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Idea for a Superman origin movie

built around two solid points:
1) Lois Lane is the lead character; and
2) The audience dose not know who is playing Superman going into the movie.

So the movie centers around a young Lois, who’s desperately trying to get a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet, despite a hiring freeze as the printed journalism business struggles to keep up, and despite the fact she has no prior journalism experience (at least, not outside of an expensive degree that has yet to start paying for itself). Even though no one at the Planet will even return her calls, she barges in in the middle of a work day, trying to get an interview. She bounces off a lot of people (a number of them tall guys with dark hair and nice eyes who she barely notices) until she tracks down Perry White, who tells her, sarcastically, that he’ll hire her on the spot if she can bring him a properly sourced article revealing the story Metropolis’s new hero, who just yesterday stopped a runaway train with his bare hands. 

She gets to work. Her friends tell her she’s crazy. Her sister bails her out of jail at least once (maybe a montage of times). Her father, General Lane, threatens disownment and/or military arrest. This “menace” broke a muggers arm last week, and is wanted for vigilantism. If she really does find out the identity of this man (who’s been gaining notoriety with every feat) and brings it to a newspaper before the military, her father would have to take action. (This country is his family, after all.)

But the more Lois looks into this ‘super man’, the more she likes what she sees. It’s hard without credentials, but she’s been collecting eye-witness reports for months trying to find the pattern to track; the pattern that everyone’s been looking for. She has dozens of interviews with police, and store owners, and caught criminals, but it’s in the interviews of the regular folk that she finds the pattern:

This man is kind. 

Every headline is about a larger-than-life figure who catches falling statues, wins chases with cars, and stops bullets with his pecs. In the words of the innocent people of Metropolis though, is someone else. Someone who flies broken cars to the shop from the highway during rush hour. Someone who takes a sobbing child from the scene of a bike accident and drops off a smiling one with their parents. Someone who’s been spotted leaving flowers by the headstones of the ones who didn’t make it out of that train crash. Someone who sits in a secluded corner of the park and plays chess with the old woman who’s husband can no longer leave the house. Someone who literally pulled a dog out of a river and a cat from a tree. 

So, to find the Man of Steel, Lois searches for kindness - and she finds it everywhere. She finds all the coats freely shed for someone cold. She finds all the grocery carts paid for by the previous customer. She finds lonely veterans offered a seat at the family table in restaurants. She finds hate symbols painted over with cute cartoons and symbols of love. She finds dozens and dozens of volunteers who help clean up and serve food and rebuild after train crashes and car wrecks and robberies. 

She finds Superman.

And then she finds a man in the park.

He’s not doing much, just sitting on a bench with his head in his hands. The copy of the Daily Planet on the bench next to him speculates on the dangers of super humans, as it has every day for the last two weeks. Some have even suggested that the Man of Steel is an alien, though those theories have only barely broken into mainstream. Whatever this man is worrying over, whatever weight is on his shoulders, seems much heavier than a newspaper, though. Lois hasn’t worried herself with the same issue’s as her prospective employer, either. Thoughts still on the group of teens she’s just passed, each promising to beat up on some boy for their friend, are still fresh on her mind, and she takes the spot next to the stranger on the bench.

He’s not a stranger, though. Lois recognizes him. She doesn’t know his name, but she saw him that day at the Daily Planet months ago, and she’s seen him across the police tape at scenes she’s investigated. He wrote today’s front page article: “Man of Steel, or Menace of Steel?”

He’s politely flustered when she sits down, and she promptly tells him that everything about his article - she’s already read it, of course - is absurd. She doesn’t care who “made him write it”, the entire thing is just plain wrong. She finds herself repeating stories she’s read and re-read at all hours of the morning. Stories of regular people who’d told her how they’d been inspired by Superman. How they’d taken leaps of faith toward recovery and new lives thanks to Superman. Teenagers have chosen to live because of Superman. She quotes sources, and sources of people, including herself, who have said that the city of Metropolis - maybe even the world - was so much better because of Superman.

“Superman?” the reporter asks.

“It’s just something I’ve been calling him. He’s got that big S on his chest, right?”

The reporter laughs. He hasn’t smiled the whole time, only looked at her with wide eyes. His smile is… nice. His glasses are dumb though.

“Yeah,” she admits, “it’s a dumb name.”

“No,” he says. A weight has fallen off his shoulders while she was flipping through her notebooks. He sniffles a bit. Lois had just torn into his article with all the fury she could muster, is he crying about it? No, he’s smiling, still. “I really like it. Have you written all this down?”

Lois Lane writes it all down. Her new friend (who proofread the hell out of it because Lois is driven as hell but can’t spell) Clark Kent turned it in to his boss. The newest headline reads:

The Story of Superman -by Lois Lane

She’s getting paid more than Clark in under a year. He just seems to be so distracted all the time. Maybe she should look into that…
He tries to make you jealous (Zach Dempsey)

shit, so i’ve been in love with thirteen reasons why recently. it’s got me hooked. zach dempsey has been one of my crushes on the show, so here’s one based on this prompt. i’d love taking suggestions! ring me up if you have any ideas- or, better yet, drop by my ask if you want me to make any more for you.

prompt: “i like you a lot, so i tried getting you jealous,” ft. zachary dempsey

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“Ah shit, Y/N,” Jess Davis groans as she wiggles into the tight row of cushioned chairs, trying to make her way to the middle of the line next to you. You giggle as the popcorn spills all around her clenched hand and into the laps of everyone nearby. There are whimpers of “Sorry, sorry!” and grunts before she finally lands into the cushioned chair next to you and sighs. “Ah Jesus, I didn’t know that would be so hard.”

"Maybe you should lay off the gummy worms,” You put in, and laugh as she glares at you and hits your arm. Your hand digs in the popcorn and you stuff a handful into your mouth, the satisfying crunch as you chew making you moan. Ah, popcorn. Jess rips open a pack of the gummies and snorts at you. “Maybe save those noises for Dempsey, hon.”

You choke on a kernel as she purses her lips trying not to laugh, her eyes steadying on the previews onscreen. A few snickers make it out either way, and you scowl at her and stuff more handfuls in your mouth.

Zach Dempsey and you, to put it lightly, were not friends. It was difficult to push you into a room together and not expect a night of sour jabs and endless bickering. Everyone at school knew it, and it was something that happened way before you were even freshmen. There was never a time you weren’t at each other’s throats. One time, he’d spilled liquor down the front of your dress at some party and you’d hidden his pants in a bush while he was in the hot tub later that night. Lately it’d been more of a joke between your friends, with Jessica mockingly swooning how romantic you two would be. 

The lights start to dim and you wiggle back into your seat, ready for some good old romcom- and then the Paramount clip cuts into black for a moment, making you groan and try to dodge whoever was blocking your view. You crane your entire body and glare daggers at the idiot who interrupted your film before it even started. You loved your movies, and you were pretty serious about getting the “full movie theatre experience” (which Jess liked to mock). Please, you were paying a good four dollars for a movie you could watch for free online. Your eyes rise up to the back of his head, taking in a mess of straight black hair, broad shoulders and the school’s infamous Letterman jacket hanging on them. You memorized the back of that head. You knew those shoulders.

It was Zach Dempsey. With him were Jason Friar and Justin Foley, all wearing their Lettermans. You felt Jess shift in her seat at the sight of them. Wrapped in Zach’s arm was a smaller girl, snuggled into his shirt and playing with his fingers around her neck. They scooched into the seats almost directly in front of you, with the girl turning her head suddenly and getting the tips of her ponytail in Zach’s mouth. He swats it away, annoyed, but smiles instantly when she turns her head to look at him.

“Oh no,” You moan, making Jess snicker at you. You don’t miss the way her eyes flicker to Foley and turn away. “Just what I needed.”

"Who’s the girl?” Jess wonders, squinting. “Not a cheerleader. That’s Jenny, I think. Or her friend Bryana. I can’t be sure. We have Com with them.”

"Ugh, who cares,” You roll your eyes and try to turn to the movie. As long as they don’t ruin your film. This was some good stuff showing- if you focused enough, maybe you could ignore them. Jess shrugs and follows suit. You take a sip of your cherry cola as Martin Freeman jogs up into the scene.

The movie drifts by, but you find that you don’t enjoy it as much as you would have. Your eyes keep landing on the back of Dempsey’s head- and as much as you hated it, his arm around the girl’s. Your popcorn started tasting sour. You focus on some surfer guy’s abs an hour in but your mind keeps drifting somewhere else. Suddenly, before you can even blink, Zach cranes his neck slowly and looks directly at you, as if he knew you were there the entire time. He catches you looking and his cheeks tinge pink as he whips back around. Jess snickers. “That’s like, the fourth time he’s done that.”

"What?” You blink. Wouldn’t you have noticed? Jess takes a slurp of her drink. “Yeah, didn’t you notice? I mean, he’s had like two bathroom breaks. Both times he’d looked right at you before he took his seat.”

You decide not to say anything and reach out for a gummy worm. You keep watch, but Zach never craned his head again.

The movie ends before you know it, and Jess is a mess. You can’t stop laughing at her state, and after a while she laughs with you and dabs at her tears with paper napkins, but her mascara’s everywhere. “Shit, Y/N, why aren’t you crying with me?” She scowls, and starts hicupping. You try to hide your smile. You find it best not to tell her that you were staring at other things than the movie.

The lights flick back on and the people file out. You grab your empty popcorn buckets and leave, but not before Jess excuses herself to the comfort room to freshen up. You drop the buckets in the trash can near the snacks counter in the lobby and wait for her, waving a hand at Hannah Baker, who was filling up drinks at the soda fountain. Your hand travels to your back pocket and realize your phone is missing, so you run back into the cinema’s swinging doors hoping not to find it lodged in between seats with a wad of chewed up gum.

You find something even more tramautizing. Sitting on Zach Dempsey’s lap was his date, clutching his face with her pale hands and making out with him. He’s fidgeting in his seat, but trying to keep still. You note that his hands are on the cup holders and not on her waist. Your face screws up and you groan in disgust, picking your phone up from floor. “Christ, Dempsey, get a room.”

Zach’s eyes widen and he scrambles up, pushing the girl out of his lap. “Yeah? Well, this was an empty room ‘til you showed up, Y/N.”

You snort, tucking your phone into your back pocket. “You’re a pig, Dempsey.” There are mumbles of "Ooh”’s from Foley as you stalk back to the entrance, where Jess was waiting for you, ready for some milkshakes at Rosie’s. You loop your arm in hers, failing to hear the “Shit, man,” and swears from inside the theatre.


You head into school next Monday with a great start, munching on your bagel as you make it to your locker. You’re wearing an oversized hoodie and high waisted jeans, but it doesn’t stop the jocks from whistling when you pass by. You roll your eyes at them and chew on your bagel as you turn the corner. High school boys were too immature. No wonder you never found the want to date one.

Passing by you in the hallway was Zach Dempsey, crowded with his band of loud friends who are laughing and pushing each other. You meet his eye and he stops, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. You roll your eyes and look away, and you can almost hear him sigh in defeat. Someone slaps him on the shoulder and whistles as you walk by. “Daaamn, Dempsey, you gotta let us share.” You don’t see him shove the guy and stalk off.

The first half of the day passes by like a breeze. By the time fourth period ends, you barely feel like the day has started. You head out for the cafeteria, stacking all your books in your arms and making it through the door, but it wasn’t long before you could hear footsteps running after you. “Hey, wait up, Y/N!”

You turn around and groan, continuing to walk. “Dempsey.” You try not to glance as he jogs up next to you and ruffles his hair, staring at you with this half grin of his you didn’t want to admit you liked.

“Uh, hey.” “Something you need?”

“No, uh, actually, I wanted to talk to you.” He looks at you sheepishly.

“Okay, talk.”

“Um, you look nice today,” He offers, biting his cheek. You stop, staring at him in disgust. “What?” He trails. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding with me.” You shake your head in disbelief and keep walking.

“What’s wrong?” He keeps up. “Seriously, Dempsey, are you hitting on me now?” “And why would that be so terrible?”

“Geez, Dempsey, what is wrong with you?” You deadpan. “You are such an ass, you know that? Do you always treat girls like shit?” You gape at his blank face. “Jenny. From last Saturday. You think it’s OK to throw girls around like that?”

“What? No! I- uh, Jenny and I aren’t serious, if that’s what you’re thinking.” He winces, scratching his neck.

“Yeah, right. Of course not.”

“Look, can I take you out this weekend? To Rosie’s maybe? I’ve wanted to maybe get to be with you out of school. We could go to the movies?” You’re at the cafeteria doors now, but Zach shuts them with his left arm, blocking the way in front of you. You snort. “You can’t be serious.” You watch as his face falls and his mouth twitches.

“What’s so bad about going out with me?”

“God, you are such a jerk, Zach!” You groan, throwing your free hand in exasperation. He winces at the sound of his name being used so hatefully- he’s only ever heard you say Dempsey. He tries to forget about all the times he’s dreamed of his name coming out of your mouth, but decides he hates it when you yell it at him. “You think it’s fun, don’t you? Having no respect for girls whatsoever. You get off buttering them up with kisses and flowers and take them to the movies only to ignore them completely a day or two later. Who, in their right mind, would ever want to go out with someone like you?”

“I only ever wanted to go to that fucking movie theatre because I heard you were going to be there!” His voice rises to a shout. It echoed through the halls, and you wince knowing someone would hear. “You think I wanted to watch that stupid chick flick, with all that shit about high heels and prom? Fuck, I never even liked Jen! Why would I when I’ve always wanted someone else?”

His breath was heavy. Suddenly it was hard to swallow. You try to stand your ground, staring at him. “Nice one. You think it’d be easy for me to believe that, what with your list of conquests and a new girl making out on your desk each week? You must be daft, Zach Dempsey.”

He scowls. “I never wanted them. Never. I just- I just thought that maybe if you saw that everyone wanted me, just maybe you would have wanted me too.” His face softens, and he starts fiddling with his fingers. “Okay, I get it. You could never want me. I know, I just thought I could change that somehow. I’m used to getting my way, you know. Girls flock me, throw themselves at me. I’m used to getting everything I want, but then you’re here, in front of me, and fuck, I’ve never wanted to kiss anything more in my life.”

“Okay,” You say softly, before you can stop yourself. He barely hears it, but his ears perk up. “What’d you say?”

“I said okay,” You clear your throat, and bite your lip to keep yourself from smiling as his lips form into a helpless grin. “Saturday night, Rosie’s?”
“Fuck yes!” He fistbumps the air, then stops as soon as he realises you’re still in front of him. You giggle and hide your face in your hands as he leans forward without thinking, grabbing you by the waist and lifting you in the air. You couldn’t help your cheeks from turning red. Zach Dempsey was adorable. He really was.

“Okay, I’ll see you in Trig?” He asks, palming his phone in his front pocket. He’d have to tell Foley, he was thinking. Man, his best friend would be so proud. His head was rushing when he swooped in and pressed his lips to your flushed cheek. “I can’t wait.”

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Whenever Draco has a bad day, Harry buys him flowers. 

The first time it happens, Draco comes home from work with a scowl on his face. He just got some really bad news and knows the next few weeks will be hell for him. When Harry asks about his day, he doesn’t say anything. He knows, if he opens his mouth now, he will only snap at Harry and he really isn’t in the mood to fight. Not after the day he had. So he sits there, throughout their dinner, saying nothing.

When he gets up to take a shower, he catches Harry gazing at him sadly. Draco knows Harry is only worried about him, but this gets him even more irritated. Because now, on top of his bad mood, he feels guilty for making Harry feel this way.

Taking a shower normally relaxes him, but when he walks into his and Harry’s bedroom, his muscles are still tense and the scowl still won’t leave his face. The crease between his brows deepens even more when he sees something odd on his bedside table. That bouquet of peonies wasn’t there before. When he hears Harry enter the bedroom, Draco doesn’t turn around.

“Do I look like a girl, Potter?” he grumbles through gritted teeth. Why would Harry get him flowers? Harry doesn’t reply. Instead, Draco feels his arms wrap around his waist from behind. When Harry starts nuzzling his hair, Draco sighs and puts one of his hands on Harry’s.

Harry is only trying to cheer him up. And although Draco would never admit it out loud, getting flowers from his boyfriend is… kind of nice.

From this day on, whenever Draco comes home grumpy or moody, Harry will excuse himself quickly and return with a bouquet of sunflowers, or daisies, or hydrangeas… sometimes Draco doesn’t even know the name of the flowers Harry gets him. The only thing he knows is, it warms his heart when Harry is standing in front of him, smiling almost shyly, with a big bouquet in his arms.

So now, Draco isn’t that irritated anymore, when he had a bad day at work. He’s still moody and grumpy, he can’t control that, but he also knows that Harry will buy him flowers. And while they’re beautiful and Draco always admires and appreciates them for as long as they’re on his bedside table, it’s about so much more than just the flowers.

It reminds Draco of how thoughtful Harry is. It’s a sweet little gesture that reassures Draco.

Harry will always be there to cheer him up.

To make him feel loved.

Part 2

(L O O K i know this is not even remotely a response to the prompt of ‘bruce wayne gets railed by huge demon dicks’ but also you are all terrible sinners and this is quite frankly a best-case scenario)

It was easy to follow the path of the ratty brown trenchcoat traveling through tuxedos and gowns.

“Wayne! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Bruce had been watching him stomp his way up the stairs, and had made no effort to meet him, standing and sipping at his champagne. “John!” he greeted, too cheerful to ever be genuine. “Glad to see you got your invitation.”

“Yes, I know I wasn’t — what?” Constantine stopped in his tracks with a frown. “What invitation?”

Your invitation,” Bruce said, gesturing to all assembled. “To the party. Which I assume you accepted, since you’re here. I knew you’d have to show up to one of them, eventually.”

“I don’t…”

The facts were these:

  • Bruce Wayne had apparently invited John Constantine to a party despite having no reason to believe it was necessary or desired.
  • ‘One of them, eventually’ suggested that he had invited John to many such parties.
  • A party was often the easiest time to find and corner Bruce Wayne, when he couldn’t go handcuffing anyone to anything with ridiculous bat-shaped handcuffs.
  • John never expected or waited for invitations to parties.
  • Bruce could not possibly have been monitoring John’s activities closely enough to know when he ought to invite him to a party.


  • Bruce Wayne had been sending John Constantine invitations to every party he had thrown in the last six years, for the express purpose of ensuring that John could never have the satisfaction of crashing a posh party uninvited.

John’s eyes narrowed. “You unbelievably petty asshole.”

The pull at the corner of Bruce’s mouth suggested that he knew that John knew what Bruce had done, and this knowledge of his knowledge pleased him inordinately. He sipped at his champagne.

“Do you know who it is that you were just flirting with?” Constantine asked, returning to his original reason for talking to the man at all.

Bruce’s eyebrow only barely moved higher than the other. “I don’t know that I would say that I was flirting, necessarily,” Bruce said.

“Oh, I know what you look like when you’re flirting,” John reminded him, and Bruce’s eyes flitted away back over the crowd. “You were flirting.” Bruce shrugged. “Did you even catch his name?”

The corners of Bruce’s mouth turned ever-so-slightly downward, a twitch in his brow that wasn’t a furrow. His champagne flute drifted away from his mouth. “I don’t think I did,” he said, and this admission of his oversight was said with the awestruck manner that most people reserved for a glimpse of the divine.

Appropriately enough.

“You’ve been flirting with the Devil,” Constantine informed him, in as blunt of terms as he could manage.

“I don’t see what that has to do with anything,” Bruce said. “I haven’t seen Talia in months.”

John huffed, grabbing Bruce by the arm and pulling him toward the railing overlooking the ballroom. “Not the metaphorical devil,” he said. “I mean Lucifer, the Fallen, Prince of Lies, the Dark Lord Satan. You have been flirting with the King of Hell.” He gestured with both arms toward the circle of besotted partygoers surrounding the man to whom Bruce had been speaking.

Bruce scoffed. The man in question looked up from the dance floor. His eyes were all the colors of a sunset, and cherubic golden curls formed a halo around his head. He saw Bruce, and he smiled.

Bruce almost smiled back. It was the beginnings of a smile, a beginning that spoke of an ignoble end, asymmetrical and soft and small.

He stopped. He turned his head away, and his face went a familiar blank shape. He glanced back toward the angelic figure out of the corner of his eye, as if to confirm the effect, before looking away again. He set his empty champagne flute down on the rail.

“That is the Devil,” he repeated for confirmation.


“King of Hell.”

“Technically retired.”


“He just sort of putters around these days,” Constantine admitted.

“He seemed nice,” said Bruce, who now seemed wary of looking toward the party.

“He does tend to.”

Bruce’s gaze drifted back toward Lucifer.

“Wayne. No.”


“You’re thinking about it. I can tell you’re thinking about it. Theology or philosophy or Stones lyrics. Stop it.”

“I just wish I’d known sooner,” Bruce said. He was watching those blonde curls intently. “I might have had some questions.”

“No. No.” John took Bruce by the shoulders. “That’s how it starts, just an innocent conversation, and then what? Look. I know we’ve had this little rivalry, you and me, over who can stick their dick in the least advisable place, but that is literally, actually Satan. You cannot fuck him. I don’t just mean you shouldn’t, I mean physically, it’s not possible. And even if you could — God knows, if anyone could find a way — it’s still literal, actual Satan we’re talking about here. There are very few things in this world I’m willing to state are absolutely and categorically bad, and one of them is fucking literal, actual Satan.”

Bruce grabbed a champagne flute off the tray of a passing waiter. “Despite what you seem to think, Mr. Constantine,” he said, “I have not yet sunk so far as to need lectures on ethics from you of all people.”

Ardor — one.

❝  After your art professor notices your ardor towards nudeness in arts, he sends you to apprentice under his old friend, the Korean painter Byun Baekhyun who’s infamous for his erotic pieces and cocky demeanor. Rumors surrounded Baekhyun at any second and women who had been with him described him as “an unforgiving lover of bodies”. What happens when you find him taking a liking to you–and your body? ❞ 

Reader x Painter!Baekhyun

!Smut in later chapters; mentions of nude bodies and sexuality.


You don’t know if it was the sound of your paintbrush hitting the floor or the sudden boom of your professor’s voice that startled you more. You lifted your dazed, admiring eyes up from your own piece, into the amused, brown eyes of your professor. He chuckled as he bent down to pick up your paintbrush before giving it to you. Thanking him, you glanced down to the floor, cheeks flushed while he scanned your piece. The theme had been secrets– and if you were being honest you hadn’t been more satisfied with a given theme before. 

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puppetmaster55  asked:

Jack Frost & Danny Phantom, "Well one of us is gonna have to change."

If North had known the catch–that when Jack asked, “Can I invite a friend to the party?” he’d meant, “Can I invite a human to the party?”–he probably would’ve said No.

“What are you talking about?” Jack laughed, face scrunching up in amusement, crossing his arms. He looked a bit out of place without his staff (it was a masquerade party, and he’d come dressed in the black and white garb of a popular American superhero named Phantom), but Jack’s eyes still shone with the familiar glint of a trickster. “Danny’s not human. Not entirely.” 

“Ah, but there is the issue, my friend. Part human is still human.” North explained, casting a wary glance across the room. The boy in question chatted animatedly with Tooth, Bunny, Coatlquetzal, and the Groundhog. Danny himself had a blue hoodie, brown pants, and a certain crooked staff in his hands. North tried to shake off the uncanny resemblance; if Danny only had a white wig, he’d be identical to Jack Frost.

Danny wasn’t having any trouble seeing the guests, though, despite being well past the age of most believers. North wasn’t sure if the boy was a medium or had nonhuman heritage, but it didn’t matter. It was still dangerous.

“There are many spirits here who would take advantage of a human,” North pointed out. “Not at my party, perhaps. But after.”

“Danny? No. he can take care of himself.” Jack said.

North raised a skeptical eyebrow, so Jack called over, “Hey Danny! Come meet Santa.”

From across the room, Danny and Jack shared a knowing glance, and briefly North wondered what was going on between the two. He didn’t have much time to ponder it, though, as the teen tactfully broke away from his conversation and ambled over with a smile.

Danny offered a hand to shake. “Nice to meet you, North, Jack’s told me a lot about you. And… my dad’s a big fan,” he admitted sheepishly.

North shook the offered hand, casting a confused glance to Jack, who just grinned, eyes sparkling. “So North seems to think,” Jack started out before North could get a word in edgewise, “That you’re human.”

A pause, and instantly, Danny grinned too. “I knew that whole ‘watching you 24 hours a day’ thing was BS.” He turned to North, eyes dancing with such amusement that North irrationally wondered if he was Jack’s twin. “Are you asking for a demonstration, then?”

North blinked. “Demonstration?”

Grinning, Jack stole his staff, and Danny stepped back, hands clenched at his side.

And then a white ring appeared around the teenager’s waist.

Heads turned as the bright flash grew, parting over Danny’s form to completely change his appearance. The hoodie and pants transformed into black and white hazmat; Danny’s black hair inverted to white. In an instant, the human was gone, replaced by Phantom, ghost superhero of legend.

North’s jaw dropped. Jack, behind him, laughed.

“See? What did I tell you? That was priceless!” Jack sauntered over to lean an elbow on Danny’s shoulder. North blinked. Now Jack and his guest were both wearing the same outfit, and except for the height difference and one’s green glowing eyes, the two looked identical.

Danny poked Jack in the chest. “Yeah, but now one of us is gonna have to change.”

“Bloody hell,” whispered Bunny from somewhere behind North, echoing his thoughts. “I can barely handle one Jack Frost–what’re we gonna do with two?”

Microfics to break my writer’s block. :)

Jealous - Peter Parker x Jealous!Stark!Reader

After days of procrastination, I bring you yet another overly detailed and shitty fic. I really hope you guys enjoy. This probs the longest one of written. Imma try to get a few more chapters of stuff done the rest of the summer. I can’t write as often like two weeks from now because of school and stuff, which sucks, but whatcha gonna do. On to the fic! 

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words : 3431



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You’re whole life, it’d always been you and your mom against the world. She raised you all on her own, young and working multiple jobs to get by and support the both of you. That aside, she’d always been there. The best mom ever. From school talent shows to the science fair to everything; your mom always has your back. She was all you really knew, as it was hard to make friends. Most kids found you odd for being the smartest in the class, which resulted in a lack of friends as no one ever wanted to hang out with the weird girl.

You didn’t mind though because you always had your best friend, your mom; until you didn’t.

You always thought she’d live a longer life than five more years after being diagnosed with cancer.

You were five when you mom had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the pain she’d felt as the days went on, as much as she didn’t want you to ever see her the way she was after months would go by, she was always there for you.

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Those Damn Shorts (Sam Winchester x Reader)

Word Count: 1,180

Sam Winchester x Reader

Request: Can you do a Sam Winchester x Reader where the reader and him are making out in the kitchen and it goes further and she’s like on the kitchen counter and Sam is eating her out behind the counter and then Dean walks in and he doesn’t know what’s going on, he’s just like making conversation with her not knowing Sam is like y'know and she’s trying to focus while Sam just keeps going

Warnings: Language, smut (f. receiving oral)

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“Sam!” You giggle as Sam’s large hands slip underneath your shirt and roam your back, his stubble slightly tickling your neck as he sucks on the skin lightly.

You don’t know how you ended up in this position. You and Sam had only come into the kitchen to grab some leftover dinner from last night, as neither of you (or Dean) felt like cooking. You were simply just looking through the fridge, searching for where you put the pan of food when Sam’s arms snuck around your waist as he came up behind you.

It had only escalated from there. He slammed the fridge door shut, spinning you around. His lips connected with yours immediately, biting your bottom lightly before picking you up and setting you down on the island that’s in the middle of the kitchen. His jeans were only growing tighter by the second, and you have no idea where this sudden need came from. You’re certainly not complaining, though.

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Stupid (Yoongi/Reader Fluff)

Summary: It’s 2:45 am and Min Yoongi’s at your door. Stupid.

(( Note: Lol, hey guys… Guess who’s not dead. *Me (I think)* Sorry I went on hiatus out of nowhere :/ Can’t say that I’m back officially because like the last time I said that I was gone three months after (hehe). So I’m semi back I guess? I’ve been missing those active Tumblr days so much, I wish I can be on more, idk what will happen in the future but I’ll try my best to post more scenarios and just overall be more active :) HOPEFULLY SMH—Also I know nothing about piano/music writing, I apologize for any mistakes and please please listen to the song it’s really pretty ))

Literally, what the hell.”

You stared at your best friend, completely dumbfounded by the fact that you were even staring at him considering that it was pitch black and cold as shit out. In other words, it was 2:45 in the morning and no other than Min Yoongi was standing there right in front of you, hands stuffed deep into his large coat along with a fluffy scarf wrapped countless times around his head, hot air from his mouth puffing out into the frozen winter air. 

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Apple Fritters

summary: after moving to Queens to fulfill your scholarship at the Midtown School of Science and Technology, your first day starts out with a bang. Literally. Colliding with Peter Parker on your first day of school while trying to catch the subway, you both kindle a friendship that feels like it could spark something more. 

word count: 1.5k

pairings: peter parker x reader

warnings: none, just a bunch of fluff. plus some mention of apple fritters. 

a/n: this is my mcu fanfiction debut! i had been thinking a lot about what to start off with, so why not start off with something simple and clean and cute. hopefully it’s as good as i think it is. If it gets some positive feedback, maybe I’ll turn it into a series. who knows? 

One of the many reasons you had fallen in love with Queens were the sounds. You were completely content wandering the streets, just listening to life move around you. While most would be put off by the constant honking and shouting, it was almost therapeutic to you. Your favorite time to be out within the city was early in the morning and late at night; both felt like each of the different times were when the city came alive.

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The Arrangement (pt 3)

The following days went by as usual, if not quieter. You don’t know what changed from the night of the dinner party, but you feel like something did. You saw Jimin in a new light after finding out that he told his friends about his unhappy marriage. It just made you realize how unhappy he truly was. How unhappy you truly were. And now you longed to have someone to tell your worries to, but you couldn’t risk it. Not when your parent’s happiness was on the line.

So you sucked it up. You bottled up your emotions once again and just tried not to upset Jimin any further. Clearly the smallest things were setting him off, and you rather not have any stress from him. Your marriage was already stressful enough. 

After another exhausting day at work, Jimin found his way to a bar where his friends were already seated and chatting. 

“Hey! Jimin’s here!” said Jungkook as he spots Jimin heading their way. All six boys turn to face him, noticing how lifeless he looked. 

“Hey guys…” Jimin says slowly as he pulls up a chair near Taehyung and ordered a drink. 

“You look tired..maybe you should go home and rest…?” Namjoon offered slowly.

“No.” was all he got as a response. The boys all knew about his life at home and though they felt bad for their friend, they couldn’t help but feel worse for you. 

“Ok so we were all talking and we realized…you never had a housewarming party!” Jin said, try to get the others excited.

“Yeah! So we’re going to come to your house this weekend and have a little party” Taehyung said, nudging Jimin’s shoulders a little.

“I rather not” Jimin said dully.

“We weren’t asking” Yoongi said cooly.

Jimin knew his friends weren’t going to take no for an answer. 

The following day, you woke up late and was hurrying to make a breakfast, although small, for Jimin. As the eggs were cooking, you heard Jimin shuffle into the small dining room and started to panic when you realized you didn’t have any food placed on the table. But Jimin just sat there, reading emails on his phone. He realized you were running late, and although he was somewhat annoyed, he didn’t want to start anything with you.

In the next few minutes, you placed his food down in front of him without saying anything. Since you were in a rush, you eggs looked somewhat ugly this morning and you mentally scolded yourself for not waking up on time. 

You noticed Jimin opening his mouth, signaling he was about to say something and you immediately prepared yourself for his cold words. When did you become this pathetic? 

This Saturday, my friends are coming over, so leave for the day” he said coldly. 

Weekends were no different from a weekday, Jimin would leave early in the morning if he ever did come home. You never knew. But you would have the house to yourself. You told yourself that all this time you had to youself, you would learn how to love yourself more. But how could you love yourself when the man who was supposed to be your husband despised you? Made you feel like you weren’t good enough. Not worth love?

So you were a little pissed when you realized he was kind of kicking you out for the day. Sure, you could always hang with some of your girls or go home and spend time with your parents. It’s not like you didn’t have options, but you were still pissed nonetheless. 

“oh..ok” you said slowly. Any appetite you had was suddenly gone. So you made your way to your bedroom and waited for Jimin to leave. 

Saturday soon came along and Jimin mentioned that his friends would be there around noon. You decided to go hang out with you mom for some time and get your nails or something done. You missed the little dates you had with you mom before you got married. She was your like your best friend, and oh my you missed her dearly. You wore one of your favorite dresses to lift your mood a little before you saw your mother. You put on a little makeup and decided a little was enough and decided to get on your way. You checked the time, and it was only 11:15, but you didn’t want to risk running into his friends. It would only upset Jimin more. 

So you hurriedly walked out of the house, noting that Jimin was sitting on the couch, just casually browsing on his phone. He didn’t acknowledge you, and you didn’t acknowledge him. For a change, he would be the one in the empty house alone, even though it was only till his friends came along. But still, it made you wonder how it would make him feel. 

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Baby Holland’s First... | Tom Holland

Summary: A compilation of cute little moments where Baby Holland experiences new things in life. The baby says his first word, he gets his first haircut, his first tooth comes in, and he takes his very first steps…

Warning: major cuteness, minor swearing

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot (I will write more of these if requested)


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Malia Tate x EvolvedWolf!Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Sexual content, smut, girl on girl action yay!
Word count: 1 115

Tags: @peacefullytatted01

You’ve never had a problem with running mile after mile on all fours, but today you felt tired, restless. The legs beneath you didn’t carry you as they used to and you had an unsatisfied feeling in the lower region of your body.

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Tainted Love (part 2)

Summary: Soulmates are supposed to be a wonderful thing, that is until you find out who your soulmate is. You guessed it, Lance “The Fucker” Tucker.

Pairing: Lance x Reader

Warnings: swearin’

A/N: I’m so glad you guys like Tainted Love so far! Here ya go :) As always, I’ll fix any mistakes in the morning.

After watching Maggie’s routine, Lance claps his hands and turns to the blonde. “Hope. Office. Now.”

With a frustrated sigh, she follows him to the office and shuts the door behind her, waiting for him to rant on about how Maggie can do so much better. But, he didn’t.

“Well, she’s as good as gold. You’re not shit after all Hope.” Lance smiled at her. “Oh wait - you are.”

Hope rolled her eyes. “Shut your whore mouth.” she snapped. “And why did you bring me in here if you were going to tell me that? I thought you were gonna chew my head off or something.”

“I brought you in here because of her.” he nods his head over to you. “Who is she?”

Hope glances back at you, watching as you high five Maggie for doing a good job before starting a conversation with Ben.

“She’s my best friend.” Hope says, turning back to Lance. “Why?”

He shrugs, hoping to play it cool. “Nothin’ I just wanted to know who she was. She seems nice.”

“She is, but she can be a bitch if she needs to be.” Hope tells him and his eyes are now focused on you.

The way you smile, the way you tuck away your hair behind your ear, all make you seem so perfect. It was insane for Lance to be thinking like this because, well, Lance never thought about anyone like that. He had this foreign feeling inside him and he’d never admit it out loud but he kind of liked it.

“Give me her number.” he turns to Hope with a serious look in his eyes.

Hope’s face contorts. “What the fuck, no.”


“Because she’s my best friend and I won’t let her be another notch on your belt, asshat.” she snapped. “She’s too nice of a person to deserve what you’ll do to her.”

“Oh, and what exactly will I do to her?” Lance folds his arms across his chest as he glared at the blonde in front of him.

“You’ll lead her on to believe you actually like her, fuck her, then throw her aside and move on to your next victim. You won’t care about her feelings because all you can care about is yourself. It may not look like it, but she’s a sensitive girl, Lance. And I won’t let you fuck her up.”

Lance watches Hope exit the office and walk towards you and Ben. With a sigh, he gathers his things and exits the office as well.

“Well she’s clear.” he spoke, joining the small group. “I expect great things from you, Maggie.”

The happy brunette smiles and nods before Lance looks at you. “It was nice meeting you, Y/N.”

“Nice meeting you too, Lance.”

He held eye contact with you for a bit and Hope didn’t like it. So, she shoved him. “Leave already, dick breath.”

Lance smirked at her. “Oh, you would know all about what dick breath smells like, wouldn’t you?”

“Fuck you.”

“You already did.” Lance chuckled at Hope’s annoyed expression.

With all that being said, he leaves the gym, flustered and with you on his mind. So consumed in his thoughts, he accidentally hits his head while getting into his car.

“Ah, shit.” he groaned, holding a hand to his head, completely unaware that just behind those gym doors, you stood holding your head as well.

3 days. It’s been 3 days and Lance cannot get you out of his head. 3 days and not once have you left his mind. He had to get in contact with you somehow. It was driving him insane.

But how? Hope wouldn’t give him your number. Ben probably had your number as well but being for the fact that Lance had fucked his girlfriend, he doubted that he’d give him it.

With an exasperated sigh, he throws himself down on his couch. He didn’t know anything about you, but he wanted to. When he saw you, it was different from when he’d see other girls but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Why did you have this effect on him?

Getting up from the couch, he decided to ease his mind of you and go out to the bar. Getting shitfaced sounded amazing, he could really use a drink.

Over on your end, Hope dragged you out to the bar. Karaoke night. Every karaoke night the two of you would get completely shitfaced and sing A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton because it was in your favorite movie, White Chicks.

While on stage, singing your heart out with Hope by your side, you hadn’t noticed Lance walk through the bar door. At the sight of you, he smiled. Mostly because he got to see you again and you were making a complete fool out of yourself.

Lance took a seat at the bar, ordering a drink as he watched you and Hope finish up the song, followed by loud applauses and hoots and howls. While you were walking off the stage, you had accidentally hit your knee on the speaker box, resulting in both you and Lance to tend to your knees.

Lance’s eyebrows knit together as he rubbed the spot on his knee before looking back at you. Coincidence, right?


Lance never cared about the whole soulmate thing which was why every time his soulmate tried contacting him, he’d either ignore her or tell her to leave him alone. Besides, if he ever met his soulmate, she’d probably want him to settle down with her and that just wasn’t Lance’s style. He didn’t want to be on a leash. He wanted to be free.

Gulping down his drink, he decides to join you at your table with Hope and Ben.

“Hi friends.” he smiled, gathering the attention he wanted from the 3 of you.

“Stalking me? Pfft, that’s low, Tucker. Even for you.”  Hope scoffed, rolling her eyes.

She was way out of it. And by the looks of it, so were you.

“In your dreams, Hope.” Lance responded, adverting his eyes to Ben. “This doesn’t look like your type of scene. What are you doing here?”

“I come to keep an eye out for Hope and Y/N to make sure they don’t do anything too stupid. I also take them home. Well, I take Y/N home, Hope lives with me so-”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I didn’t ask for your life story buddy.” Lance cut him off. “Tell you what, I’ll take Y/N off your hands.”


Lance rolls his eyes. “I’ll take Y/N home so you have one less person to take care of.”

At this, Hope perks up. “No. There’s no way in hell I’d ever let you take my bitch home.”

Main bitch.” you correct, causing Lance to chuckle.

Hope glares at Lance. “I know what you’re capable of and I will not let you take advantage of-”

“Slow your roll,” he spoke up. “Now I know I’m a pig but I wouldn’t go as far as to having my way with a woman when she’s completely shitfaced. I thought you knew me better than that, Hope.”

Lance dramatically pouted and Hope groaned.

“We were having a nice time until you showed up.” she huffed.


“It’s cool if he takes me home, Hope. You know I can defend myself, sober or not.” you insert yourself into the conversation that seemed to be all about you.

“Yeah, she can defend herself, sober or not.” Lance grinned, smacking on his mint gum, knowing how irritated Hope got when he did that.

Hope placed her head in her hands. “Ugh, fucking cut it out before I murder you.”

“Cut what out?” he asked, continuing his actions.

“I’m gonna-” Hope lunges for him but was pulled back by Ben. She struggled to get free from him so that she could fuck Lance up but it was no use.

“I’m ready to go home now.” you announce, deciding to get out of there before Hope literally killed Lance on the spot.

“Good choice, let’s go.”

You gather your stuff and give Ben a hug. “I’ll call you tomorrow, Hopi.”

She threw threats towards Lance as the two of you made your way outside and into his car. And then it hit you. You were in a strangers car. You would never ever do something like this but for some reason, you trusted Lance fully despite only meeting him once. You got a weird feeling when you were with him. Like you two have known each other for years. It was comforting yet weird.

Upon arriving at your house, Lance brought you to your bed and tucked you in, making sure you were comfortable.

“You good? You need anything else?” he asked.

You hummed in response, turning on your side and curling up in a ball. You had muttered out a thank you before soft snores escaped your lips. You were out. Lance let out an exhausted sigh and left your room. He’d usually leave a girls house as soon as possible but he wanted to make sure you were alright in the morning. So, tired as hell, he fell asleep on your couch.

You woke up groaning. The hangover you were experiencing was probably way worse than any of your other ones, and you’ve had many hangovers.Kicking your sheets off your body, you drag yourself into the kitchen, being met with a tired looking Lance.

“Woah, what are you doing here?” you question. “Wait.. We didn’t..”

“No, god no I would never take advantage of you like that.” he groaned. “I took you home last night and it was pretty late and I was tired as hell so I slept on your couch. I meant to leave before you woke up but I guess I slept in.”

You noticed he was massaging his temples, like he had headache and decided to ask him about it. “Do you have a headache?”

“What? Oh, I guess. I just woke up and my head was pounding. I tried looking for some painkillers but..” he trailed off.

“They’re over here.” you say, opening a drawer and pulling out a bottle of painkillers.

“Thank god.” he breathed, walking towards you with his hand out.

You give him two and get two out for yourself as well before putting them away. “Yeah, I needed some too. These hangovers are unbearable.”

At this, Lance looks up at you. His head was hurting, as if he had a hangover. But he only had one drink at the bar and he surely wasn’t a lightweight so he couldn’t possibly gave himself a hangover. Were you his.. Soulmate? No. You couldn’t be. There’s no way!

But was it really that impossible? There’s only one way to find out.

Lance bites his lip and takes a deep breath before pinching his side very hard. You let out a yelp, nearly dropping your glass of water as your hand went flying to your side. The same exact side Lance had pinched.

Coincidence. This had to be a coincidence. Lance tried again, this time pinching his upper arm and you reacted, hissing at the pain and rubbing the spot. He couldn’t believe it. Now it made sense why he felt the way he did when he saw you. You were his soulmate.

Holy shit. You were his soulmate. That means-

“Ah, shit.” you make eye contact with Lance. “My soulmate keeps pinching himself. That or he’s being pinched by someone. Either way it hurts.”

All Lance could do was nod, still not believing what he had just found out.

“Speaking of soulmates,” you continued. “I hate to intrude but have you found yours? I haven’t found mine yet which sucks because everyone around me already knows who their soulmate is.”

Lance gulps. “um.. Yeah.. Yeah I’ve found mine already.”

“Really? Who?” you couldn’t help but ask.

Lance didn’t want to say anything just yet but his mouth moved faster than his brain did. “You.”

His words hit you hard and your head began to spin. “W-What? There’s no way.”

You didn’t want to believe it. Lance Tucker was your soulmate? Pfft, no way!

“I’m telling the truth.” he says. “Think about it, you have a hangover and suddenly my head hurts too.”

“Coincidence?” you wanted to force yourself to believe that.

“Look.” he say, pulling up the sleeve of his jacket. “I apologize in advance.” Lance squeezes his eyes shut as he pinches the skin of his arm harshly, causing you to feel it as well.

“Ow! Stop it!” you shout, holding your as just as he stops.

“Do you believe me now?” he breathed, rubbing the spot on his arm that he had just pinched.

“I-I can’t.. No.. I-” you stumble over your words before making a beeline for your room, shutting and locking the door. You pick up your phone and frantically scroll until you find Hope’s number, calling immediately. She answers on the fifth ring.

“What the fuck Y/N? Why are you calling so damn-”

“Shut the fuck up and listen Hope.” you cut her off.

“Okay, I’m listening. But I don’t know what could be more important than-”

“Lance Tucker is my fucking soulmate.”

Hope went silent.

A/N: This wasn’t as eventful as I hoped it’d be but here ya are :) tell me what ya think!


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anonymous asked:

clearly i don't see why people are romanticizing the last chapter when it's not healthy of Kaneki's sanity to rely almost solely on Touka

Yeah but did I ever write that, Anon? Since you’re sending me that message and all, are you implying that I did mention anything of the sort

Because all I said was that thinking about Touka and his love for her “helped Kaneki with finding his resolve”, which is textually what happened in the chapter. Now this attitude…

…is definitely not healthy, but it’s not like Kaneki is not a character with deeply-rooted personal issues. 

Listen, Ishida writes his character realistically and it turns out that no one is ever 100% okay inwardly, which is why there is a chance that Kaneki will never sound to be “healthy” by your definition.
Besides that though, the simple fact that Kaneki had to separate his current self in 8 parts (because he went through so much shit) to reflect back on his decisions so far is proof enough that he went through a lot and might never be able to fully cope with it.

So, considering the situation he was in until now, between death and survival…

…He simply thought about the main reason he went back and the main reason he is currently fighting, in order to gather his strength and to keep going.

Is it healthy to consider his love for Touka and their baby to be his main (only?) reason for living? Probably not, but compared to when he just wanted to die in style, I find this is an improvement since it’s driving him to move forward.

Maybe don’t try to rationalize so much, okay? There was a time when Kaneki was suicidal so, compared to that, anything is a welcome improvement and should be seen as progress rather than the other way around. 

I hope I explained properly. Have a nice day Anon. 

Hi! Did you mean this guy?

Well it’s just Kaneki suddenly realizing the implications of the mess he’s in.

The “Kaneki Summit” that we see in the chapter is simply one way that Kaneki’s mind found to look back on everything that happened, representing everything that he went through by different conflicted parts of the same self, in order to make it easier to reflect on what went wrong. 

We saw 8 parts of him, because he was forced to change deeply several times to survive, but Kaneki’s psyche is intact (as in, he doesn’t have MPD), so all the Kanekis that we saw during the “Summit” are in fact all the same guy, the one that suddenly realized with horror that if he doesn’t turn the situation around, then “he won’t get to see Touka again”.

The same thing happened during Cochlea, when he fought against Arima. This was him at first…

…Before he imagined what Hide would tell him, how he would motivate him, if he were here:

So, just like with Hide back then, this time Kaneki’s mind created a situation in which Kaneki could confront why he often failed and why he’s always been so conflicted until now (which was represented by the 8 Kanekis)…

…in order to find a way out of the current mess, until he suddenly realized that not surviving meant not seeing Touka again and that he couldn’t deal with that.

That’s just my opinion but I hope it helps! Have a nice day Anon. :)

Aww Anon, there, there. :3 It’s nothing new though, it’s something that Kaneki started to think in ch125…

and that he blatantly admitted to himself in ch132. :))

As it turns out, ch144 was just another proof that his love for Touka was genuine and could also be a light at his darkest hour. 

I agree it was very moving despite the madness of this chapter though. :3

Have a nice day Anon!

William’s feelings towards Grell

These thoughts came to my mind after listening to Kuroshitsuji Web Radio and I would really like to share them with others. I really hope that my English isn’t bad and this post would be understandable (English isn’t my native language and I’m still learning it xD). Also I’m a Grelliam shipper, so forgive me please if someone ships the other pairing and sees no affection between William and Grell. In my opinion, every pairing with our red-haired princess is awesome! 

I believe, there is no need to speak about Grell’s feelings towards him, ‘cause Toboso-san confirmed, that William is the main Grell’s passion, while Sebastian is just an idol. So, let’s speak about William, he’s pretty interesting and unclear character, ‘cause he is the person who doesn’t show his emotions at all.

Anyway, Grell is the only one who wakes the emotions up inside Will. We just need to remember that smile from the OVA, when Grell called him by his name for the first time. And this name was «Will», not «William», what also makes sense. It is clear that Will dislikes shortened names (because of that he calls everyone by the full name and surname), but Grell is the only one who can call him «Will» and William doesn’t mind at all. I believe, he even likes it somehow.

Grell is allowed to enter Will’s personal space. In the 5th episode of Book of Circus William forbade Ciel and Sebastian to go closer to him and blamed Ciel for entering his territory for a 3 centimeter long. At the same time Grell can hug William in front of other people and he says nothing about it. It can be because of his calmness, but I believe, that here is another reason. For example, Sebastian calls Grell’s flirt «revolting», but it’s just a flirt. But for William Grell shows real love and intention of physical connection and William doesn’t even say a single rude word about it. Grell’s attention isn’t «revolting» for him, it’s just very annoying, ‘cause Grell is a very loud and energetic reaper, who causes lots of problems and can even tire others.

I don’t believe that William is a very rude and sadistic person in fact. We should remember that he is a boss and Grell is just his subordinate (very incompetent, lazy and emotional subordinate). Actually it would be a shame, if everyone knows that the face of the management division is in relationship with such awful subordinate, who is physically a man, what will cause even bigger shock among other reapers. That’s the reason why Will has to behave that way just to save his reputation. Also let’s notice that he kicks Sutcliff only for the time when Grell starts speaking about feelings towards him. Will just has to kick, because it’s the only way to make Sutcliff silent and not allow everybody to realize about their relationship. 

William always helps Grell with work, which is not his actually. He works overtime, but when Grell is in a trouble or needs help with collecting the souls, then William will help with it. I believe, it shows Will as a very close friend or even as a beloved one to Grell, because rude and sadistic boss won’t help you with your job, but Will helps and does it every time.

The way how Ronald jokes about Will’s relationship with his subordinate. In 10th episode of Book of Circus Ronald points out, that Will is angry because of meeting him, while Grell went to the Phantomhive’s mansion. Also in Kuroshitsuji Web Radio he says «Spears-senpai and Grell-senpai have a good relationship». Then he mentions that he can have a talk with William only about weather and Grell-senpai, but about weather Will is not talkative and he also can’t follow the discussion about girls. And Ronald notices that Will doesn’t care about the web program, but came to it with Grell to support his subordinate. Actually, Ronald just behave as their shipper. xDDD

Will watches after Grell’s words. It’s just cute how he hits Sutcliff’s head in 18th episode. It’s like the behavior of husband, who just doesn’t want his beloved to be an unintelligent reaper who knows nothing about Undertaker’s personality.

William started taking care after his glasses and speaking about it only after Grell’s request. Is he following the words of his beloved for 100 years? It’s pretty loyal.

William’s hate towards Sebastian. Could it be jealousy? Well, actually I’m not sure about that, but William hates Sebastian the most and sometimes I think that this is because of Grell’s attention to that demon. So, if there would be no Sebastian, Grell stops follow him and… starts working well. Yes, William is dreaming about that with the bottom of his heart.

And that look of William. His gaze becomes warmer and softer when he is looking at Grell and I think this says the most about his feelings towards his subordinate.

To say it simple, Grell just makes William emotional and alive, what is impermissible for reapers. They are forbidden to have feelings, because it can cause problems to their responsible work. So, I just believe that William is in love with Grell too, but has no possibility to admit it. If Will admits his feelings, he becomes weak in front of others reapers, so he must be unemotional to do his job professionally as a leader.

Well, I suppose that’s all the points that came to my mind today. This post turned out to be even bigger than I had thought, but I really hope that you enjoyed it while reading!

Have a nice day and thanks for reading and your attention!  (≧▽≦)

Lip Sync Battle: Tom Holland

Word Count: 964

Warning(s): None

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Request: Hey, I was wondering if you could write a tomxreader imagine where they compete in lip sync battle? I just haven’t seen any fics about lsb and was hoping you could write one? Thanks 😋

A/N: This is the first of the two Lip Sync Battle requests I’ve gotten. And for a second I thought of combining them, but decided not to because I was being greedy and wanted to write two lip sync battles.

Note: My lovely anon didn’t give me much to work off of. So basically, instead of Zendaya performing, it’s the reader, and Tom and the reader are already a thing. So it’s a boyfriend vs girlfriend kinda thing.

“All right, that raps up the final rehearsal. You’ve really got this down, Y/N.” The choreographer said as she gave Y/N a high five.

“I really want to kick Tom’s ass out there.” Y/N laughed as she walked over to Zendaya who was on the bench in the back of the studio. Zendaya and Y/N had met on set and just instantly clicked. They had so much in common, and sson after become very close friends. Y/N trusted Zendaya with her life, and Zendaya trusted Y/N with hers.

Y/N took a seat by Zendaya and drank some of her water. “Huh, look what lover boy sent you.” Zendaya handed Y/N her phone with a chuckle. Y/N opened the text and found a video waiting for her. She pressed the play button and payed close attention to what Tom was saying.

“Hey, love. Just thought I’d send you a good luck video, instead of a text… because you’re gonna need it. And even if I still kick your arse, just know, I’ll always love you.” He said as he put his hand over his heart dramatically. Y/N let out a hearty laugh and so did Zendaya.

“He’s too much.” Y/N laughed.

“Well, at least you know no matter what, ‘I’ll always love you.’“ Zendaya quoted before Y/N nudged her gently. “Your man is hella dramatic.” Zendaya added as she picked up her own phone.

“Believe me, I know.” Y/N jested.

Y/N felt very confident in her chances of winning the battle after round one. Y/N had given quite the show, and maybe sprinkled a little of her sass on the first round. Tom’s round one had been great, especially the stage dive, but Y/N felt like she’d won the first round, but now it was time for the second round.

She got into position and before she knew it the song was starting. The number went by a lot faster than she thought. Once she had gone over the pop and lock, she felt a little relief, but she felt the most relief when the number was truly over. She hadn’t missed a single beat, and she felt very proud of herself. She walked off the stage and back towards Zendaya.

“Yay, congrats, you didn’t fuck up.” Zendaya said as she hugged her best friend.

“Oh, shut up.” Y/N laughed as they pulled away.

“Okay, now let’s see what little Holland has up his sleeve.” Zendaya commented as they watched from their spot at the back of the stage. The familiar tune of singing in the rain began to play and Tom danced out. When he said she would need the luck, Y/N thought he had something grand planned, but Singing in the Rain? Really? And then he disappeared behind the wall of umbrellas.

The music changed, and Tom walked out from behind the wall of umbrellas dressed as Rihanna, and an umbrella in his hand. Y/N’s jaw dropped as she put her hand on her head.

“Oh my God.” Y/N laughed. Zendaya doubled over in laughter at the sight before them. And just when they thought it couldn’t possibly get any  better, the “rain” began to fall and Y/N knew, she’d lost the battle to her boyfriend. Y/N practically screamed as Tom ended his number on his back. For a moment she worried he’d injured himself, but soon after realized he probably hadn’t. 

“That was seriously the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Tom laughed as he intertwined his hands with Y/N’s as they walked to the car.

“Yeah, but you won. So the stress was well worth it. I gotta say, you really had me shook. I mean seriously. I was incredibly shocked at your moves. Hell, I had no idea you could even dance like that. What the hell? And that video you sent me this morning? Very nice touch.” Y/N mused as Tom unlocked the car and as they both climbed in.

“So you agree then, I won fair and square?” To. asked his girlfriend as he turned the car on. Y/N knew exactly what he was doing.

“I know what you’re doing, Holland. You’re not slick. But yes, I do agree, you did win fair and square. And for making admit that, I get to pick the songs all the way back to the apartment.” Y/N said slyly.

Tom let out a dramatic gasp. “Did you really just admit to my win? I’m-I’m honeslty shocked.”

“If you don’t…” Y/N nudged Tom as she searched for a specific song to play. She let a coy smile onto her lips as the intro played.

“Aww, really, Y/N?” Tom practically whined. “Of all the songs?”

Y/N rolled down the window of the car and turned the music Tom had danced to about an hour ago up.

“Oh really, Tom.” Y/N teased before she began to shout the lyrics.

A/N: Hey hey y’all. I am literally so so sorry this sucked. Like I couldn’t be more sorry. I’ve been really busy and had to push the release dates a day back because of personal reasons. Please forgive me. <3 <3

Art:Catalyst” by @murrchow/ @minmeiz
Fic: “Fireflight” by @the-flame-and-hawks-eye

I’m so hONORED TO BE WORKING ALONGSIDE MIN THIS YEAR GUYS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND. We wanted to spin in a little angst and young!Royai for this collaboration after we thought, ‘Why can’t fire be a catalyst?’ And thus this magnificent piece of art (and this fic) was born!!!

Every love story needs a catalyst of some sort - Ian Somerhalder

Riza wasn’t sure what to make of her father’s newest apprentice. Since his arrival he had kept to himself, for the most part, working diligently on whatever tasks her father gave him. She had thought it a good thing – it kept him out of her hair.

His other protégés had focused less on the work her father had given them and instead tried to build relationships with them. While she understood to some degree where they were coming from, they failed to realize that they were essentially there to learn alchemy. He, on the other hand, did try to make small talk to lessen the awkward silences that would sometimes stretch between the three of them when they were together, though it was not to the embarrassing degree that the others did.

So she found it unusual when he sat down next to her while she was sprawled out on the floor in front of the fireplace. She stopped herself from looking utterly surprised, waiting a few moments before she looked up from her book to shoot him a questioning look.

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Soft fluff of the Chocobro's S/O helping them wind down after a long day of travel and the like? Lots of snuggling and light kisses.

A fluffy drabble to start your morning! Because who doesn’t love sweet little moments like these? Prompto x Reader ahead, and bubble bath shenanigans ensue. 

Tagging @iinkpools, because fluff. I’m purposely trying to make your life difficult, ha.

When Prompto came through your front door, you were sure he was going to collapse right at the threshold. He gave you a weak smile and leaned bodily against the frame, his eyes half lidded with exhaustion.

You ran towards him and caught him as he started to slip, checking him for injuries.

“M’fine,” he said, swatting your hands down as you lifted his shirt to check for scratches and cuts. “Been a long day.”

You frowned and let out a sigh. “Come on, babe,” you guided him over to the couch. You sat him down and moved to get him something to drink, but his arms hugged tightly around your middle stopped you in your tracks. He dragged you down to the couch with him, leaning forward so that he was lying halfway on top of you.

“Just wanna stay here,” he mumbled against the fabric of your shirt. You giggled and ran your fingers lovingly through his hair. When your hand came away covered in a light film of dirt, you frowned.

“Prom, you’re filthy. Come on, I’m running you a bath.”

“No,” he whined, curling up against you like a toddler. “Don’t wanna.”

“You love bath time,” you chided with a smile, gently smacking at his arms. “Come on, get up.”

He sighed dramatically and forced himself upright, a pout gracing his face. You gave him a quick peck, one that had him sputtering because he didn’t get to reciprocate, and hoisted him to to guide him to the bathroom.

You sat him on the toilet as you turned on the faucets, checking to make sure the temperature was right. You checked the cabinet under the sink for your epsom salts and some lavender-scented bubble bath soap, and soon the tub was filled with faintly purple bubbles, steam starting to gather on the mirror.

“Do you need me to help you undress?” you asked, putting the soap and salt back where you found it. You glanced over your shoulder to see that he was wiggling his eyebrows at you. “No funny stuff, mister. I can see it on your face, you’re too tired.”

Prompto frowned in silent agreement. Then, he perked up. “Join me?”

He gave you his best impression of a sad puppy dog, and you had a hard time keeping the grin off your face. You shed your clothes and he enthusiastically stripped down as well. You gestured for him to get into the bath first, and then you climbed in right after, seating yourself behind him.

Prompto let out a long breath, and leaned his back against your chest. You could feel the tense muscles unbundling and relaxing under his skin, and you ran your hands along his sides under the water.

Your lips found your way to the curve of his shoulder, kissing lines along the scattered freckles. He giggled when you found his ticklish spot, and you kept your mouth there, leaning against him as you closed your eyes. You felt his hands gently massaging your calves, and you leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek.

Prompto turned and captured your lips with his, pressing slow, chaste kisses there as you held him tighter against you.

He pulled away and lolled his head back so that it was resting against your shoulder, and you leaned back as well so you were lying against the back of the tub.

“This is nice,” he admitted, his eyes fluttering shut. “I missed you, you know.”

“I missed you too,” you breathed, kissing him again just below his ear. “Feel better?”

“Yeah,” he nodded. He moved his hand, and you looked at him curiously as he started playing with the bubbles in the tub. “Hey,” he turned to you, bubbles stuck to his face in what was meant to look like a long, white beard. “I’m Ramuh. Better look out, or I’ll smite you!”

Prompto made a noise like he was summoning lightning, pretending it was descending upon the still water of the tub. You deadpanned, and he wondered if he was being too childish, until you lifted your hand from around his waist and suddenly brought it back down on the surface of the water, splashing the both of you.

Water sloshed around, some of it spilling onto the floor, but Prompto’s laughter made it all worthwhile. Once his fit of giggles subsided, he leaned back against you and you both settled into a comfortable silence. It was so good to have him home.

First Place (Namjoon x OOC x Yoongi Threesome)

Author’s note: Soooo with this comeback among other things I had wanted to do a smut but, I also wanted to do a Hogwarts theme because I spent a whole day watching Harry Potter so I really hope you guys enjoy it because it’s my first time doing something like this! <3

You sat on the cold brown stool looking around the room nervously as soft snow fell into the spacious classroom. A soft smile decorated your features as you checked over your outfit once more that day. Dressing up in a skater skirt that had ruffles and came down to the middle of your thighs, the top was caged around your white button-down shirt. Your sleeves were rolled up at the ends around your wrist and tucked neatly. You had on a long royal blue and black robe that showed off your house and leather boots that reached up to your knees. You hated wearing long socks all the time to keep warm and considering you had this class today you knew that you didn’t want to risk being cold to the point that you couldn’t focus in class because today was a very important day. It had to be, your hair was styled up in a neat bun, your face made up for the challenge, blue eyeshadow around your eyes accompanied with black mascara and wings on your eyes. Your lips were done with black lipstick; just because you were going for the sexy look it didn’t mean you had to wear light colors. Dark colors were your aesthetic some days, like today.

Your right-hand fingers were decorated with a diamond ring on your index finger and another on the left hand. You had on a single charm bracelet that was given to you as a graduation present by your mother and it was a good luck charm for sure. Sitting up straighter in your chair as more people filled into the class you felt confident until you saw two figures walking in side by side. Their dark eyes immediately searching for yours and once spotted you didn’t know whose smile was more widely stretched out on their lips. Suddenly, your stomach tightened with a little tug and you cleared your throat casting your eyes downwards onto the paper in front of you, trying to study over more terms and things that you knew would be on your test. Your nerves were slowly getting the best of you but you wouldn’t ever admit it to the men making their way towards your table. Both men sat down on each side of you, and your head looked side to side at both of the blonde males.

“Is someone nervous?” Namjoon asked you once he took a sit beside you on a stool, a whiff of his soft honey scent mixed with the smell of aftershave hitting your nose as you faced him. He had his hair styled up into a half mohawk the sides and undercut adding to his charming look. He like you had on a jacket that was royal blue and black. A black stripped tie on over his white shirt. His dimples popped out as he continued to smile at you like he had just obtained a precious secret you knew nothing about.

“No Mr. Kim, I am not. I don’t have a reason be. You’ll be lucky to even pass with a D.” You said haughtily sticking your nose in the air.

“Someone is pretty confident she will take home the new wand.” Yoongi spoke next to your ear causing you to jump lightly and face him frowning. Where Namjoon smelt like honey and after shaft, Yoongi’s scent was mixed of cinnamon and musk. His eyes lingered on you, fixing in and piercing your very core.

“Why wouldn’t I be confident? It’s not like I have nothing to lose. We all know that I am ranked top of the class, and it didn’t take me much to get here with hard work and studying.” You bragged on and on facing the front as the teacher walked in. You didn’t like to always seem so conceited and full of yourself, but with the three of you it was always a competition, and you were always trying to win.

“Well, let’s hope that luck pays off because if it doesn’t. You know what that means for that pretty mouth and body of yours.” Namjoon purred before the teacher called out shutting you all up. She was starting to speak about your test and the magic that you would have to perform for your peers but suddenly your mind couldn’t help but flashback to a few days before when all three of you were studying.


You walked around the room, your robe off and your high waist white pants were hugging your hips. Your long gray sweater sleeves were rolled up around your elbows as you walked around the table looking over the white packet of papers in your left hand, taking a drink of the acholic beverage in your right one. Your hair in a ponytail, swaying gently in the breeze as you focused on the project in front of you. Raising your pointed slightly curved red woodened wand you canted the spell out to yourself, watching as the green liquid in the beaker started to bubble and rise slowly forming a tiny specimen.

“You know that drinks are not allowed in here, right?” Namjoon asked you as he walked from behind you causing your concentration to break as the green liquid fell back into the beaker undoing the spell. You sent daggers his direction with your own heated gaze before you gripped at the bottle taking another drink from it licking your lips as Yoongi joined him both males standing in front of you at the table.

“I know that. But it’s ten at night and I’m more than certain everyone is getting ready for bed or enjoying their nights out. And if you don’t mind I would like to keep it that way.” You said stubbornly as you threw the packet of papers down onto the table, looking up at the both men you braced your hands onto the sturdy surface or the oak table looking at them. “What are you guys doing here anyway?” You couldn’t help but feel your lips twitch as you watched your friends stare back at you, but Yoongi seemed to be interested in playing with the green liquid as well making it swirl around the cup.

“We wanted to come see our best friend.” Namjoon stated batting his eyelashes innocently as he stares at you.

“And to ask for help on the upcoming test.” Yoongi stated bluntly shrugging his shoulders when Namjoon cut his eyes at the male.

“If I was dumb, you wouldn’t love me.” You groaned softly but like always you agreed to help them.

The next hour was spent with you teaching them a few potions and spells that would be on the upcoming test as well as some summoning spells. Namjoon and Yoongi were both smart, they knew their shit but they couldn’t ever out rank you. At least not in this class because you had to admit to yourself Namjoon knew some things that honestly helped you complete the rest of the assignment and sometimes you feared he knew that but held back to use it against you.

“You know, I feel pretty confident about this test.” Namjoon said after his fifth round of the drink you were all sipping on. You were cleaning up the area and high lighting some more definitions before you got back to your room.

“I do too. It’ll be nice getting this wand.” You said excitedly because you knew that you would probably get the highest scores out of the three of you this time around as well.

“I don’t think we are going to let you get the wand this time.” Yoongi admitted as he came to help you place on your robe and you frowned up at him turning to face him.

“And why is that?” You asked him putting your hands on your hips.

“Well because one we are tired of you bragging as if you’re the smartest in the class and on top of that we finally found something we want to bet on.” Yoongi stated gripping at his wand, he moved it to inside of his backpack making sure that it was protected from injuries. Namjoon was sitting on the desk behind the two of you watching the sight with great delight.

“And what is that old friend of mine?” You teased grabbing at your backpack as well slinging it over your shoulders.

“You.” Yoongi stated gauging your reactions. You turned to face him and he wore a wolfish grin, his pearly white teeth on display as he paused.

“What about me?” You asked feeling a bit oblivious to what was being said.

“Well, we want it to be a surprise. But we thought to wager a bet.” Namjoon spoke not moving from the desk as he looked at you.

“I’m all for bets.” You said feeling one of your eyebrows twitch as you watched them. “Now explain.” You stated once again clasping your hands together in front of your body.

“Well, it’s just like I said. We know we will do better on this test. And there are things we want but we can’t tell you until then because we love the element of surprise. So, the bet is you. If we win, then we will get to do whatever we want to you.” Yoongi stated leaning back against the desk shoving his hands into the confines of his dark jean pockets.

“But.. There is only one first place. No one can get the first place as a tie. So, what if you don’t both get it?” You asked with a pout gracing your lips as you looked between them. You weren’t even denying it. You did want them both and you would be the first to admittedly tell them. You had all been friends since childhood and of course you would like to keep it like that, but you were a girl and you craved things. Some of the things being the two in front of you. But you wanted different things from each of them so it was hard choosing which one and when you did you knew it would be better for them to keep their friendship with you then for a wedge to become between the three of you.

“True but even if we just get first and second place with you in third then we still win.” Namjoon countered making sure you didn’t get out of this bet.

“But what if I get second place?” You countered back sticking out your tongue. He paused narrowing his eyes opening his mouth to say something but Yoongi stopped him.

“Okay how about this. If only one of us gets first place and you get second then the bet still stands and the one who gets third must watch. If you get first place then we are at your mercy for whatever you want. And if we come in first and second then your bet with the both of us still stands.” Yoongi cut it down making it plain and simple. You paused for a moment to think about what was going on. If you won, you could make them do a lot. But if they won, it wasn’t any telling what the two of them would do together to you. Nibbling on the soft parts of the inside of your cheeks as you thought it over, a soft sigh escaped from your nose and you nodded your head.

“Alright fine. Whoever wins can have me. In anyway doing anything. But if I win. I get to have you both and I get to decide what I do with you.” Feeling proud of that statement you bounce on your heels as both men got up to head towards the door. Namjoon stopping to kiss your ear.

“Good luck, because I have plans for you.”


You were brought back to the attention with the teacher calling your name for the fifth time in the span of a minute.

“Y-yes ma’am?” You asked her sitting up straight up licking your lips as your heart rate seem to pick up.

“Are you ready to perform your test for the class? Unless of course you would like to tell us instead what had you so dazed out just now?” Your teacher asked and you looked at both males on either side of you who seemed to be eating up the fact that you were not paying attention. Yoongi and his parted hair who seemed like a beautiful God and Namjoon was his accomplice just as beautiful and deadly but with dimples.

You shook your head slowly before you stood up to make your way towards the front of the classroom. You looked around at everyone before back at your teacher smiling brightly a little too excitedly that it almost scared you along with a few others in the class. You calmed and centered yourself and once she was sure you were ready your teacher started to take you through the test letting you perform the certain steps to complete the test. Once you were done, you bowed your head to her and stuffed your wand under your arm walking back to your seat smirking at both men who held somewhat determined and stern faces.

When they went up each to perform their tasks you couldn’t believe your eyes. They had done so well. The snow falling gracefully around the classroom and disappearing into little piles as it hit the floor. They were an amazing duo, where Yoongi was determined to do somethings Namjoon was just as determined to push it to the extra mile. They completed each other, they thrived off each other and if anything, the room seemed livelier as they went back to back to complete the test. You wore a smile but confidence wouldn’t let you believe that you were going to do anything less than win.


You couldn’t believe it. You sat there staring blankly ahead at your teacher and the two goofballs who were all gummy smiles and cheering. Both of them had managed to get the same score and just a few decimal points off so the teacher decided that they would tie for first place and you would come in second place. Both men receiving a wand while you were stuck with nothing but dread and slight anger for the two of them. Sighing softly, you pinched the bridge of your nose as they cheered and clapped raising their wands to throw in the air in some sort of victory. They both walked towards you as the class was dismissed. You gathered your belongings and stood up waiting for them, a hard smile on your lips, but it didn’t reach the fire in your eyes and they could see it to.

“Well are you ready for your loss?” Namjoon asked wiggling the wand in your face and you slapped at it but missed snatching it from his hands.

“Come on princess, we will let you play with them if you be a good girl.” Yoongi cooed wrapping his arm around your neck leading you out of the classroom and leading you towards their shared dorm.

Once you got there you looked around the room, sighing softly at how it seemed like home, so warm and inviting. The walls decorated with pictures and your house signs. The beds were the same but different, black throw comforters on both beds but different colors accented the sheets and pillows. You smiled softly realizing you should come in here more considering you could see yourself just lounging around in here. You moved to stand in the middle of both beds looking back at the men who were already watching you, your hands moved to grip at your robe trying to find the peace within your restless state. You puffed your cheeks waiting on them to finish gawking at you and first it was Namjoon to speak up.

“By now I’m sure you know what we want. But the only reason we want it, is because we know you want it too. And we will never try to get you to do it again unless you want to, and we don’t want you to feel uncomfortable so you can still leave.” Namjoon said softly and you could see a very faint distinct trail of red to start at his ears slid down his cheeks. He was flustered and you found it very endearing.

“I came because I want to. I’m not just going to make bets with anyone but regardless I knew I couldn’t miss up a chance to have you both inside of me. Rather it was just one fucking me or both obeying me and me obeying both.” You spoke clearly, your voice dropping a tone or two because you were more than excited. The waters seeming to slowly slip between your pussy lips at how turned on you were becoming from your mere thoughts alone.

“That makes us both happy because. We both want you.” Yoongi said smiling softly at you before he pointed his finger towards your body. “Why don’t you strip for us then?” He asked and you obeyed eager to strip before more people came back and this little threesome turned into something that had to be quick and rushed. You slowly started to undress yourself, starting with your robe and working your way down until you were sliding off your boots. Your bare body on display for them, your nipples were starting to pucker up and become hard from their lust filled gazes and the air draft in the room. Namjoon licked his lips, his eyes appreciating every curve and dip of your body. Oh, how his hands were becoming eager to touch and caress you. It was a shame your moans couldn’t be loud for fear of everyone catching on and bursting through the doors.

“I think we should both be shown how much you liked our results today. Didn’t we train well teacher?” Yoongi asked as he started to undress himself, becoming a beautiful creature that stood tall in all his glory. Namjoon was quick to scramble and take off his clothes next, both soon walking to sit on the bed, and you looked down at the both nodding your head. Your eyes trailed over every inch of surface and without them telling you, your body moved you to your knees, in front of Namjoon first. You crawled between his legs spreading them wide and you let your lips wrap around his head sucking on him off eagerly. Teasingly letting your tongue swipe against the pearls of precum gathering at Namjoon’s tip your tongue wanted more. Licking up and down his hard shaft, over every puckered vein sticking out your mouth worked to find things that would make him tick. Namjoon got tired of your teasing, reaching a hand down he undid your bun and let your hair fall lose before he started to push your head down onto his shaft making you take him into your warm wet cavern with a moan of your name slipping past his lips. You looked up at him bobbing your head up and down, swirling your tongue and letting your cheeks hollow to squeeze him tighter into your mouth. Your free hand crawled up the inside of Yoongi’s thigh, until you were gripping at his shaft starting to stroke him in time with how fast you were sucking Namjoon but knowing that it didn’t feel as good you pulled and let go of his dick licking over your hand getting it wet and placing it back around Yoongi’s thick shaft stroking him as you went back to bobbing your head on Namjoon’s shaft.

“Go ahead and stretch that pussy out for me baby.” Namjoon moaned softly, his thick lust filled voice causing your mind to become hazy as you moved to spread your legs wider against the floor, your hand crawled up your smooth thighs slowly until they were resting against your pussy lips, gliding up and down them with feather like touches, you were slow to play with yourself. A finger coming up to rest at your soaking clit, gathering your juices you rubbed it in a circle letting muffled moans slip from your lips. You knew that Namjoon was enjoying it so you didn’t mind giving him all you had. Squeezing at Yoongi’s tip every now and then you were pleasing the three of you, your fingers crawling up and down your slit until your middle finger was teasing at your entrance. Dipping your finger in and out of the dripping surface you could hear your breathing picking up as your heart beat rose as well. Slipping your middle and ring finger inside of you, a groan slipped from your lips as you started to stretch yourself off. It had been a couple of hours since you last fingered your pussy but as always it was eager to be filled and fucked until it couldn’t handle anymore.

Your wide eyes looked between the two of them as Namjoon picked up the pace thrusting his hips up against your face. He held onto your hair for dear life as he ground his hips against your face. You enjoyed it, feeling his thick girth penetrating your mouth and sliding down into your throat. You tried to make love to his shaft using your mouth but all too soon it seemed he pulled you back.

“Go to Yoongi, He needs you.” Namjoon stated moving you towards Yoongi and you positioned yourself between his legs next. His musk scent mixed in with the cinnamon had you moaning before your mouth even touched his dick. He was just as gentle as Namjoon letting you take the pace when you first started to suck him off. Namjoon leaned down gently taking your fingers from inside of your pussy sucking on the digits humming in delight from how sweet you seemed to taste. He moved to lift one of your legs pressing it against his shoulders as his mouth attacked your pussy eating and slurping at your wet lips. He wasted no times pushing his tongue deep inside of your pussy eating you out as you sucked Yoongi off. Yoongi controlled his moans and grunts well but it seemed the eager he got the more he held your head down and fucked your throat, listening to the wet lewd sounds of you taking his dick down your throat. Namjoon was busy tearing up your center with his tongue, and much to your dismay he pulled back and gripped your hips, rubbing his dick against your soaked-out center and slowly slid into your pussy causing you both to let out another moan in unison.

Namjoon gripped at your hips and he started to slowly slide in and out of you at first. Slowly building up speed he bottomed out and fucked you harder from behind. The sounds of your hips colliding could be heard in the room but it didn’t matter if you kept the sounds down for the most part. Yoongi teased you reaching his hands down to slap and knead at your breast as Namjoon spanked your ass cheeks, they knew you would be loving this trying to hold your moans so it was a good thing your mouth was preoccupied with making sure Yoongi was feeling every ounce of pleasure that you had to give him. Namjoon reached his hands around to grip at your thighs next spreading them wider so that he could slip deeper inside of your warm silk pussy. He pounded away at your insides, your wetness falling from your pussy and creating a mess under you. Your hips snapped back against Namjoon’s your ass bouncing against him and he ate up the sight committing it to his memory because who knew when he would be able to have a chance like this again. His hands moved to slide up and down the insides of your thighs with teasing feather like touches. His fingertips pressing into your skin to a point where you didn’t know what you were feeling because it was soft. One of his hands moved to cup your pussy, his thick fingers finding the little pert nub and he abused it tapping it with his two fingers and rubbing it harshly side to side up and down and in a circular motion causing your body to convulse and push back harder against him. At one point, he stopped moving to watch you fuck yourself against his dick, whispering out dirty lewd things to you while Yoongi pulled your head back from his dick and started to jerk himself off in your face, tapping his dick across your cheeks and lips. Your flushed cheeks and parted lips was a delectable sight and he ate it up. Namjoon felt himself getting close causing him to fuck you harder, stopping to occasionally grind his hips and reach deep inside of you pressing against your pleasured spot. Your mind went black and in no time, you felt like you were being consumed by fire as your orgasm overtook your writhing body and you almost collapsed against the bed. Yoongi had stopped jerking off his member to keep himself from cumming until he was inside of you. Namjoon pulled back with a hiss it was hard but he controlled himself.

Yoongi picked up your crumpling body and laid you on the bed, hooking his arms under your legs he placed his hands against the bed starting to fuck into you wasting no time to pound away at your insides. Spreading his legs wide so that he could slide deep into you, he leaned down to play with your breast sucking and nibbling on the skin with lewd wet pops marking you as his. Namjoon moved to grip at your head angling it so that your head was leaning off the side of the bed, he slipped his dick into your mouth face fucking you quickly as he watched Yoongi fuck into your puffy pussy. The wet sounds of hips colliding with one another mixed with the lewd sounds of your pussy singing to both men as you were fucked into the mattress. Your hands moved up to play in Yoongi’s hair pressing him even closer to your body you wanted to feel his heat and more of him against you. Namjoon was the first to cum, his seed sliding into your mouth and onto the corners of your mouth and you were eager to taste every drop of cum that shot down your throat into your stomach. You licked him up eagerly one of your hands griping at his balls to play with them lightly pulling on the sack causing him to spill more cum down your throat. He pulled back once he was done and he started to kiss you sloppily your lips and tongues dancing together as he tasted himself with a soft moan. He pulled back with a soft huff and Yoongi buried his face between both of your breast, his hips angling at different directions until he was landing right on your spot and slamming against it causing you to see stars. The bed shook with the force that he fucked you with and he kept a good grip on your thighs after a while pulling back to watch you come undone for him. You let your hands roam down his body your nails starting to dig into his skin marking him as yours for the night. Your pussy tightened around his shaft and you sucked him in deeper faintly crying out his name as your stomach tightened up. He nodded his head seeming to push himself one step more rutting into your hips with such a force that it pinned you down and you couldn’t press your hips up against his anymore.

In no time, you were cumming, Yoongi leaning down to suck up all your cries with his lips against yours as he kissed you. His sweaty hair falling into his face but you didn’t care. He ground his hips deep against yours letting you feel every inch of his girth inside of your welcoming pussy that seemed to mold for him. And Yoongi couldn’t pull out like Namjoon, not having enough restraint to resist your addictiveness he came inside of your pussy, holding onto your hips with a bruising force as he buried his load inside of you. He groaned softly as he rode out the both of your orgasms and kissed you until you calmed down. Pulling out of you he rolled you onto your stomach smiling as he spread your legs wide kissing at your pussy and licking up his own cum before he kissed up your back slowly and whispered against your ear nibbling on the flesh.

“I know you’re used to playing with this pretty pussy. But tell me baby girl, have you ever tried anal before?” He asked you and Namjoon started to trail hickeys on a free space of your neck both male’s waiting on the answer you would give to them.