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Draco’s Soulmate

so I saw this au where there was a countdown on someone’s wrist to the moment they meet their soulmate and I’m a sucker for soulmate and muggle au’s so I decided to write one! I might do one in Harry’s POV if y’all want me to. Enjoy!

3 minutes and 34 seconds. The nerves were growing inside him. Draco had always strived to look his best, however this morning nothing seemed right. Even though his hair was perfectly styled and he tried to look casual but not too casual (even though the man almost always wore a suit). Today he wore a white button up under a black blazer and black skinny jeans. Draco didn’t think it was possible for someone to feel overdressed and underdressed at the same time, but that’s what he was feeling.

2 minutes and 52 seconds. He was fidgeting in his seat. Draco had decided to enter a little coffee shop as to escape the chill that winter brought. The snow was falling lightly outside. It really was a perfect day, he only wished that he wasn’t overtaken by nerves. Draco took another sip of his tea before putting it down and continued to flick the side of it. The sound had seemed to calm his a little.

2 minutes and 12 seconds. It could be anybody who walked it. He jumped ever so slightly whenever anybody walked it. Could it be anybody? Draco was the gayest man you’d ever meet in your entire life, but did the rules of soulmates abide by sexuality? What if it was a girl? Would he immediately be taken with her? Or would he have to learn to love her? Or would they be like platonic soulmates? That wasn’t a thing. Or was it? He glanced down at his wrist again.

1 minute and 4 seconds. He decided to get up and go to the bathroom really quickly. Draco looked at himself in the mirror, took a deep breath, and left the bathroom. He hadn’t realised how long he’d been in the bathroom, but when he glanced down on his wrist there was only a few seconds left.

5 seconds

4 seconds

3 seconds

2 seconds

1 second… CRASH!

“Shit!” He yelped when he felt hot coffee seeping through his shirt and burning his skin. He looked up and saw an attractive man. The effect of his bright green eyes hindered by round glasses that framed his face perfectly. He also had black hair that stuck up in every direction, though it didn’t look bad at all.

“Oh god, I am so sorry.” He spoke. Draco swore it was the most beautiful sound he’d ever heard. The man grabbed a bunch of napkins and started to dab his shirt. In the moment, Draco didn’t even realise he’d just met his soulmate. He also didn’t care how handsome this man was, he didn’t hesitate to give his snarkiest remark.

“Are you sure those lenses are the right prescription?” He snapped. His nerves had put him on edge and this just pushed him over. Wait, why had he been nervous? Oh yeah, soulmate. Soulmate!

The man chuckled lightly. “Sadly, my ability to look where I’m going is just as bad as my eyesight.” Draco suddenly felt self conscious. His soulmate, god this was his soulmate, was wearing black jeans that were ripped at the knee and a very baggy jumper. Draco had definitely overdressed. The man looked up at him and Draco had noticed their height difference for the first time. It was endearing, if he was being completely honest.

“So, are you going to tell me your name or am I just going to have to call you Soulmate?” He flashed a smile that made Draco weak in the knees.

Draco smirked. “Soulmate is fine, thank you.” He said haughtily. The man rolled his eyes and Draco held out his hand. “The name’s Malfoy. Draco Malfoy.” He let his smirk soften into a grin when his soulmate shook his hand.

“I’m Harry.” Harry’s smile grew and it reached his eyes. “Harry Potter.”    

Read Harry’s POV

I’ve always loved writing since I was little. I love writing stories, articles, poems, but I never kept a diary because I think it made me feel obligated to write everyday. Every time I started one, the entry would turn out something like “went to the market today. I really wanted to buy a toy but just did yesterday. Anyway, I think Brittany lied to me about her dating Jem”

Then I started high school and, well, let’s just say I needed to get things out somewhere before I become my own version of 2007’s Britney Spears. A journal is actually a really great getaway from all the sickening routines. You get to be entirely you, and nobody will say anything about what you think and what you write. Not to mention it’s very therapeutic and helps keeping your sanity.

I know a lot of people who want to start a journal but are not sure what to write or where to start from. So that is why, ladies and gents, I’m here to give you a lil help on that matter.

1.       Be As Blunt, Angry, or Happy

You’re fighting with your friend and you think they’re stupid? Jot that down. You think your math score doesn’t do you justice? Write about it. You got a new set of Crayolas and are very excited about it? Write it down too. It does feel a little weird at first, I did feel that too, but trust me you would feel a lot better and relieved after you finish an entry. Remember, nobody’s going to read it so if you didn’t have the chance to punch that one friend in the face, do it now. Mentally. Better to stay out of jail, right?

2.       No Schedule Needed

You don’t need to write an entry every single day. I never do mine regularly, but I try to keep it at least once or twice a week to make sure that I don’t leave it way behind. However, DO NOT go through 2 weeks without a single entry, the longer you don’t write, the more you feel like you can go miles without touching it. This would beat the purpose of starting a journal in the first place.

3.       Get Creative

You can be as creative and wild in your journal! Find some inspiration from youtube, tumblr, or pinterest and splatter some paints. It doesn’t have to be neat or have a deep meaning, just do some art when you DO feel inspired. You can also attach some memories like amusement park tickets, postcards, stamps, and many other things.

4.       It’s Not Meant to be “Photogenic”

Or you can make it as photogenic as you want it to be. Just remember that not every single page has to be colorful, has lots of drawings and Shakespeare’s poems on it. You see these journaling accounts all around tumblr and think “how do they make it so artsy?”. I’m pretty sure even those accounts have silly drawings and memes somewhere between those pages. When you start a journal, some pages might only have words upon words on white paper, some pages might have unfinished sketches. Don’t (just) do it for aesthetic. Do it because it takes off your negative vibes and brings positivity toward you.

5. Just Start.

Seriously. The more you procrastinate, the more you’ll think ‘nah I don’t need it anyway’. The ultimate guide is to start somewhere.

Whatever you write down, they don’t have to be interesting or mind-blowing. Some people think their lives are boring and not journal-worthy. Well, I write about Starbucks’ caramel frappe and trips to the nearest market while all these people are writing about their freaking road trip to another planet. No lives are boring. There will always be something to write about. If you’re still having a writer’s block, then I gotcha. Here’s a list of things you can put on your journal:

-Dream you had last night
-Letters to somebody
-A letter to your younger/future self
- Songs you need to download
- Answer your own questions
- 13 reasons why. Ex: Why you should get over that one ex, Why you love your best friend, etc
- Things you’ve learned today ( I do this a lot. It’s a great way to self-exam)
- Favorite things
-Things you regret buying (also a great self-examination)
- New words + definitions
- Morning/midnight ramblings
- Reviews of books/movies
- What would you be doing in 10 years
- Write about your Hogwarts’ house or MBTI personality

This might not be a huge help, but I love sharing things and I find journaling to be very helpful for a lot of things.

Do you guys keep a journal? If so, what do you usually write about?

Only Angel [h.s.]

A/N: this one shot has been in the works for a while and i finally managed to finish it up :-) i hope you all enjoy it! sorry for any typos! feel free to leave your thoughts by my inbox and happy reading! all the love, andrea 💝

There are a lot of things that Y/N loves in the world– enough to fill up entire pages of a book, possibly. Not a thick book, though– no, more like a short chapter book like the ones she used to read back in first grade.

She adores general things, such as her family and friends, along with more specific things, like her cozy knitted blanket and the new season of Supernatural. And then there were the detailed, intimate things, such as popping her sweaters into the drying machine for a few minutes before slipping them on so that they would be toasty for the road, or petting her two-year-old Burmese cat, Sybil, in the curve right behind his left ear and feeling his deep purring against her thighs.

Then there was Harry, which Y/N tended to file under all three categories. For general, she fancies him for his quirky sense of humor and lovingly idiotic personality. For specific, she’d state that she loves the size of his hands because they were huge– big enough that one of his could easily hold both of her wrists together. And for intimate, Y/N has always been fascinated by Harry’s ears. A tad odd, perhaps, but she could never live down how small and adorable they were, and super sensitive, too. Whenever she would bite at them he would always let loose something in between a childish giggle and an anguished whine, signifying how torn he was between the pain and pleasure that derived from that certain area.

However, there is one exact thing that Y/N doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to categorize because her attachment to it is simply too much to put into words: riding Harry.

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Hey guys! Here’s another one. I’m kinda screeching, I’m really excited about this one. I’ve been waiting to post it and I hope you like it. Thanks to all the new followers and tag listers for reading and to all the regular readers and comment leavers. You guys are really the best! Happy Sunday!

No Warnings, just cuteness.

Today was your day off. You, Steve, and Bucky were all excused from the mission today because the three of you hadn’t had a day to relax in a couple weeks. And boy, were you excited to unwind after a month of non stop missions. 

You enjoyed your perfectly regular morning in the tower. You woke up, ate breakfast, trained with the boys, showered, and now you were sitting in your favorite spot on the couch reading a book. Bucky and Steve had done the same and were now watching a movie.

You were sure an outsider would laugh at the three of you. While you were nestled into the corner of the couch, neatly folded under a blanket, the two men took over the other side of the sofa. Steve was hugging the armrest, his head leaning on his fist with his legs attempting to touch the other side of the room, while Bucky was slouched next to you, his legs open in a deep v while he absently ran his flesh fingers over the seam of the cushion. They were peas in a pod, those two.

You felt your eyelids slipping closed while you turned the page of your book. The whole team had been up late the night before, fooling around and sharing a bottle of Tony’s high quality liquor. He insisted on opening it, who were you to refuse a good drink?

After reading the same paragraph for the third time, you gave into your heavy eyelids and weak limbs. You closed your book and placed it safely next to you on the couch. Snuggling under the blanket, you allowed slumber to overtake your busy mind.

Next to you, Bucky had heard your breathing slow and simmer. He stole a glance your way and couldn’t stop the grin that was invading his features. In the back of his mind he knew you were one of the few who wasn’t afraid of him. You trusted him enough to let your guard down around him, which gave him a sad hope that maybe others would soon see him as less of a monster.

His eyes wandered from your closed eyes, to your slightly turned up lips, to the fuzzy blanket hiding your frame, to the cover of the book you were reading. The bright orange sleeve told him it was another Harry Potter hardback. He chuckled quietly. He had seen you read this one a couple times. He guessed it was your favorite. 

He shrugged and carefully slid the book away from you. Time to see what this prisoner did, he thought. But he was surprised to see a contrasting title on the first page. 

Recovery: Managing Post Traumatic Stress

Bucky felt his heart sink. He didn’t know much about you, only that you were a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who joined the team after the agency’s untimely fall, and simple personal things that he learned through his growing friendship with you. You adored Harry Potter. You fell in love with any animal you ever saw. You were from New York. You had a brother. But that you were hiding some sort of PTSD? That one you never mentioned. 

Against his better judgement he flipped through the pages. Gravity forced the pages to fall until he reached a dogeared page, one that the deep crease in the binding suggested you had studied. His finger hovered over the first page of a chapter on nightmares. 

Bucky’s stomach flipped. He prayed to whatever was out there that you weren’t having nightmares similar to his. His eyes flew down the pages, looking at words you had scribbled in the margins.

have a routine, journal, music, chew gum after

The pencil of your neat cursive was smudging, but he could still read the faded words. He recognized the tactics to calm a victim of nightmares. 

He wondered why you were keeping this all a secret. Didn’t you know you could talk to him about this? You really felt like you had to hide a self help book behind a Harry Potter binding? 

He felt his bruised heart shatter. You poor doll. He didn’t want to bombard you with questions or betray your trust. So he told Steve to do it.

That afternoon, there was a soft knock on your door. Without ceasing your cleaning, you invited whoever it was to come in.

Steve leaned on the door frame with his bulging arms crossed over his chest, his face one of concern. 

“Oh, boy. What’s goin’ on?” You teased once you looked up and saw his nervous state. 

His expression lifted as he chuckled. His sad blue eyes fell to the floor as he shook his head. “That obvious?”

You hummed in confirmation as you tossed a shirt into the hamper against the wall. 

You knew something was coming when he let out a deep sigh. You sat on the edge of your bed and waited for him to find the right words. 

He joined you on the duvet. “(Y/N), is everything alright? With you? Are you okay here?”

Woah, three questions at once, he was really worried.

“Yeah, Steve I’m good. Why?

“Uh, um, We just-I, um…” You giggled at his struggles. He was obviously tip toeing around something big.

“Steve, spit it out.”

“Your Harry Potter book… isn’t a Harry Potter book.”

You closed your eyes and sighed. Caught red handed. You felt him stiffen next to you. You opened your eyes and gave him a reassuring smile. You weren’t angry at his snooping, honestly you should have been more careful about it. At least Bucky didn’t see it, you thought. 

“It’s not mine. I-I mean, it’s not for me.”

He cut you off. “(Y/N), you don’t have to be shy about this, we all-”

“No really, Steve, I’m good. It’s not for me, it’s for, uh, it’s for Bucky.”

Steve’s brows met and the creases in his forehead deepened, encouraging you to explain. 

“Umm, a few nights back, I heard Bucky screaming in his sleep and… I couldn’t do anything. So, I got this book about PTSD so, maybe I can help.” Your words we slow and deliberate. This was the first time you admitted to yourself why you were doing this. Most of the time you tried to stay out of Bucky’s business but seeing his nightmare tear him apart changed your mind.

Steve just nodded and stared at the floor like he didn’t know what to say. Finally, he looked up at you from his bent position and thanked you.

You understood. You knew how much Bucky meant to him. “Just don’t tell Bucky, okay? I don’t want him to take it the wrong way. I may be crossing a boundary here.”

Steve nodded and braced himself on his knees as he stood up. After sauntering to the door, he touched the top of the frame and said, “You should tell him.”

Steve left you alone in your room and you continued your cleaning. You knew you should tell Bucky. You just didn’t know how to.

Later that night, you were making yourself a cup of tea when you heard Bucky call your name. 

Your response was covered by F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s. “Miss (Y/L/N) is in the kitchen, Mr. Barnes.” You couldn’t help but laugh at the AI. You still weren’t used to having her around. 

You brought the steaming mug up to your lips and puffed on the liquid, trying to cool it down. You heard heavy footsteps coming toward the kitchen and you waited for his appearance. 

He landed in the kitchen, slightly winded from his jog through the tower. 

“Hey you,” you threw your usual greeting his way as you placed the mug on the counter before it burned your hands. 

“You-” he stopped himself. When your eyes lifted to his you saw him shaking his head incredulously. 

It was then that you noticed his expression. His chest was still rising and falling at an unusual pace, his cheeks pink and his hair tousled. His eyes were still and wide. They held something you couldn’t quite place. 

Your eyebrows lifted, inviting him to explain himself. 

“You’re somethin’ else.”

Shit. He knew about the book. Shitshitshit. Time to come clean.

“Listen, I didn’t mean to- I’m sorry, Bucky, I just wanted to help you.”

Then he was coming after you. But, instead of yelling at you for invading his privacy and patronizing him, he wrapped his arms tight around your shoulders and landed a kiss to your temple.

“I’m not angry, sweetheart,” he sang. 

You sighed in relief and relaxed, hugging his waist.

Over Bucky’s arm, you saw Steve peeking his head around the corner to watch the two of you.

“Steven Grant Rogers.”

You unwound from Bucky’s embrace, but felt his hand remain on your hip. You tried to ignore the fire on your skin as you glared at Captain America hiding behind the door. 

“Can’t keep a secret for his life,” Bucky mumbled loud enough for Steve to hear. 

“Secrets aren’t American!” you announced with allegiance. 

“Secrets aren’t righteous or patriotic!” Bucky caught on and helped you tease Steve. 

“I’m leaving now,” Steve grumbled as he made his way down the hall to the elevator.  

You giggled and turned back toward Bucky. You tried to act nonchalant as his fingers reached to coddle your waist. “But seriously,” you started counting on your fingers, “They say writing your nightmares down helps, and you should have a routine before you go to bed that calms your mind, and I don’t know why, but having a jar of coffee beans near your bed helps, I guess they’re supposed to ground you-”

“The coffee grounds ground me?”

“No, no, coffee beans, the strong smell-” You stopped in your tracks when you realized he was teasing you. You couldn’t help but laugh along, but you slapped his chest for good measure. His smirk brought a red blush to your cheeks. 

He leaned down to you until his lips were almost touching yours. “Thank you.”

His breath fanned your face and you drowned in his arms, his scent completely intoxicating. You couldn’t even feel your feet on the floor. 

“I could use a jar of coffee beans right about now,” you whispered. 

Bucky chuckled and closed the distance between your lips. He was like candy, you couldn’t get enough. His lips were soft and warm, smooth. Your tongue reached out to taste more of him, and he gladly took you in.

You felt like you were dancing, your tongue with his, your hands grazing across his body, his strong arms supporting you and pulling you closer and closer until there was no air between your bodies. 

When both of you were panting, the only area of your bodies that parted was your lips. To make up for it, he dropped his forehead to yours. When the world stopped spinning around you, you leaned back in his arms and smoothed his hair in your fingers. 

You finally knew what his eyes had been telling you all along. He loved you.

You gazed into his baby blues and then traveled to his pink cheeks and his puffy lips. It was like you were looking at a new man. He seemed at peace. Happy.

“Hey, you,” you whispered. 

He shook his head. “You’re somethin’ else.”



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anonymous asked:

"You're such a bitch" chloenette for the writing prompt please if your still taking requests

Authors note: I am so excited that I have multiple Chloenette and Ladybee promts in this challenge so I can explore so many dynamics in this relationship! For this one, I had to go with humor ^_^ (For those looking for romantic Chloenette don’t worry, it’s coming) 

“Chloe, what are you doing?” Marinette asked as she stared at girl who was currently lounging in Alya’s seat. 

“I’m sitting next to my best friend of course!” She smiled, patting the desk beside her, “Cesaire can sit over there. Isn’t that right Sabrina?” she called to her usual partner in crime. 

“Of course! Whatever you think is best Chloe. I’m so excited we are getting new friends!” Sabrina grinned manically, giving Marinette an energetic wave. 

Marinette slide into her seat. “What did you tell her?” she hissed, “I thought we were clear yesterday that a secret identity needs to be kept a secret!” 

Of all the people to possibly find out about her alter ego, it had to be Chloe. 

“Of course I didn’t tell her about… you know… I just told her that you and I ran into each other at a cafe and hashed out our differences,” Chloe whispered back. “So I was thinking we should go shopping together after class.” 

“Why would you tell Sabrina that?” Marinette asked, praying that she could get this whole mess sorted out before Alya and Nino showed up. If she was lucky maybe today they would have one of their morning make out sessions and come racing in seconds before the bell. 

“Well Sabrina is my best friend, I had to tell her something! Especially since we are going to be spending so much time together now. I didn’t want her freaking out and going all… invisible again.” 

“What… time togeth… what are you talking about?” 

Chloe gave her a pitying smile, “Oh silly, you don’t have to pretend anymore. I know you have to keep up the whole lame, clumsy persona so that people don’t figure out your secret, but you don’t have to hide from me! I’m your best friend!” 

“No you’re really not.” 

“And I know you better than anyone.” 

“I seriously doubt that.” 

“and just think, now you can be yourself around someone! Because we are truly together now. It’s like destiny. Me and Ladybug, just like it was always meant to be. And you know you can even act like less of a spaz and everyone will just assume that it’s because our friendship has made you that much cooler, and no one will suspect that it’s just your true self shining through.” 

“Could this get any worse?” 

“Chloe?” a new voice interrupted. “What are you doing in Alya’s seat?” 

Apparently it could get worse, because Marinette looked up to see Adrien, looking confused, standing next to his own place in front of her. Great. 

“Oh Adrikins! Marinette and I have decided to become best friends. It’s alright if I bring her with me for our monthly movie night on Thursday right?”

“Sure, I guess…” Adrien said still looking like he was expecting to wake up any second to find the whole conversation was a dream. Or maybe Marinette was projecting.

“I was thinking we could all go shopping first,” Chloe continued obliviously, “or maybe manicures because really Marinette we should do something about your poor nails. Oh! Before I forget- selfie!” She pulled out her phone, slinging an arm around Marinette shoulder and giving the camera a brilliant grin. Marinette scowled, then flushed self consciously when she noticed Adrien staring at them both with a strange, searching expression. 

“Sorry!” Adrien said, shaking his head when he realized he had been caught staring, “deja vu… anyways I am glad you two are getting along now, it will be fun to all hang out together.” He gave them both an encouraging smile and slipped into his own seat, pulling out his phone. 

Marinette sighed, slumping down in her chair. At least something good might come out of this. It seemed that Chloe was finally going to stop trying to ruin her already disastrous attempts to spend time with Adrien.

“So where should be go for lunch?” Chloe asked. 

“Chloe, we are not going to lunch together,” Marinette said trying to channel her mother’s firm but quiet tone. “We are not best friends, and you need to go back to your seat, preferably before Alya gets here.” 

“But you’re Ladybug.” 

“Yes, but I am also Marinette. You know, the girl you picked on mercilessly for the last 5 years?” 

“I know and I forgive you for that.” 

“Chloe,” Marinette growled, “get out of that seat.” 

“God, you’re such a bitch. So anyways I was thinking seafood…” 

Birthday Boy - hs

Originally posted by stylesinthewild

Pairing: harry styles x reader

Warnings: nightmare description 

Request:  Can you do one where she forgets his birthday? - anon

It’s past midnight and I just finished an assignment so this is not the best but oh well.

It was the fifth night in a row this had happened.

For the past month, your sleep schedule had been completely ruined, all because of a few nightmares. Today was the fifth day in a row you had woken up at two in the morning, covered in a cold sweat with tears in your eyes.

You thought you had been getting better. You had almost gone four nights without a single nightmare. But then it had all come rushing back. It was almost always the same. A girl who wasn’t you, luring Harry away from you in the dark of the night. You chasing after them, following until you reach a dead end in a dark alley. A single gunshot before Harry is lying dead on the floor, a bullet hole through his brain.

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Today Morning

Originally posted by katherine8595

Reader x Jongin

EXODUS, College AU; A sleepy Jongin suddenly and accidentally exposes his power to you one late night.

First installment of Nikah, @lovesehunright and I’s college au series!

Jongin’s voice is low and childlike as he whines out his protests at your stubborn self. “Y/N, really, I’m walking you home.” He huffs, watching with ‘cold’ eyes while you step into your worn down tennis shoes and grab for your jacket which- a sigh- was to be found in his stubbornly raised hand. 

“Jongin, please.” You pout, reaching for your jacket with another sigh and a reassuring statement, that no, he didn’t need to walk you home, just over campus, this late. It wasn’t that late, anyways. 

Your jacket is lighter than expected, and you hurry it over your shoulder before placing your arms through the arms of the fluffy jacket. There is only a single light illuminating Jongin’s small dorm room, casting a yellow light over the strewn out empty bags of candies and soda bottles. His bed is messy and unmade after the two of you had spent your whole Sunday night up into it, watching all your favorite movies. 

A few hours earlier, Jongin had called you up and told you that his roommate was out for the night, begging you to come over. And so you did, and now you were as tired as ever, stifling yawn after yawn and stretching out your stiff legs by his door. 

“It is that late, actually.” Jongin says dumbly. “It’s almost one in the morning, you do realize we watched like four movies. That’s like- what, 1,5 hours times four?” 

A third sigh - one that transitioned into a jaw-ripping yawn. “Don’t even start, Jongin, seriously. I have math class at nine tomorrow morning.” 

“Today morning.” 

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Famous movie quotes meme.
  • “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
  • “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”
  • “Go ahead, make my day.”
  • “You talking to me?”
  • “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”
  • “You can’t handle the truth!”
  • “Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”
  • “We rob banks.”
  • “Well, nobody’s perfect.”
  • “You had me at ‘hello.’”
  • “One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.”
  • “There’s no crying in baseball!”
  • “A boy’s best friend is his mother.”
  • “La-dee-da, la-dee-da.”
  • “Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”
  • “As God is my witness, I’ll never be hungry again.”
  • “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”
  • “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.”
  • “Say ‘hello’ to my little friend!”
  • “What a dump.”
  • “They’re here!”
  • “Is it safe?”
  • “Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”
  • “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.”
  • “Hasta la vista, baby.”
  • “Hello, gorgeous.”
  • “My precious.”
  • “Listen to me, mister. You’re my knight in shining armor. Don’t you forget it. You’re going to get back on that horse, and I’m going to be right behind you, holding on tight, and away we’re gonna go, go, go!”
  • “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!”
  • “I feel the need - the need for speed!”
  • “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.”
  • “Snap out of it!”
  • “My mother thanks you. My father thanks you. My sister thanks you. And I thank you.”
  • “I’m the king of the world!”
if we meet, we shall not 'scape a brawl

[Happy birthday Taylor! Some Sterek fluff, high school AU but not your typical one– Stiles and Derek are both teachers. Title is a line from Romeo and Juliet, 3.1., because reasons.]

Derek eyes his fourth period students as they file into his classroom, laughing uproariously. They’re all giddy on some sort of wild energy, exclaiming excitedly at each other. The bell rings, and they’re still not settled in their seats, still animatedly discussing something. Something about duels. And butts. 

“Calm down, what’s gotten into you all?" 

"Sorry, Mr. Hale,” Jennifer pipes up. “We just finished with English, see, and Mr. Stilinski–" 

Derek rolls his eyes. Great. He’s sure a serious discussion about the Civil War isn’t going to happen today, not with his students all keyed up like this. "Alright, what ridiculous excuse for a lesson did he have for you today?" 

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Messy hair, Don't care

OML . I saw a few gifs of Sebastian Stan’s messy hair and I GOT THE FEELS.

So I did a smutty n fluffy af one shot outta this cuz I couldn’t resist. I apologize because it might not be well written but it was stuck in my head ALL DAY LONG.


I was happy I decided to come along with Sebastian to this Comic-Con. Leaving my usual worries back at home and taking care of myself. Of course Stan still had to work, but I liked being able to support him. The best part was when the day was over, he’d come back to the room and make love to you for hours.

Today he had meetings with some important people, so I took the morning to enjoy the pool with Elsa -Chris Hemsworth’s wife- and her babygirl. “The twins stayed back home with grandma’.” she’d said. You played around with India all morning, she was a really playful one. When lunch time arrived, both of you headed to your respective rooms to shower and be ready for the afternoon activities.

As I got out of the shower -with a towel around my body and another on my head- the room door flew open and my husband walked in. Looking like he just ran a marathon. “Are you okay?” I ask, he chuckled and looked at me closing the door. “I am… very horny, that’s what I am.” he mumbles, liking his lips as he inspects my body. I cock an eyebrow at him, a perky smile appearing on my lips. “Why would that be?” I ask and he walks towards me. “There was this one picture of you in your bikini today..” he trails off putting a hand in your waist. You giggle when he pulls you closer to his body and he bites his lower lip. “And another one with India on your hip, you two looked so cute.” he grabs a hair that has slipped from the towel on your head, smiling.

“And just the thought of you as a mom seemed so hot for a second.” his eyes are on your body now and you can feel the growing bulge under his pants. You immediately pull him into a passionate kiss and it turns wild in a matter of seconds. He grabbed your waist and lifted you from the floor, taking you to the bed. He gets rid of the towel of your hair carefully as he continues to explore your mouth with his tongue. You run your hands through his hair and pull of it as he bites your lower lip.

He looks into your eyes and smiles “You should quit the pills.” he says and you freeze. For quite a while you had been considering to stop taking the contraception pills you were on, because you felt ready and wished to have a baby with your husband. You discussed it with him some days ago and gave him time to think about it. And here you were. You kiss him repeatedly. “Are you sure? A baby requires a lot of love, time and attention .. I would hate it for you to not be around a lot.” You say making a puppy face and cupping his cheek. He grabs your hand and kisses it. “After the movie I’m filming it’s over I don’t have any upcoming projects for ten months, and if we do achieve a pregnancy nor will I sing up for more in the lapse our baby’s first year. You have nothing to worry about, I want this just as much a you do.” He was serious about this, he had decided he wanted a baby too. He’d even made plans to make this works. And nothing could make you happier. “Well, even tho we need to plan this out better than this… we should get right to it. you give him a big smile and bring his fingers to your mouth provocatively.

His hands were all over you again as he kissed you and you are reluctant to undress him, looking so hot in those clothes and with a tie. His lips trail down your neck making an obscene but sexy sound. You let out a soft moan as his hands reach your breasts. By this moment he is humping you, seeking liberation. My arms climb to the back of his neck as he bites my collarbone lightly, and when his fingers make their way to my ass to finish removing the towel there is a knock on the door.

"FUCK” he whimpers under his breath, you let go of him knowing he wouldn’t ignore it but you aren’t even mad. He quickly answers, walking outside and almost closing the door behind his back so whoever it was couldn’t see you naked and spread in the bed. You chuckled, your heart beating fast. You heard the indistinct conversation of your husband with the person who knocked to your door and you could hear his nervous laughs. He was acting very awkward and you couldn’t even see him. This man would make the best father on the entire universe and you knew it.

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Two Strangers : Doubts

Genre: Fan Fiction (Vikings)
Pairing: Ivar/Reader
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.  

A/N: More Modern!Ivar, because he is clearly a hit ;) 

Read:  Two Strangers , Two Strangers: Take You Home &  Two Strangers : Coffee & Cuddles

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Unwilling Bride Pt1

Unwilling Bride Pt2

Unwilling Bride Pt3

Unwilling Bride Pt4

Unwilling Bride Pt5

Unwilling Bride Pt6

Unwilling Bride Pt7

Unwilling Bride Pt8

Unwilling Bride Pt9

Unwilling Bride Pt10

Unwilling Bride Pt11

Unwilling Bride Pt12

Unwilling Bride Pt13

Unwilling Bride Pt14

Unwilling Bride Pt15

Unwilling Bride Pt16

You placed your hand on Peter’s chest and gently pushed him so he was lying on his back beside you, and you straddled his legs.

‘OK, first time doing this, so tell me if you don’t like it OK?’  you said shyly.

‘If you’re doing it, I’m probably gonna love it.’ He smiled.

You wished you could hate the wave of joy and confidence his words sent through you, but you couldn’t.

You carefully slid your hands slowly down his chest, enjoying the feel of skin beneath your hands; you paused at the hem of his boxers.

You look up at him and see that he is looking into your eyes, and even though he doesn’t say it, you can just tell how bad he wants you to keep going.

With a quick deep breath you pulled down the boxers just enough reveal Peter’s…oh God.

There it was, the first one you had ever seen in your life, for a few seconds you just stared at it. It’s different than the one in your health book.

You blink and shake yourself out of your own thoughts.

‘Enjoying the show Darling?’ Peter teased as he gently rubbed your thighs.

‘I am, are you?’ you smiled.

‘Definitely, isn’t it obvious?’ he smiled back.

You look back down at the body part that shows you just how much he was enjoying it.

OK (Y/N), time to do this.

Slowly and gently you wrapped your fingers around his…you guess you might as well call it a cock. Anyway, you shyly took hold of his cock.

It was honestly so weird feeling, like yeah it was stiff, but not rock hard like you’d imagined it would be. You tighten your hand around it a bit more, getting feel for it. (pun totally intended)

Experimentally you gave it slow stroke.


You look back up at your husband and see that he had his head tilted back, he seemed to be enjoying it so you kept going.

‘Is this alright, any pointers?’ you asked.

‘It’s great Love, just hold it tighter… and a bit faster.’ he said.

You nodded and tightened your grip and stroked it faster.

‘Like this?’

‘Just like that.’ Peter groaned as he closed his eyes.

You are filled with pure joy knowing that you were responsible for making him feel good, it gave you the confidence to try what you had really wanted to do.

You kept stroking and backed up a bit and before you could second guess it you bent down and gave the…cock a quick kitten lick.

‘Oh God!’ Peter gasped as he sat up, which startled you and made you sit up as well.

This resulted in you accidently head butting your husband; and by the crunching noise it made, you probably broke his nose with your skull.

‘Bloody hell!!’ he shouted.

You clutched the back of your head in pain and you see Peter is nursing a bloody nose.

‘Shit!’ you hissed as you got out of the bed.

It took you a second to remember that healing spell Peter had taught you, but soon you had healed the lump on your head.

You turn to check on your husband and see he too had just healed his broken nose.

For a second you just can’t look at him because Holy Shit no one has ever been as embarrassed as you right now.

‘(Y/N) it’s alright.’ Peter said as he walked over to you.

‘I broke your fucking nose.’ you mumbled.

‘Not like you never thought about doing it before.’ he smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

‘Of course I have but not in that exact moment.’ you pouted.

‘Come on, maybe this is Fate’s way of telling us we needed to get the day started.’ Peter said as he wrapped his arms around you and rested his head on top of yours.

‘OK.’ You agree, with the snap of your fingers you are fully dressed and clean, as is Peter.

‘So…I’m going to meet with a potential trade partner today so I’ll be back later.’ Peter said.

‘The pirates you told me about that one time?’ you asked as you fixed your hair.

‘Ok, see you Snookums.’ you said as he left.

‘Don’t call me that.’ Peter said as he left.

You made the bed before heading out, once you made it to the camp you were proud to see the boys already training.

‘Good boys, but today is one of the few days I’ll let you relax.’ you said as you sat on your usual tree stump.

You watch the boys all break off into groups or, most going back to their tents to sleep.

You weren’t in the mood for training right now, given how your morning was going so far.

‘What’s wrong?’ Felix asked as he sat in your lap.

A thing he had just started doing, and while it startled at first you had no problem with it. You and Felix had become like best friends after the whole Wendy thing.

“I can’t believe that idiot didn’t see how bad of an idea that was.”

“I know right.”

That was all it took to form a friendship.

‘Well, this morning me and Peter tried to take things a bit further than normal and it just went to shit, just as bad as it could get.

‘Couldn’t get him up? Try kissing his neck, that usually works.’

‘How in the hell do you know that?’ you asked.

‘You’re the first girl here ever, you don’t think he just never got the urge? We boys may not have breast but we can get the job done for each other.’ Felix shrugged.

‘So you and Peter…’

‘A few times over the centuries, no emotions on either of our parts of course; just sex.’

‘Wow…that’s actually in a weird way super hot.’

‘I know, so what happened between you two?’

‘I broke his nose.’ you blushed.

‘You didn’t.’

‘I did, and he says it’s ok, but…how will I ever be able to think about having sex with him when I broke his nose trying to get to second base?’ you confided.

‘Well, I have an idea, but you might not like it.’

chemistry, part 2

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pairings: teacher!dylan o'brien x student!reader.

warnings: besides cursing? none.

a/n: look finally decided to realease chapter number two? hahaha :)
plus, I’d like to announce that I will be uploading every Saturday. well, the ones I can because university is a bitch. nonetheless, proceed to your reading.

word count: 2,6k+

part one

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Q&A: Why your thoughts aren’t becoming things

Q: Everyone says “thoughts become things” and I’ve been thinking about only what I want. Focusing on what I want instead of what I don’t want. But nothing is changing or happening? Why? I’m really frustrated, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Also, every time I see people having what I want or are living the life I wish I could have, I get jealous and wonder why I don’t have that and therefore feel bad. And it happens so often too. How can I change that?

A: This is one of the most honest questions I have ever been asked. So thank YOU for the opportunity to discuss this. The truth is your thoughts are becoming things, but the missing link is to understand your feelings become things much faster. Here’s how to master both:

1. The first thing is to make a list of your desires, and rank them from the smallest to the biggest goal. And now, make it a point to go after the biggest one. The smaller goals will be fulfilled with very little effort. This is because in focusing on a “big” goal, you are raising your energy past number 5, 4, 3, and 2 to get to 1! 

2. When you think of what you want, you are no closer to achieving it. This is not the law of attraction. (I was as shocked as you are right now!) When you think of a goal, the Universe thinks “he/she wants to keep wanting it”  and so you stay in that state. The day you begin to imagine you have already fulfilled the goal, then the creative magic begins. Think of it as a 100m sprint: instead of standing at the Start Line imagining the end, put yourself 1st place on the podium accepting the gold medal around your neck! When you shift time in your imagination like this, let yourself start to feel that it could be true, it could be you. 

3. What you resist, you attract too. We all have things we don’t want so we try not to think of them. But be honest about your inner mental conversations. Is there something you still feel resentment towards? A situation or a person? What are you scared of, illness or poverty? These are all types of resistance. And resistance is a powerful energy that will keep you stuck in an unhappy cycle unless and until you decide you’ve had enough. Begin today to write the following affirmation out 10 times a day, morning and night: “I release every one to their highest good and me to mine.” If it feels uncomfortable or you make excuses for delaying it, you know that is your resistance speaking!

4. Understand how your life is right now is only a product of how you used to think. You did the best with what you had. The best news is that this is a new moment of creation. You’ve asked the question because you’re ready to take responsibility for your life. Whatever you’re not happy with right now, just let it be for a while. Create one hour a day (minimum) where you write out affirmations, see your “biggest” goal in your imagination, see who you want to be in your imagination, meditate a little, and have positive/calming music playing the entire hour. The music will create a new Neuro-Linguistic Programming in your brain to get you to feel as good about your desires as you do about the songs! 

5. Frustration: This one word deserves a paragraph in itself. Decide now that you will no longer let yourself feel frustration. That F word is burning your dreams and birthing jealousy towards people you otherwise love, and is making you judge yourself. Your heart and soul have waited until today for you to be kinder to yourself. Enough is enough. Frustration is a fire. When you feel it creeping back into your mind, pause and try to see who is feeling the frustration? Is it a voice in your mind? Who is listening to it? Realize you are the one that listens to your inner dialogue, you are NOT your thoughts themselves. 

6. When you see others have what you want there are a few ways to go about it. You could realize that there is no end to how much you can have, and how much they can have! You can see that the Universe is showing you desires that match yours to show you its listening to you. You can realize how amazing it is that we are all here to be, do and have anything we want. When you feel any envy, just be aware of it and talk to it as you would a child. It is only your ego feeling left out and scared. The ancient ego within us all operates with a fight or flight mentality, and believes if it doesn’t get what it needs to survive then it will die. It’s as simple as that. However, this is a lie and deep down you know it. Somewhere within your feelings, your gut, you know that life is about to get very good for you, and every single person you have the honour of knowing. 

There’s work to be done to live the life you want, as you can see. Read over this a few times, and begin to take the action listed. And each day, imagine you’re at Day One and try again. The action is easy once you start. Also, try to cut out every negative book, song, TV show, film and piece of news in your life for 30 days. This negativity detox is essential as you begin to change your thinking. Also try to read The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale, he will be a good friend to you right now. 

Note: If anyone at all has any questions then please feel free to inbox me. I shall answer in this anonymous format so we may all benefit. 

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10 Signs an Introvert Likes you (1/10)

Summary: Bucky wasn’t the type of guy to show his feelings and neither were you the one to notice subtle things, until you come across this video. A guidance that may help you discover rather The Winter Soldier likes you or not. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 982

Chapter: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Warnings: None, just cursing and FLUFF. 

A/N: So, I found this video here and the idea crossed my mind, it (ALMOST) will be a drabble series, because sometimes I was write too much, sorry not sorry. It won’t have any angst or something like that. Just fluff and comedy. Hope you enjoy! <3 

Masterlist of the Series

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“Oh, please, Natasha. Cut it, already!”

“Y/N, I’m going to punch you in the face, why can’t you just accept that Barnes is totally in love with you?” Hushing her with your hand, you felt your cheeks getting hotter as she cocked her brows at you.

“He’s not, fuckin hell!” Rolling her eyes and continuing to follow you to your room, she hissed, already getting tired of trying to convince you

“You’re so oblivious that it hurts me.”

“He hasn’t shown any signs, Nat.”

“It’s Barnes; he can’t even start a conversation with all of us in the room. What do you expect, huh? That he raise a fucking signpost at dinner, with neon-shining letters saying ‘I’m totally in love with you’?”

“Well, maybe not with neon-shining letters, but–”

“I’m serious, Y/N.”

“So am I, Natasha. Just because I told you that I have a little crush on him, that doesn’t mean you have to join us together, okay? Now, good night.” Closing the door behind you and leaning on it, you couldn’t help but to think ‘what if?’

Yeah, he hadn’t shown anything that indicated that he liked you, but it could happen, right?

Sighing, you prepared yourself to sleep. Slipping in your pajamas, you kept thinking about Bucky and his actions. They weren’t flirty or even a little bit malicious, he wasn’t the kind of person that would normally let people in, and that kept you awake for half an hour.

Huffing in annoyance, you grabbed your laptop and entered Youtube, maybe watching some videos would make you sleepy again.

As if the destiny – and the internet – were laughing at your face, the first video on your recommended had the title: 10 Signs an Introvert Likes you.

Looking around the room to make sure no one saw you clicking the video, you plugged your earphones while mumbling that it was something stupid to do

“Well, it won’t kill anyone…” Inhaling sharply, you pressed play just to hear a sweet voice starting to talk.

The four types of introverts can be – vaguely - described by the traits: “Social”, “thinking”, “anxious” and “restrained”.

Social Introverts: The belief that a social introvert dislikes socialization, is false. Rather, they prefer to socialize in small groups of people they feel compatible with and comfortable around, such as close friends or their family circles. Thus, they are not exactly shy or reserved.

Thinking Introverts: These are people that remain introverts in their thinking process, causing them to be more thoughtful and self-reflective.

Anxious Introverts: Anxious Introverts prefer to be alone because they feel uncomfortable or unsuitable during social gatherings, as they are not confident about their social skills, consequently, they are likely to choose solitude, but sometimes even solitude may not reduce their anxiety.

Restrained Introverts: These are people who take time into everything they do, rather is socializing or springing up an action. They may seem slow, since they think more carefully before they speak or act and are more passive nature, than the active types.”

The video was already able to catch your attention and you couldn’t help but to place Bucky into the Social and Restrained introverts. Remembering all those times he seemed to be with the gears of his brain working to start a generic conversation with anyone outside his small circles of friends – You, Steve and him, basically –. You still couldn’t believe that he let you enter the duet.

So how do you know rather an introvert likes you or not?”

“You use your telepathic powers?” Giggling at your own joke, you listened to what the woman was saying.

One: Making the first move – Generally, introverts don’t make the first move in social contexts. But, if you find that an introvert is actively making an effort to talk to you, or making a gesture to grab your attention, you can bet he/she likes you.

“Sure.” The sarcastic mumble got out as you tried to remember any time Bucky had done that, and for your surprise, he did.

It was your third week in the tower, you weren’t the quiet type of person. You liked to talk, laugh, hug and kiss, however, you would always respect others boundaries and always knew who wanted to talk or not.

Bucky was on the ‘not’ sector, so you would respect his wishes and wouldn’t start a conversation when he didn’t seem to be in his best mood, that was basically, every day; Until one breakfast.

You yawned as you sat on his flesh arm side, pulling a bowl and grabbing your cereal. Obviously, you didn’t expect for him to start a conversation with you, since he never did.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Snapping your eyes at him in surprise, you saw he had a shy smile on his lips and that his cheeks were a little pink. 

“Morning, Bucky.” 

“Huh… Is sunny today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, you know, I love sunny days. However, I also like cloudy days, because I can be crawled under my cushions, watching a silly movie while drinking something hot.” His smile widen with you bubbling, he liked that about you, especially at the start, since he wasn’t one to talk, yet. “Do you like sunny days?”

“Huhum, it’s a perfect day to read a book outside.” He moved his hand and shrugged his shoulders, subconsciously grabbing your attention

“Hmm, would you like to read something in the garden, with me?” The moment you finished your sentence and saw him backing down his eyes at the bowl, you regretted, thinking you may had pushed him too much. “I’m sorry, you must have something else to do-”

“I’d love to.” Surprised and satisfied with his answer, the smile popped out of you as you turned your face at your breakfast again.


“He just made a comment and I was the one to babble… Yeah, just a coincidence, that’s all.” 

Or wasn’t?

All My Life (Soul Mate AU)

Request: Hi I loved your soul mate AUs! Can I please request one where you have a time that counts down to when you meet your soul mate with Lee taeil from block b? Thank you

Member: Block B’s Taeil x Y/N x (ft. Block B)

Type: Fluff

You grumbled, rubbing at your temples as you walked in step with your best friend. Your wrist had been vibrating like crazy this morning, the small countdown clock alerting you that you would be meeting your soulmate today. 

“If you sigh again, I’m karate chopping you in the jugular,” your best friend hissed as you both shuffled down the sidewalk of your college campus. “Aren’t you excited?”

You groaned, struggling to keep up with her long and quick steps. “Aren’t you excited enough for me?”

She narrowed her eyes, halting her steps to spin around and face you. She shoved her wrist into your direct line of sight before continuing with a growl. “Do you see this, Y/N?”

You blinked rapidly, attempting to avoid any eye contact.

“It says ten years, three months, two days, sixteen minutes, and whatever the hell seconds,” she continued. “Ten. Years.”

“If I peel mine off and just swap with you…” you muttered, looking at your shoes. 

“It would switch right back to ten years and I would be depressed all over again,” she mumbled, letting her arm drop weakly to her side. “So don’t give me shit about being excited for you, okay?”

You looked down to your shoes, feeling your face heat with embaressment. Ever since you were in grade school, you had been made aware of just how lucky you were. As soon as your classmates had noticed the time stamp ticking away on your wrist reader, they moaned, complaining about how lucky you were that you would find your soul mate so young. Having just grasped the idea of soulmates at such a young age, you were excited as well, curious as to how the time ticker system worked and how it strung together the web of soulmates around the world. 

It was much too much for your adolescent brain to handle, so you joined in the joy of your classmates, exuberant over the small number you were given. 

Now it seemed as if the pressure were too much..and you would give anything to have ten years left on your time. 

“You don’t have to be so hostile,” you pouted, kicking at an imaginary rock as you continued walking. 

“Stop being stupid then,” she spat. “Plus I’ve done something for you to make it interesting.”

“…I don’t like the sound of that,” you whispered, now making it your turn to stop. “What exactly do you mean by you made it interesting?”

“Knowing you,” she nodded. “You would see a few hours left on your wrist and seclude yourself. Then something catastrophic would have to happen to meet your prince charming.”

“Or princess,” you nodded with a smirk.

Your friend rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. “So I got us a ticket to a concert.”

“You what?” you gasped, your heart immediately beginning to flutter. “That’s hundreds of people? How can I possibly know…?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard your parents meeting story as often as I’ve heard mine,” she teased. “You will have no problem realizing.”

“But…but…” you began to argue, only to let your complaints trail off into a small whimper. 

“I’ll be at your apartment at six,” she nodded. “Oh, and by the way, it’s a Korean pop concert.”

Your eyes grew wide as you looked at her body, slowly retreating from yours. “But I don’t speak Korean!” 

“Why are you so quiet?” Jiho whispered, chewing on a carrot stick in the backstage area. 

“He’s been like that since our plane landed,” Kyung clucked, shaking his head. He elbowed Taeil and tilted his head, waiting for any sort of response. 

“What?” Taeil whispered cautiously. He looked up from the floor, his thoughts heavy with worry. 

“I know why he’s quiet,” Kyung said, a knowing and mischievous smile on his face. “Have you guys seen his ticker lately?”

“Don’t you have more important concerns?” Taeil grumbled. “Like your face for example, maybe what you decided to wear today?”

“Projecting! He’s projecting!” Jihoon gasped, pointing at Taeil and looking around the room. 

“Jaehyo, can you please stop teaching him these words,” Taeil groaned, now setting his gaze on the ceiling. 

“Projecting or not, we’re all waiting,” Jaehyo sighed, readjusting his crossed legs. He filed at his nails, his expression bland, but all of the members knew he  was more concerned than any of them were. 

“Get comfy, you’ll be waiting awhile,” Taeil muttered, readjusting himself to get more comfortable. 

Jiho looked to Kyung, who turned and looked to Minhyuk and Jihoon. They all nodded to each other, simultaneously springing into action. Each member took one of Taeil’s limbs as Jiho reached up and made Taeil’s wrist reader visible. 

“Two hours! You’re meeting your soul mate in two hours and didn’t think to say anything to us?” he gasped, pulling Taeil’s sleeve back down and releasing his grip on the older boy’s wrists. Yukwon immediately sprung forward, morphing into a heart emoji before the boys eyes. 

“You know when I go to fan signs-” he began. 

“You don’t sign a heart beside your name because you save it for your girlfriend,” the members recited, each rolling their eyes. 

“All I’m saying is it’ll be nice to have someone around here who has a soul mate too…” Yukwon pouted, sliding back into the couch again. “Jees.”

“So you’re nervous!” Jaehyo grinned. “How cute.”

“Am I not your hyung?” Taeil griped, trying to readjust his shaken clothing. 

“He’s right! Have a little more respect!” Jiho nodded. He slid forward, his voice only an inch from Taeil’s ear. “But it is so cute!” 

If looks could kill, everyone in the room would be dead. 

“What are you nervous about?” Minhyuk said cooly, crossing his arms. “It’s an important day, I get that, but shouldn’t you be excited?”

“What if she doesn’t like animals?” Taeil sighed. “Or tattoos? What if she doesn’t speak Korean?”

“Well, good thing you’re a quick learner,” Kyung chuckled, placing a reassuring hand on his hyung’s knee. “But here’s the bright side, in two hours, we’ll be on stage together! So we’ll all be there!”

“I can hardly contain my excitement,” Taeil muttered. “Really, how could the situation get much better?”

You struggled to the front of the barricade, your arm sore from your friend’s incessant pulling. 

“I think my shoulder just popped free from the socket,” you shouted over the hundreds of fangirls around you. You looked warily back down to your wrist, checking the time. Seven minutes. 

“They start soon, we have to hurry,” she hissed, making her way through the crowd. “Excuse me-sorry, I’m - I said I was sorry!” 

You rolled your eyes as you trudged forward, only exhaling once you reached the area closest to the stage. “When does this thing start anyway? And who is this?” 

“Block B and approximately two minutes,” she nodded, looking anxiously up at the stage. “What is the old ticker at by the way?” 

“Six minutes…five and some change now,” you grumbled, looking behind you. You were surrounded in a sea of women. 

“This is so exciting!” your friend gasped, looking at you with wide eyes. “I wonder who it’s going to be.”

“All I hope is that she’s of age,” you sighed. There were a lot of preteens in the crowd. 

“Maybe it’s the MC!” she said excitedly hopping up and down. “Look! He’s coming now!”

“Too soon,” you muttered, shaking your head. You bit your lip as the MC went through the normal hyped up speech. Your heart was pounding so hard, you swore anyone in the surrounding area could hear it. You closed your eyes, attempting to calm yourself. Your whole life would be changing in a matter of moments. 

Alright, so maybe you weren’t so good at calming yourself. 

The lights dimmed as loud music was queued somewhere behind the stage. You looked down to your wrist again. Under a minute. 

A shiver radiated down your spine as a deep voice began to make it’s way through the crowd behind you. You were scared to turn and look over your shoulder at the owner of the voice, near certain of your fate. 

“Excuse me,” he growled, trying to edge in beside you. You looked down at your wrist again. Fifteen seconds. 

You shut your eyes, beginning to panic. You weren’t ready. You were no where near ready. This random stranger in a crowd was destined to be your future. You opened your lids again to eye your ticker. Five seconds. 

“We are Block B!” a voice shouted into a microphone on stage just as the strange man’s hand reached your shoulder. You instinctively looked up from your wrist and to the stage, startled by the band’s appearance before recognizing the person now beside you. 

Just as you were about to look away, you locked eyes with one of the men on stage. He was the smallest of the group, clutching a mic in his tensed knuckles. He looked as panicked as you did. He reached up, pressing his glasses further up on his nose. It seemed as if he was squinting, attempting to make eye contact with you as well. He walked forward slowly, ignoring the choreography the other members were deeply dedicated to. He approached the edge of the stage, directly in front of you. 

It seemed as if lights became brighter and the noise around you faded to a hum. You knew as soon as your eyes met. He was your forever. 

“Holy shit,” you heard your friend gasp beside you. She clutched your wrist, shaking it violently. Your eyes broke away from the man’s for only a moment as you looked down at your wrist, a flashing 00:00:00 appearing where other numbers had been previously. Your gaze snapped back up to the member of Block B on stage who was now motionless, staring down at his wrist as well. 

“Your soulmate is Lee Taeil?” she shrieked, jumping up and down. “You owe me! Oh my god you so owe me!” 

You remained speechless as the man before you continued to stare. Slowly but surely, his group members halted their dancing, the music in the background winding down. They whispered to each other in rapid fire Korean, taking Taeil’s wrist into their hands and confirming their numbers. After shaking their member out of his daze, a small smile found his lips as he began to nod, pointing a shaky finger at you. 

“Sorry BBC!” the leader said in broken English, his face broken out into a wide smile. “But our Taeil has found someone in the crowd.”

The crowd erupted into shrieks and applause, not entirely sure of what was happening. The hands of a strange security guard reached out for you, lifting you up from your spot before the barricade and onto the stage. You were pushed in front of the man you had just learned was named Taeil. With mild hesitation, he reached for your fingers, taking your hand into his. He whispered something in Korean, causing you to shake your head and give him a sad smile. A woman emerged from the side of the stage, rushing up to take you and Taeil by the arm. She quickly ushered you both from your spots and into the wings as the other members attempted to regain the momentum of the song. 

“Do you speak Korean?” the woman asked, her face kind and gentle. 

The words barely skimmed the surface of your understanding as you stared at Taeil’s handsome face. You were lost in his eyes, his grin, and his attention. You noticed everything. The way his hair stuck out in styled angles, the way his piercings laid in his ears, the numerous tattoos peaking from beneath his sleeves. He looked taken aback, his smile never slipping from his lips. He searched your face, completely enthralled by the sight of you as well. 

“Excuse me, do you speak Korean?” the woman repeated, touching your shoulder carefully. You were broken from your hypnotized state and refocused on her, slowly shaking your head. 

“I-I don’t,” you stuttered. But it was looking like you’d have to learn pretty quickly. 

Taeil said something in quiet Korean, his face bright with a nervous blush. 

“What-what did he say?” you whispered, ripping your eyes away from him and back to the woman. 

She smiled, nodding as she looked from Taeil to you. “He said he’s waited for you his whole life…and he couldn’t be happier.”

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Our Kind Of Love (Part 6/12)

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus Size!Reader

Summary:  You and Steve have a special kind of love.   One that many may not understand.  After all what would a super soldier who looked like that, want with a girl who looked like you?

A/n: Saw This post and was inspired!  If you would like to be tagged please let me know!  


an “I gotta kiss you before you leave” kind of love

Steve was having an off morning.  Like way off.  He just couldn’t figure out why the hell everything was going wrong.  His morning started off like any other, he woke to you in his arms, followed by a good morning kiss and coffee.  Then you had left earlier than normal after an emergency call from the hospital.

Steve decided since the weather was so beautiful, he would take his motorcycle to the tower.  It was a great idea till it started raining exactly two minutes after he left the apartment.   Steve cursed his luck but it was a short trip and a little water wouldn’t hurt him.  That was until the bike made an awful rumble noise and puttered to a stop.  Steve was only a mile from the tower, and he was a super soldier, so he decided to push his bike the rest of the way.

Once his bike was safely in the tower garage, he headed to get changed for his training session with Bucky and Sam.  After he had changed into his workout gear he started his workout routine.  He always started his regime by stretching.  He rolled his shoulders back, stretched each arm over his head, and cracked his neck.  Just as Bucky and Sam walked into the gym, Steve bent down to touch his toes.

A loud ripping noise stopped all three men, Steve looked to the sky as if he was willing a higher power to strike him down.  His pants had ripped and his underwear was on show for Sam and Bucky.  While his two (ex) best friends had doubled over with laughter, Steve had groaned and marched back to the lockers to change again.

When he returned the gym floor he sat on one of the benches going over his morning trying desperately to figure out what had caused his morning to be awful.

“You okay man? You seem off today.” Sam sat next to steve on the bench placing a hand on his shoulder.

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Hot Mess

Requested?: Yeahhh thanks for requesting, @livingthejeojanglife

Words: 755 (kinda short…oops)

Group: Wanna One

Member(s): Park Jihoon

A/N: I felt like a bullet scenario was the best fit for this…sorry if you were looking forward to something different yikes…Hope you like it anyway though!

  • Let’s just say that today just isn’t your day
  • First, you had woken up an hour too late and miss your morning lecture
  • Second, you had a VERY VERY important paper due that class and you hadn’t finished it yet
  • So you couldn’t even turn it in anyway
  • Third, you’ve probably tripped like 1837647328 times already, trying to get on campus so you won’t be late for your next class
  • Basically you were just :((((((( and >:((((((((
  • When you finally reached the bus stop you realized
  • You didn’t even brush your hair before you left
  • Anyways
  • You were left wearing a baggy t-shirt with mysterious stains
  • And pajama pants with dog prints on it
  • Hey it was on sale and you just so happened to fit in those children’s pajama pants okay
  • I won’t judge
  • You decided to just suck it up since there was nothing you can do about it anyway
  • “I’ll just forget about it” you tried to convince yourself
  • Haha
  • Good luck with that
  • “Hey, why are you wearing your pajamas?”
  • Park Jihoon…one of the most popular boys in your uni
  • You’ve only seen him like once or twice since neither of you shared any classes
  • People said he’s pretty fashionable but when you looked
  • “Uh…then what are YOU wearing?”
  • “Hey, it’s fashion”
  • “Yeah this is fashion too”
  • But tbh Jihoon really did pull off his outfit
  • Such bright colors too bright ugh
  • But still cute on him
  • Rolling your eyes, you focus on just getting to class
  • So, now you’re FINALLY at school and luckily for you, Jihoon didn’t sit near you on the bus
  • Maybe it was because you looked like a mess…oh well you won’t be seeing him anytime soon
  • Also actually Jihoon thought you looked pretty hot
  • Like your hair is everywhere
  • Your shirt is too big and showing off a bit of your shoulders ;)
  • Haha yeah um so you’re in class, trying to hide your face and everything
  • But when you sat in your usual seat in the back, you notice someone who is NOT your friend sitting there
  • You huff and look up
  • W
  • O
  • W
  • Guess who decided to show up
  • No wonder people were whispering you thought they were talking about you tbh
  • “Hey, I didn’t know you were in this class!”
  • “Uh huh…what are YOU doing in MY class?”
  • “I just switched classes”
  • He then proceeds to giggle obnoxiously
  • But yeah now it’s like a few months later and Jihoon now sits with you on the bus
  • “Why do you keep sitting next to me?”
  • “Cuz you’re always dressed like a hot mess and I gotta give you some tips”
  • Yeah, he has been giving YOU fashion tips while he’s dressed like…
  • Like…
  • Well let’s just say his sense of style is unique and only he can pull it off
  • But yeah he’s actually been slipping little sticky notes with tips on how to dress lol
  • You would never admit this to anyone but you’ve actually tried a few outfits following the tips
  • And guess what…they looked great :000
  • But yeah no one shall ever know
  • So one day, you were extremely sleepy cuz you got too absorbed in  watching anime and forgot to study so you stayed up all night
  • You rest your head on Jihoon’s shoulder trying to get some sleep
  • You’ve become really close now and you didn’t want to admit it but you started  to gain feelings
  • And so Jihoon thought you were asleep right
  • But like how can you possibly sleep?
  • Your heart is pounding and the bus ride was bumpy as hell that specific day
  • But yeah Jihoon thought you were deep in sleep so he started stroking your hair
  • You blush obviously but turn discretely so he wouldn’t notice lmao
  • “You’re so cute you know…you’re always a mess, but a hot one haha”
  • “I wish you would like me back…”
  • You shot up, face red, hair a mess
  • “WHAT” you yell said a little too loudly
  • People glare…”what?”
  • “Oh…you weren’t sleeping. Uh nothing haha yeah”
  • “You…like me…I’m hot”
  • “UH I– WHat?”
  • You shut him the hell up with a smooch
  • “Shut up you fashion terrorist…i like you too”
  • “Speak for yourself……………….”
  • “………………so…. Am I like your gf or something?”
  • “Yeah…I suppose lol”
  • From then on, ya’ll are known as the fashionista couple cuz like c’mon…

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dulcet danger

Title: dulcet danger
Pairing: Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Genre: College!AU/Bad Boy!AU/Football Player!AU
Summary: Sometimes, the friskiest of decisions were the most memorable. Baekhyun is a clear example of that.
Note: Happy Birthday to my very beloved and adorable @byunists. I hope you have the best birthday ever and that you get to eat lots, also do great in those exams that I know you are having today! I wrote this for you, knowing how much you like Baekhyun and all~

Gym class is naturally one of those classes that she doesn’t pay much attention to. Neither does she think it has as much importance as other subjects nor she judges those who actually love playing sports when being in school. Actually, she liked those three hours of class she had ever Wednesday at seven in the morning, solemnly because the teacher they used to have –a really old woman who basically orders them around instead of showing them how to actually do sports- let them eat if they wanted to. Sometimes she would bring snacks and sit on the bleachers until she finally was called to play, but other than that, she was never truly excited about having physical education class. However, since Mrs. Lee was long gone after she finally decided to jubilate, she was left with a new teacher that was more than willing to coach everyone into living a fitness lifestyle and at this point, she is starting to hate this class. Turns out that she can’t bring snacks anymore, she can’t even take a break to drink water because sports are supposed to hurt –those are the new teacher’s words- and whoever took a break had to give a ten minute run, so to save herself from both the embarrassment and the struggle, she decides to listen for once and she plays volleyball. It wasn’t her favorite sport, to start with, but she was fairly okay and if playing was going to reassure her a great grade, then she might as well do so.

When she lifts up the ball in the air to throw it to the other team, she doesn’t think much, she does it absentmindedly but strong enough to show that she was in the game. However, a loud thud, a whine and millions of gasps follow after her actions and her eyes widen when she notices that she had thrown the ball at someone and that person was none other than Kim Jongdae. She had never talked to him much, he was just another student in her class that she ignored, even when he was absolutely cute, but she did know that he liked to sing a lot and he particularly didn’t enjoy playing sports, but he wasn’t bad at them. Without having second thoughts, she rushes towards where he was, her shirt clinging to her body with wind as she places her hands over Jongdae’s shoulders, making him turn towards her and she winces audibly when he reaches to touch his lip. Jongdae was surely whining under his breath and she breathed in quickly before feeling the teacher’s presence behind her.

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