but this was my favorite part of the video


AU WEEK @miraculous-weeks
Day 3: video games (late creation) AMNESIA AU
Which route would you choose if they were part of an otome game like Amnesia?
From top to bottom:
💙Chat Noir(Adrien)
💛Chat Noir(Felix)
(P.S. I couldn’t decide which background to use so I used the three of them 😂 can you guess which one was my favorite to draw?)((based on an image for Amnesia: Crowd))


Put this video on my grave


#prinxiety is so cute! 😍❤💜 my favorite part of #thomasSanders recent video.

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why did i think animating hands was a good idea

anyways, here’s my favorite parts from the animation:

TW Pack As Youtubers :

(Lydia, Stiles and Scott)


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  • i 99% believe she would be a beauty guru
  • most likely already has a fashion/beauty blog
  • super popular instantly
  • gives haters the sassiest comebacks
  • gives styles tips
  • probably makes an occasional rant video here and there
  • asks people from school to be in her video and gives them makeovers
  • a favorite amongst the beauty community in youtube
  • gives good advice and tips
  • lowkey shades people in her videos
  • is very social with her fans and always tries to respond to everyones comments


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  • probably a mix of everything
  • gaming videos where people are entertained by his ‘oh so manly’ screams from jumpscares
  • storytimes like “I was possessed by a demon.” and “FOUND A DEAD BODY IN THE FOREST.” and “Almost got killed…part 4.”
  • stupid, but entertaining challenge videos with his friends
  • rants “My bestfriend wont watch Star Wars with me.”
  • is shipped with literally every person he collabs with
  • pranks..mostly on scott
  • is super relatable and thats why people love his videos
  • leaves sarcastic comments in the comment section of his own videos
  • is actually the one who started #Sciles4Ever and spams it all over Scotts videos
  • people make lots of memes of him
  • lowkey super salty when scott gets shipped with others


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  • makes lots of videos with his bff Stiles
  • lots of lacrosse videos
  • challenges with Stiles
  • pranks with Stiles
  • #Sciles4Ever is all over his comment section
  • gets flustered when people compliment him on his Q&A videos
  • probably gives a lot of life tips and advice videos
  • Melissa is in some of his videos and of course fans love her
  • #MommaMccall
  • knows Stiles started the #Sciles4Ever tag
  • is very sweet to all his fans
  • does a lot of collabs with people
  • haters cant even hate him

Logic and Morality being buddies, Prince being an over dramatic drama queen, Anxiety being surprisingly compliant and included I cannot decide what my favorite part of this video is- wait


“Mother F-”

“-Father! Now you!”

“Brother! I love word association games”

Yup, that actually really got me going