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who do you think sansa is going to end up with, if anyone at all?

I think the show and the books could have different answers. I personally think that in the show, she will either end up alone or marrying someone we don’t even know yet. Her love interests in the show are/were:

  • Joffrey (dead and abusive and the Lannisters completely shunned her anyway)
  • Ramsay (dead and let’s not even)
  • Loras (dead and isn’t into girls)
  • Tyrion (alive, with Dany, and their relationship in the show was actually quite sweet but I think there’s no chance they’ll end up together. If they meet again I think they’d be completely civil and just happy one another are alive.)
  • Petyr (alive and they have a complicated relationship…lmao. I agree with @kingpetyr‘s theory though, which is that more or less Sansa manipulates him by giving him what he wants: sex. And then she kills him. Because he deserves it.)

I’ll get onto others when we get to the books but yeah.

Those I cross off the list…so who’s left? I do think that marrying Jon is an interesting theory, but…there’s a lot of reasons it’s unrealistic. I’m not going to delve into them. I like the ship but I don’t think it’ll ever be canon. Assuming she kills Petyr in S7 (which seems likely)…she’s out of current/past love interests (in show canon, anyway). So I think that for S7 and S8 we will see Sansa taking up some or much of the responsibilities of ruling the North for a while. She may have suitors but I think she has other stuff on her mind lmao.

So in show canon? No. I don’t think we’ll see her get married again. (Maybe eventually, but years down the line, should she survive.) However, if she reunites with Sandor it may be very very loosely open to interpretation. We’ll never get a kiss (in the show) but like a scene or two between them would be nice, though I don’t totally count on it. They didn’t build up a romantic relationship between them at all in the show, they focused on building up Sansa and Petyr from the very beginning. It makes sense for the purposes of the show though.

For the books, however…let’s do another little list (note that I haven’t read all of ASOIAF yet okay don’t crucify me BUT):

  • Joffrey
  • X Tyrell
  • Tyrion
  • Harry
  • Petyr (will suffer a similar fate to show!Petyr)
  • Sandor

Again…I’m not 100% if she will end up with Sandor. From what I’ve gathered, though, he is the most romantic, mutual love she has experienced in book!canon (not to say there weren’t sexual bits or unhealthy bits or whatever but that isn’t the point). She thinks of him rather frequently. She made up a kiss with him that never fucking happened. Sandor thinks of her as well. She dreams of Sandor in her marriage bed. George R.R. Martin is not subtle and he is a sucker for foreshadowing, as am I. Also George adores the concept of beauty and the beast, and Sansa and Sandor fit this to a tee. I think they will eventually reunite and, well…Sansan was hinted at a lot more in the books than in the show, and a large part of that is because their relationship is not talked about, it is only between them and in her head, which is definitely difficult to translate onto the screen. Sandor is, in the book anyway, what one might call her “true love,” though she learned from the others (from infatuation to platonic love to sexual, manipulative love).

All in all, I think she will end up with Sandor, with someone we don’t know yet (perhaps further down the line), or alone. Most of all, I hope she ends up happy.

let’s talk about game of thrones!!!

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Who do you think will rule the individual kingdoms at the end of the show/book. Like, who will rule Dorne or the Stormlands etc

Interesting question anon. I think the books and the show will be different because there are characters in the books who aren’t in the show or who have died in the show, so I’ll answer for books and show separately. 

  • The North: Books-Bran Stark, Show-Sansa Stark (Bran should technically rule but I feel like D&D are almost forgetting that he is Robb’s heir)
  • The Riverlands: Books and Show-Edmure Tully (Can’t see anyone else ruling and I don’t think Edmure will die)
  • The Vale: Books-Harry Hardyng, Show-Robin Arryn (I think Robin is certainly going to die in the books so Harry will rule the Vale but since he doesn’t exist in the show, I don’t know who else can rule the Vale so perhaps Robin will survive)
  • The Iron Islands: Books-Asha Greyjoy, Show-Theon Greyjoy (Asha will definitely rule ahead of Theon in the books or the show but I think she will die in the show and Theon will therefore rule after Euron is finally killed)
  • The Westerlands: Books and Show-Tyrion Lannister (I think this one is probably the only certain one)
  • The Stormlands: Books-Shireen Baratheon, Show-Gendry? (Even in the book I think Stannis will die but Davos will ensure that Shireen at least gets Storm’s End. In the show with House Baratheon extinct and Gendry being the only son of Robert we know of, I’m sure he will end up ruling Storm’s End)
  • The Reach: Books-Willas Tyrell, Show-I have no idea (Willas is another character who doesn’t exist in the show but I’m sure he will rule the Reach in the books. As for the show, Olenna is ruling now but she isn’t a Tyrell by birth and won’t have any children so I assume House Tyrell will end up extinct or a distant relative will overtake)
  • Dorne: Books-Arianne Martell, Show-Again I have no idea (Arianne was the character I really wanted to see in the show, but they made a complete mess of the Dorne plot with no Arianne, Quentyn and S5 and S6 in general. But I think it will be Arianne in the books. As for the show, Ellaria is not a Martell, even by marriage, and the Sand Snakes will probably die)
  • The Crownlands: Whoever rules in the Crownlands will sit on the Iron Throne and I don’t think that the Iron Throne will exist by the end of the show/books. I think Daenerys, Jon or Tyrion sitting on the Iron Throne is too predictable and I think a better ending is everyone ruling their own independent kingdom so I don’t think the Crownlands will have a ruler

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Say, hypothetically, Jon got married before he met Dany. Who do you think she might consider for a marriage alliance instead? Do you think there's anyone else who could make her happy? I agree Jonerys is probably endgame, but I'm just curious in how things might play out if Jon was off the market, or Dany chose a political marriage over marrying for love.

Interesting question and something I’ve wondered about before. First of all, Dany would absolutely consider a marriage that is for an alliance and not for love. I think the whole scene with Daario and Tyrion last season confirms that for us. As for who else could make her happy, to me that is a different question than who would make a good political match so I’ll answer that first. My potential candidates will be limited to characters who are also in the show since something as important as Dany’s last husband will probably be the same across both media. 

I think that Dany could be happy with Tyrion actually. Tyrion’s strength is in how observant he is and even after their short time together I feel like he understands her really well. He is a little more even keeled (kind of like Jon which is part of why I think Jon and Dany are so good) and talks Dany down from her hot-headed Targaryen rage sometimes. Something I also wish we got to see more of is that underneath her queenly exterior I think Dany is fun. That’s why I sometimes write her teasing Jon in my fanfics lol I think if circumstances were different she would be a fun-loving person who likes to laugh, and who has a better sense of humor than Tyrion? And while I know a lot of people disagree I think Dany is a GREAT leader, and Tyrion loves government and politics and is a good leader, too. They could fit well together. 

For political matches, one of the reasons I think Jonerys is so guaranteed to happen is that there really isn’t anyone who can offer what Jon can as KitN. I know this sounds crazy but maybe the next-most powerful man in the Seven Kingdoms right now is Jaime. And I know this is strange so bear with me. Yes, Jaime has absolutely zero political aspirations but he is the heir before Tyrion, right? Especially since Tyrion murdered Tywin. So he holds the west and has a lot of men loyal to him in the south as well. He’s got Casterly Rock, King’s Landing, Riverrun, and more. Now, I know that canonically, especially in the show, Jaime has made it clear he can love Cersei and only Cersei but if we are talking a political match, let’s say Cersei is killed and Jaime sort of wakes up and realizes how toxic she had become and how her actions, like it or not, inadvertently led to the deaths of their children. If that day comes I wouldn’t say it is out of the realm of possibility for him to be talked into an alliance with Daenerys to fight the WW. 

And if Cersei were out of the picture I also don’t think it’s that crazy to assume that a marriage between Dany and Jaime could be relatively happy, too. We know he has a thing for strong, assertive women, and Dany is described in both book and show canon is being uncommonly beautiful. I don’t think it would be a huge leap for him to develop an attraction to her. She might also be intrigued by his own strength and ambition, and might be one of the few people in Westeros who is not grossed out by the fact that he had the hots for his sister haha. 

Other political marriage that might be cool is Asha/Yara and Dany. I don’t think we will see a same sex marriage but it would be cool and I really admire Yara’s journey and how Theon is supporting his sister’s claim to the Salt Throne. The little scene of she and Dany flirting last season was adorable and it could be a good political match to bring the Iron Islands into the fold maybe if Dany was with her. But since she sort of granted them independence I don’t think it holds the same political weight anymore.

But I know none of this will ever happen. Just fun to sort of imagine what-if scenarios. 

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In a recent post you noted about the show that "... Daenerys, Renly, Robb, Stannis, and Tyrion have been changed so profoundly that they are almost unrecognizable," from their characters in the book. I can see that with Renly and Stannis, but I think the other three, while different, have been changed more by emphasizing certain aspects of their characters than others, mostly to make them look more positive. Could you expand on what you think makes them "unrecognizable?"

Robb Stark’s plot is butchered in insensible ways. The military component of Robb’s campaign is off-scene for a trite love story. But RacefortheIronThrone already covered that in his article here, and turtle-paced already covered the problems with Taelisa Maegyr here, follow on by NFriel here. I urge you to check both of those articles out, and follow their tumblrs, they do fine work. The bottom line as I see it: Robb was changed from a flawed character with strengths and weaknesses into a dopey, lovesick puppy. The wrangling question of what to do when there’s no good answer isn’t presented, it’s just Robb breaking his word with the Freys for a pointless and selfish reason.

Tyrion does a lot of shady stuff over the course of the novels that simply isn’t present in the show. He arranges to break guest right with his Riverrun envoys (hints of his father here), he has Bronn murder Symon Silvertongue to cover up his affair with Shae. With the omission of the Tysha reveal that destroys him, the Tyrion we see in ADWD is a fundamentally different beast than the Tyrion we see in season five. BookTyrion is a destroyed man, and the account of what happens in his chapters are raw and gouging. As a semi-related aside, read poorquentyn’s account of Tyrion’s arc. It’s not done yet, but it’s splendid. Part 1 and Part 2 for your perusal.

As for Daenerys, sure she’s whitewashed as you say (Jon Snow is, if anything, even worse with his pointed non-involvement in Stannis’s campaign and the absence of the Pink Letter). We don’t see her lash out, angrily ordering torture of the wineseller’s children for the death of Rylona Rhee in ADWD, Daenerys II, as an example, but the big character arc for Daenerys is that she has a real, palpable struggle between the desire for peace and desire for war. She agonizes over what type of ruler she wants to be and forces to ask tough questions in everything from the Meereenese pages and cupbearers (Can I kill the innocent children to discourage enemies who are probably involved in the Sons insurgency?) to the former fighters wanting to reopen the fighting pits (Can I deny these people their free will or should I remove this bloody relic altogether?). Will she assimilate, as she did with the Dothraki, and risk her emancipation campaign dying by inches? Or will she stamp out the slaving practices that have so pervaded the heirs of Ghis that it perverts even their symbols (the Harpy used to carry lightning, but each city instead transformed it into a tool of slavery, the Unsullied aren’t the free lockstep legions of yore, and so on) and risk both good people dying in her war and harming innocent people herself, as we see with the wineseller? That’s her struggle, and it’s important because any monarch is going to have to grow incredibly comfortable with the fact that their decisions cost lives, which is they say: ‘heavy is the crown.’ bookDaenerys is feeling that and realizes that it sucks, which is what Martin means when he says: “Ruling is hard” in his Rolling Stone interview. It’s one of his core beefs with traditional fantasy and denying it changes the character drastically.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to add about Jon was not just the Pink Letter, but his: “C’mon everyone, let’s go attack the Boltons!” speech.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

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