but tumblr wont let me upload it


Tumblr wont let me upload more than 100MB so…

Here’s an updated WIP of the Dorian and Aelin picture I’m battling my way through - It’s from the scene in QOS where they kick ass in top of the glass castle.

I also filmed how I got to here from the old sketch I posted but Tumblr is being annoying and wont let me upload it.

So much work to do on the background still… so little time…

This is very much a WIP… (work in progress)

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas


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anonymous asked:

Deviantart is a good platform for comics and art if you're looking to expand, plus the community seems pretty nice.. links seem to work really well too so you could even link tumblr to deviantart and vice versa

I could…Admittedly I used to have an old deviantart a long time ago and I liked how it displayed your work T_T’ Tumblr tends to shrink everything down and I kind of wish someone from there would go to Deviantart and maybe just…snag how they do scalings for images? ;_; if they did, it’d make me so happy. 

I don’t think that Deviantart will let me upload sets of comic pages so I think Id have to upload one page at a time…which could be tedious for you guys ._.

Im considering doing SmackJeeves but need to read it over to make sure that itll work well and that it wont be something I regret doing. Would a number of you guys prefer that I double-host my comic on here as well as on another platform? Does it still look alright on tumblr for the most of you or…not so much?

POKA POKAใ€Fnaf Sister Location Animationใ€‘
Doodle animation Design by Bell15yusvita and mine Animation by me

Err… yeaaahhh… the animation is done

i should have make shiro and fliro at the final round 

but oh well im lazy 

design by @bell15yusvita and me


i cant find a good version of Shiny from moana on here and its bumming me out bc i found all the other songs aND ive been trying to upload my mp3 of it (since i have the whole soundtrack) but it wont let me bc it has a “copyright”

like ok thanks tumblr but im pretty sure the shiny crab song isnt the only song w a copyright AND YET I FOUND THE OTHER SONGS JUST FINE >8I


Hello!!! this is a 100 follower special!!! First off thanks for following and liking/rebloging all of my posts! I’ve screen caped and cropped a lot of photos where max is smiling to show that i’m really happy that we have 100 followers! <3 thanks to @internet-cancer for giving me a shout out and giving me a head start. I originally had a lot more photos of max smiling and being cute but tumblr wont let me upload that many pictures :( I will probably do a second post with the rest of the photos if yall want. Feel free to send me asks and submissions because I want to get to know all of you :)))))