but this was my favorite part of the match

Finally finished timing the script for this lil’ guy, and I thought I’d treat you all to a little preview since it’s been so loooong! :D

I’ve started a new exercise where I turn Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 1/??

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Aaron Burr marrying Charles Lee and Theodosia on the same day and they both kiss his cheek at the you may kiss the bride part because that's the easiest and he wears two rings one that matches Charles's and one that matches Theodosia's and they all live happily ever after because burr is my favorite and he deserves happiness

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Hi everyone! i decided to do a follow forever for the new year because i want to show appreciation before 2016 ends.

So i hope everyone’s having a good day of a year that hasn’t been the best, but hopefully y’all have had some positive memories from it when the world goes into 2017 and that 2017 will be much better both personally and worldwide. i just wanted to thank everyone for making my time on here really great and for posting pictures, making beautiful edits, coming up with funny text posts or just cheering on your favorite football team! it has been up and downs on this site with people not being so kind to one and other but for the most part, in my own opinion, it has been awesome to come on here on a match day and being apart of a community that i myself don’t really have outside of tumblr (maybe some can relate to this)

anyway i hope 2017 will be a year of prosper, happiness, new experiences, new people, making even more memories that will last forever and that you will take of yourself because you are important, wonderful, amazing and deserve to live the life YOU want to live. so HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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3.5.16 // Planning my day is one of my favorite parts of the morning (also coffee ☕️). Kept it super simple this week..also was v excited to find some washi tape that matched these stickers!

Side note, probably my last bujo post until after surgery next week! But I’ll still be here as much as possible 😊✨


“Did you…. You just ate that! I thought we were supposed to cleanse it! Ugh!”

“I am,” she said.

Obsession, Chapter 9

I should have been studying but I said i was going to fanart it because it’s my favorite part of this series and i have had these ideas in my head for so long it feels so good to actually managed to make them.

Srsly go read this fanfic by @kryallaorchid (tumblr i hate you why you dont allow me to tag them). I want to make one more fanart for Obsession before reading Quiver because 1) exams are this week and 2) i know im going to want to make fanart for Quiver but i dont want to leave behind more ideas xD

First panel belong to Chapter 8, btw (it made me cry and surprised me)

Crossroads (1/?)

Summary: (Y/n) is the media manager for Manchester United. When the team wants to reach a wider audience, someone suggests doing a collab with some YouTubers.

A/N: I don’t think I’m going to turn this into a romantic thing. I just thought it would be nice to do a sort of banter-filled thing with all of my favorite boys! Let me know what you guys think!

Dear Zerkaa,

Hello! My name is (y/n) (y/l/n). I am a part of the media team at Manchester United. My team and I are aware of your up and coming annual charity match in June. First and foremost, we would like to congratulate you on your accomplishments over the years. We were also wondering if you would like to do a collaboration with the squad. If you and your selected team for the charity match would like to do the collaboration, both your team and Manchester United would both be able to upload most footage taken. There are still terms and conditions that need to be set. If you are interested, please respond to this email as soon as possible and we will get back to you on the details. It would be great if you could include a roster of who is going to be on your team.

(Y/n) (y/l/n)

(Y/n) walked into the training room looking down at her camera, changing the settings. She looked around the facility seeing her media team film and take pictures of the boys training. Juan Mata smiled at her as she passed his treadmill. A white, inflatable inter tube-type circle attached to the treadmill hugged his waist and held him in place as he ran. “What have you been up to?” He asked as she smiled back.

“Business things. Making sure my team is doing their job. The usual.” She said taking a picture of Juan as he ran. “Nice one.” (Y/n) said looking at the picture.

“Thanks. Guess I’m just naturally photogenic!” He said slowing his pace to a jog.

“Not always! I have several of you that you would probably not like to see the light of day.” (Y/n) said laughing.

“Oh God.” Juan said. “I think I remember hearing Zlatan talk about a possible collaboration with some YouTubers soon?”

“Yeah. He’s right. The guy hasn’t responded yet. It’s The Sidemen if you were wondering. I mean it’s them and their team for a charity match,” Juan gave a confused look to (y/n) as he took a drink from his water bottle, “KSI and his friends. Anyway. I’ll let you get back to training. I have to talk to Jose and a few others really quick. Nice talking to you!” She said.

“You too.” He said starting to sprint again.

Dear (Y/n) (y/l/n),

Thank you so much for the offer! From what I know so far, all of our team is interested and will be able to make it. You will need to give us a heads up on dates and duration of filming so we can make videos in advance. If you can tell us, what will your portion of the collaboration include?

Here is the team list:
Jamie Adenuga
Vikram Barn
Josh Bradley
Tobi Brown
Marcus Butler
Casper Lee
Harold Lewis
Jeremie Lynch
Simon Minter
Olajide Olatunji
Spencer Owen
Ethan Payne
Lewis Redman
Hugh Stevens
Billy Wingrove

Josh Bradley

“Excuse me, Jose.” (Y/n) said taking large steps to catch up to Jose Mourinho.

“Yes.” Jose said simply, turning around.

“How are we looking on March 23rd through the 26th for the guys joining us for training.” She said holding her iPad by her side.

“How many people again?”

“Fifteen. I do think that this will be fun for the team too. I’ve spoken to several of them and they seem excited for it.”

“I think we’re good then. I just need to speak to a few people before they can come. You tell your people what to do from here on. You’re the one in charge of this. I trust you with this sort of thing.”

“Yes. Thank you for going along with this. I’ve talked to people and they’ve gotten pay settled for that time. Have a good day.” (Y/n) said before walking away.

In all honesty, Jose is an amazing person but he intimidated her greatly. He had a different sense of humor than she was used to which threw her off oftentimes.

Dear Josh,

Are you available from March 23rd through the 26th? We will have housing and food covered for you and your team just to let you know. And to answer your question about what you will be doing, you’ll basically be training with our team for as much as you are able. We were thinking something along the lines of ‘can you keep up with the pros’. I’m not entirely sure on the title yet but that’s the general idea. You’ll pretty much be living like our players. That includes training facilities, recovery facilities, pitch and food. We’ll accommodate for all your needs the best we can. Most players will be available to film videos post training every day. I can speak to specific ones if you want a certain person in one of your videos.

If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me or the main box office.

(Y/n) (y/l/n)


To see Part 1, click here!

Part 2 is finally here! I got a lot of new merch since my last room tour in September so let’s begin!

My newest blanket and pillow:

Isn’t it perfect? ❤

And of course, I had to get the matching phone case and bag:

I also got a new Max Cady bag (in color) which is rare to find!

It’s beautiful :’)

Okay next is my new posters!

I’ve dedicated one wall to Jimmy Conway only ❤

Still working on it, but it’s perfect so far!

Probably my favorite Jimmy poster! A 24x36 Black and white picture, framed and everything! He’s just perfect! ❤

Now moving over to the opposite side of my room! “The hoof” scene (24x36) ❤ I’ll probably get a frame for this and I still have enough room on this wall for 3 more 24x36 posters! :)

By the way, the banner above says “Drinkin’ With My Bitches”. Typical Jimmy drinking with his bitches, Tommy and Henry.

Okay, so this is a really rare mini poster (8x10) from Raging Bull and I absolutely love it. His nose and his curly hair are just ❤.


Analyze This Wall Clock! I have it hanging right above all my books and DVD’s! :)

I’m an Official Goodfellas Fangirl, what more can I say? (this is my favorite necklace btw) ❤

I VOTED… but not for that idiot Trump. I wear this campaign button practically everywhere I go so people know what’s up!

One of my favorite mugs :’) I took this with me to the theater last October when I went to the screening of Taxi Driver. I was the only dedicated one there! ❤

Tiny but adorable Mean Streets keychain :)

“You washin’ your hands with me?” Yes, I am! This hand towel is HUGE, bigger than I expected it to be but it’s just the perfect accessory! ❤

Onto my newest shirts!

This was a must have! ❤

Now this is probably my favorite shirt!

This is the front!

And this is the back!

You know I just had to have it! I even wore it while I was getting my tattoo done! ❤

 If you want to see my tattoo, click here!

Well that’s it for this part of my room tour! I hope you enjoyed! If you want to see Part 1, the link is up top! There will definitely be a part 3 in a few more months! ❤

I love meeting strangers and telling them about you. I love telling our story from the beginning, how I was so mesmerized by your every move, the things you said to me, the way you held me, but my favorite part is telling them how you walked out on me and dropped my heart from a twenty story building and I stood at the bottom watching it fall to the ground then I swept up the pieces, every time I get to the end the devastation in their eyes almost matches mine. I am collateral damage, I was so mesmerized by your every move.
—  devastation

Screenshots from PREPARE FOR BATTLE | Ancient Warfare 2! :)

I wouldn’t mind seeing Seán play this game again. He seemed like he had a lot of fun playing this game despite being extremely confused by it in the start of the video. xD I think my favorite part of this game is the music it sounds like a grand battle is going on with gods and man fighting side by side. But in the actual game it’s not like that at all and that’s actually kind of hilarious of how much the game doesn’t match the music it has. xD 
I had a lot of fun watching this video. :) 

7 days of Tenipuri

Day five: favorite filler

Ok so I still haven’t watched the first anime so I have to go with the few filler I know about and of course my favorite it’s…


This thing killed me in all the good ways. A part from the whole “Momo is having a Date” thing with the senpai going nuts, Kaidoh totally misunderstanding what Inui meant and Tezuka refusing the calls not one, not two, not even three, but F O U R times straight was TOO GOOD to be true. Unfortunately, it was true XDDD

Bonus point for the Tango Pair match and the damn English Castle movie. Which technically isn’t a filler episode, but it’s not manga-canon, and I ADORE it <3


I finally finished a group shot of Boat Party from Season 1 of one of my favorite podcasts Friends at the Table. 

Hella the fighter Fero the druid and Lem the bard respectively. I love them a lot and putting details into clothing a lot. Apparently. It was fun if very time consuming. Hopefully drawing the other half of the FatT dream team will go faster. 

YEah! I worked real hard and am happy with how it turned out. :) Thank you.

Matching Symbols

A/N: this is my favorite imagine i have ever written, and im probably going to write a part 2 of it!! hope yall enjoy!!

Prompt: each soulmate pair has a specific symbol that matches each other, and the are suppose to find each other by finding the person with the same symbol as theirs.

Pairing: Peter Parker x The Reader

Words: 2195

Warnings: None

Y/N sighed, glancing at her upper arm in the mirror. There was a small outline of a castle, which she didn’t understand why. Yes, it was a soulmate mark, but it didn’t make sense to her why it was a castle, unless her soulmate is a prince, which she highly doubted. Shrugging the thought of it off, she covered it in make up and headed off to work.

Y/N worked at Disneyland as Princess Belle, and she didn’t particularly like it. Y/N wasn’t very princess like, so she found walking around and trying to pretend to be one was pretty hard. Y/N couldn’t really quit since she liked being at Disneyland, and the job was within walking distance. There were no other jobs close enough for her other than this, and she didn’t have a car. There really wasn’t another way to get to far places since her parents didn’t have the time to drive her around.

Y/N sighed before walking into the locker room, and stuffing her bag into a locker, and grabbing her dress from the rack. She slipped it on, then did her hair to look like Belle’s, before heading out. As she left, her friend Jack called her over to where he was.

Jack was the character Peter Pan, and Y/N couldn’t help but think how much he was like Peter Pan. She also thought that he was so lucky to be a character he was like, and he didn’t have to walk around and pretend to be someone he’s not. Jack was Y/N’s only friend here, and she was glad she had him.

“Hey, Y/N.” He said as she came near him.

“Hey Jack, how’ve you been?” Y/N asked, forcing a smile onto her face.

“Same old, same old. You look like you’ve seen better days.” Jack laughed at her, Y/N rolling her eyes.

“Its suppose to get up to 100 degrees today, and my hair is sticking to my neck. I’m not sure kids want to be meeting a sweaty princess.” She commented, moving the hair away from her neck, making Jack laugh.

“I’ve got to go, but I’ll meet you for lunch.” Y/N nodded, and sighed as he walked away to where Wendy Darling was.

Y/N made her way to Fantasy Land, waving at people as she did. As she walked under Cinderella’s Castle, she bumped into someone, immediately apologizing. “I’m terribly sorry, I wasn’t looking where i was going.” She spoke as she looked up and made eye contact with the person.

Something felt weird about this person, like she felt as if she was supposed to run into him. They guy apologized back to her, the both of them just staring at each other. Y/N smiled, before walking away, a weird feeling inside of her.

As she looked back, she could still see the stranger staring at her, but he was soon pulled away by someone she immediately recognized. The famous Tony Stark had been the one to pull him away, freaking her out. Y/N loved the Avengers, and she couldn’t believe that the Tony Stark was at Disneyland, which lead her to wonder if there were anymore of them here.

She tried to push the thought to the back of her head as she entered Fantasyland. Y/N started to take pictures and talk to people, as they started to form a line to meet her. One thing Y/N did like about her job, was that she loved seeing people smile because of her, it made her feel good inside.

As her line finished up, she headed to the Fantasy Faire, where most of the other princesses were. Y/N could hardly tolerate most of them, since they were so perky and nice, and Y/N couldn’t stand it. Since Y/N only had one friend at her job, she didn’t talk to her other coworkers much.

The Fantasy Faire was just more meeting people, and a show. The princesses put on a small play every few hours within a day, and Y/N thought it was pretty stupid. She hated the thought of having to act like she was a princess. But at least she got one of the princesses she actually likes, not one that really had no lesson to teach children.

She was in the middle about playing Belle, since she liked the lesson the movie gave out to people watching it, but it just didn’t fit her. Yes, she looked like a modern version of Belle, but that doesn’t make her personality like Belle’s.

After the Another hour or two at the Fantasy Faire, Y/N went to go find Jack, and have lunch with him. She could finally tell him about what she saw, and what happened at the Castle.

Once she finally found Jack, she hurriedly rushed over to him as he finished talking to the last people in his line.

“Jack, you will never believe what happened!” She quietly spoke, pulling him towards the employee quarters.

“What happened? You saw an Avenger here or Superman flew by?” Jack joked, making her nod.

“Speaking of Avengers, I saw Tony Stark!” Y/N excitedly told him in a hushed voice.

“Are you sure it was him? I mean it could gave been a look alike.” Y/N nodded, knowing what she saw.

“And, I ran into someone under the castle, and it felt like that was meant to happen!” Y/N said, making Jack gasp.

“Do you think that could be your soulmate?!” Jack asked, making the employees around them to look at them.

“I don’t know, what was it like when you found your soulmate?” Curiosity got the best of Y/N and she couldn’t help but finally ask him.

“Have you ever been excitedly waiting for a concert, and then finally it was that day of the concert, and you were so happy when the day came? And you couldn’t believe what was going on right in front of you? Thats what it felt like. I mean, when I met Liam, it felt like meeting him was meant to happen, so it could mean that the guy you ran into was your soulmate.” Jack had a smile on his face as he spoke about Liam.

Yeah Jack was gay, and Y/N couldn’t help but be so happy for him that his soulmate was a guy. They both had a rainbow as their symbol, and Y/N always wondered if it symbolized them being gay, but Y/N never asked since it was personal.

“Maybe if I saw him again, then I might be able to figure it out.” Y/N shrugged, taking a bite out of her sandwich.

“Then why don’t you go look for him? It’s only been a couple hours, I don’t think he would’ve left.” Jack suggested, but Y/N shook his head at the idea.

“Can’t, I can’t just walk around the park freely like you. I basically have to stay around Fantasyland, but more specifically, Fantasy Faire. If I didn’t have to, I’d totally go look for him.” Y/N sighed, before taking another bite of her sandwich.

“Then walk around Fantasyland, maybe he’ll be there.” Y/N nodded, agreeing.

“I’ll let you know if anything happens, or if I get to meet an Avenger.” Jack snickered as she said the end of her sentence.

Y/N finished her sandwich, listening to Jack’s story about a kid that almost peed on him since he was really nervous about meeting Peter Pan. She shook her head and threw away her trash, said bye to Jack, before she headed around Fantasyland.

Y/N started off by Cinderella’s castle, and made her way around. She would stop and take pictures, or talk to some little kids, but there was still no sight of the mysterious person. Y/N was soon stopped by Matterhorn, signing things and taking pictures. She had a whole line going, but yet there was still no sign of the person she was looking for.

As she was talking to a little kid, she couldn’t help but see someone walk out from Matterhorn, who looked really familiar. Y/N realized that it was the mystery guy from under the castle, and she hoped that he would come and see her.

“Have you met any characters yet?” Y/N overheard a voice ask him as they stood by the exit for Matterhorn. Y/N could see him shake his head, and she was more than hoping that the person he was talking to would convince him to go meet Y/N. “Well Princess Belle is over there, and I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go meet her.” The person said, who Y/N soon recognize as Scarlett Witch, better known as Wanda Maximoff.

Y/N’s heart began to race, and she felt like she was going to faint. Not only was her possible soulmate going to go meet her, but so was an Avenger. This was like a dream come true for Y/N. Y/N continued to take pictures and sign things for the people in line, and she wish that the line would go faster.

There was a couple people in front of Wanda and Y/N’s potential soulmate, and Y/N couldn’t help but be overly excited. She could hear them playing a game on one of their phones as she signed something for a little girl. Y/N couldn’t help but freak out a little inside her head, what if Wanda thought she was a stalker or something? What if her potential soulmate didn’t want to be with her? Could that happen? Y/N’s mind was driving her insane.

Y/N was too busy overthinking things to realize that the two of them were standing in front of her before they knew it. “Hey,” Wanda said, gaining Y/N’s attention.

“Uhm, wow,” Y/N mumbled under her breathe before trying to put on her best Belle impersonation. “Hi! How’ve you been dear?” She asked, trying not to pass out.

“I’m doing great! Thanks for asking.” Wanda smiled at Y/N, making her open and close her mouth like a fish.

“You’re Wanda Maximoff! Sorry, im a huge fan, I think you’re great!” Y/N excitedly said, surprising Wanda.

“Really? That’s cool! You’re totally my favorite Disney Princess by the way.” Wanda smiled at Y/N, before laughing a little at the expression on her face.

Wanda and Y/N took a picture together, and then it was Y/N’s potential soulmate’s turn. Y/N tried to calm herself down from what just happened as he walked up to her.

“You bumped into me under Cinderella’s Castle.” Was the first thing Y/N said to him, making her want to hit herself in the head.

“Yeah, I was just going to say,” He laughed awkwardly.

“So, uhm, how’s your day been?” Y/N asked, giving him a small smile.

“It’s actually been great! This is my first time here, and it’s been so much fun! And it keeps getting better every minute.” Y/N looked at him with eyes wide as he winked at her after finishing what he was saying.

“What’s your name?” Y/N asked, her heart racing.

“Peter Parker,” He smiled, giving Y/N chills. “What’s your actual name, Princess Belle?” Y/N stood there, just staring into his eyes.

“Uh what?” She asked, since she wasn’t paying attention to what he was saying.

“I asked you what your name was.” Peter chuckled, making Y/N feel stupid.

“It’s Y/N.” His smile grew as he heard her say that.

“Well, Y/N, I think you’re really pretty.” Y/N turned red as a tomato as he told her that, and she also felt like she was closer to passing out than before. Peter reach his hand out to hers, and she could clearly see the exact castle outline on his wrist, as the one on her upper arm.

Y/N traced his symbol, smiling. “This is so weird, seeing it on someone else.” She lifted her sleeve, and rubbed of the make up that was covering her castle.

The crowd that had formed around them cheered, as they embraced each other in a hug. Y/N understood why Jack was saying now, how you would feel so happy when you meet your soulmate, since that’s exactly how Y/N felt.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why were you hanging out with an Avenger all day?” Y/N said in a voice only audible for Peter to hear.

“That, is something to tell another day.” He smirked at her, as they pulled apart from their hug. “Well, I’ll be on my way, got a day at Disneyland to spend, but I’ll see you around.” Peter kissed Y/N on the top of her head, then him and Wanda took off.

Y/N smiled as she watched them disappear from her line if sight, and she went back to signing and taking pictures. She had so much to tell Jack.

Y/N had to go back to the Fantasy Faire, and do another play of some sort. After the play, they had to go and get ready for the Soundsational Parade. Y/N hoped that Peter would be watching the parade, but at the same time she wanted him to go have fun.

Y/N saw Jack getting ready, and sat beside him in the open seat. “Jack, the craziest thing happened earlier! Actually, the craziest things happened earlier! I have two thing to tell you!” Y/N laughed a little as Jack rolled his eyes. “Ok, so I met Wanda Maximoff,” She paused, letting Jack react. Jack sat there with his mouth open, and Y/N smirked at him. “And that guy i ran into? Turns out we are soulmates.” Y/N smiled, and so did Jack.

“No way! Dude, I’m so happy for you!” Jack pulled Y/N into a hug. “Tell me every single detail of what happened.” He said, releasing Y/N from the hug.

“Well I did what you suggested, and walked around Fantasyland, and then I stopped by Matterhorn, and a lot of people were in line to meet me. Then he and Wanda come out from Matterhorn, and they get in line to meet me!” Y/N excitedly told him, still not over the fact she had met an Avenger. “Jenny took a video of the whole thing, here.” She handed him her phone, and he played the video.

Jack watched the whole video, including the part where Y/N met Peter. When he was done watching it, he couldn’t help but fanboy about it. “That was so cute! Why couldn’t I meet Liam like that? When I met Liam, he spilt his smoothie on me, and I had to walk around all sticky.” Jack pouted playfully.

“Parades about to start, catch you in a little!” Y/N told him as she looked on the clock on her phone.

Y/N put her phone back in her bag, then headed to her float with the other princesses. The parade started, and she couldn’t help but smile at the catchy music that played as the floats went around. Y/N smiled and waved to people, but kept and eye out for Peter, to see if he was in the crowd.

She figured he was on a ride or in line for one since the parade was almost over, and she didn’t see him in the crowd if people. As they neared the end of mainstreet, Y/N saw a hat similar to Peter’s, and looked more closesly who was wearing it. Peter stood next to Wanda, and waved up at Y/N.

Y/N smiled at him, and waved back. When the parade ended, she made her way back to Fantasyland, hopefully seeing Peter on her way there. She wanted to go around the park with him, but she had to work, which was a bummer for her. When she got back to the Fantasy Faire, all the other princesses wanted to know every single detail about her and Peter meeting.

“I mean, we saw the video, but anything else happen?!”

“Your soulmate’s cute, ugh.”

“I wish i found my soulmate.”

“What’s his name?!”

“Ugh you guys are soooo cute.”

Y/N blankly looked at all the other princesses, who were suddenly interested in her life. Apparently, videos spread fast than she thought. She pushed past them, and sat backstage, trying to get away from the cheery voices.

Y/N was glad the day was almost over, she just wanted to go home. So much had happened, and she barely realized what went on and whats going to happen. She didn’t need people being nosey in her life. Good thing she just had to do another play, and parade, then she could go out and relax.

Y/N had some people fix her hair since the heat messed it up. As they did her hair, she heard someones heels clicking away on the floor, coming in her direction. Someone sat next to her, but Y/N didn’t bother looking for who it was.

“Just letting you know, we saw your soulmate and some girl sitting together in the audience. Guess they’re watching the play, try not to make a fool of yourself like you always do.” Y/N knew exactly who that was, and she could basically see the smirk on her face.

Bianca was Cinderella, and Y/N always wondered why she wasn’t Cinderella’s ugly step sister. She was rude, and she was literally the nastiest  person Y/N ever met. Since they’re in the play together, Bianca always manages to find a way to make Y/N mess up. And with Peter and Wanda watching the play, the more she’d try and mess her up.

Y/N never understood what her problem was, or why everyone followed her around like she was a legit princess. Y/N let out a frustrated groan, and ran her hands down her face.

“Y/N, five minutes!” Y/N sighed, and headed to the stage. She could see the smirk on Bianca’s face from the corner of her eyes, and knew this wouldn’t end well.

The curtain opened, and everyone did their part. Y/N had to walk past Bianca soon, and she knew she was going to trip her, but she went on. As she walked across the stage, she knew what was coming, but it didn’t happen. When Y/N made it across the stage, she looked confused.

Where was the trip? Is she planning something worse? That’s all Y/N could think about. All of a sudden, Y/N was drenched with water, making the audience gasp, and the girls on stage laugh.

Y/N stood there with her mouth open. Of course this would happen to her, she thought. Without even thinking, she pushed the curtain aside, and ran backstage. She could hear someone calling her name, but she didn’t care.

Y/N opened the doors to the bathroom, and hid in the stall. She heard someone come in, and hoped it wasn’t who she expected it to be.

“Y/N?” She heard Peter asking, and she wanted nothing more than to crawl in a whole and disappear. Y/N slid down the wall, and started uncontrollably sobbing into her hands. “Y/N open the door, please.” Peter quietly said, lightly knocking on the door.

Y/N didn’t say or do anything, she just continued to sob into her hands. She heard Peter mumble something, and the sound of a door opening and closing. Y/N looked up to find Peter climbing over the top of the wall that separated the stalls. Once he got down, he sat in next to her.

“You okay?” Y/N shook her head, and wiped her eyes. “Hey, look at me.” Y/N shook her head again, not wanting Peter to see her since the make up they put on her was all runny and gross.

Y/N felt Peter put an arm around her, and pulled her into him. He didn’t say anything, and rubbed her back comfortingly. After a couple minutes, she finally looked up at him. Peter smiled at her, and wiped her eyes.

“Hey, it’s gonna be okay.” Peter said, trying to make her feel better.

“I know, I just can’t believe they’d do that to me. I’m soaking wet, I mean it was refreshing from all this hot weather, but I don’t understand why they would do that to me. I’ve literally never talked to them before! Gosh I really wish I had some pizza.” Y/N sighed, wiping of her make up with a tissue.

“We can go grab pizza if you want.” Peter suggested, and Y/N smiled at that. “Aw, there’s her pretty smile!” Y/N laughed, and couldn’t help but blush at that. “Do you have any other clothes you could change into?” Peter asked, as he came back from wetting the toilet paper so she could wipe her make up off.

“It’s in the locker room, which is across the Park, by the entrance. I’m not sure they’d let you in.” Y/N sighed, and continued to wiper her face.

“Here, you can use the sweater i bought earlier.” Peter pulled out a grey sweater the said Disneyland on it from his backpack, and gave it to Y/N.

Y/N shrugged it on, and took of her wet dress from under the sweater. Peter watched her admiringly, and couldn’t help but be glad that Y/N was his soulmate.

“You know, you look cute in my sweater.” Y/N playfully rolled her eyes at him as he tried to flirt with her.

“Okay, well I think I’m ready to face the world.” Y/N said with a sigh, and Peter helped her up.

“Are you wearing shorts? Or something under that? I’m not letting you walk around without shorts.” Peter looked at Y/N seriously.

“Calm down, I have a spandex on.” She stated, before lifting the giant sweater up. “Dude, your sweater is huge.” Y/N laughed, seeing that Peter’s sweater was basically a dress on her.

They walked out, everyone looking at her. Some asked if she was okay, other just giving the two of them dirty looks. Y/N saw her boss head her way, and she hoped she wasn’t getting fired.

“Y/N, are you alright? I saw what happened, do you know who did that?” Y/N nodded, a smirk on her face as she saw Bianca from behind mouthing her not to say anything. “Who did it?” Her boss asked, and she shrugged innocently.

“Can I have two park hoppers for tomorrow, and the day off?” Her boss sighed but nodded. He pulled out two park hoppers, and handed it to her. “Bianca did it, thank you Mr. Roberts!” Y/N smirked at Bianca as she passed her.

Peter and Y/N laughed as they got out of there, and Y/N pulled him towards Redd Rockets’s Pizza Port. “Hey, where’s Wanda?” Y/N asked, realizing that she hadn’t seen her since before she ran off.

“She met up with the others, who are coincidentally eating here too.” Y/N’s mouth dropped open.

“No, this is unreal. You are lying to me.” Peter shook his head and laughed, before pointing out a table with more than 10 people sitting there. They all looked familiar to Y/N, and she figured he wasn’t kidding. “Oh my gosh. I might literally pass out.” Peter laughed, and put a slice of cheese pizza on his plate.

Y/N put a slice on hers, and grabbed one of those chocolate things call Darth by Chocolate, that had a little chocolate Darth Vader head on top. Y/N payed, since she got an employee discount, the both of them not even paying ten dollars.

Y/N followed Peter to the table, him pulling up two chairs at the end of the table by Wanda. Peter motioned for Y/N to sit and she did, everyone’s attention turning to her and Peter.

“So, Peter, who’s your friend.” Y/N partially choked on her pizza as she heard the one and only Captain America speak.

“That’s Y/N,” He smiled as he paused. “She my girlfriend.” Y/N had stopped eating her pizza, and looked at everyone.

“What? Sorry, this pizza is really good.” Y/N said, taking another bite.

“I like her.” Tony commented, making Y/N’s eyes go wide.

“Yeah, so do I.” Peter agreed, nodding, which cause Y/N to blush.

“Wait, Peter, how do you know the Avengers?” Everyone looked at Y/N as she said that. “What? I’m confused.” Everyone continued to look from Y/N to Peter.

“You didn’t tell her?” Y/N stopped eating, and looked around.

“Tell me what?” Y/N was about to choke or pass out, this whole day was too much.

“That I’m Spiderman…” Peter said slowly, waiting for a reaction out of me.

“Wait, no? Woah. Dude! Thats so sick! Is that how you climbed over that stalls so easily? Holy.. Woah…” Y/N exclaimed, surprised. “Spiderman is my favorite superhero of all time, are you for real?? I grew up hearing about spiderman, this is insane!” Peter rolled his eyes as someone on the team called him out.

Peter put his arm around Y/N, her immediately relaxing into him. Wanda gushed at how cute they were, making Y/N blush, and Peter smile down at her.

“Ok, I feel like I’m dreaming, can someone pinch me, or like hit me in the head really hard? This does not feel real at all.” Natasha slapped the back of Y/N’s head, causing her to wince in pain. “Ok, ok, thanks.”

They heard some cheering, and music blaring, which meant the Paint the Night parade was going on. Y/N groaned loudly as she forget she wasn’t excused from the parade.

“Mr. Roberts is going to kill me! Gosh darn! And I got those park hoppers and the day off, aw man! It was nice meeting you all, but I gotta go explain to my boss why i was having dinner with the Avengers and not standing on a parade float!” Y/N said goodbye to everyone after she freaked out a little, and ran out the door.

Peter stood up and chased her, calling out her name. She finally stopped once she realized that i was Peter running after her. Once Peter caught up to her, he pulled her into him, and kissed her. They pulled apart, and Peter had a huge grin on his face.

“I’ve been wanting to do that to you since you ran into me this morning. And I’ll see you tomorrow?” Y/N nodded, but stopped him before he could walk away.

“You can crash at my place tonight if you want. My dad’s on a business trip in Canada, and my mom probably won’t mind, she loves company.” Peter nodded, and went back to the pizza port.

Y/N found her boss, and explained to him what happened. He understood, and was willing to let her off the hook as long as that didn’t happen again, which she was glad. Y/N told him to have a great rest of the night, before heading back to the pizza port.

“The fireworks are about to start, if you guys want to watch.” She spoke trying to catch her breath from running across the park.

“Good thing we just finished.” Clint said, throwing his trash away.

Everyone headed out, Y/N and Peter trailing behind everyone. Y/N rested her head on Peters shoulder as they walked together.

“You know, I’m glad everything that happened today, happened. We may have just met, but I’m glad you are in my life.” Y/N smiled up at Peter as he said that,  making a ‘mhm’ noise in agreement. “All this time, I thought my soulmate would be a legit princess,” Peter paused, making Y/N snort.

“You’re not alone on that thought, pal. I thought I’d get a legit Prince Charming.” Peter shook his head, and they sat at a spot on the ground for the fireworks.

“Princess or no princess, I’m glad that I found you.” Peter told Y/N, the both of them genuinely happy

The first firework exploded, making Y/N jump. Peter laughed at her, earning him a soft smack. Y/N pulled out her phone, and took pictures of the fireworks, and Peter took a picture of her. Y/N turned around to look at him as he did, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“You did not just take one of those pictures where you’re like 'she thought the fireworks were pretty, but i thought she was prettier.” Y/N laughed even more as Peter sheepishly smiled.

“Oh, but I did.” That made Y/N laugh, and Peter smile as she laughed. “You have a cute laugh.” Y/N rolled her eyes and playfully shoved him.

“How long are you guys staying?” Peter asked Natasha, who was sitting on the other side of him.

“We might head back to our hotel after the fireworks, don’t want one of them to pass out or something.” Natasha rolled her eyes at Sam, who was trying to take a nap on her shoulder. “You guys stay as long as you want, don’t worry.” She suggested, smiling at the two.

The two of them nodded, and once the fireworks finished, they walked to Pirates of The Caribbean, which Y/N claimed as her favorite ride. They waited in line, which only took a couple minutes since everyone basically left the park. They got on, and Y/N was so hyped up. She loved this ride more than anything.

As they went down the first drop, Y/N laughed with excitement, and Peter admiringly watched her. He couldnt help but think how lucky he was to have her.

“We can head back to my house and watch some movies, if you’d like.” Y/N suggested as they got off the ride.

“Sure, sure. Whatever you want to do, i’m down.” Peter replied.

They went to Y/N’s house, and watched a couple of Disney movies. They also watched some other movies, like Cyberbully, where Y/N cried a lot, or movies like The Conjuring, and The Forest. They both fell asleep on the couch, Y/N basically on top of Peter as she slept, but its not like he minded.

anonymous asked:

If the HP characters were muggles, what would they study/work as?

I’m sorry, but I’m really not a nonmagical AU person! Magic is such an essential part of who these characters are and is part of what makes the world so special to me, so I always include it and want to explore it further. It makes me much more excited to match up my favorite characters with magical jobs. I prefer Draco to be either the Potions professor at Hogwarts or own his own potions shop, Harry to be the DADA professor, Al to be a Curse Breaker, Scor to be an Unspeakable, and James to be a photographer and stay at home dad :)