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Monsters: Theo Raeken

Hi! So sorry to the anon who requested the Theo imagine. Tumblr glitched and deleted your message! BUt anyway here it is and I think this is what you asked for? Enjoy!

“I told you! Didn’t I tell you? Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to Stiles?” Stiles was yelling at us all, a somewhat smug expression on his face despite the thing he was proven right about was pretty horrific.

“I told you he was evil!” Stiles shouts triumphantly and I shoot him a death glare. Scott was nodding along with him, deciding to give Stiles his glory but I had a cold angry feeling in my stomach and with every smug comment that left his mouth it got worse and worse.

“Oh shut up Stiles!” I said exasperatedly, my stare hard and threatening, something that surprised even me. I mean he was right about Theo.

Stiles shot me a look of annoyance, “Oh god please don’t tell me your “pack mom” “ He used literal air quotes, “Have gotten the better of you and you feel like there might be some “good left in him.” More goddamn quotation marks.

Even Scott stepped back, knowing that once me and Stiles argued it got ugly.

I folded my arms and squared my shoulders, the feeling in my stomach worse. I was so angry.

“He’s been evil since he threw his sister in that river. Hell he’s been evil since the day he was born!” Stiles shouted at me and my whole body tensed as I screamed back,

“People are not just born evil Stiles, that’s not how it works! Just like people aren’t born sad! Someone’s made you like that. No one’s born happy or sad or even angry someone or something has made you like that. And when he was nine Theo was corrupted into the monster he is today!” My whole body was shaking but I continued, staring at Stiles shell shocked face.

“And you know what despite what the supernatural side of me thinks I would like to think that there is some good left in Theo, hell I thought there was some left in Void Stiles and I was right!”

And I turned on my feet, storming towards the door, leaving two mouth agape boys behind me. I paused at the door, before saying over my shoulder, “At least that’s what I thought.”

I thunder right through the house before I leave threw the front door, making a point to slam it hard behind me.

I stomp all the way down the garden before turning and walking home, muttering angrily under my breath.

When a lamppost moved. I stopped and looked at it in confusion. There was now a dark shadow leaning against the lamppost, which made more sense.

This was never a good sign. Not in my world. In fact not in any.

We made eye contact and in an instant Theo Raeken was right in front of me, a sad look on his face. He offered me a shaky hand and hesitantly I took it. I could already hear Stiles yelling at me.

Theo began running, his hood had fallen down to reveal his perfect hair and he ran harder. Now I was not a runner. Cross country running literally killed me. But this was easy, my feet were barely touching the ground as Theo was now practically carrying me.

I realised that we were in the woods. I even recognised some things. That damn tree that’s roots always tripped me, the large holes in the ground for coyote traps. And the bridge.

I knew where we were. It hit me like a bang to the chest, all the wind was knocked out of me as the sound of rushing water filled my ears.

We were here. The river where his sister died. Or where his sister was…..murdered.

Theo had stopped running, stopping on the bridge. Even in the dim light I could see the shine if tears on his face and I could still feel his hand shaking beneath mines.

“I didn’t know.” He choked out, staring into the water.

“What do you mean?” I whispered, almost scared of speaking to loud in case I frightened him, like he was a wild animal.

“When they came to me. They said that they’d save her. That she would live too. And now-now she’s-“Theo’s voice was cut off by the racking sobs that took over and his knees gave out as he crumpled to the ground.

A single tear rolled down my cheek as I slowly crouched down beside him.

Carefully, ever so carefully I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and I was overwhelmed with his emotions. Misery, guilt but something was so strong that my eyes blurred. Self-loathing.

He turned and nuzzled his head into my neck, choking, the kind of sobs that take the air out of your lungs.

“I am a monster, Y/N, Stiles is right.” His words shattered my heart as his body shuddered.

I thought about what Lydia said to Meredith, to what seemed like years ago back in the Eichen House corridors. Leaning in I whispered, “Not all monsters do monstrous things.”

Theo chuckled slightly before pulling away slightly and staring at me.

I smiled softly at him. Slowly I leant in, and slowly brushed our lips together before I fully connected our lips and slowly felt Theo’s self-hate ebb away and he smiled.

“Thank you.” He whispered when we pulled apart. His eyes were still shut and his face still wet with tears but he was smiling and that’s all that mattered.

Then Connie wakes up feeling confused and aroused. 

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I will always associate this drawing with a horrific Gravity falls fanfic because I listened to this while I was sketching it out.

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