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I finished up a commission of Alphonse and Mei for @moosemum today, who requested I post the final for everyone else to see too! It was a blast getting to draw a couple of my old faves, and Arlyn was a joy to work with as well c: (I definitely did NOT start binge watching fma:b while working on this. Nope. Not at all.) ;)

Have a great day!

Yeah, just that! You all should have the best day possible!
If you’re feeling sick, it will go away. If you’re tired, just get done what has to be done and then cuddle up and sleep. Sometimes, we need some time for ourselves.
If you’re tired of living or just sad and exhausted, then remember: This will all go away soon. There are periods in our lives when we feel like nothing works. Like we’re not worth anything. But remember, you’re worth more than one could count! Your impact on the world is as important as the ones from the person you admire. 
And now, go on. If you’re struggling, you will get out of where you are. 

Sometimes, we can’t be happy at that exact moment, but we can and will be in the near future. So go on. Have a wonderful day. As wonderful as the day can be. And when you’ve done that, don’t think you wasted your time with little things. Just try to be happy.
Spend time with your friends or alone. Just like you want in right now. You’re all amazing and important and loved. Never forget. 

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Het harries really worry me sometimes, I don't usually bother with them but I accidentally ended up on one's blog the other day and they said that 23 was young and lots of people haven't had a real relationship at that age (which, fair) but then said that they thought Harry idealised love still I'm just ??? How do they explain Sweet Creature, the most literal song on HS1, which is about the pains and joys of a long-term romantic relationship? How do you get through life like that?

If I Could Fly… Two Ghosts… those songs aren’t some valentine’s day poem, those songs are deep, you can feel it: the pain, the struggle, the bond between those two people, the love they share… just by hearing it. That’s not the type of song you write based on a romantic movie or book you read, or by looking at a couple of friends. It’s something you feel, you feel deeply and understand because you lived that. You went through that, all those feelings. I’m not even the best at analyzing songs but even I can tell by how much emotion there is behind his voice. Anyone who saw Harry singing Two Ghosts is playing dumb if they say he doesn’t know the feeling behind that song, that he’s just “idealising” (and I can’t even imagine what he’d look like singing IICF live) 

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uh i sent in an ask last week about this but it probably got lost so here i go again i guess? my best friend texted a few days ago and told me she's decided she's no longer bi bc its "a sin in the eyes of the lord." she says she still accepts me (i'm gay) but i'm really scared. she's the first person i came out to and told everything to and i think i just lost that. she was also my only sapphic friend so i'm feeling kinda lonely. any advice?

Im not sure if I could continue to be friends with someone who like Says That. Even if she says she accepts you she still… Has that awful opinion and I dont think that should be ignored? Im not sure if the situation could be resolved in any way other than like A. expressing that thats a fucked up thing to say especially when she knows youre gay and B. if she responds poorly smash that goodbye button

concept: keith really really believes in astrology and one day his horoscope says “you will soon realize your soulmate has been right in front of you” and he won’t understand it until he finds out that he and lance have compatible signs and he’s just like 


elany replied to your post “I just realized that I really really really like reading fluffy fics…”

you JUST realised that??? idk man i sorta figured since it’s ALL YOU WRITE kdjsaldjas

UM FUCK YOU i’ll have you know that writing and reading stuff are two totally separate things,,, jk jk it’s more like i suddenly got overwhelmed by my love for fluff :P i’ve always known i love it but w o w it sure it great if you think about it - you just. read it and you smile?? your entire mood lifts???? you see them happy and at ease in a way they aren’t in canon and for a moment everything is right in the world?????? it’s amazing ok :’D

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I headcanon that when Joseph is alone sometimes he'll dress in Mary's clothes and wear her makeup and just chill out. Mary doesn't know about this but she has her suspicions.

I 100% approve of Joseph in drag. Just…Yes.