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The Divine Hand

Every sign channels the energy of the universe differently. Water signs have a reputation for being the most ‘psychic’ or intuitive, but in reality, all signs have equal access to higher consciousness.

Fire signs channel divine will through their actions.

Earth signs channel divine will in their work.

Air signs channel divine will through their words.

Water signs experience divine will in their emotions.



“You are one of the Thirteen,” she said to him. “From now until the Darkness cleaves us apart. You are mine, and I am yours. Let’s show them why.”

                                                                                    ⊰ manon blackbeak & abraxos

enemies to lovers!au lai guanlin

  • both you and guanlin went to the same school and are both in the same year
  • y’all never really interacted much because he was the sports type of guy and even if you were into sports. you weren’t as focused on it like he was and both of you never had any classes together ??? 
  • both of you have been going to the same school since high school started but never got a chance to ever interact and you both didn’t mind. because how was knowing one another gonna benefit y’all anyways ?? 
  • so yes, he was the i love sports i BREATHE sports type of person who always joined the teams. volleyball, track, badminton ??? he was in it 
  • cop: sir pull over 
  • guanlin: pull over?💀😂 the season 🏀🏈 is never over 🙅🏿‍♂️🚫 ima grind 💪🏾💯 till the day I die 👻 💀 John 3:16🙏🏾🙌🏾
  • but of course his number one sport is … basketball 
  • he’s been in it since he entered the school and boy never played it before but he found that he really enjoyed it and he got good at the sport so he was like uhhhh … ok i’ll just keep playing
  • his ability to learn sports easily just lead to his coaches recommending him to join the other sports and he cant turn down people so he was like okay i guess i’m just here to have a good time 
  • so during the year before senior year, he’s became the captain for the varsity basketball team through hard work and patience with himself 
  • and you ?? you’re just out here chilling with your studies and of course you’ve heard about lai guanlin before. who would you be if you haven’t?? 
  • everyday after a game everyone would talk about how he got the buzzer beater, about how amazing his layup was and you had nothing against him so you included yourself in the convo and would talk about how good he is even tho you’ve never seen him play at all 
  • your friends knew that you were interested in the sport but never bothered to try out because you were too intimidated 
  • you actually went on your first year of high school but you saw everyone who was trying out so you were like uhhh … gotta blast !!! 
  • you were too intimidated and till this day you lowkey regret not joining because u could’ve been like guanlin where he worked hard and got the captain position 
  • u were jealous but it was okay because it slipped out of your mind once school started becoming really busy 
  • but anyways, senior year came around and tryouts for this seasons basketball team rolled up 
  • your friends were like “yoooooo y/n ….. do you know what time it is?”  
    and you’re just like “no i’m not gonna try out !!!!  its senior year so why would i try out anymore” 
  • “exactly!! u said it urself!!! its senior year!!!!! just do it!!!” 
  • you were like nuh uh that will never happen i’m just Busy with life right now!!! and you make excuses that you’re trying to focus on your studies so you can enter a good university but they pull out receipts of ur good grades and  good attendances and youre just like “i’ll think about it, ok??” and they leave with a satisfied smile 
  • because at least you were finally going to think about. they’ve known that you lowkey always wanted to be in the team but never done it because u were too scared 
  • one day you were going home when you saw the tryouts poster, directing you to where it was and what time it was gonna happen 
  • you sighed and said “fuck it” because the poster was right there and tryouts were the next day so you told yourself it might be destiny that this was happening to you 
  • the next day you showed up to tryouts thinking that fuck it! its senior year and who cares if these underclass men judge me. i’m gonna graduate anyways 
  • after the tryouts you come to school with your gym clothes because you didn’t bother to change out and your friends are like ??? uh wtf what did you do to become that sweaty and you’re like “tried out for the team!! surprise!!” and theyre like WHAT
  • the results would be coming out at the end of the day and you were scared and anxious because u don’t think u’d be able to make it with these god tier students also trying to be in the team 
  • once the day of the day rolled up, you casually went to the bulletin board located at the gym and you saw guanlin standing there. looking at the results for both the girls and boys team. he seemed interested and you were lowkey scared to even go near it anymore but you were like whatever he doesn’t know me anyways lmao 
  • when you went up to the board your name was there. y/f/n y/l/n in big black letters along with the other students that made it in but the reason why yours was in bold bc … surprise surprise …. you’re the senior varsity captain 
  • you were so into the moment that you started hitting the person next to you out of excitement and oh no!! guess who you were hitting….lai guanlin
  • he jumps back in surprise and youre just like “oh!!! sorry!!!!” and you continue to apologize but he brushes himself off and says “are you y/n?” 
  • and you’re just like uhh ya i am and ur a little bit shook because you didn’t think he’d know you because you were just a person in the sidelines and you never did anything in the school to put yourself out there 
  • “we’ll be seeing each other often from now on. don’t do that again” and with that he leaves the gym and leaving you in a confused state 
  • you went ahead and talked to the coach on why you were picked as the captain when all these girls have better experience than you but they said because you had the skill and they knew the background you had with playing basketball with a team that wasn’t your school 
  • practices were 3 times a week, two in the morning and one after school 
  • at the first few practices you weren’t used to waking up early but when you got into the routine you thought that huh. this wasn’t too bad 
  • but shit got worse when the boys basketball team started practicing. they stole the gym from you guys like half the time and although you and your team have only been a team for a few weeks you had each others back and once you saw them getting irritated with the boys team you had to step up and discuss with them about the practicing sched because they were stealing your time!!! so of course you had to talk to captain 
  • you got his number from a mutual friend named lee daehwi and he was surprised that you wanted to talk to him and you briefly explained the practice schedule 
  • you texted guanlin and he replied with a “who’s this?” and you told him that you were y/n the one from the basketball team and you met up with one another to talk about the schedule 
  • you met up at the schools football bleachers and you slowly approached him cautious because he looked like he was in a shitty mood 
  • “hey. i came here to talk to you about the schedule?” you said timidly 
  • “oh. ya you texted me about it, i know. we can’t anything about the schedule” and you were like ummm??? what?? why not??
  • “because that’s the only schedule that works for everyone in the team. if you don’t like it then change YOUR schedule.” 
  • “the schedule that we have right now works with everyones schedule too so we can’t change it!!!!!” 
  • “then i guess we’ll be sharing gyms then?? i don’t see what’s the problem with that, it just looks like you’re the one who’s complaining about this” 
  • you were like WHAT THE FUCK because your team was the one who started using it first !!! and he shouldn’t have talked like as if he was the one who owned the gym 
  • you left with a “fine.” and a roll of your eyes and he simply walked away, not caring 
  • you told the team and they were heart broken but you continued to deal with the practice being both teams 
  • it got annoying because the boys would steal the basketballs away from you guys, they would hog the gym with their own practice drills and it left your own team struggling to practice 
  • when you and guanlin met eyes with one another you would glare at him and he would glare back at you. there was small tension between the two of you and the team were all like ….yikes i don’t wanna be part of this 
  • although both of the teams disliked sharing the gym they didn’t hate it as much as you and guanlin did 
  • every time something simple happened like a ball got into their side of the gym guanlin would be like “do you not KNOW how to throw a ball properly? hmm, as expected of someone who’s never been in a team before” and you would storm off and get another ball in the gym back room. 
  • he always used you not being in the past years team against you and like…you were good from what he can tell when he actually paid attention to your practices but he never cared to admit it 
  • the insults kept coming and coming and you brushed it off and threw an insult back but you were lowkey like damn .. what if he’s right about me? that i’m not even good enough to be in the senior varsity team??? am i good enough to be the captain ??? 
  • so you started practicing more and more, coming in the gym when you didn’t need to and you stayed up until like 10:00 pm sometimes just to at least improve a little bit 
  • guanlin had other activities he needed to attend to that would sometimes end at around the time you leave the school gym and he would see you all sweaty and out of breath with a gym bag and water bottle at hand and he would wonder why you were still here but in the back of his head 
  • he knew that you were to practice because he insulted you about your skills in the sport 
  • he felt bad but it’s not like he can take it back anymore. both you and him have established this relationship where you’re just constantly throwing hateful words with one another and his pride is too big for him to apologize to you 
  • so once the games started, you had no choice but to watch the boys because both teams would play at the same day 
  • sometimes you’d watch guanlin and forget all about the little rivalry you both had. he played with precision and you admired it but once he would look back and wink at all those girls watching him… you’d be like yikes and you’d see the cocky and overly confident person 
  • the season went by quickly and next think u know… its finals 
  • you’ve been working extra hard for it even harder than before and guanlin would also come in and practice. at first you shared heated conversations with one another about how they were stealing their gym and ur gonna steal it again??? you told him to just suck it up and live you alone because all you had in mind was the game that you and your team wanted to win 
  • so one day, you were making a shot when your feet fell in the wrong place and you fell down with a yelp. guanlin, being in the same room, heard the sound and was like ???? what the hell just happened 
  • he saw you on the floor, hand on your ankles and he decided to help you because he knows what it feels like to be in that pain. he saw the look of defeat on your face when you fell and he saw himself in you. he’s also gone through the practice and failure before 
  • he came up to you and  you glared at him because you thought he was gonna say some insult to you again but all he did was quietly sit down with a first aid kit he found in the corner of the gym and started going for your ankles
  • you moved away and he was confused because was he that mean of a person to you that you don’t even want him to help with your injury? 
  • “look, i know we’re note exactly on the best terms with one another but let me help you. just this once” you slowly agreed and let him take care of your injury and he knew what was doing 
  • he made sure that you weren’t hurt while he was trying to fix you up and after he was done he stands up and says “don’t make me do that again, take care of yourself next time” and walked away 
  • mean guanlin was back but he also told you to be careful so i guess he was also being nice ??? 
  • you got up, limping, and went home but you didn’t know that that night
  • guanlin made sure to stay back and watch to see if you were okay to go home by yourself 
  • he stayed in the corner and told himself that if you were really struggling, he’d jump in and help but when he saw that you were fine, he left when you were out of his sight 
  • after that day, guanlin seemed a little bit … nicer???  the insults from him went from 10 times a day to at least 2 and you found it a bit weird but you were just like i guess that its better this way ??? you were just confused on why it just suddenly started dying down
  • like you didn’t wanna overthink about it because you thought it was stupid but you would thought to yourself, “is it because he hates me to the point where he doesn’t even wanna waste time on me anymore???” 
  • so when you had the practices with guanlin by yourself, he would sometimes come in with another bottle of a sports drink and leave it at your side of the court and you’d just be like ??? but also you’d slip in a small thank you and he’d just shrug and say that its because the machine gave him another one 
  • hateful words that were thrown at one another 2 times a day has now turned into late night conversations at the gym floors (even tho it was dirty)  
  • it started one night when you were sitting at the benches just sitting down, looking at your hands and playing with them
  • guanlin came in and he was usually met by the sound of the basketballs bouncing but he didn’t hear anything so he looked around the gym for you and he found you there, sitting at the bench 
  • he asked what was wrong and that was when you broke down, telling him what you’ve been feeling. the pressure that came with being captain, the injury that’s been hurting your ankles, etc 
  • he frowned and gave you advice, pushing out the tiny hatred he once had for you. like tbh, he doesn’t know why he started insulting you in the first place?? 
  • maybe its because when he saw your name as the captain of the varsity team, he was confused to why someone new was taking such a high place but once he saw how hard you worked throughout the season he gained admiration and respect for you but he hid it with his insults 
  • but from then on, you would occasionally share your problems with one another but it never got too deep. it went from hating being in the same room to being fine with it and even smiling at one another when you met eyes. you’d slip in a playful insult once in awhile but it was never directed to be mean 
  • once finals rolled up, your game was first and you were trying to calm down your nerves by just jumping up and down and guanlin comes up to you and touches your shoulders and he looks you in the eye and tells you that you were gonna do great, it gave you the energy that you didn’t have before 
  • you played the game flawlessly and as you were about to take your last shot, your feet falls in the same exact way it did when you first got the first injury 
  • you fall and guanlin is instantly by your side, asking you if you were alright and you say that you’re fine !!! you tell him to not worry about you and go play his own game
  • and once his game starts, it was intense and you could see how much stress guanlin was in. you yelled his name and he looked at you and he felt like everything was fine for just a minute and he had the energy to continue and play again 
  • at the end of the game, guanlin gets the buzzer beater and honestly, you cheered the loudest in the whole gym LMAO 
  • he was instantly bombarded with his friends and his teammates but throughout them hyping him up, he kept eye contact with you and you grinned and mouthed “good job!” in which he smiled even more wide. you threw in a finger heart there somewhere hoping he wouldn’t notice but…he did 
  • once he broke free out his friends hugs and cheers, he instantly came to you and you welcomed him with a hug even though you both were sweaty and tired
  • “i know we started in a bad way but.. would you like to go on a date with me?” he says, as he pulls you closer to him
  • the answer is pretty obvious but in the background you could hear the audience cheering, his teammates cheering, basically the WHOLE SCHOOL cheering 
  • imagine the basketball captains dating together like WOW GOALS  
  • dating guanlin include: him letting you borrow his basketball hoodie that says his last name and first name. you say that you don’t need it cause you have your own but he gets pouty so you give in and wear it. when you wear it, he literally has the biggest grin and he gets so happy and giddy when he sees you in it. 
  • late night dates at the basketball court where you 1v1 one another. you win like every time so you get kinda suspicious and he just shrugs and says that youre good and that youve always been better than him 
  • one day u were like hey guanlin the machine never gave u extra drinks right ? and hes like ya it did??? and then ur like “the school never had machines that gave out sports drinks” and hes just like uhhh GOTTA BLAST  

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where do u find/look 4 backgrounds my guy? im so bad @ backgrounds ): aside from that do u also have any background tips?


  1. Honestly you just gotta go for it, Sometimes things in art aren’t easy and backgrounds can be one of um but hey! that’s okay, the more you do the more you learn the better you get!
  2. experiment with different stuff to figure out what works for u! i have a secret love for photography and weird patterns, so i do a lot of that! 
  3. don’t worry so much about being ‘good’ at backgrounds just go for it and Do what u want, u got it
  4. here’s my media fire with some of those scrapbook page textures uploaded! there’s only a few right now, but i’ll try and upload more omg
  5. here’s a little tutorial of how i do that lace-doilie thingie: 


hooooo shit, so a buddy cop gig where peter is the wide eyed rookie fresh out of the academy who gets paired with wade, the veteran who’s done some time on both sides of the law and solves problems with his own unconventional charm, meaning he hits people very hard until they give him what he wants

it’s not a great tactic, but man does it fucking work when he wants information, he’s already got a goddamn reputation so why not use it, peter is fucking mortified when he first sees wade roughing up a guy

peter, the naive soul he is, writes up a report on his partner, but before he can even ask for a new one, wade is shoving the form in peter’s face and asking what kind of bullshit is this, and peter is like, u did bad thing therefore u gotta deal with the consequences

and wade is like, that sounds like bullshit, but alright, what’ll it take to get you to shut up, and peter takes it seriously and he’s like show me that you can change, and wade, after he finishes laughing, is like oh shit ur serious, ok fine but only bc ur hot

the longer this goes on the less wade wants to admit he feels better about what he does, the less he wants to admit that peter has been giving him real tips on how to deal with his aggression and anger issues in a healthy way, the less he wants to admit that people actually treat him with respect more and he’s had kids recognize him and say hi without trying to tag his car for beating up their parents, the less he wants to admit that peter genuinely makes his life better, like he even hates himself less now because he’s being forced to be less of a dick

so now that he can’t avoid dealing with his problems with power imbalances and violence, he’s drinking his feelings away

except peter doesn’t like it when he comes to work drunk, actually nobody does, but it’s peter that matters, he let a perp get away because he was too hungover to chase him, and peter saw

wade has a serious think about his life on top of a roof he didn’t remember climbing when he wakes up sometime past midnight, when he was little, he wanted to be a cop so he could be there when that kid called the cops on his abusive family, he was going to be the person that believed the kid and not the parents, so what exactly beat it out of him along the way, he only became a cop when he was getting close to being caught as a merc, and then cops were just fucking corrupt, he fit right in, that’s how he’s kept his job so long, ended up doing a stint in jail just to cover his chief’s ass, course he owed it to the guy for ah overlooking the shootout he totally caused when he saw an old “friend”

but peter doesn’t need to know any of that, in fact he should get out now before he get’s his little doe eyed face beaten to a pulp by whoever he pisses off next, and wade fucking tries to get him to leave, tells him to get out while he still can, before this career twists him up and leaves him broken

so maybe somewhere along the way peter got a soft spot for wade, who obviously should not be a cop, but hell he was trying, ever since peter told him to fucking shape up, he’s been trying, and god is it killing him, it’s almost hilarious how bad he is at dealing with life, if it weren’t so sad

peter is not actually a cop, he’s a reporter going undercover to get hard evidence on widespread corruption in the local police department, he’s actually shocked at how fucking easy it is, i mean they have body cameras for fucks sake, he just downloads all the crap that’s been going on at the end of every day before somebody can delete it, he’s got private conversations and pictures of the chief’s office, he walked into the chief talking with at least three local politicians in hushed tones, like you can’t be much more obvious

and when peter’s got enough, he’s ready to get the hell out of there, except he doesn’t want to throw wade under the bus, not when he’s the only person peter has seen trying to do the right thing, even if it is gradual for him, he shouldn’t be a cop, but he doesn’t deserve what’s coming next

so against his better judgement he takes wade aside and tells him to get the hell out now before shit hits the fan, and wade can take it one of two ways, he can listen to peter and run, he’s good at getting new identities, or he can take peter into custody and blame him for whatever the hell he wants so long as it keeps peter from doing what he said he’d do

but this is wade, there’s always a third option when it comes to wade wilson

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hey!! u work in a hotel right?? can u talk abt what that's like?? i've got interviews soon for a couple of jobs at motels and i have no idea what to expect from the interview or the job

yes i do!! hmmmmMMm ok i’ve only ever worked at the one hotel i work at now but if you’re going for a front desk position, my advice is:

1. show off what a friendly outgoing people person you are!! you’re the smiling face of the hotel and you gotta make everyone feel welcome

2. know your area! guests will want recommendations on things to do, places to eat, and so forth. it looks really good if you can tell them what’s what without looking it up

3. in the interview, give examples of when you’ve had to deal with some unreasonably wild shit. weird stuff happens at hotels, and you gotta take it in stride without panicking. if you don’t have a true story, make one up. if you’ve ever worked with customers before you probably already have a story or several.

4. it’s a bonus if you’ve handled money before (cash register work, etc)

5. there’s probably some sort of software you’ll need to learn how to use. in my hotel’s case, we use autoclerk. it’s OK if you’ve never even heard of the software before. let them know you’re a quick learner and are familiar with computers. ever used sai or photoshop? congrats you’ve taught yourself a software.

those are the main things i can think about off the top of my head!! hope it helps. good luck!!!!💖💕


So let’s recap real quick: the most talked topic of d2 is shipping. Literally is all over social media. I’m confused af too cause EVERYONE NEEDS TO DATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE CANON
So here is what i think:

MalxEvie: for starters, Mal gets shipped with half of the characters in this movie. Mevie is probably the most talked about. Don’t get me wrong, i like it. Like, there’s no heterosexual explanation for Space Between. And all of the touchy feely they got. But DON’T HATE ME, i don’t think Evie is a lesbian. WAIT DON’T DRAG ME. I do think she is bi yeah, and they def have a ton of chemistry but i don’t see smth happening. Like yeah they probably kissed but are still besties. And i like them that way, sorry don’t kill me just my opinion.

MalxBen: THE canon. I agree with a lot of u guys, they didn’t have that much chemistry in this one. Like, if u watch If Only, or Set it off u gonna be like MY KIDS! SO PERFECT. But this one kinda dissapoint. I think a lot of it has to do with Dove and Thomas falling in love during the shooting, so u have the hook scene where Mal looks at him with fuck me eyes and Hooks like yeah baby and it’s so hot. So u are like, wait, where’s my king?? But then it slowly escalates and i get that too. They needed to show Bal disconnecting so they could re connect at the end. And that last kiss thou. Ben wanted to do so many things. The whole cotillion is so cute. And that scene when they just got back from the isle and Jane is all over them and Ben drags ma grl M so cute and goes like: do what u need to do and she’s like I WANNA DO U. Lovin it.

BenxEvie: PLEASE. Da best thing ever. I said i think Evie is bi and here’s why. Honestly i think she’s crushing on Ben so hard. Like, every time they interact is so sexy and cute at the same time. THE WAY THEY LOOK AT EACH OTHER PLS. Like, in You and Me, that hand holding. And she looks at him when he arrives and is like, ok boo i see u, u love my bff that’s ok i want u to be happy. She’s suffering a lot. Mal is her bestie and Ben is her bf bestie but she’s so in love. And honestly Ben’s so down. Especially on that Mal went back to the isle scene. Like, she’s so TAKE ME WITH U and he’s like YES PLS I WANT U BBYGRL. But the know they can’t. I want them together so bad.

EviexDoug: my poor little Dopey baby. Devie is my main canon for life. He believed in her since the beginning and helped her find her true self. So beautiful. And it makes me sad bc i KNOW Evie has a Ben crush. But i want Devie for life. My babies. I wanted them to have more screen time. Pls, D3 i want more plot

JanexCarlos: the cutest. So pure and innocent. And Carlos is such an insecure baby i wish he could get better. They are so cute. And that scene at the end when they tell Fairy Godmother and she’s like WAIT BITCH AREN’T U GAY WHAT HAPPEND WITH JAY soooooo shocked hahahahahhaha hilarious.

CarlosxJay: sometimes, C wants to be like Jay, and sometimes, he wants to do Jay. That’s it. But i don’t think J feels the same. Or at least for now. He’s so girl crazy right now. But keep ur hopes up cause Jaylos bitch 💜

JayxLonnie: did not see that coming. Mulan’s daughter being like i can do this sporty shit better that u and i’m like YAS BITCH, SHOW THEM HOW. I love it. And it’s good cause Jay is so over the moon bc all the girls wanna be with him and ma grl Lonnie is like wait boo u gotta work for it. And J putting Chad on his place. Jonnie or whatever needs to happen.

MalxUma: tis confirmed. The actors adressed it on tw. And i’m so down for it. So, they where childhood bffs, and then Mal went all bitchy on her and got herself a crew. But then they grow up and are like oh wait u kinda hot and realize they were into each other all this time and become gfs but then Mal breaks her heart for an unknown reason and see ya later boo, poor Uma. Or at least is what i wanna believe.

UmaxHarry: contrary to what most ppl think, I don’t wanna put this on the toxic relationship box. Harry LOVES her and workships her and is so devoted to their love. And Uma is zero responsive cause her heart is broken bc of Mal (btw, i think MxU broke up before the VKs were chosen) and won’t say much but if Harry leaves her she’s gonna feel like a part of her is missing. They don’t explicitly say they are together but DA FLIRTING BRO, IS ON POINT. And so hot. They also make great partners. And Uma turns to him every time, and Harry is like so happy to be helping. He crazy thou. I know that. I just want more plot.

HarryxMal: booty call. Harry got way to attached. And his heart got broken. Poor baby H (i luv him btw). I think originally, Harry and Mal where supposed to express that. Yes they were past lovers, and Hook is a litta bit angry seeing his girl with King Ben all over the place and KNOWS there’s still a spark between them but Mal is like BOO YOU WRONG. I LUV MY KING. But the chemistry and fire and eye fucking between Dove and Thomas makes it seem like way more than the actual story. Dove admitted on an interview, the scene was almost cut off bc of their actual flirting. Still think it’s a good story.

MalxJay: seriously what? I didn’t see this until a friend pointed it out. J is soooooo protective of her. I think this is more of a Disney way to show the VK’s are REALLY close and love and care for each other. Kind of screwing over the guys and gals can’t be bffs saying. I’m aaaaaaalll here for it. Show me the non romantic love they have for each other. Don’t think it’s actually a ship. Like, i think the same with EviexCarlos. Maybe a thought for D3, show more of the MalxCarlos and EviexJay friendship pls.

CarlosxBen: more of the Gay!Carlos theories. I don’t like to put a sexuality upon a character unless they actually say it, but yeah i think Disney serve us a teenage Carlos that is exploring his sexuality like any other guy his age and YES HONEY U DOING GOOD. Same as Jay, i don’t think Ben is here for it. He’s busy finding Mal and looking at Evie hehe. But a wondering, not 100% sure of his sexuality Carlos is the shit. Althought he ALSO has feelings for Jane.

BenxHarry: yo Harry wants to do everyone hahahha. He’s a little turn on over making a good guy go bad. And Ben…. still thinking of Mal and gazing lovingly at Evie.

HarryxGil: it’s and actual canon cause the actors improvised a kiss on set. Disney cut it cause it wasn’t on the script or smth, not sure. Gil is sort of a booty call for Harry. Like, when he and Uma fight and he’s in need for some lovin’, goes to G. Poor G no one takes him seriously. (Also, don’t think a UmaxHarryxGil relationship could be, basically bc i don’t see chemistry with UxG but it’s just my opinion)

UmaxBen: PLEASE DON’T KILL ME JUST READ. Ben knows EXACTLY how Uma’s feeling, tells her some truths and she’s like WAIT WHAT THE HELL GET OUTTA HERE! But secretly has a platonic crush and insted of doing a let’s make the fucking barrier go down spell she makes a love one cause if she can have it all, she’s gonna take it.


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Follow up to that booty ask, who has the best titties?

me i have the best boobs in the world??? ur lords ain’t got NOTHIN on me

but anyway y’all makin me have regrets i woke up and there were 100 notes on the booty ask i wrote that at 2 am



  • Nobunaga: i know i made fun of him and gave him Lowest Ass Ranking but he has genuinely good tiddy. always got em hangin out for some reason??? he still tryin 2 be a Tank so he’s gettin there. 7/10 
  • Mitsuhide: generally Average Tiddy but it’s still p decent tiddy. still doesn’t rly know what to do w/ what he’s got tho so like 5/10 maybe
  • Yukimura; A+ tiddy, also has them hangin out all the time for some reason. like yukimura don’t even care he just out here. hoein around his cleavage. 8/10 like i appreciate the view
  • Saizo: like… not the greatest tiddy out there but his chest is rly sensitive so like. u can grab and he’ll probably Crumble. 4/10 bc u have discovered his weakness
  • Masamune: he has Okay Tiddy like. they there u see ‘em but not Amazing or anything. appreciate his okay tiddy anyway he gets a 5/10
  • Kojuro: GOOD TIDDY. makes up for okay ass w/ bulk everywhere else and his tiddy do not disappoint. boy got 9/10 pecs for days. appreciate what the lord has given u
  • Hideyoshi: suprisingly decent tiddy??? like again not big or anything but toned af. 6/10 bc u have enough to grab and he’ll probs laugh at u and use it as an excuse to grab your tiddy
  • Toshiie: AMAZING TIDDY THANK THE GODS. always also showin it off w/ his stupid armor and i’m fairly certain he just flusters enemies while he got his tiddy out. also somehow still has cleavage even tho his kimono tied up p high??? solid 10/10
  • Ieyasu: 2 skinny to have much tiddy to grab at, u will have better luck w/ his ass. also he’ll look at u funny if u groping at his chest for some reason and kinkshame u probs so like 3/10
  • Mitsunari: more ass than he is tiddy he’s also kinda skinny up top. also will probs scream at u for being a Sinner and a Vile Succubus so like is his tiddy even worth it??? 2/10 bc too much work
  • Kenshin: like not v plump but like… kenshin kinda broad-shouldered af so he kind of got a Lot of tiddy to work with. would be v happy to let u touch so 7/10 bc he generous and Beautiful
  • Shingen: MORE 10/10 TIDDY BC LIKE… reiterate shingen thicc as hell tho. this man has Everything but this is give and take so like u gotta let him touch as much as u touch so be careful bc he’s Evil

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hello!!! i love your blog so much it makes me heart go all 💓 anyway... can u maybe make a jealous markjin compilation?;; i'm kind of a sucker for things like that... tysm!!!

hiya!! thank u so much sweetheart!! ive been meaning 2 make a jealous compilation for a while but i just wanted 2 compile as many moments as possible so this is what ive got as of right now :-)

n im not gonna lie 2 u………… its 99% jealous!mark fjdkfjlsdjf

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talking to all the guys was so cool i’m happy i got the chance to say hi to them. talking to alex was really funny i was commenting on the pins on his jacket and he was like “yeah i dont know what im doing. i didnt even get this jacket til i joined the band, frank’s jacket is all bands and stuff and mine is just like. video games and shit. like look at this! ‘sonic the hedgehog hates racism’ i’m just trying to fit in w them and be cool” im like “well its working u totally fit in w them keep doing whatever ur doing”

also i asked alex/matt if they got my zine from frank and evan was kinda like “u know theyve gotta be somewhere on the bus” and i’m like “probably in like. a big pile of gifts and shit” and evan looks at me and leans in and is like “EXACTLY” it was so funny. i also talked to evan about pancakes and madison in general, he said they all really love the city which made me like ;___; and super proud 

when they left to go back inside they all shook me/my bros hands and gave us hi fives, we were the only ppl right there talking to them it was so rad!! 

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How do i stop comparing myself to other girls cuz it's driving me insane (i have zero self-confidence)

it takes a lot of time to learn to be ok with urself and ur body but hon u really just gotta think about how literally everyone has issues with their self confidence. everyone wants what they don’t have. even the most perfect looking girls on instagram wish they had something else; ur not alone!! it really comes with time and age but u learn to work with what you’ve got, and our biggest enemies/critics tend to be the people staring back at us in the mirror. u r beautiful and loved !!!

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kyouhaba

A/N: For @kyouhabaweek Day 6 - long distance // travel (combo of both, I guess?)

(NOTE: this entire fic is in text message format. Bold is Yahaba and Normal is Kyoutani.) 

(10:31): dis is so stupid

(10:33): what?

(10:34): i miss u already

(10:36): ………

(10:37): you left 48 minutes ago

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something struggling perfectionist students should never forget: getting an F from a 50 is better than getting an F from a 0. Even if it embarrasses you, turning in shitty work you’re not proud of is still better than not turning in anything at all

cars kind of got in the way of my drafts ??? but i managed to do a few tonight so yay me !! :’D  tomorrow i gotta finish redoing my FC icons and then do some replies on my other blog as well as do some here.

i’ll also get to more of those starters and answer inbox stuff after work !! <33

night my loves !! <333 stay safe and warm if you’re living in the cold like i am :’)

also P.S @teslagravity is a goddess jfc

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dp anon here, you think its possible to be doing anal wrong but still feel incredibly good? I've experienced light-headedness/shakiness before while doing it and since i have never felt pain during assfucking despite DEFINITELY not having always taken the right precautions and having had minor bleeding once or twice, im afraid that maybe im just not recognizing the pain somehow? if that makes sense?

everybodys body works differently anon lol i got fucked with no lube once like u just gotta keep a close eye on what feels good to u and how u feel afterward. if yr super concerned also id recommend going to a planned parenthood or your PCP & having an exam done just to ensure yr doing well!

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so i got harry potter t-shirt’s & it kinda sucks bc that’s all my mom ever buys me now for xmas/bdays and like. ok i like harry potter but i feel like it’s kind of something she does so she doesn’t have to put effort in? like my sister got a kardashian coat, heels, a giant purse and work clothes and i got harry potter t-shirt’s and a “fashion book bag” that i can’t use because its tiny and i carry lots of shit. i feel so ungrateful but also annoyed bc it’s basically the same stuff every year.

I mean?? I dont wanna barrate u or say ur wrong but in order for this to stop u gotta talk to her more. Tell her stuff u like and that interests you or she’ll just pick whats worked in the past cause she does want u to enjoy it

  • uncle minho is most def still in taem’s life once taem’s grown up a lil bit
  • uncle minho never leaves uncle minho is very proud of his lil superstar
  • (((ps taem started calling him uncle minho because he whined and complained about jong being “uncle jongie” and he influced coughforcedcough taemin to start calling him “uncle minho”)))
  • basically he starts teaching taem about sports once he’s like 2 ½ or 3
  • and hes like “this is a goal taemin can u kick the soccer ball into the goal???”
  • and taem just
  • kicks it at minho instead
  • but minho’s like “!!!!!”
  • “what a great kick!!!!”
  • “ur gonna be a star my lil star!!!!”
  • and then when taem starts like peewee soccer and teeball (he doesn’t play basketball tho taem doesnt like basketball he thinks its boring af)
  • minho is his coach cus like
  • and he totally favors taemin all the time but taem doesnt even care if he plays esp during soccer 
  • cus taem’s mostly just like
  • “is it half time yet i want my baggy of orange slices and a blue gatorade pls”
  • but minho’s like
  • “uncle minho i just want the baggy of oranges”
  • “STAR!!!!”
  • “if i make a goal will you let me have extra oranges”
  • “anything for my lil star!!!”
  • “kay”
  • and so taem runs around so fast and like he pretty much has no idea what he’s doing but !!!! he got the ball!!!! gotta make a goal for more oranges!!! “uncle minho i want three baggies of oranges!!!!”
  • and then when he plays teeball he’s just like
  • “i just wanna hit the ball uncle minho i don’t wanna run or catch it i just wanna hit it”
  • “taemin u have to play the other parts too tho if u wanna hit the ball”
  • “cant u do it”
  • “no taemin that’s not how this works”
  • “i don’t like this anymore”
  • “well u signed up for the season so”
  • “uncle minho i don’t want to catch the ball just let me hit it”
  • “no”
  • “taemin pls just play the game”
  • “i want a blue gatorade”
  • “u can have a blue gatorade if u play the game”
  • “i want the big one”
  •  “daddy uncle minho yelled at me during the game did u hear him”
  • “minho why did u yell at my child”
  • “key he wasn’t even trying pls encourage ur child to try”
  • “taemin if you dont want to play anymore you don’t have to”
  • but even tho taem doesnt like baseball he still likes soccer and so minho is very pleased about this
  • and basically taemin is minho’s lil shining star and yes
  • even when taemin stops playing sports he’s still minho’s lil shining star and they play soccer sometimes in the backyard or basketball or something
  • because lil shining star taem
My Junjou Romantica fanfic

constructive criticism compliments only pl0x

usami came back 2 da condo after his Gay day of his Gay writing.
he wanted to see his waifu misackee.

“//insert im home in japanese here” hte raboot said

he saw his gey lubber and like.
he fucking saw misock eating a tub of ice cream
jus tlike the entire fuckign thing

“nani the fucko is going on mysack” said da reboot

“THE H8ERS WER ON ME AGEN” cries the chikd

 “what the shit misak u twat. u r better dan dat,,,,, u r 21.” said rebok

 “no im 18” shitstain said

 “omfg socks sop being a littel bithc who knows what canon universe we’re in, ur crying pepe tears” said usack

“alright u mother memer” said nutsack while he sopped crying :’(

then michael myers sugoiied out of that house bc it was like work time or smthn

what is time

time is just a figment of our imagination

oh well we know salami made out with michael phelps so ya its gey X3 


 at the fuckign work place desu

 “so like u gotta give this fuck ign paper to ihop or smthn” said a gay

 “h-hai,,,” said microscope


so misucc whent to ihoe and like???
ijuuin got in all of mishits biznuu????????????
so like ijuuin was like…..
and was like gay fo r mesook
but like misak was confizzled for brizzled
and left the international house of pancakes


so yeah mitch went to the condo and like

hid what hapen about the gay at that pancake place to ushit

so yeah they banged

ill give you a line from “my immortal” of what it was like

bc i cant nsfw

And then… suddenly just as I Usagi kissed me passionately. Usagi climed on top me and we started to make out keenly against a tree. He took my top of and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. (im just taking everything from there). Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for like the hundredth time.

It was very gay and they made children or something.