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Ease - Part 12



Length: 3.0k

SummaryYou and your best friend Taehyung have recently got into the same university in the capital of Seoul. Hoping that this was your year to finally admit your romantic feelings towards your said best friend, uni seems an exciting prospect. But of course, the future never really goes according to plan.

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The next few days were trying. Confusion and pain swallowed up your thoughts as you watched Taehyung try his best at being overly happy, smiling widely whenever you caught his eye but his face dropping solemn as soon as he thought you weren’t looking. Jungkook was also doing his hardest to pull you out of the mess of your worries, but you sunk deeper every time you saw Taehyung’s pen stop midsentence in class, his eyes blank as he stared at the desk, or when you brushed his hand slightly with yours when you were walking together, and he’d subtly recoil at your touch. He was fragile, and it only strengthened the urge to pull him close in solace.

No matter how many times you told him that he didn’t have to put on a front, he continued to say that nothing was wrong. But he talked too much, too quickly, and he never quite met you in the eyes when he said he was okay. Instead, he let his pale orange hair shadow his face, bottling up his emotions once more.

“He just doesn’t seem to understand that it’s okay to be upset,” you whined, digging your toes into the carpet and letting your arms flop to your sides in defeat.

You were round the boys’ house, but the only people there were you and Jungkook, as Jin and Namjoon had gone home for the weekend and Taehyung was nowhere to be seen. Sitting on the sofa with only a few lamps to light the room and a film playing in the background, it was the perfect setting for romance. However, once the topic of Taehyung came up, you couldn’t stop yourself.

“I really don’t want him to be suppressing how he feels. Tried and tested that one, and I can confirm it doesn’t work. Obviously, I’m not going to force him to talk to me if he doesn’t want to, but I wish he’d stop pretending.”

“You know, you don’t have to be Taehyung’s personal carer,” grumbled Jungkook, helping himself to a third plateful of food from the array of dishes on the coffee table. Although he kept his expression blank, you’d come to recognise the signs of his different emotions. They weren’t obvious, but his ‘pissed off’ signals were a fire in his eyes, the slight straightening in his back, and his tongue poking the inside of his cheek, all of which he was showing at that moment.

Stretching out your foot to the other end of the sofa where he sat, you prodded him with your toe to get him to look at you. “Hey,” you said softly. “I’m sorry for talking about Tae. I know you wanted to have a chilled night.”

As you spoke, your phone buzzed in your pocket as someone tried to ring you. Reading the caller ID and seeing Taehyung’s name, you looked up at Jungkook to check his reaction. He knew who was calling, as Hoseok and Yoongi were both working, and you didn’t have anyone else who would be checking up on you.

Jungkook’s eyes flashed with annoyance, his deep brown irises seeming to grow darker. Not wanting him to get more worked up, you let your phone buzz until it ran out of time and cancelled the call. However, just as you were about to put your phone away, Taehyung tried again and your phone went off once more.

Knowing that something was up, you decided to answer and deal with Jungkook afterwards. “Yeah, I’m here,” you said as a way of greeting. “Everything okay?”

“I need to talk to you,” he said bluntly. There wasn’t any urgency behind his voice, but it was the most pensive you’d heard him for a while. Gone was the usual happy façade, and at last, he seemed to have given in.

Jungkook was staring at you fixatedly, and you tore your gaze away, as if looking at him for too long would agitate him further. “Um, sure,” you stammered, cradling your phone to your ear. “Uh… can we talk later? I’m busy at the moment.”

Okay. Please call me soon, Y/N.”

“I will, I promise.”

After hanging up, you peered at Jungkook, expecting to see him looking more relaxed after you’d rejected Taehyung’s offer, but instead, his neck was red and he looked ready to cry.

“Guk?” you said worriedly. When he didn’t respond, you scooted up the sofa so you could hook your arms around his shoulders in comfort. However, he remained unflinching and didn’t acknowledge your touch, with his face remaining passive and unreadable while his eyes filled up with tears.

He took a large sniff before turning to you, and finally you could see the hurt and anger under the blank mask he wore. “I can’t deal with it anymore,” he stated flatly, without a trace of warmth in his tone. “If you want to make this work, then you’ve got to stop whatever you’ve got with Taehyung. I really like you, Y/N, and I want you to look at me. Not Taehyung. I need all of you.”

The hopes of a romantic atmosphere were dashed as you felt Jungkook’s possessiveness seep into your skin, but his words wriggled in your chest as they hit home. Jungkook didn’t deserve your wavering emotions, but at the same time, you knew you were unable to give him your full attention. “Jungkook,” you swallowed, watching him pull at his bottom lip with his teeth. “I need more time. To get over him.”

“How much more time?” he questioned, his voice growing louder. “It’s getting ridiculous! You need to stop being selfish, because I’m done with it. Make up your mind, Y/N. You either want me or Taehyung, and you can’t have both. I’m tired.”

“I want to make things work with you! But to do that, I need to sort out my own problems first. I can’t just drop everything and live happily ever after. It was never going to be that easy, and I thought you knew what you were getting into.”

“Knew?” he spluttered, pushing you away roughly and standing up. Veins stood out on his arms as he fumed, breathing heavily as he held in the full force of his anger. “I knew that I would be helping you, but I didn’t count on being your backup plan. You’re being completely deluded – all you need to do is pick a side. Shouldn’t be that hard, even for you.” Without another work, he stalked out of the room, leaving you on the verge of tears.

There weren’t even words to describe the remorse and despair you felt after Jungkook had abruptly departed. Stunned into silence, you stared at the dishes of food left on the side, growing cold as they lay there neglected. What should you do now?

In your heart of hearts, there was only one real option. There was no way that Jungkook would be happy until you’d sorted something out, and nor would you. Although it killed you to hurt one of them, you had no choice; you got yourself into this mess, so you couldn’t rely on Jungkook to pull you out.

You rang Taehyung. However, as soon as you heard his deep voice on the other end of the line, your throat cracked and hot tears rolled down your face. “Tae,” you mumbled, your voice choked up. “I need to see you.”

Taehyung didn’t hesitate as he heard your distressed demand, not bothering to question why you were suddenly upset. “Meet me at the cupcake shop in 15 minutes,” he ordered. “It’s okay, whatever it is. We can talk it through. See you then, Y/N.”

The last thing you wanted was for Hoseok and Yoongi to observe what was about to happen, especially as they knew so much about Taehyung without ever meeting him. You texted Yoongi on the way to the shop, hoping that he’d check his phone as he worked.

You [4:45]
having a chat with taehyung in cupcake corner. Please pretend you have no idea who I am!!!

Taehyung had hung up the phone so quickly that you didn’t get the chance to argue the choice of location, and as he still had no idea about the dance competition, you could imagine how awkward introductions to your new friends would be. You were there to sort things out, not create more problems.

Yoongi [4:49]
sorry, who is this?
p.s. I’ll have a coconut and mango cake ready

To your displeasure, Taehyung was seated at one of the tables closest to the counter, right under the nose of the Hoseok and Yoongi; the perfect distance for eavesdropping. However, you looked at Yoongi straight in the eye as you walked up to pay, daring him to mention something and give the game away. Keeping to his word, he calmly handed you the change and pulled out a readymade cupcake as promised.

“What’s happened?” Taehyung asked concernedly, his eyes filled with worry as you sat down with a defeated thump. “You’re going to get wrinkles when you frown like that.”

He was trying to lighten the mood, but you ignored him. “Jungkook said some things, and I’m realising that I’ve been in the wrong the whole time,” you confessed.

“By the looks of things, I don’t think he said anything.”

You stared at him blankly. “What do you mean?”

“Y/N, I’ve been friends with you for a while now. You have that look on your face, like someone just died. Your eyes are red and considering you were fine one minute and upset the next tells me that Jungkook was involved.” He took a big drag of his coffee, but didn’t take his eyes off you as you blinked furiously, trying to hold back any more tears that were threatening to escape. “What did he do?” he questioned, reaching across the table to rub your arm soothingly.

Taking a wobbly breath, you glanced round to check if Hoseok or Yoongi were listening. Hoseok was on the other side of the room, preoccupied with an electric whisk that didn’t seem to be working, but Yoongi, on the other hand, stood nearby cleaning the counter. Although he had his head down, he kept his body rotated in such a way that he could snoop in on the gossip.

Taehyung pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes as you began recalling the earlier events in hushed tones, so Yoongi couldn’t hear. “He got annoyed because I’ve been messing with his emotions,” you blurted. “I knew I shouldn’t take advantage of his generosity, but I did and it was a stupid mistake to make.” You launched into detail about what happened when Taehyung had rung your phone, but your friend wasn’t having any of it, and jumped straight to the point.

“What did he say to you?” he interrupted, growing more and more serious as you told the story, with his eyes growing hazy and his grip on your arm becoming firm.

“Not much.”


“I swear, it was nothing. He was right, anyway. I am deluded and I am selfish, but I guess I hadn’t really thought about it too much. I didn’t want to admit to myself-”

“He said what?” Taehyung’s voice was quiet, but the sort of quiet that comes from extreme anger. A bad sign. “Jungkook was saying that to you?”

“Yeah, but-”

“He called you deluded?” As he raised his voice, you became aware of Yoongi standing stock still at the counter, his ears pricked up and alert at your conversation. “No wonder you got upset. Even if you made a mistake, he has no right to insult you. What an idiot!”

Taking a quick peek out of the corner of your eye, you could see Yoongi trembling with a silent rage, his jaw clenching and unclenching as he struggled to keep in his temper. Anything that hurt his friends wound him up immensely, but you sent him mental pleads to stay mute and not say a word.

Looking back at Taehyung, you noticed that he too was bottling up his true frustration as he faintly rocked back and forth in his chair, holding back an outburst of anger.

“Tae, calm down. It’s not that big of a deal, please. I just needed to see you to talk about something else. Well, it’s sort of related to that. But you wanted to tell me something first. That’s why you rang?” You gave Taehyung’s hand a squeeze in reassurance, and he obeyed your request and sat back in reluctance.

“Well,” he sighed, “I don’t think my matter is important anymore. What did you want to say?”

“No, you go,” you demanded.

“Seriously, I think you should. I promise, it can wait.”

Nodding in surrender, you took Taehyung’s hand and led him outside the shop, past the inquisitive looks from Hoseok and Yoongi and into the warm haze of the late afternoon, just so the two boys couldn’t hear your next words. Taehyung looked confused, but you held up his hands in front of him and focused on the writing of his shirt. The words were in English, and you noticed a grammatical error of the sentence, but you didn’t point it out. Instead, you fixated on the letters as you planned what to say next very carefully.

“We shouldn’t be meeting like this anymore,” you stated, your mouth struggling to get around each syllable, as if subconsciously your brain was telling you to stop talking. But you had to say it. You can’t have both. “We need to keep our distance. Jungkook gets jealous, and it’s not his fault. I feel- felt, exactly the same, and it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. I can’t put him through that, especially when he’s tried so hard to be kind and loving. It’s the least I can give him. Do you understand?”

You should’ve stayed fixated on the lettering of the shirt, because as soon as your gaze trailed up to Taehyung’s soft eyes and his quivering lower lip, you felt as if you’d just slapped him. There was a silence following your words, which was only filled by the sounds of the city and the biting whistle of the wind that tossed around Taehyung’s hair. Your clothes billowed around you and you could feel your cheeks turning pink from the chill, but Taehyung remained motionless.

“So, that’s it?” he said finally, a with a small hint of hesitation. “You’re going to stop talking to me because your boyfriend gets uptight?”

“No, I’m doing this to get over you. I’ve spent way too long having false hopes.”

All you need to do is pick a side.

“You can’t end our friendship!” he exclaimed, letting out huffy laughter incredulously.

“We need some time apart,” you corrected. There was a sharp stabbing in your chest, but you dismissed it. I need all of you. “You ignored my feelings about you, even though I spilled my one biggest secret that left me completely vulnerable to you. But all you did was push it aside, and it killed me, Tae. So, I’m being selfish by allowing for someone to love me. If keeping my distance from you lets me do that, then I’ve got to try.” Your last sentence came out in a sob, the hurt driving through your body in an unstoppable wave.

Taehyung was dumbfounded, but the forgiving look in his eyes told you that he wasn’t going to stop you from leaving. Even if you’d told him you’d blown up his house, he probably would’ve hugged you and told you it didn’t matter. And that’s what was so toxic; he was loving and gentle, and you clung to that because it made you feel comfortable.

“We’ve always only had each other, and it can’t be like that anymore. We need to get out of this pit, before we get too deep,” you said, with a finality that signalled the end of the conversation.

“I think it’s too late for that,” Taehyung admitted, his voice cracking and his ears turning a bright shade of red. Going red out of embarrassment was something you rarely saw, but you were in too much of a state to think too deeply about it.

“I need to think about Jungkook – that’s the least he deserves right now.” Bowing your head, you turned yourself away so you didn’t have to observe the disappointment and the confusion written on his face. Despite all the years you’d been friends, situations and circumstances had changed; it couldn’t be harmonious forever. For so long you and Taehyung had got along with no problems, but it was too good to last. Perhaps it was a disaster waiting to happen, you weren’t sure. Out of respect, Taehyung bowed in response, but the tears filling his eyes told you that he was far from okay about the outcome.

But there was nothing you could do. Jungkook needed you to be faithful, both physically and mentally. Although he didn’t tell you in the most careful and gentle of ways, he got his point across: he wasn’t about to fight for something that wasn’t available to him in the first place.

Taehyung kept his eyes upon you as you left, his eyebrows upturned and his hair unkempt and scruffy as a result of his fingers running through his pastel orange locks. You refused to look back, knowing that it only took one glance to melt your defences. You couldn’t give yourself that momentary weakness. Not again.

It put you at peace, knowing that you both had time to grow without the other person there. But it was peace in the saddest way possible.

This Broken You

Admin Author: @wrenwritesometimes (sorry, it’s my writing blog)

A/N: @little-princess-wiccan asked: “Hi there I was wondering if you could make an imagine about Sam walking in on you trying to kill yourself and or self harming because of your abusive boyfriend but Sam loves you and you love him too. I know this seems weird but it helps me get through hard times. Can you make it very detailed?”

Dude, it’s not weird. x) If that’s what you’re afraid is weird, don’t be afraid to ask “weirder” ones! It makes writing interesting, to have a complicated plot or idea. It’s like a puzzle we gotta solve - means more brainwork. And don’t worry about detail, I’m gr8 at that. xD

Quick side note, beginning HEAVILY influenced by the beginning of “A Car, A Torch, A Death” by twenty one pilots whilst writing. Sorry? Nupe.
The ending was written to “Big Picture” by London Grammar, which is a very beautiful song. Kinda fits to.

Thanks too @imnoaingeal for reading through this and helping me!

Warnings: Mentions and kinda graphic explanation of self harm?? Woopsh??, mentions of (and actual un-intended not-so-“mentioned”-such-as-maybe-actual, woopsh) abuse, cursing, angst, and let’s add some floof… “a song’s never just sad”. Ooh, let’s have some confrontation too… violence.
Am I making it obvious that I’m outlining what potentially will be in this story through the warnings? Am I sorry? Nupe. Am I talking to myself in my own “author’s notes”?… Let’s move on.

Pairing: Sam x Reader

I hope your hard times become soft, my friend, and here we go:

The air felt thin when you started the car, as you seethed in your own special way…
Feeling angry and heartbroken at a situation you could easily end and walk away from.

But could you? Really?
It had been years… he knew everything about you… maybe that was the bad thing… every detail about you felt like blackmail when on his tongue.

There was always the lingering fear that he’d go to the authorities with your background as a hunter.
… at least that’s what he said once, when you said you’d leave him.

Suddenly, your heart seized, then sped up as your body forced an unpleasantly sharp inhale as you sobbed.
You couldn’t really breathe right…
You needed to pull over.

You didn’t realize where the destination you were aiming for was until you had cried for a good ten minutes.

You were silent, nothing but your car’s engine and the sparse passing cars rumbling down the road making a sound.

You stared at the road sign announcing the road you usually took to get to the one place you felt at home - really at home.

You had been on your way to the bunker.

You were hesitant, your shoulders hunched as you hung to the steering wheel desperately.

Sniffling, you shifted out of park and drove again.


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NewtXReader - PART 1 - bitter sweet love


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PART 5: here 

Feel free to send requests as I will do all! Any character from Harry Potter series or Fantastic beasts (I prefer Newt Scamander ones though)

Info: fluff > will eventually turn to smut in future chapters

You and Newt have been traveling companions for years, and their friendship always felt a little more than friends. Too shy to admit their feelings a new person comes into their lives, threatening to shit the balance of things. Jealousy is bitter sweet.


Newt had finally came home to London from his travels, in New York. The last couple of days had been unbearable, you missed the freckled man and you going on adventures, but here he was. In the corner of a quiet coffee shop he spilled his great tales and adventures from across the ocean to you. He spoke of a funny chubby little man with a knack for baking, called Jacob and a mind reading, dressmaker, bubbly blonde known as Queenie. However the third person…

“Y/N she was incredible, she was slightly eh…intimidating to say the least at first but merlin…is her enthusiasm for work contagious! And Pickett! He’s taken such a liking for her so I left him with her for a bit, decided it would do him good for the attachment issues” Newt chuckled.

Newt never trusted anyone but you to care for his creatures and even so it took months for you to earn his trust, but here he was allowing his favourite creature (he denies having favourites but you know better) with a woman he barely had become acquaintances with.

Sucking up your slight feelings of betrayal, you smiled, “She sounds wonderful, I’ll have to meet her someday” your attempt at hiding your feelings was pathetic but Newt was to oblivious to take notice at the hurt behind your voice. “Y/N you should come back with me! You could meet her as well as Jacob and Q-”

“Back? Your going to stay there?” Confusion spread fast across your face.

“Good heavens no, I need to collect Pickett and I also intend to give Tina my first copy of my book! She helped me think of a name, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Quite nifty isn’t it?”

“But I thought I was to get your first copy of your book…”

Red tinted his cheeks. He’d forgotten about that promise, he really owed it to you to get the first copy, after all you had accompanied him on his journeys all this time, sketching out illustrations of all the marvellous creatures to accompany his descriptions. Had his new infatuation with this ‘Tina woman’ really put you completely out of the picture?

“Em yess n-no I mean, of course yes your getting the first copy. In fact I organised a little some thing extra for your copy. It wouldn’t even be possible to complete this book with out your help. I don’t think I say this quite enough but thank you..” , he smiled at your shoes, avoiding eye contact from embarrassment

Flustered and not completely thinking straight you blurted out, “well I know how you can repay me..take me with you to New York”

An adorable grin appeared on Newts face and happiness gleamed through his eyes, “so you’ll go with me?”

Gathering your thoughts, you realised what you had said but curiosity (and jealously although you would never admit it) had gotten the better of you and you gave into your temptations, “yes of course Newt, I wouldn’t turn down an adventure with you”, you laughed.

Your heart skipped a little when he flashed his pearly white teeth and engulfed you in a warm cinnamon scented hug. Butterflies erupted in your stomach as you felt the bottom of his chin rest on the top of your head. As his hands soothingly rubbed circles into your back it seemed as though both of you were perfect fit for each other.

“You won’t regret it love, we travel so much but always for work. We never get a break to ourselves, I can show you all around New York, without having to chase after the niffler this time, hopefully”. He sighed into your hair

“So this means you’ll leave your case behind then?” You smugly asked already knowing the answer.

“Y/N” he gasped fake offended “how dare you ask me to leave my babies behind”.

Both of you erupted in a fit of giggles before Newt placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head and let out a content sigh. It felt so natural to act like this with Newt, as though it was programmed into your nature, but before long Newt became aware of the small gesture he had just given you. Stuttering he pulled away from the hug, his warmth departing from your body and blushes on both of your faces.

“Sorry-I’ll just go p-pack now”.

“Don’t forget your scarf Mr Scamander” you teased before he gave you one last heartwarming smile and disappearing out the coffee shop door

Although the journey on the ship was rough and wild, with Newt by your side anything was bearable. Once in land you resisted the urge to kiss the ground as Newt entwined his large hand with your dainty one, ensuring that you weren’t going to get lost in the busy crowds at the dock.

As you approached security Newt as usual became a mumbling mess. Even though Newt looked about as dangerous as a mouse with those freckles, his habit of avoiding eye contact and uncalled for nervousness made him appear as though he where planning a mass murder. This had become a regular occurrence for the 2 of you however you had learned how to deal with it.

“Any livestock?” The buff security man questioned, boredom practically dripping from his voice.

Newts eyes noticeably widened, panic surfacing across his features. The atmosphere suddenly thickening considerably as Newt looked hopelessly to you for help.

“Now how would we manage to fit any livestock in there mister. Do I look like a wizard to you?” You chuckled trying to lighten the mood.

“Sorry miss only doing ma job” he gave a quick tilt of his hat before allowing you and Newt to pass on through “have a good day you two”.

“Thank you! ” you called back as Newt led you away from the docks.

“Merlin what would I do without you Y/N, I’m afraid I’m quite the mumbling mess”

“I can’t Imagine how you even managed to make it through there the last time you came!”

“I was just a smidge from getting caught last time, if it wasn’t for that muggle button” he laughed “we better make our way onwards before the evening comes”

After you

What both of you had failed to realise was that your hands still remained interlocked.
3 hours. 3 hours of wandering for the Goldstein sisters’ apartments and not a daft clue where the 2 of you where. Night was closing in fast, the cool air blowing against your blouse, which was offering no protection from the icy winds. You longed for the warmth of a fire.

“N-newt I t-think we might-t be lost” you chattered out. Newt looked to your shaking frame, goosebumps rising on your skin. With concern in his eyes he turned to you
“Y/N your shaking love”

“Don’t w-worry I’m okay-y”

“No your not, your shaking like a leaf, here take this”, Newt slipped off is slightly tattered blue coat, shyly offering it to you.

“Newt I can’t take it you’ll freeze! Don’t worry about me, your not normally a worrier” smiling you attempted to put on your best Newt voice, “my philosophy is that if you worry you suffer twice”. Newt burst out laughing at your measly impression of him before turning to you seriously, avoiding eye contact.

“I’m allowed to worry Y/N about the things that are close to me. Please, I won’t take no for an answer” he said draping the coats around your shoulders.

“Next you’ll have me in your bow tie!”

“Don’t worry you could pull it off” he said giving a cheeky wink. You laughed at his comment, you loved moments like these, special ones where Newt completely let go of his reserved self. It was only with you that he could really be himself. He had no reason to think you’d judge him.

“Come on now Mr Scamander, I thought you’re meant to be a good navigator! Are we nearly there yet?”

Taking 2 fingers he gently placed them underneath your chin and titled your head slightly upwards. In front of you where the apartments Newt had described. Both of you quietly snuck upstairs and knocked on the door.

When it eventually opened a figure was standing there.


She was undeniably gorgeous. Creamy skin, dark alluring locks of hair, her posture radiating confidence and pride so unlike yourself. Dressed in a knee length skirt, showing her gorgeous legs and a silk blouse complementing her figure. Upon seeing Newt a smile lit up her face, as she wrapped her arms around him. At this moment you practically felt invisible, not to mention highly self conscious. All you wanted to do was curl up in Newts oversized coat. She was stunning and you were just… Well you.

“Newt! Oh my it’s been so long, Pickett’s just dying to see you again. I don’t quite think our plan worked, his attachment issues aren’t going away it seems”

“I do hope he behaved. The little bugger sometimes has a habit of scratching people when he doesn’t get his own way” Newt said back. His unreserved persona confused you, normally he only acted like this with you. Your presence remained unnoticed until..

“Ah Newt! It’s so good to see you! Huh and you’ve brought a girl! Awk isn’t she just a honey” a blonde dressed in a skimpy nightgown emerged from behind Tina.

“Sorry I didn’t see you there! You must be Y/N, Newt told us so much about you, I must say you two do make quite the cute couple” Tina said gesturing to your hand which was still locked in Newts larger one.

Automatically Newt retracted his hand from yours as though it where fire and exclaimed, “oh no, no we’re just friends”

To you his tone sounded offended, repulsed even. Was he so ashamed for someone to even consider you being together. What was so wrong with you? Where you not good enough for him? Of course you weren’t, all you have to do is compare yourself to Tina after all. You felt your stomach drop at this realisation and from the corner of your eye you saw Queenie shoot you a sympathetic glance. You’d completely forgotten that she could read minds.

“Come on sweetie”, she proclaimed stepping towards you, lifting your luggage,“you have to come on in dear so we can get acquainted! Jacobs made some delicious pastries for your arrival!”. Newt Tina and yourself followed her into the room. The apartment was very cosy and you feel as though the decor of the room really illustrates who Tina and Queenie are, as personal touches are added everywhere.

“Come, sit, sit, you must rest", she ushered you and Newt into the living room and demanded you sit down from your long travels at once. “Now, now Queenie we must celebrate Y/N and Newts arrival! Why don’t we go down to the Bling Pig for firewhiskey”. Tina proclaimed

“But the pastries” Queenie whined

“Oh Queenie, Jacob can whip up another fresh batch when he gets back home later. It’s not everyday that we have guests”

Before this conversation got any further you decided to interrupt, “sorry as lovely as that sounds I brought nothing too fancy with me”

“That’s not a problem honey, you can borrow one of mine” Qunnie smiled sweetly
Panicking you raked your mind for another excuse but instead she simply tutted you. “Now we’ll have none of that! I have this adorable little dress that I’m too big for but it would fit you perfectly, you look gorgeous” She rambled on as you were dragged towards her room.

I’m sure she will” Newt whispered under his breath

Something told you that this was going to be an eventful night.


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::This would be quite the relationship I have to say. I know I’ve gone overboard with imagines before, but I think I wrote a bit too much. Enjoy.::


[I actually wrote this Imagine back arooound episode 5 of Lucifer when it was only maybe a few days old? I didn’t really like my writing in it, but I saved it just in case.]

         Another one of those happy moments, just the two of you. Lucifer’s head resting in the crook of your neck while you sat on his lap, weaving your hand through his. The rings on your fingers, signifying your undying love would shine bright in the light of the beautiful sunrise. You didn’t even have to go to the balcony, Lucifer’s- Your home, captured the colors perfectly as if it were piercing through a glass prism. You could feel him sigh in content, the tickle of his breath causing you to giggle and him to smile wider. None of you were saying anything, the silence was comfortable all on its’ own. Of course you enjoy these moments of your marriage the most, because the days prior to this were- Well, let’s just go back and take a look at how your week had been.

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Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 36/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

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Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: fighting, cussing

Word Count: 3,510

Dedication: everyone who reads this!!! Thank you for liking my shit and have a safe Christmas Eve and Hanukkah!

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A/N: I cried writing the beginning of this chapter

Just like the drive to the hospital, the drive back was silent. Alexander was lost in his thoughts. He was lost on what to do. Does he tell Thomas that they should take a break so he could think? Does he just ignore Thomas? Does he confide in him? Alexander had so much on his mind, and he didn’t know what to do.

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A New Neverland (Peter Pan Imagine)

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(A/N: You liked Plot B for the storyline, so I hope you enjoy :] )


“You nervous?” Emma asked me when we arrived to my school.

I haven’t been to school in years, what kind of things do I learn how? Am I smart enough? Will I have friends? Are some Lost Boys here? So many things are running through my head right now, I feel sick.

“Emma, I don’t think this is a good idea. What if I don’t fit in? What if people don’t like me? I haven’t been to school in years, what if I’m not smart enough. I can’t do this, take me back to my cell.” I panicked backing away from the main doors.
“Hey hey hey hey, slow down. Breathe. I know this is a big change for you, maybe we should’ve given you a little time to adjust instead of just forcing you right in. Do you want to go back home?” Emma asked.

I looked at the big school, saw all these people my age looking at me and whispering among themselves. I hated when people talked behind me back, they should be brave and tell it to my face instead behind my back. In Neverland, I would punish those who talked behind my back, but here no one knows who I am. They don’t fear me and I don’t have magic. I’m useless and a nobody.

“Yes, I wanna go home.” I said.

Emma nodded her head and got the car started. I was getting in the car when I heard someone yell out.

“Hey look everybody! It’s the Queen of Neverland.” A boy said in a mocking tone. “This is the girl we’re suppose to fear? I don’t see anything but a wimp running away from reality.”

Everyone who was in the courtyard started to laugh.

“She’s nothing but a basket case.” 

That made everyone laugh even more. I saw two Lost Boys next to the boy who was making fun of me at his side laughing.

“Dylan. James. You’re gonna let him talk to me like that? I am your-” I called out to them but Dylan cut me off.
“Queen? Not anymore. We’re not in Neverland anymore, I don’t have to listen to you or Pan. Pan is dead and you’re powerless.” Dylan said.
“Yeah without him you have no magic. You’re useless.” James said.
“You’re in the real world now, your majesty, and here I am king.” The boy said.
“That’s enough. Everyone in school now or I’ll have you all arrested for bullying, public disturbance, and harassment.” Emma said causing everyone to run inside. “You alright kid?” 

I looked at her and then at my hands. I looked up to her with tears in my eyes before taking off into the streets. I heard her calling my name and running after me, but after a few moments it was gone. I don’t know where I’m going, but anywhere is better than here. My vision was blurry because of my tears, I tripped on something and tumbled down a hill. When I finally stopped my body hurt, but it didn’t matter. I was use to this. I stayed on the ground for a moments before sitting up and bringing my knees to my chest. Everything is back to the way it is. This is why I left this place for Neverland. The people. The humiliation. Reality. It’s like dejavu, it was a moment like this when Peter came and found me. 

“Get out of here you street rat!” The man said throwing me outside.

Damn it, this is my third job this month I’ve been fired from. I picked myself up from the dirty ground and walked home in shame. My dad is going to kill me. As I walked home I other kids throwing their trash at me and calling me names. Adults giving me looks of disgust and calling me filthy. When I got home, my dad was sitting on the coach passed out with an empty beer bottle in his hand. Typical. I went to my room to change out of my clothes and into somewhat clean ones. I went back to the kitchen and find something to eat. In the fridge, Beer. In the cabinet, more beer. He has enough money to buy beer, but never food. My stomach growled and continued to search for food. I finally found some bread, that had mold on it. I just cut the part with mold on it and at the rest of it. Disgusting but it’s all we have. I heard my dad mumble something before waking up.

“Oh you’re back, did you bring home food?” He asked.
“No, I was fired.” I said.
“WHAT?! Again?!” He yelled.
“Yes, he caught me trying to steal food.” I said with my head down.
“God you’re so useless. I taught you how to steal it without him knowing, but still messed up. Can’t you do anything right?!” He said throwing his bottle at me, that I dodged. 
“Can’t you be an actual father and get a job yourself.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Hey! Don’t you dare talk to me like, I’m your father. Without me you wouldn’t have clothes to wear and a roof over your head.” 
“With you I have no clean clothes, food to eat, a leaking roof and the reputation of a street rat.” 
“You little shit, I can’t wait until you leave. I’ll finally will have peace and quiet around here.” 
“Where am I going exactly.”
“This argument is over, go put on something more appealing. The guy will be here soon to get you.” My dad said laying back down on the couch.
“Excuse me? What guy? Did you sell me?” 
“Yeah and got good money for it, for don’t be a pain to him.”

I was enraged. Furious. I picked up an empty bottle and throw it at my dad. It smashed on the wall right above his head and had him jumping on his feet.

“What the hell! Are you trying to kill me?” He yelled.
“Yes I am! I rather have you dead than alive, it’s now my life dream to see you burn in hell. You sold me for money. Your own daughter. Mom would have never let you do that!” I yelled.
“Well that bitch is dead so I can do whatever I want with you.” He said.
“I hate you.” I yelled and ran to my room locking the door. 

I was breathing heavy, pulling at my hair with tears pooling at my eyes. I grabbed my bag and stuffed as much of my things as I could. I opened my window and jumped down. I looked back at my home before taking off into the woods. My eyes were blurred by my tears and I tripped tumbling down a hill. My body hurt as I finally fell still on the ground. I turned on my back and looked up at the sky. I didn’t realise how cloudy it was until now. It began to rain, thunder and lightening spread throughout the sky. At least the rain is washing away the dirt from my face, and body because haven’t had a proper shower in weeks maybe months. While lost in my own thought I saw something dark fly across the the trees. What is that? Looked like a body. I got up from the ground and looked at around, where am I exactly? How long was I running for? I turned around and saw a pair of eyes looking at my from the trees. I screamed and ran away from it. I kept looking back to see if it was still there, when I turned back I ran into something, or someone. When I opened my eyes I saw a tall figure standing in front of me, it was a boy. I backed away from him, but his voice was soft and soothing.

“Hey, it’s okay. I won’t hurt you.” He told me.

He held out his hand for me to grab and I took it. He pulled me up and into his chest. 

“You don’t have to worry anymore, I’m here to save you.” He whispered into my ear. 
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I’m Peter Pan.” 

From that day on, I never left Peter’s side and he’s never left mine. He took me to Neverland and told me about every thing there was to know about the island, the people, and him. He was my King and I was his Queen. 

Now I’m back to where I started. In the woods, alone. I heard foot steps and people talking. My instinct was to hide in the trees, since I couldn’t fly I climbed to the nearest branch. 

“(Y/N)! (Y/N) where are you?” I heard Snow White call.
“Where could she have gone?” The Evil Queen said.
“How would we find someone who’s lived in a forest?” Charming said. 
“How did we find her the first time?” Emma asked.
“I know exactly how to find her, look up. Her camouflage has always been the trees.” Hook said. 

“Where would Henry be?” Emma said.
“The map keep changing and we’re getting no where.” Snow White said.
“We’re dealing with a teenager, this shouldn’t be hard.” Evil Queen said.
“It’s only going to get harder.” I said.

The heroes looked all around, I jumped down from the tree I was sitting in and landed in front of them.

“Who are you suppose to be?” Evil Queen said.
“(Y/N).” Hook said with a hint of anger.
“Nice to see you too, Captain.” I said with hint of seductiveness in my voice.
“You know her?” Emma asked.
“Oh Hooky and I go way back.” I giggled. “He never told you did he?” 
“Told me what? Hook, who is she?” Emma asked again.
“This is (Y/N), the Queen of Neverland.” Hook said.
“Queen of Neverland? The demon has a girlfriend?” Regina said.
“That he does. Where is he (Y/N)?” Hook asked.
“He? I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I said with a smirk.

Hook pushed me against a tree and gave me a glare.

“Just like old times Killian.” I whispered to him.
“The boy, Henry. Where is he?” Hook asked again ignoring my comment.
“It’s a game of keep away. If I give him to you, where’s the fun in that?” I giggled.
“She’s just as crazy as Pan.” Emma said.

Hook backed away from me. 

“You’re never going to find him, you’re playing Peter’s game and he always wins.” I said.
“Not this time, I’m getting my son back.” Emma said.
“Good luck with that.” I said before disappearing. 

“There she is! I see her!” Snow said.
“(Y/N)! Get down from there!” Emma said.
“No! Just leave me alone! I don’t want this life! I wanna go back to Neverland.” I said.
“Neverland is gone, you can’t go back.” 
“Then kill me, I want to be with Peter.” 
“We are not killing you.” Charming said.
“I told you it was a bad idea to take her out of that cage.” Regina said.
“(Y/N), get down from there now.” Hook said.
“Make me!” 
“(Y/N), get down.” I heard that familiar voice say.
“Peter?” I said looking around.
“Yes, it’s me. Now get down from there.”

I jumped down from my place and saw him standing there from behind everyone.

“Pan?” Emma said.
“How the hell did you get here?” Hook said.
“I thought you died.” Regina said.

Everyone got in battle stance and I stepped in front of him.

“No! You’re not taking him away from me again!” I said.

I turned to face Peter and he blew a powder into my face. Everything began to become blurry. I grew dizzy and fell to the ground, passing out. 

Emma POV

After (Y/N) fell, everyone looked at Pan who had a smirk on his face before he turned into a shadow. 

“Dark one.” Hook said.

(A/N: Part 3?)

2 A.M

A/N: So this is the second installment of my apparently new A.M series that I didn’t even knew I needed on my blog. You can read Luke’s version here

Pairing: Y/N/College!Michael

Rating: PG-All

Request: No

Words: 6.000+

Summary: Y/N’s and Michael’s hate for each other won’t get any better when they’re paired up for a science project. And when a thunderstorm appears and Y/N isn’t safe to walk home she has to stay at Michael’s dorm against her will

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Broken Trust (Barry Allen x Reader)

A/N: Hellooo, lovely people! Here is another requested imagine! I’m still working on few so stay tuned! Love you! Sent in requests as they are still indeed open! ILY!

Requests: 01: “I’m sorry.” 05: “Please don’t do this.” 10: “You should’ve told me.” 61: “Why didn’t he come and talk to me himself? ”70: “You don’t get to decide what’s best for me.” with Barry

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: a lot of swearing, angst

Originally posted by oadamburayagelecek

‘Barry did what?!’ I shouted at Cisco, who was, hiding behind Caitlyn.

        He knew I had a thing for throwing things when I was mad and he was rightly hiding behind the one person I would never throw things at. Smart man. The problem was that I was not mad at him, but at Barry, who forgot to mention that he was travelling to a different Earth. To the fucking parallel universe and didn’t deem it suitable to tell me that. Me. His girlfriend. The person he was supposed to tell everything. The person, he was supposed to trust.

‘Why didn’t he come and talk to me first?’ I asked, taking a step towards the portal in the S.T.A.R labs basement. ‘WHY do I have to hear about it from his fucking sidekick?!’

  I saw hurt expression on Cisco’s face and I knew I stepped over the line. I knew he wasn’t a sidekick. I was just really mad and I wanted to hurt someone, even if that someone was my friend.

‘I’m sorry Cisco, I’m upset. I don’t know what I’m saying.’ I said taking few deep breaths. ‘I’m gonna go home. If his highness comes back alive… just tell him I’m home.’

        I left the room, stomping my feet angrily. Oh, I was going to give him such a hard time, if he comes back. He’ll regret ever meeting me. If Zoom doesn’t kill him, I most probably will.

        The truth was, I loved him. I loved him so much and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. And it hurt so fucking much that I wasn’t as important to him as he was to me. He didn’t take into account how worried I’ll be when he doesn’t come home. He didn’t realise how important that decision was and that he should’ve include me in making it.


‘Please, Y/N, don’t do this’ Barry begged, looking at me with those green eyes.

        I looked at him furious, throwing my shoe at him. He caught it without any problems and put it down on the floor. His eyes were begging me for forgiveness. I couldn’t look at him anymore. The problem was we kind of lived together, so going home was not an option. I wanted to kick him out. I seriously considered that.

‘How could you think that I would be okay with that?!’ I shouted, holding another shoe. ‘Why didn’t you tell me in the first place?! You should’ve told me!’

        He looked at the shoe in my hand and took cautious step towards me, his hands up in calming manner. That only made me that much angrier.

‘I’m sorry…’ he said, his voice calm. ‘I thought… you were away in Starling for few days and I didn’t want to worry you. I thought you wouldn’t notice… I would be there and back… I didn’t know you’ll come back earlier…’

        I took another calming breath, but it didn’t really help me. I couldn’t think straight.

‘So it’s my fault because I came back earlier?!’

‘Y/N, that’s not what I meant… Oh god, how did this happen?’ he asked more himself than me, putting head in his hands.

        I threw another shoe at him, I was so mad. He wasn’t helping his situation in the slightest and I had a lot of aggression built up, since I was sitting at home waiting for him for almost two days. I thought I’d never see him again. That Zoom would kill him and I would be alone again.

‘I’ll tell you how that happened, Barry. You went to another universe, BEHIND my back.’ I said through gritted teeth ‘What did you expect would happen? What if I came back from Starling, few days from now and found out that you died? Do you have any idea how that would make me feel?’

        The tears of anger and worry were flowing down my cheeks. I stifled a sob, since it wouldn’t help my situation. I was trying to show him just how badly he had screwed up. He took a step towards me, trying to touch my face. I took a step back, feeling cold wall at my back. I knew if I let him I would lose the fight. And I couldn’t have that.

‘Don’t you dare touch me.’ I hissed ‘Listen to me, Barry and listen closely. You do not get to decide what’s best for me. You have to always include me in making important decisions like this one. Always. I don’t give a shit that you thought it’ll be better, or you thought I won’t find out. I don’t even know what you were thinking’

        He nodded, his eyes looking at me pleading.

‘Y/N, I’m so sorry…’ he whispered ‘I should’ve told you. I was an idiot. Please… please, Y/N, forgive me.’

‘You should’ve trusted me, Barry.’ I whispered looking at my bare feet. ‘And it fucking hurts you didn’t.’

        I felt the tears slipping down and making their way to the floor. My hair hid my face and I felt defeated. All that anger leaving me in an instant. I was tired and sad. I wanted nothing more than to just crawl in bed and fall asleep in his wonderful arms. But I knew I couldn’t. I didn’t even know if I could get past that. He didn’t trust me; he didn’t think I was important enough to include me in making that decision.

‘Of course I trust you, Y/N’ he whispered, his arms, circling around me. ‘I trust you with my life and I can’t tell you how sorry I am, Y/N… I screwed up big time and I’ll do anything to make it up to you.’

        I looked into his pleading eyes and felt my heart squeezing. What I was about to do would break my heart, mine and his. But I knew I had to do it.

‘I need time, Barry’ I whispered ‘I love you, but I need time. I think you should… I think you should leave.’

        My voice broke after that and I felt the lump forming in my throat. Tears appeared in his eyes when a realisation hit him. I saw the exact moment when his heart broke and I felt the need to grab him and never let go. But him not trusting me was not something I could get over. Not yet anyways.


        I saw him few weeks later, while I was getting coffee from Jitters. My heart squeezed. I was not happy, I was miserable and I missed him so damn much. I missed his smile, his cuddles and his lips. The way he made me feel every day and the way he loved me.

        He was there with Iris, sipping his coffee slowly and listening to something she was saying. He wasn’t smiling, his eyes had bags underneath them and he looked exactly how I felt.

        Iris was the first to notice me. Her expression turning into sympathetic smile. Even though she was Barry’s best friend, she understood me. She didn’t take sides and still messaged me to just ask how I was holding up. I appreciated that, I really did. The truth was that in the last few weeks I not only lost Barry, but I lost most of my friends along with him. Which was actually really sad and said a lot about my relations, when I thought about it.

        I was planning on passing the two unnoticed, but I managed to bump into a table spilling everything and making a huge noise.

        Barry immediately turned around and his eyes focused on me. I saw hurt in his eyes and something I saw only when he was in the Flash costume - determination. I couldn’t take it, I couldn’t look at him without my heart breaking again and again. I was so close to crying my eyes out that I had to leave as fast as I could.

‘I am so sorry’ I whispered, to a tired waitress who was cleaning the mess I have made.

        I run out of Jitters, feeling the tears appearing in my eyes. Yes, I was the one that told him I needed time, but I was over it. I missed him so much and I wanted the things to go back to the way they were.

‘Y/N!’ I heard my name and Barry caught up to me.

        I looked at him, he looked good. His bags under eyes aside, he looked good. He was dressed in one of his shirts, that I oh so loved. His black jeans and inseparable trainers on his feet. I, on the other hand, probably looked like shit, in black pants and his old t-shirt from S.T.A.R labs, tucked in them. I didn’t even put on make-up that day because I couldn’t be bothered to. I was so not winning this break up.

‘That’s… that’s my shirt’ he said.

                My cheeks reddened and I didn’t really know what to say to that. Did I sleep with the clothes he left? Maybe. Did that mean I was a really sad and a little desperate person? Definitely.

‘Yeah it is…’ I whispered, not looking into his eyes.

‘I miss you, Y/N’ he said. ‘I know I screwed up… But please take me back?’

        I felt his hand on my chin, as he brought it up. I looked into those lovely eyes and I knew I wasn’t mad anymore. Well I wasn’t mad the moment he left the house, but that was another issue. I wanted him back, I missed him and there was nothing more I wanted.

‘Please, come back home’ I said, feeling tears in the corners of my eyes.

        His face lightened with the smile and I felt a warm feeling in my chest. He was coming home and I felt my heart rebuilding itself in my chest.


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Kim Yugyeom ~ Mine [SMUT]

Group: Got7
Member: Kim Yugyeom
Type: Smut
Word Count: 2421 [light bondage, jealousy]

He wrapped his hands around your neck, his fingers digging into the thin skin, chocking you just enough to make you learn your lesson. He moved closer to you, his face just inches away from yours. You stood motionless. Yugyeom looked deep into yours eyes. He tore away your barriers and locked eyes. His nose two inches away, he slightly tilted his face and looked at your lips. You slightly turned your face at the opposite angle. ‘You can’t even look at me.’ He whispered, his thumb resting on your cheeks. ‘I bet you were able to look at him, though.’ He continued through gritted teeth, yanking your face towards his. His eyes were molten, the grey glittering, the black pupils enlarged and glistening with anger. Tears started to prickle your eyes, the tears making your eyes look even more intense as you stared at him. Tears of frustration, of regret rolling down your cheek. ‘Yugyeom I…’ You started but were cut off by him harshly pressing his hand against your lips, smirking down at you. ‘That’s why I need to teach you a lesson…’

He stood shivering at the closed door to the bedroom for a while, his ear pressed against the cold wood as he listened. Tears streamed down his face like an unsteady river. His cheek bright red as he listened to the heavy moans coming from behind the door. He wanted to come in, excited to see you again after such a long time of being apart. Until he heard another set of moans. Moans he didn’t recognize. Moans that didn’t belong to those sweet lips of yours. His arousal has long dropped listening to you being pleasured by a man, who wasn’t him. It was quickly replaced by anger. He decided not to wait any longer. He whipped the remaining wetness off his cheeks to not give you any hints towards his true feelings and barges in through the door. He watched as you quickly pull the blanket over your revealed body.

The body he has worshipped so many times. Your eyes wandered over the body you haven’t seen in months. He was standing on the edge of the bed, dressed in a tight black shirt and jeans…those jeans – the ones he wore during your last night together. They were over washed pale-blue denim, snug and ripped at the knee.  
Yugyeom didn’t think. His actions simply overtaking him as he walked across the room, collecting the unknown man’s clothing and throwing it over to him without looking. ‘Get dressed and get the fuck out.’ He commanded through gritted teeth, not daring to look at you once. The thought of you betraying him, using his trust was too much for him to even spare a glance at the person his entire world revolved around.
‘Yugyeom-.’ You started, a sigh falling from your lips. Your boyfriend bit down on his lower lip to keep himself from screaming at you right then and there. From punishing you for behaving so badly.

The sound of medal against medal echoed through the room. Yugyeom turned to the man, his eyes red from all the tears he’s wasted on you. He watched as the embarrassed guy zipped up his pants, not daring to look at either you or your boyfriend. Yugyeom lets out a growl at the sight of his stiff member poking through his jeans. ‘I didn’t know that…’ The guy says, collecting the rest of his clothes.
‘Out!’ Yugyeom screamed, pointing at the open door, his loud voice scaring you slightly. When he left, you quickly put on your clothes, guilt washing over you as you see Yugyeom’s eyes laying on you. You cleared your throat, trying to contain your emotions. If you had to face him, you needed to keep yourself together.

‘I can explain…’ You whispered, tears filling your eyes as you see heartbroken expression on his face. He pushed you away from him, not looking at you. You gently place your hand on his shoulder, feeling the heat raising from his body. ‘You were gone for such a long time…’ Suddenly, he walks over to you, the top button of his jeans undone, and his smoldering eyes never leaving yours. He pushed you against the wall. He tilted his head to the sight to get a better look of your face, sweat dripping from your forehead. ‘Does that allow you to go around fucking other guys?’ He asked, slamming his hand down next to you in frustration at your words. You gulped, trying to collect your words. ‘No but…’
He licked his lips, his eyes locking with yours, his eyes furrowed as he leans down to yours lips. ‘But what?’
‘It made me realize how much I need you…’

His eyes widened further and his mouth opens. He takes a huge breath as if winded. He looked tortured – vulnerable.

“But you already have me,” he whispers. “All of me.”

He wrapped his hands around your neck, his fingers digging into the thin skin, chocking you just enough to make you learn your lesson. He moved closer to you, his face just inches away from yours. You stood motionless. Yugyeom looked deep into yours eyes. He tore away your barriers and locked eyes. His nose two inches away, he slightly tilted his face and looked at your lips. You slightly turned your face at the opposite angle. ‘You can’t even look at me.’ He whispered, his thumb resting on your cheeks. ‘I bet you were able to look at him, though.’ He continued through gritted teeth, yanking your face towards his. His eyes were molten, the grey glittering, the black pupils enlarged and glistening with anger. Tears started to prickle your eyes, the tears making your eyes look even more intense as you stared at him. Tears of frustration, of regret rolling down your cheek. ‘Yugyeom I…’ You started but were cut off by him harshly pressing his hand against your lips, smirking down at you. ‘That’s why I need to teach you a lesson…’

He lunged at you, punishing you against the wall of the bedroom. Before you knew it, he had both your hands in one of his in a vice-like grip above your head and he was pinning you to the wall using his hips. His other hand grabbed your ponytail and yanked it down, bringing your face up and his lips were on yours. You moaned into his mouth, giving his tongue an opening. He took full advantage, his tongue expertly exploring your mouth. He’s never kissed you with such passion, lust…
‘Let me remind you of who you belong to.’ He said, grabbing you by your waist and dropping you onto the bed. He quickly rode himself off his clothes, his boxers the only thing covering his shaft. His eyes scanned the bed, a devilish grin tugging on the edge of his lips. ‘Looks like you had fun.’ He admitted. You looked around you, your cheeks bright red from the undeniable arousal he was giving you. The bed was a mess. The bedsheets raveled up, cushions were spread out everywhere, stains covering the satin material. Before giving you the chance to explain yourself, he made his way over to your shared wardrobe. Your breath hitched in your throat at the sight of the black silk woven tie he took with him to the bed.
‘Knit your hands together in front of you.’ He ordered as he ripped your clothes off your body and throws it on the floor. ‘You owe me a new blouse.’ You said teasingly, trying to lighten the mood. Yugyeom scoffed at your words behind you, taking the tie from your hands and doing it for you. He lifted your hands over your head before tying them together in a tight knot. His lips moved closer to your ear, breathing into your ear as he speaks, slow and almost mesmerizing. ‘You fucked someone who clearly wasn’t me…I owe you nothing.’ 

He walked around the bed and stops in front of your face, his eyes bright with wild excitement. Your pulse has gone through the roof, your heart a frantic tattoo.
‘Oh kitten,” He whispered softly, the animal name rolling off his tongue. “What should I do to you?’ He lowered you onto the bed and raised your hands above your head.
‘Keep your hands up here, don’t move them, understand?’
‘Answer me.” He demanded, his voice soft.
‘I won’t move my hands.’ You’re breathless.
‘I’m going to make you realize who you belong to so you don’t go around letting other people take what’s mine.” He said, his voice coming out in nothing more than a whisper. His hand came up to cup your chin and pushed it up, giving him access to your throat. ‘Don’t move your hands or you’ll meet the consequences.’

He trailed kisses down your body, making you struggle underneath him. His lips sucking blueish marks into the sensitive skin above your collarbone, earning a silent moan from you. He kissed the skin above your breasts gently, his tongue trailed down and drew lazy patterns over your hardening nipple. His teeth grazed your nipples ever so gently. His free hand moved up to cup your breast, giving both equal attention. You bit down on your lip, trying to restrain the moans from escaping your lips. Yugyeom twisted your nipple in between his fingers harshly, making you arch your back from the pleasure. ‘Do not hold it,” He commanded, coming up to stare into your eyes, the intensity in his gaze igniting a fire deep inside your soul. A fire you thought extinguished when he left five months ago. A fire you thought would never come back. “You were able to moan when he was here…so why can’t you do so for me?’

He locked eyes with you as he gave your nipple a teasing squeeze, making you involuntarily moan out loud in both pain and pleasure. He smiled down at you in satisfaction before pushing himself down further on the bed, disappearing in between your legs. You feel your panties being pushed aside and cold air being blown into your soaked folds. ‘This is mine,’ He whispered aggressively into my slit. ‘All mine. Do you understand?’
He eased his fingers in and out, giving you no time to adjust. You squirmed around him, your moans filling the room as he adds another finger.
‘I bet he didn’t make you feel so good, did he kitten?’ He asked huskily, his tongue being placed flat against your clit as he licked up a stripe.
‘No…daddy.’ You whispered under your breath, your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure. Yugyeom smiled against your folds before kissing your clit gently and pulling his fingers out of you before you’re able to let your orgasm ripple through your body. Yugyeom came back up to meet your face, his hazelnut brown hair sticking to his forehead. 

‘Everytime you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I’ve been here. Only me. You are mine.’ His fingers circled your puckered love cave.
He pushes his boxers down, letting his pulsing shaft drop against his stomach. You gasped at the image in front of you, having forgotten about your boyfriend’s perfect size for a while. He pumps himself a few times before lining himself up with your aching core. He looked up at you the way all women want to be looked at by a man before pushing himself into you. He places your leg over his shoulder, gaining easier access. He steadied himself inside of you, giving you time to adjust to him before starting to pound into you more harshly, earning the dirtiest moans from you. You felt your hands getting heavier above your head, the blood rushing into your fingertips.
‘Yugyeom-ah.’ You moaned as he thrusted into you again. He looked up at you from the pleasure sight of his dick ramming into your tight womanhood.
‘Could we get rid of these?’ You asked in the puppy voice you know he can’t resist, your eyes narrowed at the tie around your hands. His thrusts came to a hold inside of you as he leaned closer to your face, squeezing your lips together in his hands.
‘Do you really think you deserve that?’ He asks, pulling his hips away from yours before slamming into you, making you jolt back in pain. You shook your head, too tired to disobey. You knew you’ve done wrong. You knew you should’ve never cheated on the only boy who can fuck you into nirvana and also make you feel like the only girl in the world at the same time but this punishment, felt too good to be true. He slapped your cheek gently before letting his hands rest on your thighs. You tried to ignore your hands dying above your head as his thrusts become harsher, more powerful. Moans spilled out of his mouth. You looked up at him. His head tilted back in pleasure, his sweet cherry lips forming an ‘o’ and his abs slapping against your back was the best view you’ve gotten in a really long time. You mouthed a silent ‘oh fuck’ before dropping your head back in ecstasy.

Your body rode up the satin bedsheets by your boyfriend’s angry thrusts. The knot in your stomach tightened at the sweet nothings Yugyeom whispered into your ear. Your walls clenched around him and you came with screaming his name. With your juices coating his dick, it didn’t take him long to fill your insides with his seeds. He rode out both your orgasms before dropping down on the bed next to you, pulling the bedsheets over your exhausted bodies.

Yugyeom wrapped his arm around you lovingly, kissing your shoulder. You were confused at his sudden change of behavior. Why he wasn’t mad at you anymore. Why sex was all he needed to forgive your reckless behavior. “You know,’ He whispered into your hair as if he read your mind. ‘You’re only mine to play with and the thought of anyone else having you is like a knife twist in my dark soul.’

Your body shivered at his honest words, making you feel guilty for ever doubting his love for you. You intertwined your fingers with his and kissed his knuckles, a smile appearing on your lips. ‘I’m all yours…oppa.’ You whispered gently. Your eyes felt heavy as exhaustion took over your body. Yugyeom giggled against your skin.


Neither of you were really there.

You sat by your laptop, curled into a ball and aimlessly clicked on the refresh button. You were drained: physically and emotionally. You stared at the bright screen blankly. These days, you didn’t seem to find anything motivating. Everything seemed pointless really. Nothing amused you. Nothing fascinated you. You sometimes even questioned your existence. This week was a long drag through the mud, just thinking about it made you scowl. Coward, that’s what you were.

When the camera first caught you, the media exploded. You were so overwhelmed that you ran away. You’ve now caged yourself in your little box apartment and refused to go out. Every day. Every. Single. Day. They came banging at the door, telling you to open up, begging you desperately for an interview. You’d ignore them, plug in your headphones and just drown yourself in the blasting music.

You noticed your phone lighten up beside your laptop. You picked it up lazily and read the name that kept blinking. Yoongi❤. You grimaced at the name. You placed your phone screen down and tilted your head back on your chair. You couldn’t breathe. You felt everything weighting you down at once and the tears that you thought had dried up crept back. You covered your face with both hands and took a shaky breath.


“I told you. I told you over and over again to be careful!” He shouted across the room. The room was a mess. Objects scattered on the floor with pieces of shattered glass sticking out. You whimpered at his voice. You were scared. Dear God you were scared. You thought no one was around. But apparently you didn’t look hard enough.


“Look where we are now _________! Our faces are plastered all over the internet!” He ruffled his hair aggressively. His eyes were blood shot from his shaking anger. You took it all in. You didn’t dare to speak back at him. Your lips trembled and tears were threatening to fall. You were biting on the inner walls of your cheek in order to stop yourself from breaking down once and for all.


“My whole career _________! My whole fucking career is on the line! Everything that I’ve built up till now!” His eyes were burning when they met yours. He took a step towards you from his position and without even realizing you took a step back. He seemed taken aback by your action. You didn’t know how to respond. It was your fault. You weren’t careful enough.

He took another step closer which make you take a few steps back till your back touched the wall. You clenched on the end of your sweater. Your palms were sweaty and your fingers hurt from clenching too hard.


“I-I’m sorry.” That was all you could make out. What else were you suppose to say? You’ve disappointed him and every look that he gave you only screamed hatred. You took in a few shaky breaths and continued.


“I’m sorry. I-I’ll break it off. I’ll end this.” Your vision was blurred. You couldn’t see his face properly but that was probably for the best. Yoongi stood there and studied you. When did you look so small and weak in front of him? When did you look so fragile? When did you look so scared?


“Wha- break it off?” He was speechless. He felt like a coward. He looked around him: the messy room, the ripped papers, his laptop busted amongst the various objects that were trashed around the ground. He looked at his own bare hands. He lost his cool. He looked back at you. He took a step closer.


“P-please,” You begged.


“Please, I’ll stop this. Just please don’t hurt me…” You felt a tear run down your cheek. You quickly wiped it away because you were in front of him and he hated when you cried. Yoogi was shocked. He raised his hands and you flinched in reflex. He felt a stab of guilt.


“_________…” Before he could finish off his sentence, you ran. You ran out the studio, out the company, into the mob of cameras flashing and mikes being shoved at your face. You were bombarded with questions but one of the questions made you take a quick pause.


“Are you really dating the BTS member Yoongi?” You turned to that reporter, and snatched her mike.


“I’ll say this once and only once. Yoongi and I have no relation. I forced myself on him.” With that, you dropped the mike and ran. Yoongi chased after you till the exit of the company but was blocked by the crowd that was gathered around. He couldn’t reach you.


You woke up from that nightmarish scene. You were still sitting in front of your laptop except the screen had gone black. With a swift move of the mouse, the screen brightened up. The time read 3:20am. It was like you were running in cycles. No matter how much you wanted to run away from the situation, you were back in the same position. You were caught in this web that seemed to refuse to let you go. Your phone buzzed again, you knew who it was even before you looked at it.

You picked up, but set the phone back on the table.

“________? Thank God you picked up.” His voice was shaking. You could hear the anxiousness in his voice but he sounded so far.

You didn’t respond.

“_________? Are you there? Please please please just – I just need you to talk to me. Just say something, anything.” You wanted to reply him. You wanted to talk to him. You missed talking to him. But you couldn’t. You couldn’t because you told him that you would break it off and it did. The crowd was no longer targeting the both of you. Instead, it was targeting you only, demanding the whole story of how you “forced” yourself on him.

“__________ please. Please.” His voice broke. You immediately picked up the phone and took and was about to say something but you stopped your own actions. You were surprised by your response and also by how close you were to crossing the line. However, Yoongi heard you. He heard you draw in a single breath.

“_________ why did you do it? Why did you say that? You shouldn’t have said that. It wasn’t you so why are you doing this alone? _________, please __________, just answer me. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” There he was blaming himself again. You knew exactly what face he was making. His eyes would be more droopy than usual, his would be slouching his while ruffling his hair while trying to hold back his tears. You’ve seen him in that position before and you were there to comfort him but not this time. This time, you were the cause.

“I’m sorry I ran away…” you felt your heart tighten as those words flowed out of the other line. It’s not your fault.

“Please _________ we could work this out together…” His voice sounded drained. You wanted this to work out but things didn’t always go how you wanted them to. The idol world was scarier than it seemed. One mistake and a whole company could be bankrupt. You couldn’t let him risk it. He’s worked so hard for it. You began to sob.

“I’m sorry.” That was all you could say.

You kept running away and you didn’t understand why he kept chasing you. You would have turned back and waited if you hadn’t gone too far. It seemed pointless to stop now. He was calling out to you, reaching out. But you couldn’t take his hands. In the mist of all chaos, it only made you run faster.

“No, I’m sorry that I ran away…_________, please there’s still a chance.” Yoongi was crying too. You couldn’t bear the sound of him crying, it broke you even more. So you hung up. You wanted to let him be, you wanted to let him breathe.


A/N: This is just a superrr random one shot thing. I just felt inspired to write this while listening to ‘RUN’ the ballad version (you can listen to it HERE) and yeah. It’s not the best but I decided to post it anyways cause why not. Much love xxx

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could i have a fanfic with dazai tickling akutagawa?? maybe to cheer him up or whatever you want? sorry for bothering you, but you're seriously the only one who writes good bsd fanfics ;;

OMG, you’re so precious, Anoncakes. I really appreciate your words. You’re too kind to me. I literally cried, okay? So thank you so much ♥♥

But! Also Ginny (@otomiya-tickles), has bsd fics too! You should check them out~

Anyways, here it is. Omg it was so hard because I was trying to inspire myself reading stuff but fuck, there’s only angst for these too! So here it is… I didn’t know if you wanted them in a romantic relationship? So I indulged myself and did this~ hope it is okay.

WARNINGS: This is very long. Help. I’m sorry.

He wasn’t expecting less when he stepped inside the lobby of the Agency, but still, it hurt. Even with Dazai bragging around about how he had convinced Akutagawa to join them, noone seemed happy to have him there. Just Atsushi, who desperately tried to welcome him and lighten up the mood, sweating and squeaking and stuttering. Akutagawa felt almost sorry for him. Almost. He was actually too busy feeling sorry for himself.

Each and every of his movements made everyone flinch and prepare to attack in case Akuragawa thinks it is a nice idea to kill them all. He leans more into Dazai, instead, listening to his explanations almost fully. Almost.

Even Dazai felt bad for Akutagawa, and how could he not, he was now in a relationship with him, after all. Akutagawa’s pain was his own pain, now. He feels the daggers of his co-workers’ eyes stabbing him in the back, he feels the weight of the world upon his shoulders, and a rope wrapping around his neck, choking him.


“Y-YES!”, Seriously, can’t you be a little more discret? Dazai could hear a little growl coming from Akutagawa’s throat. He almost giggled. Almost, because Atsushi was basically on top of them. “DO YOU NEED SOMETHING?!”

“Yes, stop screaming, tiger”, that actually earned a few chuckles from Tanizaki, who was placing some paperwork on Dazai’s desk. Dazai looked at Akutagawa by the corner of his eye, his heart almost melting when he saw the light blush spreading out all over his white cheeks, a warm smile tugging the corners of Dazai’s mouth.

Who would think he’d see Akutagawa Ryūnosuke blushing like that? That is breathtaking and he felt the rope loosing up a little bit, letting him breath better. Just a little. A tiny little… not at all.

“Atsushi-kun, I’m tired, could you help Akutagawa with this?”, Atsushi flnched just as much as Akutagawa did. Both of them looking up at Dazai with pleading eyes.

“Take care of your own subordinates, Dazai”, Kunikida said in a cold tone, his arms crossed above his chest with his Ideal hanging in his hand; Dazai thought about tease his model-like pose, but by the glare on his eyes, he knew Kunikida was dead serious.

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House Of Cards Pt.8

||Part 1|| Part 2|| Part 3|| Part 4|| Prologue || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 ||

Warnings : Triggers of self harm. If you’re easily affected, please don’t read beyond the line.

Originally posted by agustdefsoul

You watched Jin’s sleeping form uncomfortably sitting on a chair next to your bed. He held your hand tightly even in his sleep and you wondered how long he had been there. The curtains were drawn but you could tell that it was nighttime from the little to no light coming through them.

The silence and darkness around you gave you time to think and clear your head over everything that happened. Although it scared you to have them replay so vividly in your head, you still recalled even the slightest details. The smell of cigarette smoke blending with the stench of liquor and a slight hint of blood, the random and meaningless designs on Yoongi’s shirt, and the feeling of glass against your skin. It felt like you were reliving everything from that first night and you hated it.

“ Jin … ” You whispered when he squirmed uncomfortably, almost falling off the chair, and he immediately looked up. His eyes were half closed, features looking tired, making you feel sorry for troubling him.

“ You’re awake ” Jin smiled trying to save his hair from the mess it became before sighing in relief, “ You’re awake ” He repeated rubbing his face.

“ Been awhile actually ” You sat up, your hands still sealed between his, while trying to stop any pain reflex you knew you would have. You knew it was pointless at this point but that just how you were. Pretending to be okay was just second nature.

“ Why didn’t you wake me up ?’’

“ I would say you looked too cute but that would be too cliché for my situation “ You chuckled hoping to lighten the heaviness you felt inside of you that you knew he had too. Yet, instead of breaking the stern expression he sported, Jin seemed to be glaring at you. Maybe making jokes in this kind of time was not the best way to go about it.

“ How do you feel ? I did my best but I know it will still hurt like hell and you refused to go to the hospital no matter how hard I pushed. Why are you so stubborn ? Don’t answer that instead tell me, do you want to eat ? Should I make you something ?” Before you could shake your head, a smile slowly curling on your lips and tears welling up in your eyes from his fluster, He continued “ No, even if you’re not hungry, you need to eat so don’t answer that either ”.

“ Jin, I’m okay. You don’t have to worry anymore “

“ Don’t you even dare act strong in front of me. Not when I saw you bleeding out on my couch. Not when …’’ Jin trailed off as he saw the first tear falling down your cheek. He internally screamed at himself for being too blunt about it, then taking a mental note to watch the words out of his mouth knowing well how much they can hurt. “ Just … If it hurts, say it does. If you don’t like something, say you don’t. To me and to Namjoon.”

“ Namjoon … Where is he ?” You asked and Jin almost rolled his eyes at your weak attempt to change the subject.

“ They’re still trying to fix everything at Hye jung’s. The place was badly trashed ”

“ Right …” You looked down your free hand, delicately bandaged like the rest of your body ” Tell her I’m sorry for that. I’ll pay-”

“ Don’t complete that sentence or I swear to god I’m taking away all treats” It was always amusing when Jin punished you and the boys by taking away sweets and junk food, like you were little children, but right now you just felt grateful “ Stay right here, I’ll come get you once the food is ready ”

“ Not like I can go anywhere ” You looked back at him and this time he was smiling. You blinked out the dampness and nodded while he stood up, letting go of your hand. It instantly felt cold without his touch.

Very funny ” Jin spoke in a sarcastic tone opening the door but stopped when you called him back. He turned to face you with an arched eyebrow and you felt embarrassed.

“ Can you … turn the lights on ?”

“ Yeah, yeah, of course. I forgot about that ”


Namjoon came back in the middle of your late night meal with Jin. The eldest had helped you out of bed and into the kitchen by letting you lean against him. You were gathering more and more debts from him. Them.

“ You’re finally up’’ Namjoon flashed you a dimply smile. He wanted to rush and hug you tightly, thank you for staying alive, thank you for not being badly hurt but he knew that would probably not be the right move and just, quietly, sat next to you accepting a bowl of rice from Jin. This was nice as well, having a meal together. He was happy to have another one with you.

Sounds of metallic spoons scraping the plates filled the place while you thought and thought about a way to say thank you. Just plainly saying the words seemed too ungrateful while not saying them seemed even more so. However, you had to start somewhere.

Thank you ” You and Namjoon said at the same time. You both looked at each other with wide eyes while Jin just laughed. He as going through the same inner conflict on whether to say the words or not.

“ What are you thanking me for ?’’ You asked after a long, awkward, silence.

“ You first ” Namjoon choked out childishly and you just smiled down at your soup.

“ I think it’s more than clear. Saving my life, helping me, and … Yeah, a lot of things I’m grateful for ” You nodded and Jin’s smile faded away. This seemed too familiar.

Namjoon still remembers your note. Those words that ringed in his head like piercing thorns. You shouldn’t feel like that. No one should’ve put you in a position where you needed to say those words. You were too precious to him. Every single one of his friends were his responsibility. An untouchable being. He unintentionally clenched his fist, the anger slowly flowing back through his veins.

“ What about you ?” Your soft tone brought him back and he slowly loosened his grip on the spoon. He glanced at you and arched his eyebrow, shaking his head slightly. “ Why did you thank me for ?”

“ Being alive ” Namjoon whispered. You froze, your heart fluttering a little, and you soon found yourself crying again. Trying to muffle it by stuffing yourself.

“ Slow down ” Jin handed you a glass of water “ I don’t like it when people cry while eating. You should be happiest when doing so. Food is like the-”

“ Oh god, hyung, please don’t start ”

“ Ya, you brat. Be grateful I cook for you and for free. You know that I’m a licensed chef but here I am feeding your ungrateful ass ” Jin used the spatula he brought with him to hit Namjoon’s head which took the attention off of you. You watched them argue over who does most around the house, which Namjoon ended up losing, for another fifteen minute. Jin still kept glancing at you worriedly throughout the whole time you sat there.

“ When you feel better, let’s go file a police report. Hye jung is going to file one as well. Let’s make sure he gets what he deserves. Or else I’m doing it with my own hands ” Namjoon said at the end of the meal. He avoided your eyes to stop you from voicing a protest knowing well that since you refused the hospital you would refuse the police as well.

“ Namjoon-ah …”

“ Whatever it is, I don’t want to hear it. I’m not going to make you do anything you don’t want but I do want him punished or else I feel like my head is going to explode ” His response caught you by surprise. You knew that, to some extent, they all cared for you and considered you part of their little family. However, you didn’t realize it was to that extent until now. You, for the first time ever, felt completely safe and protected.

“ Namjoon, she might be uncomfortable with it. Let’s wait a little until she’s all healed up, then we can discuss this again ” Jin spoke up in your stead telling the rest of what he had to say with his concerned stare.

“ No, I can do it. I guess I shouldn’t act like nothing happened anymore.’’

“ Absolutely not ”


Everyone had a hidden secret. A hidden sadness that finds them every time the darkness takes over. A broken love. A lost friend. Regretful decisions. Unhealed scars. Each of them had something that would wake them up in the middle of a stormy night and torment them through it. Some thought to have forgotten theirs but, once in a while, it find them again and fill them with fear. Fear of repitition. 
It was one of those days.
Jin sat wide awake on his bed. Sheets dampened with sweat from his nightmare. He tried his best to muffle his cries but nothing could subdue the urge to scream. He didn’t think he would feel like this, especially since you were doing just fine. The tough mask you were felt was too familiar to him but just like last time he didn’t know how to break it down.
Namjoon sat on the cold ground outside his room. Eyes closed and head leaning back against the door. He could hear every single distinct sob and felt his heart being torn apart. He, for one, knew it would be like this. The night before was too quiet because Jin had to take care of you but this time he was left alone. Namjoon gripped his head tightly cursing himself in the dark for being such a useless friend.
Jimin held Hye jung a little closer to him. An attempt to shield her from the world. He spent the night thinking about his friends. His life. How far they’ve come and where they were. He thought how lucky he was and how sad it had been. He thought about what he lost and found through what happened. Jimin felt disgusted by himself when wishing that the past wouldn’t change.
Hoseok, as well, wrapped protective arms around Taehyung. He whispered words of comfort trying to dry every tear with his lips. He kissed the top of his head knowing there was nothing he could do but that. There had been a few nights like this before. Less often in the last few years but Taehyung would always relapse when seeing a drama about it. Hearing news of it. However, it had never been this severe even since then until now that he witnessed it again through someone that close. If he could hug the younger anymore he would but Hoseok was too scared to break him.
They silently shared the pain at the same time. Just different places and different amounts. What happened to you was the catalyst that opened the way for all those memories to flow back into their lives. 
You hugged your knees to your chest sitting to the ground. It was the only place that felt cold enough for your burning skin. It felt like the blood was stinging its way through your veins. Like something was clawing at your arms urging to come out. No matter how hard you clawed at them, leaving red lines behind, the urge wouldn’t subdue. In the back of your head, you knew what this was. In the back of your head, you wanted to keep it as a mere thought.

You closed your eyes, making yourself look even smaller for the monsters that haunted you. You didn’t want to fall back into that endless labyrinth that terrified you but the burning wouldn’t calm down. No You kept repeating to the little voice in your head. No You shouted again in your mind. Just once.

You slowly stood up, Namjoon’s oversized shirt falling to your knees again. Your own clothes felt too tight. Too hot for you to wear. So you just took one of his from the closet, since he gave u his room for you, and corn it over your underwear. Making your way to the bathroom, you turned off the bedroom’s light and closed the door behind you.

Just once.

It was easy for you to find a tool. Having been through this a million times. You sat inside the empty bathtub, your bandages abandoned on the floor, with your bruised up arms in full display. It looked too disgusting for you to even look at and, somehow, inside your twisted brain it made perfect sense for you to try and cover them up with more.

The blade hurt even more against the already abused skin but you finally felt that release. As the blood traced down your arm, the red covering up all the purple and green spots, you felt the heat in your body cool down. You felt you head light up and your body felt like it was floating. You were reminded why it felt so good before. The little time you were given when you mind was empty from anything else but the scent of blood, when you couldn’t think of anything but the physical pain that enveloped you in comfort. You curled your arms around your legs bringing them closer to your chest and closing your eyes.

However, that small moment of relief didn’t last long before you had to repeat it again. Harder each time for more time. Deeper each time for more. When you felt satisfied enough with your masterpiece, you let the blade fall to the ground. You would worry about cleaning up later, but for now, you were finally able to sleep.


There was a loud knock on the door and Namjoon’s voice called you out of your sleep. It took you a moment to register where you were and what you’ve been doing.

“ O-one moment ” You stuttered getting out of the tub. Looking back now it will take much more time to clean up then you originally thought. Namjoon’s knocking got less frantic and he was only asking for you to open the door now, as gently as he could. Jin’s voice was not absent in the background as he stood behind the younger telling him to just break the fucking door down, it’s not like you didn’t do it before. “ No ! I’m … I-I’m naked. Don’t come in !” You screamed out and the knocking finally stopped. They both sighed out, now feeling utterly embarrassed by their actions and clumsily walking – running – out the room.

Again, as always, you were also reminded of how shameful it felt to lie. To wake up the next day. Because no matter, how good it felt in the moment, you always seemed to regret it the next day. It was harder to take a shower now, adding those to the other ones you had to watch out for. Ironic how some pain was always welcomed while you pried away from another.

“ Let me redo your dressing ” Jin held up the first-aid kit, that looked nothing like a small emergency bag, and smiled. You shook your head before he could finish holding both your hands up when he saw that you already did.

“ I can do it myself from now on, you did enough ” You returned his smile then meeting eyes with Namjoon who just stared at you with a blank face.

“ You should let him, he’s more experienced than you ” Namjoon finally said going back to his phone. You didn’t know what to say it’s not like you were just going to casually confess to why you didn’t want to. You limped your way towards the table before plopping down the chair next to Namjoon, sighing as it took much more effort to do so than the first two times.

“ How come you are so good at this ? Were you like training for battle or something ?’’ Jin seemed to freeze at your question. It was your way to change the subject but it seemed like you hit a sensitive string he wanted to avoid. Namjoon cleared his throat catching your attention and Jin silently thanked him for it.

“ Hyung is going to get your stuff from Hye Jung’s place and you’ll be staying with us .” Namjoon calmly put down his phone and turned his chair to face you. “ Before you say no, I’m not giving you much of a choice anyways. You either stay here or stay here. We still have to find him and deal with him, we don’t know if he would try to come find you again so, you’re staying here. I’m sure you’ll be safe with the two of us here.”

“ What about Jimin ? I know he lives with you.”

“ He’s moving in with Hye Jung today, you’ll be taking his room after he leaves. As much as I like you being in mine, I can’t sleep on the couch for ever.” Namjoon chuckled

“ Plus, you get to eat my food.” Jin added while smirking down at the pancakes, too proud of what he makes, and you just laughed.

“ Not the food again !” Namjoon yelled out in frustration before standing up. If this was what you would be seeing everyday, it wasn’t really such a bad thing.

“ Shhhh, repeat after me : Food is love, food is life.”

“ Hyung … You know that video was about-”

“ Okay ! Let’s not go there.” You interrupted him covering your ears and looking away. “ I don’t need to hear you talking about that.”.

Namjoon glanced down at you with furrowed eyebrows. Too much was going on in his head and nothing seemed to be good enough to voice. He was happy to see you smile and laugh over stupid things like this but he also knew that it wasn’t true and that you were trying for them. Maybe they should’ve built a closer relationship with you before this all happened, maybe then they could’ve stopped this all from happening.

“ Namjoon-ah ?” Jin repeated for what felt like the thousand time.

“ Uh, hyung ?”

“ I said we should not open the restaurant for a few days.”

“ Why would you do that ?” You turned to Jin who just ignored your question. “ Jin, please, I don’t want you-”

“ I’m not doing it for you. I just think we need a break.” The eldest scoffed.

“ A break, right. We do.” Namjoon brushed his hair back and smiled. Too many debt.


Yoongi sat alone in the bed you used to share. He spun his lighter over and over again, a glimpse of hesitation still holding him back.

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Learning From Mistakes

Warnings: some fluff, some angst
Rating: everyone
Summary: Steve x Reader where they both have feelings for each other but Steve gets scared of putting her in danger so he tries to push her away and when she wouldn’t let him he says some things that break her heart. A few months later something happens where Steve confesses that he loves her and how he made a huge mistake in pushing her away (as requested by @davidteninchme)
A/N: Gosh, I haven’t written a Steve one-shot in ages…Well, here you go! :)
Y/N = your name
Steve was undoubtedly in love with Y/N. His heart lifted every time her saw her, and every time he talked to her, he felt so many butterflies in his stomach that he could’ve sworn that it wasn’t just butterflies, but a whole zoo in there. Steve had to tell someone about his new-found love for Y/N, and who better to tell than his best friend. After the first time he told Bucky about his feelings for Y/N, he wouldn’t shut up. Everyday, he’d bore Bucky about how much he loved her, and how he imagined their lives would be if they were together. Bucky didn’t mind, it just made him happy to see that Steve was happy.

Y/N tried so hard not to make it obvious that she loved Steve, but Bucky could see it all - and he saw in her exactly what he saw in Steve. He knew that Steve would be too chicken to ask Y/N out on a date if he didn’t know whether Y/N liked him too, so he told Steve.

“Steve, you should ask Y/N out sometime. She really likes you,” Bucky said casually.

Steve stopped cleaning his shield and looked up to Bucky. “She told you that?”

“No, I just know it. Have you noticed how nervous she gets around you? She can’t even manage a sentence without stuttering. Oh, wait, you’re exactly the same as her.”

Steve rolled his eyes and thought for a minute. He thought about the circumstances which they were in and suddenly it hit him; they could never be together without the dangers getting in the way. “Buck, have you even thought about all of the dangers we’d be putting ourselves in if we were together? Do you realize how hard it would be if one of us was seriously injured during a mission or even…died? I can’t do that to her, I can’t put her in danger. I love her too much, and I just…I can’t do that for the sake of us being ‘official’. If one of us gets injured, it’ll just be harder for us to deal with if we’re together-”

Steve, calm down. If that’s how you feel, tell her that. Don’t leave her hanging because she’s been waiting forever for you to make a move.”

Steve sighed. “Why does does this have to be so difficult?”

“I don’t know, man, I don’t know. It is how it is, you just gotta live with it.”
Steve found Y/N in her room, and he knocked gently on her door. “Come in,” she called, the sound of her sweet voice filling his head. It pained him to have to do this.

(Your POV)
Steve pushed the door open, stepped in, and closed it. You were a little surprised to see Steve in your room, but tried to not make an ass out of yourself. “Hi, Steve, how are you?” 

He managed a small smile, said “I’m good,” quietly, and stood awkwardly. You gestured for him to go and take a seat on your desk chair, and after he’d sat down, he said, “Y/N, we have to talk about…things.”

He couldn’t possibly know. He couldn’t. You hadn’t said anything to anyone. “About what?” You asked him cautiously.

“Y/N, this is a serious matter and I’m doing this because I care about you,” he dismissed your question, “- as a friend,” he quickly added.

“Is…something wrong?” You felt your heart starting to pound against your ribcage, scared of what he was going to say.

“I don’t want to put you in danger, and I just think that it would be better for us not to get in each other’s ways,” he said. Steve watched you as realization dawned on you. He looked away as he said the rest because it was so hard for him to do it, but he had to do this. “What I’m trying to say is that I’m not interested in having a romantic relationship with you.”

Steve couldn’t bear to look at you, but the crack in your voice made everything worse, “Are you…are you saying that you-”

Steve suddenly turned to you, pain and fear visible in his eyes, “This won’t work between us, if something happens to me, or to you, and either of us gets hurt, how is the other person going to deal with that?” Steve wasn’t shouting, and he wasn’t speaking harshly, or in an accusational tone, it was just his words. It hurt to hear them.

“Steve…we could just, y’know, make it work. If two people care for one another, wouldn’t being together be the logical thing to do?” You tried to reason with him because you were desperate to keep a hold of him and not let him fall from your grasp.

“I…I don’t love you, Y/N.” Steve stood his ground, and he had to do this to keep you safe and out of danger. Your mouth fell open slightly and the tears spilled quickly, your heart now well and truly broken. “I’m sorry, I just-” Steve started to apologize but you cut him off.

“Get out, Steve. Get out of my room, get out of my life. Just…go.”

Steve opened his mouth to say something, but closed it. He stood, looked to the floor and then to you, said “I’m sorry, Y/N,” and left without another word. You cried the rest of the night away, unaware of how hurt Steve was, too.
The first two weeks after the incident were the worst. You couldn’t look Steve in the face, and none of the other avengers knew about it - apart from Bucky. Bucky would occasionally ask you if you were okay or if you needed anything. But then you just learned to live with the difficulties.

Steve had found it easy to conceal his heartbreak at first, but as the days progressed, he was slowly finding it hard to stop thinking about what he’d done. Steve watched you with despair each day, slowly starting to regret what he’d done. And he saw, he saw how you were starting to shrug all of this commotion off of your shoulders, how you were starting to think of this as nothing, how you were so easily being able to move on.

The heartbreak was starting to become apparent and visible in Steve’s appearance. Everyone could see it, and it was only Bucky who knew why - no one dared ask what was wrong because barely anything could break the country’s best soldier. Steve was starting to get dark circles under his eyes, and occasionally his eyes would be red, presumably from crying. 

Bucky hated seeing his best friend like this, distraught and helpless. But Steve hadn’t yet realized that he wasn’t helpless, he could turn this situation around, sort it out, win your heart. A month or so after the incident, Bucky sat Steve down and talked to him. “Steve…you know what I’m going to tell you.”

Steve nodded in response and took a deep breath. “I’ve…ruined it all. I told her I don’t love her, but I do.”

Bucky sat back and folded his arms across his chest. “Well, then, you have to fix this. You have to clean up the mess you made, on your own,” he paused for a moment, then nodded towards the mirror across the room. “Go and take one long look at yourself, Steve. You’ve ruined yourself,” Steve went to the mirror, and stared at the looming figure who was starting to crumble. He saw his dark circles, his tired eyes…was this really what he’d become? 

“Look at how love can destroy people, tear them apart from the inside. This isn’t a movie, Steve, this is real life. ‘If you love someone, let them go’ is bullshit. You were willing to let go of the one you love? You can’t throw your love for her away like that. What are the kids saying these days…yeah, you only live once! That. I remembered,” Bucky smiled and Steve managed a small smile through the reflection in the mirror.

“Well…we’ve lived twice,” Steve chuckled.

“Exactly… Anyways, Steve, seriously…go to her and fix it, you’ll thank me later.”
(Your POV)

The same knock on the same door. You knew it was him, and you were willing to give him a chance. He might not have thought this through when he made his decision before. “Come in,” you called out, making yourself comfortable on your bed. You put the book that you were reading aside and prepared yourself for what could turn out to be a very long conversation.

He came in and whispered “Hi,” before sitting reluctantly on the edge of your bed. You smiled just a little, trying to lighten the mood. Before you could ask if he was okay - because you were a little concerned for him - he outstretched his arm and took hold of your hand.

“Y/N…I can’t even explain how much I regret saying what I said, because it’s not true, and it wasn’t true then, either…I do care about you, and I was over thinking everything because I cared about your safety - and I still do - but now I realize that you can take care of yourself because you’re an avenger, for crying out loud! I made such a big mistake for pushing you away like that and I never should have done it. I love you, Y/N, and I won’t make the mistake of pushing you away ever again.”

Your smile went from ear to ear, and you squeezed his hand tight. You couldn’t think of anything to say, so you told him the truth about how you felt, too, “I love you too, Steve. I’m sorry for screaming at you, I was just upset, and…I’m happy that we can take a shot at this. Together.”

“Together,” Steve repeated, smiling with a nod of his head, and pulling you into a big, warm and muscular hug.

your eyes looked like coming home

adrien and marinette, ten years later 

(or the high school reunion au that literally no one else wanted but me bc i am a whiny child


He can’t stop staring at her.

Which is a problem, because every time he so much as catches a glimpse of the navy blue skirt of her dress, Nino’s words play themselves over in his head, taunting him about his past ten years of obliviousness.

Look, he and Marinette started on the wrong foot, okay? How was he supposed to know that she didn’t actually dislike him, but had a crush on him?

He wasn’t, period.

But the gir- the woman who’s wildly gesticulating as she talks about something with Mlle. Bustier isn’t the Marinette that smiles bashfully at him in his memories; there’s something about her, about the way she holds herself, that’s changed. Eyeing her less subtly, Adrien finds that the room seems somehow smaller around her, like Marinette is too much to contain anymore.

The thought stretches his lips in a dopey grin, and even though it’s been seven years since the last time he saw Plagg, the lingering bad luck (or perhaps his own distraction) causes him to spill a little of his drink on his -thankfully black- shirt. It’s then that he manages to tear his gaze away from his old classmate to embarrassedly go find a napkin.

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How I Want

Prompt fill for my friend joheartvelle who submitted:

today I saw this guest speaker dude and he was talking about his first kiss and he is kissing this girl and she starts laughing and goes “don’t stick ur tongue that far down my throat dude” and then is like “let me show u how I want to be kissed” and leans his and kisses him all tender and iMAGINE DESTIEL HS!AU VERSION OF THAT

you got it kiddo

Dean’s an asshole. Cas forgives him.

Sort of.

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Cheating rumours - part 3

Author: obriendylan-imagines

Prompt: There’s rumours Dylan has been cheating on you with his co-star while filming his new movie

Requested by anonymous:  PART 3PLEASEEEEE /  cheating rumors pt.3 ? thx 😍😍😍😍/  cheating rumors pt.3 plzzzzz thx ur writing is amazing 💗💗💗💗

Word count: 1048

Part 1 /  Part 2 

*One week later*

Since you left the house the week before you had been staying in your friend’s apartment. You hadn’t gotten out of the house much and you couldn’t even study for your exams. You were basically feeling miserable. You weren’t mad at Dylan anymore, now you were just feeling sad. Dylan had tried to call you a couple of times and even sent you some flowers once to apologize but you had told him to stop. You would call him when you were ready, but that hadn’t happened yet. Officially you hadn’t broken up, you had just given it some time, but all the magazines and gossip websites were saying you were over and that wasn’t helping.

You were watching TV when your phone rang. It was a message from Dylan. You thought about ignoring it, it was probably one more of those sorry messages, but eventually you opened it.

[Hey. Sorry to bother you again. I just wanted to ask you if I could throw a surprise birthday party for Tyler next week at our place, like we talked about a couple weeks ago. Since it’s also your house I just wanted to know if you’re still okay with it. ]

Tyler was both yours and Dylan’s bestfriend and you had totally forgotten that you and Dylan had decided to throw him a birthday party.  [Hey. It’s totally okay. No problem at all. If you need help just ask me.] You thought about deleting this last part. You weren’t ready to spend alone time with Dylan but the party idea had been yours so you thought it would be rude at least not to offer your help if needed.

[Oh. Okay. Thanks. I think it won’t be necessary but if I need help I’ll call you. Needless to say you’re more than invited to come. I know he would like that… and me too]

You were kind of surprised by this but you just wrote [Yeah… I’ll see what I can do.] You thought if you should send this or not. You knew you had no plans for next week and even though you weren’t ready to see Dylan, you couldn’t keep ignoring him for the rest of your life. More importantly, it was Tyler’s birthday party and you couldn’t miss it, you actually felt bad just thinking about missing it because of Dylan. It was pretty selfish. Okay, it was clear, you were going to the party. But you didn’t want to let him know that so you sent the message as it was.

Your phone buzzed again and you knew it was him but you were too tired to try to sound like the idea of seeing him didn’t mess with your insides a little bit so you just ignored it and kept watching TV.


*The day of the party*

You took way too long to decide what to wear to the party and when you were finally ready it was a bit late. You had about ten minutes before Tyler arrived to your house and you were still in your friend’s apartment. Clearly you had to be there before that, so you just rushed to your car to get there on time.

When you arrived your first instint was to take out your key and open the door, afterall it was your house, but that would be kind of weird because you weren’t even the one organizing the party and you hadn’t set a foot on the house for two weeks so you just rung the bell. Immediately someone opened the door. Fortunately it wasn’t Dylan. It was Holland.

“Hey (Y/N)! You’re finally here!” she said hugging you “We were starting to think you wouldn’t come”

“Hey. Sorry. I just run a bit late” you hugged her back “I wouldn’t miss Tyler’s party”

“Yeah I know.” she said smiling. “C’mon the others are over there, in the kitchen.” she held your hand and led you.

The house was full of people. You knew most of them and in your way to the kitchen you just kept saying Hi/Hey/How are you?/I haven’t seen you in forever, etc… The people you didn’t know you had seen them somewhere so at least your house wasn’t filled with complete strangers. When you got to the kitchen almost everyone of the Teen Wolf cast was standing around the table drinking and laughing. Dylan included. You greeted everyone with hugs and kisses and talked with some for a while. You were finishing talking with Dylan Sprayberry when Dylan came closer to you.

“Hey” he said smiling “Glad you could make it”

“Yeah. I couldn’t really miss it.” you stood silence for a while until you were feeling a bit awkard and decided to say something. “The party looks cool” God. What a great conversation, you thought.

“Thanks. It took a lot of work but I think it turned out okay.” he was really comfortable and easy-going while talking to you like nothing had ever happened. You were actually kind of glad he did because it made it easier for you. “Actually, I think it’s going pretty well” he continued “especially because nothing has been broken yet” he laughed which made you giggle.

“Yeah. We don’t want that happening, do we?” you both laughed again which lightened the mood.

Somebody yelled from the other room. “Tyler is coming. Everybody hide” 

“We should hide behind the couch” Dylan whispered holding your wrist to lead the way.

You weren’t expecting him to touch you so you brush his hand off a bit too abruptly. He looked at you and raised his eyebrows, he didn’t know you would react like that.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry” he immediaty whispered “I didn’t mean to…”

“No, it’s okay” you interrupted him also whispering “I just wasn’t expecting it.”

“I just. I’m sorry. It was just out of habit” he was despairingly trying to apologize.

“It’s okay, really” you said looking him in the eyes “C’mon. Let’s go hide”

You both stod  behind the couch in silence. You could feel Dylan’s eyes on you but you didn’t dare to look. Suddently the front door opened.

“Hello? Dylan? Where are you?” It was Tyler. 

Everybody stood up and screamed “SURPRISE!”

A/N: I’m sorry this part was a bit longer and without many Dylan/ reader moments. I was thinking about doing another part with more action and with them talking way more. Would you be interested in a part 4? Let me know :)

Starlit Memories

A little Egobang Highshcool AU for you all! I really loved writing this so I hope you all enjoy! 

“Hey Danny?”

“Yeah Arin?”

“Have you ever… kissed anyone?” The boy asked sheepishly, quickly pulling his hand away from the other boys in embarrassment.

The two were enjoying one of their final nights of summer vacation looking up at the stars in Arin’s backyard. The stars shined so bright, they seemed to be rooting Arin on, setting the perfect mood to tell his best friend how he feels about him.

Danny quickly sat up from his comfortable lying position, and looked over at the younger boy next to him

“Yeah man, I’ve been kissing since the first grade. I guess I was born a total stud.” Danny laughed, trying to play it off as a joke, and lighten the mood a bit. When he saw that Arin wasn’t laughing, his smile disappeared, and he scooted closer to the shy boy. “Nah man, I’m just kidding. I kissed one girl at homecoming last year, but that’s about it. Any reason you ask?” Danny ask, concerned. He places a hand comfortingly on Arin’s leg, and Arin makes eye contact with Danny. Two sets of brown eyes lock, and Arin soon looks away in embarrassment. “Arin, what’s on your mind kid? You’re never this quiet around me.” Danny asks, concern thick in his voice.

“It’s stupid… You’ll laugh at me…” Arin replies shyly, slowly shaking his head. “I should have never of brought it up.”

“Arin, if you’re going to tell me you haven’t kissed anyone, I won’t laugh. A lot of people go through high school without kissing anyone. It’s totally natural man. Don’t even sweat it.”

A few minutes of silence pass over the two, and Danny begins to think that something is seriously wrong. Right as he’s about to speak up, Arin finds the courage to ask another question.

“Have you ever wanted to kiss a guy?” Arin’s voice is soft, and it wouldn’t even be audible to the boy next to him had it not been a quiet night, the only sounds that prevented a silence was the backdrop of crickets that surrounded them, hidden away in the grass and bushes.

Danny is taken aback for a minute, processing the question his friend had asked.

“I mean, I guess I haven’t really thought about it all that much.” Danny replies. Arin sighs out a shaky breathe, obviously nervous.

“Is it bad if I have…?” Arin’s voice cracks, tears now welling in his eyes. Danny quickly wraps his arms around the younger boy, and once Arin has his arms around Danny, the waterworks began. Danny tried to comfort him, rubbing his back and whispering “It’s alright. Just breathe.” into his ear while the nervous and scared Arin just continues to stain Dan’s tee with his salty tears.

Minutes pass slowly as Arin begins to calm down, holding tighter onto Danny than he has ever held onto anyone before. Once Danny had made sure that Arin’s breathing was back to normal, he separated from the embrace, looking at the mess of a boy in front of him.



“Do you… want to kiss me?” Danny asks, and Arin slowly nods, tears welling back into his eyes. “Nonononono please don’t start crying again Arin.” Danny pleads, and Arin just looks up at him with big, wet eyes.

Danny then slowly leans in closer to the distressed boy, their lips mere centimeters apart. Danny could feel Arin’s erratic breath on his lips, and eventually just closes the gap between them, kissing Arin softly on the lips.

Arin looks back at Danny, shocked at the action. Danny feels a deep blush spread across his face, and he quickly looks down at the grass beneath him.

“I’m sorry.” Arin mutters.


“Because you felt bad for me, so you kissed me. You pity kissed me. I made this awkward now…” Arin says, sadness now thick in his quiet voice.

Danny punches Arin in the arm, laughing.

“Dude that was not a pity kiss. I put every fucking inch of passion into that damn kiss, so you better have fucking enjoyed it.” Danny smiled his signature smile, which seemed to perk Arin up.

“That… that was real?” Arin asks, astonished.

“Do you not believe me? I can do it again.” Danny smirks, and Arin ponders for a minute.

“I dare you.”

Arin was quickly pushed over, and Danny took this opportunity to straddle the younger boy, both of them laughing. Arin quickly realized what situation he was currently in, and his face filled with a blush that had visited him more than enough times that night.

Danny dipped down, and kissed Arin for the second time, this time both of them participated in the act. As the kiss got deeper, Arin’s hands managed to tangle themselves in Danny’s mop of curls, while Dan’s hands had rested themselves on Arin’s cheeks.  

The kiss may not have been intense, but it was passionate and loving and full of emotion, and by the time they had pulled away, both of them had forgotten where they were. They didn’t care at that point. All that mattered was that they had figured themselves out. Best of all, they had each other.

“Hey Dan?”

“Yeah Arin?”

“I haven’t gotten a Beej either. You maybe want to fix that?” Arin asks, and Dan playfully smacks him, the two erupting in laughter.

“Fuck off.” Danny manages between laughs.

Dan rolls off of the boy below, and the two are back at their original positions, lying on their backs, looking up at the glowing night sky. Their hands managed to find each other’s, and they interlocked once again.

A comfortable silence falls over the two boys. Dan listens to Arin’s breathing while Arin’s mind races with the memories that had just been made.

“Hey Dan?”

“Arin, I swear to God if you make another Beej joke I’m going to smack you.”

“I love you.”

Danny’s head snaps to look at the boy next to him. Arin’s still looking up at the night sky, a huge smile present on his face. Danny relaxes, looking back up at the night sky. His grip on the younger boy’s hand tightens.

“I love you too, Arin. With all of my heart. Thank you for helping me realize that.”

“I love you.” Arin repeats, giggling a bit. “I love you. That’s something I’d never thought I’d ever be able to tell you.”

The two begin to drift off, just enjoying each other’s company. Before they could fall asleep, they get a few more sentences in.

“Hey Arin.” Dan says sleepily.

“Yeah Dan?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Looking Up (pt. 7) final // Ashton Irwin

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Requested; Yes

Summary; Single dad!Ashton is really worried about his little girl. You’re his best friend and you try to help him with the little one because he’s sad and lonely and doesn’t know what to do. Ashton then notices he’s falling in love with you.

(Part 1) // (Part 2) //  (Part 3) // (pt. 4) // (pt. 5) // (pt. 6)

“I think I’m going to cry.”

Booming obviations erupted from the crowd as proud parents and relatives rose to their feet, you and Ashton were two of the many.

“I thought I was the only one.” Cracking a smile, you turned to Ashton who had just finished using the last of his remaining phone storage taking videos and pictures of Janis in her Mad Hatter costume.

The enthusiastic little girl took off the green hat, that would have left her blind if it wasn’t sustained by her chaotic locks, and take a graceful bow along with the rest of her classmates. The tip of her oversized trench coat touched the floor as she did so, you were practically glowing with joy as she waved to the crowd.

Through squinted eyes, she scanned through the rows of people until she found the two of you. Her eyes widened, sparkling brighter underneath the spotlights as you waved back with the suggest smile on your face.

“That’s my baby.” Ashton chuckled as the class bowed down once more in union and Janis eagerly ran off the stage to get her costume off.

“That child is going to win an oscar someday, she’s that good.” You uttered while trailing behind Ashton, scooting through people as they started to pour down the aisle, causing traffic. The auditorium was not exactly ‘roomy’.

To prevent Janis from being swept away from the sea of bodies, you agreed to meet at the front of the stage.

“Well I hope one day we’ll see her up there receiving that award,” He reached out for your hand but flinched as he remember you two weren’t exactly on speaking terms, “Janis definitely got the niche for theatre from me.”

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