but to me they are all princesses in their own way

She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul


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Uhm, sorry I don’t mean to just crap on your feed because I really like it anyways

+ then proceeds to do exactly that …i can’t stand passive aggression esp. when you’re not really saying anything of value

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Yes, you wish and you dream with all your little heart. But you remember, Tiana, that old star can only take you part of the way. You got to help him with some hard work of your own. And then… Yeah, you can do anything you set you mind to. Just promise your Daddy one thing? That you’ll never, ever lose sight of what is really important. Okay?

“Force” is the right word for Carrie Fisher-  she was a force of nature, a force to be reckoned with.  She was endlessly funny and honest and entertaining all at the same time and she never ever failed to delight me and fill me with joy. She had such a gift for words, a brilliant sense of humor and an extremely brave capacity for self-awareness. She meant so much to so many, and said a great many wonderful things on behalf of women and those suffering from mental illness. For so many people she was a hero for being Carrie, not just Princess Leia. She had such a profound way of expressing herself with grace and humor and clarity that blew me away. She spoke her own truth bravely and with no apologies.

I will never forget  how openly and honestly Carrie spoke about her past addictions or Hollywood’s rampant sexism. Her ability to frankly address addiction and mental illness is her greatest legacy. She spoke candidly, with the perfect articulation.  She let people in on the intimacies of her life without making it feeling salacious. She was so incredibly sharp and smart and honest that she made it look natural and easy to be herself. But we knew it was not, because she spoke openly about her experiences and she let you know that there were dark times without fear of us seeing her warts- and she was self deprecating in a way only she could be about herself without being bitter. She could find the humor and the poignancy in a single situation and express it all in the same sentence.

Carrie expressed herself so well, knew herself so deeply, and just was so unapologetically herself that she made you feel as if you knew her. Which is why the loss of her feels like the tragic loss of a true friend and why the grief is so deep. I never had to desperately hope and dream to meet Carrie because I felt like I knew her every time I saw her or read her brilliant words. I wish I had better words for her but ironically I think the only person who could do her justice would be Carrie herself.

This woman’s absence leaves a black hole, not just in a galaxy far far away- but in our own universe, and in a world where we need more women like Carrie, not fewer. And in my heart and the hearts of many too.

I love you Carrie. I will miss you so much.

Secret Santa!

Yes, I recognize a lot of you have seen @zelda-and-princess-hyrule’s post about a YT Secret Santa, but I would like to host my own, with a twist!

So it’s been nearly a year since @colorfulcatwhiskers and I met, all thanks to a Secret Santa that someone else put on. And we’ve been, I’d like to say good friends, ever since. How did we meet? Well, here’s where the SS comes in!

The SS works in this way - you send me an ask (has to be public, not anonymous) saying you would like to participate. I will then copy your URL down, and answer the ask, to let you know I’ve received it.

On November 30th, you will receive a message with your assigned SS person!

Now, what do you do with said person? Instead of shipping out gifts or buying anything, you will send an anonymous ask to this person every single day leading up until Christmas. The point of this is to send Christmas/Holiday cheer, and to make some new friends! @colorfulcatwhiskers was my person last year, and I’m glad to say I’ve made a friend!

Reblog and like, and I hope you participate and spread a little joy this holiday season!!!

1. Send me a public ask saying you would like to participate in SS.
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3. Send said person a kind message every day from December 1st-December 24th.
4. Feel free to get to know the person afterwards! Make a new friend!

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  • Snow White: I'm going to stay positive even in the most darkest of situations!
  • Cinderella: I'm going to follow my dreams and not drop down to my Step family's level.
  • Ariel: I'm going to follow my heart to accomplish my dreams, despite people trying to stop me.
  • Mulan: I'm going to save China and bring honor to my family.
  • Jasmine: I'm going to decide my own future and do things my way.
  • Aurora: I'm going to be kind to all.
  • Pocahontas: I'm going to protect my people and help others to see there are better ways of living.
  • Tiana: I'm going to take my dreams all by myself!
  • Merida: I'm going to change my fate for the better for myself and my family.
  • Rapunzel: I'm going to dream and learn about my new world.
  • Anna: I'm going to leave my kingdom in someone's hand that I've known for only six hours and chase after my sister to talk instead of confront about the fact that she's kept this secret from me and won't even attempt to fix her mistakes!
  • Elsa:
  • Elsa: i'm gonna sing a song

anonymous asked:

Pls don't try to speak for all trans girls, you can't decide on your own that it's not okay to draw trans girls with wide shoulders/chests/muscles when other trans girls will be happy to see drawings of girls that look like them or even just want/find attractive, it's ok for trans girls AND cis girls to have traits that are considered "masculine" (or "feminine"/"girly" or androgynous)! There are so many kinds of lovely girls

I’m not sure if this message was directed towards me or the anons but your views correlate with mine on the matter. 

I’m receiving messages like this 

and this

though I didn’t have a buff portrayal in mind when drawing that pic of princess marco there is absolutely nothing wrong with being buff and masc and no wrong way of being a girl. All girls are cool for sure and there’s not one right way to draw them.

I have seen some instances where the ONLY way cis people portray trans girls and women are with extreme buff features that are often purposefully exaggerated but I really don’t think that marco drawing falls under the said category of perpetuating stereotypes. I do promise to be more wary when drawing in the future.


35 - You heard me. Take. It. Off. 
41 - You did all of this for me? 
45 - Tell me a secret. 

(w/ Negan x reader)

You pulled on one of Negan’s shirts and sat on the setee. 
“Go find your own damn shirt” you heard him chuckle from the kitchen, he was leaning over the breakfast bar on his forearms and staring tentatively at you with a glint of love in his eyes. 
“But this one’s comfy” you pouted slightly, fidgeting as Negan came and sat beside you, his hands running up your thigh. 
“Now, you know what happens when you disobey me, don’t you princess?” Negan smirked, his fingers digging slightly into your thigh, you squirmed in anticipation. 
“Yes, daddy” you nodded eagerly, ready to please him in any way he wanted. 
“But, you heard me. Take. It. Off. I need it today.” Negan almost looked disappointed with himself, he didn’t have time to stick around - he had plans that were more important than anything he had ever done before. 
“Give me a minute, okay?” you knew he was a busy man, and didn’t want to step in the way of him - unless need be. 
“Thank you, I fucking love you by the way.” he called out to you, you smiled to yourself and shouted back “love you too.” 

“Dwight, I need your help” Negan demanded, slamming open the door of Dwight’s room, causing the scarred man to jump. 
“What?!” he exclaimed, fear evident in his blue-grey eyes. 
“Its y/n, I plan on giving her a surprise, and you’re the only one who fucking knows her as well as I do - if not better. So, I need your help, you piece of shit.” Negan growled, he seemed angry at himself for asking. 
“What’s the surprise?” Dwight asked, sleep clearly fogging his mind. 
“I was going to make her a dinner.” Negan stated matter-of-factly. 
“Fine, I’ll help.” Dwight sighed, moving to get out from under his blankets before Negan left, slamming the door once again. 

“Negan, where are we going?” you giggled, but Negan didn’t dare say a word, it would ruin the surprise if it did. 
Tell me a secret, baby” Negan hushed at last, you sighed with a smile and nodded. 
“I really like it when you let me tie you up, Negan” you whispered in his ear, he sat you down and slowly took his hands away from your eyes, you saw what he had done; it was like a scene from a stupid romance film. 
You did all of this for me?” you laughed, standing up to press multiple kisses to Negan’s face, he grinned and took your hand in his. 
“You like it?” 
“I fucking love it Negan, thank you” you pressed a final kiss to his lips and grinned at him. 

OOT Link: I shall teach my direct descendant the ways of the sword only if he shows great courage and wisdom. He shall first be challenged by having to find me in the physical plane. Once he has done that we shall only meet in my own pocket plane. I shall only appear before him as a majestic beast, or a frightening and intimidating knight. And I shall only help him indirectly, never assisting him too much for I fear I may coddle him that way.

TP Link: Hey, is this the right timeline? Ah, who cares. Yo, I’m a fucking wolf and I’m gonna follow you around and help out and stuff! You hungry? Let’s get some food. Here, let me help kill some bokoblins and whatnot, we’re friends after all. Gosh, I love helping!


It has been five million years since I posted any Solavellan (besides Princess Pride) So, have this tiny blurb that was/is part of my long fic that I have been hopelessly stuck in forever. T_T

“All right, Varric,” Aili said as their party crested a hill on the way back to one of their outposts in the Hinterlands, “I give up. Why is my nickname Dandelion?”

“Really?” The dwarf laughed, “I’ve been calling you that for months and you’re only asking about it now?”

“I wanted to see if I could figure it out on my own,” she answered defensively. “The names you pick are pretty telling in terms of what you think of someone. Buttercup, Ruffles, Hero, Sparkler…and then there’s Dandelion. You named me after a puffy flower nobody likes.”

“Some people like dandelions!” Varric insisted. “They’re all…bright and sunny yellow and shit. You know…cheerful. Cheerful is good, right?”

“They’re weeds, Varric,” Aili reminded him, sounding unimpressed.

“Would you prefer ‘Chuckles’?” Solas asked with a raised brow, slowing his stride to join them.

“Possibly,” she retorted glibly, her mouth curling into a grin, “but I think it suits you more than me.”

“He certainly is the life of the party,” Varric quipped. “Or he would be, if anyone could actually convince him to go to one.”

“Some of us have more productive things to do with our time than getting drunk and cheating at Diamondback, Master Tethras,” Solas informed him coolly.

“Like sleeping?” Varric chortled. “You sure know how to have fun, Chuckles.”

“Solas is fun!” Aili objected, though it was clear she was having a hard time trying not to laugh at his expense.

“Oh, I’m sure when it’s just the two of you he’s positively giddy,” the rogue smirked. “Giggling excitedly as the pair of you frolic through flower fields hand in hand.”

“Maybe,” she smirked, mischief dancing in her eyes as she glanced over at Solas, a touch of color rising in her cheeks. “Old Elvhen tradition you know, frolicking. It was the secret to our immortality, but then the humans showed up and made us stop, and we’ve been aging like the rest of you ever since.”

“So, Chuckles has been helping you retain your youth?” Varric snorted.

“More like I’ve been helping him. Right, Lethallin?” Aili grinned. “Solas knows all the proper ways to frolic, but it’s been so long that he tends to forget a few steps. Like the laughing. And being silly.”

“You are silly enough for the both of us,” Solas assured her dryly, arching a brow. “You do realize that any eccentricities you concoct about Elvhen culture are likely to end up in one of his books?”

“It can hardly be worse than what humans already think of us,” she shrugged. “Besides, I’d pay good coin to watch stuffy Orlesian nobles prance about in flower fields and get covered in mud and stung by bees in some misguided attempt to stay young forever, wouldn’t you?”

“Fighting oppression with questionable wit,” Varric laughed. “That’s why you’re our Dandelion.”

“Does this mean I can call you ‘Child of the Stone’, like Solas does?” she asked, folding her arms across her chest, attempting to look stern and failing miserably.

“That depends; what were you planning on calling him?” the dwarf asked, jabbing a thumb towards Solas.

Aili flashed another furtive grin in his direction, cheeks getting noticeably darker.


when everything’s made to be broken; i just want you to know who i am// a mileven fic

for the lovely @princess-kurama who has been so supportive of my fics  and of my st blog that she deserved only the best, so girl I am so eternally sorry this took so long! I wanted it to be good for you :)

before we get started on this emotional journey, just some of my head canons to explain that play a huge part in the story.

-Mike Wheeler is an empath. Empaths are basically- without all the mumbo jumbo- people who feel the emotions of other’s as if they are own. We’re super sensitive; people used to call me sensitive when I was a little girl and I hated it but now I’ve accepted it because it always me to connect with people in such a unique way. I also think this explains why he took Eleven out of the rain and knew almost right at the start she’s was in trouble.

-Kinda of going along with my speech therapy head canon that snuck into the last story, El and Mike can sign. I think El would learn as way to help convey what she feels when words escape her, and Mike learns because he’s a total sap for her.

That being said, let’s begin (it’s kind of long so you might want to get comfortable) once again, @princess-kurama​ you are the loveliest and your support means the world.

Prompt 9) things you said while i was crying.

Even at the vulnerable age of six and then seven and then eight, Mike hated crying. Relented it. Despised it. He’d rather jump off another quarry than cry.

No, scratch that- he didn’t hate crying, well not as much as he hated crying in front of people.

There was nothing more humiliating, or straight up frustrating, than standing there as Troy and James (and back in the third grade, there were more boys, older, tougher- angry scowls of boys whose names at the age of sixteen Mike can’t remember- and he counts his lucky stars) called him frog face and dip shit and queer, his fingernails ripping and tearing into the skin of his palms as he balled his fist- a last ditch effort to be threatening, to be tough, to get those wastoids to leave him alone, as the hot tears rolled down his “girly freckles” and he choked, hiccuping on his own snot. Back then, it was only him and Lucas and Will, and the bullies picked them off one by one, circling like the hungry dumb vultures Nancy once showed him on a family road trip.

Lucas never cried. He was tough as James spat on his face, telling him that if they shoved him in a closet no one would ever find him because he was so dark. And Will? Mike watched as with every word, with every slur and threat, he sunk into himself, smaller and smaller and smaller, but never shedding a tear. Where Mike and Lucas fought back - or gave it their best vain shot- Will begged for them to leave, to go anywhere, that they could have what they wanted…

“Just don’t hurt my friends.” Will whispered. His voice never broke.

But Mike? Sometimes it felt like Mike felt everything too deeply, that there were emotions behind emotions- the emotions of those around him, the fear of Will’s and Lucas’ only heightening his own- slamming both fists on closed doors because they wanted to be felt, too. He was a heath kit to all their emotions, and he amplified every single one, even his own.. Anger twisting his tongue and sadness dancing in his chest, at eight years old Mike was never like the super spies on the Saturday morning cartoons he and Lucas always watched together, or the superheros in the comic book’s Will lent him. Their voices didn’t shake when they did the right thing or protected their friends or saved the girl (Mike relented this last thought; at the age of eight girls were mean and more importantly, gross) and they didn’t cry.

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                          NIKITA GILL SENTENCE STARTERS

  • ❛ Did you really think you would get out unscathed? ❜
  • ❛ We are all just stars that have people names. ❜
  • ❛ All this time the monster has been me. ❜
  • ❛ Some girls are full of heartache and poetry and those are the kind of girls who try to save wolves instead of running away from them. ❜
  • ❛ I hope you find someone who knows how to love you when you are sad. ❜
  • ❛ Those freckles make you seem like a galaxy of stars, just waiting to be explored and loved. ❜
  • ❛ Your heart will fix itself. It’s your mind you need to worry about. ❜
  • ❛ You are not his princess; you are your own queen. ❜
  • ❛ Some things are beautiful, but they are beautiful in the way of the sun. If you fly too close, they will melt your wings and send you plummeting into the sea. ❜
  • ❛ It is eerily terrifying that there is no sound when a heart breaks. ❜
  • ❛ You must understand: they fear you. There is nothing scarier in their minds than a girl who knows the power of her flames. ❜
  • ❛ People aren’t born sad; we make them that way. ❜
  • ❛ Your heart will fix itself. ❜
  • ❛ Do not disregard or hate the maps on your skin and soul. ❜
  • ❛ You are a dangerous collection of all my favourite things. ❜
  • ❛ I’ve made books my lovers, hours my enemies and you the only story. ❜
  • ❛ Only the brave and the broken are kind in this world. ❜
  • ❛ Your mind will keep you up at night, make you cry, destroy you over and over again. ❜
  • ❛ Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and all things nice. Some are made of witchcraft and wolf and a little bit of vice. ❜
  • ❛ You are every beautiful thing that has ever happened to me wrapped in a person. ❜
  • ❛ It wasn’t your best day today, but it is on it’s way, because we all get lucky in turn. ❜
  • ❛ You may think you are ordinary, but to me you are as magical as the ocean. ❜
  • ❛ You are one of the few truly pure things left in this world, and you deserve to be protected. ❜
  • ❛ You need to convince your mind that it has to let go…because your heart already knows how to heal. ❜
  • ❛ Be your own definition of amazing, always.  ❜
Ten Random Facts I Know: Part 1

1. Marie Antoinette had braces on her teeth when she was a little girl.

2. Banana candy tastes different than actual bananas because its based on a banana breed that went extinct decades ago. Every banana Runt you eat actually has a ghost taste.

3. Wombat poop is square

4. In the 16th and 17th centuries painters used a color that no longer exists. It’s called mummy brown and it was made of ground up Egyptian mummies. One artist eventually found out what the brown was made of and was so upset he gave his last tube of the paint a proper burial in his flower garden.

5.Ink and Paint girls used real blush and lipstick on animation cels in Snow White. They had to put it on each individual cel and because of their knowledge of how to do their own makeup the final product looks soft and stays perfectly on her cheek and lips.

6. When Miramax tried to make cuts to Princess Mononoke’s english dub (drastically changing the plot ) Miyazaki sent them a samurai sword with a simple two word note. “No Cuts.” (also Neil Gaiman penned the screenplay of the english language Mononoke)

7. There is a spider in the rainforest called a mimic spider. It builds a giant web with a fake spider three times its size constructed of twigs, leaves and thread to scare away predators.

8. Paul Rudish who has directed, designed and written for shows like the Powerpuff girls, Dexters lab and Samurai Jack is the son of Rich Rudish…the guy who created Rainbow Brite.

9. Horses can’t barf or burp

10. The serial killer John Wayne Gacy managed three KFC restaurants. He had KFC fried chicken for his last meal.

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 and everbody else.

You know… it strikes me that in the events of the Voltron comic volume one, pretty much all the Paladins get a chance to shine and show their specialties. Keith with his swordsmanship, Hunk with his cooking (and terrain manipulation!) skills, Pidge with her smarts…

But despite getting an entire chapter dedicated to being from Lance’s point of view, he didn’t actually do much - he narrated as though from a fairy tale story, not actually in his own words, he recognised the fact that the dragon was the princess from the way she was shouting at him just like Allura had shouted at him for flirting with her, and he managed, by luck, to avoid being hit.

Pidge was the one who saved the day there, taking advantage of Lance’s distraction of the opponent (read: his panic) to disable the one they were fighting.

And talking of, a few other things from his point of view: Pidge takes him out first, meaning he probably sees this as him being the easiest and no the priority. The time he tried to bring attention to the fact that he’d done something he was proud of (even if not in the best way), he gets shot down. Later on, when Pidge asks for his kicking manoeuvre at last, they perform it perfectly, and… it’s still not actually helpful

Everyone else got a chance to command - and while they trusted him whenever he came up with ideas, there was no moment of ‘okay guys you do this, and I’ll direct you’.

Imagine, for a moment, what that must feel like. At the end of the day, after everyone’s got back home to the Castle, and talking about what they achieved and learned, and Lance is probably bigging himself up, but… if you look beneath the surface, when no one’s watching, I bet you’d see him already wondering exactly what he contributes to the team.

The worrying thing about Lance is that he’s good at covering his feelings up, and pretending that he’s fine. He’ll remove himself from a situation so that no one else is brought down by his negative feelings - see: The Fall of the Castle of Lions, where he walks away the moment he realises he’s missing home, and Beta Traz, where he only voices his concerns when he’s both away from the team, doesn’t think he’s being listened in on (it’s uncertain if Shiro and Pidge are hearing him, or if it’s possible to turn the helmet mikes off), and with someone who, importantly I think, doesn’t speak back, but only encourages what he’s already thinking, much like the Raven of Nevermore.

The signs for Lance’s insecurity have always been there, he just hasn’t addressed it himself until now, and he also hasn’t trusted anyone to let them in on this either of his own volition yet.

tar0tandst0ries  asked:

Hi, Do you feel your deck has a personality of its own? If so, whats it like?

Yes! All of mine have different personalities.

🤖 My Egyptian Tarot is quite a character. It likes to speak the obvious and be super blunt. (I actually have this one with me. I love its bluntness.)
🤖 My Starlight Dragon Tarot hates love readings and will tell you how it is.
🤖 My Cosmos Tarot & Oracle is rather intense. I use this one for my deity message spread.
🤖 My Golden Tarot was somewhat nice and likes to play Pathfinder with me.
🤖 My Moon Princess Himiko deck has a very gentle way of sending messages.

I haven’t really gotten to know my two oracle just yet though. Thank you so much for asking me this. 💖💖

Andreil meets Pynch

i want this so bad because imagine it,

  • aggressive little fucker who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone except for the ones he cares about
  • specially his boyfriend
  • the smol i-have-daddy-issues-and-i-struggle-to-gain-my-own-identity 


imagine how they’l talk to each other

Ronan: *leans down to level his face with Andrew*

Andrew: i’ve always hated ravens

Ronan: well… i’ve always never cared about blond princesses’ opinion towards me

Adam: Ronan! don’t start anything!

Neil: Andrew, he’s a different kind of Raven..

Andrew: yeah, he’s a preppy kind of raven. even worse.

Ronan: you saying something there cupcake?

Andrew: nothing that concerns your bald little empty head

Ronan: can you say that a bit louder? i can’t hear you from all the way down there

Andrew: even if you can hear me i doubt your nonexistent brain could understand me 

Adam and Neil: *sweats nervously*

but lbr though adam and neil were both probably secretly turned on by how hot their aggressive boyfriends are idek why i did this 



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I had a hard time deciding my top 10 because I’ve got way too many loves that catches my heart. But my TOP 4 will be in their SOLID position, always.

1. Zyglavis - SCM
2. Scorpio - SCM
3. Takashi Ninagawa - SITS
4. Ritsuto Ena - SITS
5. Hyogo Kaga - HLITF
6. Kota - SITS
7. Dui - SCM
8. Ichthys - SCM
9. Yakov/Ivan Chernenkov - BMP 1 & 2
10. Shingen - Samurai Love Ballard

Now I’m gonna tag you loves:
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Sleep Talker (Bucky Barnes x Reader)


PROMPT?: “I get the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it?” prompt with Steve or Bucky, omg I feel like their reactions would be hilarious, given the fact that they’re so serious all the time 😂

A/N: I’m writing this from the perspective of Buck having the dream because their reactions to your reaction? If that makes sense. Trust me, it will. I hope you like it darling! ♥

WARNINGS: sleep talking, walking, etc. fluff, extreme fluff, cursing, kissing

You stroked his hair on the way home, Wanda promptly passed out on the “retired” archer’s shoulder as he mouthed a silent conversation. There’s a knife in your leg, isn’t there? he mouthed. You tried your hardest to stop yourself from laughing, to keep the master assassin from waking but god damn, Clint was hilarious sometimes. Blink twice if you’re in danger. He muffled a snort and felt Wanda shuffle, panic crossing his eyes before she settled again. “Really, how do you have that much trust in him? For god’s sake, you’re petting him like a dog.” he snarkily whispered, leaning forward a bit to prove his sassy point. “Steve’s the meatball, Thor’s the cinnamon roll and Buck is the puppy. Clint, we’ve been through this-” you quietly grinned seeing Clint snigger as another voice entered the realm of silence and you stiffened. Tony was still flying, so why was there another voice? “Knight.. In shining armor. God damn right.” the small voice from your lap gruffed and you and Clint looked at each other with wide eyes. Clint stifled another snort and covered his mouth. Buck shuffled and moved his arms so that they were tightly wrapped around your leg and you grinned, fingers locked in his dark hair as he mumbled more comprehensive things, the occasional princess with your name being spoken.

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Imagine JJ and your daughter having a tea party

“Justice sweetheart, I’m sure Y/N doesn’t want to spend her afternoon playing tea party.” Jensen smiled down at her as she tried her best to persuade you to come to her play den and join in with her and your daughter.

“Yes she does, she plays with me and Joanna all the time!” Her little hands were on her hips as she made her statement. You had to admit it was pretty adorable.

“Fine, fine.” Jensen held his hands up in defeat. Both JJ and your daughter squealed in delight as they both got their own way.

He mouthed an apology at you but you simply shook your head and mouthed back the words ‘it’s fine’ as you allowed the two excited girls to drag you both off.

“Okay Mommy you can be the Princess.” Jo placed a toy tiara on your head before running off to gather more things.

“And Daddy you can be her Prince Charming.” Jensen let JJ climb on his lap to place the crown on his head. She giggled slightly as she placed a kiss on his cheek before running off again.

“Okay then.” Jensen could help but throw his head back in laughter at your titles. The very sound of it made you smile. It took the girls a few more minutes to set everything up to their liking before they sat down with you. JJ stared up at her father with waiting eyes.

“Daddy the prince is meant to tell the princess she’s pretty, silly!” She rolled her eyes and shook her head as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh I’m sorry, Miss Y/N you look very pretty.” His words caused you to blush and he winked at you when the girls weren’t looking.

"Why thank you kind sir.” The girls erupted into giggles as they began to pour the imaginary tea. You felt your heart beat speed up as Jensen shifted closer towards you.

"I have the strangest feeling our four year old daughters are trying to set us up.” He whispered low enough so that only you could hear. You couldn’t help the shiver that followed as his warm breath washed over your neck.

"Me too.” The two of you laughed together as you were handed your plastic cups.