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If anyone needs a visual representation of how we’ve been feeling as we try to search the Peaky Blinders tag, please see above. 

Over the past two weeks we have been increasingly vocal about the issues affecting the Peaky tag and this fandom in general. Between the continuous (but now worse than ever) issue of stolen content that people work very hard to create, and the clogging of the general tag with fan fiction and imagines, we have officially had enough. 

If anyone of you are wondering who “we” are, it is myself and my partners in crime at @peakyblinded | @fuckyeahpeakyblinders | @ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy | and @shelbybros-ltd

The information and regulations below have come from all of us, and we are the ones that will be blocking offenders from all of our edits, posts, and content. 

I. Stolen Content

i. If you post gifs you didn’t make you & your post will be reported to tumblr and we will block you. Tumblr will delete the stolen gifs, any reblogs of it, and send you a warning. If you insist to continue, which most of you do after sending us rude messages, tumblr will delete your blog. Consider using the reblog button for once if you would like to keep your blog. 

Note for other gif makers who see their gifs reposted: Please report them to tumblr here. It takes two seconds and is very effective in stopping the theives.

ii. There is a subset of this fandom that follows our blogs but repeatedly and knowingly reblogs stolen content, expanding its reach and cosigning its theft. You know who you are, you know it’s not okay, and we are sick of it. We will all block you, and the posts will be reported. If you see a gifset and all the gifs are different sizes or clearly mismatched, it is stolen. If you see a gif standing alone, with no source, by someone who has never posted in the tag before, it is stolen. Creators have left this fandom because of the discouragement of having their work stolen because pathetic bottom feeders want notes. Be respectful of original posters.

II. Fanfics and Imagines

i. If you add gifs you didn’t make to your writing - whether straight out or via tumblr’s failure of a gif-insert tool - you will be blocked from all of us and our content. You have the option of posting your fictions with gifs of your own, with stills, or with no visuals at all. Don’t use original posters’ work that people put time and effort into to promote your own writing. Most, including us, are appalled to see some of the stories attached to gifs we’ve made. If your writing is not strong enough to stand on its own maybe you should consider a different hobby. 

ii. If your posts are long and you don’t use the “read more” feature, thus cluttering the tag and forcing people to scroll for pages to get to the content they do want, you will be blocked. Tumblr created “read more” for a reason. Use it. It is unbelievably inconsiderate not to. 

iii. If you repeatedly spam, not an occasional tag here or there, but spam the Peaky Blinders tag with imagines and fanfics you will be blocked. You are being knowingly inconsiderate to the majority of the fandom that has no interest in this kind of content. The general tag is for edits, gifsets, news, and not an overflow of your fantasies. You are doing nothing but obnoxiously self-promoting when you tag unnecessary characters and general peaky tags on every single imagine you post. You know what you are doing.  

Frankly, we are not sorry that it has come to this. We will not be warning you before we block you, and if you persist, eventually tumblr will delete your blog. We have no issue blocking you, and neither will blogs that continuously contribute content to our fandom. We can assure you that they will piggyback on this. Spam, theft, and disrespect are what ruin fandoms. If we were listened to when we first asked politely, this wouldn’t have happened. 

Thank you from myself, @fuckyeahpeakyblinders , my coworkers on @peakyblinded , @ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy , and @shelbybros-ltd

hi :) i just saw your ao3 and i just want to say i really like your work and uh is it okay to ask headcanons from you? i was really happy reading your dragon age work thing about fenris and was wondering if you played origins? what were your ships and your mc’s for them and what were they like? am sorry if this does not make sense english is not my first language………

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I’m a hopeless romantic. I always have been, and I always will be. There, I said it.
I have always loved the idea of true love, grand gestures, and chivalry. I would watch romantic comedies and plain old romance movies and wish my life could be like that. I would read love stories and fall in love with the words on the paper and the person they created. I still do both of those things.
I’ve always wanted to see the good in people, the best in people even, and what better way to do that than to watch someone find their soulmate? And better yet, know that maybe I have a chance too. I know it sounds far-fetched, but I believe in it one hundred percent. I believe in all of the cliches— stargazing at night, long walks on the beach, dancing in the rain, surprise rocks thrown at your window, midnight drives to see the world— I want to believe in them, even though I know that most of them might never happen to me.
I started this blog because I needed to escape from my seemingly uneventful life. I wanted to be able to freely post my thoughts and live out my unrealistic dreams and expectations through the written word. Most of my posts were and still are about boys. I am young and still learning the ins and outs of this thing called life, and when you throw love and feelings into the mix, I’m a bit of a mess and definitely a beginner.
This blog allowed me to calendar my life from real experiences to my thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and so much more. I needed it to create a kind of organization and to have something constant to rely on; it was something I was lacking. But now, here I am almost ten months later, and I no longer need this blog as much as I once did. I will explain myself more in tomorrow’s final post, and if any of you have questions, please feel free to message me or send me an ask.
I appreciate the entire tumblr community and my lovely 6,600+ followers more than you will all ever know (or maybe know, I might tell you all tomorrow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) You have each given me a new-found confidence to pursue something that I truly love— writing— and an entirely new perspective on life and everything in between!
—  9:57pm thoughts// part 1 of 2, the second to last post on @digressing-paths
Monsters: Theo Raeken

Hi! So sorry to the anon who requested the Theo imagine. Tumblr glitched and deleted your message! BUt anyway here it is and I think this is what you asked for? Enjoy!

“I told you! Didn’t I tell you? Why doesn’t anyone ever listen to Stiles?” Stiles was yelling at us all, a somewhat smug expression on his face despite the thing he was proven right about was pretty horrific.

“I told you he was evil!” Stiles shouts triumphantly and I shoot him a death glare. Scott was nodding along with him, deciding to give Stiles his glory but I had a cold angry feeling in my stomach and with every smug comment that left his mouth it got worse and worse.

“Oh shut up Stiles!” I said exasperatedly, my stare hard and threatening, something that surprised even me. I mean he was right about Theo.

Stiles shot me a look of annoyance, “Oh god please don’t tell me your “pack mom” “ He used literal air quotes, “Have gotten the better of you and you feel like there might be some “good left in him.” More goddamn quotation marks.

Even Scott stepped back, knowing that once me and Stiles argued it got ugly.

I folded my arms and squared my shoulders, the feeling in my stomach worse. I was so angry.

“He’s been evil since he threw his sister in that river. Hell he’s been evil since the day he was born!” Stiles shouted at me and my whole body tensed as I screamed back,

“People are not just born evil Stiles, that’s not how it works! Just like people aren’t born sad! Someone’s made you like that. No one’s born happy or sad or even angry someone or something has made you like that. And when he was nine Theo was corrupted into the monster he is today!” My whole body was shaking but I continued, staring at Stiles shell shocked face.

“And you know what despite what the supernatural side of me thinks I would like to think that there is some good left in Theo, hell I thought there was some left in Void Stiles and I was right!”

And I turned on my feet, storming towards the door, leaving two mouth agape boys behind me. I paused at the door, before saying over my shoulder, “At least that’s what I thought.”

I thunder right through the house before I leave threw the front door, making a point to slam it hard behind me.

I stomp all the way down the garden before turning and walking home, muttering angrily under my breath.

When a lamppost moved. I stopped and looked at it in confusion. There was now a dark shadow leaning against the lamppost, which made more sense.

This was never a good sign. Not in my world. In fact not in any.

We made eye contact and in an instant Theo Raeken was right in front of me, a sad look on his face. He offered me a shaky hand and hesitantly I took it. I could already hear Stiles yelling at me.

Theo began running, his hood had fallen down to reveal his perfect hair and he ran harder. Now I was not a runner. Cross country running literally killed me. But this was easy, my feet were barely touching the ground as Theo was now practically carrying me.

I realised that we were in the woods. I even recognised some things. That damn tree that’s roots always tripped me, the large holes in the ground for coyote traps. And the bridge.

I knew where we were. It hit me like a bang to the chest, all the wind was knocked out of me as the sound of rushing water filled my ears.

We were here. The river where his sister died. Or where his sister was…..murdered.

Theo had stopped running, stopping on the bridge. Even in the dim light I could see the shine if tears on his face and I could still feel his hand shaking beneath mines.

“I didn’t know.” He choked out, staring into the water.

“What do you mean?” I whispered, almost scared of speaking to loud in case I frightened him, like he was a wild animal.

“When they came to me. They said that they’d save her. That she would live too. And now-now she’s-“Theo’s voice was cut off by the racking sobs that took over and his knees gave out as he crumpled to the ground.

A single tear rolled down my cheek as I slowly crouched down beside him.

Carefully, ever so carefully I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, and I was overwhelmed with his emotions. Misery, guilt but something was so strong that my eyes blurred. Self-loathing.

He turned and nuzzled his head into my neck, choking, the kind of sobs that take the air out of your lungs.

“I am a monster, Y/N, Stiles is right.” His words shattered my heart as his body shuddered.

I thought about what Lydia said to Meredith, to what seemed like years ago back in the Eichen House corridors. Leaning in I whispered, “Not all monsters do monstrous things.”

Theo chuckled slightly before pulling away slightly and staring at me.

I smiled softly at him. Slowly I leant in, and slowly brushed our lips together before I fully connected our lips and slowly felt Theo’s self-hate ebb away and he smiled.

“Thank you.” He whispered when we pulled apart. His eyes were still shut and his face still wet with tears but he was smiling and that’s all that mattered.

Then Connie wakes up feeling confused and aroused. 

I accidentally deleted your ask, sorry, tumblr ….person.  (If you message me again I’ll edit this) 

I will always associate this drawing with a horrific Gravity falls fanfic because I listened to this while I was sketching it out.


something like an alternate coverversion for my bachelor thesis book.Not that it would matter that much anymore as my examination is long ago,but yeah I just wasn’t happy with the cover.

btw someone wrote to me 1 or 2 weeks ago who was interested in purchasing a copy of the book but I forgot to note me your name(so sorry :/)and tumblr obviously deletes messages I already replied to..could you write me again please?(if you are still interested)

Cry: Derek Hale

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Okay guys this one is……….pretty dark so I’m sorry if it’s seriously sad! But seriously, anyone going through depression, or destructive thoughts, anything like that, tell someone! Because you’re so important you don’t even know it xxxxxx

Oh and I’m so sorry to the person who requested this! Tumblr glitched and deleted your message! Sorry but I hope you all enjoy anyway! Xxxxx

There’s so many types of pain. There’s physical. Which can range from a headache to being split open also known as child birth. Then there was emotional pain. Emotional pain. There was the kind that you felt deep in your heart, ones that take your breath away at the mere mention. And then there was the kind that had you doubled over, screaming your heart out as you cried.

The main difference between the two? You can heal physical pain. After a while the pain goes away. You move on.

But you can’t do that with emotional pain. At least I couldn’t. I kept replaying what happened over and over in my head. And it destroyed me.

I sat on the floor, at the foot of my bed too exhausted to move. Why did she have to die?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that night.

The air was cold, freezing in fact. And it was dark, the only light coming from a flickering lamppost and the Oni’s pinpoint sickly green eyes.

The shine of their swords as the flashed in the faded light. Allison’s scream, “Y/N look out!” Before roughly pushing me aside as I felt the breeze of the sword swing by me…and into Allison.

Everything slowed down. The Oni vanished in a cloud of smoke as Allison’s knees crumpled.

I remember screaming her name with the little oxygen I had left in me.

I flew out of my hunched position my hands shaking. I take a heaving breath as I clench my hand into a fist, punching the wall angrily.

I scream in pain but it only fuelled my growing fury. I leant over and grabbed a photo frame, propped up on my desk and turn and hurl it against the wall were it smashes, raining glass down onto the carpet.

I attack my perfume collection next, turning round and hurtling two at a time at the wall, a sickly sweet smell instantly filling the room as the explode, plaster chipping off of the wall.

I grab the handle of my drawers before violently jerking it open and throwing out all of its content, lipsticks raining down on the floor.

I viciously rip open all my jewellery boxes, emptying them out onto my dressing table before throwing the box away as well.

My fists slam down onto the desk as I breathe heavily, hunched over.

“Y/N?” I heard from behind me. I gasp in fright and spin round.

Derek was standing in my open door frame, a look of disbelief and worry on his face.

“Y/N, what happened? What did you do?” He gasped walking in as I flopped down on the desk, shaking my head.

“Y/N, talk to me.” He said and I shake my head harder.

“I can’t,” I choked out. “Every time I stop, I start to think and when I think, I think of Ali. I think about how- how it should’ve been me.”

My voice gets tighter as my throat constricts. But it made sense now. It made so much sense. It should’ve been me.

“Why wasn’t it me?” I cried, my legs going weak underneath me.

“I’m nothing! She shouldn’t have died! I’m nothing compared to her. It should have been me.” I howled and finally I let everything out.

I haven’t cried once since Allison died. I bottled everything up, unable to let it out. Until it became too much.

A loud sobs goes by my lips and that was all it took for Derek to pull me into his arms. My knees give out all together and Derek sits us on the bed, me howling into his collar.

“It should’ve been me.” I mumbled and Derek gently shushed me, running a hand comfortingly through my hair.

“Don’t say that, Y/N. Don’t even think that.” He told me firmly, pressing his lips to my temple.

“Y/N, you’re so amazing. What happened to Allison was awful but don’t let two lives be lost. She wouldn’t want that.” Derek whispered comfortingly and I nodded, more tears falling.

“But she’s gone. I’ll never see her again.” My voice cracked as the effect of the words washed over me.

“I know. But you’ll never forget her. So she’ll never be gone.” Derek soothed and I took a deep breath, trying to accept his words.

“And remember the pack is always here for you.” Derek mumbled.

“And I’m not going anywhere.” He reassures and I squeeze him tighter.

“Why though? I’m nothing special.” I whispered, drained from crying and my outburst but curious to hear the answer.

“Cause I love you, Y/N.”

@ariisamelon asked for Klance in #51 and I did it but Tumblr deleted the message so I can’t post your ask. Either way, here you go!
Send me a pairing and I’ll write you a drabble

#51: “What the hell are you wearing?”
Title: The Death of Him
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Klance
Word Count:838 (im klance garbage I couldn’t help myself)
Rating: T

Keith had always been on top of his game when it came to just about everything. He never enjoyed bragging but he could acknowledge where he did something right, when he did something right.
At the same time, Keith struggled with acknowledging his faults for which there were quite a few. Firstly he was impulsive, which even though he swore he wasn’t, it was the second time he almost got himself killed that was the real wake up call.  Shiro made sure of that.
His determination was both a good trait of his and a bad one. Now as he swung his bayard at the target drone in the training room, the determination he held was going to kill him.
Sweat dripped down his face, and down his chest. It made his hair and his clothes cling to him to the point where Keith wanted to just take everything off. His body, aching from being pushed so hard, was soon ready to give out but he was determined to fight and train until he dropped dead.
Finally, freaking finally, the level 6 robot was struck down by Keith’s sword. On his knees, Keith bent forward to press his forehead against the mat as he heard the drone spark and collapse behind him. A smirk graced his face when he realized how swift, how impressive, his takedown was and Keith was so damn happy he could do something like this.
However, he was damn tired. He knew this session was going to leave a mark and the cut under his left eye proved it. It was already bandaged so Shiro or Allura or whoever wouldn’t be so concerned. Keith finally stood, stopping the training session, gathered his belongings, and headed towards his bedroom.
Exhausted wouldn’t even begin to describe how worn he was as Keith approached the living room. It was late so of course no one would be awake.
‘Maybe Pidge…’ Keith thought again and decided to lay down on one of the couches. That little genius was always up and working despite being so young. Keith really admired Pidge for that, hell, he wanted to be able to do that instead of drifting in and out of sleep. His head was cloudy, as were his eyes, his thoughts were for sure because when his body shivered as it cooled down, he saw something that he wanted. It was something he wanted, belonging to someone he wanted. Both of which he would never admit until his eyes had closed for the last time in his life.
Lance’s jacket
Keith smiled tiredly, maybe that was why he grabbed it, and then put it on himself. His brain forgot that no one knew he was in love with his teammate. He snuggled into the surprisingly warm and comfortable softness of Lance’s jacket. Boy, did his heart swell from having the oversized coat around his slightly smaller frame.
Finding a steady rhythm in his chest, and a shared warmth both inside and out, his body gave into the relief of sleep.
The next morning, when Keith had finally woken up from his deep slumber, the first words he heard were loud, scratchy, and unpleasant to his ears.
“What the hell are you wearing?!” Lance had practically screeched and Keith wanted to punch him for waking him up like this.
“The hell are you going on about?” is what Keith wanted to say but instead came out as a garbled mess of quiet words. His mind was more awake than his body was which was much more unwillingly to awake due to the workout he endured last night. Lance probably didn’t realize he could very much hear him.
“Is that my jacket?” Lance hissed, much more quietly which Keith greatly appreciated.
Keith stopped trying to wake up and just listen to what Lance was going to ramble on about. Probably some lecture even though Keith could not care less what he had to say about him wearing Lance’s really comfortable jacket.
Then Keith felt a hand trail up and down his side, it was slow and careful, but very much Lance’s own slender hand. His breath hitched when the hand that belonged to his very much believed to be one-sided crush began to thread through his hair.
“It looks good on you,” Lance said with an affectionate tone. It stayed like that for a little while longer but Keith could have let it go on for hours. When the hand left his face after one more gentle caress, Keith sighed. Hopefully he could calm down after this whole ordeal and figure out whatever is messing with his heart and his breathing.
“Sleep tight, cutie,” Lance chuckled and pressed a kiss to Keith’s cheek, slightly stubbly and mildly warm.
Keith finally opened his eyes when the retreating footsteps could no longer be heard. His face was beet red at this point and he played with the ends of the jacket.
Lance would be the death of him, not his impulsive decisions or his dumb determination, but idiotic Lance and his stupid, warm jacket.

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Hey hon, I'm so sorry tumblr deleted all your messages. The ask was you (his s/o) trying to get Jeonghan jealous (since he never seem too) with the help of the other members; failing. Later he sees you with someone he doesn't know looking VERY comfortable as in looking like a couple (hugging, stroking hair, etc. )but the reality is that your poor brother has to listen to you complain and comfort you Sorry if it's to precise Praying for jealous Jeonghan to appear but the ending is yours to decide

this is a short, but spoiler: there is jealous jeonghan 

You were practically in Mingyu’s lap for crying out loud, yet Jeonghan didn’t have the slightest bit of anger or annoyance written onto his perfectly calm expression. When he’d directed his gaze to you, who was squished quite closely between his other members on the couch, he had only smiled and tilted his head in direction of the TV as if to ask - Are you enjoying the movie?

Mingyu, who had already let half your body slide onto his thighs, had also comfortably taken to resting his hand around your shoulder and blabbering off about how the latest installment of Paranormal Activity that you were all watching wasn’t even that scary. His sentence got cut off in the middle when the face of a demon flashed across the screen and he quickly turned his whole head and hide it in your shoulder. You didn’t mind, in reality, you were just glaring holes at your boyfriend who was seated on the floor chanting over and over again - When will you get jealous?! But he didn’t. Not even when the movie ended and Mingyu, who had practically glued himself to you in shaking fear, wouldn’t let go and it took the combined efforts of Woozi and Seungcheol to get him off. 

Not even then - did Jeonghan get jealous.

You’d given up at some point. Your boyfriend was just too kind and too gentle, and maybe even too mature, for something like jealousy. You were glad he trusted you enough to ever assume that you’d cheat on him deliberately, but there was still a part of you that wanted to see his protective nature. The little fantasy of Jeonghan getting angry at the prospect of another man getting close with you.

But, you’d come to face the fact that that probably wouldn’t happen. You’d practically forget your efforts and instead focused on other things, like meeting your brother who you hadn’t seen since he had started college.

The two of you had agreed to meet up in front of the Pledis building which you were leaving after seeing Jeonghan practice. He had greeted you with a wave and you’d run over in your excitement to barrel him into a hug. Laughing, he’d patted your head and you mumbled that it wasn’t fair that he got to be taller than you.

“It’s because you got mom’s short genes.”

“Not true! I think you’re even taller than dad now!”

Pulling back, you kept your arms around his waist and scrunched up your nose, lifting your hand to try and reach his forehead in order to flick it. Your brother only grinned, taking your wrist in his hand and waving it around as a means to tease.

“Excuse me.”

The sudden intrusion of someones voice stopped you and your sibling. Turning, your eyes widened to see Jeonghan standing before you. 

Unlike his usual mellow demeanor, his dark eyes were flashing cold, narrowed suspiciously and - if you could believe it - baring a tint of anger. Stepping forward, he removed your brother’s hand from around yours and yanked it off to the side. 

“Don’t touch her again.”

Jeonghan’s words sounded almost like a command, the deeper tone made a shiver run down your spine as his eyes focused on you.

“Come here. Stand behind me.”

Letting your arms drop from the hug you were giving your brother, you couldn’t help but be a little entranced with this new side of him. You were even about to do as you were told, until you remembered that as much as you had wanted Jeonghan to be jealous - you didn’t want him to be jealous of your brother!

“Jeonghan, this is my brother! Don’t worry, he wasn’t doing anything creepy.”

The words left your mouth and you looked up to see your brother’s confused expression darting between you and your boyfriend.

The hard look on Jeonghan’s face suddenly dropped, eyes turning back to their gentle color as he blinked in a slight state of shock.

“Y-Your brother?!”

“Yeah, her brother. Who are you?”

Poking your brother in the side, you murmured for him to not use informal speech so easily before introducing Jeonghan as your boyfriend. Flustered for misreading the situation, Jeonghan bowed and whispered out an apology as your brother turned to you and mouthed “boyfriend?!”

Just giggling in response, you went over and took Jeonghan’s hand in yours. Your brother seemingly had processed the information and decided on introducing himself more naturally this time around. The two boys exchanged the usual formalities and you sheepishly looked down at your fingers entwined with Jeonghan’s.

So, I’ve finally seen you jealous, huh? That side of you is also….nice.

You thought to yourself with a smile, looking back up at Jeonghan who was now smiling back at you. 

“I guess I’ll let you and your brother go out now?”

Nodding, you let go and joined your brother once again. The two of you waved goodbye, but before you could go, Jeonghan grabbed your brother by the forearm and stopped him.

“Ah…..please make sure to keep her safe. Since I won’t be there to do so.”

Agreeing, your brother once again shook hands with Jeonghan as you bite your lip and thought to yourself; Your protective side is also nice, Jeonghan….stop making me fall for you even more….

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you're fucking arrogant you motherf*cking piece of sh*t you'd better hope i dont make it so your damn tumblr gets deleted.

Oh my gosh, hate mail?! YAY! I haven’t gotten hate mail in so long. Talk about a great start to my day. :D

A piece of advice, though. If you’re going to be swearing, OWN those motherfucking swears. Own that shit. Otherwise, you look like you’re a twelve year old trying to play with the big kids.

Similarly, you should really use proper grammar. Your message should read as follows:

“You’re fucking arrogant, you motherfucking piece of shit. You’d better hope I don’t make it so your damn Tumblr gets deleted.”

Sending messages like you just did makes you look uneducated and unintelligent. Really, really unintelligent.

Now, be on your way, tiny anon. Don’t forget to pick up some textbooks on the way out.