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A Little Update

Hey guys! It’s been a bit for me. Right now I’m focusing on me and making sure I’m good so that’s why my fics have been a little sparse recently. I will tell you it’s going to be another day, maybe two until I’m back and running. So until then, here’s what I’ve got going on (This is also to answer those asks about my WIPS) 

  1. The new Dean series! I’m super duper excited about this one, you have no idea! I have 12 parts planned so far, but it’s definitely going to be more than that. I will tell you that it’s an AU. Mechanic! Dean. Lot’s of familiar characters. It revolves around the summer time. There will be a post revealing all soon!
  2. A Sam x Reader series…A Titanic AU. Remember my Proposal AU… That will give you some sort of hint on how I will be writing this one. I’m realllllllly excited for this one. 
  3. I have maybe 6 Dean one shots planned. A Jealous!Dean is definitely one of them. ;)
  4. Potentially a short Demon!Dean Series?
  5. More Preferences! Pssst: You can totally request one here
  6. More Drabbles!
  7. More Perfect

But for now, me and my very exhausted body are going to watch some old SPN episodes. Take care y’all. AKF!

Ps: If any of the above interests you and you’re thinking, “Oh my god! Jen please tag me” 

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ofwolves-andstars  asked:

Hi! Im pretty sure you have this in your faq page but I can't access it from my phone :/ i was just wondering if you have problem with people reposting your art with full credit? Or you dont want it being reposted at all? (I mean in places like instagram). Sorry if it's already kn your faq😬 also everything you do is beautiful!

Nevermind that other ask about reposting, I know the answer now! I just want to say that your Remus is the softest thing I have ever seen and literally makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy every time I see him <3

The links in the description are always breaking, ugh :/ I fixed them yesterday (you can access my FAQ from your phone now :)) but it was late and I was too tired to answer your question. But I think I should answer anyway.

If you post one or two of my drawings with full credit, asking me first and sending me the link to your page, then I’d most likely say go ahead. But when I get anonymous messages asking me for permission, or when the person wants to post more of my drawings, or doesn’t give a ship when I ask them for the link to their instagram, then I’ll say no.
Most people who post my art on instagram don’t give credit, they crop and edit my works, they tag the things I draw as something completely different which drives me crazy. People don’t read with understanding. When someone tells them I don’t like my art to be reposted they claim I’m ok with it as long as they give me credit. Well, I’m not ok with this. Read my faq again.
It’s annoying when every second or third picture on someone’s instagram is my art and the person has 40k followers, and I know about it only because someone else told me.
It might look like I make a fuss but if you create something you want to have some control over it. I like to know how and where my art is used, I want to feel I’m the author of what I created. It’s not only that my art is posted somewhere else. That I can’t see the feedback, that I can’t interact with people who ask questions abut my art. Sometimes people take my drawings and sell them without my permission. That’s why I post my drawings in lower resolution now. That’s why I add more watermarks, I think that’s why I draw less HP too. Because my art were everywhere and I started to lose control.

Anyway, I’m glad you messaged me :) And I’m super happy you like my art and that you feel like that seeing my Remuses, thank you for the compliments ^^ Hope you have a great day!

I saw @propshophannah‘s post about Manon in a crown and attempted to sketch it because I was already looking for a reason to procrastinate


you know you’re too far gone when you bolt upright at 4am screaming the world needs more stupid mm comics. apparently my pen disagrees because pen pressure isnt working and im too tired to fix it. anyway, idea is based on one of zen’s spaceship thoughts

bonus zen


One Year of the 100: Favorite Female Character → Lexa

#that moment when you realize that there were so many signs in the first lexa scene #signs that she was the commander #that look she shares with gustus #the references to the commander #the way she tries to play the innocent and scared girl #now it’s all so obvious

 Post-Reveal Superhero team with Nino ‘the normal human bestfriend’ Lahiffe

  • Nino having to make excuses in class all the time whenever the other 4 need to make a quick get away. 
  • “Girl’s travel in packs to the loo Sir, Adrien’s just got a weak bladder,” 
  • Their school has an unusual amount of fire drills, but no culprit is ever found 
  • Nino loosing count of the number of free deserts he’s been given when Alya’s had to run out on a date. 
  • Nino becoming pretty good friends with Sabrina as Chloe seems to just deposit her with him when they need to rush out. 
  • Nino becoming a pretty decent amateur photographer due to the fact that Alya makes him take photo’s of the four miraculous holders for the Ladyblog
  • Nino carrying around supplies in his backpack just in case anyone needs anything. This includes a first aid kit, snacks and drinks and a supply of tampons (because grumpy badass superheroes are not one to be messed with if they need something) 
  • Ladybug’s superpower may be to save the world with everyday objects, but it does help that Nino carries them around with him.
  • He also has an emergency makeup bag for Chloe so she can fix her face and hair before heading back to school.
  • Also carrying emergency supplies for all the Kwami (he smells of cheese a lot - damn plagg)  
  • Nino has a lot of casual selfies of all 4 of them on his phone, just in case, someone asks for proof that they are with him. 
  • Nino, who has never been very academically inclined, suddenly taking lots of very detailed notes in class and helping them catch up and study. 
  • Nino keeping spare clothes for them all at his house, just in case they end up all transforming there and feeling too tired to head home again afterwards. 
  • Just Nino being the ultimate bro, and defending and supporting his best friends as they save the world, with no complaints.