
  • so that creates a conflict within him
  • probably the most vanilla of all the boys as both his venus and mars are very traditional signs
  • but by no means is he boring
  • his sagittarius sun knows how to spice things up and keep it interesting
  • would love missionary with lots of eye contact and kissing and feeling
  • kissing in general is very arousing to him
  • body worship
  • food and sex are two of his favorite things so of course he’d combine them
  • food play
  • licking whipped cream, chocolate, and more off his partners body
  • mmm maybe you’ll be my next special on eat jin ;)”
  • (oops did i forget to mention jokes during sex bc yes jokes during sex)
  • let’s not sleep on those magical fingers
  • he knows how to use them
  • has a soft, feminine aesthetic 
  • ex. likes pink lingerie, fluffy white bed sheets, etc
  • his capricorn venus likes controlling and owning their partner
  • so he’d surprise u with pretty collars that say “property of jin”
  • nonchalant and open about his sex life
  • literally in the middle of dinner he’d go
  • “oh jagi the baby pink vibrator i ordered came in let’s try it tonight”
  • and u choke on ur food
  • calling his s/o princess/prince !!
  • so many soft pet names
  • knows how to pleasure his partner and does it well

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Yoongi - Aries Venus Cancer Mars

  • listen…not he’s always the kinky hard dom y'all think he is

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so what we have here!! is!! some!! presents!! for my amazing friend @rachirdsims, she was one of my first friends on tumbles and is one of the main reasons why i even make cc!! shes kind, thoughtful, smart, and such a beauty!! SO!! as a thank u to the universe for blessing me with such an amazing creature i have made these wonderful 13!! mesh edits!!

~ all of these items require city living ~

(if i get enough requests i may try to make them bgc as well)

  • i did do all of these myself, so chances r i did make a mistake!! if that is so!! plez!! let!! me!! kno!!
  • please do not re-upload or claim as your own, these are not only cc but also a gift to a friend dont disrespect that!! ):<
  • if you use them in a build tag me!! i love to see creations in use!!