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Lucas, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Lucas from Stranger Things. Portrait is of Lucas sitting cross-legged on the floor. He’s wearing brown corduroy pants and a long-sleeved dark brown shirt with orange and white cuffs, white socks, a wristwatch, and gray Sauconys. The carpet is goldenrod shag. The background is soft purple.]

Popping in to bring you some Scarebeast and Riddler.

I like the idea of Scarebeast being a monster to everyone, but to Eddie he’s a total dear and it makes Eddie feel extra special. Look how smug Eddie looks.

He also likes bringing Scarebeast along to negotiations that don’t lean in his favor haha.

Ten of Wands.

At what point will the weight of the load become too great? When will you let it all go? Put down your torch. Release yourself from this pain. Let go.


….biggest fear boner ever lmao
No seriously though, The day dream I had the other day of imagining ashi as kratos from god of war was realized in tonights episode. From her literally using the leader as a battering ram, snapping the spears and a half and throwing them back, going all hand to hand, snapping one guy’s arm off ! And her war cry 😍so brutal and intense…. I was almost expecting her to whip out her kusarigama and perform a square, square, triangle combo lol…. if I seriously had my artistic talent from high school I would just draw stuff right now if I could. You got yourself quite the woman jack, never let her go you hear me

football tag

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5 favorite footballers based on their character:

1. Marcelo Vieira

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2. Gareth Bale

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3. James Rodriguez

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4. Cristiano Ronaldo

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5. Antoine Griezmann

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5 favorite footballers purely based on Looks:

1. Marcelo Vieira

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2. Fernando Torres

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3. Sergio Ramos

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4. Andre Silva

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5. cristiano Ronaldo

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5 favorite goalkeepers:

1. San Iker

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2. Gigi Buffon

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3. Roman bürki

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4. Jan Oblak

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3 favorite bromances/friendships:

1. James Rodriguez/Cristiano Ronaldo

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2. Marcelo/ Cristiano Ronaldo

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3. Sergio Ramos/ Fernando Torres

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3 favorite national teams:

1. Wales NT

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2. Spain NT

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3. Colombia NT

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3 favorite clubs:

1. Real Madrid!

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2. Arsenal

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3. Atletico Madrid

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