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I’m still taking a break away from my blog, but I recently wanted to draw and decided to try digital art again after a really long time so here’s a sketch of blue diamond

Day 2 of the Roma Cartoon Festival is wrapped up! 😄 It’s flying by so quickly i can’t believe it or the intense heat!! 😲☀🔥💦💦 I thought my darling “Ophelia” would be perfect to share tonight before I go to bed 🐦👑I can super relate to her right now. Her mind is melting like I’m melting from the heat lol 😆😝It’s kismet that I brought prints of her to the festival and I even have some prints of her on my Etsy right now too! ☺ So if you aren’t at the show, you can take her home on my Etsy shop thecamillastore.etsy.com 😊❤💻 I’m going to head off for bed and dream of swimming in cool ocean water but I’ll see you tomorrow for the last day of the show and remember Carpe Diem lovelies!! 😘💞

@chintastic, @lunagalemaster, and i got talking last night about a really cute idea and i thought i would compile it and share:

danny, tucker, and sam move out together into a small apartment - small but not uncomfortable. it’s decorated with this weird mix of all of their stuff: plants everywhere, an amazing media center, nasa posters, black out curtains, and an random ghost gear littered about. there’s a rocket hanging from the ceiling between some hanging planters, and there’s a small astronaut figure peaking out of one the plants. there’s a small bookshelf leaned against the wall overflowing with goth poetry, random astronomy books, and outdated tech (it looks like it used to be organized, but the idea was now long abandoned).

there’s a couch in the middle of the common space - worn and just big enough to fit all three of them. each of them have their own blankets to cuddle in when their watching tv or a movie, but there’s still a friendly fight over the blankets. more often than not, sam and tucker wrestle the blankets away from danny until he pouts and sneaks in with them. even tho danny’s always cold, he’s usually in the middle of the three of them. they all fall asleep on the couch often, but danny more than the others. (in his sleep, he pulls his friends close and even if they wanted to, it’s so hard for them to escape)

they try to keep the place clean (sam’s definitely the enforcer on this - she has a “look”), but there’s still light bickering among them. they don’t do laundry as often as they should and end up sharing shirts and clothes. one day while sam is away on a trip, tucker and danny go through her closet in an act of desperation on a laundry day. they appear to have no shame, sitting in the nasty burger next to the laundromat in tank tops that just too small.

sam and tucker cook their own food and danny just slims a little from each of them (and gets really weird meals because of it). they have the fridge divided so the vegs and meat don’t touch, and the kitchen is full hand-me-down fentonworks appliances. if there’s something wrong with the food it’s always the appliances’ fault, not the cook’s. danny does cook sometimes, but his specialty is fenton hot chocolate in the winter. 

they’ll tie their ghost hunting with their grocery shopping trips and get annoyed whenever there’s a ghost that interrupts any errand because who has the energy really

people are often surprised when they hear that all of three of them are living in such a tight space, but when they visit they understand: it works.

Just wanted to let everyone know I posted a new YouTube video! It’s a vlog of my first time wearing Fairy Kei in public at the Hello Kitty Cafe!! It was a really special moment for me so I thought I would share it here! I really hope you enjoy it! (°◡°♡)

thegoldenonyx  asked:

My turn!! I never thought I would ever watch sports anime since I don't care much for sports. I was trying to figure out what to watch, and I'd seen a lot about Free!, so I watched the first season and liked it. I decided to watch another sports anime and was like, "isn't there a volleyball one with a short ginger?" I had to google it to find the name, but it was one of the best things I've ever done.


I’m just imagining you googling “short ginger” and hinata’s face coming up gdhgkfdhgjfd

6 Things People Don't Always Tell You About Studying

1. you ace tests by overlearning. you should know your notes/flashcards/definitions basically by heart. if someone asks you about a topic when you’re away from class or your notes and you can answer them in a thorough and and accurate answer, then you’re good, you know the material. 

2. if you don’t understand something, it will end up on the test. so just don’t disregard and hope that this specific topic won’t be on the test. give it more attention, help, and practice. find a packet of problems on that one concept and don’t stop until you finish it and know it the best. 

3. sometimes you just need that Parental Push. you know in elementary school, they would tell you “ok now it’s time for you to do your homework! you have a project coming up, start looking for a topic now!” ONE of your teachers might be like this. be thankful for it and follow their advice! these teachers are the best at always keeping you on track with their calendar. if not a teacher, then have one of your friends be that person that can keep you accountable for the things you promised you would do. 

4. you just need to kick your own ass. seriously. i know it sucks and its hard to study for two things at once. BUT. I DONT CARE IF IT’S HARD. you need to do it and at least do it to get it over with because you can’t keep putting things off. If you do, you will eventually run out of time and you will hate yourself. force yourself to do it. i made myself sign up for june ACT even though there’s finals because if i didn’t, i probably never would. like do i think i’m gonna be ready in one month? probably not, SO I BETTER GET ON IT AND START STUDYING! 

5. do homework even if it doesn’t count. if you actually try on it, then you will actually do so much better on the tests, it’s like magic. 

6. literally just get so angry about procrastinating that you make yourself start that assignment. I know how hard it is to kick the procrastination habit. I have to procrastinate. So I make myself start by thinking about my deadlines way early. I think, “oh i have a presentation in three weeks (but it really takes 2 weeks to do), i’ll be good and start today.” when that doesn’t happen, you say you’ll do it tomorrow, and this happens for like the next four days. I get so mad at myself for not starting when i am given a new chance to do so with every passing day. By that time, you actually have exactly how much time you need for it AND you were able to procrastinate the same way you usually do ;)

Contemplated if I should share as I don’t post videos of myself; however, this nutt felt so damn good I thought I would share with my fellow bators.

Another Pink Diamond Theory.. sorta

A stupid thought came to me while re watching back to the moon.

Pink Diamond’s mural is drastically different from the murals of the other three diamonds.

White, yellow and Blue all have an ethereal floating stance. 

Pink’s mural is standing almost as if she’s freshly bursting out of the ground. To me it looks like a mural of a newly emerged diamond.

Stewing on that thought I wondered where she was and what she was doing as her “sisters” gained control of so many planets. Then the thought hit me. What if the Earth was truly hers. Diamonds are quite large and are supposed to have a lot of power. A planet that had enough life to bring a diamond to life might truly be rare. A planet that was lush with life to the extreme and have vast resources would be needed.

Considering the size and power of a diamond I can imagine it would create quite the impressive emergence hole on the planet they were born on. Now where on Earth has there been a enormous change in geography that is missing?

Making earth the place of a diamond’s possible birth and death.