but to ADD MORE

voltron reality tv show where they’re all strangers and move into a house together for a specific amount of time (allura and coran are the show’s producers)

all of them talking shit about the others in their personal video diaries

shiro: i don’t think lance understands what personal space is. it’s a little strange

keith: i came home and the kitchen was on fire and lance was crying and hunk was just saying “serves you right”. do you really think it’s safe to live here?

pidge: [only talks shit about lance]

hunk knows all the secrets of the others how does he do that

lance: shiro always gets up at the asscrack of dawn. does the man know what beauty sleep is?

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How do you travel often? Is there any tips you'd give to anyone who wants to pursue it?

I dont travel vigorously, but when i am traveling i space them out over a year. So sometimes I’ll plan a travel 4 or 5 times in a year (not much but enough for me) and I’ll just make a list since i have this same question a lot in my Inbox (just havent got to answering them yet)
1. - save money, sounds simple but literally anything counts. Yes there are time where you can splurge and treat yourself to stuff but sometimes you need to just save that money for more important things (in this case traveling/plane tickets, uber/lyft etc.)
2. When you go to stay places do NOT get hotels because they are way more expensive; instead get condos because they are cheaper, usually nicer and have a kitchen so you can actually cook for yourself instead of paying for extra commodities from a hotel.
3. Try to get an airline credit card. They are just like regular credit cards except instead of building credit you’re building miles and the more miles you build, plane tickets end up being way more cheaper for you

infinity (as she is played)

Otherwise known as the prologue for Metahumans….IN SPACE

(and aka, Camille was bored at 3/4am and going cross-eyed from Harry Potter Midnight Release Planning)

They call it The Scarlet Speedster.

           Who is ‘they?’

That’s a loaded question.

They is the rumor whispered on backwater planets who only dream to be Graced by The Scarlet Speedster’s presence. They is the heavily redacted file housed, split, in seven different government buildings on six different planets. They is the underbelly of each world. They is the slipstream that all information travels on. They is the prayers of those wishing to be saved and knowing The Scarlet Speedster has saved before and will again.

The Scarlet Speedster is a ship. Old, worn down, and captained by a formidable woman with revenge in her eyes and names on her bullets. Captain Iris West, unofficially. To be honest, she never joined the military, never was ranked. She just really likes seeing Captain in front of her name, and everyone but her crew calls her Captain. Who would say no to that sort of thing?

Her crew, wow, her friggin’ crew. There’s a disgraced prize-winning biochemist, Ms. Frost (Caitlin Snow, really, but Ms. Frost sounds cool), the prolific engineering and knick knack genius Cisco Ramon who is also so psi-inclined it’s almost impossible for him to get a decent job, Ronnie Raymond who is both an enhanced salamander and psi-inclined and accidently mind-linked with the galaxy famous Professor Martin Stein (shhh, don’t tell anyone). Fire breeds loyalty, though, and Ronnie keeps his fire contained. Wally West, Iris’ baby brother and navigator. If you can’t find a star, he’ll find it for you, if you can’t unstick your nose from up someone’s ass…he’ll leave you there, because why would he bother?

They’ve had a rotating crew, as well.

Bette San Souci, dishonorably discharged from the People’s Republic of Inner Rim Nine’s galactic unit (oh, that’s a mouthful, whhyyy?). She reported her superiors for unethical torture and experiments on native psi-inclined individuals—two days after that: good-bye nice title and horrible pay, hello being hunted down like a dog until she met up with The Scarlet Speedster’s crew and her captain. She’s still hunted, but now she has better resources to stay just ahead.

Kendra Saunders, a native of Thangar, and one of two-thousand-one-hundred-and-fifty-two Immortal sylphs. She has wings like a…a, there’s no native Earth bird her wings could be described as and, honestly, the bird her wings are like don’t exist anymore, so no one’s heard of them. Joy. She likes making coffee, reminding people she makes coffee, and kicking ass.

Laurel Lance, ah Laurel Lance. What’s the quote? ‘Laurel Lance once punched me in the face…It was awesome.’ One of four psi-null people to be drafted into the PSIULTRA experiment to develop psi-abilities into normal people. Failed. One died. One went on a murderous rampage (strangely enough, the only people they killed were the people in charge of the experiment, hmmm). One disappeared. And then Laurel. Peak fighting ability and a sonic scream that sends people to their knees. Yes, anyone would be willing to be punched in the face by her.

There are more, of course. The Scarlet Speedster doesn’t spend their time freeing people from the People’s Republic of Inner Rim Nine’s (damn it. PRIR9, there. Fine) clutches just to dump them somewhere and run. No they help, and they are helped in return.

(the name gets asked about a lot. Why The Scarlet Speedster? Well, that’s an interesting story. Here we go:

….fucking wait. The impatience. Really.)

Why I Love Jaylah

1. She’s adorable. I love her and her tunes.
3. Parallels between her and Jim! But that’s just a plus!
4. She risked so much for people she just met.
5. “Montgomery Scotty”
7. Her holograph/projection system!
9. Where is she from? Does she have extended family?
10. I can see her being such good friends with EVERYBODY! I hope that she’s in Star Trek 4 (if they make one)! She better be, or I will sue.
11. She’s a Strong Female Lead™ who still has emotions
12. They thought she was getting left behind but NOPE! That SICK jump hand grab she did with Jim was GREAT.
13. That scene where Scotty can’t get something to work and she does it in 5 seconds? GOLD.
14. She’s so smart. I realllllyyyy hope that she goes into engineering at Starfleet Academy.
15. That cloak on her house? BRILLIANT.
16. She probably read through her house’s database and knows a TON about early Starfleet history.
17. She could kill me and I’d still thank her
18. Jaylah! Is! My! Salvation!

Um hello, I just wanted to point out some “problems” within the Voltron fandom

•Lance stereotyped as ~sexy suave, Latin lover~

•Spanish being fetishized

•Stereotypical Hispanic things applied to Lance (aka “La Chancla”, pet chickens etc.)

•Hunk and food

•Hunk and pity love (I say this because most love Hunk gets feels forced, like you’re only liking him in order to not seem problematic)

•Allura portrayed as the Angry Black Woman stereotype

•All three being drawn like 5 shades lighter than they really are

Feel free to add more!

Pls spread this around!

If you think one of these is wrong or isn’t really problematic, pls tell me instead of calling me out! Ill quickly remove it!

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Some of your fav GaaxLee headcanons?

*cracks knuckles*strap in sonny jim this is gonna get intense

  • my favorite hc of all time is the meticulous attention gaara would pay to lee’s body. and not in a sexual, devious sort of way (though sometimes there is that too) but in a concerned, caring nature. lee has many, many scars littering his person. his style of fighting makes his body his literal weapon, his only known jutsu, and after missions it’s not uncommon for him to have a few more scrapes and scratches. gaara would be familiar with ever scar, mark, every freckle on lee’s person. he checks them all when lee comes home from time away to ensure there aren’t any new ones, and if there are, he asks where they came from for his own personal records, and tends to them as needed. gaara has a hard time apologizing for things, or feeling guilt the same way as everyone else; in a way, this is his ensuring no more marks like the ones he himself left on lee in their youth will happen again. a silent apology.
  • gaara doesn’t sleep like lee does, but they would make a point to try and spend evenings together, even if it ends with lee clung to the kazekage like a koala, snoring, while gaara reads by candlelight. he doesn’t mind. 
  • on the flip-side, when they DO both sleep, gaara finds it ten times easier to actually stay that way with lee near-by. it would take awhile for gaara and lee both to get used to sleeping in the same bed with someone else (lee because he didn’t realize up until a certain point sleeping together could actually mean just sleeping together. and gaara because. well. sleep is weird for him) but after they do they can rarely sleep well without the other. 
  • their sex-drive would be relatively normal, though until they start actually living together, when one comes to visit you bet your butt they’re gonna do the do at least twice that night. it’s been a minute they haven’t seen each other ok. but literally no matter how many times they have sex lee always, always asks in some way if they can. he likes having physical conformation that it’s ok to touch gaara because he knows not many people get to do so. 
  • lee’s favorite physical aspect of gaara are his eyes. his favorite non-physical aspect of gaara is his leadership skills and intellect, and his ability to forgive.
  • gaara’s favorite physical aspect of lee is his stomach and chest, a close second being his hands. gaara’s favorite non-physical part of lee  is his determination and optimism, his love, and his ability to forgive.
  • gaara would teach lee patience like you would not believe over the course of their relationship.
  • lee would teach gaara how to truly love and trust people again. and a lot of other little social nuances gaara has no clue about (like wtf is the point of holding hands? oh well lee’s is nice and he seems to like it so ok.)
  • when gaara first realized he had feelings for lee he had no idea what they were tbh and thought he was under some sort of genjutsu because why else would he be thinking about the taijutsu master from the leaf at all hours of the day? lee politely explains to him it’s because they probably like each other while trying not to blush himself to death.
  • they don’t argue about a lot. the only thing that would constantly come up and drive them to raise their voices (usually lee) is topics concerning the other’s well being. gaara insists lee doesn’t take well-enough care of himself and is too reckless. lee thinks gaara works too hard and doesn’t get enough rest; he also rarely asks for help from anyone for anything and that’s troublesome. they literally worry about each other over the same shit just in different aspects (lee’s training, gaara’s kage position.) 
  • if ever they do get into an argument, they always, always talk it out. maybe not right away, they take some cool down time. but lee and gaara both would make a point to sit down and hash out whatever is upsetting them when they feel better, and make it work. giving up and walking away from each other is simply not an option.
  • if and when they get married, lee would never get tired of referring to gaara as ‘my husband.’ he’s get so giddy and stupidly happy.
  • gaara likes watching lee train. glistening hot bod you feel me. 
  • lee likes watching gaara sleep because he looks so god damn angelic and peaceful and he rarely gets to see it. 
  • LEEGAA IS EVERYTHING DON’T T OU CH ME ps these were all made with heavy influence from my ship with @desertgourd
Some Klunk Headcanons

Lance making Hunk carry hum everywhere because he’s “too lazy to walk” when really he just loves it when Hunk carries him

Hunk is the only one that can successfully calm Keith down other than Shiro

Hunk is the only person Keith actually really enjoys hugging

Hunk literally having to pick his boyfriends up to kiss them

Keith and Lance try to cook him breakfast in bed one day and they actually do a really good job cause Lance surely knows how to cook really well too

Hunk and Lance sharing cooking tips and stories

Belly kisses for Hunk! Because let’s face it that is an adorable idea! He’s got so much belly to kiss all over!

Lance and always cuddling Hunk for warmth but Keith doesn’t like cuddling sometimes, so he often lays across his boyfriends’ laps, laying his head on Hunk’s soft belly and his feet over Lance. Sometimes he refuses to get up because he’s “too comfy” and they just, push him off after a while. He pouts.

Keith trying to help his boyfriends cook but let’s face it this kid’s diet was probably just cups of Ramen so he’s just, lost. They try to let him help and he’s not very good at it, but he does try and they like having him around.

Lance and Hunk learning what textures Keith doesn’t like eating (Keith is autistic.) Keith tries not to complain about textures cause he doesn’t want to worry whoever cooks but they notice and start subtly avoiding those textures when cooking.

Lance and Keith bonding over stim toys.

Hunk making them Stim toys since they left theirs on earth.

Hunk doesn’t really make out much but instead he loves giving lots of little gentle smooches everywhere.

Lance and Hunk asking Keith every day what level of touching he feels comfortable with that day cause it varies.

Hunk is polyamorous and pan as hell. He can have other significant others, but his main two are Lance and Keith since he sees them every day and is their teammate. And he always makes sure they are comfortable with him having other significant others.
-Lance is just like jealous because why does Hunk get ladies and guys and enbys so easily??? Teach me your ways sensei damn.
-Keith didn’t really like it at first but he eventually came around seeing how happy Hunk was when talking about any of his significant others and Keith realized Hunk probably talks so sweetly and happily about him to his other SO’s. So he came around.

Hunk talking to Lance and Keith about science stuff and Keith gets kind of lost halfway in because he doesn’t understand but so much, whereas Lance gets lost even though he understands because ADHD.

Keith finding special interests and infodumping the fuck out of Lance and Hunk and they’re always so happy for him and do their best to listen and support him.

Imagine the flirting. So much blushing.

Whenever Keith gets confused about a joke or something Lance does, Hunk understands and explains.

i really wish that ace people and allo people could like. just talk about what the fuck sexual attraction even is and how it affects u and shit and how that plays in to everyday life. bc ace people dont fucking know, like, i have absolutely no clue about that, and i know that im not the only one

i think that ace people assume that allo peeps feel attraction more than y'all actually do? just bc thats the messages we get from society and the media all the time? which im sure is annoying

idk i just think this is a conversation that should be had. albeit an extremely awkward TMI conversation?

Sonny Joon was first introduced in 2002 in SSH where he was working on his dissertation meaning he was most likely in grad school. Fast forward to 2014 when MED was released and we get to see Sonny for the first time. Assuming Sonny was about 22-25 in SSH, he would be 34-36 but doesn’t look older than mid twenties.

This means either:

1. He was working towards a PhD at 10 years old and continued to get high stakes jobs all over the world as a preteen


2. Like Nancy, Sonny doesn’t age

(feel free to point out any flaws in my thinking)

(note: I haven’t played MED so I could be missing some big details)

kholat is such a pretty game and it has a rly good soundtrack it has a rly good use of simple sounds to make the atmosphere more unsettling and the music(and lack of music) can rly influence and dictate the players mood and i rly appreciate when a game can pull that off for me tbh

wlw we should be celebrating instead of stale white transmisogynists: samira wiley (lesbian), janelle monáe (uncertain but very very probably not straight), kehlani (bi)

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What are the red flags when taking to a guy?

- goes from “hello” to “what’s your kik” in 34 min
- “not all guys are like that”
- thinks Ross is great character
- “I’m not like most guys”
- “give nice guys a chance”

There are a whole lot more these are just some that I can think of rn