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what did mesut ever do to you nacho

Empath: a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual when they are within presence.

Clairsentient: is the ability to sense the present, past or future physical and emotional states of other people & objects, without the use of the normal five senses.

Clairvoyant: refers to the ability to gain visual telepathic information about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the known human senses.

Clairaudient: is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world.

Claircognizance: is the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it. The user can gain information about a person, object, place, or event through intrinsic knowledge, as in it just “comes to” the user’s mind.

Remember: Feel, Sense, See, Hear = Knowing

i guess it’s a series now

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Devil/Angel AU

Knight of Swords. Nine of Cups. Wheel of Fortune.

The time to take action is now. Feel the changing wind, know that it is calling to you. Follow your logic and intuition, for they will lead you to a life of happiness and success.

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wait what race discovered relays and blew it up i don't remember that?????????

lmao that was the raloi. we don’t see them in game because they were on the citadel for 10 minutes. from the mass effect wiki:

In 2186 during the Reaper invasion, the raloi delegation withdraws from the Citadel. Unwilling and unable to fight the Reapers, the raloi decide to isolate themselves on Turvess and destroy any satellites and observation equipment in orbit around their planet. They hope that the Reapers will see them as a pre-spaceflight civilization and spare their planet.

it was a valid strat

Dear Reading Slump,

I am writing to ask when are you leaving? I understand that you must visit after particularly good books are done and gone, but why must you stay for so long? I’ve spent my nights trying to read book after book to no avail. I’ve stood in front of my shelves trying to convince myself that I must read a particular book because surely that one will stick. I have opened book after book, read first sentence after first sentence, but there you are, asking me for a snack or a drink or a way to entertain you. 

I understand that we all get lonely sometimes. We all need a companion to egg us on while we binge watch a television show, or talk ourselves into going outside to do regular human being things like meeting up with non-fiction friends. In a way, you are sometimes a friend because your attendance in my life ensures that I do other things that don’t include reading. 

I know what you’re thinking, Reading Slump. You want me to thank you for your services, but actually, no. I need you to piss off. There are about a few dozen books I need and want to read but your constant nagging and hand-holding is starting to wear thin on me. 

Okay, I’m sorry. I may not be going about this the right way. But Reading Slump, old chum. Old Pal. Kindly, just for now and ever more, leave. Just, please, leave me alone. Fade, flip-flop, fly, flee out of here–all of these words are just excuses not to say fuck off, please. 


Your disgruntled hostess. 

P.S. Please put the seat back down when you’re done using the toilet. 

P.P.S. When you’re done with the eggs, please TELL me. 

P.P.P.S. Stop staring at my stack of books. I’m not lending you any. 


I found this song a few days ago, and its addicting, and also very relatable.
Gives me a lot of feelings of past friendships and relationships with people.

So I just did a warm up doodle of my sona to the song. I also wanted to share the song because its really good.

This Always Happens

Brain: Wouldn’t it be so cute to draw this?

Drawing Ability: If I actually could, yeah

Brain: Okay, what about this?

Drawing Ability: Nuh-uh

Brain: Or this?

Drawing Ability: Nope

Brain: Can you actually draw anything?

Drawing Ability: Yes but not any of your ideas ;)

Brain: -_-