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1. January - Rin and Nagisa go inner tube sledding

I waited with posting the calendar art so I can do a sort of a New Year countdown with them, and since it’s already 20th here, here we go! I’ll be posting each next piece every day till Dec 31st! All calendar illustrations will be in this tag

You are bombarded with poets romanticising your affliction. It’s comforting that finally somebody just gets you. That the plethora of emotions knotted in your heart are untangled into a simple poem you’ve been aching for.
It has captured those inexplicable emotions edging on the tip of your tongue but you can’t translate into words.
They’ll use phrases like ‘bloody knuckles’ and  ‘smashing mirrors’ and it just makes sense to you.

They’re putting words into your mouth. They think they can relate but all they’re doing is depicting your pain into a simple poem.

You are not simple.
you cannot be reduced to a sonnet a limerick or a haiku.

Tell me how you’re feeling.
You can’t. There are no words that could scratch the surface of your pain.
Dejected, despairing or despondent do not describe you.

Read my words and let them resonate.
Your pain is not petals falling.
Your sadness is not a sun.


messing around with the witch au lovesquare in some pretty color palettes from this


Thank you for taking my question Mr. McMahon.

Finished! It’s always satisfying to peel back the masking tape and see those clean edges. I really enjoyed this painting as it gave me a way to meditate on being out in the wilderness, somewhere  I haven’t had the opportunity to be in years. <3

Also, thank you so much for all your feedback yesterday. It’s the best feeling to know that you’re enjoying the work I’m enjoying creating!
:: This painting will be part of @changelingartistcollective’s “Flora and Fauna” auction event, which starts on Monday! I’ll post a proper scan with a reminder then.

  • I call to Hekate, who stands at the crossroad,
  • who stands at the city gate, who stands before
  • each family's home, to watch and to ward off evil.
  • Bearer of torches, leader of hounds, holder of keys,
  • daughter of the deep earth and the starry sky,
  • you tread upon the path less traveled; you walk,
  • with certainty and without fear, in the dark night,
  • in the wilderness, along roads most treacherous,
  • among those who skirt the edges of order.
  • Hekate, friend of women, protector of children,
  • you know the perils of all the worlds, goddess,
  • as each world is your realm to wander. Thus do you
  • hold safe the home, thus do you bar the door from all ill,
  • thus do you drive away the baneful and the false.
  • Hekate, compassionate goddess, I call to you.

New Solar Eclipse poster ahead of the Berlin EFM screenings

on being an asshole's exception

So this guy hates EVERYONE… except for you. He’s a broody, arrogant misanthrope who just can’t stand people… except for you. You alone are the special, interesting, unique person worth his time, attention, and respect. Everyone else, as far as he’s concerned, is a tedious waste of time because they just don’t get it. They don’t get him!

Sure, his general misanthropy is kind of a character flaw, but it makes you feel sort of special that someone who hates everyone actually likes you. And maybe you can work on those rough edges! He’s nice to you, and that’s what matters, right?

Don’t buy into it, Jane Eyre. This kind of person may make you the exception for awhile, but why? Sure, you’re interesting and unique and you have a lot to offer, but so do some of the people he summarily dismisses. What’s the difference between you and them?

When someone is an asshole to literally everyone but you, he’s not an interesting, brooding soul. He’s an asshole. He wants something from you, so he’s willing to bend a little; he doesn’t think it’s worthwhile to show respect or courtesy to anyone he doesn’t want something from. And all that arrogance doesn’t mean he actually has anything to be arrogant about.

Don’t settle for someone with the personality of a rotten fish. You’re not being let into some exclusive club; you’ve just met an asshole who wants something from you. Pay attention to how a potential partner treats people he doesn’t have to be nice to. It’s a pretty important clue to whether he’s fit company for human beings.

A picture is worth a thousand words, Edits are even better,the ways our talents are used to fight an injustice brought on us is amazing. Everytime I make a campaign I keep repeating the words the determination and a human’s will is so scary, Its amazing how many mountains can be moved just by fighting for what you believe, by Having Faith and hope that miracles could happen, Hard work has never ever failed someone before,You keep pushing, you keep learning from the wounds you keep crying and keep walking on those thorn edged ground
And yet at the end of everything, with all the wounds,the tear stained garments, the loss of voice from screaming
Someone was watching over you, someone was guiding you
Fandom you are not alone, you are brave with your talent,determined with your voices, warriors with your battle wounds and heaart breaks
You are the strongest people who inspire me everyday
I spent last night reading the petitions and i cried
I heard the netflix pleas and I broke down sobbing
I heard the hulu requests and I jumped for joy and hope
And with everything Micheal Jacobs showed he listened, that he cares
Rowan showed she wasnt ready to say good bye
And you guys showed that maybe in this generation Hope really isnt yet ready to disappear
I am so grateful I am so in awe of this fandom
This is why this show is meant to stay, this show represents all our voices, our sleepless nights trying to save this show is not in vain
You are being heard
You are being watched over and protected
Thank you girlmeetsfeels for this wonderful letter to the show
I appreciate everything your talents have done for this show
Hope truly is not for suckers
Dont be caged
Keep signing those petitions
Keep being heard
you are being loved