but to me its so much smoother

There is a MASSIVE amount of tips/advice/help on Tumblr for Sugar Babies. I absolutely adore it. But i realize a lot of the tips contradict another handful of tips. So my soul advice for those really looking into these things:

Do what makes you feel comfortable and what feels right for you as long as you are SAFE & SMART.

Common sense is not so common for some. but just always pay attention to your body/mind & how you feel.

I read a tip not to drink on any sugar/POT dates. But personally, a drink helps me loosen up and not worry so much about my every single move.. the less worry/anxiety, the smoother you’re able to get through things (especially if its a boring ass date or a super grand POT you don’t want to mess up on). 

So once again, pick & choose what advice fits right for your scenario, try it out and do as you see fitting. even alter some of the advice you read.

Now i’m not saying you should go off to a POTs room & have sex right away. I think that’s SB Code DO NOT HAVE SEX ON THE FIRST DATE lmao but still play around with different cases and see how it works. The first few months of being in the Sugar Bowl involves lots of trials and errors! I have no shame to say I’ve lost POTs super quick for doing smthn I read on here. But i’ve gained the interest of some POTs for doing smthn i read on here. 

so use these tips as a stepping stone, but not as the pure foundation to how the Sugar Bowl is unique for you!

Stay Luscious. Stay Sweet.

Papyrus has the /best/ pasta… - WIP

I am working with a much higher frame rate with this one to make it smoother (Papyrus turning is so dang smooth!)

While doing this one, It occured to me.. What if everyone thinks Papyrus’ cooking is bad because they are /monsters/ eating /human/ food? Didn’t we hear the big mouth guy at Grillby’s say that monsters think human food was gross.. but wanted to try it sometime? Just saying. xD Maybe Frisk thinking the pasta was indescribable because it was just so good? xDD or maybe its just because it suck, who knows.