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Enjolras isn’t excited about spending the day at a Renaissance Faire, but he meets a knight who might change his mind about that.

Les Mis, E/R, 1.5k, rated G, written for @caststone, who tumblr apparently does not want to tag for me!

Tumblr gets on my nerves. 

Like sometimes, I want to scream at the damn screen and deactivate my account because I can’t handle the stress. There are so many reasons why this site is problematic. But the one of the biggest reasons would probably be fandoms and how people treat each other within fandoms…

Okay, It has a lot to do about the fandoms and I can go on for hours about how terrible fandoms can be BUT tumblr does have its good sides. 

Despite all the negatives, there are positives such as meeting new and amazing people. I’ve met a lot of people on here and there’s some of the greatest people I’ve meet. I’ve made solid friends on here even if they live across the ocean and I’ve never met them in my life. Internet friends can be good despite the picture that’s painted about them.

It’s a good place to meet and share interests. Honestly, I don’t think I have a real life friend who can scream, for example, about my ships with. And if I tried, I’m sure my friends would view me as weird, surely. But this site is good because I can go, ‘Oh I like this thing!’ and someone else comes along and goes, ‘I like that thing too!’ and there you go. 

There are probably many good reasons as to why tumblr is good and loads of reasons why tumblr is bad but I do appreciate this place. 

If I never bothered to use my account for something, I never would have got inspired to write more, found new interests, discover more about myself and make new friends. 

Sure, I want to deactivate my account like every fortnight or less but other times, I enjoy it here. 

It can be a good…most times. 


Here is a masterlist of all the fics that I have written that will slowly be transferred over to here. Ao3 is the main place I write so it will most likely see my fics before tumblr does!


Into You

Relationship: Romantic Magnus/Alec 

Summary: Alec has a lot more layers than we’d think he would. P.S. If you like Ariana Grande, you might like this fic

Rating: PG


Relationship: Romatic Maia/Lindsey 

Summary: Maia comes looking for one thing and happens to find another. If you’re unsure who Lindsey is she was the brunette with glasses on 2x07 who spoke to Clary and Isabelle. Was also in the deleted scene with Jace.

Rating: PG



Relationship: Romantic Magnus/Alec 

Summary: Alec’s thoughts about Magnus from first meeting until now as he asks him out on their second date. Fluff

Rating: PG


Relationship: Platonic Magnus/Clary 

Summary: Magnus and Clary talking after Clary returns from Iris’s for an antidote. 

Rating: PG-13



Relationship: Romantic Magnus/Alec 

Summary: Alec needs some help to be ‘hip’ and Magnus is just the guy to do it.

Rating: PG



Relationship: Romantic Magnus/Alec 

Summary: Alec comes to Magnus’s patio again to talk after coming back from Iris’s.

If you liked these please don’t hesistate to shoot me a message via twitter (@Iispalec with two i’s in the beginning and a L in alec) or through here, I’ll get to it either way! Much love! x

does the tumblr hentai clique really have the word to shit on stuff like sandsverse and slimetony when their sense of humor is putting smug aloof reaction images on posts made by 12 year olds, wanting to fuck the generic anime girl of the season, and entire attitude can be boiled down to “tumblr sucks, i wish i was on exhentai right now, what a hellsite

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My exact reaction to last episode “Just Friends”.

WHY are you playing with ours Starco feelings!?!

By the way, my creation thanks to giphy.com and windows movie maker.

And of course kisscartoon.me

sorry for previous post but I had problems with the gif and tumblr, HOW DOES IT WORK!?

witchland  asked:

What is your faith, how would you describe it in your own words? How does this faith benefit you as a person? How does it benefit those around you?

I’m Jewish, which is why I didn’t want to put it in that post particularly. Since Tumblr does that terrible thing where it makes a non-tag word part of the tag search, I didn’t really want it just out there in the general world, ya know? I trust my followers much more than strangers. 

Judaism is a faith and a culture at the same time, and that can look a lot of different ways. (I probably should have put that in the other post too). For me, I am absolutely Jewish, but also agnostic. That is, I believe very much in the tenants of my culture, and I very much believe in the guiding principles of the faith, but I am perhaps skeptical some of the things that are bigger than me. I’m not saying they don’t exist, just that I’m not sure everything should be taken so literally. 

As a person, this has been deeply impactful. We have a concept of Tikkun Olam, of repairing the world. We believe that this life is not a preamble for the next, it is instead a very important piece of your existence, and of others’ existences, and therefore we should care and try to make things better. We believe in public service, in kindness. We believe in education and critical thinking, which has made me a very annoying student at times, but has driven me to understand and to teach others. 

It gives me a sense of community, not just with people like me, but with those who value these things too. And I think that in many ways, this benefits those around me as well. Ok maybe not when I’m being really annoying and won’t let a point go, but I think that my attempts to genuinely give back wholeheartedly to my community helps. 

It also gives me a sense of purpose. I don’t know what will happen when I die, I don’t know if I’ll leave a legacy, but I’ll be able to leave the world slightly better than I found it, and if nobody knows my name or my deeds, at least they will never know as much hardship as I did. And if I take that to my grave, I think I will have done enough. 

Thank you for asking these very thoughtful questions!

What does desperation sound?

Like, I will do everything for you.
Like, I love you so damn much.
Like, crawling on all four.
Like, tiny hands holding onto tiny chances.
Like, pleases.
Like, stay with me please.
Like, bear with me please.
Hold on to me please.
Like, empty grin.
Like, shouting. 
Like, I don’t have any choice.
To hope for the millionth time,
to pray frantically.
To choose between choices you don’t have,
to ask for more than the little things you get.
To beg,
to ache,
to kneel.
To pray frantically.
To want to live,
to hold on to anything when you’re on the brink.
To cry in silence, 
to hug tightly.
To hug yourself tightly because no one is going to.
To be achingly aware that you’re alone.

—  desperation, c.w