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I know others may have already done this, but I’m just going to compare REYLO to other Star Wars couples.


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A Jedi and a Senator, fall in love for all the selfish reasons. Looks, lust and desire.

It showed us why Jedi were forbidden to fall in love in the first place, and that giving into fear of losing those they love could turn them to the dark side. 

Despite their tragic end, it blessed the Star Wars galaxy with a son and a daughter who would bring an end to the Empire…

Which brings me to another couple we all know.


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Star Wars began with them which makes their love iconic. Han Solo was openly honest of his feelings toward the princess, attracted to her beauty and stubbornness.

Leia resisted but knew in her heart that she loved the “scoundrel” for his bravery, and honour. They both rescued each other, making their relationship a balanced one…

Then The Force Awakens showed up and killed Han Solo. Damn you Star Wars! Why?!!


Known only in The Clone Wars, this book introduced a forbidden love story between two Force users. A ex-Sith and a Jedi, both fall in love when they work together to kill a common enemy.

Besides Leia and Han this couple was my favourite because one sacrifices their own life to save the other, choosing love over revenge. It made me cry. So beautiful.


Two childhood friends end up on two opposing sides. Their bond is strong because they started off as friends first, and then lovers in a galaxy torn apart.

I didn’t read the book, so I can’t say if I like this one or not.

Which leads me to another couple that sadly isn’t canon…


They were enemies during the Old Republic, she a Jedi and he a Sith Lord. They begin to fall in love after she saves him, forging a bond between them neither can resist…which later results in a love child.

Here’s another couple that’s not canon, which is one of my faves.


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He was the secret apprentice of Darth Vader and she was an Imperial Pilot. They were on the same side, both servants of the Empire but later joined the rebels. This had to be the most original and yet unique Star Wars couple to exist in a game.

You not only get to see it, but experience as Starkiller himself. The anti-hero who used the Dark Side to serve the Light, and give the rebels a fighting chance, redeeming his previous actions as Vader’s apprentice…And even in death his love for Juno still remains within his clone, proving again how powerful love can be.

And now we have REYLO…


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Many fans have often compared them to Bastila and Revan, in both appearances, Force ability and circumstance.

They are on opposing sides, brought together by the will of the Force itself. But the question remains, will they be enemies or the main romantic couple of this new sequel trilogy?

Naturally there would shippers and non-shippers for this unlikely pair. And I went from a non-shipper to a fan of this concept because of the other couples.

It has all the ingredients to formulate the pairing.

  • THE TRAGEDY: The Death of Han Solo
  • THE OPPOSITION: The Light and the Dark
  • THE THREAT: The Resistance and The First Order
  • THE CATALYST: A Common Interest

If REYLO does indeed happen, it shouldn’t be so surprising considering the other Star Wars couples listed above…


Some titles of SPIEGEL about the presidencies of Obama and Trump

Barack Obama:

  • 07/2008 - The Messias-Factor
  • 46/2008 - The World President
  • 02/2009 - Obamas Most Valuable Player
  • 42/2009 - Mission: World Peace
  • 24/2012 - Pity. Obamas failed presidency.

Donald Trump:

  • 04/2016 - Madness
  • 46/2016 - The End of the World
  • 06/2017 - America First.
  • 23/2017 - You’re fired!
  • 34/2017 - The true face of Donald Trump

I was searching for other Scarecrow mods and mesh swaps when I stumbled upon this video showcasing Scarecrow as a playable character in GTA V. I’ve never laughed as hard as I did while watching this! He spends the entire video setting fire to everything and everyone in his sights, walking away from explosions like the badass professor he is.

I love it.

bad discussions on tomblr:

  • not gay men saying “it would be hot and fun” for 2 straight men to get together
  • is sufjan stevens gay?
  • is eli genderists a sleaze for thinking another 18 year old who is like 6 months younger than him is cute?
  • is sexuality a choice?

good discussions on tomblr:

  • explaining how sufjan stevens’ tooth gap is cool
  • did seymour invent being 4 years old?

Louis being sassy on Twitter giving me some excellent material for Tomlinshaw dialogue.

  • When Nick tries to make a joke about Louis: “Don’t get clever”
  • When Nick tries to make a non-Louis related joke: “Want to hear a joke?” “No”
  • When Nick asks a question: “What a stupid question”
  • When Nick suggests eating the kind of food Louis objects to on a visceral level: “Don’t piss me off” 
  • When Nick comments that Louis hasn’t changed out of yesterday’s trackies: “And what?”
  • When Nick says Louis isn’t very tall: “Taller than your mum”
  • When Nick gets demanding: “You’ll have to wait”/”or you could just wait”
  • When Nick comments on Louis’ dance moves: “That wasn’t a shimmy”
  • When Nick apologises for making Louis get up early: “I’ll let you off”