but tumblr kept eating my uploads

In the past two weeks I’ve:

  • Applied to two jobs.
  • Edited and uploaded a friends engagement photos.
  • Submitted an application to a coding camp which starts in July and ends in December.
  • Started exercising again. (started eating sugar and carbs again too)
  • Successfully took (and am taking) care of two dogs, and two cats in a foreign home.
  • Began practicing guitar again.
  • Created a unique gift and card for my dad’s father’s day.
  • Made him and my mom a blueberry shortcake after cleaning their kitchen.
  • Have been journaling regularly.
  • Stopped the constant social media cycle by deleting snapchat, facebook, tumblr and instagram from my phone. (I’ve kept messenger for updates, and I redownload them weekly to post, if I feel the need to)
  • Watched literally all of Parks and Rec. (I can’t tell if I’m Leslie Knope or April or some weird combination of the two)
  • Cuddled with the pups and cats frequently and have been taking walks in nature when I can.