but to make the gif actually big was a problem

It looks like we’re actually going to be able to make our game work on the 3DS!****(probably!*****)

Having signed up for Nintendo development I’m not allowed to share information about systems and specs, so I won’t go into detail, but there are some aspects of 3DS development I want to share with you all:

Textures VS polygons

When I started working on graphics for this, I used Spyro as reference, and by extension the limits of the PS1. The Playstation’s main problem was its inability to render many polygons at the same time, so everything had to be extremely lowpoly and a lot of fancy trickery had to be used to make it look like there was more geometry on the screen than there actually was. On the other hand, the Playstation used big discs and had quite a bit of video memory, which allowed it to have many fairly big texture maps (for the time). The Nintendo 64 could hardly fit any textures at all, but used mipmapping instead, to “smudge out” the images, so that two pixels would be enough to make a perfectly smooth gradient. The N64 approach meant that geometry had to be used very cleverly to imply detail, since detail couldn’t really be stored in texturemaps. A lot of very tiny pixel-constellations were also used to create repeating patterns.

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I know that I need to just take my own advice but sometimes that’s fucking hard, you know? I find that there’s nothing worse than someone else telling you what to do. That’s why I like to make nice things that say what we need to hear, but like, not at you. You pick them up and decide whether or not to digest the message, on your own terms. But when I say it to myself, I don’t listen. I mean, guys, I literally make a pin that says “CHEER THE FUCK UP” and I still feel down sometimes. Isn’t wearing the mantra supposed to fix all my problems?

Recently, someone visited my friend Alex’s shop Strange Ways in New Haven, and asked if he knew me. Then they asked if I’m “really sad in real life.” Which is so funny to me because actually, I am a really happy person. But I talk about feelings a lot so maybe people confuse the two. I think for some of us, talking about feelings means we’re sad. Like a big “SAD” label is applied to the conversation before we can continue. For me, talking about feelings just means I’m being honest or open. It means I trust you. I can talk about my fear of death without actually feeling like I’m going to die. But I understand for some, that’s not normal. Being that open is weird. Feelings are private.

I keep thinking about how all people are different, how we perceive identical situations completely differently. How someone who’s secretly too terrified to make conversation can be seen as standoffish, or someone raising their voice in excited support can actually be frightening. Some people are assholes by accident and some people are assholes on purpose (try to figure out the difference). It took me longer than most people to realize this, I think. Like you all got it, you all knew that it’s important to tread lightly and understand differences, and I was barreling through life like “we all think the same we are all on the same page!!!!!!!!” Nope.

There’s some anger I’ve been holding onto and it makes me so embarrassed. All the advice and things I’ve read aren’t changing that. I mean, I’m trying. I know better. But sometimes feelings are just feelings and you can’t just get rid of them with a hand lettered artist print, you know what I mean? It’s good to see something that makes you smile, but it’s not always enough to create change in a tangible way. I’m trying to let go of negative feelings but traces come back in quiet moments sometimes. Anyway, that sucks LOL.

All of this stuff is swirling around my head as I think about this next book I’m making. I hope to make something useful, hopeful, and real. We have enough people saying nice stuff, but for a lot of us, getting honest about feelings isn’t super easy. We can’t just open up whenever. We can’t look past our perceived (or diagnosed) labels. We might need shit to be a little more blunt, we might need repetition, and we might need to take our own advice. I hope that in a tiny way I can take all this learning that I am doing “by accident” and put it to good use. Or at least trick myself into taking it. 

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s u m m a r y // Y/N and Justin get mobbed by paparazzi and Y/N has a panic attack 

Your Point of View

“Justin,” I laughed as he rode around on a bike that was way too big for him to be on. We’re walking around Walmart, we actually came here to get more Nerf guns for tomorrow when Justin’s friends come over but he was getting a little side tracked.

Honk honk, he laughed as he pushed the little horn tied to it. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket recording a little video of him pelting around in small circles. The bike soon turned over from Justin being so big and he fell onto the ground making me burst into laughter.

“You were recording me,” He pouted trying not to laugh at his self.

“Yeah, you got a problem?” I joked as he stood back up on his feet. 

“Nope,” He replied sending me a smirk then moving the bike back where it was suppose to be. “What can I say? I like riding bikes,” He paused then stepped towards me wrapping his hands around my waist. “And I know you like riding things too,” He said in a low voice. 

I playfully slapped his chest and he winked at me as I giggled, “Nasty,” I scrunched my nose up at him. He stuck his tongue out at me then grabbed my hand interlacing our fingers.

“Come on,” He chattered.

We went and picked out a few Nerf guns, some more bullets and then payed for it at the register. As we were walking towards the door I could already hear screaming fans and the sounds of cameras flashing. I stopped in my tracks looking at Justin with a concerned look. I’m extremely claustrophobic and when things like this happen when we’re out it never ends good. He squeezed my hand in his as if to say ‘It will be okay’.

I took a deep breath and we stepped outside cameras being shoved in our faces, being pushed, and having things be yelled at us. My breathing started to quicken which Justin noticed so he started to push through everyone more quickly. My clothes and hair were being tugged on as we were making our way towards the car. I started to hyperventilate, that’s when Justin swooped me in his arms running towards the car and putting me into the passengers seat. He hoped into the drivers seat not even worried about who was in the way and sped off quickly.

“I’m going to need you to stay calm for me until we get back to the house, can you do that?” He asked looking over at me and resting his large hand on my thigh.

I nodded my head not saying a word and tried to get my mind off of what just happened. It was kind of embarrassing for Justin to see me like this but he always knows how to keep me calm.

The familiar house came into sight and Justin turned off the car, “Stay right there,” He said getting out. He walked over to the other side of the car opening the door and carrying me out and into his house. He walked into his living room and set me on his black leather couch. He turned the TV on and popped in a movie but didn’t start it yet.

When he left the room he came back in with a blanket and motioned for me to get up. He laid down and I laid in front of him my back against his chest. He pulled the cover over us then settled his hand on my waist.

“Are you okay now?” He spoke softly as I started to calm down.

“Yeah,” I hummed, “Sorry about that,” 

“No need to be sorry,” He said kissing my shoulder sweetly. He pressed play on the remote and the movie started. “Don’t fall asleep on me though,” He chuckled making me laugh.

“I won’t,” I smiled