but three possible captains

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They could just ignore the usual order

to be honest I have no clue if that’s possible, but actually after the three official captains, there’s not a stipulated order, so it’s usually the player with more matches who gets the captain armband. In this case I can totally see Gabi, Godin and Koke not playing because they need the rest, and the rest of the teem agreeing on Saul getting the armband


apoo is very knowledgeable,

he recognized x drake’s ancient zoan type on sight, was already guessing which admiral would be deployed after luffy’s actions, also guessed the marines stopped the broadcast of ace’s execution because something they did not want the society to see happened, was wondering why law got involved at marineford, out of all the supernovas he’s seen talking about the situation and the others the most,

since his motto is “piss off the enemy as much as possible before we run” he has to analyze just how much he can handle of the situation and how much he can’t,

meaning that he knows precisely everything he can from the new world, the supernovas, the emperors, everyone

mostly passive (except when it comes to kid that he does not trust in the slighest maybe for reasons) he got involved only when kizaru could have killed hawkins, he heard hawkins stating the probabilities he read in his cards, also to note that hawkins’s second probability was “escape” (could have just escaped kaido), “”survival” probability of death…0%” if he had been hit he would have been done for, and that wouldn’t be fun, or because, apoo does care about his fellows, or at least hawkins, like he couldn’t take on all the boars on their first island in the new world so he aimed for the quickest escape possibility that would ensure most of his crew’s survival

so, he must have followed kaido because it sounded the most profitable for him, or because, out of all the three captains, he saw which possibility would ensure their survival, kid is barely a prisonner not even badly injured when we learned what kind of treatment kaido offers to those opposing him it seems light and the result of apoo bargaining in some way or another,

apoo must have ulterior motives to this this wasn’t planned but it’s certainly going to be of use to something