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​Prompt by the amazing: vividimagines

Walking in to the smell of a deluxe Big Belly Burger and fries, as well as the sight of your favorite shake should have been heaven. And, okay, it was a little bit. But even as you snagged one of the gorgeous fries, your eyes searched the room for your best friend.

“‘Fess up, Cisco. You only spoil me when you have something to apologize for. And dropping out conversation last night doesn’t merit all of this.”

His anxious smile wasn’t helping you feel any better.

“Speaking of that conversation…”

You felt that fry turn to ashes in your throat. You almost took a sip of the shake, but you knew it would sit like lead in your stomach right now with your apprehension levels rising.

“What about it?”

Stay calm. There was no reason to overreact. It could be anything. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions that Barry was dating someone else again, or had found out, or Wells had, or Caitlin, or anyone else.

“Well, Barry may have come by last night?”

That was a pretty good reason for him to stop replying. He’d probably had to put his phone away and just forgot about it.


You still wanted to know where this apology was headed. Still were doing your best not to jump to any conclusions.

“He miiiight have startled me and wanted to know what I was laughing at,” Cisco started again. You could feel your cheeks flushing, and you picked up the shake after all to keep yourself distracted.

He’d been laughing at you? Ugh of course he had. You’d been waxing poetic about the scarlet speedster and it probably had been objectively a little funny. But it was still embarrassing.

“And what excuse did you give him?” 

“Umn.. that’s the thing.. he might not have believed me?”

You gave him a blank stare, waiting for your friend to just rip the band aid off already.

“And he might have seen my phone? Because I may have accidentally left it out on the table when he asked me?”

After several moments of you trying to convince your anxiety that you had to have misheard Cisco, the penny dropped.

“Francisco Ramon, you had better not be saying what I think you’re saying,” you threatened. If he was, then you were going to have to call out as dead.

“I.. yeah he might have, potentially, definitely saw your texts. That’s my bad. But I mean, you can’t be too mad at me. He was flattered! He thought it was cute!” 

You most certainly could be mad! But mostly, you wanted to fall into a hole and never have to face Barry again. 

“Having the object of your affections think you are ‘cute’ for liking them isn’t exactly the pinnacle of success, Cisco! That’s like being told that you’re a sweet kid.”

The traitor looked at you sympathetically even as he stole some of your fries and asked if you were going to eat your burger before it got cold. A scowl set on your face as you looked towards your ‘please forgive me’ meal. 

And froze as you actually focused on the burger this time, which had a post it on it with the note ‘For my biggest fan’.

Maybe you weren’t too mad at Cisco after all. 

Valentine’s Day with the Peaky Blinders

Wah, I didnt know there are so many people that still liked this fandom nvn

I’m so happy my first imagine of this show got so much love and support, thank you guys and also have a happy Valentine’s Day even if I’ll be at work and then come back home and cry alone with a box of chocolate and strawberries.

Enjoy~! <3 

Thomas Shelby

Lips pressed against your temple, fingers laced together while you two cuddled in bed, enjoying each other’s warmth and company.

Valentine’s day was today and Tommy decided to make it romantic, kicking everyone out of the house and made it a day only for you two to spend together.

Candles lighted up all around the room, rose petals sprawled everywhere while a big heart that was drawn out of them in the middle of the bed.

When you had came home and found that there, you thought it was a joke but finding Tommy sitting in the middle of the rose petals heart with a champagne in one hand and two glasses in his free hand, you knew it wasnt’ a joke.

When it comes to romance or dates, Tommy would do anything to please you, even becoming a hopeless romantic to please his woman.

Arthur Shelby

We all know that Arthur was never one for romance, all this mushy things that would make your knees week and your heart throb, but when it came to you, it all changes.

You found him home, pacing around the room before he noticed you, rushing to your side, spinning you around in his arms before having a giant boquet or roses shoved in your face while his eyes averted somewhere else with a simple mumble of ‘I love you and all that shit and I know you like roses, so here’ .

The gesture was something to make you break into a smile since Arthur tried to become a better man and quit his fighting and drinking habits thought a little glance at the table told you that he already drank half a bottle of wine, probably to man up and give you the flowers.

John Shelby

John always surprised you with something, from flowers, to chocolate and even skipping work so he could take you out and see the pictures.

Today was special and for such a special occasion, he had reserved the theatre for you guys all evening, letting you enjoy the movies you adore and keep sharing deep and passionate kisses once in a while, holding hands and fighting with popcorn when the movie got too cheesy.

When the evening was over and you guys left the pictures, you had asked him why he keeps loving you so much, him pausing in helping you get your coat back on only to press a loving kiss to your neck and smirk.

“Can’t a husband love his wife and the mother of his children?"He simply replied only to laugh at the red color surfacing on your cheeks.

Michael Gray

Michael had decided since it was Valentine’s day, to take you out and what better way then with a picnic in the park nearby the house you two shared.

Basket in one hand while his free one held yours, fingers laced together while your cheek pressed against his forearm (since you barely reached his shoulders) and enjoying the silent walk you two had.

Once at the park, he had set down a red blanket with dark lines and yellow flowers designs making you snicker at his choice of blanket only to sit down, letting him take out the sandwiches and drinks he had bought before a red box caught your eye making you open your mouth to ask the male what is that only to gasp, hand moving to press against your open mouth while you stared in shock at Michael getting on one knee and showing you the content of the box.

"I know it’s cheesy being Valentines Day and everything..but would you do the honors of being Miss Gray from now on?"He asked with a gentle smile.

Finn Shelby

When Finn wasn’t taking his drugs and copying his brothers, he was quite gentle and shy when it come to romance and you were sure he had asked his bigger brothers for tips since right now you were on your way to the circus that you always wanted to see since you were a child. Excitement being evident on your face while you kept shifting in your chair like a hyper child.

"You know this circus comes only once every three years?"You asked, licking your dry lips only to lean and peck the male’s cheek, giggling when they became a dark red while Finn glanced at you and then back at the road, mumbling he knew that only to add he will even take you backstage so you can meet the performers after the show.

That just made you squeal out in happiness, hands wrapping around Finn’s neck to give him a giant hug only to chirp he was the best boyfriend before you leaned back, letting the male keep driving while cooing over his rosy cheeks and how he kept unbuttoning the collar of his shirt to cool down.

Isaiah Jesus

Isaiah loved to treat you like a princess and with everything he did or does, he wants to make it be seen by his close group of friends and even the guys that dear to go against the Peaky Blinders.

During Valentines Day, he had came early at your job, wrapping his arms around your waist while placing open mouth kisses on your neck, squeezing you closer before placing a wrapped up box with a bow in your hands, mumbling he had bought you that expensive Belgian chocolate you craved for weeks.

"I knew you wanted it, so I bought it. Only the finest for my girl."He would mumble, nibbled your earlobe while you unwrapped the box and smile at the chocolate inside, picking one up and press it against Isaiah’s lips only to blush when he bit down on it and lick his lips before he leaned to kiss you, grunting when you tried to pry his lips open so you could take the chocolate for yourself.

Alfred ‘Alfie’ Solomons

Since Alfie owned a bakery, he always made you the best treats in town and since it was Valentines Day, it was a much more special day then the others.

Coming home and finding all those freshly baked sweets on your kitchen table only to make you raise an eyebrow hearing thumbs from upstairs making a smile break on your lips.

Once upstairs, you found Alfie cussing while kicking the side of your bed, mumbling more profanaties only to pause when he heard your giggles making him turn around and give you a gentle glare.

”[Y/N], you’re home earlier…I wanted to wrap your stupid mutt up in ribbons and have him bring the sweets to you but he bit me and then I—“His words were cut off by your lips pressed against his, gripping the front of his jacket to keep him closer and hum, leaning back and snicker that he was being an idiot right now.

"Boxer will never let you touch him..We both know he started hating you the moment he walked on us having sex..I think we scarred my dog for life."You laughed, combing your fingers through Alfie’s hair only to press a gentle kiss to his neck and whisper for him to go downstairs and get the sweets and then come back and close the door.

"Lock it too..I want to eat those sweets off your body."You cooed while watching Alfie with dark eyes and smirk when he walked to the door only to hiss when you slapped his bottom and wave at him from your bed.

I love you! (ノ´ з `)ノ I love your works! I’m so happy to have found your blog!  I give you these doodles of mine ヽ(o_o(・_・ )ゝas a token of appreciation and as a tribute to the ship! I might be playing too much dating sims games .  Anyways! thank you tolerating me and take care! don’t stress! eat sweets! and get lots of hug!


I get mistaken as a mom a lot bc im a 24 yo nanny walking around with a ten month old, so people will ask me stuff like “oh how cute! How old is he?” Or “is it a boy or a girl” and lemme tell you, nothing gives me more satisfaction than responding really sarcastically like “oh he’s 35. We want him to move out of the house, but he still lives in our basement” and “I’m not sure, I’m too afraid to check”

Anyways, now I have this headcannon of Sirius doing the exact same thing with Harry when they’re out in the world.

“Oh what a sweet baby!”
“Actually ma'am, he’s quiet rabid, his werewolf uncle teaches him to eat other babies”

meanwhile Harry is gumming on remus’ finger like a maniac and Remus smacks Sirius in the side of the head.

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hc about MC moving in with Saeran?? please?? (and is you're not lazy enough the RFA + V too??)

Slightly nsfw in like two parts 


  • He is so excited! 
  • you two had decided on waiting until he wasn’t living in a dorm room 
  • so both of you had been waiting for this for so long 
  • You started renting an apartment together 
  • decorating was so much fun 
  • he wanted to put LOLOL merchandise everywhere 
  • It’s a good thing he enjoys cooking 
  • you two share the chores and you both really hate doing them since its always a mess 


  • MC moves in pretty early in the relationship 
  • you get nothing done in the first few days 
  • too busy hanging out without any clothes tbh
  • Okay but there are so many boxes you have to get to this  
  • you take so long unpacking because you keep getting distracted 
  • Like he doesn’t want to just unpack when MC is living with him now 
  • He just wants to spend time with MC! 
  • But as soon as you’ve unpacked its time to relax
  • He aims to do all the couple stuff together right away  
  • Zen please calm down.
  • Like MC just moved in you have so much time to do couple stuff 


  • since you two saw each other everyday at the coffee shop you were pretty close to actually living together 
  • So you two weren’t nervous when you were talking about it 
  • but when the day came you were pretty nervous 
  • but it was so great 
  • you got everything unpacked pretty fast
  • and Jaehee had made a lot of space for your stuff 
  • after unpacking you two just relaxed
  • cuddling in the sofa
  • and watching Zens musical 
  • it was really nice


  • Okay but MC practically lived there already 
  • Like when was MC not there??? 
  • But Jumin did bring up that MC should move in with him 
  • “You mean I don’t already live here?” 
  • he brings up that MC should officially move in with him
  • all of MC’s stuff is there and unpacked in like an hour 
  • how is that even possible?? 
  • Your first day is so nice 
  • I mean so are the other days 
  • But you have a really nice dinner to celebrate 


  • MC didn’t realize how messy his apartment actually is until they had to find space for their stuff 
  • Where is the floor??? 
  • MC tries to clean up some stuff but the mess never ends? 
  • Seven stops them from cleaning because they are supposed to relax 
  • MC just moved in!! They should enjoy that! 
  • Seven bets they can have sex on pretty much every corner in the house on the first day 
  • Seven you just told MC to relax 
  • they do tho 

  • He had been so nervous about asking MC to move in 
  • He had asked MC over a nice dinner and ofc they said yes 
  • his apartment is so beautiful wth 
  • It’s just such a nice feeling to be there 
  • A lot of his photographs are on the walls 
  • he was embarrassed about it and suggested taking them down 
  • No!! Mc wants to keep them up! 
  • MC and V spend the day unpacking together 
  • then they spend the rest of the day cuddling 
  • its so nice to just cuddling him for hours 
  • MC and V don’t even need to say anything to each other while cuddling 
  • its just so nice 


  • MC and Saeran had been dating for a pretty long time before they decided on living together 
  • he was way more nervous than MC was 
  • Since Saeran lives with Seven it was practically like moving in with both of them 
  • But Seven went out for the day so you two could spend this day together 
  • you are both pretty quiet while unpacking at first 
  • like he is so nervous about this and has a hard time getting close to people 
  • but he really wants to be with MC all the time 
  • You two finish unpacking after a while and you were too tired to put it all away so you two sorta shoved it in a corner in his room for the time being 
  • You were gonna cook but there are no ingredients here??? 
  • what do they live on?
  • Saeran you can’t live on sweets 
  • MC and Saeran go grocery shopping! 
  • yay
  • MC cooks for the two of them and this is the best meal Saeran has ever had 
  • After they had dinner Saeran is no longer nervous at all tbh 
  • He could sooo get used to this 
  • and he will 
  • MC and Saeran chat on the sofa while eating 
  • they end up falling asleep there too 
  • and its really cute 
😊Easter Bunny Blurb (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Grayson’s sick :( so E fills in as the Easter bunny.

Warnings: Mentions of daddy but nothing to fret about

A/N: Sorry I’m posting this so late but I hope you guys like it! Requests are opened!

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“Y/N on a scale of 1 to 10 how stupid do I look?” I turned around from counting Easter eggs to see my lovely boyfriend dressed up as the Easter bunny. He was wearing the full gear head to toe. I stifled a laugh to protect Ethan’s feelings. “Go ahead and laugh.” I slowly walk up to him and lift his rabbit head up and give him a soft peck on the lips. His large hands wrap around pulling me into his soft rabbit fur.

“Ugh Ethan stop it’s hot.” I said pushing him away. He slides his head back on.

“Yeah that’s because of you.” Ethan’s voice is muffled in the large rabbit head. I rolled my eyes and walk back towards the eggs. I bend down and grab two garbage bags full and I turned to Ethan. “I hate this.” Ethan muffles. I walk over to him and kiss his pink nose.

“I think it’s cute you volunteered to be the Easter bunny this year since Gray is feeling sick.” I hold the sacks out and his large mitts take them from me almost dropping one sack.

“Yeah yeah I only agreed so we can have the place to ourselves tonight. I miss my babygirl.” Ethan says as he attempts to get a better grip on the bags. I will admit, Ethan and I haven’t had alone time in so long that I craved his touch. I miss lying on his bare chest listening to his steady breathing as we watched Netflix.

“I miss my daddy.” I said as I give him a kiss on his cheek.

“No no I want a real kiss after you said that.” Ethan says pulling the rabbit head all the way off. I laughed as he sets the bags down and grabs my waist with both his hands pushing my back against the wall as his lips attach to mine roughly. I kiss back with the same amount of force as he pushes harder into me. Soon Ethan pulls away from me. Which is a good thing because I know how Ethan can get.

“Go set the eggs out.” I said pushing him back, but he pulls me into him give me a soft kiss which lingers.

“I’ll see you later babe.” He says putting his headgear back on. We walk out of the closet to see Cam and Lisa in the kitchen making dinner.

“Hey you guys! E go hide the eggs! The kids are going to wake up from their naps any minute now. The big gifts are in the back of my car make sure you hand those out.” Lisa shoos Ethan and he goes outside. “Y/N do you want to set the table?” I nodded grabbing plates and silverware.

After about ten minutes I decided to go outside and check on Ethan. Lisa and Cam were going to wake the kids up from their naps so I wanted to make sure Ethan did everything he was supposed to. When I get outside I see all of the kids grabbing eggs and a giant bunny in the middle of the field. I smiled when I remembered that was my boyfriend. He was hopping around and handing the kids stuffed animals and he was helping the really really little kids find the eggs. I was amused to just sit here and watch him with these children. He looked up from one of the kids and looked to me, giving me a wave. I blew him back a kiss as he pretends to catch it. I smiled as he placed his giant mit over his mouth. I shake my head and I sit on the porch.

I see Ethan hand out his last gift and get rid of his last few eggs. He hugs the children as they run back towards the house to see what goodies and treats they had received from the Easter bunny. I see Ethan hopping towards me which causes me to spit out a laugh. Ethan gets next to me and takes his giant head off along with the mits.

“Y/N babe unzip me please.” He turns his back towards me and I do what I was told. I unzipped the hot rabbit suit to reveal a bare backed E.

“Ethan where is your clothes?” I asked blushing slightly.

“It’s too hot to wear this with clothes under. I’m going to run upstairs and take a shower. When I get out everyone should be leaving or already left. Go pick a movie and we have the living room to ourselves tonight.” Ethan says kissing my cheek and running inside. I follow inside and I go in the living room.

Ethan got out of the shower just in time for Easter dinner at 6. Dinner was nice as I tried to ignore Ethan’s hand on my thigh most of the time or his famous side glances every so often. It was almost 8 now.

“Well this Easter has been amazing. It was nice to meet you Y/N. Hopefully we’ll see you next year!” Ethan’s aunt said to me.

“You definitely will.” He says kissing my cheek causing me to blush. Soon all of the kids had left. The only people left were Gray, E, Cam, Sean, Lisa and I. Cam went out with some friends after dinner for someone’s birthday. Sean and Lisa were cleaning up from the kids and then they wanted to head off to bed. Grayson was in his room most of today with a stomach bug. Ethan and I were making a pallet out of blankets and pillows on the floor in front of the fireplace. I started the fire when I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around and a pair of lips on my shoulder. “I’ve missed you babe.” He mumbles against my shoulder. “Let’s lie down. I’m tired.” We sit down and I lie on Ethan’s chest listening to his steady breathing. His hand was tracing random designs in my back. “Oh I almost forgot!” I lean up as Ethan runs in the kitchen and back with an Easter basket.

“Ethan what is this?” I asked curiously as a smirk grew on his face.

“I wanted some candy and I had a gift for you.” Ethan says sitting on the pallet. He pops a Hershey kiss in his mouth and he hands me a rather large Easter egg. I give him a look which he returns with a smile. “Open it.” He says sucking his bottom lip in his mouth. I inhale deeply before unscrewing the plastic egg which revealed a silver necklace with a key. I smiled as I pulled the necklace out of the egg.

“Ethan…” I trailed off as I looked at the key. I flipped the key over which revealed ‘2-15-2016’ carved in the back. That was the day we were official. Ethan flipped the key over for me. I noticed 1509 was also carved in. I looked up at him then everything made sense. “Oh my God, E this is your apartment key.” Ethan nodded.

“Our apartment key. I already talked to Gray and you can move in if you want or if you just want to get away our apartment is yours to use.” He says to me. I get on my knees and tackle him in a hug.

“Ethan I love you.” I said kissing him gently. His hand finds the back of my head and he kisses me back. We pull apart and I rest my head on his chest as he plays with my hair. 

 “I love you too Y/N. Happy Easter.” He says kissing the top of my head gently. We warm up to the fire and we eat some candy. Ethan and I talk about everything and anything as we soon drift off to a sweet peaceful sleep.

Timid Mini Scenario | Sweets

Companion piece to Timid, set in the 2 months before they got the call about the cafe.
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: fluff, Hybrid!AU
Words: not drabble length (2.8k+)
Warnings: none
Notes: As promised, one of the ‘drabbles’ I’m doing to fill in a little more of Jimin and the MC’s time together in Timid before the cafe is fixed and all that follows. Apparently I don’t know what a drabble is because this is entirely too long. I am writing another one that will come after this sometime soon (titled Uno, probably the same length).

Jimin accidentally eats all of your favourite cookies in the middle of the night and spends the entirety of the next day trying to keep it a secret.

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Masterlist || Original oneshot. Timid | Companion short. Uno

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She had not thought of Jon in ages. He was only her half brother, but still… with Robb and Bran and Rickon dead, Jon Snow was the only brother that remained to her. I am a bastard too now, just like him. Oh, it would be so sweet, to see him once again.

Just Wonho Things

EXCUSE ME WONHOOOOOO, LET ME JUST FIRST SAY THIS MAN’S BODY?! I would eat sushi off of it. Not even kidding. I tremble a little when I see his arms or anything like that BUT IN CONTRAST, HIS FACE IS SO SWEET, ESPECIALLY HIS EARS, THEY ARE TOO CUTE <3 D: (gifs are not mine)

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He may be a big scaredy cat but he works so hard to face his fears every day. I have a lot of respect for him when I saw the Hero MV (it was okay for me if they didn’t film the video on a rooftop, I’m sure he was scared shitless). Monbebe loves you no matter what Wonho <3.

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HIS LOVE FOR RAMEN IS UNDENIABLE LOL HE LOVES IT A LIL TOO MUCH XD ESPECIALLY DURING MONSTA X RIGHT NOW. His smile also brings a smile to my face, it’s a needed remedy for when you have a bad day :D It makes the birds sing in the spring and makes winter fall back into fall…that’s how epic it is. 

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He also has a little lisp too when he sings, but it is barely recognizable since he pulls it off so well. ITS SO ADORABLE THOUGH, I COULD ONLY RECOGNIZe IT IN THEIR SONG BEAUTIFUL AND THEN I GOT WHAT THE MEMBERS WERE TALKING ABOUT BUT YOU CAN’T DENY THAT IT’S NOT CUTE X_X.

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Wonho you may be the scaredy cat (jk he has acrophobia) of Monsta X (next to jooheon) but your overflowing talent is amazing and I want to hear more of you solo. MONBEBE’S KNOW GOOD AND WELL WHY YOU ARE THE VISUAL (Hyungwon is the visual too) BECAUSE GOOD GOD MAN WHAT DID YOUR PARENTS FEED YOU?! When I hear White Sugar, I always think of Wonho just cause I feel like it fits him so well. MONBEBE’S LOVE THEIR WONHO AKA MINHYUK’S BROMANCER <3. PLEASE GET SOME WELL NEEDED REST AND EAT HEALTHY! (Monbebe add more :D)

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Just Shownu Things

Just Minhyuk Things

Just Kihyun Things

Just Hyungwon Things

Just Jooheon Things

Just I.M Things

Just Monsta X Things


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Hiya! I'm fairly new here and I really enjoy your work, and so I want to ask you something. How would Sombra, Reinhardt and Dva react if their S/O was an extremely good cook, and when they try their food, they can't stop shoveling it in their mouths?

((nom nom nom - Mod Tez))

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  • Mate she loves home food. 
  • Anything cooked in a pot that’s like a soup, she eats it right up.
  • She likes beans and sweet potatoes the best.
  • Will definitely kiss you and pamper you after three plates of food.
  • She loves desserts too. She’ll ask if she can share them with Gabe and Amelie.
  • She always pays back by hacking her way to getting you cool collectibles at no charge.
  • Make her mashed potatoes with gravy and soup.
  • She will make sure you go to bed happy if you do.
  • I’ll leave up to you how she makes you happy before bed ;)

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Reinhardt Wilhelm

  • He grew up with stews and roasts.
  • That’s the only thing he hated about Overwatch.
  • The canteen of the mess hall didn’t serve that nice home cooking.
  • He had to eat what he called lard on crap.
  • When you cook for him a stew or anything that reminds him of home he will bear hug you.
  • Say goodbye to your ribs because he has a crushingly strong hug.
  • He is better at baking sweets than cooking savoury meals.
  • So when you cook him something, he bakes you a nice, delicious batch of cookies or small pasties.
  • He likes to make cookies best so you and him can chat about cooking over a mug of hot cocoa and cookies.

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Hana Song

  • She lives solely on junk food.
  • Please feed her proper food.
  • She eats anything that isn’t a vegetable.
  • She loves fruit salads but she’s too busy playing games to make them.
  • Hana appreciates everything you cook up for her.
  • If you hand her a snack while she is on a livestream she likes to embarrass you nicely.
  • “My sweet partner (Y/N) makes the best snacks! shout out to my love!”
  • When she’s not busy she eats with you while watching movies.
  • She appreciates everything you make her.

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#85 of the drabble challenge with Wonho please!

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drabble request # 6

Another Sweet Realization

pairing: wonho x [y/n]

genre: fluff

word count: 641

a/n: thank you so much for requesting anon! ^^


85. The best thing in the world is waking up beside you.

The skies were filled with dark, and gloomy clouds. The sound of the rain pitter-pattering on your balcony had Wonho stir from his sleep, making him stretching his aching limbs and turn to face a sleeping you. Sometimes, Wonho just couldn’t understand how can he be so blessed to have someone like you beside him.

Running his fingers through your locks, Wonho lets out a giggle when you snuggled closer to him, arms snaking around his waist and you nuzzling your face on his neck. 

“Good morning.” Wonho’s raspy voice greeted you, making you look up and giggle, returning the greeting back with a kiss. It was just a quick soft kiss and yet it had the two of you giggling off your heads.

“Is it raining?” you sleepily asked as you pulled away from Wonho and stretched your limbs, letting out a groan. Wonho has never taken his eyes off of you ever since he woke up. Wonho let’s out a soft ‘yes’ before glancing at the window then back at you.

The thought of you being beside him felt like the best thing in the whole world and you’re half-awake to notice it. Turning your body back to face him, you lovingly stared into his eyes and asked, “How was your sleep?” 

“I sleep very well, thank you. How about you, baby, did you sleep well?” Wonho pulls you closer to him and rests his cheeks on top of your head, his fingers twirling around a couple of strands of your hair. Letting out a soft whine, you pulled away a bit and replied. 

“I slept like a baby, thanks to you~!”

There was a long pause and you wondered why Wonho suddenly fell silent. “Is something the matter, baby?” Glancing down to meet your gaze, Wonho lets out a sigh and smiles.

“I just realized,” he pauses as he lets out yet another sigh as he looks up at the ceiling, “Realized what?” you query without ripping your gaze off of him.

“I realized that…” his gaze was soft yet filled with affection. His warm touch sent electricity running down your spine and even so, the words that left his mouth had you flushed in just seconds. “The best thing in the world is waking up beside you.

“Y-yah, Wonho, it’s early in the morning a-and…” you quickly pulled yourself away from him while fanning your heated cheeks, making him burst out into fits of giggles. 

“C’mere!” And with that, your morning was filled with sweet kisses, ending with the two of you getting off of the bed later in the afternoon. Not to mention the couple of squeals here and there that it had one of your neighbors shouting a ‘shut up!’ from the other side, leaving the two of you quietly giggling while tiptoeing your way to the kitchen to eat some ramyeon.

[y/n], it’s never too early to eat ramyeon.”

“You’ve been eating too many sweets lately”

“I don’t listen to that kind of talk outside of the bedroom”

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I have a few Rock dog headcannons I wanna lay on you. Mainly about Riff and Skozz. First, Skozz LOVE ice cream. Expecially strawberry. Second, Riff is a workoholic and sometimes actually forgets to eat and sleep. Skozz always has to remind him. Third, the rest of the pack ships them. And fourth, Skozz love's to cuddle.

Omg, yes!!
I love to think about Skozz loving sweets in general!!
Or just eat! Not because he’s gourmand or something, but… I don’t know! x°°D

YEAH!! Riff as workholic is the best headcanon! But… I don’t know… I can’t see him forgetting to sleep or eat for too long! Maybe he goes to bed late sometimes and regrets the next morning, vowing to himself to don’t do that again!

For the eating thing, I like to think about him eats something quick, like sandwiches or hamburgers ((I don’t know))


Also shitty drawing in a random moment


“I want to be strong. I really do. But I can’t help bursting out crying sometimes, because I just don’t know how things will get better.” - Kaede

“I know you’ve been struggling with this whole situation and that you want to be more than just alright, fine or okay. But don’t forget that you’re still a human. It’s okay to have a meltdown. You are a fighter, Kaede. Cry it out and just- keep strong, hold fast and take heart…cuz I believe in you..” - Ryoma

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Bad Habit

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Part 10

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader) 

You make a decision that has bigger consequences than you could ever imagine.

Words: 2596 Warnings: Angst, language, violence, (the usual :p)

An: I’m rubbish at summaries, some parts should be spoken in sokovian but I thought it read better in english, just imagine you have an inner translator :p Let me know what you think. x

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Watching Bucky walk away felt like the only untouched piece of your heart was ripped out of your chest, leaving with him. You had never felt so alone, you’d all but lost the man you loved and now Bucky. You still remember the moment you knew he would be your best friend, him and Steve, when you thought it would be forever.

Steve had been cooking a meal for all the Avengers to introduce you and Bucky permanently into the team. You were beyond nervous, assigned to chopping vegetables while Bucky peeled potatoes. Both of you worked in nervous silence, smiling at Steve pottering around the kitchen. You had gotten used to it just being the three of you and you weren’t sure you could handle all these new people.

There was a loud crash as metal hit tile and Steve stood with his hands on hips staring down at the huge pan of Stew splattered all over the floor and all over his trousers. He was silent a moment, then came out with the foulest words you ever heard pass his lips.

You and Bucky both shouted “Language!” at the same time, holding your hands up when Steve spun around his eyes blazing, and you glanced at each other dying not to laugh.

“It just slipped out!” You snickered and Bucky spluttered into laughter, genuine laughter that lit up his whole face and took you down with him into a fit of giggles.

“Yeah, laugh it up jerks.” Steve grumbled before he caved, joining in and throwing towels at you both to help clean up.

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Hey Flo! Hope you're having a good day :) I'm the anon that asked you about your meals/etc. Thankyou so much for replying, it was very helpful and super sweet of you! Sorry for bothering you again but could you please let me know what Blogilates vids are your fave (that you mostly do)? Also, have you ever tried cheap clean eats by Casey? Much love x

i tried her pancakes recipe which i love! it is a little too time consuming to do on a regular basis though- most of those recipes i’ll try on weekends or friday nights :)

here are my favorite videos to do! xx


Barry Allen taking the last piece of cake even when you called it. 

“Barry! I told you this morning that I wanted to have it. Now, I have to survive the afternoon without the delicious cake. What do you have to say about that?” Barry shrugged his shoulders, looking at you apologetically. You groaned and lowered your head against his chest. “I wish you didn’t eat it, but I understand that you have to eat a bunch.” 

“Sorry, Y/N… Hey! Wait, I’ll be right back.” Barry gently pushed you off him, then in a blink of an eye was gone. You smiled. You had an idea of where he had gone. In three minutes, Barry was back, grinning broadly, and you could tell that he was holding something behind his back. “Surprise!”  Barry pulled a medium sized bundt cake out in front of him.

“Oh wow, my favorite!” You quickly grabbed the cake from his hands and set it down before jumping into Barry’s arms, pecking him with kisses. “Thank you so much! You’re the best, honestly.” Barry laughed and kissed your forehead.

“No, Y/N, you’re the best. I’m sorry that I ate your cake, so I hope this makes us even.” You rolled your eyes jokingly.

“You’re too sweet sometimes. Here, we can share.” You grabbed the cake and two forks as you headed over to the couch with Barry quickly following you. “I love you, Barry. Even when you do eat my cake.” You mumbled through devouring the delicious bundt cake.

“I love you too. I’ll buy you as many cakes as you want. As long as you’re happy.”

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Hi! How about Mercy, Tracer, and Pharah with a fem S/O who makes really good diner food and the girls start to notice that they've put on a little weight?


  • It’s been a while since she’d had such good food, indulging herself in your cooking. When her scrubs seemed a little tight did she notice the gain in weight.
  • She just shrugs it, she’ll keep a better eye on her portions but as long as she moderates she shouldn’t have any problems.


  • She always ate a lot so it’s a bit of a surprise when she gains weight, feeling her straps on her chrono-accelerator get a little too tight.
  • She won’t lower the amount she eats, she’ll just exercise more. It’s too much effort to restrain herself around your food so she takes the path of least resistance.


  • She notices when her suit doesn’t fit as well, taking longer to put on. She thinks it over and realises the amount of your food she eats. She pulls back on the amount she eats and also trains longer.
  • She’ll eat more if she’s losing too much weight, trying to keep herself in that sweet zone. It would be too much of a pain to refit the suit.