but today i had one of the best mornings!

Our Grandmothers Had Abortions

Vice President Pence is marching today in the anti-choice protest in Washington D.C. 

I wonder if Pence knows he almost certainly has loved ones who have had abortions. 

Would he still love them if he knew? Would he listen to their reasons, to the pros and cons they weighed, to the thoughts with which they wrestled? To why abortion was the best choice for them? To how they felt on the car or bus ride to and from the clinic or hospital? 

Does he really believe millions of women worldwide are murderers? 

I’ve never had an abortion, but I’m forever grateful to Planned Parenthood and to the morning-after pill. In 1997, my then boyfriend and I had a condom break and I was at PP the next morning. I’ve never wanted children. And while that boyfriend later proposed, I ended the relationship for myriad reasons. If we’d had a child, I’ve no doubt today I’d be a single mom, and a disabled one at that. 

He’d just be a guy paying child support. 

Women tend to discuss abortion differently when men aren’t in the room. 

As such, I’ve heard so many stories from elderly women, some now dead, about abortions they had before Roe v. Wade was legal. 

One nearly died from sepsis after the “doctor” (she didn’t know if he was a real physician) used dirty utensils. She was leaving a bad marriage and didn’t want to have a child with that man.

Another threw herself down her family’s long stairwell. She was pregnant with her sixth child and exhausted from tending to the five kids she and her husband already had. She miscarried, but was badly injured. 

One was grieving a horrific death in her family and knew she couldn’t raise a baby at that time.

I don’t know if my own grandmothers had abortions. 

Here’s what I do know:

My maternal grandmother nearly died giving birth to my aunt. Her doctors concluded she was at high risk for death with any subsequent pregnancies. But this was 1946. So instead of relaying this information to my grandmother, her male doctors told my grandfather. He didn’t tell her until years later. She became very sick after giving birth to my uncle. To the best of my knowledge, it was her fourth pregnancy that left her unable to conceive. She miscarried in the eighth month. He would have been a boy and she was going to name him after her father. 

She was 22 years old. 

My paternal grandmother died at 26 in Greece under Nazi occupation. She contracted tuberculosis and had to be quarantined. My father’s last memory of his mom: the paramedics dragging her away while she screamed his name. She died in the sanitarium and was buried in a mass grave. She left behind my father and his two brothers, each of whom were treated as orphans under Greek law (at that time a child with a deceased mother was legally orphaned because it was not a father’s legal responsibility to care for his children). My dad and his brothers were given to three different homes. War and famine had laid waste to Greece. Would my grandmother have had children if birth control were an option? If abortion had been available? 

I wonder about her last thoughts in the sanitarium, knowing her children would be alone then scattered like seeds.

If I could tell Mike Pence any of these stories, would he listen? 

One more tragedy:

We all know the answer.

Keeping Secrets

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 2120

Characters: Sam x reader, Dean

Warnings: severe injury, torture, angst (I guess)

Summary: Your friend Sam turns up injured on your doorstep, and accidentally makes you a target.

You stumbled through your front door, barely managing to shed your coat and bag before you were collapsing onto the sofa. Tiredly, you rubbed your hand over your face. You’d had to pull a double shift at the hospital today and now you wanted nothing more than your bed.

It hadn’t been an easy shift, either. One of your patients, a teenage girl, had died despite your best efforts. Maybe in the morning you’d be alert enough to push the memory of her mother’s scream to the back of your mind.

Briefly, you considered just lying down there in your living room and crashing like that. You weren’t a teenager anymore, though, and you’d hate yourself for it in the morning.

Leaving the coat and bag where they were, you took your shoes off and left them in your bedroom doorway. You were too exhausted even to consider changing. You simply stripped down to your underwear and crawled between the sheets. Before you could even reach the pillow, you were out.

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Good morning! I hope today is the best day you’ve ever had! It’s a new week. No matter how amazing or terrible last week was, you have a fresh start. Everything really is going to be alright. Don’t worry about fixing everyone around you, or trying to change circumstances that are out of your hands. Focus on being kind to yourself and learning how to love, and everything else will fall into place. I promise!

I believe in you! If no one else says it today, you are awesome!


Hello everybody!. I hope you are having a great week like us. My cousin and BFF; Maite came with her adorable daughter April to visit us today in the morning. We remembered our crazy, but beautiful childhood and we had a blast watching our old photos. Here are a couple of them. 😅

I can not believe how fast the time has passed. And the good news for us, is that Maite and her family are moving to Sunlit Tides soon, so we won’t feel alone in this city anymore. That was one of the best news of this year, since we feel very lonely sometimes. Our children Amara and April will be raised together as we did in the past and That’s amazing! 😊

Hey everyone Mod Ghost here…I’m not sure where to even begin so I’m going to put it all out there - I want to ask a favor from you guys. It’s a little selfish of me to ask so suddenly  and be so upfront about it but I really need you to do this.

 I want you guys to think of one good thing that happened today - it doesn’t have to be anything big or special or anything, it could be a video you watched that made you happy, the fact that the sky looked particularly nice today, a conversation you had with someone you like or even that you got out of bed this morning to start a day; and I want you to keep it in mind and remember it whenever you feel a little down throughout the day. It may seem insignificant but when it comes to the times where your thoughts try to get the best of you it’s those little thoughts can make everything a little more bearable to get through the day one step at a time. I want every single one of you to be happy and I know that can’t always the case but if there is anything I want to be able to do it’s to make all of your days a little better - I’m always here to talk and lend a hand in any way that I possibly can, be it through venting or just having a companion to help you cope with whatever your troubles may be I will never turn you away and willingly lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on should you ever need it regardless of how small you feel your problem may be.

Forgive me for putting this on the blog but a few people I know have been going through…a lot of things and it really made me think and I just wanted you all to know that you are loved and cared for and mean the absolute world to someone - you may not have found them yet but trust me when I say they’ll come. Until then know that every single one of you mean everything to me because that is a fact that will never, never change.

I love you all.

- Ghost

Grown boys and their toys

Read on AO3

Title: Grown boys and their toys 

Author: inarsics /  snarcsics

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin (Jikook/Kookmin) 

Word count: 5,000 

Genre: Smut, Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, College AU 

Rating: Explicit 

Warnings: Dirty talk, public sex, alpha Jungkook, omega Jimin 

Summary: The day before Jimin’s birthday, Jungkook strikes up a deal with his boyfriend. If he wins, he’s given free rein of the alpha himself, if he loses, well, he doesn’t really lose much. 

Author’s note: For Jimin’s birthday! Park Jimin turning 21 today, what a blessing. Also, I wrote this at 3-4 in the morning and I keep changing perspectives between them and it’s probably pretty difficult to read. I did my best and that’s probably all that counts. At least I got SOMETHING done for Jimin’s birthday. I had originally wanted to post a Stripper AU for his birthday but it turned out to be a really long one shot and I couldn’t finish it on time. 

I…um…I know people were probably expecting something sweet for his birthday but honestly I can’t write anything that isn’t loaded with angst and smut OTL

By now you can probably tell I love Alpha/Omega AUs…………I’m so tired. 

Minding his own business, that’s what Jimin would tell their children one day when they would ask what he was doing when their whole kitchen burned down, all because their alpha father presented him with an obscene proposition whilst he was helping Seokjin with dinner. Then he would proceed to call himself a fucking idiot for going along with Jungkook’s little game, and hope that if whenever he does tell this story to their children, that he wouldn’t go into too much detail as to why he wanted to murder Jungkook.

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  • Professor: Why weren't you in class today?
  • Me: I overslept
  • Professor: Why?
  • Me: Well, you see, last night's Supernatural episode, Don't Call Me Shurley, aired in the US at 9/8 central, therefore 2am here in England. Now, I know what you're going to say, and you're right, I could have waited until morning to see it, but you see, I knew that Chuck would be in it, and that's a big deal to me. I had fully intended to go to sleep straight after the episode, however, Robbie Thompson decided to write one of the best episodes of Supernatural in all eleven seasons, and succeeded in breaking me into a numb mess. You see, Professor, one cannot simply go to sleep after an ending like that. I was hit by The Feels™ and consequently didn't sleep until 5:30am. This is why I overslept your lecture, however I think this offence can be forgiven, judging by the extent of The Feels™ I was suffering from. I worried for my life, because The Feels™ were too strong. Robbie Thompson is a god among men and he deserves so much respect, and waiting until today to watch that episode would have been a crime against God.
Morning With Harry

Inspired by my travels today. My first little blurb, so it may not be the best but I hope it’s okay! Xoxo


You weren’t a morning person.

You rarely ever got out of bed before nine if you didn’t absolutely have to. Mornings with Harry usually consisted of him waking up a couple of hours before you, going out for a run, and stirring you awake upon his return with snuggles and kisses because he got too impatient to wait for you.

This morning, however, you had a seven o’clock flight to catch to Hawaii. You and Harry had been planning the trip for a few weeks now—he’d promised you that you two would go away after he finished filming the movie, and as soon as he got home he stayed true to his word, throwing out travel ideas left and right. You were excited, immensely so, but your body physically wasn’t capable of moving until at least an hour after sunrise.

“Babe, y’gotta wake up,” Harry murmured. You could feel his lips at your ear and you could smell his intoxicating scent—although his voice waking you up was one of the little things in life that you couldn’t imagine having to ever give up, it wasn’t going it today. Your bed was way too comfy and warm, and it was one of those mornings where your body felt like it weighed twice as much as it did and you really just couldn’t imagine getting out of bed, ever. You knew that you needed to get up and that if you were late you’d miss your flight, but your brain wasn’t processing that right now.

“Mm-mm.” You grunted, turning your features away from your boyfriend so you could bury your face in the softness of your pillow. You heard a familiar chuckle fill the air and felt his fingers comb through your hair, which was a bird’s nest of tangled locks but he didn’t mind.

“C’mon, (Y/N), we have to be at the airport in forty minutes,” he coaxed, but you didn’t budge. 

“It’s not my fault you got such a comfy bed,” you mumbled sleepily, and you weren’t even sure if he’d heard you because your features were still concealed in the large pillow.

After a couple of seconds you heard him groan softly, and within a moment you felt his large frame drop onto yours, effectively squishing your figure and disrupting your sleep.

“Harry!” You squealed, squirming underneath him, but all you heard was his laugh as he continued to lay atop of you like a deadweight, his legs tangling within your own and his toned arms slipping around your figure to keep you firmly in place.

“Wha’, I thought you wanted to stay in bed! So I joined yeh!” He teased, and you couldn’t see his features but you were almost a hundred percent certain that he was sporting his signature smirk.

“Not when you’re squishing me, you loaf!” You yelled, but you couldn’t pretend to be mad for long, your laughter betraying you as it flooded from your lips. His arms loosened enough for you to squirm around and lay on your back underneath him—you couldn’t make out his features in the darkness of the room, but you could almost feel the smugness radiating from his body. You parted your lips and were about to say something before you were interrupted by his lips attacking your face in a series of chaste kisses, and he purposely exaggerated his smoothing noises, grip never loosening on your figure. 

“Harryyyyyy!” You protested, although it was only half-hearted and followed by the giggles that spilled from your mouth. You could feel his chest rumbling lightly with laughter as he began pressing quick kisses to the crook of your neck, his hands roaming down your sides and gripping your hips gently as he finally spoke again. 

“So what’dya say, babe? Is my girl going t’get outta bed so I can go spoil her rotten in a tropical paradise?” His lips were now at your ear and he spoke in that husky way that always made your insides weak. How could you say no? You peered up at him through the darkness, the only illumination in the room coming from the crack of light peeking in from the kitchen through the slightly open door. The simplicity and sincerity of his words struck a chord in your heart, and you lifted your head to search for his lips, pressing your mouth to his chin instead. He seemed to clue into what you wanted and tipped his head in order to press his mouth to your own in a sweet kiss.

“Alright, let’s go,” you whispered as your lips parted ways, and you waited for him to remove himself from atop of you before finally slipping out from under the covers.

Harry pressed one last kiss to your forehead before making his way out of the room to take care of a couple of last minute things. You quickly got ready, brushing your teeth and slipping into a comfortable outfit which consisted of your favorite pair of jeans and a dark red t-shirt that was technically Harry’s, but you’d claimed it as your own a long time ago. You were already running through the list in your head of all the last minute things that you needed to pack before slipping out. When you walked out into the foyer you were surprised to see that all your bags were packed and ready to go by the door.

“Harry?” You called out, and he emerged from the kitchen holding a tupperware bowl of fruit and yogurt, holding it out to you.

“Y’ready, love?” He asked, handing you your breakfast as if it was no big deal and brushing his lips against the top of your head lightly. 

“How long have you been awake?” Everything was all set up and all you had to do was get in the car and head off on your romantic getaway, and you appreciated it immensely. He knew how much you hated the process of travelling. 

“Almost a couple hours. Wanted to get in a shower and be all ready to leave before wakin’ yeh up,” he stated nonchalantly, as if it wasn’t a big deal. And to him, it probably wasn’t. But to you, it was these little things that made you fall deeper in love with him every day.

You stood on your toes to press a kiss against Harry’s cheek and slip your arms around his neck in a gentle embrace, his smile so beautiful you could feel it filling the air between you. 

“Wha’ was that for?” He murmured, leaning closer to brush the tip of his nose against yours.

“I love you,” you replied simply, lids fluttering to a close. A part of you wanted to ditch Hawaii and just live in this moment forever.

“I love you, beautiful.” He whispered without any further questions, reaching behind his neck to grab your hands and loop his fingers through yours. He pulled back enough to gaze into your eyes for a long moment, a content smile lingering on his features. “Ready to go?” 

“With you, always.”

catechist chronicles

I expected more spiritual kickback this morning, judging how I was going to talk to the kids about temptation and the devil today. Basically I felt mostly numb this morning and at Mass was pretty indifferent. The only time I felt part of the Mass was when I looked at the crucifix as the liturgy of the Eucharist started and after Communion. But the kids didn’t mind talking about it and had questions too, which I think I covered to the best of my ability. It was a good class though and most of them were there so my guess was that God wanted them to be there for it. I have a feeling that one of the reasons why people leave the Church is that they don’t know the depth of it. If they were told more than the shallow outline of the faith, they may actually look more deeply into it. How can you expect people to know if the Church has more in it if you only give them the top layer of if: like giving people only the frosting off the cake or the skin that forms on soup. It won’t satisfy and it doesn’t point to what lies underneath it. Anyway, I have another class next week before my affiliate. I think I get to cover the Beatitudes but I don’t remember. I’m just grateful to be doing this and humbled too that God trusts me with his children.

hey yall, ty so much for the messages. im much calmer now and less overwhelmed than last night. today im going to get a bank account so i can set up a gofund me or a paypal or anything i can to get some help. my sense of self worth is so low that i dont feel like i deserve help but the thing is i am in need and my health stuff has taken a back seat for too long due to money (or a lack of it) and i just ignore all of the problems as best i can but im at a breaking point and i need to do right by myself and put the self hate bullshit aside. 

there are already two people telling me theyll donate to help me out with this and i feel so bad about it, but im gunna try and take this a step at a time and hope that i can repay such kindness somehow.

thehobbem  asked:

THE HISTORY MAKER COVER. *sobs* It's so beautiful, it's exactly what it should be. It's the best thing ever. As if Maddie writing HTMF wasn't enough, you had to make the cover, I can't handle all of this.

Exactly what it should be? The best thing ever? Robbie, you’re the sweetest. Wow. Thank you! It’s funny how you sent this Ask today since just this morning I was mulling over what I could possibly do as an edit for a few other stories, including Write Me in C Major.

We’ll see! I need to finish my backlog of unfinished edits first 。゚(TヮT)゚。 Especially since I never got around to making a cover for one of Victor’s stories, too, from htmf. In the meantime we can sob together over @actualyuuri​ and htmf now that it’s complete. Then be revived just in time for her vigilante AU.

Today marks my one year since the start of my healthy lifestyle. I remember getting up this morning last year, after sitting in bed all night and thinking “I have to do something.” I got up, threw out all the junk in the house, and went grocery shopping, learned to cook, and didn’t look back. I haven’t been perfect, I’ve definitely had slip ups, but I haven’t been more proud of where I am and I’m so excited for what’s coming next! I can’t wait to see what this next year brings, and the best part is I’m not doing it on my own anymore! I’m so thankful to the ones who have been my motivators and have encouraged me along the way!


Hello my lovely prepsters!
Today is a very rainy day in my town. It’s actually pouring like waterfalls haha
So I basically just spend the whole day drinking tea and listening to music (best music for rainy days: “hey Ocean!”) . Although that’s not all I did today. This morning I had brunch with one of my very good friends (if you happen to come to Berlin sometime, go try out “Lula am Markt” - great little Café for breakfast, lunch or tea time)
Until then- xx Jane R. Calloway

private surrender, public victory

yesterday, in complete obedience, my heart finally relinquished control of something dear to me. it has always been one of these things in my life i have tried so hard to take control of. perhaps, the solution wasnt in trying to work it out in my own strength and limited wisdom, but in giving it up in exchange for His sovereign plan. in that bittersweet surrender, i found that for the first time in my life i was able to make this decision for myself and have the courage to do it with a fully committed heart.

this morning, i had the privilege of leading worship for morning service. i had no idea what had changed in my Spirit, until everything that came out of my mouth during prayer time and the word i gave before worship started becoming prophetic. something had shifted in my spirit.

today’s worship was one of the best, if not the best i’ve seen in years being a part of 7/8. there was such an incredible atmosphere of breakthrough and i’ve never felt the crowd respond like that before. the word that sister alison gave during worship was so in line with what the Holy Spirit spoke to me that morning, band members were teary-eyed, people started texting me to tell me how crazy the presence of God was. jeremy took over the service to go straight into the sermon, during the sermon he was like preaching the exact things that came out of my mouth that morning during prayer when i was speaking to the band. there was at least 5 people who came up to me to tell me that today’s worship was amazing and really good. i am SO overwhelmed and i feel like Peter when He had reeled in the fish that was overflowing from the nets.

When Simon Peter realized what had happened, he fell to his knees before Jesus and said, “Oh, Lord, please leave me – I’m too much of a sinner to be around you.” For he was awestruck by the number of fish they had caught, as were the others with him (Luke 5:8 - 5:9 NLT)

i am so unworthy oh Lord, to be used by You. so many times i’ve felt that I’ve let You down.

today morning was like a confirmation + God’s affirmation that He’s pleased “present yourselves as a living sacrifice, Holy and pleasing to God”
i know now for a certainty that God has got us covered in this aspect of life. He has made everything beautiful in His time, He makes everything work for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

sometimes it takes us to make that first step of saying, ok Lord i give you what’s important to me, my five loaves and two fishes, everything i have, no matter how little or how much and i just choose to trust You with it.

so Lord this time, for good, come and take control. lead my heart, You know best and You want the best.


animefanatic6290  asked:

Angelhood - What is one of your favorite memories?

This is a good one! I have a lot of great memories of my childhood–like how every time a new Harry Potter book would come out, my mom would sit on the porch and read it to us while we ate rocky road ice cream. Or how my grandpa used to take us out hunting for tadpoles, and my sister would kiss every frog she found, thinking one might be a prince. Or that Christmas morning when I wandered up to my stocking, almost bored and thinking it wouldn’t be anything special, and my dad was laying on the couch with our new puppy, Maddi. (She would be my absolute best friend for the next twelve years, and I miss her every day.)

But I kind of feel like talking about my dad today, so: Once I got in trouble for something my little brother or sister did, and Mom put me in time out for it, and I had to go into the basement by myself. Dad knew I didn’t do it and that I took the fall for my siblings, so he snuck down and gave me my Game Boy Color and Pokemon Blue and said I could play it if I was reeeeally quiet. XD Dad was always getting me out of trouble like that. Sometimes he’d get me IN to trouble too, though. He was the clown of the family and always had a joke or trick to play. Once when I was maybe four or five, he taught me a dirty dance move and got me to dance along to a Grease song when my grandparents came home, haha.

I have many great memories of my family, and it’s always great to share them. <3 I could tell you about the time we almost got my cousin to milk a goat, ahahaha.

15 March 2017!!!!

Tdy is probably one of the best days (’: bec awhile back, we were talking about our food cravings and one of our similar ones was fried carrot cake. And this morning he told me that he was going to eat it for breakf. I jokingly asked if I could join him to eat bec I was getting hungry at the thought of it. (He actually even wanted to drive me there to eat together omg. Bec he thought that I had school today) then I was like nah its okay I want to go back to sleep. THEN HE CALLED ME A LAZY LABBIT. Then he was like saying that he could takeaway the carrot cake for me and after some hesitation, I asked him if he really could takeaway the carrot cake for me and he agreed. ANDDDDD WE MET UNDER MY HOUSE. HE LITERALLY SAT IN HIS CAR AND WAITED FOR ME KEJFHEHDH. then I opened his car door and he was like oh? Thats fast. I wanted to pay him back for buying it for me then he told me nvm and I could pay him back another time :’) And then we talked awhile and then I waved him goodbye. ANDDDD BRUHHH HIS SMILE WAS THE GREATEST THING IVE EVER SEEN IN MY 17 YEARS OF EXISTENCE. HE WAS SO FKING ADORABLE. I love him so so so so so so so so much.


Had a pretty delicious chocolate berry smoothie bowl for breakfast this morning. The perfect balance of rich and tangy 👌🏼

Here’s what you’ll need to make one just like it!

- 6 frozen bananas and 2 not frozen
- a handful of strawberries (I used 6)
- a tablespoon of cacao
- a tablespoon of coconut sugar (feel free to leave this out, it’s just that bananas haven’t been the best quality lately and I think they need to be a little sweeter!)

And if you want the same toppings as I used today-

- rawnola + pb caramel (recipes in previous posts)
- coconut flakes
- ½ cup frozen raspberries, microwaved until mushy

1. Blend your 2 not frozen bananas with a dash of water.
2. Add strawberries, cacao and coconut sugar.
3. While blending, gradually add the rest of your bananas and blend until smooth.
4. Get creative with your topping placement.

Super quick and easy, enjoy!! 🍓🍫