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Camp Camp Max Analysis

Alright, i’m doing a sequel analysis because I love bad television shows and in depth analysis of characters who don’t really need it. This last episode was GOOOOOD.

Alright, so continuing on the vein of “max has a tragic backstory”: Lets talk about the gift he received from his parents. 

So, Max receives a package from his parents, with a short postcard. Inside the package, is the exact sweater he already wears. 

This is the most obvious part of this scene- How I’m reading this is that his parents seem to be going through the motions of parenthood, and making half-hearted gestures to keep up the charade- buying something that “made them think” of their child, which has little to do with their interests or personality, but rather. is a purely aesthetic trait- Their kid wears a blue jacket —> Their kid likes blue jackets—-> Buy their kid a blue jacket. No work has been done here- Clearly, Max’s parents are at the very least, emotionally neglectful.

…And, as is evidenced by Max’s lack of food in the opening, possibly physically neglectful as well. He doesn’t eat much, which could be either a sign of depression or a sign of being used to not eating.

Great, so we now have solid evidence that Max is being neglected by his parents. Let’s take a look at that postcard.

Some things that jump out at me right away:

- It’s typed.

-5 words total. Concise, and impersonal.

-Signed, in an oddly formal fashion, “Your parents”- stating a fact, rather than an emotional connection. They might as well be saying “The people that birthed you.”

-It’s SLOPPY. The letters aren’t straight, the words aren’t on the lines. It’s a rush job of an afterthought.

Thinking more about the post card itself, we can assume that Max’s parents ship him off to summer camp every year so they can travel- Implying that they have a lot of money to throw around, and probably pay off their kid to keep him from complaining too much. Buy him really expensive shit that he doesn’t really want or need to keep him from complaining, but don’t make an effort to make his life actually comfortable or enjoyable. 

I bet he grew up in one of those houses where everything is beautiful and clean, and he wasn’t allowed to touch anything. Jesus, imagine being a grubby kid like max in that environment. No wonder he’s so cold towards someone like David.

just studyblr things
  1. scrolling through the reblogs of ur posts to see if anyone left cute comments in the tags (literally me every time bc i have no life lol)
  2. studying at gorgeous libraries (hELLO SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY)
  3. buying wAY too much expensive stationery (even if you can’t afford it like me lmao)
  4. having the image of being organized on tumblr but being totally overwhelmed irl (cough me cough)
  5. taking way too many extracurriculars and honors or ap classes but still making time to binge watch shows (heLLO me right there)
  6. buying books but never reading them so the ‘to be read’ list just keeps getting longer 
  7. spending too much time trying to find the right angles and lighting for studyspo pics
  8. blushing and smiling profusely when one of the big studyblrs reblogs your post and the notes just,,,, explode
  9. arranging your pens in just the right way so it looks like they spilled out of your pencil case aesthetically
  10. making posts about positivity and anti procrastination when really,,, you’re just trying to use your own advice too 

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Hey guys, Emerson here. I know I don’t post much anymore, but this is something that means a lot to me.

Anyways, my budgie Pond is sick. We don’t know with what, we’re still waiting on the test results. We suspect that it’s chlamydia. I wanted to keep her at the vet for today and into tomorrow, but we had to go against vet’s orders and take her home because of the vet bills for keeping her there (totalling to $1100 between yesterday and today, but we cut it down to $700). We had to take her out of the oxygen tank, and her breathing is shallow and rapid. She’s not doing well out of the tank. My dad argued that she’s a $20 bird and that the expenses were far too much for a parakeet. I know you guys would understand the frustration this kind of statement brings about. I mean, if it was our dog who’s sick, he would do anything for him. I even offered up my whole savings to keep her there, but he wouldn’t allow it. So I’m stuck begging on the internet for help. The goal is to raise enough to cover current costs so we can break even and put her back in a hospital setting, specifically under intensive treatment and in an oxygenated tank.

If you donate, you can message me afterwards and I’ll try and make you some art. I’m decent at pet portraits and drawings. I really appreciate anything that comes our way, anything helps. Thank you for your time.

The link is here: gofundme.com/ponds-medical-expenses

BTS as dads

Seokjin - The PREPARED dad
Jin visits all the seminars and courses for parents-to-be with you.
He is always fully prepared, no matter where you are, 24/7.
You think you forgot the bottle? Jin’s got your back.
Spending time with your kid is the most amazing thing for him.

Yoongi - The IN-CONTROL dad
He takes care of your child without breaking a sweat. The kid will always stop crying whenever he picks them up.
No one knows how he does it. Probably magic…
Yoongi enjoys taking care of your child so much, you can always rely on him.

Namjoon - The “PLEASE DON’T TELL Y/N” dad
He claims that he’s in control but has no idea what he is doing 24/7.
He actually breaks more stuff than the child but he tries his best and it’s very endearing. Also makes sure that his kid gets proper education.
Sometimes you come home and find him crying and the kid idly playing.
“What happened, Namjoon?”
“I dropped a book on my toe.”
“I swear I am raising two children.”

Hoseok - The MESEMRISED dad
Reenacts the lion king scene at least once a day.
Has 20.000+ pictures of your child on his phone and is very eager to show them off.
He likes to dance around the house with your baby in his arms and sings for them every night.

Jimin - The SOFT dad
Jimin became a full time dad when he first layed eyes on his child. He spends a lot of time playing and caring for them and he likes to be the one to carry the around.
He tends to falls asleep with the kid on his chest because of that and it’s the cutest thing ever. He is also very excited for them to get older, so he can teach them all kinds of cool stuff.

Taehyung - The BORN DAD
Has three kids strapped onto him at all times. Only two of them are yours.
Tae’s like a magnet, every child loves him.
He somehow gets never tired and loves spending time with them.
They are also all clothed in Gucci
He spoils them way too much, sometimes you have to stop him from ordering even more expensive clothes (because you’re running out of space).

Jungkook - The OVERWHELMED dad
Starts tearing up randomly. “They are so FRAGILE, we have to PROTECT them.”
Loves the kid so much but is also afraid he will drop it and hurt them somehow.
Looks to you whenever he’s having trouble being a dad. you have to show him the ropes at first but once he get’s the hang of things he will spend a lot of time with your kid. He is also extremely proud of your kid.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> *The Basic Structure of a Sprousehart Interview*<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> *Asks a question*<p/><b>Cole:</b> *Lets Lili speak her mind*<p/><b>Cole:</b> *Low-key watches her the entire time with a smitten smile*<p/><b>Cole:</b> *Wholeheartedly laughs at inside jokes*<p/><b>Lili:</b> *to Cole, when he starts having too much fun at her expense* Shut...<p/><b>Lili:</b> ...Up<p/><b>Sprousehart fans:</b> *heart eyes heart eyes heart eyes*<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
Imagine teasing Bruce and Tony

Gif submitted by @travelwithwords. First time writing Banner, so be nice.

You walked into the lab and immediately a smile pulled from your lips. These two were always in the lab and you loved coming around to screw with them.

“Banner, Stark,” you strolled toward the two men and leaned against a metal counter. “What are you two handsome devils doing?”

“Working,” Bruce didn’t bother to look up from his tablet and you winked over at Tony. 

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The Complex Characters of Maple Bay: How Mary, Joseph, and especially Robert aren’t pure, sweet cinnamon rolls.

Okay. So. Can we talk about how Mary, Joseph and Robert are all fucked up people, and this is a good thing? Not a one of them is completely vile. And not a one is a pure, sweet cinnamon roll.


Let’s start with the ‘easiest’ one, shall we? I feel like most people have the easiest time saying Joseph is bad. And they’re right. He does bad things. He cheats on his wife at least twice. And he keeps going back to their dysfunctional marriage for appearances sake. He either dumps you or asks you to be his side boy depending on the ending. So. Yeah. Cheater. And the datamined cult ending does nothing to redeem him. Nor do his endings.

But this is also somebody who seems to care about his kids. In the first chapter, you see him being good with his kids. He’s not freaking out about his daughter, Christie, for breaking stuff. He reprimands Christian for how he answers the door, but not harshly. He actually gets upset with you if you’re too harsh towards Mary. In the second chapter, he seems to really care about the kids and the dance. He talks to you about his misspent youth, and how he misses it sometimes.

Joseph is a cheater. He does terrible things. Yet like Mary and Robert (who also do terrible things) he also has good sides to him that are shown through the game. This mix of actions makes him a gray character.


Okay. So Mary is pretty awful to begin with. But you later find out that she does have good qualities. She cares about Damien and Robert. And she leads up an animal shelter. She is a redeemed character who is likable if a bit rough around the edges.

Does this make her a pure, innocent lamb? No. Mary drinks heavily (implied that it’s because of her terrible marriage to Joseph.) She flirts and likely fucks with other men. Yes, we’re told that she never goes home with the men she flirts with by the bartender. But when we do Robert’s ending, we see her go off with another man, talking about his dick. Is she really not going home with that dude to fuck him? Probably not.

But let’s say that she doesn’t fuck all of those men she propositions. Let’s say it is all just flirtation that is her way of unhealthy coping. Mary as a parent isn’t very good. She loses her toddler twice during a party (assuming she found him in the first place) and is supremely unconcerned about him getting harmed. Now, bad marriage or not, that is extremely shitty behavior on her end. Being terrible towards your offspring is a choice you make, not something your spouse (however unfaithful he is) makes for you.

Mary has redeemable traits, yes. And she becomes a likable character that you want out of her horrible situation. But she does things that are terrible that are all her choice.


Oh. Robert. The “Sweet Cinnamon Roll” of the DDADDS universe and slut shamer extraordinaire. If you sleep with him at any point in the game, he kicks you out of his house. If you sleep with him a second time, he gets even nastier, telling you how you want it to be like this. How you’ll come back for even more bad treatment from him. I didn’t go for a third date with Robert, but I assume he gets even worse if you try for a third date on his slut shaming route.

He is friends with Mary, and fucked her husband behind her back. Maybe Mary knows about this. Maybe she doesn’t. The thing is that Robert thinks Joseph is disgusting. So why the fuck is he just enabling Mary’s bad behavior instead of talking her into a divorce with Joseph? Even worse, if the cult ending is real, Robert is one of the few people who knows about it. And that means he isn’t doing jack shit to keep others away from Joseph OR get Mary away from the cult man.

Where Mary shows concern for Robert, Robert does not return that concern. He brushes off your questions about Mary with comments about how she’ll be fine.

He constantly lies to you during your relationship, just so that he can have a laugh at your expense. He drinks too much, and knows he was a bad father. And you have to talk him into even taking the reconciliation attempt his daughter tries to make.

Of course, Robert has good qualities as well. He’s a good dog owner. He whittles. He won’t push you for sex if you stop in the middle of it. He’s just an incredibly fucked up individual. He gets a redemption arc at the end of his story if you as the player talk him into it. He wants redemption, and you become his push to actually try it.


The only difference between Robert and Joseph as datable dads is that you get a redemption choice for Terrible Person Robert and not one for Terrible Person Joseph. (You don’t get any choice at all for Mary, sadly.)

Canonically, neither Mary, Joseph, nor Robert are pure, sweet, cinnamon rolls. They all do fucked up things that cannot be blamed on anyone but themselves. But they also have redeeming traits as well. Morally gray characters are good things to have. Erasing their fuck ups (Especially Robert’s as has been the trend) takes away the interest of their characters.

Get on this collagen water shit. Like it costs ten dollars for a big container of collagen powder and that shit will take care of wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, and keep your skin GLOWING. If you don’t wanna spend too much money on a bunch of expensive products, get to drinking a big cup of collagen water in the morning before breakfast. And it doesn’t taste like anything

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Prompt! Tomione with: are you?? sabotaging?? my dates?!?!?

Hermione had never been one to date frequently. She didn’t like the process–pick a potential partner, engage in small talk for minutes and hours and days and weeks, small talk mixed with desperate attempts to impress–it was stressful and messy and she just never liked it. She contented herself to a quiet life to herself, with her angry, vicious, but overall loveable cat as the receiver of her affection. 

Then of course, Tom Riddle happened. 

And then it ended.


And somehow when it ended, when he was gone, the time she used to spend comfortably on her own was tainted somehow, thick with a horrible sort of loneliness that made every other relationship she had–friends and colleagues and cats–seem unimportant and useless. She had grown accustomed to spending time with him, even time alone or time unwinding had been with him, reading or cooking or sleeping or working with him, always with him, so that everything she did she was fundamentally lacking because he wasn’t there. She would reach up to the top shelf of her cabinet and he wouldn’t be there to swipe something down for her, condescending not-quite-a-smile on his lips. She would open up Nietzche’s Beyond Good and Evil and he wouldn’t be there at her back or at her side to tear into every word in the novel to try and incite her to a debate. She couldn’t so much as wake up in the morning or brush her teeth or take a shower or go to the grocery store without feeling the absence of him like some stupid lovesick–

So, she dated.

And it was shit.

And he was always there when it all went wrong.

Her first date she met on a dating app, because Harry and Ron had signed her up for three (and it was her opinion that they had much too much fun making those dating profiles for her) and though she had been staunchly against the idea of meeting someone on a dating app, she found that the person she met didn’t seem quite as horrible as she would have expected. His name was Oliver, and he was a bit older than her, and very obsessed with football, but he was also rather lovely. He was polite and fairly well-read, he indulged her in her brief literary rants when she started on them. He was nice.

Neither of them ordered shellfish–he told her at the beginning of the date he was rather fiercely allergic–but that apparently didn’t stop shellfish from making its way onto their plates without their knowing. And that imbecile didn’t carry an epi-pen on him, so Hermione had to rush him to the hospital while his face swelled and he could hardly breathe and she saw him there, at the bar, just sitting there and watching as she dragged her dying date out the door.

Oliver was fine, in the end, but they never went on another date.

Her second date she met at a bus stop which, to be fair, was a rather stupid place to meet a date. He approached her, offered a borderline insulting compliment about her hair, and asked her out for a drink. And Hermione was hungover from a night of drinking alone in her flat where she had drunkenly purchased an extremely expensive, brand new play tower for her cat which he would never use, so she said yes. 

His name was Cormac, and he definitely wasn’t the worst man she had ever met, but he was definitely near the bottom. He was narcissistic, and condescending, but then so was Tom, and she had loved him anyway. So she ignored the little things that annoyed her and tried for once in her life to just have fun and stop wallowing in her self-pity. Besides, she couldn’t expect a perfect date with a bloke she met only a few hours ago at a bus stop.

Then his girlfriend showed up, screaming, drunk, and Hermione didn’t stick around long enough to find out if it was a current girlfriend or ex-girlfriend before the girl tried to start a physical fight with Hermione, at which point Hermione just up and left. She was probably lovely when she wasn’t drunk, Hermione figured, whoever she was. It wasn’t as if Hermione was a perfect human being when she was drunk–she had bought a £250 play tower for her cat about 24 hours ago, after all.

And who should be there when she leaves the pub but him, across the street, waiting at the bus stop, smoking a cigarette. She remembered pausing on the pavement to meet his gaze from across the street, and she wanted to badly to cross traffic and punch him in the sodding face, but when the bus paused in front of him and blocked him from her view, she hurried down the street away from him and got drunk enough to buy cat-wine so she would stop drinking alone.

Her third date she met at a club. Ginny Weasley dragged her to some club in London when Hermione confided in her how many horrendous drunken purchases she had made in the past week with the promise of stopping her if she tried to buy anything else for her bloody cat. And she met a man who called himself Gilderoy. He was older and very handsome, very drunk, and very loud. He kept telling her increasingly ridiculous stories and insisting they were true, and he kissed her like he was licking frosting off of a cake. 

But then there was a fire, apparently, and the entire club was evacuated, and in the freezing cold without the haze of the alcohol and the music his presence was marginally more difficult to endure, and she was cold and tired and angry and drunk and when his freezing fingers slid up under her shirt without even asking she just acted on instinct and elbowed him in the gut. And he, like an overdramatic lunatic, fell to the ground as if she had just stabbed him, and she swore she saw him in the crowd when she pushed through to get away from the blonde bastard writhing on the pavement, she swore she saw him–

So she just left and called an uber and went home and paid some artist on the internet to paint a picture of her cat to hang on the wall because he would probably be dead in a few years and she wanted to remember him, then she drunkenly cried about her dead cat who wasn’t yet dead for a few hours and texted Ginny in the morning to tell her she failed on her promise to be her impulse control.

Her fourth date was a friend of Harry’s boyfriend, his name was Blaise and apparently he was a ‘good match for her’ but Hermione was fairly certain when Harry said that he really just meant ‘you’re both single so just go for it what’s the worst that could happen’ and she agreed because it didn’t matter that it had been months since her break up, she still felt his absence like a hole in her chest, and she figured pointless dates that she didn’t want in the first place were better than sitting in her flat on her own.

But he didn’t show up.

Instead, Tom did. Just sat down in the seat in front of her in the much-too-expensive restaurant as if he belonged there.

“You can’t sit there,” She told him, “I have–”

“He’s not coming.” He answered simply, reaching across the table to pick up her wine glass and take a sip without asking, setting it down and picking up the menu to peer over it without elaborating.

“Why not?” She seethed. 

“Because he’s in the hospital,” He explained slowly, enunciating the words slowly and distractedly, and she was so angry at him she felt like she could reach across the table and throttle him until his face went blue and not feel a shred of guilt. 

The realization felt like a slap in the face.

“Are you–” She choked, her mouth twisting with disbelief, “Sabotaging my dates?”

He slammed the menu back on the table, the false-calm countenance fading away so quickly it was as if it had never been there to begin with the tension of his shoulders coupled with the heat of his eyes both unexpected and familiar, and it was only when she felt the headiness of his gaze that she realized he had not looked at her until that moment. “You shouldn’t be dating.” He said evenly.

“I believe I’m the one with the power to make that decision,” She reminded him viciously, “Not you. We broke up.”

“I never consented to breaking up.” He muttered, leaning back in his seat that was characteristic of him when attempting to appear nonplussed. 

“Never consented–?” She narrowed her eyes, her hands curling into fists in her lap, “You facilitated the break up!” 

“I did no such thing.” He even had the nerve roll his eyes as if she was the one being ridiculous, as if she was the one acting like a child.

“You are always like this,” She seethed, turning her gaze skyward with a bitter laugh, “Controlling and possessive like a petulant child–” His eyes snapped back to meet hers, the corner of his jaw twitching as if he was grinding his teeth, “–Just tell me where Blaise is.” 

“I already told you.” He intoned.

“Which hospital?” She pressed, but she could tell even before she asked it that he had no intention of telling her. She huffed, picked her purse up and made to leave, “Fine, I’ll find him myself–” But before she could manage, he had lurched forward to grab her arm to halt her from leaving.

“There’s no point,” He told her, “It’s not as if he’s in critical condition, he only broke his leg.”

“You mean you broke his leg.” She corrected.

“That is a bold accusation.” He drawled, and she hated how much she had missed that tone, teasing and sarcastic, the tone he used whenever she was right and he wouldn’t admit it. She couldn’t respond right away, just glare furiously at him, until she finally managed to make herself move, to wrench her arm away from his hand and throw enough money on the table to pay for the wine so she could leave.

She made it about ten paces away from the restaurant before he caught up to her again, his long fingers wrapping around her arm. She jerked away immediately, but he held fast this time. “Let go of me!” He maneuvered her to the side, pressing her against the wall to stop her from pulling away. 

“It’s not as if you even want any of these men,” He said quite severely, “I don’t understand why you are so upset–”

“You never understand why I’m upset,” She fired back, “Because you’re an emotionally-stunted–”

“Everything I do makes you upset,” He argued.

“Well then maybe you should stop being such a rotten bastard!” She snapped, “You were the one who caused this. I asked you–I asked you if you saw a future with me and you said no. What the hell am I supposed to do? Just wait around for you to get bored of me like you do everyone else?”

“You’re not everyone else.” 

“I don’t know what that fucking means Tom!” She snapped, “Why can’t you just for once say what you feel instead of counting on me to read between the lines?”

His palms cupped her jaw suddenly, his fingers threading through the hair at the back of her head in a way that was almost painful as he held her still. But he didn’t say anything, he just stared at her in a moment of silence, his lips parted as if ready to speak but instead, he kissed her.

She really shouldn’t have indulged him. She should have pushed him away and maybe punched him for good measure, but she had spent months dreaming about his lips and his tongue and his hands and his everything. Maybe it was a little pathetic that she caved so easily, but all it took was the scrape of his teeth on her bottom lip for her to sigh against his lips, her hands gripping at his back like a lifeline.

His face felt rougher, which was an odd sensation in and of itself. He always kept himself meticulously put together, closely shaved and finely styled. But as he licked into her mouth she could feel the coarseness of his chin against hers. His fingers dug into the back of her head, the length of his body pressed against hers. There was something shockingly tender about the way his thumbs fanned across her cheeks, the way he relaxed his fingers to allow his hands to rest against her throat as his mouth eased away from hers.

She thought she recognized the look in his eyes when he pulled away enough for her to see. She thought she understood when she reached out and felt the coarseness of his cheek against her palm. 

“You told me no.” She reminded him.

“I didn’t mean it.” He said.

“Then why did you say it?” She asked a bit desperately, trying to reconcile the strangely tender way he handled her now with the disregard he had shown her before. His jaw clenched, she saw the twitch in the corner of his jaw and felt it under her palm. She thought that he wouldn’t answer, resigned herself to his silence and weighed her options in her head, whether it was worth it to risk his inevitable disinterest just to have a few more moments with him.

“Nothing good lasts.” He told her finally. Startled, her hand fell from his face ot lay limp on his shoulder. It was the most personal admission she was sure she had ever heard from him.

“You think we’re good?” She asked carefully. His lips twitched downward into what as almost a frown.

“No,” He said, his thumb brushing across the skin under her eye. “I think you’re good.”

“You told me you don’t believe in ‘good.’“ She said quietly. He didn’t answer except for another clench of his jaw.

She took a deep breath. It was filled with the sent of him, a heady reminder of his presence, as if she needed one with him pressed against her. She didn’t think about the fights they had, the inevitable blow up that was their break up, the controlling possessive way he regarded her when it suited him and the tenderness he offered almost as a tool to draw her back in when his control wavered. Instead she thought of how miserable she was without him. She thought of the way he sometimes looked at her like she amazed him, she thought of how easy it was to share her time and space with him. She thought of how desperately she wanted to let go of all the horrible, sad things just to be with him again.

So she let it go. She curled her hand around the back of his neck and kissed him again.

When she pulled away she said, “You’re paying for Blaise’s medical bills.” And in spite of his irritated frown she continued, “And you’re taking me to whatever hospital he’s at so I can be sure he’s alright.”

Begrudgingly, he did as she said. 

Afterward, they went home, and for the first time in months she didn’t feel like a stranger in her own flat.

(He did raise a judgemental eyebrow at the sudden influx in cat toys and may have scoffed at the sight of Crookshanks looking down upon them from the top of his cat tree, but he said nothing.)

BTS reaction: Their girlfriend being addicted to sweets and constantly eating candies or chocolate.

Anon requested:

Hi 💕 can you do a bts reaction when you are addicted to sweets and you’re constantly eating candies or chocolate? www thank you ❤


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As we all know Seokjin loves food. All kinds of food. Including sweets. He would always make sure that there’s some kind of chocolate at home, in case one of you starts craving it out of nowhere. 

This would also lead to long conversations about your opinions on different kinds of sweets and candy or just quiet nights of you cuddling on the couch while chewing on candy.

“Aww…jagi are you okay? I think you need some cuddles and chocolate.” He always said whenever you weren’t feeling well. 


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Suga would find your addiction to candy amusing. Every time he sees you eating something sweet he would sigh and roll his eyes before chuckling to himself. 

He would occasionally make little comments about how sugar is not good for you, and how you’ll ruin your teeth from all the candy. But he wouldn’t really care at the end, as long as you’re happy and healthy. 


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Hobi would find your addiction kind of cute. He would buy you as much candy as you want, whenever you want. And he’ll just watch you eat it, adoring the way you seemed so happy when eating anything sweet. 

One of the reasons that he liked your addiction to sweets so much would be because he would love the way you tasted when he kissed you. And each morning before he leaves he would leave small box of chocolates on your bed next to you. 


Originally posted by rapnamu

His only problem with your addiction to sweets wold be that you would keep stealing his chocolate, which would cause a lot of arguments. 

But other than that Namjoon would go our of his way to buy you the most exotic and expensive candy he can find. He would buy you so much candy that sometimes you would have to tell him to stop, because it’s TOO much for you. But even after all that expensive candy that he buys you, would still keep stealing his candy.

“Jagi! Please, stop stealing my candy!!!!” He moaned.


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Jimin would constantly be annoying you about how unhealthy your candy-eating habits are. He would give you angry glares every time you’re eating sweets, and make you do exercises every time after you eat candy. 

But if you’re ever sad he would forget all of that and pull out his secret box of chocolate and give them to you without saying anything, your happiness being a lot more important to him than anything else. 


Originally posted by mvssmedia

Taehyung would probably be addicted to sweets himself. So he would buy you as much candy as you want, but only if you promise to share it with him. 

He would also find your love for sweets extremely cute and would love to feed you while you lay in his lap, giggling to himself and occasionally kissing your forehead or running his finger down your cheek adoringly. 

“You’re so cute, baby! You deserve all the candy that you want!”


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Jungkook would be kind of confused and annoyed at first. He just wouldn’t understand your obsession and would roll his eyes every time he sees you eating sweets. 

But as time passes he would become more accepting of it and even start finding it cute at time. However he would tease you about it all the time, constantly making jokes about your love for chocolates.

“[Y/N], love, sometimes I feel like you would love me more if I was made out of chocolate….”

cool lil things to drop in your writing...

that won’t change your character but will change how your readers feel about themselves:

acne/acne scars/scarring in general-

so a lot of people love to write YA Fiction (us included!) but I think sometimes our teenage characters are given such huge tasks and embark on such wild missions that we forget that they are just that– teenagers! and one of the big things about being a teenager is all the hormonal changes that are going on (books love to focus on the sex/romance stuff), but we forget to mention things such as acne. even having a brief description of a character like “they scooped back their curls and I could see the acne that dotted their jaw” can make a world of a difference to a young teen who’s reading that book and struggling with having cystic acne. imagine if one of your favorite, most other-worldly beautiful characters had acne and they were still considered beautiful? you know how much it would rock people’s worlds to see that imperfect skin isn’t only found in villains?

gapped teeth/crooked teeth-

now I’ve seen this one more often, but never too much. all i have to say is that braces are expensive (i know from personal experience jfc) and getting your smile straightened isn’t something that’s readily available to everyone. let one of your characters reflect that, a whole backstory you don’t even have to come up with. 

beauty marks/moles/birth marks:

we know that cindy crawford and marilyn monroe have their famous beauty marks (we have piercings named after them) on their faces that enhance their beauty. having a unique placement of a characters mole/birth mark/beauty mark can give them a whole other dimension/back story you may not have thought of right away.


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura

Extra-Dramatic OTP Asks: Send me a ship and number and I’ll tell you...

1. Who would sell their soul to the devil to save the other.

2. Who would become a stalker, in the right (wrong) situation.

3. Who would pine away in silence their entire lives without confessing their love.

4. Who would leave their friends, family, and life to move overseas to be with the other one.

5. Who would be the most worried the other might cheat on them.

6. Who would run into a burning building to save a stranger while the other calls 911.

7. Who would haunt the other after death and chase away other suitors.

8. Who would stand up at the other’s wedding and say they object.

9. Who would write long, beautiful poems for the other.

10. Who would love the other no matter how evil the other became.

11. Who would be the most likely to become an addict (gambling/drugs/etc.).

12. Who would propose in a grand gesture of some kind.

13. Who would go berserk at harm or death befalling the other.

14. Who would spend too much money on expensive gifts for the other.

15. Who would fight an impossible battle to give the other time to escape.

16. Who would be able to spend centuries in misery waiting for the other to be reborn.

you: boyf riends
me, an intellectual: expensive headphones