but this was so ten

Okay but Peter, Ned, and May getting Greek food and Ned and May both pointing at the pita bread and going “Hey, that’s you, Pita Parker”

Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita Pita


Bad night.

Who knew going to bed upset would make you sleep longer? God, that was a nightmare.

I’m writing that shit down tho because my dream did some non scary shit I don’t want to forget.

Like, literally standing beside myself as I watched a woman walk up to a deli counter and all I hear is “The woman approaches to purchase $11 of Pineapple juice.”

And I look down at how the deli is serving only Pizza. I turn to myself with a puzzled look before the lady smacks the counter with both palms and hunches over it threateningly, barking at the server for juice. The server looks terrified an baffled.

The narration continues akin to a boring golf game. “What a gentleman she is.”

I’m fucking laughing. I need someone to decipher my fucking dreams. I think it all boils down to my frustrations with the service industry.

i just watched the parting of the ways, born again, and the christmas invasion, and i’m currently having a serious attack of the feels.

these idiots. i will never be over them.

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Just a sweet scenario of Munakata and Fushimi at the park, where Munakata's sitting on a bench and Fushimi's taking a nap with his head on his Captain's lap.

Oh imagine this as like just after the end of ROK, like Scepter 4 is still busy trying to contain the situation and clean up the mess left behind by jungle’s hideout caving in, Awashima trying to coordinate everyone so that Munakata can rest. Munakata meanwhile is trying to take care of Fushimi, Douhan dropped Fushimi off with him and disappeared. Fushimi’s not being very cooperative though and keeps leaving the medical van that Munakata brought him to, feeling irritated and useless. He ends up limping out of the van and just deciding that he’ll walk back to headquarters, restless and wanting to get as far away from there as possible (and since everyone hasn’t been informed of the fake betrayal thing yet he’s been getting a lot of sharp looks from people who think that he’s just being imprisoned as a traitor and it irritates him so much he feels like he needs to get out of here and go hide alone in his room for a while). He’s stumbling through a nearby park when he hears Munakata’s voice behind him. Fushimi clicks his tongue and doesn’t even turn, saying that wasn’t Munakata supposed to be getting his wounds looked at too. Munakata simply smiles as he walks up beside Fushimi, stating that he is fine currently and is more concerned about Fushimi’s well being. Fushimi states that he’s fine, he just wants to get back to headquarters. Munakata notes that Fushimi’s leg is shaking and Fushimi denies it even though his leg very clearly is. He tries to take another step and stumbles, cursing to himself, and then Munakata lightly touches his shoulder and steers him towards a park bench.

Fushimi is clearly exhausted as Munakata sits down on the bench and encourages Fushimi to lie down, telling him that he’s worked hard and deserves a rest. Fushimi pauses for a moment, on edge, and then Munakata repeats it again, that Fushimi has done everything asked of him, even the unreasonable things, and Munakata would have him get his deserved rest. Fushimi can’t help a small bitter smile at that as he’s like ‘even unreasonable things, huh’ and he lies down on the bench, Munakata guiding Fushimi’s head into his lap. Munakata repeats that indeed, many things that perhaps shouldn’t have been asked of him. Fushimi shrugs wearily, relaxing a little as Munakata starts stroking his hair, saying that he completed the mission as requested. Munakata’s like even so, there were things said that wounded you, and that was not my wish. Fushimi clicks his tongue and says not to worry about it and Munakata laughs a bit, stating that he perhaps feels he owes Fushimi an apology in a sense, for sending him into the lion’s den, and for all the loyalty Fushimi showed him in returning alive. Fushimi’s eyes are half closed and he turns to kinda rest himself closer to Munakata, murmuring that Munakata’s being an idiot and besides, they’re both alive so apologies are stupid at this point. Munakata’s a bit surprised but then he smiles and says that perhaps that’s true, just calmly stroking Fushimi’s hair until Fushimi falls into a peaceful sleep right there in his lap.

apparently Orchestra Hall is hiring bartenders, and I’m both qualified AND have their “preferred but not required” extra training…

I really didn’t want to get back into bartending, but fuck… I’d have to do a bunch of reading to refresh my memory on recipes, but it seems like a solid job. I might apply.

Please answer.


iconic harry looks™

n.1: Harry Styles: Behind the Album (Abbey Road Studios) aka the most iconic pants ever