but this was not the look for her


“I’m your real family… and I know you know it.” 

{{ What does Lucifer care about? Love. Family. Home. }}


R: I know Marcos, I was working with him, that’s why I’m here.
L: Okay, then tell me about that.
R: He was helping my family. We got caught by Sentinel Services.

hey talking about stupid bnha ocs here’s another dumb one (of my many, MANY bnha ocs). Her name’s Tenzai Kafuka and her Quirk is she’s Basically A Cockroach (based on the domino cockroach). Her hero name is *snort* Roachach seewhatididthere

Like 13, she specialises in search and rescue - her Quirk makes her virtually indestructible, having a super high tolerance for very high and low temperatures, radiation and the ability to go without food and water for weeks, and air for about half an hour, making her perfect for rescuing civilians trapped in dangerous environments. She can unfold her wings and use them as a shield for others. While she can’t actually fly, she’s very speedy and has a high manoeuvrability. Her abilities actually make her a pretty good hero, although she prefers to work in darker environments, as daylight gives her headaches/migraines.

She was in the same class as Eraserhead and Present Mic. Standing at 6′5″, she’s taller than both.

I love her a lot.