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Uruha (reading mail): “This isn’t related to the theme and it’s also kind of a boring question, but what’s a cool way to answer when your girlfriend asks you, ‘what’s more important, your job or me!?’” …….so guys what’s the answer?

Kai: Huhuhu! What’s a cool way to answer?

Uruha: But like is this something that ppl actually ask? 

Kai: “What’s more important, your job or me?” Well like I hear it in dramas but idk…that doesn’t mean anything (laughs) 

Uruha: But I mean if you said “my job” that would be bad, right? That would set them off?

Kai: No no no I don’t think so, at all! Rather if you said “you!” wouldn’t it seem…too much like a lie? (laughs) Well I mean I don’t know

Aoi: Hmmm- [Uruha: I wonder what the right answer is] -mmmmm……..you know….at that point….you should probably just break up with them no? 

Kai: (laughing) Like as soon as she asks you that? 

Uruha: This question is taboo, you know? As soon as this happens, it’s over. 

Reita: As soon as you say that, you’re not the most important thing anymore

Aoi and Uruha at same time: AWWWW! [not like aw thats cute but like AW SHIT FAM]

Reita: Cause u just asked that

Aoi: The shit-eating look u have on ur face rn istg


Uruha: So it’s like, you were the most important until you said that, you blew it now

Reita: Yes yes yes

Uruha: So that’s the right answer!

Reita: Well for me yeah

(Aoi and Uruha guffawing)

Uruha: What about you, Ruki-san?

Ruki: U-uhh, I don’t know..???! But like, u gotta work to make a living so…….

Uruha: So like, “it’s my job tf u thought”?

Ruki: Uh, like, if i don’t work…..I’m a NEET?? Like, I’d be unemployed, so….and then I wouldn’t be able to be with you anyway

Reita: What if she’s like “I don’t care if ur unemployed!”

Ruki: ….Oh yeah that’s okay then! 

Reita: You’d quit? 

Ruki: I’m cool with freeloading

Reita and Uruha: HUHUHUHU

Uruha: Ur ok with that

Ruki: But I mean that’s not the case [for the gf in the mail i guess] …she just wants attention

Aoi: But before it got to [the point where she would say that]…wouldn’t you have already ditched her?

Everyone: Ah mhm yes hmm maybe ur right ahh

Aoi: So maybe the guy is the bad one.

Everyone: Ahh I see so that’s your point of view ahh yes ok

Aoi: Thanks guys

(Everyone dies laughing)

Uruha: So Aoi-kun, if a girl asked you how would you answer? 

Aoi: “I’m sorry.”

(Everyone dies laughing again)

Uruha: “I’m sorry”….


Ruki: All u could do is cry. WAHH!!! WAHH!!!!!!!!

Reita: Man u just busted my ears

Everyone: HuhuhuHUHU

Uruha: Okay leader what about you?

Kai: Well I definitely wouldn’t say her. 

Uruha: Ahh, so it’s your job?

Kai: Yep. Anyone would say that, no? It’s your job. I mean, she’s a part of that!

Uruha: What?

Kai: Like, the fact that I’m working

Uruha: Ah that you’re making a living, it means you can take care of her

Kai: Yes yes 

Ruki: Yep, yep, yep

Uruha: Wow u really thought that through calml–


Uruha: Op

Kai: Huhuhu sorry sorry 

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Omg. I love your KaiMei Enjo-Kosai story. Not that I approve of it but it was so great and hit me in the feels. Please continue your awesome doodles cause they are my OTP!!!

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Follow up to that booty ask, who has the best titties?

me i have the best boobs in the world??? ur lords ain’t got NOTHIN on me

but anyway y’all makin me have regrets i woke up and there were 100 notes on the booty ask i wrote that at 2 am



  • Nobunaga: i know i made fun of him and gave him Lowest Ass Ranking but he has genuinely good tiddy. always got em hangin out for some reason??? he still tryin 2 be a Tank so he’s gettin there. 7/10 
  • Mitsuhide: generally Average Tiddy but it’s still p decent tiddy. still doesn’t rly know what to do w/ what he’s got tho so like 5/10 maybe
  • Yukimura; A+ tiddy, also has them hangin out all the time for some reason. like yukimura don’t even care he just out here. hoein around his cleavage. 8/10 like i appreciate the view
  • Saizo: like… not the greatest tiddy out there but his chest is rly sensitive so like. u can grab and he’ll probably Crumble. 4/10 bc u have discovered his weakness
  • Masamune: he has Okay Tiddy like. they there u see ‘em but not Amazing or anything. appreciate his okay tiddy anyway he gets a 5/10
  • Kojuro: GOOD TIDDY. makes up for okay ass w/ bulk everywhere else and his tiddy do not disappoint. boy got 9/10 pecs for days. appreciate what the lord has given u
  • Hideyoshi: suprisingly decent tiddy??? like again not big or anything but toned af. 6/10 bc u have enough to grab and he’ll probs laugh at u and use it as an excuse to grab your tiddy
  • Toshiie: AMAZING TIDDY THANK THE GODS. always also showin it off w/ his stupid armor and i’m fairly certain he just flusters enemies while he got his tiddy out. also somehow still has cleavage even tho his kimono tied up p high??? solid 10/10
  • Ieyasu: 2 skinny to have much tiddy to grab at, u will have better luck w/ his ass. also he’ll look at u funny if u groping at his chest for some reason and kinkshame u probs so like 3/10
  • Mitsunari: more ass than he is tiddy he’s also kinda skinny up top. also will probs scream at u for being a Sinner and a Vile Succubus so like is his tiddy even worth it??? 2/10 bc too much work
  • Kenshin: like not v plump but like… kenshin kinda broad-shouldered af so he kind of got a Lot of tiddy to work with. would be v happy to let u touch so 7/10 bc he generous and Beautiful
  • Shingen: MORE 10/10 TIDDY BC LIKE… reiterate shingen thicc as hell tho. this man has Everything but this is give and take so like u gotta let him touch as much as u touch so be careful bc he’s Evil

im gonna fucking scream for whatever reason none of my 3ds chargers are working properly thats the last time im buying unlicensed usb chargers from amazon from now on im just gonna buy a new battery and an official charger even tho its like $30 total

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Happy u got a man but sad u ain't gonna write Anything no more 😩😩

Yas honey even if we don’t work out I’m glad not to be so deeply involved with what Tom and Tomdaya…there’s tea on that btw. They gotta be dating but it feels good not to be mad about it😂😫 like good for them👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💀


“You are one of the Thirteen,” she said to him. “From now until the Darkness cleaves us apart. You are mine, and I am yours. Let’s show them why.”

                                                                                    ⊰ manon blackbeak & abraxos

Fandom: Haikyuu!! 

Pairing: Kyouhaba

A/N: For @kyouhabaweek Day 6 - long distance // travel (combo of both, I guess?)

(NOTE: this entire fic is in text message format. Bold is Yahaba and Normal is Kyoutani.) 

(10:31): dis is so stupid

(10:33): what?

(10:34): i miss u already

(10:36): ………

(10:37): you left 48 minutes ago

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something struggling perfectionist students should never forget: getting an F from a 50 is better than getting an F from a 0. Even if it embarrasses you, turning in shitty work you’re not proud of is still better than not turning in anything at all

  • uncle minho is most def still in taem’s life once taem’s grown up a lil bit
  • uncle minho never leaves uncle minho is very proud of his lil superstar
  • (((ps taem started calling him uncle minho because he whined and complained about jong being “uncle jongie” and he influced coughforcedcough taemin to start calling him “uncle minho”)))
  • basically he starts teaching taem about sports once he’s like 2 ½ or 3
  • and hes like “this is a goal taemin can u kick the soccer ball into the goal???”
  • and taem just
  • kicks it at minho instead
  • but minho’s like “!!!!!”
  • “what a great kick!!!!”
  • “ur gonna be a star my lil star!!!!”
  • and then when taem starts like peewee soccer and teeball (he doesn’t play basketball tho taem doesnt like basketball he thinks its boring af)
  • minho is his coach cus like
  • and he totally favors taemin all the time but taem doesnt even care if he plays esp during soccer 
  • cus taem’s mostly just like
  • “is it half time yet i want my baggy of orange slices and a blue gatorade pls”
  • but minho’s like
  • “uncle minho i just want the baggy of oranges”
  • “STAR!!!!”
  • “if i make a goal will you let me have extra oranges”
  • “anything for my lil star!!!”
  • “kay”
  • and so taem runs around so fast and like he pretty much has no idea what he’s doing but !!!! he got the ball!!!! gotta make a goal for more oranges!!! “uncle minho i want three baggies of oranges!!!!”
  • and then when he plays teeball he’s just like
  • “i just wanna hit the ball uncle minho i don’t wanna run or catch it i just wanna hit it”
  • “taemin u have to play the other parts too tho if u wanna hit the ball”
  • “cant u do it”
  • “no taemin that’s not how this works”
  • “i don’t like this anymore”
  • “well u signed up for the season so”
  • “uncle minho i don’t want to catch the ball just let me hit it”
  • “no”
  • “taemin pls just play the game”
  • “i want a blue gatorade”
  • “u can have a blue gatorade if u play the game”
  • “i want the big one”
  •  “daddy uncle minho yelled at me during the game did u hear him”
  • “minho why did u yell at my child”
  • “key he wasn’t even trying pls encourage ur child to try”
  • “taemin if you dont want to play anymore you don’t have to”
  • but even tho taem doesnt like baseball he still likes soccer and so minho is very pleased about this
  • and basically taemin is minho’s lil shining star and yes
  • even when taemin stops playing sports he’s still minho’s lil shining star and they play soccer sometimes in the backyard or basketball or something
  • because lil shining star taem

NOT TO BE THAT BTS STAN but they are honestly so inspirational????? like yea they have their flaws and theyve fucked up a lot of times but u gotta admit that how they got to the top is just amazing??? remember when bts was first nominated for music shows and they were anxiously waiting only to find out they didnt win and they kept telling themselves “of course we didnt win dont get your hopes up”. LOOK AT THEM NOW!!!! THEYRE PERFORMING ON THE STAGE THAT IDOLS CAN ONLY DREAM OF!!!! u cant even deny that to rookie groups like bts, a group from this small company that started with almost nothing, this is what hard work and hope looks like. i really hope bts can continue inspiring others

My Junjou Romantica fanfic

constructive criticism compliments only pl0x

usami came back 2 da condo after his Gay day of his Gay writing.
he wanted to see his waifu misackee.

“//insert im home in japanese here” hte raboot said

he saw his gey lubber and like.
he fucking saw misock eating a tub of ice cream
jus tlike the entire fuckign thing

“nani the fucko is going on mysack” said da reboot

“THE H8ERS WER ON ME AGEN” cries the chikd

 “what the shit misak u twat. u r better dan dat,,,,, u r 21.” said rebok

 “no im 18” shitstain said

 “omfg socks sop being a littel bithc who knows what canon universe we’re in, ur crying pepe tears” said usack

“alright u mother memer” said nutsack while he sopped crying :’(

then michael myers sugoiied out of that house bc it was like work time or smthn

what is time

time is just a figment of our imagination

oh well we know salami made out with michael phelps so ya its gey X3 


 at the fuckign work place desu

 “so like u gotta give this fuck ign paper to ihop or smthn” said a gay

 “h-hai,,,” said microscope


so misucc whent to ihoe and like???
ijuuin got in all of mishits biznuu????????????
so like ijuuin was like…..
and was like gay fo r mesook
but like misak was confizzled for brizzled
and left the international house of pancakes


so yeah mitch went to the condo and like

hid what hapen about the gay at that pancake place to ushit

so yeah they banged

ill give you a line from “my immortal” of what it was like

bc i cant nsfw

And then… suddenly just as I Usagi kissed me passionately. Usagi climed on top me and we started to make out keenly against a tree. He took my top of and I took of his clothes. I even took of my bra. (im just taking everything from there). Then he put his thingie into my you-know-what and we did it for like the hundredth time.

It was very gay and they made children or something.


Uh so anyone want a Wacom Bamboo Tablet?

so yea basically, I already have a different tablet that I use way more often and soon something else too, so basically my Wacom Bamboo Tablet is only starting to collect dust

it’s this one:

here’s a pic of it (yea potato quality i’m sorry my phone hates me):

Size: around 35cm long and i’m sorry I dunno what it’s called in English, but the other side thing is around 20,5cm long
Pen: I apologize for this part, but I’m giving the pen of a small, non-multi-touch Intuos pen with it instead of the one shown in the first picture, so basically I don’t think u can use the end as an eraser and it’s a bit smaller.
Touch?: yea it has touch
Bluetooth?: nah it got a cablething
Does it work?: of course it should work just fine, I didn’t use it that much
Shipping: I pay for it, so don’t worry. I ship worldwide, I guess.
Package?: on request u get it in the original package that I have SOMEWHERE in the house
extras?: i gotta see about extra pen tips and other stuff, i can say that later, but there’ll be austrian/german sweets in the package (just tell me what u don’t like and about ur allergies, i guess)
follower only?: i prefer to give it to followers or those who i follow and need a new tablet, so please no absolute strangers, i’m sorry ;w; (following out of all sudden just for this won’t count)
who gets it?: i doubt this’ll be a big giveaway hah, but if several want it: reblog this and tell me why ya want it 
: Follower/someone I follow/know only. Pls be nice. Someone who actually needs it should get it. Must be comfortable giving me ur e-mail, address and real name! 

Message me if you got any other questions!