but tumblr was like

May the happy fox bring joy into your day ! 

Where's my tumblr bae?

Ya know the one that comments on my pic or something I reblogged and I become intrigued. Now we’re messaging. Now we’re planning to meet even though we’re in different states/countries. Now we meet and things are just as bomb in person as they were via other communication channels. Now we’re about to move to where one of us lives or choose a whole new place to live together. Now we’re getting married. Now we have a kid. Now we have a Tumblr photo set of our romance starting with a screenshot of you commenting on my post saying “Damn, this girl got a big ass head.”

  • tumblr staff: hmm what arbitrary thing should we change
  • users: well actually there are a few things that we--
  • staff: WE??? shit, they TALK to each other?
  • users: it is social media isnt that the point of--
  • staff: quick, take away the blue shading in notifications that tells them they follow the blog who is reblogging them
  • users: wait but--
  • staff: IT IS DONE
a forthright psa for artists sending me art-

dont send me your art if youre just trying to get me to post it because you want attention for it and you are too lazy to put forth effort to make it noticeable or get enough followers for it to get that many because i really hate it

I get art in my inbox pretty regularly and it is so disingenuous to send me art hoping that ill post it and get you free notes

your motivation isn’t sharing your cool art with a blog operator you think would like it, your motivation is getting a sympathy submission post and notes. Not me liking it, or even my followers liking it, just those sweet sweet little numbers in the corner there.

if you’ve gone through my #favs and you genuinely think i would appreciate the work, then by all means please i would like to see it, I really would! but if you just thought to yourself “oh if i send this to boatsthatfly and they post it i’ll get free notes and attention!” then please save yourself the time and don’t

I never have and I never will and most of the time its very clear that you just know im scifi and thats the only qualifier that you feel would get me to post it

[and if its not clear- I’m all about the beauty of nature and space and the sky. i really appreciate
Mechanics/architecture/aerospace/armor design. basically all the pieces in my favs tag are just a well designed ship in a really gorgeous landscape. major points for visual storytelling and small details]

so if you’ve made a work like that and think i would appreciate it send it, i wanna see it. But your terminator joke drawing, fantasy webcomic link, fifth element character fanart- just skip over my url next time you’re trying to spread it around to big scifi blogs for more visibilty because its not my tastes and you don’t bother to care.

Its transparent as hell, you don’t bother to know my interests or artistic tastes or me as a person at all, you don’t actually care whether or not I like it, you just know that i have a large follower base and that you could use me to get your art the attention you think it deserves, but are too lazy and impatient to build followers to get it

I’m not pinterest. I just reblog what I like. It says what that is right in the description.

do the fucking work, put forth some fucking effort, practice, take criticism well, be patient, and stop fucking begging. If your art is good enough you will get attention. If it isn’t getting attention, people don’t think it is noticeable and it is your responsibility to learn from that and make it better next time.

some of us worked for a long time to get where we are

don’t expect free attention because you don’t deserve it and I won’t give out freebies.

i know this is brutal- but its all real. you will get absolutely nowhere begging for money or notes for your art. if people like it, then they will like/share/reblog/buy etc. and there is nothing you can do to convince thousands of people that it is good except making it good yourself.

the *only* situation i want to see your art in my inbox is that you think it would fit well in my #favs or at the v e r y least my archive.

——I am, however, open to taking art submissions solely for criticism. I will not post your art unless i like it, but ill give you advice and thoughts and try to help. little warning- I’m pretty nitpicky and harsh (in a good way, i never use unhelpful words like “bad” or “stupid” like chances are i can give a genuine and beneficial critique) so if you cant take blunt criticism don’t bother——

I know this was long but it’s pretty frustrating to get shit like that as if im just a easy and free way to get your art seen and not like, a person

TL;DR- Don’t use boatsthatfly as a way to get your art undeserved sympathy attention because I wont post your submission and I see right through you. Put forth the effort to get the attention you deserve, and if you want help improving your art I’m totally open to giving criticism in private.