but today its being nice


shh don’t tell anyone she’s reading on the job when she should be learning the dewey decimal system 


All it takes is one mention of James McGraw’s hair ribbon and I come over all Matilda.


151227 Gayo Daejun

There was nothing more rich and intoxicating than taking in the sound of Gon’s laughter. The sound was bubbly, warm and filled with a joy that quickly became memorized in Killua’s mind. It caused Killua’s heart to pick-up pace and a large grin to come to his face. It was delightful to listen to the teen laugh again and so close to his ear. Especially after everything that had been occurring in his life. It was the closest thing to a break from reality and the fact that Killua had to accept that what once was five had now become four…

First time I binded my chest. It’s weird but I also feel this strong sense of pride in it. I still may be a little confused, but I’m happy with how I am right now.

how do i let kdin know i love and appreciate her

127/365 things I love about you

You want to watch orange is the new black with me ♡

Hey guys, I know it’s the 7th anniversary and all, and yeah woo Xenoblade, believe me I have a sketch in the back, but my surgery kinda cut into my schedule so yeah… Don’t know when that’ll be done, real sorry

I hate men


I passed?? I FUCKING passed a class that…I guessed on every single question on the final exam….no exaggeration I just picked whatever sounded nicest…

…I never even fucking opened the textbook and I passed with a B??? UM?? 

I’m…I’m absolutely incredible