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“Shawnnnnn, I wanna do something,” you said, dragging out the last letter of your boyfriend’s name. It was a Sunday morning, and according to Shawn, Sundays were meant for staying in. Though you loved his cuddles, you decided that staying in bed was getting boring.

“We’re in each other’s presence,” he said, “I think that that’s good enough, yeah?”

You felt your face grow hot, as it always did when he would drop even the simplest compliment, though you weren’t sure that was meant to be taken as a compliment.

“I love you, but can we get up?” You turned around in your position as the little spoon to face him, studying the shadows that were projected onto his face. The sun peeking through the blinds drew light and dark stripes across his chocolate eyes, chapped strawberry lips, chiseled jaw.

“I’m lazy,” he replied. “And stop staring, weirdo.”

“You’re always lazy,” you shot back.

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i like how taako was supposed to be an idiot but hes one of the most clever characters in the whole show because justin is too smart lol

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Last Text to Christelle Elise:

Rosalie: Home doesn’t feel the same without everyone here. How much effort and planning do you think it’d take to get all of us together?


[Insert standard ringtone here.]


so there’s this local guy that comes into my shop often and he usually has his dog with him, and like he has been in with his dog so often that the dog has learned that when someone says “thank you!” it is the end of the transaction and time to leave so the dog shoots off towards the door, and I only found this out the other day because I’d not really noticed and when he came in today I took every damn opportunity to say thank you, pretty much after every sentence just to see his dog go batshit crazy and yank him in every direction am I a mean person or what

30 Day One Piece Challenge

Day 1: Favourite Mugiwara Pirate

Yeah, Sanji. Not just cus of his awesome chivalrous stuff, but also cus of his fighting style, his temper and those moments where he does badass/clever behind-the-scenes stuff that fucks with antagonist’s plans… mostly that last thing <3

expiration date 2.0

Three minutes had never seemed so very long before.

It feels as if an eternity separates thepresent from the very near future, the future held within a tiny display window in the test upon the bathroom counter. Three minutes before she finds out whether or not life is about to drastically change.

She tells herself she’s being irrational, that the possibility is extremely unlikely. It’s certainly an unlucky set of circumstances that had come together, but even so…

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He’ll DIE! This is your GRANDKID! You want your grandkid to DIE? What kind of grandma ARE you?!
—  Me (circa 7 years old), convincing my mom to babysit my Tamagotchi whilst I was in school (because we weren’t allowed to take them).

some people on here are so cocky about their opinions on language because they read one thing about how language change is a thing and prescriptivism is bad or whatever and think that means they’re expert linguists and that language works however they feel like it should work

just because language change is a thing doesn’t mean that any change you want can successfully be forced. that’s the same thing the prescriptivists you demonize hope for—they don’t actually want language to stay the same, they want it to change back to some ideal of what it once was. you want it to change to some ideal of what you think it should be.

but someone will say “hey i don’t think this proposed change is likely to catch on widely or work well in practice because of reasons x y and z” and they’ll get all these too-clever little responses accusing them of prescriptivism and being like lol of course it can because language is literally magic because it’s “just a concept,” ~LANGUAGE~, and these will get endless reblogs congratulating them on the epic takedown when they’ve actually said nothing whatsoever of substance

language isn’t magic, it’s the product of people and use. you can make a case for why you think a particular change will succeed but grand mystical statements about the nature of language aren’t that, and someone expressing reasonable doubts about the viability of that change isn’t bigotry.