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Upon being introduced to people, you can only say their last name. Except your soul mate: you can only say their first name. Ever. Like, no matter how hard you try you just can’t say their last name. Can you imagine, like:

Person A: Good evening Mr. …?
Persona B: [last name]
Person A: [mouthing last name, trying to say it]
Persona B {frowning, bit insulted}: [repeats last name slower]
Person A {flustered now}: [still mouthing] [gives up, extremely embarrassed] 
Person B {glares, says sarcastically}: Just call me [first name]
Person A: [says name easily]
Person A&B {blinks}: Oh. Oh hell

“Snow… An endless snow.”

Heavily inspired by limitlessmonster‘s HP!AU where ANGST HAPPENS WOW cRIES
i probably epicly failed this piece but ah well—



^ do you see dis tears of blood ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ

(Process GIF)

                 the graphic is a mess but I just needed something to throw up with this pack & i’m very lazy. Okay so this blog is over ten months old now ( that’s like two months from a whole year wtf ) & i’m a dozen followers away from 1.5k & a resource pack has been requested multiple times so HERE WE ARE. me posting a resource pack.

                                       contained in this pack is over 2.2k+ textures varying in style ( almost my entire folder of textures. ), 165 fonts, 46 gifs, 12 gradients, 13 light leaks, 7 psds made by me, a few hundred random cute pngs & the entire alphabet in cute png format. 

                              this is a huge resource pack ( mainly because i’m too lazy to sort through my stuff ) but the content is honestly the stuff I use in all my themes/graphics. you can find the download here.

                              Please like/reblog if you save!

Always You (A Harry AU)

Olivia Gallagher’s life isn’t anything she’s proud of. Working a job that gets her nowhere, a marriage that makes her unhappy, and an emptiness that leaves her lonely.

But through all the unhappiness and unfortunate mishaps, there’s always that one person who makes you feel like yourself again.

An au about Grey’s Anatomy marathons, tabby cats, office gossip, and following your heart.

Coming soon!

So, this part is usually skimmed over because people just want to get to the urls and junk, but after the last couple of weeks I have had (like, month from absolute 9th circle of Hell kind of month), I’m just still astounded that I have friends who care about me and I’m so incredibly grateful for the love and support I have been given. You guys are seriously the true rockstars and I appreciate the ever living fuck out of you all.

This is true to every single follower that makes up this ridiculous number. Following me, well, I’m not going to lie to you, it puts a target on you, too. Every person who follows me is just amazing in their own right, and keep doing what you’re doing, whether you just started, or you have been doing it for longer than me (which, let’s be honest, we’re not old, we’re aged like fine af wine. Like, we navigated through good sites and horror shows like MSN groups, Livejournal, MUD, etc… And no young whipper snappers *pops dentures in* are making us gtfo.)

So, to sum this up. Keep being awesome. Don’t forget you’re awesome. And keep being amazing at what you do. And thanks for being here. I really, truly and from the deepest depths of my questionably still beating heart.

And now, just for a … hopefully brief … follow forever… thing

This took me like 4 days to compile, so if I missed anyone, I am so sorry feel free to come yell “I THOUGHT I WAS SPECIAL” at me or something. XD I also probably forgot your other blogs that I follow too, so please don’t be offended, I love you.

Following you into Hell with only mild complaining tbh.

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He’s turning right on a red light. That is America’s only contribution to Western civilisation.

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