but this was hot as hell

Memorable Moments from the Parade

- Hags and Cole egging the crowd on

- Someone throwing a beer to Bones and him catching it, then draining it to the cheers of the crowd

- Schultz seeing us on the roof, points, lifts his fist, and chugs his beer before tossing it on the crowd while still looking at us

- “One More Year” chants to Cullen

- Olli running after his truck like a lost baby duckling

- Guenz just riding in the truck with his arms outspread and his face upturned

- Fleury looking emotional while people chanted his name and continued the “one more year” chants

- About 1000 people all screaming “HORNY” at the same time

- G looking hot ‘n tired and not getting out the truck while Ana laughs

- Cannons shooting out mass amounts of yellow and black confetti 

-The media people helping people with faux cups to get them signed

- Sidney looking way too happy as he carted the cup from one side of the road to the other