but to me they are all princesses in their own way

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I have never particularly cared for affluent men and I have never been a woman who dreamed of a Pretty Woman scenario or some such. Is that just it or is there something else that could draw me to the princes from BMP? I'm curious about the appeal of the game outside of my preconceived ideas and want to ask, but not enough to pay for it without some understanding of what I'm getting into.

Hi there!

I can honestly say that Be My Princess is in no way, shape or form, a Pretty Woman story or even a Cinderella story for that matter. The MC is not a poor, lower-class, destitute girl from the wrong side of the tracks who dreams of a Prince Charming to come and whisk her away to his castle in the sky.  On the contrary, the MC is a hard-working girl with goals and dreams of her own, who by coincidence happens upon six very different princes, many of them not very charming at all initially lol.

What I find so intriguing about BMP is that the princes are depicted as very human men trying to live under the heavy weights of the crowns placed upon their heads. They are not perfect people – not even the sweet and flowery Prince Edward (though he’s close lol). Each has his flaws, foibles, fears, hopes, and dreams. The conflict for the MC in each route is experiencing the reality of what happens when you fall in love with someone who has immense responsibilities as a world leader.  Everyday relationships aren’t easy, but how much harder is it when the man you love can’t freely roam the streets without being mobbed? Who is stuck in meetings with government officials all day, working through the late hours of the night? Who rarely gets a day off and who you may only initially get to see every few weeks? Who’s never experienced everyday things like grocery shopping or picnics?  Or who isn’t really free to love the person he wants because his future spouse must be approved by political committee? And knowing your life will change completely if you can and do marry him?

It’s these types of challenges that made BMP a favorite of mine, because it’s about falling love with someone and not letting anything get in the way of that. Not Kings, Queens, Parliament, rules, or public opinion. It’s about loving a man who has everything but nothing without you, and loving him against all possible odds.

It really is a very layered and multifaceted game, one of Voltage’s best IMO. I don’t think you will be disappointed!


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Brock needs to do his laundry more often and figure out a way to keep Jack out of his closet.

For @garotteandgoodnight ^^ thank you for letting me rub my filthy little crack!fic paws all over our wonderful RP. 

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16/25? :)

16) are there any characters who haunt you?

gwen shields. master of karate and judo and lead singer of a band she started with her cousins, punk princess, designs and sews all her own clothes, her animagus was a white wolf, had visions and could talk to the dead, basically the most mary sue to have ever sued. she haunts me. i tried to fix her characterization when i did my OW and instead she became this amazingly complex character with her own personal goals and i stopped writing her because i could tell she would be hated. much the same way the fandom here hates mikasa. -.-

25) copy/paste a few sentences or a short paragraph that you’re particularly proud of

Jean and Eren pushed into the small store, the bell tinkling behind them. The heavy whitewashed door swallowed up the marching band from the parade. Eren pulled his hat down over his eyes and tugged at the collar of his coat. Jean flipped his hoodie and pulled the strings tight. The shelves of the aisles aligned perfectly with the pattern on the tiles and the only sight of dust or dirt was the trail from Eren’s ratty jeans as he ducked his head down. The clinical white shelves seemed more at place in a hospital but their contents were like sunlight streaming through a prism. Walls towering with candy colored yarn that went on past Eren’s extended fingers, rolls of ribbons, some crinkly, some polka dotted, and slowly rotating pillars of buttons and beads surrounding the two of them like a numbers on a clock. Eren felt he knew what Stonehenge must be like. He tapped two fingers against one and set it spinning without so much as a creak. The rhinestones on the beads caught and danced in the fall light streaming from the skylight and Eren grinned. Jean nudged him and nodded up at the picture over the brick fireplace. A pale woman with sleek black hair and a Madonna oval face she stared down at them with light eyes. And sitting on the mantle, below her picture was a wicker broom—their target.

–Chapter 1 of The Stag in the Dark my witch!Levi au

My beloved Eddie. A name so sweet just like him. I met you my freshman year and boy did sparks fly like a fairytale. Although nothing can be like a fairytale we make the best of it. You always treat me like a princess. You like your shirts oversized because it always makes you feel comfy. You love singing because it’s your own escape and gosh do you have the prettiest voice. You don’t like your food hot at all but at nice warm or else it will burn your mouth. You love old music. You love to game and it’s the funniest to see you spaz out and curse because you died in the game. You always smell so gosh dang good. Your smile is amazing and will always bring warmth to my heart. You’re unique with goofy ways of showing love but they are the cutest. You always go above and beyond for me. You have showed me in love and affection. You always do your best and put all your effort in the relationship. I had fallen in love with you my freshman year with out even realizing it. I’m happily in love with you, my best friend, my lover, my sidekick, and my partner in crime. I cherish all our memories together. I love you Eddie. Every minute and second I spend with you is a time well spent.

God these kids kill me

I wish y'all knew what its like to have teenagers they are just plain crazy think they know everything they think they are millions well they are lazy thinking we owe them everything. Parents lets bring back the old ways by whooping there asses but god it needs to be done. My youngest son got this girl 5 years older than him nothing but on Facebook but about my son. Well the girl is fucking crazy. Your own son went to school today and your more worried about my son… . GET A fucking life!!!!! Now that my son hit a deer in my jeep and yea I am pissed its my jeep I got that right after 5 years and nothing ever happened to it yupe I want it cleaned and blessed. Don’t step to me cause I will hunt you down and put you back in your spot. I ain’t no princess only to my daddy . But I am the Queen and ya better remember that cause I will get nasty and this queen is just as evil as any good queen can be :)/Let the fun begin

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Pandora Hearts Thoughts - Break and Sharon

This is for all those who believes in relationships of Respect. There are people who have a bonding through respect more precious, stable and reliable than those related to blood. This is not obscure, it is a reality which everyone goes through at some point or another of life. This is exactly the matter that I’m talking about Break and Sharon. Some people ship them the other way around which is quite ecchi and wrong to me(certainly you got ur own taste and you can disagree but I personally don’t like that). As it’s quite obviously explained that they regard each other as brother and sister(explained by Liam and Sharon herself : “xerxe-ni”). Break treats her like a princess (exclaimed by lottie) and can be seen either. It’s very cruel to paint them like that. Some relations are above than anything and they are mostly not blood related or do not even have any relation to be called (by others) even in my experienced life till now,which is truly based on respect and trust. I respect both Break and Sharon.

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Excitement rushed through Targaryen princess’ veins at the news of the guest arriving to father’s court, at task bestowed upon her to welcome the other royal. Of course with ladies always rushing around here there was little room for boredom but this was truly different for the other girl was said to be of a country so v e r y far away. Eager to know all there was to know about that princess, her homeland and history not for own gain but simply out of curiousity, a need to fill head with history of lands she feared would never be able or allowed to visit. Bright was the smile upon Rhaenys lips therefore as she approached the other, brown eyes sparkling and full of life.     Welcome, princess. I hope you have had easy travels — and that our capital and castle are to your liking. We are honoured to host you here.