but tumblr was like

Question… why do Sims YouTubers romanticize “teen mom” challenges?

Like okay I get that it’s a unique type of gameplay challenge but damn, Alpha Haired Abigail and her Heartbreaker Jock boyfriend Brayden here should not be living in an expensive lavishly decorated apartment with their cute toddler son named Kieran

More Adrienette for the soul

I wish I could rewrite real life stories to ease hearts that are dear to me (and my own). But maybe life will prove to be just as a work of fiction – lots of angst but moments of true happiness waiting down the line. Life is still writing itself and we are lucky to watch it unfold. Be that anger, sadness, joy, love, loss, fear, jealousy, mourning – only possible because we are here. We live and breathe. We care. And that is the real blessing.

but it’s like-
the night throbs in my veins sometimes
and i don’t know what to do with this energy?
it isn’t my heart, no, not that, not anything known,
but it flows like blood would and i want to leap out of the window-
i want to meet the stars / i want to tell them that the night
isn’t the darkest place that i’ve been but even when i’m there
somehow starlight still guides me.

l.s. | it flows like blood would © 2017

Types of boys

I love the bad boys
with perfect smiles and cigarettes clenched in between their teeth
The boys with ruffled hair and ripped jeans.

And the sad and sensitive boys
who feel too much
who get hurt over small things,
who send sparks within your skin
every time you touch

The kind of boys who you want
both physically and emotionally
the boys who when they break you,
leave you with skeletons of them in your closet
and their names etched into your skin like a tattoo