but time for a photoset yay

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Yay!!! So cute 😍 But I’m guessing Aiden is not going to be the heir then.. 😂

I think it’s too late for him now but I will still play with his household and hIS FUTURE FAMILY FULL OF CUTE TODDLERS for sure because I love him so so so much!!! What I might do is make Mia the heir as she is the youngest and since she’s only a teen it gives me time to build the other kiddos’ futures. :-) 

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!!!!!!!!!!!! yay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the third lemon is back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Ooh! I have to warn you, this challenge is taking all my time, I just can’t stop playing. :D

That’s exactly what I want lol! I loveee your BaCC btw! 

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The crashed plane is an awesome idea!

Thank you! :) … I was a little inspired by the show Lost (although I’ve never seen an episode lol). 

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I love it! :)

Yay! Thank you, aha!

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yeah, like I get gordon, but at the same time i can’t sympathize with him, because from the beginning he always thought about himself.. which you can say that both donna and cameron have done the same thing, but it comes with a different kind of baggage because of the gender differences. .. like donna and cameron being selfish seems like a progression and a disruption of the status quo, not a reaction of not getting what you think you deserve..               

^^^ Yes, THIS! When Donna and Cameron behave ‘selfishly’ – and I encourage EVERYONE to think about how often and in what cases they and the people around them condemn women for being ~selfish~, and compare that to how often they judge men in that way – they do so because they’re attempting to navigate the world around them and make their lives more livable. And also because they love what they do, and they understand that Mutiny is a socially valuable entity, and that they’re actually contributing something to the world. And why shouldn’t they have the chance to pursue that, especially when they aren’t actually hurting anyone else?

And for Donna, she’s literally doing what she wants after ten+ years of being with a partner who never puts her needs or work first. There’s an ep in s2 where Gordon claims he’s ‘letting’ Donna put all her time into Mutiny because it’s his turn to support her after all those late nights he put in at Cardiff, but then he uses her ‘absence’ to justify his extramarital affair! Like, yes, obviously, real and fictional women can also behave badly, they can be hurtful, inconsiderate, opportunistic, self-serving, the entire spectrum of human behavior. But anyone who reads Donna or Cameron’s actions that way is seriously just not actually paying attention to the show and being willfully ignorant about the way women and other marginalized people negotiate society.


Hey yo! I’m Amanda and I turned 23 last friday, so this is really perfect timing lol Have some of my infinite supply of bday selfies + a few pictures of the beautiful green area I went to ;D

Thanks @a-little-phantasy for the cool meetup idea <3