but this will have to grow on me :

There are lots of times I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for you have developed and changed for the better, but I always stop myself because what’s the point? You matured without me and you are continuing to grow without me. I am now only a lesson learned for you.
—  kabalintunaan // you don’t need me anymore

its already Lance’s birthday in some places so happy birthday to my wonderful son who i love!! who would have thought that in a little over a year i would have grown to love this boy so much. its amazing to me how in just two seasons this guy has become my world. im not sure how old he is now but i know he has an age and today he is older and that is definitely something to be celebrated. i am so proud of him for being such a brave, and intelligent, and witty, and beautiful, and kind young man. he’s growing up so fast right before my eyes and in such unexpected and interesting ways. i love this kid so much and im wishing him the happiest of birthdays!!!


Growing up Catholic it was seared into me that I should I only like guys.
Distancing myself from those beliefs and the Dragon Age Series gave me
the confidence to stand up and beproud of who I was.
And I am especially appreciative of Isabela.
She inspired me to be out and proud.  I am an independent Bisexual
woman and I have nothing to be ashamed about.

I feel like a lot of people on this site should learn to just acknowledge that things like art, music, and writing take time and practice. It takes lots of dedication, and also encouragement from an audience. When someone posts a guitar cover they worked on, or a new medium they’re trying out, it doesn’t have to look as though they’ve done it for years. They worked hard. They tried something new. It takes time.

But some of you are just out for blood. Like really, desperately want to make someone cry. You’re the type of people who hear a kid play hot cross buns on recorder and make some snide comment. And all it shows is your complete lack of respect and awareness for how much time and effort go into the things you consume.

Professional and amateur artists are not always “gifted” in the sense that pen meets paper and the next eternally beautiful piece is born.

It’s years of constant awkward doodles with stiff posture and uneven features. It’s getting the nose right *for once* and posting it even though the hands look awful.

It’s posting a cover of a friend’s favorite song, because they love it, and tried it–even though their voice cracks.

It’s writing the stereotypical fluff prompt while you learn about the character you’re writing. No matter how many meet cutes that takes.

So why, why are you all so shitty about that? Have you never tried anything? Are you afraid to? I’d be. I’d be terrified to try anything new knowing people like you existed. Waiting for me to post something in proud of, only to rip it apart.

But people try anyway. They post things, sometimes things the won’t like 10 mins after it’s done. But hey, they tried. And they showed the world, visibly, how they are attempting to broaden their horizons. Don’t shrink theirs because yours is so narrow. And when you’re ready to be mature, and try some of the things you’re critiquing, I hope you have the courage to post it too, and join us, and grow with us, like an enthusiast should.

First words.

Being a single dad and having a job as demanding as Spencer’s was not easy, but when he saw the little smile on his daughter’s face or felt the way her fist would wrap around his finger, it was all worth it.

In which Harper finally says her first word, but it’s certainly not what Spencer expected it to be.

tag list | masterlist for this story | this is the second installment, first is titled bring your daughter to work day.

Harper was almost a year old now, not quite there yet but Spencer couldn’t have been happier. He’d been told that this was when exciting things were happening— first words, first steps. JJ had given him one of her books and he read it cover to cover many times so when Harper began to actually make prominent sounds within her babbles, he was ecstatic.

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sometimes i’ll come across a post criticizing something or another harry has done - and don’t get me wrong, i think it’s fine to be critical of your faves and hope that they grow and learn as a person - but a lot of times these posts take on a tone that almost sounds malicious, like the people talking about harry forget that he’s human and instead treat him like a robot with no emotions and no faults who’s just supposed to magically have it all figured out.

and the thing that gets me constantly being a fan of his is that i’m the same age as he is. and there are times that he comes across as an incredibly old soul, so witty and smart and intelligent and you forget how young he is, and there are times he answers questions and he sounds so glaringly 23 that it shakes me when i remember we’re the same age.

and then, in turn, when i remember that, i think about all the conversations my friends and i have about things we aren’t sure of, things we’re scared of, things we don’t understand about the world yet but are trying to. i think of the small group of people i have trying to navigate our little world and figure ourselves out. but no one watches us do that, no one scrutinizes us for what we’re doing, no one tracks our every move.

and thinking about being the age i am now and having a platform like harry’s. thinking about him, at times, having the same worries that me and my friends have but having the whole world’s eyes on him while he just tries to figure out life and who he is and where he stands on things - i can’t even imagine how terrifying that must be because i would never want millions of people watch me try to stumble through my little world, let alone tell me with malice all the things i’m doing wrong instead of constructive criticism. 

and i wish people that decided to be so needlessly cruel, the ones who try to paint him as a villain for every single thing he does or doesn’t do, would remember that not everyone is perfect, that all of us can grow and learn things, and not only that, but he’s still so young, and having to be in his position when maybe he isn’t totally sure of himself yet but has to make the world believe he is…would be pretty damn scary.

idk. be nice. be good.

rivkahstudies’ 1.5k follow forever

I have surpassed 1,500 followers! Thank you all for your support. It means so much to me that I have such a lovely group of people that are also interested in learning and succeeding. To celebrate, I’d like to share with all of you a list of the wonderful people that have made my studyblr experience so wonderful, and that have added lovely material onto my dashboard.

Everything is in alphabetical order~

First, the large group of dear friends I must give personal shout-outs.

@cjm-otstudies - I love what we started with ASL! If we have time, I’d love to continue it. We’ve had great convos and you know you’re free to text, message, or Skype me anytime. Hearing about what you’re achieving in college is so great, and I’m very much interested in hearing more.

@dainwinterstudies - a RL friend that I hope grows to love the community here and profit from its support!

@hellostudykatie - You’re such a sweetie pie, please try to keep in touch with me about IB! You know I’m always here. You’re such a talented English speaker and I would love to study with you this year.

@if-bts-studied - You’re such a cutie pie, I see you as a younger sister. Your English is great and I love to talk to you! We should definitely learn languages together sometime. Please keep messaging me!!

@katytriestolearn - I have loved practicing Spanish with you! You are such a kind person and I really want to renew correspondence with you. Please, keep me up to date on all things going on with your studies!

@kawaii-notes - Talking to you is amazing, in both languages! You’re so helpful and kind, I really appreciate everything we chat about together. Please never be afraid to message me, I love talking to you!

@language-amante - I’m so fond of our conversations! We think quite similarly in regards to language, but I always seem to be sending you tidbits of how crazy we Americans are as compared to you Brits. I hope we can have many more nerdy cultural convos.

@lavietudier - Hen, you’re the best. I love talking to you and I love the random things you send me. I am proud to be Mama Rivkah, and I see you as family. It’d be amazing to meet you some day, you’re so wise.

@lazuli-studies - I love everything about you just from Steven Universe, tbh. But we’ve had a couple of great convos and I hope our friendship grows!

@meg-is-studying - You, sweetie, have been here since the beginning with me. I value you as one of my best and closest friends here in the studyblr community. You’re always full of sweet, wise words, and you’re so fun to talk to. I appreciate everything, from your advice to your comments on my work. Thank you for supporting me, ever since I was a newbie!

@nerdyravioli - You are so much fun to talk to! Please continue to message and study with me, I love talking with you about everything from literature to language. Levi, you’re such a cutie pie.

@noodledesk - Jesssss baby, you’re such a good friend. I love to talk to you and our conversations are always wacky and great. You always make me smile and I’m glad we can suffer as IB seniors together. You can always come to me for anything you need!

@premedspanblr - Our Spanish and college convos are the best. We’re still getting to know each other, but I consider you and all your resources to be so amazing, I want to get to know you better!

@salvadorbonaparte - We have the best times, I can’t wait to receive your postcards from Israel and talk more with you about religion. You have a different mindset but we still agree on a lot of topics, I love our conversations.

Additionally, some acquaintances I’d love to grow closer with.

@a-saltedfish-studies@adoringstudies - @agatha-studies - @athenus - @aureatestudy@bellaandherbujo@bonesofthepast - @california-study@chibystudies - @cinderemily - @dedaycation - @fashionnstudies - @glorystudiespsych - @historyandlanguages@hunny-studies - @idcstudies@ieaunstudying@ill-try-a-studyblr@jennystudy - @kankenstudies@lechocho - @loving-appblr@marsnotebooks@planetstudying - @polyglot-oneday@procrastudiin - @readando - @sapphiccstudies@saru-studies - @smartstudies@sprouht-studies@sortastudying - @stevenstudies@studyruels - @sumastudies - @thecakestudyblr@thestudyfox - @undergradadventures@universi-tea - @untilicomehome

Now, general studyblrs that I will follow to the ends of the earth


@acaedmic - @adhdacademia@aestudier - @alwaysreadingg@ambitiously-studying - @amiliastudies@amsterdamstudies@anthrostudies@anti-social-sciences - @astralwritings - @athxnasdaughtxr@blackgirlmagicstudyblr - @bujostudyblog - @bunnies-study@calligr4phy - @cayliestudies - @clarinium@collegerefs - @cometkorean - @copperscholar@des-study@designstudy - @e-tudie - @eduardajavaddstudies@educational-queen@einstetic@emmastudies - @espressosandexams - @estudlante@etudiegogh - @equaticns @evanstudiesib - @evelynstudying


@fridastudies - @fuckstudy - @genjistudies@hamdystudies@headfluteling - @hellofrommydesk - @hkstudies@hufflepuffwannabe - @hunny-studies -  @ib-studenthelp - @ib-stvdies@ibstudiblr@ibstudentsstruggles - @ibstudyingrn - @ii-humss-life-ii - @intellectys - @intelligentefille - @iodinea@jackistudies - @janetstudies - @jeststudying@jiyeonstudies - @julesandpens @juliarosedott - @juliasacads - @julstudies@kate-and-her-studies - @katsdesk - @kayla-studies@khloestudies - @kuroristudies


@lavalampstudy@lesbianib@leticia-studies - @liaiblitystudies - @lrhstudies@lunasstudies@lycheestudy - @mango-studies - @midsummer-nights-studying - @moonshinestudies - @mumblestudy@myibdiary - @nebuladisquisitions@nerdinaomi@nicoles-studyblr - @ohlookimstudying@organizign@paola-studies - @peescablr@pennyfynotes - @perfectnoteist - @phlegelthon - @pianostudying@pinetreestudies@political-studyblr@procrastinatorsunitenow - @prostudy - @psyduckstudies - @queen-zazzles-ofthe-studies@quipsterlotte-studies - @rad-studies@raindrop-studies - @ravencllaw-studies@rhubarbstudies


@sarah-tea-studies@scholarly@schoolandcoffee@shady-grades @singinghistorian - @slytherin-psych-studies@smallstudyblring - @snazzystudying@softlystudying@solsticestudies - @sophia-studies-science - @sophiestudyfreak@sophocused@space-sads@spooky-studies@stardeeying -@stressedestudiante - @sttudy@studentign@studi-bee@studie-s - @studiees - @studiesandscribbles - @studiversal - @studyart@studyblr - @studyblrarg - @studyidiom - @studying-for-nasa - @studying-hard@studyingbythesea - @studyingncoffee - @studymydragons@studynerds@studypetals - @studyshar@studystress - @studyttarius - @studytune - @studywithollie - @succulentsandstationery - @superfluouslystudying - @surfxstudy@sushi-studies 


  @tasteastudies@thecoffeedesk@themedtimes - @theprevet@theraspberrymilkshake - @thesmolstudent@upnorthwithinspiration - @wannabewoolf@wendystudies - @wildflower-studyblr - @xbglstudies

Finally, amazing langblrs that have changed the way I look at language

@aspoonfuloflanguage - @atranslationstudent@cajustudies - @daily-spanish - @elnas-studies - @goblissthings@holaspanishwords@howtopolyglot - @in-love-with-language  - @innerlogomachy @langsandlit - @languuuuee - @langwishes@lemonadeandlanguages - @mostly-monolingual@my-little-langblr - @signinggifs@spanishahora - @spanishskulduggery - @thatwordofmine - @thelanguagesnerd@tiedtonguesandflashcards@unoriginal-language-blog - @voslang

Thank you so much to everyone, follower, mutual, or followed that has made it possible for me to enjoy learning so much more! It is so amazing to be surrounded by people with the same passion for learning and the same struggles. As always, I’m your resident Mom Friend, and if you need anything, never hesitate to message me!

Love, Rivkah

Rules of Engagement: Book 3

Inside Choices is a behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry Team!

Since it launched last fall, Rules of Engagement has been going full steam ahead. Now on its third book, the trilogy is settling the question of your nana’s inheritance, once and for all. Will true love prevail? Are you headed for married bliss or total disaster? And can your siblings figure things out in time? All will be answered in the upcoming Rules of Engagement chapters!

A chat with the Rules of Engagement writers has been long past due, so here they are! To get a behind-the-scenes peek at Rules of Engagement, read on…

I remember the feeling of excitement in the air when Rules of Engagement was being brainstormed as the first book to follow up the initial three in Choices. How did you come up with Rules of Engagement? Where did you want to go with it?

Kara: I was still working on TC&TF, which was a trilogy, so it felt right to think of this one as a trilogy too. With how big the cast was, I think it would’ve been hard to do justice to all of the characters and plots that we had planned in a shorter amount of time. We knew we wanted to get another book out fast, so we didn’t have too much time going into it. We brainstormed each sibling’s plot separately, which was a lot of world building, but we were really happy with how different each story came out. We knew we wanted Rules to have more crazy twists and drama than the other books, so it was really fun trying to come up with those, but mostly I just fell in love with all of the characters and telling all of their stories.

Jennifer: I remember when we were first brainstorming, one of the themes we wanted to touch upon was the theme of family. That’s why the siblings are so close, and I think the idea of keeping the family together was what inspired all of Nana’s zany requests. Even though Nana’s will seems pushy, I always thought, at the heart of it, what she wanted most was to see everyone happy which is why the tasks push them to making such drastic changes in their lives.

Coco: I didn’t join the Rules team until later on in Book 1, but I know they wanted to create a book that enabled players to travel often and see new places! Because cruise ships are so mobile, the Ember of the Sea was an ideal setting. I have an uncle that worked briefly as a pianist on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean, so I drew a little bit from my experience when I visited him! Getting to write about travel adventures was one of the aspects that excited me the most, and I can’t wait to show the different places we’ll go next!

What’s new about Book 3? How do you think the series has changed?

Coco: In Book 3, players get to plan different aspects of their wedding from the vows to the decorations! The finale will be fun either way, but the art and events change depending on your choices, and our artists did a great job. I hope this gives a more customizable and personal feel to your wedding day!

We also reveal a bit more about the backstory of the family members, particularly your aunt and your cousin. In particular, how you choose to treat your cousin will affect your playthrough and ending of the series. I have something of a soft spot for cousin – she’s so snarky and fun to write, but she’s also been through a lot. I’m looking forward to developing these characters more and revealing new dimensions to them.

Since this is Rules of Engagement, we’ve gotta talk romance. Who would you date in Rules of Engagement?

Ariel: Actually, the Rules of Engagement writers each have a different favorite suitor. There’s no lack of love for any of our leading lady’s prospective fiances! We often joke about which writer is the leader of their favorite guy’s fan club and who’s the hottie of the Ember of the Sea, but at the end of the day, each suitor has their own strengths designed to make us swoon. The businessman appeals to those who want to get swept off their feet and enjoy grand gestures, while the prince is perfect for anyone who loves adventure and being spontaneous, and last but not least, the bartender speaks to those who desire that confidante who always knows how to make them laugh.

Coco: Ariel came up with a very diplomatic answer, but don’t be fooled! She’s Team Bartender all the way! :P I have to agree with her; I think falling in love with your best friend sounds like the ideal. However, I think the prince is the most fun to write because he’s the most rebellious.

Jennifer: I originally wrote for and have a soft spot for the businessman. But if I could personally date anyone in Rules, it would be the older brother, Alex, because I always find his chapters hilarious.

Aside from the cruise and the massive inheritance, a good chunk of Rules of Engagement ties into real life. There’s the ups and downs of dating, figuring out your future and identity, being there for your family… How do you relate to the story? And how does that influence your writing?

Kara: Rules has always been close to my heart because I was able to put a lot of my own family experience into the story. I’m the youngest of four, with an older brother and two older sisters–I guess maybe that makes me the Jess? Also, like the Rules siblings, I’m biracial, though I’m half Chinese and they’re half Filipino Chinese. Growing up in a big family, I’ve always loved sibling dynamics and how each person can be related and have these shared experiences of childhood, but also have their own personality that they bring to the table. I think what I like most about Rules is that the siblings all love and support each other so much. That’s what I’ve always loved about my own family. We’re each off doing our own things in life, but deep down, we’re a team and we always have each other’s backs. I really wanted the Rules siblings to have that same feel.

Jennifer: I relate to the story on many levels which is why it’s so near and dear to my heart. Having a close family is a big one like Kara was saying. My nuclear family isn’t that big, but I grew up with my sister and my cousins, so it felt that way. That made it super fun to write the sibling scenes, particularly the ones where you get dressed with your sisters or stay up late to giggle in your room talking about life (and boys). Another big one is that my own family is Chinese but grew up in the Philippines, so the blend of those two cultures was something we decided to put into the family’s background. And of course, I drew on my own experience dating (eep!) when it came to capturing the excitement of meeting someone for the first time and realizing you’re falling in love as well as portraying the doubts and thoughts that crop up as you’re discovering who you are in that relationship and how you relate to the other person.

A key part of the whole inheritance task deal is that each sibling has to learn something - whether its responsibility, spontaneity, or discovering true love. Which of Nana’s lessons speak to you the most?

Coco: I think I’m somewhere halfway between the twins Jess and Nicole (perhaps most people are?), so I’m not sure that either of their tasks fits me perfectly. But I think all of the inheritance tasks were their nana’s way of guiding the cousins along to the future in the best way she knew how. As a 20-something who recently graduated college (ugh, a millenial, I know), I can definitely relate to them in terms of trying to figure out my next step and where to go from here. I feel like the summer tasks give the cousins a chance to experiment and explore, whether it’s with careers, love, adventure, or independence, as well as learn that these don’t all have to be mutually exclusive.

Jennifer: Of all the siblings, I’m the most like Nicole in that, when I was younger, I wanted ultimate control of my life. In college, I had a very detailed plan to become a doctor and save the world, so I think it’s funny that I became a writer for Pixelberry. Of course, writing was such a big part of my life growing up–I started when I was six and kept writing throughout high school. I’m surprised I didn’t embrace that side of myself earlier, but I think I was a little afraid since so much of writing is putting yourself out there. I guess what I learned and tried to put into the Nicole arc is that life throws you so many curveballs, that some spontaneity and a little bit of courage is necessary for you to figure out what you want most and to go for it.

What do we have to look forward to with the rest of Book 3? What are you most excited about?

Jennifer: Planning your wedding! =) Also, I hope people enjoy the conclusion as much as we enjoyed brainstorming it. There’s something very satisfying about tying up loose ends.

Coco: There’s plenty to look forward to, like new ports to visit, new outfits, new characters, new animations, and also a few new romances for the supporting characters! In the first two books, we wanted to give you more of an opportunity to go on different dates and have fun, but in Book 3, you’ll hopefully get to know your special, chosen fiancé on a deeper level. I’m probably most excited about bachelorette/bachelor party shenanigans, but also a few things that I can’t quite share with you yet! ;)

As we reach the conclusion of the series, thanks to everyone who has been traveling on the cruise ship with us, from the several writers who have moved on to new projects, and of course, to the players! We hope you’ve had fun escaping to the Mediterranean with us.

Be sure to check back Wednesdays for new chapters of Rules of Engagement: Book 3! Where do you think the cruise will go next?


Can’t Control Myself (4-part series) by JueJueBahn

[10,940w | Explicit]

Stiles is showering innocently but then omg a wild Derek appears and might or might not be intoxicated with weird supernatural stuff.

Rec’d by @notvirginawoolf who says: Just read this gorgeous fic. Really lovely, tender shower sex. It’s part of a four-part series, all beautiful emotional sex as the relationship between Derek and Stiles grows. Author describes it as a pwp, but honestly it is much more than that; lush physical details (without tripping into cliche) and a complete exploration of both characters feelings (both surprised by the depth of their emotions). I can’t understand why it hasn’t received more kudos!

Note: I can’t understand why it doesn’t have more kudos either! And a cold shower is definitely in order after reading the knotting scene in the last part!

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Me: Let’s write a Time Traveling Rex AU!

Also Me: Yes, I like that idea.

Me: And let’s have it be old!Rex traveling back to the Clone Wars!

Also Me: Yeah!

Me: And let’s have him immediately have to experience Umbara again!

Also Me: Ye–Wait, what.

Me: And let’s have him captured by his 501st squad because they don’t know who he is and Rex doesn’t know how to explain it to them.

Also Me: I–

Me: And let’s have him slowly come to the realization that he’s back in the war and he can *change* things and save everyone, but things keep going awry.

Also Me: Are we sure we want–

Me: And let’s have covered in time-traveling midi-chlorians or something so that every Force sensitive a system near him feels a Disturbance™ and is like, “Let’s go see what the hell that was.”

Also Me: Okay, but–

Me: And let’s have him cry when he sees Fives and Tup and everyone alive and (relatively) alright.

Also Me: Why did you backtrack to–

Me: And let’s have him try to convince his brothers to defect but it just doesn’t work.

Also Me: *crying a bit* Why–

Me: And let’s have him meet Caleb Dume at some point.

Also Me: You–


Also Me: *full on sobbing but happy this one wasn’t sad af* Yeah, okay, yeah, let’s fucking do this.

i can’t remember which one of you said this to me but it’s been stuck in my head for months.

since starting testosterone, i expected myself to get sick a lot easier and for longer, because all of the changes can exhaust and weaken your immune system.

in the 8 months i’ve been on T, i haven’t once gotten sick even once beyond a runny nose/headaches. i was always a sick kid growing up - ear infections, flus, strep, you name it i’ve dealt with it, but these sickness issues just… vanished, almost spontaneously. i lived in a high-contact packed dorm, and still managed to avoid getting sick.

and one of you told me something very loosely like, ‘i mean, y’know, all the stress from dysphoria and people who weren’t supportive versus the enormous amounts of confidence and relief on T and separating from your old environment could have a part in it too’ and that’s ABSOLUTELY what it is.

i’m no longer constantly stressed, i’m relaxed, i’m living and thriving, i’m not cooped up, i’m not depressed because of all of these factors - and it’s made me healthier despite these hormonal changes. 

stress is a huge factor here. i’m not always worried about passing, i’m liking how i look in the mirror more and more every day, confident in my voice and my body, and as my mental health improves, so does my physical health.

HRT is magic for me.

“What is a safe person? A person who accepts me just like I am. A person who loves me no matter how I am being or what I do. A person whose influence develops my ability to love and be responsible. Someone who creates love and good works within me. Someone who gives me an opportunity to grow. Someone who increases love within me. Someone I can be myself around. Someone who allows me to be on the outside what I am on the inside.  Someone who allows me to become the me that God intended.  

What do they look like? We all struggle on different sides of the “safe relationship” issue. Some do not even think we need relationships with other people. Others think that they must depend only on themselves. 

They pick hurtful friends, spouses, churches, work partners, spiritual leaders, and dating relationships. They seem to not have the ability to find and like safe people. Having a seemingly astounding talent for finding people that will ultimately hurt them, they repeat patterns over and over again, and then become discouraged about relationships in general. “

Safe People(How to Find Relationships that are good for you) -  Dr Henry Cloud


Mountain Laurel
(Kalmia latifolia)

These little flowers captivate me. They remind me of paper lanterns. Mountain Laurel is certainly one of my favorite plants… not only because of it’s unique beauty, but it’s strength and persistence. They thrive in some of the harshest conditions that the Appalachians have to offer. A blazing mountain top lined with solid stone? No problem. They dig their gnarly roots into anything possible, often growing in cracks and crevices on vertical cliffs. They create evergreen jungles along ridges, twisting and intertwining. They will tolerate the unforgiving summer sun, as well as the icy grasp of winter. In springtime, they welcome the warmth with a burst of color. I’m always happy to see them budding, always thrilled to see them bloom. Such a magnificent plant. <3

I forgot how much I loved this album.

Funny story, it has that little “explicit” thing in the corner. When it came out, I really wanted it, but I was too young to drive and had no way to get to a store that sold cds except via my mom. She was not a fan of that designation of explicit, so I picked it up and put my thumb over the bottom corner for the duration of the outing, just in case she saw it and was like “no, you cannot have this because you are smol.” [never mind that my father is an absolute legend of profanity, and has been my entire life, so like… who are we kidding here.] I went home and I think I colored over that part in black sharpie 😂 GOOD TIMES.

1 Year Anniversary

Ho-ly.Gods.Guys. It’s officially been a year since I made this account. So much has happened and honestly this year on Tumblr has been fantastic and that is thanks to you guys! Right now, as I’m writing this, I have 11,825 amazing and lovely followers, that means I gained about  about 985ish followers each month, which is frankly just one of the most awesome things ever and I need to thank each and every one of you guys. That number, as it continues to grow, constantly amazes me and I had no clue going into this account a year ago, that I would have even 1/10 of the success I’ve had. To gain that many followers is something that very few are fortunate enough to be able to accomplish, and again, I need to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Who knew so many other people liked incorrect quotes, and pretty out-there headcanons? 

But it hasn’t been success that has made this year great. Sure it played a part but honestly the whole platform itself, the experience, and the people I have met and talked to have made this year so enjoyable. It has truly been my interactions with you all, that have made my day, whether its you sending in a prompt, ask, or your opinion on how my username is read as. (You’d think after a year people would know, lol, oh well there’s always next year!) As we move onto a new year for my acc, I want you all to know that my inbox, messages, and submissions are always open, and you can always come and talk to me!

To wrap this up, I just want to say thank you all! You all made this year a great one for my acc, and I hope for an even better second year! So now my question to you all is: what can this account improve on? I always like to get feedback and improve, so feel free to tell me your thoughts, whether its about what type of content I should post more of or less of, or if I should do more interactive things with my followers.

Thanks again and here’s to another year,

-Da Demigods, Rachel <3 

me when I watched adv time as a little kid during s1: haha this show is so freaking funny!! the ice king is so annoying ! finn and princess bubblegum created candy zombies lol!! ha this show is so random what the heck

me when I watch adv time now: This show deals with a lot of real life issues and gives a lot of meaningful messages throughout the seasons and goes into depth when it does it. It deals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other real life problems that people can relate to. The extent to which this show addresses these issues is incredible. The characters have grown so much in the show and in the process of doing so, they teach us and help us grow as well. We see Ooo through Finn’s eyes as he grows up. For instance, the seasons in a certain way are connected to both his negative state of mind and well being. The show changes as he grows up. He’s been through a lot of hard times during the course of his young life, and as he gets older, it gets worse. But after all he’s been through, he’s finally filled the hole in his heart. He finally finds out where the humans went after all these years. You can actually feel for him. Like him, we finally get answers. It’s a wonderful feeling. This show has changed so much and yet despite of everything it’s been through in the last 7 years, it still feels like Adventure Time. Everything stays, but it still changes. We’ve come so far, and it’s an amazing journey that will still go on for another season. Such an amazing and beautifully created show.

We are full - we are overcrowded.

When it comes to Switzerland one has to realize that Switzerland is a little country and that we can’t magically grow our borders. Green spaces are turning into apartment blocks and concrete buildings. We have a population of 5.5 million Swiss and 2.5 million immigrants. We need to calm down with letting more people in - enough is enough.

A few weeks ago my father took me on a day trip and he showed me where my great great grandfather and great grandfather had their farms and land. There’s no more green grass there - just an industry zone. I know this is inevitable since populations are growing in size all over the place. It just stings when you see tradition and history of a country disappear and see all of these construction sites for more and more buildings.

Goddamnit lets take care of our people for once and ensure that there is a future for the next generations. My generation of swiss people are already struggling under the influx of immigrants when it comes to the job sector. People with minimal education can get a job easier than “just a simple swiss boy/girl”. Uh much gotta help the poor immigrants - help your OWN people first.


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I am a poc and of course that means that i naturally have darker and thicker hair that grows on my chest, back and stomach despite me being a female. It's bikini season and I personally feel really proud of all the work I did to achieve the six pack and body I have come to finally love but having hair that is hard to wax or shave and seems so out of place because it is considered gross and masculine is really getting me down :(

I would try trimming the hair just a bit at first, maybe then it won’t seem so scary to go out in public with your hair showing. Surround yourself with body positive things, especially for body hair. And remember there’s thousands of girls just like you with dark stomach hair and back hair and beards and unibrows and they’re all beautiful and natural 💕 good luck to you