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So last night, myself and another girl were asked to leave a D&D game, before it even started, because the DM (another woman) didn’t like how we looked. Both of us were made up, hair done, cute outfits, with a lot of pink D&D accessories. She assumed we were very “feminine” so that we could flirt with all the guy players, and try to get advantages, or distract them. We were told we had to change into “normal” clothes (t-shirts or sweatshirts), and “uncake our faces”. We both left but became really good friends really quickly afterward.

I talked about this in a few select social media places after it happened, and something unexpected started when I woke up this morning. A lot of women had contacted me with stories of similar things, from both male and female DMs. It’s now 1:30PM here, and I’ve talked to 29 women, all with their own experiences that all fell under this particular umbrella.

Their experiences included:

- Being talked to like they’re a bimbo by everyone at the table.
- Having one or more guys at a table want to “help them” play, despite having even more game experience than they did.
- Being blatantly ignored by other female players.
- Having their character hit on endlessly by most of a table.
- Being hit on themselves, despite saying “no thank you” or showing obvious disinterest.
- Being touched a lot, either on the arm, shoulder, back, or in more inappropriate places by male gamers.
- Being told they’re “trying too hard to be a woman”, included trans women being told this by other women.
- Having the DM solely target their character in battles and with traps, after turning the DM down for a date or affection, and not stopping until the character is dead.
- Having it insisted upon them that they have to change their “girly” dice, bags, binders, clothing, etc to “fit in”.
- Being told they aren’t a “real nerd”, “real gamer”, “real geek”, “real fan” because they don’t fit the “look” — this is the most common one I heard.
- Being told by a table full of guys that their below-10 roll was in fact “rolling like a girl”.
- And of course, the “gold digger” argument. That a woman who glams herself up before a game is clearly only hunting for the nerdy guy who also makes a lot of money, and who is pretending to like these things to get at his bank account. 12 separate women told me this one, each of them were kicked out of their games with this being the explanation. None of them dated or flirted with anyone at the table at any point.

The common theme here was that all of these were public play games, either at gaming stores, or at conventions. You have to sit at a table with people you don’t know, and one would expect at least common human decency here, but instead this sort of thing happens. It’s not okay for people to be treated this way by anyone, for any reason, and I was mortified by the sheer amount of women coming forward to share in such a short period of time.

So I worked away at this picture, as I express myself in really dumb fashion sketches. 

It’s the club jacket for our Glam Girl Gamer Gang. 

Girls of all types, from all backgrounds, all sizes, all places in life deserve to be respected as a fellow player. THIS INCLUDES ALL GIRLS WHO LIKE “STEREOTYPICALLY FEMININE” THINGS.


Little Girl

Chris Evans x reader

Notes: dominant, jealous, possessive Chris; but also puppy-dog Chris, smut, fluff. (I just felt like doing this)

Summary: something short about Chris being jealous for no reason and letting you know who your daddy is. 

Originally posted by ncoleys

You knew something was off the moment Chris walked up the few steps into the trailer, and slammed the door shut before locking it behind him. You were used to him sneaking in a private moment with you in between filming, but he always just closed the door quietly and never locked it, or made a show out of it for that matter. Now, he came stalking up to you, making you drop the items of clothing you were about to put back on a rack after steaming them, and just stare.

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Hi! You seem to enjoy cute asks, how about RFA/V/Saeran sharing bed with MC for the firstest time? First is always special; will they be super nervous and self-conscious? Spend a sleepless night afraid their love might stop breathing? (happened to me once!) Or just immediately relax and cuddle all night? Hog the blanket? Or would there be instant passion? But definitely MC won't take "i'll sleep on the couch" for an answer!

A/N: This is so cute i do enjoy cute thANK YOU (mainly because I can’t do angst i kinda just…. *slowly slides the angst inboxes to 626*) ~Admin 404


-He’d be pretty self-conscious about moving or snoring or something
-He’s so scared and tries to stay awake
-But that doesn’t work out, he falls asleep pretty quickly
-He likes to roll himself up into a blanket burrito and subconsciously forgets that you’re in bed with him
-It’s like fighting to the death to get into that blanket burrito just so you don’t freeze
-He’s used to cuddling a smaller stuffed animal, so he isn’t used to the fact that you’re a normal sized person
-You end up being the big spoon but that’s okay because he’s such a cutie omg

-Cool Calm Collected™
-Until it acTUALLY CAME TO IT *Internal screaming*
-He holds you close and absolutely loves the feel of you there
-You’re like a little heater and just WOW laying with you is way different than laying with Elizabeth
-But he just cannot sleep? No matter how hard he tries?
-He’s tried counting sheep, focusing on his breathing, focusing on YOUR breathing, but nothing worked out
-Gave up and accepted that he wasn’t going to sleep that night, he’ll have to drink a lot more coffee in the morning than usual
-It’s just what he’s used to, so it’s really hard to get comfortable enough to sleep
-He couldn’t help but admire how cute you looked when you were asleep, he couldn’t look away (though sometimes he forced himself too because wow jumin that’s a lil creepy stop that)
-Never once let you go though. If it seemed like you were waking up in the middle of the night, he’d hold you closer and internally freak out. He wanted you to have a perfect night’s sleep! Waking up would ruin that! HIS DARLING MC NEEDS TO SLEEP EVEN IF HE CAN’T

-Immediately falls asleep
-He has no problems sharing a bed
-He snores a little bit but it’s sooooo cute omg
-Rolls over and cuddles you as close as you can get to his chest
-Nuzzles his face against the top of your head and he’s just aDORABLE
- honestly he’s just glad he didn’t have any nightmares this time
-But he’s SUCH A BED HOG
-You wake up because??? Your ass hit the floor
-You throw yourself across him just so you can lay down and attempt to sleep and he just doesn’t move. He gets a good night’s sleep but you’re left strung across him, uncovered, annoyed

-He really didn’t want to because he’s very uncomfortable
-But he’ll give it a shot, just for you
-Absolutely no sleep at all (poor bby ;A;)
-What if you stopped breathing? What if something happened in your sleep? WhaT IF
- pls calm down saeran and just sleep
-He does like holding you though, won’t admit it, but he does
-When you put his head to your chest, hoLY SHIT
-He’s calmed down by the sound of your heartbeat cutie cutie
-Always makes sure you’re covered, comfortable, not too hot, not too cold
-Likes to drag his fingertips up and down your spine but if you make any sort of movement he practically throws himself away from you because he’s embarrassed

- but also really nervous???
- what if the beast comes out wHAT WILL HE DO
- he obviously wouldn’t do anything but still
- but all the nervousness goes away once he sees how sleepy you are
- totally not staring at ur legs
- and you find out Zen is a HUGE snuggler
- you should have known this???
- like he’s so affectionate when he’s awake, it just makes sense for him to treat u like a teddy???
- you’re dying cause he’s like a furnace and u jUST WANNA SLEEP but you can’t wake him up he’s so adorable
- since this your first time ever, of course he’s gonna be extra dramatic
- when he wakes up, he’s gonna stare at u cause ur gorgeous even with all the drool
- he showers you in kisses omg
- he just spends the morning spoiling you cause you’re his princess <3
- the first time you guys share the bed it’s totally an accident???
- usually after you two do the diddly do, you end up going home because you don’t have enough stuff at jaehee’s to stay over
- but over time all of your stuff magically started to collect at her place
- hell, the closet is is 75% yours
- so one night after the frick frack, you’re just chilling in bed with her, she’s drawing imaginary designs on you
- and you’re both so exhausted from work that you just fall asleep
- when you wake up in the morning, you find her snuggled up to her pillow and you burst out giggling
- you quiet yourself down though because you don’t wanna wake her up yet <3
- since she finally has a day off, you wanna let her sleep in and yOU’RE GONNA TREAT HER LIKE A PRINCESS TODAY
- you finally get up and make breakfast for two <3
- you and V take naps together all the time
- it’s like a hobby for u two
- so you thought sharing the bed the first time together wouldn’t be a big deal
- except you find yourself freaking out???
- he’s gonna see you when you wake up in the morning and you’ll look so ugly omg
- so you do everything you can to make sure you wont look to bad in the morning
- you use expensive perfume, you wear silk pajamas, you moisturize the heck out of your skin
- and when V walks in, you feel so ridiculous omg
- he’s just wearing normal pajamas, his hair is messy
- he knows he’s gonna look like a hot mess when he wakes up, he aint about to try
- when he sees you, his eyes widen cause damn u lookin fine, but he laughs because he knows exactly how ridiculous your thoughts must have been for u to do this
- so he just hugs you and you both go to bed and snuggle the heck out of each other <3
- you totally don’t set an alarm to wake up before him
- he also didn’t do the same exact thing

GOT7~ When Their S/O Walks in on Them Changing

Smolbeankay Asked: hoi 💛 i was wondering if you could do a GOT7 reaction to their s/o walking in on them changing/naked 😂

Im Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

You’d leave the room for a moment to grab a drink or something and when you return, you’d see JB changing his shirt. Your eyes would travel down his torso as he noticed your presence. He’d look at you with a smirk while he walks up to you.

“Like what you see, Jagiya?”

Mark Tuan

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It would depend on how long y’all have been together.
If you guys hadn’t been together long then he’d be a little shy and try to cover himself as you mutter apologies.
But if you guys we use to seeing each other like this, I don’t think he’d be phased. Rather, he’d give you a heated kiss when he noticed you getting a lil hot and bothered

Jackson Wang

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If you walked in on him while he was half nude, he would make sure you weren’t uncomfortable. If you weren’t, he’d proceed as you watched him intently. When he noticed you checking him out, I feel as if you be like the gif above.

Park Jinyoung

Originally posted by the-princejinyoung

Upon you walking in on him in just a towel, he’d walk over to you as your eyes scanned his body. He’d grab your waist to pull you close to his chest and start to kiss your neck, leaving light marks to show you were claimed. When he finally heard a moan escape from your lips, he’d back away with a smirk on his face and get dressed.

“Jinyoung, get back here and finish what you started!”

Choi Youngjae

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Once you walked in on him, you’d turn around to respect his privacy as he’s rather shy. He’d quickly get dressed while he becomes flustered, wondering if you saw anything. When he’s done, you turn around and smile at his nervous state.
“You know, you’re so cute when you’re flustered.” You’d say, kissing his cheek.


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Guys let’s be honest, he wouldn’t even care like, he’d flaunt his stuff. You’d blush watching him show off and then he’d bring you close to him so he could kiss you and dance with you.

“Dance with me Jagi.”

Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by jypnior

Awe! Yugy would be so embarrassed if this was the first time you saw him like that. You’d have walk up to him kiss him so he would calm down for a moment. He would just be so cute!

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)

All creds to rightful gif owner(s)


Note: Based off of the recent fanart that we reblogged. Enjoy!

Pairings: H2OVanoss, Minicat, Brohm


Three doctors stood outside of the asylum, having their normal chat before they walked in.

“Honestly, I don’t know which one I should be worried about; Mini or Pablo?” Tyler sighed, scratching the back of his neck.

“I say both. At least you don’t have my problem where Delirious keeps trying to get me to let him out,” Evan replied, fixing his coat.

“And then there’s Ohm, who will not stop flirting with me. I honestly think he does it to try and get me to let him free or something,” Bryce added, fiddling with the pencil in his hands.

“Mini flirts with me too, and sometimes it gets real uncomfortable.”

“I don’t know if I can say Delirious is necessarily flirting with me, but I really hope it doesn’t get to that level.”

They all nodded in agreement before going inside, mentally preparing themselves for the day.


Tyler walked into the padded room where his patient stayed. “Hello, Tyler~” He heard Mini say. He turned to see the Brit smiling at him from the corner of the room.

“Good morning, Mini. How’d you sleep?”

“Okay, I guess. It would have been better if you were there, though,” he teased with a smirk. Tyler just sighed and grabbed his clipboard.

“Did you talk to Pablo while I was gone?”

“Nope. He tried to talk to me, but I blocked him out. Aren’t I just such a good boy?” Mini asked, taking a step closer to Tyler.

“If you take one more step closer, I will make sure that straightjacket is tightened,” Tyler snapped. He immediately regretted that, as the look on Mini’s face unnerved him to the bone.

“Oh, you have no idea how much I love it when you get rough,” he purred, taking another step forward. “You know, I would have never known you were into that stuff, but I think I’ll be fine with it.”

Tyler didn’t say anything. He couldn’t; anything that came out of his mouth would be used against him in someway. Instead, he just finished writing something down and started to leave.

“You’re gonna leave me without my goodbye kiss?”

Tyler stopped and silently cursed. The only way Mini would listen to the other staff was if Tyler gave him a kiss. Tyler turned back around, sighing. Mini walked up to him and waited. Tyler gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before quickly leaving.

God, he hated doing that. Especially when he knew that Mini had a shit-eating grin on his face, knowing that he had won that day.


As soon as Evan stepped inside the room, his patient’s head bolted up, a grin plastered onto his face. “Evan! It’s so good to see you again,” he chirped.

“Likewise. How did you sleep, Delirious?”

“Pretty good, actually. The sound of the voices telling me to kill everyone here is surprisingly soothing. You should try it out sometime,” he laughed. Evan shook his head and wrote something down on the clipboard.

“Was that all the voices said?” He asked.

“Well, they also said that you should let me out…” Evan sighed at that.

“Delirious, you know I can’t do that. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t let you out. Let it go already.”

Delirious started to pout. “Aww, but it’s so fun making you annoyed!”

Evan sighed and shook his head once more before writing something on the clipboard and tiring to leave. “I’ll be back in a couple of hours to check up on you. Don’t do anything bad.”

“I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try. Will you let me out if I do?”

Evan didn’t reply as he left the room, slamming the door shut behind him.


Bryce held a small smile as he walked down the hall. He couldn’t help it; that’s just how he normally was. When he got to his patients room, however, the smile quickly disappeared. He opened the door and closed it quietly behind him.

“Hey Brycey-poo~” his patient called from the bed at the other side of the room.

“Don’t call me that,” Bryce replied, annoyed at the nickname he had gotten.

“Oh, come on, Brycey. You know you love it~”

“Actually, I don’t. Now, how did you sleep?”

“Not good. You weren’t there, so I didn’t sleep well. Do ya think you’ll be able to get the night shift here as well as the day one?” Ohm asked with a smile on his face.


Ohm laughed and leaned his head back against the wall. “Bryce, why don’t you love me? All I’ve ever done was compliment you and loved you. Are you shoving back your feelings?”

“No, because I don’t have any for you. You’re a mental patient, Ohm.”


“So, my answer will always be no. Stop asking me.”

“Nah. I like seeing you get angry. It’s real cute, y'know? It’s also kinda hot, if I’m being completely honest.” Bryce sighed before leaving the room as quickly as possible as he wrote something down.


“Does Mini still have you do that thing so he doesn’t give trouble to the others?” Evan asked Tyler as he took a bite out of his sandwich.

“Sadly, yes. It gets unnerving, especially when he has that grin that just reads ‘I win’.”

“I know what you mean. I hate the smile that Ohm gives me whenever I start to get angry with him. He enjoys it way too much,” Bryce said as he took another spoonful of yogurt.

“What about Delirious? Still giving you trouble of letting him go?” Evan nodded.

“Yeah. I swear he knows that he’s gonna get the same answer everytime, but he keeps on going for it anyways.”

“Ohm’s the same way. He thinks that we should be ‘together’, even if I tell him no. He says I’m ‘holding back by feelings for him’. Excuse my language, but that’s complete bullshit.” Evan and Tyler nodded.

The bell rang, indicating that their lunch break was over. They all sighed and said their goodbyes before going back to check up on their patients.


Soooooo Saturday I met Gareth David-Lloyd…this was quite an adventure I have to say and I just felt like I needed to share my experience and the thoughts going through my mind.  

I totally knew this was going to happen.  I’ve been planning this little trip to Huntsville for a couple of months now and was totally ready to shell out an obscene amount of money to meet this guy.  I just so happened one day to be curious enough to see if Gareth was coming close-by anytime soon.  I kind of figured it would be a stretch, but lo and behold, Gareth was coming to Huntsville.  To my dismay, it was a Doctor Who convention and he was arriving as a Torchwood guest and I literally know nothing about these shows.  I probably watched one episode of Doctor Who a long time ago and then tried a Torchwood episode shortly after my decent into Solavellan hell just because…reasons…

I’ve been planning this, worried because of my lack of knowledge of the Whoverse or whatever the hell people call it, unsure of whether this convention was going to be massive or tiny, and just general freaking out over getting to meet Gareth.  With my print in hand, my boyfriend and I went all the way up to his grandparent’s house just for me to meet this one guy at a convention that I knew nothing about.  

Unsure of how long this convention was going to take, I told my boyfriend ahead of time that he should probably be ready to wait a while.  I had never been to this convention before, but all other conventions I had gone to had a lot of waiting involved.  He ended up having one of his friends that were close by drive 30 minutes over to the mall where this hotel was located so that they could play card games.  I walk in the front door, scared as all get out with this universe that I had no idea about.  

I went up to the marked tables and literally had my badge in hand within 2 minutes.  I was the ONLY ONE IN LINE.  I saw people, sure, but there was like no one around.  Granted, I had gotten there at like 11:30, so the con was already like halfway over for the day, but still!  I expected to wait in line for at least a few minutes.  I looked at the clock and saw that I had apparently prepared too much and was now an hour early before Gareth was supposed to be signing stuff.  UGH!!!  I thought, well, I don’t know anything about this fandom other than Daleks, the phone booth, and then that Matt Smith is apparently the best doctor (I have no idea what who this person is but I apparently know his name), but I guess since I have time to spare I may as well go to the Vendor room and Artist Alley.  I went to where the Vendor room was, literally passing maybe 2 or 3 people.  

This was probably the smallest Vendor room I had ever seen.  There were like maybe 10 tables and was filled with maybe like 20-30 people including the people running the booths.  People everywhere asking me to enter this raffle and do this doohicky and I’m just like “haha no thanks” and walked away nervously.  In under 2 minutes, I had already looked at everything.  In another 2 minutes, I had already looked through the Artist Alley.  I still had so much time before meeting Gareth.  I decided that I should at least go over and see if he was around, I could just sit there and be creepy and stare at him for an hour, worst case scenario.  

I went over to the room where the signings were happening and he was already sitting down doing autographs.  I felt my heart jump in my throat and walked over to him.  Once again, there was no line.  I literally became the second person in line immediately.  I paid the lady sitting next to him, already aware that I was spending another $40 just to get him to sign my print and felt my heart start racing.  Then as the people in front of me left, my hands started shaking.  I started to fumble to get the picture out of the protective thing I bought and he said hi to me.  Dude, you guys, I felt my face burn bro.  That accent was to die for.  Literally, I could have just passed out.  I told him that I was actually a huge Dragon Age fan and really appreciated all the work that he had done.  When I showed him the @nipuni print that I had brought for him to sign, he absolutely gushed over it.  He just kept talking about how pretty it was and then quickly signed it for me.  I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking, but he was just so nice and then shook my hand.  I told him that I had literally no knowledge of Doctor Who or Torchwood and literally just came to this convention to get his autograph.  He was just so cute and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

I’ve gotta do something about vibrating when I get all nervous around people I like.  It’s a sickness and I have no idea what I have to do to get rid of it.  It’s embarrassing and I could just feel myself turning beet red while I was standing in front of him.  It was so bad!!!!

So yeah, that was my ridiculously long and stupid story about what a dork I am and all this trouble that I went through literally just to meet this adorable cutie.  $100 for this like 30 second moment was well spent.

Immediately after this, I started getting sick and am still sick.  Gareth got me sick by being too adorable.  I’ve decided.  Now, I gotta go die somewhere…

Patater Week - Day 5

Feb. 10 - Social Media Shenanigans – Jeff kind of wishes that he didn’t know Kent and Alexei apparently sext each other through Snapchat pretty regularly. 1.3K

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeff asks, a towel over his head as he enters the locker room.

Kent doesn’t even look remotely embarrassed as he pulls his shirt down and pockets his phone. “Sexy snapchatting my boyfriend.”


Alexei Mashkov likes his men blond, shameless, and a little stupid, he supposes. There’s no helping taste.

He shouldn’t be that surprised when, that night while marathoning Game of Thrones by himself, he gets a notification that he’s received a snapchat from Kent. When he opens it, he nearly drops his phone and spills his cup noodles all over his crotch.

Miss you lots babe, when you coming to Vegas??? Providence is no fun, the caption says. The Kent in the photo is lying down on what seems to be super soft blankets, the picture taken from the up-down to showcase Kent’s exceptional abs all the way down to his low waistband. He has an actual finger in his mouth, like he’s trying to play coy. It’s clearly sent to the wrong person. 

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I love your art!!! It's so good!! The style is so cute, could you do a cute one of Gaara and Ino?

sorry I didn’t draw them cute I just saw it after I was done drawing this, I also kind of drew these quickly

Worth the Wait

(You aren’t sure why your boyfriend Jimin has taken things so slowly but you are now finally ready to have your first night together.)

Warning: Romantic smut, hand-job, oral, intercourse, grinding, masturbation

The first time you saw Jimin was while you were working as a production intern at a broadcast station. It was your first week doing a rotation for a music show.  On show days, you were supposed to escort the talent from their dressing room to the stage and make sure they had everything they needed for a successful performance. BTS was performing that week and as you walked them to the stage, you could feel Jimin staring at you the entire time.  You waited with them in the wings while stage hands cleared off what was left from the previous group.  You could see Jimin continuing to stare at you.  Every time you looked in his direction, he looked away, but you could clearly see him from the corner of your eye.  

After waiting in silence for a few minutes, Jimin finally turned to you and spoke.  “I don’t think I’ve seen you here before.  Are you new?”

“I’m an intern.  It’s my first week doing a rotation for this program.”

“Ah. I see,” he replied. He said nothing further.

The second time you saw Jimin was at the following week’s filming.  Their manager was asking you about making changes to the lighting set up and you were taking notes on what he wanted.  You saw Jimin looking at you again.  He was standing separate from the other members, inching his way towards you as if wasn’t sure if he wanted to approach you or not.  When you finished speaking to the manager, you turned towards him.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hi,” you responded. “I saw you looking at me.  Was there something you wanted?”

“Oh, that, um… uh… no, not really.”  You turned to walk away when he stopped you.  “I guess there was one thing.  I forgot to ask you your name last week.”

You told him your name and he just stood their grinning before remembering to formally introduce himself.  “I’m Park Jimin.”

“I know,” you said.

“Ah,” he said, “of course you already know that.”  He stood there in silence.

“I’ve got to go find the stage manager to tell him you guys want to change the lighting.”

Jimin just smiled and nodded, giving you a small bow and a wave good-bye.  As you turned to leave the room, you could see Jimin’s reflection in the dressing room mirror; he was kicking the ground and hitting himself in the head out of embarrassment.  You thought it was cute how awkward he was in front of you.

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exo and their shower/bath habits


• water efficient, turns off the water when applying soap and shampoo

• showers within 5 minutes

• enjoys buying different fragrances of soap and shampoo

• treats himself to a bubble bath and a beer in secret sometimes 

• the bathroom is full of steam because he enjoys showering with very hot water

• sings quietly in the shower


• showers until his skin is wrinkly

• always in deep thought

• always being pranked by the other members (lights are turned off, water turns cold/hot etc…)

• has flashbacks to embarrassing moments of his life, cringes a lot

sneaky glass of wine in the shower

• after stepping out and putting a towel on, he practices speeches and jokes in the mirror. Members hear his laugh from their bedrooms


• contemplates life in the shower

• uses the steam to draw music and doodles on the glass screen

• uses two loofahs 

• uses bars of soap instead of liquid body wash

• talks to himself in the shower

• once he finishes showering he will leave the water on for the next person (”it’s already warm so you don’t need to wait for it to heat up”)


• always has to move the shower head higher to fit his height 

• pees in the shower

• he saw this hack on buzzfeed, so he started eating oranges in the shower. after that he just started bringing fruit into the shower

• has imaginary arguments in the shower 

• always forgets to bring his towel, he’ll yell out for someone to help

• if no one helps he’ll run out naked and looks for his towel


• has a collection of cute shower caps since he doesn’t wash his hair often

• also pees in the shower

• brings his phone into the bathroom and blasts his shower karaoke playlist

• blows bubbles with the body wash

• uses the shampoo lather to style his hair into funny hairstyles

• when he comes out of the shower he wraps a towel around himself and sits on his bed and plays on his phone for 30 minutes


• plays his shower playlist on full blast (95% are girl group songs)

• dances cutely whilst washing up

• sings loudly

• uses exfoliating gloves to scrub his body

• uses shower bombs as aromatherapy to relax and unwind

• once he is done, he will wrap his towels around his body and hair and sit outside to watch TV for a bit


• always has to adjust the shower head lower to suit his height

• has one of those exfoliating back brushes so that he can reach his back

• closes his eyes and daydreams in the shower

• always gets a feeling that there’s a monster in front of him so he’ll open his eyes quickly

• when he comes back to earth he’ll feel flustered so he’ll quickly rinse off the soap and shampoo and get out

• he’ll apply a face mask and gets into bed to watch some movies


• uses hot water to clean his body and cold water to rinse his hair 

• practices choreography as he washes

• shampoo gets into his eyes since he moves around and the water hits his hair

• has some really weird thoughts in the shower sometimes (eg. When your dog keeps bringing you the same toy, is that because it’s your dog’s favourite toy, or because your dog thinks it’s your favourite toy?)

• sometimes he is so tired from work he’ll just sit under the shower and let the water hit him (and falls asleep)

• one of the members always knocks on the door when it exceeds 5 minutes of him being in the shower to see if he fell asleep


• prefers baths to showers

• likes bubble baths because he can play with the bubbles and bring his bathtub toys into the tub

• has a large collection of bath bombs

• watches tv shows on his phone

• soaks for a long time to the point where the others knock the door and tells him to hurry up

• spends the next 20 minutes doing his skin care routine and drying his hair

anonymous asked:

Here's another prompt: fell sans react to meeting his hot next door neighbor on the surface?

(oh boi howdy do i have a weak spot for Red and him getting the hots for his potential/future s/o. bless you, sweet anon, for giving me the chance to indulge a little further in that ;) <3 )

Red decidedly did not have a death wish.

Even with Edge out for the day - no doubt chasing Undyne down or accidentally terrorizing parents when he walked up wordlessly with a lost child he found wandering in the park as he trained - Edge’s sense of smell was uncanny for a being without a nose, and would happily shout Red’s skull into the next century if he caught a whiff of smoke clinging to anything inside.

So without bothering to properly walk out of his room, Red tucked his box of cigarettes and his lighter in his shorts and teleported to the balcony.

Their apartment was a pretty nice one, all things considered - decent area too, now that monsters could legally integrate with society. He and Edge had been in agreement on holding onto an apartment for at least a little bit before deciding to set up permanently anywhere - the world was big up here, absurdly so, and even if they’d both feel more comfortable closer to the mountain, there were a lot of areas around the city to choose from. So here he was, leaning against the railing of their top-floor corner apartment balcony, with a view of the balconies in the building adjacent to them accompanying the view of the enormous wooded park they lived next to. It was a view that made him feel a little more at ease when his anxiety was acting up - he could grab a smoke, stare up at the sky, or do a little people watching alongside the next apartment building or in the shade of the park.

As he slipped his cigarette between his teeth and lit it , enjoying the late afternoon sun on his bones and the decent breeze picking up, he noticed that his foot started instinctively tapping - huh, he could hear a song now actually, coming from the next apartment building over, pretty loudly…

“All that I want
Is to wake up fine
Tell me that I’m alright -
That I ain’t gonna die.”

The cigarette almost dropped out of Red’s mouth.

“All that I want
Is a hole in the ground.
You can tell me when it’s alright
For me to come out.”

You were on the balcony closest to him in the next building over - top floor, corner apartment, probably a mere 50 feet away. You had a series of small clotheslines strung out towards one side of your balcony and had clipped up several shirts and what seemed to be a set of sheets for a bed. Next to you buzzed a small speaker, surprisingly loud for it’s clearly travel-intended size, and it played the song on as you shifted and swayed, tapping out the energetic beat of the song while you sang along and clipped up a pair of jeans and took down a few dry pieces of clothing to make further room.

“Hard times
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
Hard times
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
These lives-”

Your back was mostly towards Red, and stars was he grateful. He felt a bead of magic forming on his skull, and knew a bit of a flush had picked up on his face- because by Asgore’s shitty beard, he couldn’t tear his gaze away from the figure you cut as you finished hanging up your laundry and spun around, your hips hitting side to side in perfect time, a mischievous grin on your face as your eyes closed and you sang along to the deceptively upbeat song.

“And I still don’t know how I even survive
Hard times,
Hard times -
And I gotta get to rock bottom-!”

Your foot stamped against the balcony floor, your arms thrown wide as you crowed the line to the sky.

Red’s soul jumped in his chest at the sight -

You were attractive as hell.

And then you made eye contact.

(continued below the cut… <3 / / mobile link)

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Jihoon gets a bit jealous of you and Daehwi joking around, and a cute conversation ensues (because the cutest kind of relationship is one with communication)

  • this is so short i’m so sorry but it’s 5am and i just want to post this and sleep
  • non au?
  • jisung and sungwoon the aunties and  guanlin the angsty teen

“The stress is on JEOjang, (y/n),” Daehwi giggled, dancing around as he did the little rectangle hand sign that Jihoon, your loving boyfriend, had coined on the show.

“No, no, you’re doing it wrong!” You exclaimed, quickly getting up to show the younger how it was done. “You go Nae Maeum Seoge Jeojang!” You wiggled your hips a bit, winking at Daehwi, who dissolved in giggles again. The two of you kept doing the little hand sign, collapsing into a fit of giggles.

“Ah, they haven’t seen the pains of the world yet,” Jisung mused from his position sprawled out on the couch. Next to him, Sungwoon chuckled, readjusting the curlers in his bangs.

“Let the youngsters be,” Sungwoon nudged him, “oh, what a joy to be young.”

Daehwi got distracted with some game Woojin was playing on your phone, making you realize that Jihoon wasn’t even in the room. Heading to the kitchen, you found him resting against the countertop, sipping a glass of water.

“Hey,” he greeted with a small smile, kissing you lightly.

“You disappeared, what happened?” you asked, leaning comfortably into his side. He readjusted himself so that his arm was around your waist. Jihoon shrugged.

“Dunno. Felt kind of weird, I guess,” he replied, setting the water glass down, “jealous? We don’t ever mess around or joke like that anymore, and I guess I just felt uncomfortable seeing you do so with Daehwi.” You shifted your position so that you were leaning flush against him, smiling up at his adorable pout.

“I don’t joke around with you anymore because I barely have time to see you,” you explained in between quick pecks to his face, “I want my time with you to be valuable, not taken up by silly jokes.”

Jihoon smiled, leaning down to kiss you. “I know babe, it was just a split-second thing. I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“If you say so,” you replied a bit suspiciously, leaning up to kiss him on the lips again.

“Aw, ew, hyung!” Guanlin complained, not even looking up from his phone as he opened the fridge to find a snack to eat. “Can you guys stop being so gross?”

“Buzz off, brat,” Jihoon teased, throwing a chip bag at his head. Guanlin glared at Jihoon, taking the chip bag nonetheless. “If we have kids, I don’t want them to turn out like that,” Jihoon said firmly, making you laugh.

“We’ll raise them to be mini Jihoons,” you replied, snuggling up to Jihoon. The two of you stood in the kitchen for a few more minutes, content to just hug, before Jisung called for you to join the others in the living room for some game.

NDRV3 boys waking up and finding that their S/O left sticky notes with ‘I love you’ on them all over the house?

Sure thing! Hope you like it, this was cute!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • when he woke up, the first thing he noticed is that you weren’t there.
  • right, you weren’t going to be there this morning, you had an important meeting. oh well.
  • it wasn’t until he got out of bed and looked in the mirror that he noticed the first notes.
  • on on the mirror, and one on his hat.
  • in your handwriting.
  • “I love you!”
  • he swore for a moment he could have died from how cute you were.
  • another few when he walked into the hall.
  • another few when he opened the fridge.
  • every single one a reminder of how wonderful you were to him.
  • he kept every single one, partially because you were just so cute, and partially because your handwriting was a good example of the unique abilities of the human hand and mind working as one.
  • when you got home, you were met with the biggest hug he had ever given you!
  • you had really made today special.
  • he’ll have to plan a similarly unexpected and loving surprise for you in the future, it’s only fair!

Rantarou Amami

  • he was actually pretty surprised when he woke up to find one in your spot on the bed!
  • he was pretty tired, so it took a moment to register, but then he was struck by just how cute it was.
  • what a nice thing to wake up to!
  • then, he saw the second one. right on his nightstand.
  • but if there’s two, won’t there be more?
  • now it was a treasure hunt.
  • you watched from the couch, amused as he zoomed around the house letting out loud “Aw!”s and “Oh!”s every time he found another note.
  • by lunch, he came to you with a shoebox of notes.
  • “Look! I got them all!”
  • you count.
  • that’s not all of them.
  • the second you tell him that, he’s off, digging through the house for more.
  • you note that you should do this more often, because he sure seems to be having fun with it!
  • or maybe, you’ll find this same surprise waiting for you the next day.

Ouma Kokichi

  • you had gone out for one day.
  • just one.
  • and you had decided to leave some notes that you thought were sweet around the house for your boyfriend to wake up to!
  • only to come home and find every single one in the exact same place.
  • but different.
  • every single note, every single one in the entire house, vandalized with the same phrase.
  • “kek omg u love me what a nerd thats p gay”
  • with a drawing of a dick.
  • you sigh.
  • this is your boyfriend.
  • you can hear him laughing his ass off in the very next room.
  • jackass.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • he had been so nice the other day!
  • he had cleaned the house, he had done the laundry, he had made dinner, he was really considerate!
  • so you decided this was a good way to thank him!
  • when he woke up, the first one was right on his face.
  • the second he saw what it said he was blushing, what a cute thing to wake up to-
  • and then he saw the next one, on the dresser.
  • and another on the dresser.
  • and one on the floor.
  • and one under the door.
  • a trail…?
  • he quickly started following, picking up each note along the way, until he finally got to the couch.
  • a blanket, just completely obliterated with sticky notes.
  • he pulls it back.
  • the second he does, you pop out from under it, kissing him all over his face.
  • you’re laughing and he’s blushing harder than ever and-
  • what a great surprise!

Kaito Momota

  • when he found the first note, he was absolutely elated.
  • an adorable note from his adorable s/o! amazing! great! wonderful!
  • so you can imagine his amazement when he found a second one.
  • you knew every time he found one from the audible gasp you could hear from down the hall, like every note was a new surprise, like he had completely forgotten about the last note.
  • when he found you, on the couch, holding the last note over your mouth, he was absolutely astounded.
  • there you were!
  • he immediately took the note and kissed you, trying to hold back laughter.
  • you were such a romantic dork.


  • frankly, he was confused when he found the first note.
  • “I love you!”
  • well that was very kind and flattering! truly it flustered him a little!
  • but where were you if this was here?
  • every note he found on his way out of your room just confused him further.
  • where did you go? you wrote these, right?
  • maybe he needed to write too to bring you back!
  • so he stopped at every single note he found, writing a little “Thank you! I love you too! ^^” on every single one.
  • when you got home, he was asleep on the couch, pen in hand.
  • every single note responded to.
  • you couldn’t help but laugh, he had actually worn himself out with all this?
  • you put a blanket over him, even though he probably didn’t need it.
  • he definitely deserved those notes.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • he was stunned when he first found the notes.
  • you wrote these? for him? really?
  • he didn’t even notice that there were more than three before he had run out to the living room and wrapped you in the biggest hug he possibly could have.
  • he was so excited that you loved him so much that he completely forgot to look for more notes!
  • which means he actually kept finding them throughout the day.
  • and every time he did, he would hug you again! this was so great!
  • the next morning, when you woke up, you found sticky notes too!
  • each one had a drawing of a different bug, each one labelled and noted with little messages!
  • “Isn’t it cool?”
  • “This one is so pretty! Like you!”
  • “Isn’t this one cute?”
  • you couldn’t help but laugh, your boyfriend really was something else.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • he was genuinely surprised when he found the notes.
  • you really loved him this much? enough to write all these for him?
  • that…means a lot to him actually.
  • every note he found was another reminder that you love him enough to do all this.
  • so many notes, so many “I love you”s, he can’t imagine the time you spent on this.
  • all for him.
  • that’s why he loves you too.
NCT 127 reaction to their gf who always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit

‘’Hello, can you do nct 127+bts reaction to their gf always puts her hands under their shirt or up their sleeves to feel their skin as a habit 😇 thank you in advance’’ - @sinerwhoisasin

A/N: Thank you so much for your request! I hope you like it! The BTS version is coming soon! ^^

Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the gifs! They belong to their rightful owners!
I also do not own NCT.

Unfortunately. Wish I owned them. Especially Johnny.


Would definitely be surprised every time your hand would creep underneath his shirt and perhaps jump back just a little. He wouldn’t mind it in the end, though, he’d just laugh about it and let you be.

He would prefer it, though, if you up his sleeves instead as it would make him feel more comfortable - so just to make him more comfortable you would up his sleeve more, only put your hand under his shirt if you two were in a teasing mood, or something. Taeyong would also prefer it if the two of you were alone, the guys were big teases, after all.

When the two of you were alone, he was working and you were simply reading a book. The book became boring after a while, so you’d grab your laptop and casually sit next to him and do your own stuff.

After a couple of minutes, you would up his sleeve unintentionally while watching a video and stroke his arm a bit. Taeyong shivered for a bit, and lost all concentration in his work as he glanced over to you.

‘’Ah, really, Y/N? Now? You’re too cute,’’ he laughed.

Originally posted by teeuai


Would probably tease you a little about it every time your habit would show up. Not just with words, but also actions - starting to sit closer to you, stare at you until you noticed what you were doing, and so on.

He wouldn’t really mind it, but just like Taeyong I think he would feel more comfortable if you two were alone. Especially since his hyungs would also tease him about it, and also just the feeling of being touched underneath his shirt in public, where everyone could see it. Of course if you’d up his sleeve, he’d be cool with that everywhere.

Since you and Mark weren’t good in cooking at all, you decided to do the groceries so you did at least something for dinner, instead of letting the other guys do everything. The two of you stood still at the cooling section where the different kinds of meat, chicken and fish were. You were both looking for the meat the other guys told you to get, but couldn’t find it easily.

While just standing there and looking, your hand would up his sleeve and just rest against his soft and fair skin which caught Mark off guard.

‘’I don’t think I would be good to use for dinner, Y/N. Try again,’’ He’d tease as he slightly chuckled.

Originally posted by asilentkkaebsong


WinWin would definitely be so shy about this if you were with the other guys. Not only because they would tease him, but also because he wouldn’t exactly know how to respond to them very well in Korean - he’s learning, though.

If it was just the two of you, he would be so comfortable and casually join you with the skin touching, even if it was just a habit of yours. He loved it, though, he thought it was cute and that you were just the cutest thing ever.

The two of you were just chilling in the living room, watching a movie in silence until your hand moved underneath his shirt and would casually rest on his belly. He’d abruptly look at you as he blinked a couple of times, but quickly wrap his arms around you as he laughed.

‘’Ahhh you’re so cute, Y/N! It tickles, though!’’

Originally posted by cypher127


Okay so I guess we’re almost done with the innocent ones, but then there’s Yuta. Every time your habit would show, this guy would tease you so, so much. He couldn’t care less if the guys were around when you’d put your hand under his shirt, or up his sleeve without realizing it at that moment. He would simply tease you back, that’s all.

The two of you were cooking for the others, and you had finished your part so all you could do now was stand next to Yuta and watch him prepare his part. He was cooking the chicken and seasoning it, you just watched.

Without realizing it, you stood closer to him than before and your rather cold hands would slip underneath his shirt and simply rest there. Yuta smirked a little, especially when some of the guys walked in.

He quickly grabbed a glass and filled it with water, handing it over to you as the grin on his face became bigger and bigger.

‘’Seems like you’re rather thirsty, Y/N. Here, drink something.’’ He frowned, causing you to blush out of embarrassment and quickly withdraw your hand.

Originally posted by y-ta


Taeil would be rather confused. How did this become your habit in the first place? Did you expect something as you touched his body? He had no idea, but apparently it became a habit and he had to deal with this. He didn’t exactly mind it, but it confused him, that’s all.

The two of you were washing the dishes, and his part was to dry them and put them away. Your task was easy and done quicker than Taeil’s. While waiting for him you’d put both your hands underneath his shirt as you waited.

Taeil shivered a bit and looked at you, confused like usual.

‘’Y/N, I don’t have any ABS!’’ He would respond, thinking that was what you were aiming for.

Originally posted by jihansol


This guy’s a meme, though. And a happy bunny. But he would be so incredibly shook every time your hand was touching his body - was it a hint? Was there something wrong? Or right? Were you trying to tell him something?

At the most random moments, he felt your hand resting on his belly and he would look so confused and shocked. He’d clear his throat as he looked at you, slightly uncomfortable of your random actions which turned out to be one of your weird habits.

‘’Eh, Y/N… Something the matter?’’

Originally posted by mvpshawolist


Haechan would somehow be like Yuta, but in a fun way. I don’t think Haechan would diss you as much (especially in front of others) like Yuta would. He’d tease you in a way so you wouldn’t mind it, either.

Your habit was to up his sleeve at random times, to feel his skin and then down his sleeve again once you were done. At first it really confused the heck out of this naughty Maknae, but at some point he got used to your funny habit.

Like mentioned before, you’d do it at incredibly random times - when you were out for dinner, maybe, just sitting at home, doing chores; random times. Haechan would laugh mischievously as he felt his sleeve going up his arm again and felt your soft hand against his skin.

‘’I know you love me, Y/N. Words are enough, you know? No need to get so intimate.’’ He’d laugh out loud.

Originally posted by nctinfo


Would be both confused but also chill about it on the outside, but sort of shook on the inside. Of course he had never experienced this before he met you, but then again - this habit is what made you, you. And that is who he fell in love with. Then again, it had him shocked every time, but he wouldn’t let you know.

The two of you were just chilling in the practice room after NCT’s practice was over, you were planning on going out for dinner soon but you let Jaehyun rest for a little bit. You sat down next to him and after a minute or two he’d feel your hand going up his body.

‘’Ahh, Y/N. You’re doing it again.’’ He would remove your hand from his body as he looked at you, smiling awkwardly. ‘’I’m sweating, it’s gross. Please not now.’’

Originally posted by yonges


Again. Johnny. Where to start. He had gotten used to it by now, and would probably go all savage on you at first, you’d probably get a little angry because you really can’t help your weird habit, but he’d make it up to you soon by kissing your cheek and hugging you, or whatsoever. He did see it as a compliment, though. You wouldn’t touch him if you didn’t like any of his features, so that’s that.

English wasn’t your first language, you knew it well but you wanted to know things better, so of course you would ask Johnny(or Mark, but only if Johnny was very busy which wasn’t often as he always made time for you). He’d explain you the things you didn’t understand, help you with some grammar or expand your vocabulary. He stopped in the middle of his sentence as he felt that you upped his sleeve again while looking at the text he had written.

He frowned as he began leaning against you teasingly.

‘’You know, saying the words ‘oh daddy’ would’ve been a better hint, Y/N. This one’s becoming old.’’

‘’This isn’t funny, Johnny! Ugh, I’m sorry.’’

‘’Don’t apologize. It’s too funny, and cute.’’ He’d say as he quickly pressed a kiss onto your forehead and continued explaining what he was explaining to you before.

Originally posted by nakamotens

(I needed an excuse to use this gif and it doesn’t fit but I love this okay, deal with it : ) )

A/N: Hope it’s okay and ugh iT’S SO LONG AGAIN SORRY?

★ The Star  - Hoshi Soulmate AU ~ Fluff ★

Originally posted by camera-seventeen

So someone requested a soulmate AU series for all of svt :)) 
Requested: Yes
Genre: Hoshi Fluff
  Your tattoo is only half complete and it completes itself the moment you find your soulmate
Soulmate AU series: Hoshi

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Big Bang reaction - Their girlfriend jumping into the shower with them

Here it is! None of these gifs are mine SORRY IF IT”S BAD

~ Brooklyn

Ji Yong:

Of course, he would be surprised, but not disappointed or nervous. He’d smile and grab the soap, already washing you down. It would be sensual but not too intense. He’d also be playful af and tease you:

“Jagiya you really wanted to shower with me huh. Do you want something *wink wink*”

He adores your body and would be a little upset if you tried to hide anything, but not like seriously upset. He could take this to a sexual route if the mood is right. If it isn’t at first he may set it. Like when you get in it’ll be playful, then he’ll look at you a certain way and change the water temp to make it hotter. He’d pull you close and kiss your neck getting you in the mood. Boom, the mood is set and y’all have sex.

Originally posted by gdrxgonjiyong

Choi Seunghyun:

He’d be surprised af. Like you caught him off guard here, and he doesn’t really know what to do. After a little while, he’ll get used to it and wash your hair for you. He wouldn’t talk much while he’s washing your hair, and you wouldn’t either. Comfortable silence would enter the bathroom and it would be soothing. I feel like it’d be very intimate, although it wouldn’t be like completely intense. I honestly think that it’d be quiet the entire time, with very minimal talking. As for sex, I think it maybe towards the end. Afterward, he’d sit on the couch, your back against his chest and you’d cuddle and talk.

Originally posted by ygzutter


He’d be a bit flustered when you got in, but after a little while, he’d be all for it. Honestly, it’d probably be sweet and caring at first, but then it goes to sex pretty quickly. He’d shampoo your hair and run his hands through it cause he knows how hard it can be to brush it. You’d have small conversations in there too. It’d be small and cute, but always making you smile at each other:

“Jagi, you’re so pretty. I’m so lucky I got you”

He’d praise you all the time, and he’d hate it when you try to hide. After your done showering you’d sit and talk about anything and everything. The TV would be on in the background, while you both drink coffee or tea. You’d wear his shirt and it would become the best lazy Sunday ever.

Originally posted by fantastic--babies


He’d be surprised and flustered and would be a little nervous. I can see him being very shy too. He’d ask you nervously what you’re doing and cover himself with his hands. You’d smile and tell him that you want to shower with him, and he’d get flustered once more. I feel like he’d be a little talkative and talk with you, either to ignore the feeling or distract himself from looking somewhere lower than your chin:

“So, um, how was work today?”

“Oppa, you asked me that already,”

It’d be pretty chill too. It wouldn’t be intense unless you needed to let out some of that pent-up lust and ish. Afterward, he’d cuddle with you in your pj’s relaxing together.

Originally posted by softbeom

Lee Seunghyun:

Sex. Just sex. JK there’s more to him than just how horny and kinky he may be. When you get in he’d be surprised, but happy too. Of course, he’d smirk and pull you close to him making some comment along the lines of:

“Jagi, if you want anything for me you could just ask” *Winks Seductively*

And you know that you’re probably gonna get it later. But he’d actually take care of you too. He’d help you wash up, shampoo your hair and all. He might massage you if you had a stressful day and need someone to take care of you. But after the cute and cuddliness, you’re most likely gonna have sex.

Originally posted by fantastic--babies

Anesthetic | PCY

Genre: Fluff

Word Count:  891

synopsis: You go to the dentist to remove your wisdom teeth, the outcome isn't the safest if you have feelings you want to hold.

request:  ‘HIII can I request an imagine where chanyeol and his gf go to the dentist bc his gf needs to get her wisdom teeth taken out so when she wakes up all drugged up, she says cute/adorable things to chanyeol thinking that he was another person :) SORRY THIS IS SO LONG ILY AND YOUR WRITING! FIGHTING!’

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

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Victoria’s Secret Show ‘16

Request: I read your recent about SNL so can you do one where you’re a VS Angel and Shawn goes to the show to support you since you guys are dating? Only if you’re comfortable writing it!!!

Just a short one as a welcoming back. And probably not the greatest!

Word count: 968

Ps. Below is Shawn’s reaction!

Arriving in Paris is a dream come true. I have been to Paris before for some shows and shoots but this time I was really stepping my foot into the modeling world. I was going to be walking, for the first time in The Victoria’s Secret Show. Having my favourite people around made it even better. Shawn has taken time off to come watch, which makes me extremely nervous – way more then I already am and I get to walk it with my best friend Bella.

Seeing the runway for the first time my heart swells and I am lost in my own world. Imaging the audience, the cameras, the lingerie, and the shoes. Bella grabs my hand as we head up onto the runway and I am beside myself. So many seats, so many people.

After many rehearsals we are prepared. Well almost, getting handed our VS Pink robes and our cute lingerie – which I will definitely be keeping as I know someone will appreciate. I wonder what other ones I could keep? 

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seungchuchu hcs

because i’m still sad over how little screen time seung gil got

-phichit has the most fun ever seeing seung gil’s reaction when calling him ‘jagiya~’ (dear) when it’s just the two of them
-seung gil can’t tell if he’s happy or jealous of how well phichit and his dog get along
-sometimes he feels like he has two dogs
-phichit just barely cares when he hears this, replying that seung gil is a lot like his pet and then they take a selfie together with a doggy ear/face filter
-they walk the dog together sometimes, at night so they can hold hands and chat in low voices close to each other
-seung gil’s clothes are a huge turn off it just goes from sexy times to sns time
-it’s fine if seung gil doesn’t talk much, phichit understands
-and when he does, he’ll ask questions
-(though sometimes he does want seung gil to say it out loud, and he’ll bait those words out of him any way he can)
-seung gil quickly learns that phichit is no actual angel but boy does his heart tell him otherwise
-seung gil is so done with all the cute things phichit does
-phichit is so done with seung gil’s closet but what can he do
-seung gil is starting to learn from phichit how to be flirty and romantic and phichit is an unhappy flustered mess
-when they first started dating, every time phichit got nervous he’d dodge the issue by taking a picture of seung gil’s face
-the first time phichit saw seung gil smile he had a mental breakdown
-seung gil finally dealt with all the criticisms over the lack of expression in his programs and did one that really expressed the sexual allure of man and boy was phichit allured
-meanwhile phichit learned how to be quiet with his emotion and performs one of the most beautiful and thoughtful programs ever
-phichit is always trying to sneak vegetables into seung gil’s diet
-sometimes seung gil is afraid he’ll be swallowed up by phichit’s charisma and flair. just one moment of weakness and he’ll fall too deep for this person he needs to beat
-sometimes they steal a rink away for an hour to themselves and just skate together, hand in hand, helping each other with jumps and enjoying the presence of each other
-they’re fine spending so much time apart, occasionally messaging each other. they knew what was coming when they entered the relationship
-whenever they hang out phichit is always (trying to) hang off seung gil for his warmth
-or his dog
-seung gil refused a selfie with phichit once and it was terrible, he was hounded so long, he’ll never say no again
-usually phichit sits in seung gil’s lap to keep him from escaping from quality time together but once seung gil sat in his lap and phichit got turned on in like 0.2 seconds but then he kept making a big deal out of it like “HOLY SHIT SEUNG GIL THIS NEVER HAPPENS I NEED A PICTURE” and seung gil just gets up and leaves him to take care of his own problems


I Don’t Do Jealous

The hunt through time to stop Vandal Savage continues, you and the rest of the team get prepared to face him while Rip comes up with the best time to strike. In the beginning, you thought travelling through time to stop the bad guy would be easy, thinking that it would be one quick trip and you would all return home in no time. Your adventures thus far with this team have proven otherwise. You can’t even remember how long it has been from the moment you decided to join this crusade. When the missions is complete and the time has come to go home, you can return with your head held high knowing you saved the world from a great evil.

Your teammates are a bunch of unique individuals, who in an ideal situation, would be unlikely to work together. Yet here you all are, travelling through space and time with one another, learning to work as a team effectively. Slowly but surely you are getting there. Sure, Snart and Rory are a bit of a wildcard but even they have proved themselves to be worthy team players, which you never thought for a second would happen. 

For some reason, Snart draws you in. The more time you spend getting to know him the more a bond between you forms. Of all the people on this ship, you did not expect to catch a soft spot for Leonard Snart, a well-known criminal. He’s not your go to type but there’s just something about him. Maybe it’s the way his cold blue eyes stare directly into yours when he is talking to you. Or perhaps it’s the way a small smirk forms on his lips whenever you stand your ground with the others and when he sees you fighting. You can deny it all you want but the fact is you have feelings towards Leonard. 

At this very moment, Leonard is contently watching you from a close distance. He casually lays on the floor, resting his head against one of the metal pillars behind him, one leg crossed over the other. You are sitting down in the middle of the floor in a meditating position to focus your mind, using your telekinetic abilities to levitate random objects around your body. They orbit around you like the planets do with the sun, you are the life force that keeps them going and Leonard finds it oddly satisfying to watch. You don’t have a concentrated look on your face, it is free from any expression as you carry out this display with such ease. 

Even with your eyes completely closed you can still feel Leonard’s eyes on you.”You know it’s rude to stare, right?” A smile appears on your face as you direct a question to him. 

To which he smugly replies. “Did you know that I don’t have any manners? And I wasn’t staring, don’t flatter yourself.”

You open your eyes and turn your head to face him whilst keeping all the objects in the air, even he can’t deny the fact that is rather impressive. “You’re such a charmer, Snart.” He laughs slightly at your comment.

What he likes about you the most is your sarcastic sense of humour, it strikes well with him. While many others would be easily offended by your sharp tongue and forward nature, Snart admires it. Sure, you may be like the others on this team who believe in protecting the innocent and doing what is best for the greater good and all, but he sees something different in you. You’re not afraid to make those tough choices that the others are morally restricted by. You can easily take back control of a situation when it is spiralling downwards and that is why this team needs you. That and so you can keep him and Rory in check because they respect you enough to actually listen. 

Deciding that you have trained your mind enough for today you get up onto your feet. That’s when Ray enters the room with his pearly white smile, causing Snart to roll his eyes and look the other way. Although he has grown to tolerate Ray he still can’t stand him at the best of times. 

“Hey, y/n. I’ve been looking all over for you.” Ray stops a few steps away from you. 

“Hey Ray, is there a problem?” You return a small smile. 

“There’s no problem exactly… But I could use your help with something.” He begins to say walking towards you slowly. Even Snart can tell that he is clearly trying to be flirtatious in the way he carries himself and how he looks at you. This isn’t exactly the first time he has witnessed him flirting with you either.

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