but tumblr was fail

millin21  asked:

*hugs* I'm so glad. And im so happy and proud of you and the turtles and Casey.

*Hugs back* Thank you Millin. And thank you for supporting us through all of this. You’ve been here since I first joined tumblr and you’ve never failed to be there for me. I love you a whole lot


Happy Birthday, Viktor Nikiforov! and Merry Christmas

“I don’t feel like kissing it unless it’s gold.”

Off-topic Post:

I’ve noticed the decline in Tumblr’s advertiser pull since their parent company Yahoo was sold, and while it’s gotten weird, it hasn’t hit “Oh dear lord, this is what they’ve come to” levels of bad.

Until tonight.

This is a real ad that appeared on my dashboard on this website.

I want you all to see this, because I sure had to.


‘Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I’ll give my all to you
You’re my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I’m winning…  


MCU challenge | [1/3] relationships
↳ “When we fought each other in the past, I did so with the glimmer of hope that my brother was still in there somewhere. That hope no longer exists to protect you. You betray me and I will kill you.”