but this was a true enough statement

I’m really hesitant about that Dog’s Purpose video because not only was it PETA that released the video, but TMZ is one of the most unreliable news sources available. I’d wait a few more days until more information is released before jumping to conclusions. 

Fact-Checking Maki

Now that we know Maki’s primary motive in tri., it’s easy to lean one way or another as far as her trustworthiness. But why go off a gut reaction or what other characters are saying about either her or the statements she’s made to the Chosen? Let’s go back to movie 3 and do some fact-checking!

We’re going to focus on Confession because this is the first time she fully conveys information to the Chosen and their partners. Prior to that, the only ones she can potentially deceive are Daigo and the bureau (we don’t hear her conversations with Meiko). Those may become important, but she says so little in movie 1 and isn’t specific enough in movie 2 to warrant a deeper analysis. Yet.

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With the unfortunate disbanding of 2NE1, a lot of us have been robbed of our favorite ‘Girl Crush’-style girl group. Who’s going to slay our asses without them? Who is going to provide the level of badass-ed-ness we need to survive? Have no fear– I’m here with a list of badass, fierce, confident ladies, and while no one can ever replace 2NE1 in our hearts, these girls might be able to numb the pain a little bit.

These groups are rookie groups– not just because there were quite a few really good badass groups that debuted this year, but because many of them need your support. Girl Crush concepts are often slept on, and I’d hate for some of these groups to have to disband because they don’t have enough of an income.

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Mind Magick 101: “Intent Only”

There are many posts going around about how all you need is intent to cast a spell. I’m sorry to inform you that this is a very basic and inaccurate statement to make.  How many times have you intended something in your mundane life to go a certain way, but only to have a disastrous outcome?  While it is true that one can perform magick without the use of ritual tools and props, simply having an intention is not enough.  There has to be a legitimate energetic exchange happening in all spellcraft for your magick to be effective.  This is the legendary “price of magic” we all pay.

You might have noticed that you have had more success with spells that you’ve written on your own rather than with spells written by others that you’ve followed precisely.  This is because when you write a spell yourself, you are actively engaging and feeding your creative spirit (the literal Spirit of Creation) which has a more immediate and powerful impact in your life.  Stimulating the imagination for a long enough period will relax the brain into producing alpha waves, similar to meditation.  Once in this state, it is easy to control the flow of energy by turning your own energetic field into an endless vortex.  The main effect you should be seeking while planning any spell at all is to alter your own state of consciousness; achieve a state of mind that resembles an artist, a writer, a musician, who is madly at work while allowing the unlimited potential of the Universe to pour through them.  This energetic exchange does not occur when a spell is copied, even though you have the “intent” there to make it work.

Maybe you don’t want to plan a spell out at all.  Perhaps you aren’t into ritual work and would prefer a more immediate spell; something along the lines of a simple incantation or wish.  If this is your desire, then you must work extremely hard to get here, and I suggest you practice some ritual anyway.  Props, tools, and sensory forces help ALL magickal practitioners with their focus.  Ritual has been critical to manifestation because it amplifies the establishment of new habits and patterns that actually transform consciousness.  Just like how an actor can take on a whole new persona with the donning of a costume, that is the purpose of sensory forces.  Repeated bodily gestures (mudras), unfamiliar smells (incense), alien sights (sigils/hidden symbolism), offerings and consumption of foods, unusual songs and other sounds, & costumes and props all assist the practitioner in achieving the ideal altered state to cast magick.  Extreme meditation, focus, and visualization exercises must be taken on by the adept for a lengthy period of time before they can consciously alter their mind on a whim without the assistance of substances.

So, how can you get to the point where you can cast magick on a whim, no props needed, “intent only”?  You must practice total control over your Will.  You must dedicate a period of time each day to meditation and visualization.  You must practice regularly; no skipping a day simply because you don’t feel like it… if you are aligned with your True Will, you will be eager for your next lesson.  The things needed to do this kind of magick are the ability to feel into and manipulate energetic fields, and to possess an extremely keen sense of focus.  None of these things are attainable until the student can fully commit to some sort of regime that exercises their mental & emotional bodies.

A mixture of gullibility and cynicism had been an outstanding characteristic of mob mentality before it became an everyday phenomenon of masses. In an ever-changing, incomprehensible world the masses had reached the point where they would, at the same time, believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true. The mixture in itself was remarkable enough, because it spelled the end of the illusion that gullibility was a weakness of unsuspecting primitive souls and cynicism the vice of superior and refined minds. Mass propaganda discovered that its audience was ready at all times to believe the worst, no matter how absurd, and did not particularly object to being deceived because it held every statement to be a lie anyhow. The totalitarian mass leaders based their propaganda on the correct psychological assumption that, under such conditions, one could make people believe the most fantastic statements one day, and trust that if the next day they were given irrefutable proof of their falsehood, they would take refuge in cynicism; instead of deserting the leaders who had lied to them, they would protest that they had known all along that the statement was a lie and would admire the leaders for their superior tactical cleverness.
—  Hannah Arendt, Totalitarianism: Part Three of The Origins of Totalitarianism, p. 80

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your writing isnt good enough for how many followers you have :/ like there are blogs with 200 followers who write better than you

Fair assessment, I guess.

Let it be known that I am very grateful and blown away not only by my amount of followers, but how supportive and active they are (I’m hoping to show this more often with giveaways - both merch and writing fics).

While I in no way doubt that your statement is true (I, myself, follow a few blogs with 200-400 followers who write amazingly and I would love for them to gain traction), I don’t know if it’s fair your you to be upset with me. I didn’t force anyone to follow me or read my stories. Though, I do put a lot out so that might not be totally accurate because you can’t avoid them in the tags.

I guess all I can say is that I’m sorry you’re not a fan of my work and that you feel this way. Maybe try supporting and lifting up those you feel should have more followers instead of bashing someone who is very lucky in their situation as I am? Or offering constructive criticism as to what I could work on rather than saying I’m not good?

And if you have recommendations of people who you think should be getting more recognition, please let me know so I can showcase their work or something that might alleviate this. Some people are always asking me for recommendations and I always give the same ones, so this might help that situation as well!

Have a great day!

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I can see nami giving you a kiss because of your situation your given dealing with right now

He might’ve released out his true feeling to Luffy. The thick border hindering him to return was three. And in particular order, disrespecting his captain is the top one. But, hurting a woman’s heart is different case. He didn’t forget his own statement, that whoever hurt Nami-san’s feeling, he won’t let them live peacefully.

Though, when he meant he wanted to go home, she is included.

“I don’t wanna think about it.” Yes, imagining a kiss is too far to expect. At least, just seeing her face smiling is more than enough. He swore he’d never make her cry again. “She’s safe, that’s what would matter the most.”

How I did well in the UKCAT

Its worth saying that I applied to medicine twice before getting in, the UKCAT score I got the first time was well higher than the second time. My application was strong enough to receive offers from higher UKCAT threshold universities as well my back up non UKCAT assessing university. 

I decided to write this post because I found my old notes on how I organised my mind to do well in the UKCAT and thought I’d share with the Medblr community.

Here goes! 

Verbal Reasoning (650)

  1. Read the question/statement and allocate a keyword!
  2. Skim passage, try looking for the keyword.
  3. If its there, read the sentence before and after and decide between true, false and can’t tell.
  4. If you can’t decide between them. Flag and move on.
  5. If you cant find the keyword. Flag and move on. Its not worth wasting time deciding whether or not you’ve selected the correct keyword. 

Abstract Reasoning (750) 

If anything I practiced this the most and scored high in it. The way I arranged my mind for this section is as follows

  1. I formed a set of categories upon which I scanned each question and decided which category it best fit.
  2. The categories were; shape, colour, number, arrangement and the WHAT THE ABSOLUTE HELL category. Usually in that order. 
  3. These categories have sub categories too. For example: type of shape, features of shape that repeat in the set ( e.g. a triangle in each set). It does get more complicated sometimes where categories intermix, like  1 fully shaded triangle in the right hand corner of each box in the set. 
  4. Breathe, I know that was a lot to read. Practice makes you faster.
  5. When your in the WHAT THE ABSOLUTE HELL category, guess, flag and then move on. You most likely won’t have time to come back to this. Make an educated guess. Flagged is incase you have time to have a second look. 

Quantitate Reasoning (820)

Im being truthful here and telling you I hardly practiced QR. Im really good at mental maths. Seriously I never used the calculator throughout this section on the UKCAT and here are some tips. 

  1. READ my child READ! Because sometimes you dont need to look at the information given at all. Sometimes everything you need is in the question itself. Best believe it. 

Originally posted by halloweenmagick

  1. Round, saves SO much time. If the options are in close range, round smaller. 
  2. If you’re not good in maths, practice as much as possible. Revise your times tables and know the basic formulae for area, volume, perimeter etc. Revise stats and make sure you know how to do basic ratios, percentages, mean, range etc. Make sure you know how to read a graph. 
  3. Flag anything that you dont get first time and move on. If something is time consuming, its worth moving on and finishing the easier ones. 

Decision Analysis (500) 

I still cry at this. WHY?

Funny enough, after AR I practiced this the most. When I tested myself this section was always my highest score. Funny. 

Originally posted by thatssocarl

My tips if you choose to take any is:

  1. Don't dig deep into this too much. You begin to confuse yourself dreadfully.
  2. Take your time, these are all supposedly do-able. So each one you get is one worth getting correctly. 
  3. Look for words that indicate what the sentence is about.

Situation Judgement Test (Band 1)

I scored Band 1 both times when I did the UKCAT. The first time I did it, SJT was still being trialled. My main tip for this: Read the GMC guidelines for doctors and medical students. This is what structured my way of thinking in both a professional manner and an empathetic one. Its worth reading. 


  1. Flagging is your best friend. 
  2. Love it because hating it will only discourage your preparation. Love it LOVE IT, you can hate it when its over. 
  3. If you begin to fluster during the exam because its the third question you’re flagging because you really don’t know whats going on. Take a moment. Tell yourself that you got this. Im telling you YOU GOT THIS!
  4. Dont go back, move forward. Even if you’ve flagged ten in a row move forward and only go back once you’ve been through them all. 
  5. Each question is worth a point. Whether the question is easy or hard, its still worth the same. This is why I tell you to flag the tricky ones and do all the easyish ones. 
  6. Sleep the night before and have breakfast. Stimulate your brain. 

I know this gives me a rather average overall score (goddamn you DA) but it was good enough for all the medical schools I applied too. 

Good luck! 

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Admittedly I have no idea if this is referring to anything specific or if it’s just a general statement of fact but either way I FEEL YOU SO MUCH ANON. TATTOO THIS ON MY FACE. MAGNUS’S FEELINGS ARE SO GOTDAMN IMPORTANT AND 99.99999% OF THE TIME THEY ARE NOT GIVEN ENOUGH FOCUS OR RESPECT. 


The Wardens were as close to secular ascetics as any group in Thedas could be.

Actually, that was a lie. About half of the Wardens were that way.

The other half tended towards the bottle, the ballroom, and the beds of those willing to spend a night with them. True, there were some, like Nicolas and Julien, who were neither extreme, but for the most part, it was one or the other.

I can’t decide if this is a fair statement or not. I mean, from what we see of the Wardens it seems fair, but even though we’ve PLAYED as a Warden, part of me still feels like we’ve not got enough insight on them to say this, but at the same time it feels right. 

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You claim that you realized that Sasuke loved Sakura when he went to save her but that's not the case AT ALL. Frankly, I think that if Karin was in Sakura's place, Sasuke would have done the same thing, thus not making Sakira special to him even the slightest.You SS fans just need an excuse to show that Sasuke loves Sakura when he would have done the same for Karin, it's pathetic really. SK fans are far more maturer than you SS.

I can’t believe you were able to type out all of that without realizing how ridiculous you sound. So allow me to break down how stupid your post truly is.

  • Stupidity No.1 - You’re factually stating that my opinion isn’t true at all, which is already a stupid thing to do. But if that wasn’t enough, you’re also basing your statement on your own headcanon, saying that you “think” that Sasuke would have done the same. If there was ever a prime example for a weak argument, this is it. You deserve plaudits. 
  • Stupidity No.2 - You then claim that this would render Sakura not special to Sasuke at all, as if your headcanon somehow negates the fact that while Sasuke ignored the Village’s pleas for help, he rushed back to Save Sakura. Thus, proving that she obviously is special to him Anon, and your baseless theory doesn’t prove otherwise.
  • Stupidity No.3 - Why are you saying that SS fans need an “excuse” to show that Sasuke loves Sakura, when in my initial post, I already gave two very explicit examples as evidence? If you think Sasuke loves Karin so much and she’s on the same or on an even higher level than Sakura, then why didn’t Sasuke choose her instead? It’s not as if Karin was unavailable, and she made it perfectly clear how she felt about him. So you let that sink in for a minute… Or an hour, depending on how stubborn you are.
  • Stupidity No.4 - Why do you keep on saying that he would have done the same for Karin? What are you basing this on? All you have is this headcanon, which I’m sure stems from what happened during the Killer Bee confrontation, which again, doesn’t prove that he’d prioritise Karin over the village. I’ve never been one to downplay Sasuke and Karin’s relationship Anon, but what you’re doing here is just displaying unprecedented levels of reaching in order to make SK more special than it actually is. Sakura is canonically more special to Sasuke than Karin is, you’re just gonna have to accept that.
  • Stupidity No.5 - And after all that, you call us pathetic, and claim that  “SK fans are far more maturer”… When you were the one who was trying to justify your juvenile reaching by giving me headcanons. I’ll just let you ponder on that Anon.

And that’s all the ways in which your post was utterly silly. Do try and learn from this Anon, because you didn’t do your fandom any favours with this.

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I feel like i cant be a girl/ a woman cos im not pretty enough I feel like I can't be feminine :( im cis but really struggling with my gender " identity" I just feel like I don't have that identity

i am so sorry to hear this. first of all, the first statement you made is really not true and seems like it is your insecurity causing you to feel this sense of confusion. as woman..or girls we don’t have to be pretty or beautiful . this is the sexism in society reinforcing this belief that our value as a woman is on our physical appearance which is BULLSHIT. femininity and all things as such is a conceptual thing anyway, just like masculinity. its okay to feel like you dont fit in as a ‘girl’ its okay to just be you. but you dont need to feel this way about being a girl. you are fine as u are, beautiful as you are. x


Follow My Vans: Ashmore Ellis of Babes Ride Out

Riding motorcycles is all about having fun, and if you ever get the chance to meet Babes Ride Out co-founder, Ashmore Ellis, we think you’d agree that she is a true testament to that statement. With a smile on her face, and wind in her hair, Ashmore is a beaming light of positivity whose adventurous spirit and quirky sense of humor makes you want to make her your own personal motorcycle tour guide. Not to mention Ashmore and her B.F.F. Anya have been working tirelessly for over a year to organize the largest all-female moto campout, and we were lucky enough to have her share some of her favorite memories from past events as well as the struggles she’s encountered along the way. Here’s a hint: highlights include an epic solo head-bang sesh to Metallica.

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lex tried his best to balance everything he was holding; the venti coffee, his phone, a bunch of appointment slips and his wallet. ‘ Боже, я скучаю по Нью-Йорк уже. ‘ it was a true enough statement, it was almost twenty degrees in vegas and after the minus temperatures of russia and the low temperatures that were common during a new york winter,  he felt like he was going to end up sweating a layer of skin offf ‘hey! can you, hold this? for like one second?’ he called to the first person he lay eyes on, holding up the latte as he worked to place the iphone between his teeth momentarily.

drabble: happy

I don’t know what happened. This started out as a one-shot I wrote for someone and I keep adding to it. Also this version of Bill is chaotic neutral as fuck. Continuation of this; Hunter AU, Hunter Bill, fawn!Dipper (he’s thirteen), platonic Billdip, no shipping whatsoever. Also, as a note; this variant of the AU straddles the line in that Bill isn’t human and does have some connection to the journal/its origins, but he isn’t fully aware of any of these things.

Shoutout to nopuppetstringscanholdmedown, otaku-sugar and memory-is-still-freaking-key for cheering me up enough to write a bit. : )

Three weeks, twenty-one days.

It was a silly old platitude that Bill had encountered at some point: the notion that it took three weeks (twenty-one days) to establish or break a habit. Whether this unlikely statement was actually true or not, it took about the same amount of time to become completely attached to what gradually shifted from acquisition to companion. 

Keeping the fawn around instead of killing him hadn’t been something he actually thought through before doing it. Sometimes it was a great deal of fun to just dispense with the process of planning and simply do things on a whim. There wasn’t really a plan for what to do with Dipper aside from scaring him for shits and giggles. Some people denied or made attempts to shield their true nature, but Bill fully accepted and embraced that he was both a monster and a maniac in equal parts with sadistic tendencies tacked on for good measure. It was a hell of a lot more fun to lie to other people than to yourself – for him, anyway. 

There were times when he wondered whether his humanity itself was a shield for something much darker and chaotic than just a guy who got his proverbial rocks off preying on small, furry, and adorable creatures out in the woods. 

So yeah, the kid was unplanned and as it turned out, Bill didn’t know shit about pet ownership (and taking care of anything or one, really) anyway. 

He wasn’t expecting to find himself cooking actual food on a regular basis, playing the part of security blanket during thunderstorms and nightmares, and coming to genuinely enjoy the fawn’s company. 

It took a full week of coaxing before Dipper began to accept his efforts as more than just a particularly cruel trick to get him to let his guard down. 

It also took a nightmare.

A few days after making a list of hesitantly offered food preferences and rustling up two or three other items (alongside everything else, it hadn’t occurred to Bill that the kid needed something to occupy himself with, so handing over a notebook, a couple of pens, and a few old, dusty books with strange titles discovered in the basement wasn’t a difficult request to honor), the hunter awakened to the piercing sound of someone screaming from downstairs. After a few seconds of confused irritation it clicked that Dipper was downstairs, and then he was off, rolling out of bed and grabbing one of handful of guns that he just happened to have in his bedroom and stumbling down the stairs ready to blow some intruder menacing his fawn away. 

There was no broken glass and the room appeared undisturbed save for the cervitaur thrashing wildly in his makeshift bed, alternately shrieking and whimpering in his sleep. 

The exasperation over the false alarm was but a flash in the pan; Bill dropped the weapon on the sofa and rushed over to Dipper, kneeling next to him while trying to avoid a hoof in the face and grabbing hold of his shoulders. “Dipper. Kid. Wake up, damn it.

Even unconscious, the fawn resisted, twisting out of his grip and backing against the wall. His eyes flew open, unfocused and unseeing. “No. No no no, go away.

"Wake up, dumbass!” Bill snapped, reaching for the terror-stricken fawn and seizing him by the collar. Dipper tried to pull away again, frantically scratching at his arms (and the hooves remained a constant threat; Bill was glad the kid’s antlers were still underdeveloped nubs). 

“I want to go home.”

Well just shit. The star of the kid’s nightmare was him.

Bill paused, unsure of how (or whether) to proceed. The unfamiliar feeling souring his stomach wasn’t guilt; he knew that much. He didn’t experience guilt very often. Nor was it regret. If he were to return to several weeks earlier and encounter across the fawn in the woods alone again he wouldn’t hesitate to nab him, just as before. The only thing he would do differently was perhaps being kinder to him somewhat earlier. Perhaps it was concern? 

Maybe that was it. Concern.

With a heavy sigh he dragged the kid towards him, pulling him into a tight embrace. He’d never hugged the fawn before. He didn’t really do hugs in general, so this was both unprecedented and awkward. Dipper continued struggling, still half-asleep; after a couple of minutes he regained full consciousness, initially flinching at the hunter’s presence before going limp in his arms. Bill held him closer, muttering a stream of comforting words mixed with a fair amount of softly delivered and well-intentioned expletives into his hair. “It’s okay, kid. It’s just a fucking nightmare. You’re safe.”

Dipper’s voice was shaky, probably indistinct to someone with senses that weren’t nearly as acute as Bill’s. “Am I?”

“Yeah.” It wasn’t a lie. 

“Can I go home?”

“No.” That wasn’t a lie, either.

Instead of pushing him away, Dipper returned the embrace, resting his head against the hunter’s chest. “Okay.”

He fell silent, and neither of them spoke until the moonlight streaming through the window gave way to the first rays of dawn, upon which Dipper returned to his nest of blankets and Bill moved to the sofa, falling asleep shortly after the fawn dozed off.

The nightmare, and the exchange following it, served as a turning point.

Whether through resignation or adaptation Dipper grew a bit more comfortable being around him. He still didn’t care for the collar or being chained up at night; he made that obvious, but he dealt with it, as he did the other aspects of his new home that disturbed him for whatever reason. Not without a touch of commentary, but the kid was pretty amusing, and while he reacted to Bill pointing it out with teenage frustration he was adorable when startled or pissed off. 

He began to talk more in general, asking questions or making suggestions for things. He shifted his handful of belongings around in his corner and personalized it, to an extent. Once Bill caught him humming to himself, something that sounded like a pop song. Dipper stopped immediately after being discovered and hid in the bathroom for about an hour afterwards. 

In turn Bill gave him more freedom, letting him roam about the cabin during the day. He wasn’t allowed outside alone yet, so the fawn grudgingly consented to the leash Bill came up with in exchange for fresh air and the chance to bask in the sunshine. During those times, with Bill seated on the porch and Dipper sprawled out in the grass, small chest rising as he inhaled the smell of aging trees, damp wood after the rain, and late spring flowers unfurling, a sense of lightness settled over the hunter, bringing a gentle smile to his face that would have horrified him were he completely aware of it. Subconsciously, he understood that this was a different kind of happiness than what he was used to. It was uncomfortable to acknowledge it, so he didn’t.

But he continued making pancakes, and, with Dipper’s help, learned to make a few more dishes that weren’t just meat. He dug up a few more books, and had a lengthy conversation with Dipper about the weird journal he carried around. During the next early summer thunderstorm he slept on the sofa, keeping Dipper company until the wind died and the storm petered out. The fawn helped him patch himself up after a trip out into the woods ended up in an encounter with a mountain lion that didn’t understand who he was fucking with but managed to get in a few swipes anyway. That was a head that did end up on the wall, because that’s what happened when someone started shit with Bill Cipher. 

Dipper’s only response to that statement was a mildly disturbed “Man, that’s not healthy” before resuming dabbing away at claw marks with a rag soaked in alcohol.

The hunter and the fawn co-existed on terms that eventually shifted from neutrality to relatively peaceful.

And Bill was happy. 

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The anon offering to buy you a Switch is probably just trolling.

This is most likely a true statement….!


I will write a message to him/her on my boobers and love him/her for the rest of my days lol

The Shadowhunters books have always been some of my favorite books. I even wrote about Simon Lewis in my personal statement that got me into my first choice college. 

However, the TV show has been making me realize just how superficial most of the characters and character development were and how the world seemed flowy – the rules changed, CC has changed the way the Parabatai bond is acting from series to series, and we don’t get enough of the motivation of Valentine or even of the downworlders to truly understand them.

The TV show is giving me all I’ve wanted and more and I am so happy that @shadowhunters-official is giving the book fans easter eggs while changing and adding to the storyline to expand the world and the characters.

Guys, The show is still going end in the same, how they get there is the difference and that difference is making me fall in love with characters I tolerated in the books, giving me more to love of the characters I loved because I was able to relate them, and giving us more politics, more backstory, more intricate and deeper relationship between all characters.

An amazing example of the expansion is in the Alec and Clary relationship which Matt and Kat are slaying each and every week with by the way. Alec and Clary’s distrust of each other is reasonable for both of their characters and while jealousy is involved neither of them threaten or actually cause violence against the way they do in book. And most of all Clary understand’s Alec, do you know amazing that is. As a girl who’s accidentally outed herself to people who then caused her serious pain, Alec knowing that Clary both acknowledges his pain and respects his strength is INCREDIBLE and in one scene we got how these two characters relate to each other. Neither of them do much for themselves, they both love with every fiber of their being, and they are both in very different ways in incredible amounts of pain.


As someone of you know, sometimes I write a post every Sunday (or Monday) the best thing I saw in the week. And this week was:    

 The best: Sansa & Jon reunited (Game of thrones).

When the first news come out that they would develop a tv show based on George RR Martin’s novels, I read an article that stating that some of the best aspects of the book is that it’s not a typical fight between good and evil, the hero and the villain, the book have  several complex characters acting in the gray area. This was one of my interests to read the books and later follow the show.

Despite this statement is technically true. at the same time isn’t.

And even GOT have interesting and complex characters  enough that we can write a thesis arguing if they’re good or bad, the show had Ned. Ned was the protagonist of the first book / first season, he was a good person and because he had honor and it was interesting without being hypocritical and these qualities he passed to his children, the audience found in the Stark their heroes to root for and the fact that they have always been fucked up in the entire show also helped sympathize for them.  Many bad things happen to many characters,  for most of them, they deserved it , except with the Stark.

And for six seasons we saw the Stark suffer, bleed, die, close to reunited each other again and lose the opportunity. BUT:

When Castle Black’s gates open and Jon & Sansa meet for the first time after years may be THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPEN IN THE SHOW.

It’s a Win.

It’s a victory for House Stark. A victory that for six season we were waiting.

Sansa went through hell but she matured and grew, and finally got to appreciate what really matters: family.

And right now: Jon is the only family she has.

The reunion between them was beautiful, probably one of the most emotion scenes from GOT.

The absolute silence between them as they walk toward each other, there love  here, there’s caring.  

But also some relief in their face while they hold each other, almost like a light of happiness after so much darkness.

The fact that they didn’t have a close relationship, like Arya and Jon makes the scene so damn special because in the end of the day, they’re family and family take care of each other.