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We’ve got all kinds of stuff in today’s Friday Reads roundup!

I’m still gleefully working my way through Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence (what TOOK me so long? I don’t even know).

Critic Annalisa Quinn is re-reading Maurice to prepare for an exhibition of queer art at the Tate Britain.

News boss Edith Chapin is cracking Michael Auslin’s The End of the Asian Century.

PCHH producer Jessica Reedy has Alana Massey’s All the Lives I Want.

And Mama Susan Stamberg is reading the LIbrary of Congress’s illustrated history, America and the Great War.

How about you?

– Petra

Happy Fluffy Floofy Friday 😘❤

Today I’m going to uni and after that home to study and then I’m hopefully going home to my parents house because tomorrow we’re celebrating my mother’s birthday which was earlier this week, so I’m looking forward to meeting the family! 💗

I hope that you all will have a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend! ❤

Lots of love x

Happy Selfie Friday!! 

Today I received my diplomas, so I can say that I finally… FINALLY!! finished uni 🙊

Now the world of adulthood is waiting for me…noooo i don’t want to grow up!, I finish an important stage in my life and now it’s timeto start a new one. I couldn’t have done t without the love and support of all of you so THANK YOU!!  ❤ There were many times that i wanted to quit and i even questioned my desire to study what i studied, but i made it, it wasn’t easy but i did it ☺ and now i feel proud of myself for not giving up. And here is a little message for all of the students out there, “I know it’s hard, the stress becomes your closest enemy, and self doubt is a regular thing, BUT DO NOT GIVE UP!! remember why you decided to do it, keep your goal in mind and try as hard as you can to overcome these problems, because at the end you will make it, you will accomplish your dreams and the happiness will overwhelm you, IT IS WORTH IT! , so do your best and keep fighting!”  😁 

anonymous asked:

Hello, terribly sorry if you've already answered this. But I'm quite confused; Is ch 20 going to release today (friday)? or is there going to be an announcement for when it's going to be released? Or is there something else that's going on?

Reading it I thought she’s announcing that she’s releasing the chapter officially but it could mean she’s just saying that it’ll be released soon and she’s making an announcement about it. I’m just hoping for the best lol. But then again she said the chapter will be released on March and we basically have one week left of this month?? So why would she announce it again unless it’s pushed back??


Today’s Robert Francis Friday post: Character alignments!  With all the many and varied characters Robert played over his career, I was confident that I’d find at least one example for each alignment.  And I did–

Lawful Good: Napoleon Solo (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
Neutral Good: Lee (The Magnificent Seven)
Chaotic Good: Albert Stroller (Hustle)
Lawful Neutral: Hunt Stockwell (The A Team)
True Neutral: Harry Rule (The Protectors)
Chaotic Neutral: Gelt (Battle Beyond the Stars)
Lawful Evil: Walter Chalmers (Bullitt)
Neutral Evil: Hayden Danziger (Columbo)
Chaotic Evil: Ross Webster (Superman III)

Thanks to @ksturf and @theniftycat for help with this!

Went to a different cafe this Thursday morning to study. But let’s be honest I didn’t study, I spent the whole hour debating with my brother about terrorism… I did get a solid 10 minutes done though! And it rained while I was studying and it was really pretty. I really do love the atmosphere of studying in a cafe!

I spent today (Friday) studying for and doing an online quiz worth 7.5% of my grade. It went well, I got a few wrong but I couldn’t even find the answer on google so I’m not fussed about them (I’ll just ask the lecturer to explain the answers). I did my usual Friday cleaning and a bit extra as well! Anyways time to study for the two quizzes for my medical sciences units!