but tumblr i full of it

“Embrace the seasons and cycles of your life. There is magic in change.” ~Bronnie Ware

Happy Birthday to my lovely friend with a wicked sense of humor, Sharon @sharonbphotos!! I’m so glad we met in this crazy Tumblr world!! You not only share the beauty from your part of the world, but you never fail to make me smile with your witty and thoughtful comments!! Wishing you a wonderful day surrounded by everything you love and a lifetime full of magical moments!! 😙💕🤗 *BIG HUGS* ~Angie 💖💖

anonymous asked:

What site do you think is the best to start posting your art on?

welp, I personally post art on tumblr, twitter and instagram, and they’re pretty good! I’d say it’s probably best to start posting it everywhere all at once lmao

  • Shiro: I go into a full-on housewife mode when I’m in a relationship. Like, I’ll make you waffles in the morning and everything.
  • Keith: No, no you don't.
  • Keith: You can't even cook scrambled eggs properly, Shiro, what is this.
Commissions open!

So its officially been a month since I quit my job and I haven’t been off to a good start on the whole “paying rent with art” thing.  I’m going to try to up my tempo on how fast I get work done along with posting some more personal stuff as I work towards starting a (hopefully) successful comic.  

I am opening 10 commission spots!  Following this link for commission information:


Just send me a brief description of what you’d like with some refs and I will get back to you as soon as I can!  Tomorrow I will set up a trello so its more transparent where people are in the que and what I”m working on!

I’ll delete this when commissions are full!

burby2000  asked:

I was wondering how do you block certain hashtags? I’m not trying to complain about your long post, it’s your blog and you use it however you want

ok, first, you have to install new x-kit, which is an extension for tumblr. just google it and follow the instructions. 

once you have it you can go here

and it will open this window

if you click on “Get Extension” you will display a full list of extensions you can install. For blacklisting you install the “Blacklist” extension, that i have already installed

now go bac to the main menu by clicking the x-kit button again and scroll til you find your new extension

When you click on it you will see their features. now scroll down itil you find this button

when you click on it, you will have a window that allows you to add the words you want to blacklist. 

you write the word, say “long post”, clic to add word, and every post you see that has these words will be blocked.

Now keep in mind that this extension will only block the posts that have the words you blacklisted. If someone forget to tag it correctly you will see the post you dont want.

There’s another extension that is useful in this cases which is “PostBlock”

say, there’s a post that is coming back to your dash a lot, but the people you follow dont tag it or is something that bothers you, like this video here, that has a clown and it makes me uncomfortable

now, once you have the PostBlock extension, a ittle hand with appear under every post in your dash

click on it 

Click in Block Post and boom! you wont see that post again, not even the reblogs.

Keep in mind that these extensions only work on your dash and on desktop, sadly there’s not a feature for the mobile app

i hope this helps!

furrrester  asked:

Max, your art is incredibly inspiring for me. Your tumblr is full of amazingly stylized art like I’ve never seen. Recently, i’ve been trying to delve out and find my own style, but i’ve found no luck. Could you lend a rookie some tips?

it’s a difficult question to answer, sorry it took me so long to get back to you..!

A style is a naturally developing thing and will take shape on its own if you’re patient. In the same way that learning to improvise on a musical instrument takes many years of practice, as you build confidence in your mode of expression you have more control over how to execute something.

There’s a lot of improvisational elements to drawing that are sometimes less deliberate that can come from learning to draw a certain way, or even sometimes it’s just a reflection of the type of personality you have or the way you hold a pencil. But inevitably as you gain confidence with your craft, you’re able to make more deliberate decisions about what you want to see in your work.

And as far as tips go.. what worked for me was mimicking the artists I look up to. I feel like my rendering methods change pretty frequently as I discover a new handful of artists to fixate on; I end up taking bits and pieces of what I like and finding ways to build off it. 

Since animation requires a lot of flexibility with drawing in different styles, I’ve tried to force myself to pool from a diverse range of influences–altho in the end i think there’s a somewhat narrow range of things that I like. But the more you force yourself to analyze and draw in different styles, the more you build up your own visual vocabulary. I would say my work prior to working on OKKO is a lot different from the stuff I’m doing now.

Also, I don’t like to polish things too much because then you lose the more natural feeling that comes from experimentation. I think it’s easier to see an artists voice from a sketch than from a polished piece–so I’ve worked on making my sketches read more clearly

Sorry but just keep drawing, basically !! It’s very hard to see past ur own creative process and get a sense of what somebody else is looking at in your work, so it’s never an easy question to answer. But thanks for the nice question and i hope my answer is useful !

okay so tomorrow marks a year since i caved from all of the b99 posts showing up on my tumblr dash and finally made the decision (the best decision) to watch the show! 

i’m still not over how incredible everyone in the b99 fandom is and i know i don’t talk to a lot of you (i’m kinda super awkward, that’s on me) but this is the best group of people i’ve ever been a part of! and i am so so grateful to every single person who follows me on here (i was totally not expecting this blog to have as many followers as it does when i first started it, so thank you!) 

anyways i’m super emotional because jake and amy are gonna get married, bye


It’s that time of the year, where I want to make some money drawing what you want.  Here’s the quick rundown:

$30 for B&W single character line drawing:

$50 - $60 for full color single character:

Let’s set some rules:

-I’m not interested in drawing most anthro characters, unless they’re from a pre-established franchise.  Most realistically stylized anthro girls don’t really do much for me and I prefer cartoonier styled characters.  If you’re not sure about whether or not I’d draw them, just DM me!

-I’m not interested in drawing guys.  I don’t swing that way, there are plenty of other great artists out there who can draw you that.

-No underage characters, because Tumblr, among other reasons

-Nudity is fine, but I’m bad at drawing straight-up fucking.  Don’t come to me for that.

-I have the right to deny any commissions without divulging why.  It’s never a personal reason, I promise.

If you have any other questions, DM me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  If you don’t have any money to spare at the moment, I would really appreciate you passing this around!






Hi there!!! Tejennnn’s Paypal commission is back~

I’m reopening my commission to cover my living expenses and for taking English test. Please check it out! ^o^)/

Payment method : Paypal (USD) only.

Categories and samples :
Headshot / bust : Sketch $10 | Digital art $12
Halfbody / ¾ : Sketch $12 | Digital art $18
Full body : Sketch $15 | Digital art $22
Chibi / SD : Simple $8 | Detailed $10

*Additional character +$ half price (except Chibi)

If you’re interested, please DM me on tumblr or mail me at tjenliesia@gmail.com with the infos below!

Some infos I need

1.  Type (and style) of commission (ex : Fullbody sketch)

2.  Character reference (with main color + personality is also ok)

3.  Expressions/pose (if any)

4.  BG (plain or with simple bg (color / pattern)

5.  Your email, so I can send you the invoice, the final picture + HQ scanned result for sketch (since my phone cam res is quite low)

6.  Deadline (if any)

Important notes :
·    Payment will be requested through Paypal Invoice. 

·    After I accept your commission, I will draw a preliminary sketch and send it to you for your approval. If the sketch is approved, I will send invoice to finalize payments, and please DO NOT send any amount to me beforehand.

·    No Refunds.

·    I’ll start your commission once get paid upfront, and I tend to draw and upload on weekends (except if there’s a deadline or I have any circumstances, I’ll tell you ASAP). Also I will keep updating the commission progress via DM.

·    Once I finish it, I will send the result and post it on my blog, and if you wish to post it on your own blog/page, please credit me! 

5 slots are OPEN!For commission status, please check my page.

If you want to ask anything feel free to DM me, reblogs and share are highly appreciated.

Thank you!!!

anonymous asked:

Hello! I just want to say your OC is amazing and I wanted to know if there's others you could recommend?

!!! OH MY GOSH !! I’m glad to hear it!!! this made my day asdfgh honestly tumblr is full of so many incredible ocs that I’m just going to be naming them off the top of my head as I go!!! 

@sacrosanctbijou @enlumaria @edencursed @warcrowned @angxis @alivepassing @gamenu @healersigned @jvdicatum @likeglory @lenfantterribles @lupustarot @lunaaris @garcemechanic @cantuscorvi @vainstrife @falseread @believinghxpe @babybcts @nesufuratu @iintricacies @universebuilt (not letting me @ the main blog asdf) @geniekiltou @leadrebirth

like i said!!!! a lot of these are incredibly top of head so i most certainly missed people!! but i hope this is a good starter pack

Happy Halloween the 20th my dudes! Excuse the fact this is not an Inktober post, but an announcement! I’m going to be opening up a few commission slots! Prices are a little lower than last time due to the fact I’m still in school and won’t be able to do any complicated full scene illustration this time around. I promise not to reblog this here a million times (no promises about reblogging to my main though.  
Things I will draw:
*Ocs (I’ll just need refs)
*Fanart (If for a fandom I’m not in I may ask for references) 
Things I won’t draw:
*Full blown nsfw
*Furries (only because I’m bad at it)
*Mechs (reason is the same as why I don’t draw furries omg I’m sorry)

I’m taking payment through Paypal! (That’s just what’s easiest at the time)
*Send me an ask or PM me here for more info
*I need half of the payment before I can begin working

I’m quitting my job to become a full time Taylor Swift enthusiast.

Duties include the following:

- blogging on tumblr

- live streaming on Instagram

- watching Taylor videos over and over again on Taylor Swift Tix (lbh on YouTube 24/7 aswell)

- song deciphering

- The Swift Life App


Like seriously….. being a Taylor Swift Enthusiast is a full time job plus some more…



aaand here they are, the full cast of guild Eons! the first 8 are everyone who have joined from tumblr, and the later two are my own characters.

also, i tried giving everyone a custom title, tho some came off better and less generic than the others (╥_╥) still, i hope everyone likes their titles and characters, i’ve put a link in the header of each image linking to each of their blogs, in case anyone is curious.

@yarumichan @dewpriism @breathoftheadventurer @catfire13 @slanax @lionheadbookends @whiteswordmoon, again, thank you all for joining the guild ^o^

@kitwinters0199, sorry, it seems i had one less leveling item left than i thought i had  (╥_╥) i couldn’t give you a title yet, since only characters above level 20 can get one, but as soon as you get there i’ll post yours >.<

A poem #21

Diamonds are made of coal

Heros are made of goals

Riches are made of gold

And your heart is made of cold

My hand is warm

So I reached it out

And you swat it down

Like I was out to attack

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You are the light through the trees

Warm and full of life

Dancing among the falling leaves

I can’t feel through the window

I want to dance with you

I call to you, you can’t hear though

The day fades and you’re gone

Loneliness nips at my heart

I sing to you, you can’t hear my song

The cheshire moon smiles down

It’s not you, it’s not safe

And it seems to hear my every sound

I wait alone for you again

Your clouds hide you

Unheard I cry out “when?”

When I see you, blissfully unaware

I know you can’t set me free

One day, you’ll hear, I swear.