but tumblr will only let me post 10

ARCHatlas back-up

Some of you have asked about a blog called arch-atlas reblogging my posts. Its on purpose. I have been creating a full back-up of this blog on a separate account and reblogging all the posts from the start, one every 10 minutes. tumblr will only let me queue 300 posts at a time so I add some everyday. 

At least, if ARCHatlas is taken down again, all the archive will still exist somewhere on this site.

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10 facts about me

1. I’m still in Highschool despite having turned 18 in June of last year.
2. The only console I’ve ever owned has been an Xbox 360. I really want a PS4 in order to play Bloodborne and Let It Die though.
3. I’m going to Trump’s Inauguration on the 20th.
4. I never planned to actually use tumblr, but roughly a month or two after I made this account I started following people who posted TF2 and gun rights stuff.
5. My bookshelf is fucking covered in nerd shit.
6. I can memorize every scrap of lore available in any series I get a vested interest in, but I can’t remember equations and shit for Math and Science.
7. I’ve read about 90% of the book on said earlier bookshelf.
8. I have an unhealthy obsession with Throwback Mountain Dew.
9. I’ve almost spent a combined total of $1000 dollars on Steam, mostly on fucking keys.
10. This one’s obvious, I swear to god damn fucking much.

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tired of those “only REAL tumblr users remember...” posts that then proceed to list memes from 2013

so here’s a real “real users” remember post

  • paula deen riding things
  • honey bager dont care
  • “x ALL THE y”
  • the 10 billionth post 
  • tumblr day
  • trick or treating in people’s ask boxes
  • what is air vs operation overlord
  • the june 2011 dashboard redesign
  • like spamming
  • ‘shit im late for school’
  • tumbeasts
  • ‘nice legs daisy dukes makes a man go *SILENT HILLS SIREN*’
  • thwomp
  • ‘my dash did a thing’
  • it says ‘never give up’
  • lolsummer69
  • thanks, jethro
  • hnnnnng
  • unf
  • mapquest
  • going back to LiveJournal every time tumblr was down and complaining about it 

shiian-chan, I use one 5x7 file to do all my drawings on, and do each panel on it’s own layer(s). When the panel takes up the entire frame, I just use the whole 5x7 canvas to draw it out on:

But if I’m running out of space (Tumblr only let’s you post 10 images) or if I think the panel will look good with more than one image in it, I still only use the 5x7 canvas but I mark it out with empty room and then crop it when the drawing is finished: 

I’ve found if you do it this way, the dimensions stay nice for tumblr so when you post your comics the panels don’t get cropped in the preview and all your panels line up nicely.


Tumblr only lets me post 10 pictures, so this is part 1. (part 2) 

  Okay, well, I was just doing an emoji challenge and got this far.

Aaaaaaand then this happened.

 Wendy and Fids both looked really cool and I had an awesome song playing in the background so I got an idea. Don’t know if the idea is good or I’m total trash, but I had to draw it. It was sorta 3:00 in the morining, so there was no turning back. So have a 20-something Fidds and a blushing Wendy.