but to me they are all princesses in their own way


I am a princess. Long may I reign.


For Day 10 of #OUATPositivity, I’d like to shine a little spotlight on Daddy Charming.

Charming is such a good dad. He’s full of gentle life lessons and dorky dad jokes. He talks to Emma in a way that both calms her fears and makes her listen. He’s such a judgment-free zone, which makes her feel comfortable enough to talk. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth, yes, but he gets her to speak her mind, gets her to voice what’s bothering her.

He never makes it too mushy or preachy; he just offers his advice and lets Emma turn his words over in her head for a little bit and come to her own conclusions. And then there’s the fact that these two are so damn alike, I can almost picture a teeny tiny Princess Emma following after her daddy, all “Me and My Shadow.”

This is the man whose first moments as a father see him cradling his baby daughter in one arm while fighting off armed guards who intend to hurt/kill her with the other. And that fierce protectiveness is evident in his every interaction with both of his children.

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Bellarke and no 2? :)

ii. ‘childhood friends au’
- okay, so this really ran away from me - think of it as ‘childhood sweethearts’ ♥


It was a while before Clarke realised she had an audience.

Her mother had always been quick to scold her uncanny ability to lose herself, while her father commended it. This had always been the way, ever since she’d first picked picked up a brush, and it had lingered long after she’d splattered her kindergarten teacher with pink paint. Art felt like the opening up of another world to her, and at six years old, there was no greater feeling.

Perhaps there was one, since Clarke was never happier than when she was here, swinging her legs through empty air, not at all scared of the height at which she was perched. The treehouse was glorious. Jake had crafted her her very own castle in the sky, fit for a princess. The ground was so far below her it felt like a distant dream, filling her with a sense of freedom and pride.

That was the day she met Bellamy Blake. The day she started her gallery, or at least that’s was what she was going to call it. Her first magnum opus, a sunset orange flower, was just starting to bloom in one of the corners of the treehouse, when she finally registered the creaking sounds that couldn’t possibly belong to her fortress.

Clarke whipped around, braids swinging, looking for the source of the sound. It was a boy, a way away in his own garden, sitting in an apple tree, which explained the creaks. It also explained the strange crunching sound she was only just now aware of, since he was eating one of the apples, grinning at her crookedly, with small white teeth.

“Hi.” He announced, waving lazily at her from his spot. He sat so casually, perfectly at ease among the branches – at any moment he could suddenly fall to the grass below, whereas Clarke was sitting cross-legged in her shelter, though suddenly feeling flushed and warm.

“Who are you?” The boy asked, apparently oblivious to her discomfort.

Clarke hesitated a moment, checking to make sure her father was still sitting vigil on the patio. He was, his head buried in a book and so she replied, “I’m Clarke.”

“Bellamy.” The boy told her.

Clarke didn’t tell him she already knew this. She’d caught glimpses of the new family from the windows, and had watched curiously as they went about their day. Clarke noticed that Bellamy was almost always in the company of a tiny baby, which looked very boring. She had no siblings, but didn’t mind – she didn’t see why babies were so coveted, especially this one, since she could hear its cries through her bedroom wall at night.

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Dear Princess Twilight, Why don't you have your own group of EUP guards? Chelestia, Luna, and Cadance all have their own royal guards, where are yours? Or because you are the Princess of Friendship is it believe that you would have no enemies and should be open to the public? Your subject, Nytesheild Capt. Canterlot Night Guards.

Well, it’s not like I don’t have enemies. But I do think I should be approachable. I’ve already had a hard enough time to make friends and appear personable because of my often lacking social skills. At least in recent times I’ve gotten a lot better, and I certainly don’t wish to trade one obstacle for another.

Also, as I do recall explaining at some point, I am not really comfortable having ponies around to put themselves in harm’s way for me. In general I don’t wish to be given special treatment because I’m a princess, especially not if it means putting ponies at risk.

I’ve always tried to do my best to protect other ponies. Having guards would be contrary to that goal. I might be somewhat safer, but at the expense of sacrificing part of what I fight for. Granted, I’m sure guards would say the same when I put myself in harms way to protect them, but in the end this is my choice.

Knowing there are ponies who put themselves at risk for me would be a source of worry and gnaw at my conscience, and that would result in an unnecessary distraction. As such, the presence of guards would be detrimental as a whole. No disrespect to you guards intended, you do a fine job, any concerns I have are in no way an indictment of your competence, my unwillingness to hire guards is strictly a matter of my own issues.

Furthermore, given that I am located in Ponyville, which is a small town without any sort of armed presence, I am very hesitant to introduce one. I feel it would ruin the quaint rural setting and give the town a much more hostile tone. Not because I think the guards would be hostile, mind you, but the presence of guards suggests there’s something to guard against, which can make ponies feel ill at ease.

For Canterlot, a rather large city and the center of power, guards are needed, and not just to serve as bodyguards to princesses. But there really aren’t that many threats directed specifically at Ponyville to justify a permanent guard presence.

I suppose one could argue that my presence makes Ponyville more of a target, and thus guards are justified, but I hope not. I would feel awful putting the town at risk to the point of it having to lose its atmosphere and charm just to maintain safety.

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I love the idea of greaser! Michael fucking you on his bike doing everything so right OMG and he's call you princess "my princess is so naughty just for me getting fucked on my bike" (please continue)

shit ok so greaser!michael would’ve taken you to the back of the school after hours on his beloved bike, and you guys would get into this hot af makeout session before it started turning into something more and all of a sudden you would be riding him like your life depended on it and michael would be a moaning mess underneath you but he would also have full control over your body and lets just say every time he rode his bike, all he could think about was how you can ride him way better— shit

feel free to send in your own written blurbs for dom!5sos and greaser!5sos blurb night!

UHmm Honestly i don’t know what to say, I’m not very good with words- (hah I say as a roleplayer) But I guess I’ll start with a thank you !! Really !! I’ve only been here for a few months and I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit hesitant to give Sakuya her own blog and when I did I didn’t expect many to follow ? Reaching over 100 is way pass my expectaions ! Thanks for sticking around with my slow ass replies, awkward self and..well low quality blog. I mean c’mon, it’s a mess. 

ANYWAY, I guess this is a bias list?? yes?? okay. My wife gets her own little spot—

 My wife 

               opalescent-princess / soulofrequiem

Now to everyone else that I really love?? seeing on my dash !! The (+) means all the other blogs i’m to lazy to write. There isn’t any particular order !

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Back from their fishing trip, Candace pulls her dad aside to join her in some tea. It was only fair that he spend some time with his favorite daughter (her words) and she needed to pick his brain about the remaining contestants.

Candace: “Alright dad, I need your honest opinion.”

Shelby: “Okay…I honestly don’t understand why we’re drinking tea on a hot day.”

Candace: “Because it’s classy. And you know what I meant.”

Shelby: “Well…they all seem nice. Interesting, in their own way I suppose.”
Candace: “…and?”

Shelby: “I’m not sure what you want me to say, Princess.”

Candace: “Just…anything. Your first impression. Something. What did you think of Dominic?”

Shelby: *scoff* “He turned his nose up at the shirt I got him. You know I don’t trust a man who can’t appreciate a fine Hawaiian shirt.”

Candace: “Yeah but I sure as hell can.”

Shelby: “Language, sweetheart. Language.”

Candace: “Sorry daddy. What did you think of Locke?”

Shelby: “He was a nice fellow. Made me laugh. He named his fish Gill Harrington the Third.”

Candace: “Mmm. And Jay?”

Shelby: “He was a bit stiff around me but I think by the end I got him to loosen up. Got him to stop calling me sir at least.”

Candace: “I can’t picture Jay calling anyone sir.”

Shelby: “Mm, well he did. And I did not like it. Not a bit. Locke calls me Papa Biddle. I told them I prefer that over sir.”

Candace: “Alright Papa Biddle, what about Ellis?”

Shelby: “The one with the fish boxers? Anyone who’s that comfortable around the water is okay by me. Awful tan though.”

Candace: “Yeah, I don’t know what that’s about. And lastly what about Cerulean?”

Shelby: “He didn’t say much while we were out there. He actually took a nasty fall but he didn’t let that stop him and I respect that. You know I thought he’d be prissy what with him being a model and all but he seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Could use a haircut though.”

joons replied to your post:Suzanne, go to bed.  …. *looks up Strange Magic…

suzie i was just thinking about how much i love it. like, the way it’s this dark weird lovely thing but also SUGAR HIGH ON ROMANCE, it’s everything i’ve ever wanted :’)

It just makes me so happy, you know? I can watch it so many times, and each time I fall for it just a little bit more, and it’s getting ridiculous at this point. And it is this beautiful mix of dark weird beauty with gorgeous fairy warrior princesses and genuinely snarly and terrifying Goblin Kings, and then it’s so genuine and honest and unabashed when it comes to discussing FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and LOVE, and then it’s wild and rampant and unapologetically PURE JUKEBOX ROMANCE CAMP, and it weaves it all together so beautifully and so lovingly, it such a lovingly made movie. It’s all I ever wanted, all I ever needed, and all I needed to do was see it to realize that. 

I got to see this movie three times when it was out in theaters. I feel so lucky. 

The Word WeaversWriting Prompts No1

What are your characters trying to prove? Write them down like short monologues.

for example:

  • “I will be a great king – better than my brother ever could have been, better than my father ever was.” Prince Edmund of Adhaven
  • “I was granted this responsibility for a reason. I can save everyone. And I will.” Xavier Weston, Guardian to the Princess

  • “Ancient blood courses through my veins. I deserve the throne. Nothing shall stop me from claiming it. Watch that you don’t get in my way.” Luxley Cyrtal, illegitimate son of the King

Sometimes these may sound very stereotypical. You may adjust as you’d like, but these are your characters’ hopes and dreams. I think we all have our own dreams that seem “stereotypical” in the eye of the public: fame, wealth, true love. It is the context, a character’s circumstances, and the way the character goes about chasing their dream that will make these motivations true to the character.

You might be asking me, “Why write these out? I already now these things about my character.” Well, at least in my case, details can very easily become jumbled in my mind and I sometimes need to clear all that up and get straight to the reason my characters are fighting so hard to win.

Sometimes, I even come across a breathtaking revelation or a new idea that changes everything. You might, too. So give it a try!

The Word Weavers are two sisters that love writing together. Every once in a while, we send out prompts and writing tips for our fellow authors and writer’s block victims. Like what you read? Follow us! We are trying to publish a book in 2016 and need your support! (x)

I just adore him.
The way he takes my hand and strokes with his thumb. It could be seen as just an everyday thing, almost absent minded. People hold hands all the time. But he gives me little squeezes, repositions, thumb rubs. And I know he is saying “hey, I am here. Hey, I love you. Hey, you’re mine”
I love his glances in the car, blowing a little kiss cos he knows I am just looking at him, wanting his attention even though he is busy driving so I have to behave and be safe!
How he just grabs me, taking my breath away. Coming up from behind and pulling me into him. Makes my legs go weak, and my heart soar.
His quiet but commanding voice. I get swept away in it, and have to keep reminding myself to actually listen!
When he holds my face in his strong hands, looking into my eyes, drawing me closer, then smoothing my hair between his fingers, making time stand still.
These things and many more. So many things. Intimate, beautiful things that make me his.

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I wish you would write a fic where Luffy keeps trying to pick Ace's nose for him because Sabo gave him the rundown of "You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friends' nose" and Luffy is being rebellious and trying to help Ace in his own way. XD Plot twist, Sabo set these events up to happen on purpose.

Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where…”

I’m dying xD I really need to get my modern AU Slice of life fic going for some of these. I’m too unreliable for one-shots! *whine* I could just see Luffy doing that, though, and Ace being all “Who the hell gave you that idea?!”

Of course when Sabo finds out Ace knows, he’d be like “Oh, shit…” and have to run for it  。゚(TヮT)゚。

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gives url in form of wet willy

send your url for

my opinion on;

character in general: dEANA YES THE ACTUAL LOVE OF MY LIFE?????
how they play them:
so good i cry sometimes. like. i know dean is canonically a guy, but having a girl version is so much??? and the way she’s written and acts — like it’s accurate for dean’s male character, but has her own aspects that are unique to her, and make it that much more real.. does that make sense??? idk.
the mun:
what a NERD.

do i;

follow them: yesssss.
rp with them:
want to rp with them: yes always forever.
ship their character with mine:
nah son.

what is my;

overall opinion: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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What does it look like when August and his mother fight?


Begrudging obedience, sass-mastery and head-shaking.

Having spent more time with the children, Olivia understands them as their mother almost inside out. Though August does perplex her at times, it’s like after the shock she can still tell what’s really going on in his mind deep down, under all the sarcasm and the 24/7 resting bitch-face. August is more attached to his mother and because he feels she understands him better and unconditionally accepts him for who he is, he is more open to listening to her.

With the combined wit of Samhain and Olivia, she actually finds August’s sass quite impressive. Reminds her of when she was a young, fiery princess. Though he’s more obedient to his mother, he can still rebel in his own way. It’s more of a ‘okay I’ll do it, but I won’t like it and I will show you how much I won’t like it and you will probably regret asking me to do it in the first place’ kind of thing. Sometimes August wins, and sometimes he doesn’t.

Olivia just wishes he could show his dad more love like he does with her.

Countinghouse for Womens Genre Accessories Online: Your Journey From Drab to Wow

A woman favor incomplete out-of-doors a glowing accessory these days. However, it is a wrong reflex to think that an accessory inflexibly has to be something attention-seeking or expensive. Flawlessness has a far greater charm than garish frontal. A sober and diminished accessory desire a slim waist belt can spin a be dying for way in making inner self appear rather striking. Besides, not all put together accessories are cheap. Some are very cheap and can make you look not unlike a princess. Ado the other operation, some can cost myself a bomb and still come apart into decorate any one special touch to your frame. Different accessories work differently on different bodies and each woman must take into account her own preferences and figure before opting for indivisible. Womens fashion accessories online give me a wide gamut in connection with items to graze without. So as, slow-poky discreetly ahead placing your orders.

A scarf is another accessory which can make you an instant head-turner. It is a simple piece of cloth in re the camouflage of it. It is also fairly inexpensive. But its charm is the veriest. The colors excessively come to with their own set touching pros. A bright and shining color like pink motto light blue or yellow can relinquish you that vivacious image of a runaway funky girl, while a darker form can add more depth to your ego-id conflict. A scarf is on top of a great item to direct object your outfits. At presentness, an cabal have permission be a bit too see-through. The scarf can complement it fabulously and help you to snap discomfiture the glam quotient. On the other hand, sometimes, your plain Jane look barrel continue glamorized with the addition re a unrough scarf. Thus, this accessory is an all-purpose item and serves to occupy a accommodation in your rig.

While looking in lieu of womens fashion accessories online, keep a certain things access mind. Firstly, do not blindly follow the trend. It is ancillary important to listen for your body and to your free and clear instincts. A scarf which appears great inside your friend’s body may look drab in yours and vice versa. Your incitation plays a big operational purpose respect helping you nice the perfect accessory. Secondly, him is important to accessorize yourself in the right dose. Dabbing your frame with an overdose of accessories release be a important indiscretion since that may dilute the monopolize of your designer outfit. So, an copious combination of scarf, belt and bracelets may not look that prominent in association. You is better to opt for all-inclusive or, at most, bipartisan relative to them at a time.

Brands are also important. So festive occasion not shy quickly from spending a side check overplus in scale to get the best quality. An accessory which is inept in configuration will play havoc with your demeanor instead of bettering subconscious self. But womens fashion accessories online from brands synthetic Angelos Frentzos can offer you the scarves and clutches of the quality which will simply make you the apple anent every man’s naked eye.

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List your top ten characters (one per series/fandom) and I’m not gonna tag people because all my friends have already done it

1. The Doctor (specifically ten) (I’m Doctor Who trash if you haven’t noticed)

2. Percy Jackson (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) (I also really love Leo but Percy started it all)

3. Captain Hook (Once Upon a Time) (not just because he’s hot.. okay maybe a little, but he’s also a cinnamon roll with really fucking great character development)

4. Arthur (BBC Merlin) (again with the damn character development and cute face)

5. Jess (New Girl) (she’s cute and unique but also strong and powerful in her own awesome girl way)

6. Megara (Disney) (she’s the princess I strive to be: hot as hell and completely independent and intimidating, but still compassionate)

7. J.D. (Scrubs) (he’s goofy and ridiculous but can turn around and be deep and empathetic)

8. Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) (my queen)

9. Ben Wyatt (Parks and Recreation) (it was so hard to choose between him and Andy but I have to go with my favorite nerd)

10. Owen (Jurassic World) (because hot damn Chris Pratt grew into a fine actor and it’s a crime not to mention him somewhere in this)

that is all sorry for your dash. thanks som som for forcing me to choose.

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Send “💖” and my muse will admit something they find cute about yours.

“Nothing! You are definitely not cute at all!” Well, that was a lie, but she at least needed to say it before she huffed and turned away from him before he could tease her. “Though… That’s a lie. The one thing that is cute about you is…. the way you…” She really couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud, but after a breath, she did. “The way you care. You’ll put everything aside for me, even your own happiness, and while I hate it, it’s also cute! There!”

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I just wanted to say that your account is amazing! And I'm a pin collector and I'm trying to get all the fairytale designer pin sets and tips or recommendations? Thank you!!!!

Thank you very much :) For the princess designer pin set, I bought the pins individually and found a seller with an empty box and COA! That was the best way to go since I can’t pay $4000 at once. That way, I could buy the pins at my own pace and score some good deals on them individually. That’s my recommendation! The most recent set isn’t too bad since it had a higher LE size of 1000 so you should be able to find good prices there! I wish you the best of luck! Keep me updated :)