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Larry moments.

Interviewer: Are you really engaged with Eleanor?

Louis: No no no.

[Harry tries to hide the smile]


Louis [to Niall]: I think Harry is fucking with me.

[But the microphone was linked and all around the stadium heard]


Liam: […] like two brothers to speak […]

[pointing to Louis and Harry]

Louis: Brothers?


Nick Grimshaw: What’s the best about your birthday that you get to unwrap?


Harry: I don’t know if I can say that on Radio.


Harry is Beautiful - Louis Tomlinson.


Interviewer: If you could wish for anything money can’t buy, what would be?

Harry: Freedom.


Fan: What’s the one thing you like the most about Harry?

Louis: His curls or his smell.


Liam: Why doesn’t Harry kiss Lou?

Harry: Kiss me [mouthing to Louis]


Interviewer: If you could snog any artist in the word who would it be?

Harry: Adele.

Harry: [to Louis] Sorry.


Louis: Who would you like to be your valentine if you could have anyone in the world?

Harry: You.


Louis: That’s just sex appeal at its finest.

Harry: Yeah, it is.


You should know “His” is a better word.

[Apparently Louis Tomlinson said this in ‘Little Things’ and Harry agreed]


Fan: Louis! Louis! [ignored]

Fan: Larry! Larry! [turn faster that lightning]


Interviewer: [show a picture of Regina Case] Would you face or run?

Liam: I think she looks like Harry.

Zayn: Yeah, she looks like Harry.

[Louis agree she look like Harry]

[Liam and Zayn would face]

Louis: Marriage.

Interviewer: No kissing, just marriage.

Louis: Marriage, sex, kissing, the lot.


Interviewer: Harry who’s most likely to get married first out of all of you boys?

Harry: I’m say, Louis is a sly dog.


Harry: I’ve always wanted to call my daughter “Darcy”

Fans: Aww.

Louis: Darcy.. I sure i know.

[Liam says something i didn’t understand]

Louis: No, no really dude.

Niall: A bit too early.

Harry: Oops!

my favorite fics [46/?]

Chasing Empty Spaces by @domestic-harry; 79k, read on ao3

Summary: The year is 1934 and Harry Styles was to inherent the largest tobacco firm in the south. His parents have picked out the “perfect” girl for him to marry and he has the privilege of receiving the highest education possible. The problem was, Harry hadn’t realized he didn’t actually want any part of that future until he met a mechanic named, Louis Tomlinson.