but u always find out!!

the main difference between male and female

Aries: a female aries is lovely and charming, she has a spark to her that makes her determined to accomplish what she sets her mind to. She’s extremely erotic and open about her sexuality.

a male aries is very serious at first glance, almost shy but once they feel comfortable around you they get all weird with their drugs and anime fetiches

Taurus: a female taurus is down to earth, she appears to be quiet and softspoken but omg this girl has the craziest things going through her brain, and she will always to be hungry, is not always expressive about emotions but she gives the best gifts and hugs.

A male taurus is always really fucking strange, he’s super quirky, a gamer, addicted to game of thrones and always uses cartoon references. Funny sense of humour (borderline offensive) says love isn’t his thing, is the first one to fall.

Gemini: a gemini male almost always seems to be super attractive, either bc he’s the cute nerdy type, or the popular hot guy. really smart, likes to laugh a lot. Can be a real douche 

a female gemini is adorable and always in the mood to goof around, so freaking versatile, if she feels betrayed will spill out all ur secrets and call u out on everything bitch watch out

Cancer: cancer boys are huge babies, they are party guys, it’s all about fun and games until someone mentions ‘’love’’ and they will sit u down and ramble about what their perfect girl would be like. is always waiting on the ‘’one’’, has high af expectations but likes the simplest and most boring girls.

cancer girls are moms, they always hug you, but omg these women are so jealous with their friends, it’s like you can’t even co-exist in a room with their bestie bc they will give u the stinky eye, i can’t

Leo: leo girls are the funniest ever, end of story. they’re divas and vulgar ass men at the same time. Fashion on fleek, always looks high but it’s just their face. belongs in the 70′s.

male leos are friends with everyone, most popular guy ever, nice, likes to act all mean but it’s all playful. has a hard time settling down, deep down always wants more in a girl

Virgo: virgo women are fierce, they are softies on the inside although they always look anxious  on the outside, stressed 24/7, loves sex so much low-key addicted to it, organized but a big ass mess

virgo guys are intelectual but stubborn mofos, say a lot of dad jokes, god complex, act like they don’t know shit about trends but really loves buying clothes and dressing nice.

Libra: libra boys are guys who look like angels, so friendly and innocent, BUT BAM BITCH they hit you with their sass, they are flirty af but SO FUCKING OPINIONATED, will flat out say ‘’i don’t like girls who ____’’, expects for you to chase after them, they are actually explosive and get moody easily, really dirty jokes

libra girls are airheads, so nice and giggle all the damn time (it’s cute srry if i sound mad), they always laugh at what ur saying even if it’s dumb and not funny at all. always has a young face, most likely not very open about sexuality, modest, easily corrupted, ——–if u have a scorpio moon u are the devil regina george— :)

Scorpio: scorpio guys are psycho, 60% are sociopaths i swear, they never laugh but when they do it’s loud and crazy and no one knows why the fuck. always walk like they’re in a hurry, STARES, is a child 4ever

scorpio women are extreme, she will not shut up for hours and the next day will not speak at all. is sexual but probably a virgin, knows everyones secrets, jealous with friends, jealous with stranger guys, jealous with mom, jealous with pet, jealous with self. stalks crush and writes poems about him but will never admit it

Sagittarius: sag guys are soooooo cheesy romantic, i swear they’re the fourth water sign, literally so many emotions, likes art, falls in love so easily it’s ridiculous, IS ALWAYS FRIENDZONED OMg hilarious but with partner, lasts 4ever

Sag girls are the ones who friendzone, will forget ur name in a second, flakey, says she’s down to go out with friends and guess what, bish fell asleep.loves to gossip with u, will always wanna hook u up with her friends or find out details about ur crush. does the dirty work for everyone

Capricorn:  cap girls are outspoken, bitchy but if she likes you she will defend u till death (she’s still gonna be a bitch to u but a softer one), confident AF, always looks ready to go to a club, boys everywhere like girl where’d u get these bruhs from. everywhere you go, guys will flock them, will make u feel like a potato bc she’s so perfect. has a hard time making decisions and letting go

cap male is competitive, ambitious, smells gooooood, style on fleek, the funniest guy ever, dark humour, smart with money, is probably gonna be a CEO, mommy’s boy, loves whiskey idk, eats SO MUCH like more than anyone, is a puppy on the inside, fuckboy but diehard romantic deep down.

Aquarius: aquarius guys always look cool, bad boy, they look like they dont care (spoiler alert: they don’t) has like 219 ex girlfriends and another hundred friends with benefits, smart ass, feels superior to everyone, thinks he’s so deep, he probably is but can never show it so no one believes him.

 aqua girls are always popular, the quirky one, the one who likes things ‘’no one else likes’’, a huge hipster, simple but attractive, has so many guys who wanna be with her and she acts like she doesn’t even notice. has so many guy friends (theyallwannabangher but ok) probably artsy, has good taste in music

Pisces: pisces men walk so fucking fast, probably because of their fucking long ass legs, has a serious face almost like he’s analizing the situation but in reality they’re thinking about memes (has amazing memes), never follows his heart, has strong feelings but rarely ever acts on them. is in love with someone they dont know, always has that little shine in their eyes

pisces girls are always the cute girl, the baby, the good one. deep down these girls will say dirty shit and has that evil side that always wants to come out and play, easily makes friends, is a disney princess and loves warm things. 


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚

Jimin Scenario: Intervention.

Request: Can I have Jimin scenario where ur relationship doesn’t go public. One day Jimin saw ur co worker flirted with u when he takes u home, n he kept on asking u out n always find a chance to spend time with u not believing u have a BF. Jimin got jealous n try to find a way to get the guy away from u n let him know u really have BF w/o revealing its him coz u won’t let him afraid that the relationship will have bad effect on him and BTS. Can u have it funny with the help from BTS n fluffy plz. ❤️❤️❤️ 

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

Jimin saw as the guy got too close to you and he frowned, he was picking you up from work that evening and he wasn’t expecting to find this scene. It showed the guy was pestering you, you were shaking your head and saying something but the guy kept getting closer and invading your personal space as he also spoke, and then suddenly you laughed too which made Jimin frown deepen.


His hands tightened around the steering wheel with anger, you had ran out of battery so Jimin couldn’t call you to come to him instead of being there with that guy. He had thought he was annoying you, but why had you laughed with him?

-Come on Y/N, just come- he mumbled watching you look everywhere but at the direction he was parked. Then the guy put a hand on your arm and Jimin groaned, sounding the klaxon intentionally, only then you turned.

Finally, you almost sighed relived when you saw Jimin’s car, you could finally get away from Seohyuk, your coworker that was proving to be the most annoying guy in the entire world, he was such a pain and thought that when you said you had a boyfriend it was only a tactic to avoid him, he never took it seriously when it was actually the truth and you didn’t find the way to keep him at bay anymore. 

You went to the car, sighing again when you were finally out of the eyes of your coworker and finally with your boyfriend, but when you turned to greet him with a tired yet sweet smile you found him scowling.

-Chim, what’s the matter babe?-

-Who was that?-

-Who?- you asked feeling a bit lost.

-Your friend, with whom you were laughing so delighted-

-My friend? You mean Seokhyuk he…-

-Seohyuk- he snorted. -A dumbass name-

-Jimin, stop, listen-

-What? you are going to say you weren’t laughing?-

-Stop- you groaned, Jimin’s tone was sarcastic and you didn’t like it one bit. -If you let me explain you will understand- He huffed and you rolled your eyes. -He is a dumbass, he’s have been trying to hit on me and invite me out and things like that-

Jimin widened his eyes. -And you are only telling me this now?-

-Listen! I told him I have a boyfriend, a jealous one- you pointed out. -But he doesn’t believe it and he’s annoying, deadly annoying, I want nothing but to get rid of him so don’t misinterpret things-

-But Y/N, you should have told me, I could…-

You shook your head. -No, you can’t, remember the public can’t know you have a girlfriend-

Jimin ran a hand thought his hair. -I can’t allow this Y/N, if he’s annoying you then I must do something to stop him-

-He will bore with time, I just have to endure it a little longer-

Jimin clenched his fists and kept his eyes on the road, he understood your worry but he wasn’t going to let a guy keep pestering on his girlfriend.

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Teru Headcanons (Pt. 1)

i finally finished another headcanon post!! yay me! i actually finished this about a week ago but tumblr deleted them all and i cried for like 10 minutes it was upsetting :’( but anyways! i got them done again! yaaay

Mob // Ritsu // Shou //

  • the wig was on purpose
    • he knew it was a disaster he just had to be sure no one remembered him falling from the sky naked and bald
    • like? i would do that too tbqh
  • he actually has terrible fashion sense though
    • he just? likes being colorful? the more color and patterns the better in his mind
    • plus that just means its easier to see him
    • im almost 100% sure he owns 8 pairs of floral sneakers that are all apparently completely different
    • everyones sure theyre all almost identical if not the same shoes
  • love at first fight
    • like…. it wasnt immediate but by the time he got home he was like ‘wow that timid guy kageyamas pretty cute and hes really nice hahaahahahaa fuck im gay?’
  • theatre gay teru is real and i will not stand for anything that suggests otherwise
    • hes actually really cool to the drama club after the fight?? like he becomes the person that Always gets the lead but u know they deserve it and ur always happy to find out that they did
    • he doesnt get the lead in musicals but he does get like the lead supporting role and hes always just as excited to be in them
    • on opening night when everyones Nervous hes like ‘squeeze my hands as hard as you can’
      • it is a good pressure stim…
      • and it makes the person feel a little bit better!! win-win
  • his apartment is really lonely so he likes to surround himself in very heavy blankets and some tea so it aint as bad
  • in fact he never cleans it so it looks lived in
    • when it is clean it feels even less like home
  • once he befriends the Esper Squad he invites them over a lot
    • mob is usually the only one that says yes rip
    • but they have a fun time
    • even tho terus internal process the Entire Time is literally ‘fuckfuckfuck im so gay???/?/??????/??????? shit’
    • especially when mob does the Sof Smile……… he fucking dies
  • the first time mob comes over after they start Kind Of Dating™ terus literally screaming internally at all times
    • when mob kisses him for the first time Very Sof he almost cries bc its so pure and hes so gay
    • hes also bright fucking red
    • mob finds it really cute
  • the first time he visits Spirits And Such hes really nervous
    • hes heard from mob that reigens really awesome so he knows that mob values reigens opinion and hes Very Afraid reigens gonna hate him
  • it takes all of 5 seconds for reigen to decide hes now responsible for another kid
    • teru also thinks of reigen as his unofficial father
    • the first time reigen does a Dad Thing like ‘im so proud of you’ or hugs him teru hecking cries
      • reigen thinks hes fucked up but then he sees terus smile and hes just ‘oh. heh.’
  • tome is his best friend and they meme all day
    • the group chat
      • teru: *string of emojis that have no rhyme or reason*
      • ritsu: what
      • ritsu: the fuck
      • shous phone is constantly dead so he never responds ever
      • mob: …. yes?
        • poor baby he just wants to be Included in the joke
      • tome: ME AF @ TERU
    • tome is constantly sending him the randomest fucking shit
      • tome: hear me out
      • tome: mothmans gay and really likes caramel macchiatos
      • teru: tru??????
    • they are a pair of gays and its good™

thats all i got for now………………. but uh. yeah :D


THE BLACKEST DAY; percival graves/tina goldstein

i’m going deeper and deeper,
harder and harder
looking for love in all the wrong places

0 emotional tolerance today sorry !!!

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You're so thin! Doesnt the Captain feed you?

(Thin where)  😞 tell me why i fell for a man that can’t cook  @goodbrosteverogers cooks once a month maybe but usually i find somewhere else to be at that time lol 

idk nonny, i cook on sundays usually. steve does all the prep, like the choppin n grating stuff since his ass can’t cook, then i cook for the week. its not that bad! if u wanna bring by some cornbread tho i will kiss you 

before u ask: @fckboybucky is only good for spaghetti n the occasional pancake

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What's the relationship between Noah and Robin ?? I adore Ghost lights and your art btw ❤️❤️❤️

thank you so much <33 they’re childhood friends / best friends but they will be (truck drives by with blaring horns), too. and on top of that they always were (airplane sounds)

u need to read to find out but i think it speaks for itself in which direction it’ll go

❀ OUT of SMILES ;; 

reminder that i love you all !! you’re all amazing and deserve a ton of love and care <3 don’t forget to take care of yourself because you’re so important !!! 

seventeen as teens in american high school

bc why not

s.coups: captain of the football team, the guy that every girl fawns over, has a bunch of bros that all sit together at lunch, generic teen jock. does shit on homework but aces exams?? doesn’t usually date the girls who confess to him because he’s waiting for the right one. he wants to find her himself, if he can

woozi: teachers always call on him bc he’s really drifty in class but always gets the answer right, doesn’t talk much in class but is super loud and bubbly with his friends at lunch, girls tend to crush on him but never tell him bc they’re afraid?

hoshi: everyone is school knows who he is, even if just his name and face, slays talent shows, super enthusiastic about spirit, genius student, best friends with vernon. has a gf who he’s very sweet and loyal too. does big, dramatic things on valentines day

joshua: that really religious kid who no one really talks to but everyone loves because of how sweet he is, often wears a cross to school, rarely talks in class but has a super high gpa, people have to be very gentle around him bc they don’t want to offend him. when it comes to girls, they acknowledge his beauty but don’t crush on him for a while.

vernon: apart of the fuckboy squad but is the hottest one (aka the only attractive one), but also calls his boys out if they fucking up, on basketball team, does decent in school, a lil bit of a playboy but still really nice, is best friends with hoshi. they’re known to cause havoc and occasionally pull pranks. have the BEST senior prank in mind

dino: gentle kid who apologizes for bumping into people in the hallway, but throws the bombest parties (with help from the8), passes in school, crushes really bad on one girl who he can never talk to, really enthusiastic about spirit week as well

dk: known for singing all the time, but people love it (some people get annoyed), met seungkwan while he was singing in the cafeteria, class clown, often gets scolded from teachers and has to go the office, but is in the top ten??? so they’re like hmm he’s distracting the class but he’s really smart? got suspended for taking off his shirt. guess the context. also flirts recklessly with girls.

wonwoo: every girl’s DREAM. they always have crushes on him. like u find out ur friend has a crush, and she’s like “aah it’s wonwoo” and ur like …. of course. smart kid. really shy with crushes, gets nervous and runaways when girls confess. runs cross country so he speeds tf away. often raises his hand in class

jun: class president. another guy where all the girls crush on, but he always messes with them?? if he senses u flirting u bet ur ass he’ll flirt back. kind of a bad student, but makes it through. throws great parties. that one senior that everyone knows and is intimated by until they get to know him. ppl love sitting next to him in class bc he’s so pleasant to be around. his friends play with his hair

seungkwan: best friends with dk, saw him singing in the cafeteria then started to sing with him, and thats how they met. people luv their duets. they do the talent show together. reallly good student. likes to pull pranks. occasionally skips class with dk, hoshi, and/or vernon. has crush on a good friend of his, tries to pick up her at parties. does he succeed??? find out next time

mingyu: girls act like they hate him when they lowkey are all in love with him. okay student. captain of basketball team. girls make signs to hold up at his games. stops bullying, constantly looking out for students. in a lot of clubs. has a small but closely knit friend group. sometimes hangs with vernon.

the8: throws HELLA good parties bc he’s got a big house with a pool. takes good care of dino. dicks around in class, often gets in trouble, doesn’t have the best grades, but does well on tests. has a gf who he loves very much. checks up on friends almost 24/7. people all worship him. does the announcements every morning. v happy puppy

jeonghan: people are always trying to touch his hair and are asking what he uses in it. straight a student. one of joshua’s few close friends. also pretty quiet. him and joshua have sleepovers a lot. girls crush on him really bluntly, like write on ur locker blunt, but he’s like haha that’s cute. super oblivious. doesn’t understand until joshua tells him. considering going out for a sports team

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HI I LOVE YOUR MYSTIC MESSENGER STUFF EVEN THO U ONLY MADE LIKE 5 THINGIES LOL so may I request rfa reacting to MC saying no when rfa members ask them if they'd like to eat out? Thank you! :D

thank you !! im glad you enjoy my content. ps if you dont like this i can redo it !! ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑


  • wat
  • you dont... wanna.. ,,, eat out with him ?
  • at first hes concerned that ur skipping meals
  • but then you say ur full bc you already cooked for urself
  • and now hes sad bc he wanted to hang out with his cute s/o
  • so he tries to convince u to go out with him in some other way
  • but hes sooooo hungry
  • and he has no food in his fridge 
  • yoosung just buy food on ur own and then ask mc out to do something else
  • so he goes out on his own, all sad
  • buys a bento and goes back home, eats it, and spends the rest of the day playing LOLOL
  • doesnt log onto the messenger for the rest of the day either
  • so you take him out for breakfast the next day and hes happy again


  • hes like tugging onto ur shirt and lecturing u about eating properly
  • the reality is, you had a dinner party for ur best friends’ birthday 
  • and it was gonna start in an hour 
  • eating now would mean eating less at that party
  • and oho there was gonna be lots of good food
  • so you invite zen to go with you
  • and hes like ya okay
  • when you guys get there ur eating a lot
  • so hes satisfied


  • oh okay so where should we waaaaaaaa…………iiiiit 
  • and she asks over the messenger 
  • [ insert scary emoji ]
  • she heads over to ur place
  • mama jaehee time
  • ur simply not hungry ??
  • jaehee i promise im not starving myself to get skinnier or whatever. im just not hungry.
  • so jaehee drags you to a cafe
  • and u guys end up eating cakes and drinking caramel macchiatos 
  • and after that she could finally relax
  • so she went back to work peacefully as if she didnt just come back from pulling you by ur hair for 20 minutes just so u could eat a cake


  • u just finished watching a really sad kdrama and wanted to take a nap after bawling ur eyes out
  • he observed you eating half an ice cream pint throughout the drama so he wanted to take you out
  • so jumin wanted you to eat a full meal first
  • jumin babe im like tt right now and i dont wanna eat ur rich people food when im like tt
  • he realizes that u arent in the best state and didnt wanna take you out when you had puffy eyes and a red nose
  • so he asks if you prefer having food being sent from the private chef
  • you keep saying no
  • //cue the dramatic music that always plays when they find out u have a bomb in the apartment with you//
  • after half an hour of repeating the phrases above u start getting really pissed
  • so you just fake knock out and jumin is shook
  • uh oh
  • jumin is panicking
  • and then you start laughing bc hes screaming and fanning himself
  • he mad too now so he just leaves you be
  • but he bothers you again once u wake up
  • but you love the attention from him dont even argue with me on this


  • sad seven
  • he was too late bc you were already eating when he came out to ask
  • you declined because you were eating a looooooot
  • so he takes the food and starts packing it away slowly
  • ur like what the h*ck
  • he locks the fridge with all the food and u cant speak arabic so u dont bother
  • then he sits in front of you
  • 20 seconds of silence
  • he gives you puppy eyes and starts begging you to eat out with him
  • you keep saying no
  • he ends up taking all the food back out and you guys eat at home
  • you promise that youll eat out with him tomorrow
  • but he pulls a you on you lol
  • it goes on for a week until its tiring and you guys finally go out 

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hey any advice i wanna speak to this guy i have a crush on i wanna get to know him so bad and i find him sooo cute but we have no mutual friends and i feel like i have no way of speaking to him?

love it’s probably not worth it like infatuations fade away i’m sure. and you always make them seem better in your mind than they are. but if you just want to talk to him, maybe just follow him on social media and be chill and like his stuff and comment on his photos? idk what type of person he is, but if he post memes or funny stuff you can always post a laughing emoji or something subtle. and if you ever bump into him you can be like “oh, i think i follow you on __ i saw your post about your dog/meme etc”. but i think that eventually the physical attraction will wear away when u find out he isn’t all that lol always happens 😪

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i've been following u for like a couple yrs but im only now finding out what u look like i've always just pictured u as the dog wearing a sweater

keep that mental image it’s far better than the real me

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You tagged the cookies "not vegan", I'm crying......... it was so good to see, finally another vegan girlie here... I'm not alone :,>

hi!! yup I’ve been vegan for 3 almost 4 years now and I totally know how you feel. It’s always nice when u find out one of ur mutuals is vegan! 🐮🐔🐷

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Help I followed a cute guy on Snapchat after following one of his accounts on Instagram and he's really cute and I want to say something but I don't know what to say and help how do I start the conversation so he wants to talk to me and I look funny or nice

ok so ! take this all w a grain of salt bc i have barely any experience w boys idk how they Work and i am bad at flirting 

what i would suggest is maybe start posting some cute shit on ur story for a few days ? like maybe today take a cute lil selfie and put it on there, and maybe the next day upload a pic of u and ur friends doing something funny. or maybe u playing with an animal or smth if u like animals, thats always a winner for me. or try to find out what he likes and if you like those things too then u could put something on ur insta or snapchat about it. and then keep an eye out to see if he has viewed ur stories, and hopefully hopefully, he’ll send u a snap, but if he doesn’t then maybe start sending him some general ones u would send to everyone like “look at this cute dog” or “jus getting some coffee w the pals” and then after a while u could send him something personal or maybe he’ll reply with what hes doing with his day and a conversation will bloom from there ? either that or u could send him a snap now if u just added him recently and be like “hey :^)” and see how he responds !! good luck babe reel him in