but to me they are all princesses in their own way

She got me praying all hours of the night, say she want my heart, She pulling me to the river, drawing me with her siren's call, Done gave her my heart but now she wants my soul, Well I already sold it to the man in red, "Fell in love with your charm," but its a curse; cos am dead, Girl you're not who you say, bad girl they say you are Innocence isn't where am at, wear your crucifix bae Don't make me out all serious bonnie, slave to this bad religion, Unrequited love, praying at my shrine, cos I don't have a heart Like a dead man walking, I lay at your side, Make sure you're alright in my world, atleast that for you girl,

I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul


for once evil masters’ plan kind of backfired

Kise and Murasakibara are chill about dressing in drag, Aomine is proud of his nudity and Shin decided to dazzle everyone with his magnificent alabaster skin

Sei-chan was playing along like the nice sport he is, but Rakuzan’s basketball team will suffer with his wrath

he really liked the breeze though

Lonely Teenagers in Winter (The Movie)
  • Lonely Teenagers in Winter (The Movie)
  • Giselle T (reindeersarebetter)


All alone in a castle where the doors are shut
It’s been twelve long years but I’m still in this rut.
Not a friend in the world except the girl behind that door,
But I don’t think she wants to be my sister anymore.

All alone on a mountain with my reindeer friend,
But I can’t complain, no broken heart to mend.
I’m never around people but, hey, that’s okay
Reindeers are much better than people anyway.

All alone in a family and the last in line
Not a thing that I own’s ever been truly mine.
I’ll get what I want no matter it takes.
And I don’t care how high I have to raise the stakes.

All alone in my bedroom keeping the door locked
It’s been ages since I last heard her knock.
Baby sister, I am begging don’t give up on me.
Someday I’ll find a way to be free.

Lonely teenagers in winter the movie,
Plus a reindeer and a snowman that are pretty goofy.
But don’t let the cheerful singing trick you my dears,
Lonely teenagers in winter will bring you many tears.


Luna: “Patience seems to be necessary here. And we have lots and lots of time.”

I set aside a few lead-in asks and then complied all the other very similar ones there in the bottom.

Often problems are complex and have multiple contributing factors. I originally was going for a couple of these, the mild homophobia and the Nightmare thing, but then I read more comments and speculation which brought up other valid points. I sadly left out a few, because this is already waaaay too text heavy.

I know some folks were really hoping I wouldn’t bring in real world issues like homophobia (and others really hoping for it!). They like to keep their ponies and the awful things of the world separate. I understand, but this issue is very personal for me. This was a mild way for me to vent my own fears, even if if is diluted with problems very specific to these characters.

Disney's displays of family dynamics in it's recent 3D Princess Films and reasons they're important, a rambling sort of thing by tumblr user Trickstersgambit

Disney has been putting some very important things into their recent 3D animated Princess films that I don’t think have been given enough credit, coverage, or support here on tumblr. Especially in the case of the recent film, Frozen, which has been largely regarded as problematic in it’s issues of racial representation, without looking at what I think the real message of the film. 

The Princess stories I’m looking at in this post feature what I believe have become relatively common family dynamics that were played up in ways that make them tug at the heart, while bringing awareness to very real topics. Gone are the days when Princesses were all about waiting for their Prince and being the victims of tragedy in their own stories, especially being helped out of situations by their Prince and not having power in their own lives.

The Princesses of late are about making people aware of the things young people go through every day, and empowering them to overcome their troubles and see strength in themselves, even accept support in others. What I’m talking about here are Tangled’s emotionally and mentally abusive Mother-Daughter story, and how the girl came to realize she was strong the whole time, then takes control of her own life, Brave’s misunderstanding, discovering differences, then changing the dynamic between parent and child, and especially the story of love, the struggle to understand each other that often happens between family members and the support for someone who’s atypical from a ‘normal’ family member, that was found in Frozen.

While it’s been said that the films had some problems where representation is concerned, and that’s an important factor not to discount, they’ve also been important as far as message goes. I think that gets lost in the desire for a more diverse cast, both in sexuality and racial representation, along with the shipping that happens in nearly every film, going so far as to ship across companies. Tumblr seems to have forgotten that there is more to their stories than those factors. 

In writing this, while it’s mostly a vent, I want to relay my feelings regarding the films and share some information I think is worth taking into account when looking at the films.

I’d like to note that I’m approaching this coming from an abusive upbringing, and being a neuro atypical person myself. My views are based on my personal experience and may reflect some bias. I will also be sharing my personal experiences as I go along because I think it’s important to give some context to how I’m looking at things. The following will contain spoilers for the films I mentioned above. I’ve cut it for length because it IS fairly long.

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Colored Disney Princesses Portraits

Original Artwork by Shricka – [DeviantArt]
Coloring by me

All of Shricka’s artwork is absolutely MIND-BLOWING!!! The attention she pays to detail is simply astounding. I wanted to pay tribute to her art in my own way by bringing a bit of color to some of her traditional art sketches. I picked some of my favorite princesses and just colored them in! I hope you enjoy these and PLEASE, check out Shricka’s page on DeviantArt! It’ll be some of the most gorgeous and detailed artwork you’ll see!

I have some very exciting news for Audrey Hepburn fans and Old Hollywood fans everywhere. Roman Holiday is back in theaters for two days only! Sunday November 29th and Tuesday December 1st fans will have the opportunity to relive this timeless film once more on the big screen.  Travel the streets of Rome with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in this William Wyler classic.  Watch Audrey in her Academy Award winning performance as she wooed audiences for the first time in 1953 and again, 62 years later.

Fathom Events and Rare Audrey Hepburn have teamed up to give away free passes to some very lucky Audrey fans.  Message me here to enter to win free tickets to see Roman Holiday.  In your message let me know what theater, time, and date you want the passes for and we will announce the winners within the next week.  Happy Holidays! 

Find your tickets here!

Princess Ann: Each, in its own way, was unforgettable. It would be difficult to - Rome! By all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here in memory as long as I live.


silvercistern  asked:

i would love to hear kenma childhood hcs if you've got some in ya

full disclosure my kenma headcanons are almost always just me talking about myself

  • he is the world’s quietest baby
  • he just makes small protesting noises until he gets what he needs but never cries
  • he grows and learns everything at a totally average rate, he’s not special in any way, just really quiet
  • when he’s a toddler he never plays with other kids just watches them play
  • he doesn’t seem upset about this
  • he learns to read early because he doesn’t like taking naps but he likes to retreat to his room and do his own thing and reading is good for that
  • later on he gets games and those take over
  • everyone is confusing to him as a small child and most of the time he doesn’t understand anything anyone does but he likes kuroo bc kuroo makes up little stories to go with their games
  • for example they build a castle out of chairs when kenma is five and climb onto it to save the princess (which is a stolen barbie doll) and kenma nearly cracks his head open when the castle collapses and it’s the first reckless thing he’s ever done, but kenma’s parents can’t even be very mad bc at least he’s playing but they do ground him to make sure he knows to be more careful
  • kuroo “breaks him out” with a wooden sword and kenma’s parents let him because kenma is so excited about it
  • after seeing twister he thought it was a good idea to label the parts of the house in case it needed to be put back together again and labeled every single wall, door and window with permanent marker. did not understand why his parents didn’t see how practical this was until he was twelve
Stay With Me - A Hollstein Fic

Summary: Laura is going camping with a certain redhead and Carmilla is left behind on her own. How will she handle the withdrawals from her cupcake? The only way she knows how: Stealing her pillow and napping.

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Sleep Talker (Bucky Barnes x Reader)


PROMPT?: “I get the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it?” prompt with Steve or Bucky, omg I feel like their reactions would be hilarious, given the fact that they’re so serious all the time 😂

A/N: I’m writing this from the perspective of Buck having the dream because their reactions to your reaction? If that makes sense. Trust me, it will. I hope you like it darling! ♥

WARNINGS: sleep talking, walking, etc. fluff, extreme fluff, cursing, kissing

You stroked his hair on the way home, Wanda promptly passed out on the “retired” archer’s shoulder as he mouthed a silent conversation. There’s a knife in your leg, isn’t there? he mouthed. You tried your hardest to stop yourself from laughing, to keep the master assassin from waking but god damn, Clint was hilarious sometimes. Blink twice if you’re in danger. He muffled a snort and felt Wanda shuffle, panic crossing his eyes before she settled again. “Really, how do you have that much trust in him? For god’s sake, you’re petting him like a dog.” he snarkily whispered, leaning forward a bit to prove his sassy point. “Steve’s the meatball, Thor’s the cinnamon roll and Buck is the puppy. Clint, we’ve been through this-” you quietly grinned seeing Clint snigger as another voice entered the realm of silence and you stiffened. Tony was still flying, so why was there another voice? “Knight.. In shining armor. God damn right.” the small voice from your lap gruffed and you and Clint looked at each other with wide eyes. Clint stifled another snort and covered his mouth. Buck shuffled and moved his arms so that they were tightly wrapped around your leg and you grinned, fingers locked in his dark hair as he mumbled more comprehensive things, the occasional princess with your name being spoken.

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I’m really tired of people asking me what my favorite Disney movie is and then when I say Mulan, they’re like “Oh, is it because you’re Asian?” in a kind of condescending way. Like what are you expecting me to say? Yes? Because “yes” means admitting I see no value in the actual plot and that I am too shallow and biased towards my own race to consider the actual quality of the film itself? All-knowing white friend, you have read my mind, truly. Because the answer is “yes.”

The answer is “yes” because Mulan is the only childhood film that I watched with an Asian character. Starring the only princess I felt truly comfortable - and allowed - to dress up as for Halloween; the only character that I connected with. It was (IS??) the only movie that touched on traditions that my own family participates in. The only movie that - when my white friends admitted to loving - made me feel proud of my own heritage – and Mulan isn’t even about my heritage but I stretched the idea anyway because there was nothing else out there.

The answer is “yes” because I am a self-centered arrogant Asian girl who just cares about princesses that look like myself. Because God forbid I have way too many of those.

Andreil meets Pynch

i want this so bad because imagine it,

  • aggressive little fucker who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone except for the ones he cares about
  • specially his boyfriend
  • the smol i-have-daddy-issues-and-i-struggle-to-gain-my-own-identity 


imagine how they’l talk to each other

Ronan: *leans down to level his face with Andrew*

Andrew: i’ve always hated ravens

Ronan: well… i’ve always never cared about blond princesses’ opinion towards me

Adam: Ronan! don’t start anything!

Neil: Andrew, he’s a different kind of Raven..

Andrew: yeah, he’s a preppy kind of raven. even worse.

Ronan: you saying something there cupcake?

Andrew: nothing that concerns your bald little empty head

Ronan: can you say that a bit louder? i can’t hear you from all the way down there

Andrew: even if you can hear me i doubt your nonexistent brain could understand me 

Adam and Neil: *sweats nervously*

but lbr though adam and neil were both probably secretly turned on by how hot their aggressive boyfriends are idek why i did this 

New Post has been published on http://geekandsundry.com/5-reasons-why-xena-is-an-awesome-role-model/

5 Reasons Why Xena is an Awesome Role Model

External image

The other week, we all lost our minds at the rumor of a Xena: Warrior Princess reboot. Although the show was a bit campy at times–and some plots hardly made sense–we all loved the action and adventure. It got me thinking about why we loved the warrior princess so much, when it hit me. Xena is an amazing role model. Here are five reasons why:

She owns up to her mistakes

External image

Xena was originally introduced on Hercules as an evil warlord until Hercules inspired her to change her ways. The entire Xena series is her search for atonement. In many episodes, the conflict she faces is a result from her violent past. Whenever possible, Xena will try to use her wits to solve a problem before resorting to violence, but she accepts that she’s not perfect. She makes mistakes and sometimes fails to control her bloodlust. When that happens, she has the courage to admit she was wrong.

This theme becomes a huge arc throughout multiple seasons with the character Callisto. Xena murdered her family years ago, and now Callisto has become a dark reflection of Xena’s past. Xena feels great remorse–knowing it’s her fault that this innocent child grew up to be a brutal killer–and does whatever she can to redeem Callisto instead of killing her.

She’s sexually liberated

External image

Xena’s had many lovers, including Borias, Marcus, Hercules, Julias Caesar, and even Ares. Some of these relationships were purely physical, while others were real love. The series implied that Xena loved women as well, but was never explicit about her being bisexual because it was the mid 1990’s and we weren’t quite that liberal yet. Even so, Xena always had the capacity to love on many levels, ranging from friendship to romance.

Another admirable quality is that Xena is comfortable with her body. She has no qualms being nude and doesn’t need to be masculine to be strong. She will use her sensuality to get what she needs with little to no hesitation. She may be renowned for her battle prowess, but she can also dance, sing, and stitch needlepoint. Best of all, she never apologizes for her sexuality.

She’s resourceful

External image

Even without her chakram, Xena is a master of improvisational weapons. She’s fought with wet rags, brooms, cookware, and even fish. With the lack of technology, Xena always finds a way to take care of her needs. She’s even used miscellaneous items to treat the wounded.

Xena doesn’t just use physical items to be resourceful, but her own mind and body as well. She will feign weakness, seduce, and bluff her way into getting what the needs. However, when she does do these things, it’s never out of selfishness. Her less-than-reputable acts are always for the sake of helping others.

She empowers those around her

External image

Throughout the series, Gabrielle is the marker of growth. The character starts off with a strong will, but no idea how to defend herself. Xena teaches her to fight, but her lessons remind Gabrielle that fighting should always be the last resort. There are times throughout the show when Gabrielle needs to work without Xena. She manages to pull through, but not without a few hiccups. By the end of the series, she has to stand on her own. Thanks to Xena’s inspiration and guidance, she can.

One of Xena’s most beautiful qualities is how she empowers people by teaching them morality, self-sufficiency, and forgiveness. Sometimes a character needs to learn to stand up for herself because no one will do it for her. And sometimes a character needs to learn that it takes more courage to forgive than to seek vengeance. Xena will try to guide them to these decisions, but the choice must be made of their own free will.

She stands up to misogyny, but doesn’t think less of men

External image

Quite often, people tell Xena things like “You can’t defeat an entire army” or “You can’t change the world.”

Her response? “Watch me.”

Xena faces two problems most women still face today: men assume she’s weaker because she’s female, and they constantly make passes at her. She’ll tolerate the behavior if she’s being deceptive, but she always seems to retaliate with just the right shove, backfist, or baked good to the face. However, Xena never looks down on them for being male. Whether she respects a man or not depends solely on his actions. Does he fight for good or evil? Is he selfish or acting out of fear? Is he willing to listen to reason? She doesn’t blame men’s actions on the fact that they’re men. She blames their actions on each individual’s moral compass. To Xena, all men and women have the capacity for good or evil inside them. How they choose to act will determine her judgment.

BONUS: Do you know how hard it is to throw a chakram?!

External image

It’s hard. Like really, really hard. I bought a set of steel chakram in college and could maybe toss them a few feet with zero accuracy. More often than not, trying to throw using Xena’s backhand method led to having them veer to the right and nearly hit my friends. Xena hurls her chakram with such precision that she can cut rope, knock out multiple bad guys, bounce it off a wall, and have it return to her hand. All the while, her eyes will be closed as she kisses a guard to distract him.

What’s your favorite thing about everyone’s favorite warrior princess? Let us know about it in the comments!

Image credits: Universal/Renaissance Pictures


Beyonce tells the story of Britney in this video for the show MTV SPECIAL I.D CLUB. She talked about Justin and Britney’s amazing career.  She said in her own words: 

“Britney went from pop princess to a pop icon" 

 Godney all the way.

This video make me so Happy. 


Princess Sofia also held a little speech in which she said:

I’ll stick exceedingly brief, and I’m not here to make a speech. The others have done so incredibly well tonight. Like my Dad said earlier this evening, I’ve always gone my own way. And I knew that when it would be so many fine speeches here, I wanted to make something of my own to my husband. So I have written down some words that explain my love for you with the help of some friends who are also here to express them. From me to you. I love you

Sofia wrote a song, which a friends of her performed during the wedding banquet! The lyrics:

I had never dared to dream of a love like this. Someone who loves me just as I am. As if heart holding its breath. As if time stops to. When you look at me, I know what I want.

Everything I am, everything I have to my last breath, I love you with the heart all kinds. All I ask, all I want, is to awaken to close. To love you in all my days with everything I have.

We have defied all storms, sailed out on the open sea. And now after the rain we stand strong behind. You make life into a fairy tale, and you write the next sheet. To live happily ever after.

Everything I am, everything I have to my last breath, I love you with the heart all kinds. All I ask, all I want, is to awaken to close. To love you in all my days.

A moment so incomprehensible, made up for my soldier and together we are strong. Everything I am, everything I have, to my last breath, I love you with the heart all kinds. All I ask and all I want is to wake up close. To love you in all my days, with everything I have.

With everything I have.

  • Ragnar:Forgive me, my friend, not for what I've done, but for what I'm about to do.
  • Athelstan (dead):Oh, no, Ragnar, no what are you doing
  • Ragnar:*converts to Christianity, fakes his own death, tricks Loki into quasi-confessing to murdering Athelstan, tricks Count Odo into gathering the most important people in the kingdom and leading them right into his hands, kills a guy, makes the emperor legit faint, kidnaps the princess only to let her go when he could've taken her as a prisoner or done any number of awful things to her and allows her to run back to safety all while providing his people a way into the city, which the both of them had been dreaming of, all while suffering with the grief of losing his life partner and acting without the guidance Athelstan was supposed to provide all along*
  • Ragnar:sorry
  • Athelstan (dead):I knew there was a reason I chose you over celibacy and flogging

“Imagine JJ and your daughter having a tea party”

“Justice sweetheart, I’m sure Y/N doesn’t want to spend her afternoon playing tea party.” Jensen smiled down at her as she tried her best to persuade you to come to her play den and join in with her and your daughter.

“Yes she does, she plays with me and Joanna all the time!” Her little hands were on her hips as she made her statement. You had to admit it was pretty adorable.

“Fine, fine.” Jensen held his hands up in defeat. Both JJ and your daughter squealed in delight as they both got their own way.

He mouthed an apology at you but you simply shook your head and mouthed back the words ‘it’s fine’ as you allowed the two excited girls to drag you both off.

“Okay Mommy you can be the Princess.” Jo placed a toy tiara on your head before running off to gather more things.

“And Daddy you can be her Prince Charming.” Jensen let JJ climb on his lap to place the crown on his head. She giggled slightly as she placed a kiss on his cheek before running off again.

“Okay then.” Jensen could help but throw his head back in laughter at your titles. The very sound of it made you smile. It took the girls a few more minutes to set everything up to their liking before they sat down with you. JJ stared up at her father with waiting eyes.

"Daddy the prince is meant to tell the princess she’s pretty, silly!” She rolled her eyes and shook her head as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh I’m sorry, Miss Y/N you look very pretty.” His words caused you to blush and he winked at you when the girls weren’t looking.

"Why thank you kind sir.” The girls erupted into giggles as they began to pour the imaginary tea. You felt your heart beat speed up as Jensen shifted closer towards you.

"I have the strangest feeling our four year old daughters are trying to set us up.” He whispered low enough so that only you could hear. You couldn’t help the shiver that followed as his warm breath washed over your neck.

"Me too.” The two of you laughed together as you were handed your plastic cups.

so recently (i know, this is a bit late) i reached a major goal - two thousand followers! i started this blog less than 5 months ago and have done hardly anything of note so, i gotta say, this is incredible. now i must warn you that i’m absolutely going to forget at least a few people in this, so don’t be offended if you’re not in it, i just have a shit memory!! i would literally forget my own birthday if i didn’t write it in my calendar. trust me, i’ve done it before. anyways, mutuals will be bolded because they’re rad

main squad

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