but this was the best part lbr

with all this stuff about overwatch it got me thinking about vox machina as playable multiplayer characters 

like grog’s the easiest to use for beginners but it’s rare that anyone mains him for damage because he’s a good tank
his ultimate attack would be a death drop from the sky with a “FOR STRONGJAW” and if used correctly its an instant KO for at least two people and SERIOUSLY fucks up anyone else within range

there’re either ten vaxs in your group of varying skill or one beginner there is no in between
ultimate: “Your fate is sealed here.” cue raven feather attack and he is invincible for ten seconds if he gets a kill

there is rarely anyone who plays keyleth because people misinterpret how she’s meant to be used but when there IS one person who knows how theyre always the MVP tank of the match 
ultimate: “You are not worthy!” anyone in the radius is grappled by vines and is hit by pretty much the video game equivalent of call lightning. everyone scatters at the sound of thunder 

percy is by far the most difficult character to play (people who don’t know how to use him die constantly) but he’s the secret mvp like. you didn’t even know someone in your party was getting all the kills until the end screen
ultimate: “YOUR SOUL IS FORFEIT!” and it’s pretty much the body of orthax coming up from behind him and creating a smoke bomb that covers a big portion of the area it was dropped in (an instant KO for ppl who were within the radius at the time and if you stay in it too long it gives you damage over time)

vex would be the obvious sniper class and have all the usual ppl trying to be MVP and thus no one being MVP
ultimate: “Trinket, cannonball!” a giant roly poly bear comes out to attack you and you’re rained on by arrows. everyone agrees it’s the best part about playing her

no one ever complains when there’s a pike in the group because lbr no one hates the healer. however, it gets annoying when ppl just melee ‘cause they don’t realize she can heal
ultimate: she’s one of the only characters that has two options, “Gotta heal my family!” you can either do a mass heal or “Try and dodge this!” summon a giant sword that’s like those dancer bosses in dark souls that just spins around and does massive damage and is unavoidable

scanlan’s like percy, no one ever uses him because his attacks require so much strategy but anyone who’s a pro at using him is The Worst and is always the main one being targeted the entire game
ultimate: the bg music dies down, is replaced by smooth jazz and a pink filter with sparkles and you hear “Scanlan make you feel real good!” anyone within radius is paralyzed, there’s a loud humming noise and an instant KO as he slashes everyone with mythcarver

  • major: economics 
  • minor: none
  • sports: volleyball team 
  • clubs: student government (treasurer), jazz collective
  • in this au wonwoo wears big round cute glasses. accept it 
  • is always mumbling about how much his statistics professor hates him to his buddy mingyu who’s always just like patting wonwoo’s back like “dude…..that’s tough.”
  • carries around a pile of books taller than his head and is always apologizing for bumping into people because he can’t really see in front of himself 
  • favorite class is actually international economics because it isn’t just boring math and it’s the one class where he vigorously takes notes and actually participates in class because in all his other classes he’s as quiet as a rock
  • and the professors don’t really understand why because he does fine on the test and on the homework but like in class he just sits there with this blank stare
  • and tbh he kinda looks angry that even the professors are like sheesh alright we won’t call on you
  • but in reality wonwoo is never really angry he’s actually just tired most of the time 
  • which is why he like lives off coffee. coffee and like sandwiches. mingyu is always trying to make wonwoo sit down and have an /actual/ lunch but literally all wonwoo consumes is like sandwiches from the deli and coffee from cans. quite frankly mingyu is amazed his best friend hasn’t ended up in the hospital yet from sandwich poisoning or too much caffeine 
  • but it’s actually coffee that brings you and wonwoo together because your part time job is at the on campus cafe where wonwoo is like 75% of the time
  • you know him as the boy whose hidden behind his economic textbook pile and fortress of finished coffee cups (also the boy who cutely keeps pushing up those big round glasses whenever they fall down his nose while he tries to order but anyway,,,,,)
  • and every now and then you catch yourself looking his way because lbr ever since you first served him coffee at the beginning of last semester you’ve kinda maybe IDK……..developed a little crush
  • but you like never ever dare to act on it because for the most part he’s either with that tall kid mingyu or he looks like he just stayed up two weeks in a row and you don’t want to get on anyone’s grumpy side (that and theres like 40 other students in line so time for chitchat isn’t an option)
  • but like for the past couple of days he’s been staying in the cafe right up until closing and like your shifts from lunch till 6:30 and as you’re cleaning up and closing the cafe you always have to go over and remind him of the time
  • for the most part he just smiles and thanks you and then gets his stuff together and disappears but one day as you’re sweeping and getting ready to lock the place up you stop infront of wonwoo whose still at his favorite spot in the back of the cafe and like he’s got his books open to random pages and his laptop’s dead and his face is just planted on the keyboard and like
  • you reach out carefully to shake his shoulder, but he’s literally: lights out
  • and you panic for a second because what if he faiNTED like ????? it’s possible seeing as though he always looks like he’s on the verge of passing out and drinks more coffee than the human body can probably handle and you’re like
  • ok ok calm down and you like lean closer to check if he’s breathing 
  • and just as you’re about to lean enough to hear him, his eyes open wide and you jump back like jESUS and he kinda stares at you as you like jump back and hold your hand on your chest in shock
  • and for a minute neither of you speaks but then you’re kinda like oh god i need to make sure he doesn’t think im weird and so you’re like “hI iM THe barISTa…….i was just going to see if you’re ok,,,,,,im sorry im not a creepy person i just,,,,,,you looked sick and,,,,,,,,,,and -”
  • wonwoo kinda lifts his head and his glasses slide right off his nose and he’s like scratching his messy head and he’s like “oh, is it closing time?”
  • and you nod and he like chuckles to himself and bows his head a bit and apologizes and begins to like quietly gather his things and like
  • you’re like thinking to yourself that thank god everything is ok and you didn’t have to call the amb-
  • and just as you take a sigh of relief wonwoo like wobbles and fALLS RIGHT TO the FLOOR and you’re like OH  MY GO D
  • this time you’re 100% he’s passed out and you like fumble with your phone, but manage to call the schools ambulance and when they get there the emt is like “are you the significant other?” 
  • and you’re like um uh eh uh- but the emt is like “are you coming or not?” and you know you should probably stay out of it, but the worried part of you overtakes that and you get into the ambulance
  • and you don’t know much about wonwoo, but you tell the emt what you believed happened, basically you’d seen him studying till closing time and he’d drink like 5 cups of coffee and the emt is like “he’s probably just under a lot of stress and isn’t get the right nutrients. we’ll give him an IV at the hospital and he should wake up in a couple of hours. don’t worry, your boyfriend will be fine.”
  • and you wanna be like “um nOT my boy-” but the emt goes back to scribbling notes down and you’re like you know what just forget it
  • and you like look at wonwoo’s book bag that you grabbed with you and you decided that you should probably call that mingyu guy who’s always with him and like you feel horrible taking his phone without permission but you think that at least his friend should be there for when he wakes up
  • and like at the hospital you finally make the call and the minute mingyu picks up you can hear like the terror and he’s like wONWOO WHERE ARE YOU
  • and you’re like “UM hI!!! im the barista from the school cafe wonwoo fainted so i called the ambulance and-”
  • but mingyu is like “say no more. ill be there in second.”
  • and you like put the phone back and make a mental note to apologize to wonwoo when he wakes up and then like you sit down beside the hospital bed he’s in and you like 
  • feel a little awkward everytime a nurse walks by and mentions to you that you don’t need to worry, your boyfriend will be fine and you’re still sitting there in your cafe uniform and you wanna be correct them but honestly you’re still to anxious with worry about wonwoo
  • and when mingyu gets there he has a million questions for you and you’re just like trying your best to answer him until finally he like sits down and is like “im sorry you had to deal with this. wonwoo never takes care of himself, can you believe he’s older than me??”
  • you tell him that it’s fine, you’re just glad you were there and wonwoo wasn’t alone and mingyu thanks you a lot and you kind of shift a bit and you’re like “well! i have class tomorrow so ill go now since wonwoo has you….” an mingyu’s like ofc and he thanks you again and before you leave he’s like “ill be sure to tell wonwoo what you did for him.” and you’re like wHa no no it’s fine but mingyu smiles at you and you kind of notice that it’s a little sly
  • and you don’t think much of it then but hey little secret: mingyu knows wonwoo has always kind of had a thing for you bUT WE ARE GOING to GET TO THAT
  • and so basically the next day you show up for your shift at the cafe and you’re kind of like hoping to see wonwoo but also you know he should be resting
  • but……..right then and there like 15 minutes before closing you see someone come through the door
  • and like they’ve got a hoodie on and they look a little messy, rubbing their eyes and yawning and your coworker is like “oh MY god it’s 15 min before closing when will they let us LIVE” but the second you see who it is you’re like “oH ill take this one you can go home early!!” and your coworker like throws kisses at you as they run out the door
  • and when wonwoo approaches the cash register you’re like swallowing a lump in your throat and he looks up and like you almost lose your breath because like he looks tired and worn out but this is the first time you’ve seen him without glasses and like he’s just so gorgeous you’re kinda awestruck
  • but he like looks away immediately (because he’s also shy and probably a lil embarrassed ahhhh) and you’re like “um, what would you like to order?”
  • and he’s like “haha you probably know that im banned from drinking coffee for a while right?” and you’re like “you are??” and he’s like “yeah, mingyu’s on my butt about it after you know - i fainted and all…….”
  • and you two kinda get silent and flustered, not sure what to say until wonwoo kind of straightens up and is like “i,,,,,i feel bad for making you take care of me,,,,,,,i mean it must have been burdensome for a stranger to just faint in front of you ….”
  • and he wants to say something else but you like shake you’re head and you’re like “you’re not a stranger!!! i mean,,,you’re a regular here and another student!! you were just studying too much im sure and don’t worry, im not burdened - im actually relieved i was there to make sure you’re ok…”
  • and like in the moment you probably sprout wings and a halo above your head in wonwoo’s eyes he’s just like ,,,,,,this person is an angel,,,,,in his head and like 
  • he kinda can’t help smiling and biting back his lip and you’re kinda like oh my god did i just say that outloud AHH
  • and finally wonwoo is like “i- i also want to ask you out, if that’s ok, like on a-a- thank you date kinda it DOesNT have to be A dATE but i do want to thank you for …..being there……..like you mentioned………”
  • and ok you’re like one) how can he get more adorable standing in front of you blushing looking to the side with his hands stuffed in his pockets and two) oh my god did you really just hear what he said a dATE A D A T E 
  • and you try not to show your excitement you’re like “um!!! if you’re feeling ok, i think you need to rest up first-” 
  • and wonwoo laughs and he’s like “oh wow you sound just like mingyu, you guys worry too much about me!”
  • and you huff like “heY you did faint right over there, of course im worried!!”
  • and wonwoo kind chuckles and scratches his head like you’re right,,,,,you’re right
  • and he’s like “ill promise to rest up and maybe not study as hard IF you promise to,,,,,,,go on that thank you date with me once these midterms are over?”
  • and you of course you’re like yES but you’re also like “promise me also you’ll stay away from the caffeine and get sleep” and he’s like “roger that doctor” and you’re like heY and he just laughs and waves goodbye
  • and you’re standing there with a lovestruck smile stuck on your face and then you’re like hOLY mOLY i need to close up the cafe oops
  • but yes a week later midterms are over and all your friends are gathered around you in study hall just crying and talking about how they’re going to sleep for the next 2355452 hours and you’re also glad it’s over plus you don’t have to work any shifts these weeks when suddenly a tall boy comes over 
  • and you look up and it’s mingyu and you’re like ??? and all your friends are like ooOOOoOOo and mingyu’s like “what’s up?” and you’re like “not much??” and he’s like “my best friend’s too much of a scardey cat to come over here and talk to you but he’s over there so if you could do me a favor and go talk to him because seriously the past hour has just been him being like ‘i wonder if she forgot about our promise and blah blah blah’” and you’re like sahkgla rIGHt the promise and your friends are like UM EXCUSE ME WHAT and you’re like ill talk to you guys later gtg
  • and you come over and wonwoo has his glasses on again and he looks healthy and you’re happy to see a smoothie next to him and not a gallon of iced coffee
  • and you’re like hey and he’s like oh hi and closes that gigantic economics textbook and he’s like “sorry if mingyu said anything weird but i was just gonna see like……are you free this weekend?” 
  • and you’re like in your head - am i gonna sacrifice sleep for this cute boy? yes. yes i am 
  • and so you and wonwoo make plans to meet up in the city off campus and like on the day of the date you like dont know what to wear or what to bring and you’re a mess
  • but like when you get there wonwoo looks so perfectly casual in his glasses, plain white t-shirt, ripped jeans and you’re like hOW can someone be so effortlessly handsome
  • but wonwoo sees you and he like jogs over and he’s like “hey, hope you don’t mind but i bought tickets to this comedy mingyu told me about??? i can exchange th-”
  • and you’re like no no it’s fine at least it’s not horror i dont want to make a fool out of myself ahdfskw and he’s like “don’t worry, you’re gonna see me laugh and you’re gonna think i look like a loser.” and you’re like nah never and he’s like wANNA bet??
  • and it’s cute during the movie you see him laugh and it’s the first time and it’s just the cutest thing ever his whole face like scrunches up and he just looks so soft and kid like when usually he has this mysterious cold kinda look to him
  • and oh god you’re falling even more for him
  • and when you come out of the theater wonwoo’s like let me treat you to a meal and you’re like it’s fine really!!! and he’s like i insist and then in that moment wonwoo’s phone rings and it’s mingyu whose like come back to the dorm i made jajangmyun!!! and wonwoo’s like “i can bring someone with me?” and mingyu’s like ofc i would love some new feedback on my dishes
  • and before you know it you’re in wonwoo and mingyu’s dorm eating on their table that’s literally a bunch of textbooks stacked up and covered with like an old tablecloth 
  • and you’re like holy moly mingyu this jajangmyun is so gOOD and mingyu is like (-; im talented and wonwoo makes a gesture at mingyu when you’re not looking like don’t !! flirt!!! and mingyu’s like lmfao ok ok calm down bro
  • and it’s cute you and wonwoo start dating and you learn that not only is he in the top 10% of his economics class but he’s also a mvp on the college volleyball team
  • and you go to one of his games and he comes out in the uniform and you’re like dying because ok he looks so good?? his legs are like a mile long
  • mingyu on the bleachers next to you like *side eyes emoji* and you swat him like stop and mingyu’s like listen i wasn’t the one gwaking at wonwoo
  • wonwoo smiling and waving at you and the entire row in front of you turns around to glare and you’re like akhldsfw
  • wonwoo was a regular at the cafe before but now he’s there at like the beginning of your shift and he likes gives you a lil kiss over the counter before you put on the apron and he’s like “you look so cute,,,,,,” and youre like omg shush and he’s like “it makes me jealous that other people get to see you in this….” and you’re like a/fhkafdchw STOP
  • mingyu like “hey since im the boyfriends best friend, do i get a discount-” and you’re like “no.”
  • mingyu: “after all the food i made for you two smh”
  • you and wonwoo sitting in his dorm under a big blanket, wonwoo’s head on your shoulder or lap and you playing with his hair.,,,,,,,,you two take naps together,,,,,,,,,,,,CUTE
  • now whenever wonwoo is overworking himself with study mingyu like speed dials you and you come over and you like close the textbook and take wonwoo’s glasses off and you’re like “look at me jeon wonwoo. i will not hesitate to kiss you to distract you into taking some vitamins and a break. test me.”
  • wonwoo waiting for you at the end of your shift to walk you to your dorm and he like let’s you borrow his sweater and you do the sweater paws and wonwoo is just K.O. his heart is yours forever, a done deal.
  • “your kisses taste like coffee.” “really?” “yeah, how is that even possible?” “i don’t know, but like kiss me again???”
  • you wear wonwoo’s glasses a joke and wonwoo just like his voice drops a little and he’s like “mingyu don’t come home till late ok?” and mingyu’s like oh my god im out you two are so sickeningly in love with each other. gross.
  • (it’s not gross, you and wonwoo are super duper cute) 

find college!woozi (here)
find college!bts (here) and college!vixx (here) 
and please look forward to the rest of college!seventeen!!
p.s. there might be special college!idol posts coming too ^^ 

lbr the best part of the 1d fandom was summer 2012

  1. nick prank
  2. when niall became FRAT NIALL
  3. australia 1d
  4. malabambi‘ 
  5. 1d on icarly
  6. harrys 4 tattoos
  8. uan tour
  9. color coordinated outfits
  10. 'shower of cunts’
  11. 1d lyric food edits
  12. 'different dick every night’
  14. liams bieber hair

anonymous asked:

What do you think happens to Veronica post Heathers? I mean obviously she would be traumatized by the whole experience but do you think she would've eventually married someone? Or would've committed suicide or died young or something like other people have suggested?

Aahhh I’m sorry I never answered this I forgot lmao.
I think it would be hard as fuck at first, obviously. She’s clearly very resilient, so I think she wouldn’t crumble completely; she’d still finish school, get into college, keep her life going, etc. but it would take her a while to get completely back to her usual self.
I think she would have nightmares like craaazyyy. Dreaming about him blowing up, about killing Kurt and Heather and Ram, about the school blowing up, etc. I also think she would have really good dreams; dreams where everything is okay, and he’s alive, and they’re happy. And waking up from those dreams would be awful for her.
After a few years I think she would be ready to move on. Some people say she’d move on with Heather M or even Martha, but I don’t think so. I think she would want to distance herself from Sherwood and Westerburg completely, with the exception of Martha, who has been her best friend since even before school. She would want a totally fresh start with new people and new places.
She’ll probably find someone, and she would want them to be NOTHING like JD. Not because she doesn’t love what he was, but because it would be super painful for her to be reminded of him. She’s trying her best to forget him and stop missing him, and being with someone who reminded her of him would make it really hard for her to move on.
She’ll also never have the same kind of love with anyone that she had with him. She’ll fall in love and it will be sweet and nice and comfortable and happy, but it won’t be passionate and intense and consuming like it was with him. (Also lbr she’ll never have sex like that again rip)
She’ll move on, but there will always be a part of her, in the back of her mind, that wonders what if?? What if everything had been okay and they were together and she was married to him instead of her current spouse?? Would she be happier?? (She ignores the part of her brain that yells YES)
And idk, since it seems that ghosts are a thing in the heathers world (supposing they weren’t just in Veronica’s head) I wanna believe that she and JD would be together again when she does (as an old lady but then once she’s dead her soul/ ghost is 17 again cry) and be happy in heaven or w/ever!!

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This article is hilarious: "Taylor Swift’s latest move is petty, savvy and guaranteed to annoy Katy Perry" washingtonpost(.)com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2017/06/09/taylor-swifts-latest-move-is-petty-savvy-and-guaranteed-to-annoy-katy-perry/?utm_term=(.)674a875f2b80#comments "After all, as Swift warned everyone in her 2010 track “Better Than Revenge,” she always gets the last word. And if Perry didn’t know this before, now she can go listen to it on the streaming service of her choice." LOL

LOL. LBR its not gonna affect KPs album at all…that will fall off the charts on it’s own. But it probably will annoy her. Why? Because ultimately, more people are probably talking about Taylor putting her music back on spotify, than about kp’s new album dropping (ie trending on twit), and THAT is the best part of tonight.

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What are ur favorite percabeth fanfic ^^??

lbr the best part of episode 67 is how we go from Taako “The world is ending, and I don’t care.” to Taako, now with his sister back, jumping off the edge of a moon base after her with some crazy as fuck plan

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the funniest thing about cls spending 2016 running their mouths about how blarkes never win polls blah blah is that they took us from being too lazy/not caring about that shit into 'ok so we're gonna win all the big polls out of spite'. we won the alpha MM poll, we're leading in all the blarke nominated polls on tv scoop (including best actor and actress), we're even making them sweat in the best fandom one (even tho neither side deserve it lbr)

oh AND bob won performer of the month on spoilertv, which will be announced next week.

Originally posted by wendywilliamsgifs

my favourite part is how they’re all rallying around to vote for themselves in the best fandom post (which. like you said neither side deserves it) when a) they’ve sent death threats, doxxed jr, bullied almost the entire cast, and just happen to be all round gross and b) they said they no longer support the show……… but voting in the poll is direct support of the show

they’re so fucking funny it’s like trying to watch a bunch of 5 year olds figure shit out