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The next great lesbian migration will be to “The Good Fight”

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Zeref is a shit and trash character. Pathetic emo fails as a villian and is dull looking.

      First of all, his appearance is one of my favorites in the whole series. That said, let’s get started. You call him a pathetic emo, but if your whole family got killed, and you were left alone, then you got cursed to kill everything you love or care, would you be the most cheerful and optimistic person of all? If so, then there is something very wrong with you.– Zeref has fought alone for hundreds of years to keep the curse that was in him away from anything that had life, (any single form of life) and even after 400 years killing everything that appears in front of him, he still cares. You think this is the nature of a bad person? Why is his curse so strong? Because he loves too much. He cares too much, and he treasure life most than anyone. Zeref is a bad villain? Does he fail? Well, first of all, Zeref never wanted to be a villain. That was not his choice. He did not wake up and said, “I’m going to start killing everyone now because I want to.” This was imposed on him, imposed because he tried to revive the brother who had died very early. He could not accept it because he loved his brother so much. That is why he was cursed eternity surrounded by death. Natsu is the reason. And even after all this, he kept trying to get rid of the curse that was in him. He tried everything, to the point of creating demons only to kill him. These demons killed innocents? Yes, but it was not by his command, it was a consequence of a desperate act. I’m not saying that Zeref is a good person or an angel. He is not. At that moment he is being as bad as possible. He’s broken. Lost. Hopeless. And yes, he is a villain. He did a lot of shit, but try to meet a character before talking shit about them. Zeref is a trash character you say? Well, he builds an empire by himself. And let’s remember that, Fairy Tail only exists because of him? Because he taught magic to Mavis and the others. He’s in every twist of this series. So tell me, what would be of this series without this shit character? ;)

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I was scrolling through your blog and I saw the Artist meme and I have to ask... banana flavored milk??? What?? How in the world did you find such a thing, and how on earth could that possibly be a good taste? 😂

Let me tell you a story. Back in the 90s, Nesquik actually sold banana flavored milk in pretty much every supermarket. That’s where I first discovered it and fell in love. It was the perfect concoction of milk with just a hint of banana flavoring, which made the milk less bland and more savory. It was like someone had crushed a bunch of banana runts and blended it with milk. I would get a couple bottles of it every time we went to the store.

But then they removed it from stores (I guess they weren’t making as much money as they liked?). I searched for the banana milk everywhere but I couldn’t find it. The closest thing I could find was a banana smoothie, but it wasn’t the same at all. I eventually gave up all hope of ever finding my beloved banana milk again.

Until I went to Korea two years ago. There I discovered 바나나맛 우유 (Korean banana flavored milk) and it reignited my love for the delicious beverage!

It was like the banana milk I’d grown up with but EVEN BETTER! It was so much more creamy and delicious than the Nesquik I’d had before. I became addicted to it. Everyday I would go to the 7-11s near my hotel and buy a couple bottles of banana milk and by night time, they’d be gone. It’s pretty much the best and most purest form of milk that ever existed. And I love it.


@g0thiest-nightmari0nne Yeah this is how it looks because there’s 2 versions one that I think only edits pics to look good or something but that’s it. This one here you gotta dig deep through the publisher’s apps to find it. it’s really good in my opinion but it costs money. Last I remember I bought it on my phone and I switched to my tablet, but it wanted me to pay again. I’m guessing it has 2 versions of the exact same app on how it works so watch out for that.

Friendly reminder that Yuuri is the top skater of the Japanese Skating Federation and he is literally

the face of figure skating on their website.

And in case you want close-ups:

They’re pretty good shots, too.

So yeah, in case you weren’t sure how big Yuuri was in Japan - he is literally the biggest, the best male figure skater in the country. Sort of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?


𝓞𝓷 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮: 𝓔𝓻𝓸𝓼
Miyamoto Kenji & Katsuki Yuuri performing side by side


philip shea + textpost meme (a pair piece for my lukas one) 


dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + text posts 1/?

okay listen. everyday, trying-to-fit-in kara kills me. the glasses, the flats, the argyle sweaters, it kills me. she is the embodiment of “too pure, too good” and it is really too much for me to handle. it’s all to try and blend in and seem insignificant, but guess what?? kara could be wearing camouflage and she would still stand out bc who smiles that much? whose eyes light up like that when they see potstickers for christ’s sake?? kara is so observant that she probably knows the birthdays of all the employees in the office at catco and gets them a card or a donut or something, and she notices because she cares so much about everyone. like she wants to make sure no one feels left out or forgotten and loves to make people feel special. she tries so hard to blend in but she’s too kind, too thoughtful, too bright to ever be anything but remarkable. and that has nothing to do with supergirl, that’s just kara being kara.