but tmr tho

People actually expect me to believe that if you throw a group of only one sex inside a fucking maze with no memories, no social, cultural or religious discourses forced upon them, no outside influences of any kind for years and years with only each other to grow close too, trust, survive with, protect, build with, bond with etc. 


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ohmygod i woke up at like 12 am to watch s4 and nONE OF THE PEOPLE I KNOW WATCHED IT IM SMH THEYRE WEAK AND NOW I HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO BC THEY'RE AFRAID ILL SPOIL AND JUST FUCKING BLOCKED ME \\ hey what's up u as tired as i am

im fucking EXHAUSTED mate, from crying over keith, and staying up till 3:30am to wake up 2 hours later for school,,, i am officially dead, i gotta work tomorrow and i just wanna huuuerrgg uuhgjk 


{based on x} | Teresa  TRUE NEUTRAL

✓ i will stay true to my convictions

✓ i will break the law if doing so is of advantage

✗ i will not take any sides, however i may side with those taking the same view as i do

✗ i will not kill for any other reason than survival

Thomas | Minho | Newt

note: i see a lot of people saying they don’t understand how teresa could do such a thing (betraying her friends). the answer is actually quite simple. she follows a moral code that allows her to do it. she cares a lot about thomas and the rest, yes. but escaping wicked and live happily ever after is not what she wants, at least not right now. we know a bit of her tragic backstory with her mom - so finding a cure is what she wants. that is her goal. and that is exactly why she’s compatible with wicked. teresa’s not an evil person at all, she sees what wicked is doing, and she probably can see that it’s not right to kill innocent people, but what is right to her is fixing the world, find a cure, and wicked are the ones supporting that cause. so of course you could say she’s ‘good’ somehow, but not to the same extent a neutral or chaotic good person would be. neutral/chaotic good persons are unlikely to work for wicked with a clean conscience and remain convinced about it. thomas and mary are perfect examples.

weird times 10/10/17

so i just had the weirdest experience

idk if i’ve mentioned it here before, but i receive omens and warnings and things like that through the birds. some of my archangel pals send me birds when something needs me attention, and i receive birds for numerology as well. their actions say a lot

so a few minutes ago, i hear something (like an acorn) hit my window and then a bird fly up right on the gutter above my room. my first thought was: 

“omg i just got ding dong ditched by a bird”

but then it got a little weirder

i brushed it off, but then i catch a glimpse of blue feathers fly up past my window towards the gutter once more. the blue catches me off guard bc i never see blue birds near me. so I’m like ….hmm okay. 

i look down again, and then ANOTHER bird flies by, this time landing on the ground, hopping around a little, and then flying back up towards the gutter. this happens for a few more times, and I’m like okay wtf. this has never happened before

so i start doing research with the bird identifier website i have bookmarked and whatever and i can’t find this type of bird in my state?? so i result to googling “small blue birds with brown stomach” (as i had observed when the birds would land on the ground) and seeing what i could find from there

i found out that they are the Eastern Bluebirds, but theyre not even native to georgia???? at that point another one dives down so I’m like ???do u want me to go outside and i get a ‘yeaaaa…. lol’ feeling so I’m like okay whatever and i head outside and like 4 of them fly away into the big tree in my front yard and i can feel them watching me.

as i stand there, i begin to tune into the spirit work aspect of it (which I’m not very confident on with animals) and see whats going on. when i ask why i was called out it was like “we wanted to catch a glimpse [of you]” which is weird bc i was just outside like 20 mins ago. 

but yea so i was standing around in my front yard path wondering what was going on, and the feeling was just so weird and i kept hearing the birds up in the trees, but i could no longer see them after i went to go get the mail. it was just a really weird experience all together, not to mention how off i’ve been feeling as of recent and how my omen bird pals have been reacting veryyy weirdly. i seem to be the only one who feels like things have been feeling weird lately (within the group i asked), but idk. this is weird for sure