but this writer aaaaa

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good lord i already have four of these

she’s super sweet!!! i believe she was the first person i followed that had asagao as a major part of their blog ;; she’s a super fantastic writer and artist and just aaaaa i never really imagined when i first joined the fandom that i’d ever be at her level but now we’re friends and it’s just!!!! holy shit!!!!!!!!

send me a name/url!

six facts about me! 💖

i was tagged by @weretigerkun and i’m like, hey why not! any reason for me to overshare!!

1. i’m 14 years old and i’m literally so small??? like i’m like 4"8 or something. The

2. i have the worst eyesight. like literally, i don’t know how other countries do their prescription but here in the ph, mine is like 800 why must God do me dirty (adding in a sneaky fact that i live in the ph hello musta na)

3. i love studying Lol like throughout this winter break all i did was study and write

4. prior to 3, i’m a writer! since, like, 2013? i love writing prose and metaphors and aaaaa i can’t wait to improve, honestly

5. my fav subjects are math and english! gosh, i could probably talk about math my whole life please appreciate math with me

6. BOOKS!!!!!!!!!! ever since i was a child i was reading books! i was known for it lol and my fave genre is romance (same to movies!) and i wish i have more money to buy more books ;-;

that’s all !!! this was super duper fun aaaa…!! i wish i could add more lmao

💕 i tag @-chigau @littlebeekid @90s-garbeige @nnekoma @001teyu @artboob ..!!!! u dont have to do this but it’d b super cool if u do!

and if you want to do this, then do so! and maybe tag me?? i love these kind of things!!! hope you all have a wonderful day! 💖