but this was a freaking a casting ok

check please characters as stuff my theatre friend has said/done
  • Bitty: "I have a theory I'm actually short people just tell me I'm tall" -him after me complaining about him being a foot taller than me
  • Jack: accidentally sent me a danny devito meme in the middle of sending me dogs to cheer me up
  • Shitty: told me my name was groovy when I came out as nb to him
  • Lardo: I was intimidated by him for most of the shows until i saw him silently take someone's phone to search teacup pigs and pomerainians to share the cuteness. i've sent him one (1) cute animal every morning since.
  • Ransom: told me the only things he's living for are brownies, his best friend, knowledge, and communism. in that order.
  • Holster: laid on the floor next to his best friend and when i asked what they were doing, reached for his friends belt buckle and made to undo it
  • Nursey: was on a mutual friend's snapchat story in one video reciting the actual cannibal shia laboef video and the next video explaining neo-liberalism
  • Chowder: is referred to by aforementioned friend as "the ray of sunshine in this dark, dark world" because he's a sweetheart
  • Dex: told me the only thing that actually exists is math and that he had to write a paper on it, then proceeded to tell me his deep hatred for math despite being very good at it
  • Tango: has existential crises on a daily basis. sometimes over text with me.
  • Whiskey: "If I had emotions I'd be the same way" -his response to me saying I'm softer than talc
  • Ford: freaked out when i sent him a bootleg of heathers with the original cast
  • BONUS:
  • Johnson: "Ok what if corn are alive and can communicate and we just smash them and combine them with chemicals and eat them" -a direct quote, after autocorrect turned spirits into doritos
Playing Dirty

Not a request, just a spurt of inspiration while I was talking to a friend. 

Pairing: Poly-Dark/Anti/reader

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They started early. You thought absently as you walked into the kitchen. 
Throughout the house there were loud bangs and grunts. Bellows of pain mixed with a jittering giggles. 
You could see the pair’s path of destruction as you made your coffee.  A broken plate, cracks in the tiles, even a new hole in the wall. 
You weren’t sure what started it. You had been asleep for most of the morning; it was closer to lunch time than breakfast. Not that the time stopped you from making breakfast food though. 
But back to the main train of thought; you were surprised the battle didn’t wake you up. Dark must have messed with your perception to allow you to sleep.
The noise was getting closer. 
The floor shaking under running feet and the pressure in the air pushed against your skin. 
It wasn’t enough to hurt, just made you blink a bit more to get use to the change in your perception. 
You turned when a green blur raced pass the kitchen. Closely followed by a shadow of rage. 
You grinned softly when you heard Anti’s giggle, but got overly concerned when it was cut off and a tremor ran through the house. 
“You boys ok?” You asked cautiously. It was best to never speak to them in the middle of a fight. Not unless you wanted your head ripped off. 
But your voice was answered by only silence. 
Growing anxious, you moved into the living room. The couch had been flipped, the glass coffee table lay in shattered pieces. 
This was more than a fight. This had turned into a war. 
However, your concern vanished when a green cloud crashed into you and Anti wrapped himself around you. 
“I maaay have pushed him a little over the edge.” Anti whispered in your ear. His voice was close to it’s demonic glitching. He was covered in bruises and blood trickled from a broken lip. The skin of his knuckles was broken and a gash in his side suggested a melee attack. 
Anti tensed when Dark stormed into the room. His suit ruined and stained with red. His usual neat hair-style was disheveled, matching the feral expression masking his face. 
“Let them go, Anti.” Dark’s voice was cold. Colder than you’ve ever experienced it before. 
Anti’s grip on you tightened, his poise defensive but almost cowardice as he shielded himself behind you. 
“Look, Darkie, we both know I did a bad. But we can sort this out.” Was Anti… he couldn’t be. Anti had never tried to reason with Dark before. Nothing he has done has pushed Anti to do so. 
“What did you do?” You hissed at Anti. 
Before the green-entity could reply, Dark rushed forward and grasped the back of Anti’s shirt. 
“Release them.” He demanded, his eyes completely black. Dark’s grip was soft when it touched you. His fingers curling around your arm to try and pull you away. Almost too careful. Like he was holding back a lot of power under his grip.
But Anti clung to you ever tighter. “No. Dark, come on. Let’s be civil.” 
“There’s nothing to be civil about!” Dark’s rage was washing off him like a storm. His form flickered in and out of existence. It almost hurt to look at him. 
Dark gave Anti’s shirt a vicious tug, holding you firmly to the spot. But you only whelped when you were jerked back with Anti. Your body almost torn in two by Dark’s countering hands. 
Anti glared at the other entity. “Careful, fucktard! You’ll hurt them.” 
Dark gritted his teeth, furious beyond description. He stepped back, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes to compose himself. Anti lowered his head to your shoulder, watching Dark carefully. 
It was taking a moment to make his body behave itself. 
“What did you do?” You hissed frantically. “Honestly, Anti, can’t you just leave him alone?” 
Anti giggled softly in your ear. He stepped back. Careful, slowly so not to disturb Dark’s concentration and bring his rage back from the depths. 
“I may have interfered with a meeting,” Anti whispered. “Nothing big, just a little get-together with Doom-n-Gloom and Pink-Freak.” 
Your eyes widened and you elbowed Anti. Probably hurting yourself more than you did him. 
“Anti, you idiot, why on Earth would you do that?” You snapped quietly. You were almost in the hallway. Anti’s arms were loosening the closer you got to the front door. 
“Because he left the door unlocked,” Anti purred into your ear. “Just like right now.” 
Anti released you and sprinted towards the front door. But as soon as his hands touched the door-knob he was cast back by a blast of black. 
You didn’t have time to see if he was ok. Dark surged forward; his body erupting into a cloud of black as he soared around you to consume Anti’s scrambling body. 
“Fuck! Get off me!” Anti hollered as the shadows slammed into him. A void opened up behind them and Dark shoved the green man into the black hole. 
He didn’t even glance at you as he stepped in after Anti.


Pairing: Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

Request: You’re part of the TMR cast. Thomas is constantly flirting with you and you flirt back, but, he sees you be more physical with Dylan (piggy back ride, hug) but Dylan is your cousin. - @eyeliveinabook

Thomas’ POV:

Gosh. There she is. Does she have any idea what she does to me? She’s so freaking adorable. With those sparkling (e/c) eyes. And that smile! Dang she’s perfect… AND SHE’S WALKING TOWARDS ME. Ok. Calm down. You’re cool. You got this Tom.

3rd Person:

“Hey Tom!” You greeted your friends with a smile and a wink. You were holding a small character role in The Maze Runner series. Thomas Sangster, you’re celebrity crush, just so happened to be there and you two seemed to hit it off quite well.

“H-hey (y/n)! You’re looking adorable today. Of course, when do you not?” “Thank you kind sir. You don’t look so rough, yourself. I saw you from across the room and thought, ‘Tom looks extra handsome today. He must be trying to impress someone.’

You gave your now blushing friend a flirty wink and started walking to your set.

“Don’t wear yourself out, babe. You’ll need enough energy for what we’re doing later.”

Now it was your turn to blush as you heard Thomas chuckling behind you. You didn’t care to look back just yet.


You were currently riding on Dylan O’Brien’s back pretending he was your horse.

“LET US FEAST ON DORITOS AND ARNOLD PALMER!” “Wait a minute, wait a minute.” You’re ‘horse; came to a stop.

“..what?” “We need popcorn, too!” “I thought that was implied..” “Oh.. THEN ONWARD!”

Thomas POV:

I heard incredibly loud screams and laughs coming from the other side of the set. I looked over to the noise and saw (y/n) and Dylan goofing off while she was on his back. Hold on. When did Dylan and (y/n) become so close? Another peal of laughter traveled over and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I marched over to my friends and made sure they knew I was there.


They barely caught themselves as they fumbled around, trying to regain balance. Failing to do so, they fell on a heap on top of each other, roaring with laughter.

“Oh, hey Tommy! Dylan and I were just goofing around. Hope we weren’t being a nuisance.” “Oh no you were. Its kind of hard to focus when two people are screaming when you’re trying to work.”

I heard the giggles stop as I began walking away from the Dyl and (n/n). Entering my trailer, not a moment after, I heard knocks sound from the door.


I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. I can’t stay mad at her. She must know that. I paced to the door and composed myself to try and seem mad at her.

I flung the door open, “What?” “Hey I just came to check on you. You kind of seemed upset before and I wanted to make sure you were ok?”

Her statement came out as more of a question. It was endearing that she cared enough about me to come check on me. Then I remembered her and Dylan running around laughing.

“I’m fine.” “Now you and I both know that’s not true.”

She pushed her way past me and into my trailer. Sitting herself down on a bench, it didn’t seem like she was going to move.

“Sit,” she commanded me. “What’s going on?”

Plopping myself down next to her, I let go of what’s been bugging me. “I don’t exactly like the idea of you and Dylan. I know you have the choice to go out with whoever you want to, but.. I was kind of hoping that guy would be me. I know it’s stupid, but, getting to know you has been one of the best parts about this role. You can leave. I.. I understand.”

“…wait, what? That’s what this is about? Sweetheart, Dyl is my cousin.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in. When they did I felt super embarrassed about my overreaction.

“(y/n). I’m so sorry I..” “Hey, it’s fine. We all make mistakes.. besides. I’m more into British guys anyway..”

When her words registered, I jumped up and faced her with wide eyes.

“So does that mean ‘yes’?” “Yes that I’ll go out with you? Yes. Yes that I’m in love with my cousin? That’d be a no.”

I picked her up and hugged her, squeezing her with all I had.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“It’s nothing, really. But can you please let me go? I can’t exactly breathe..”

12x18 - An episode all about foreshadowing and Dean’s emotional state

So, I have my own POV on season end that I know I talk about a lot, that differs from the, well, proper meta writers, I believe…. so my POV is perhaps slightly different, but for me this episode cements this even further…. and I’ll explain why. 

This whole episode to me is all about misdirection and distraction and has massive foreshadowing for the season finale. It twists and turns through so much misdirection to ultimately lead to Dean being in real danger and Sam killing the monster, twice over, both the human monster and the supernatural being, to hammer the point home. Meanwhile there are a whole lot of references to Cas as well that massively fit with my season conclusion speculation (even though I seem to be relatively in a party of 1 or, well 3 from what I can tell with my chatty buds, but its not universal…).

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Oh and Dean, wow, well, I’ve seen loads of waitress meta which is all awesome but for me its the comparison of her with the 12x11 waitress that really cements what is going on here in terms of the distraction they bring and Dean’s angst.

Meanwhile this whole episode IS a distraction as Ketch sent them the case to distract them and get them out of the bunker.

There is so much misdirection in this episode.

Under the cut: both waitresses as the exposition for Dean’s sliding scale of emotional angst and how this episode overall foreshadows season end for me.

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I Want Crazy

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Summary: you’re surprised when someone familiar sits next to you on your plane ride home, and even more surprised when he talks to you

Song Inspiration: I Want Crazy, Hunter Hayes

Pairing: Jensen x Reader  (sort of)

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: language, mild embarrassment, other than that none

A/N: so I’ve never written Jensen before, and I’m kind of nervous about it… let me know what you guys think. Also, sorry for the Massachusetts crap, but I don’t know anywhere else well enough.

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OH MY GOD, OK - Three things to take from this!

  1. LMM listens to TAZ
  2. If he guested on Critical Role everything would be so wonderful it would overwhelm the universe - and also the CritRole cast because they would freak out lmao
  3. Now I’m envisioning Patrick Rothfuss and Lin-Manuel Miranda on Critical Role, and I think my brain might explode from the sheer awesomeness?

ok buttttttt

kyle jean baptiste is 21 years old, and made his broadway debut as valjean yesterday

he is the first african american valjean on broadway, AND the youngest valjean to ever take the broadway stage

am i the only one freaking out about this????


so some people might get offended by this but i think it needs to be said… we are all so proud of harry we are excited and nervous and i know most of us are going to go see the movie in cinemas… i know this is his first acting role, but remember there are many other actors in this film that other people, who dont know or arent a fan of harry, are wanting to see or they are just wanting to watch another masterpiece that is a christopher nolan film… i want to ask that when harry first appears on that screen PLEASE DO NOT SCREAM OR CLAP OR DISRUPT THE MOVIE FOR OTHERS!!!!!! i know it will be hard as we are so used to being able to express our emotions when we have seen the boys at concerts, but this is different. this is a movie, a movie that many people are going to go watch and i dont want their opinion of harry acting to be tainted by people screaming every time he is on screen i honestly think it could damage his reputation of wanting to be seen as a serious actor and not been cast to draw the one direction fans. by all means be excited and happy to see him in a film, i know i am freaking out right now, but when you are watching the movie just remember we want people to appreciate harrys talent and not dislike him because there were fans who screamed and clapped when he appeared on screen… 

ok, i hope this doesnt make anyone feel attacked, i just think this is a message we should spread around before dunkirk hits cinemas. feel free to disagree and disregard this, but i do think it is important!

I know everyone says this a lot… but just one more time for emphasizing: I’m in awe of how supportive the Cursed Child cast is of each other. Like almost every one of them welcoming Poppy on twitter, constantly liking the tweets that praise other cast members’ performances or previous works (Noma and Sam are particularly champions at this), repeatedly gushing about Jack Thorne’s new tv show (yes, Anthony, I’m looking at you), the main cast being wonderful with their understudies (Jamie actually sent a thank-you-whisky to Stuart when he stepped in as Harry after Jamie fell ill… like who does that?), weirdly but quite naturally acting like they’re family (Alex congratulating to Anthony by using the “daddysproud” hashtag or Paul’s hilarious banters with his “sister”, “wife” and “daughter”, I mean COME ON)…  This freaking cast…

ok so there is only one goddamn way i will take this mon el plot:

he has feelings for her, and kara’s just like “???, im sorry i dont feel the same”

if the way Kara is acting around Mon is how she acts around people she likes romantically, then she has to be in love with the entire freaking cast, bc she doesn’t really act any different around Mon El, at least no different from how she acts around Winn, who she clearly said she doesn’t like that way

and not only that, they got rid of James x Kara because the writers/producers said they felt like it was forced. while i thought it was, Kara x Mon El would be even more forced, and if they make Kara like him back and peruse this love plot, that’s kind of actually racist because its not ok to force a love plot with a black guy but with a white frat boy forced romance is perfect

Ok but how freaking hot is it when Frank walks into Karen’s apartment and she’s holding the gun on him and he goes “Shh shh shh shh”? 

I mean I know that whole scene is hot, what with him throwing himself on top of her, but still…

Late Late Night Musings - Robron and the Future (Our Fandom Too)

While I’m here. Let me write out my feelings. 

Tonight I went from being 50% confident it would be ok to about 99.9% it will be ok. We are getting an hour special more than likely written by Maxine. This is going to be good. It will hurt. It will burn. It will be the light at the end of the tunnel. That is all I have been waiting for. The signal for that light at the end of the tunnel. 

I think I see it now. I’m excited to see where this all goes now. Why? I feel that famous Theory™ is coming together now. I see it. I see an ending. 

It’s coming. Soon in the future we will look back and shake our heads at this storyline. It will be ok. 

OH. To everyone freaking out about a character that hasn’t been cast and hasn’t even been declared towards one storyline (He might be a damn Dingle for all we know), you all need to calm down. Not everything is negative. I know you feel burned since the ‘Incident’ but we all need to take things one story at a time. Let’s be negative about Rebecca and then move onto the next set of problems. The ‘Incident’ really took a bite out of this fandom. Emotionally bit the crap out of this fandom. So, being bitter makes sense but don’t let it last. Don’t let it fester and ruin any possible good that could be coming.   

I personally think he is for Liv. (Thanks @kayceecruz for putting that into my brain. I will stop tagging you now. lol). It’s time for Liv to get her own storyline away from Aaron and Robert. I’m here for that. 100% here for a Liv story. Let’s add Gabby in there too. 

We all need to just take everything one story plot point at a time or else we will all go insane. Like now. Breathe. Be salty. Be bitter. Don’t let it stay that way though. 


STAY OFF THE MESSAGE BOARDS. (I’m going to be known as the girl who yells to stay off message boards that are full of trolls and sadness.) 

Enjoy this gif of dogs hugging. Goodnight. 

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ok so i was just taking pics of the cast as they were walking by bc it was rlly crowed so i couldn’t take a pic w/ them. so after i had a FULL ON CONVO HSHSHEHEIEJ with michael park, i took pics of him signing playbills. then he freaking turns and looks at the camera and smiles and than goes back to signing. and while he’s doing that he was like “wow that’s pretty weird now you’ll just have a pic of me” or something funny like that but i don’t really remember cause i was in shock. k enjoy your story


JESSICA CHASTAIN & OSCAR ISAAC  || I have a lot of friends who kinda say, ‘Can you talk to Kathryn Bigelow or whatever about me?’ I’m always nervous to do that. [Oscar]’s the only one I’ve ever done that with and he didn’t even ask me. I wrote a long e-mail to J.C. [Chandor]. I said, ‘Oscar has no idea I’m sending you this e-mail. This is why I believe in him. I’ve known him for 10 years. I’ve seen him in school work in Juilliard without costumes and props. He’s never done a false moment. This is someone I really believe in.’ I wrote this whole thing about independent cinema… And then I sent it and I thought, ‘Oooh, that was probably a mistake; maybe I overstepped my bounds.’ And I was kinda freaking out, really neurotic, and 10 minutes later, I get an e-mail from J.C. that just says, ‘I’m casting him but don’t tell him yet.’ “ x

  • Feather-Gill: I need information on the Elder Scrolls, and would benefit from the College's library.
  • Faralda: what do you have to offer us?
  • Feather-Gill: I'm an alchemist?
  • Faralda: nope, need to cast a spell.
  • Feather-Gill: ok so I'll just fortify my magicka until I can cast your stupid spell, with the potions I made, because I'm a freaking alchemist

delaneylovestheater  asked:

we have had the band au but what about the theater au with director Washington?? ham is the one who thinks a 7 min audition song is ok. Eliza all ways gets the lead girl with the pretty song. HERCULES AS THE COSTUME DESINER!!!! poor burr is the understudy. Madison is the guy who comes sick to tech week and gets like half the cast sick. idk just a thought.


-Alex and Burr are co stage mangers bc ham is a control freak with a clip board who’s to abrasive to put on stage even though he’s pretty good. Screams a lot and is always stressed. His script is full of everyone’s blocking notes. He could play every part. Never sleeps.

-John is a stage hand. Messes around with Alex most of the time. Hides in the prop room. But he’s very good at building sets. You better believe the paint on Ham’s ass is from him. Founder of the notorious ‘Fuck Room’

-Lafayette is Gwash’s assistant director. He does a lot of. Couching with the actors and is just helpful in general . Stole one of the mic condom boxes so he and Peggy could have some 'alone time’ in the lighting booth

-Mulligan is definitely in charge of costumes and make up. He makes everyone look so pretty. Has master the perfect wing for eyeliner but he can only do it on other people

-Angelica is the seasoned veteran that almost always gets the leads. Queen of the drama department

-Eliza was pretty shy but Angelica encourages her to audition and she instantly gets the lead. She’s way out of Alexander’s league but he tries to flirt with her anyway

-Peggy is the lighting and sound designer who supplies Alex with coffee and memes. Occasionally good advice too

-Jefferson is that asshole who’s never acted before in his life but is instantly amazing. Alex wants to snap his clipboard in half he’s that good. He carries his script around in his back pocket to piss of Alex. Doesn’t know what stage kissing is tho. Or how to put on his make up. Walks around the dressing room in only tights 95% of the time. He and Alex occasionally make use of the 'Fuck Room’ during intermission

Save Our Last Goodbye 5/7

Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader
Save Our Last Goodbye - Disturbed
Word Count: 2,050
Warnings: ANGST, Swearing, light mention of sex
A/N: It’s amazing how this was supposed to be a one-shot, but has quickly turned into something much larger than intended. Hopefully everyone is still enjoying it.

Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3 l Part 4

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The tower was eerily quiet after a night of rowdy debauchery. It was times like this that you were glad your brother had installed blackout panels on all of your windows. Only moments after waking up you could feel the inevitable hangover kicking in. Grateful for the fact that it usually only consisted of a headache as you could now feel the dull ache of one behind your eyes and all around your skull. Groaning at the feeling you made to roll over but was stopped by an arm wrapped around your stomach that was holding you in place. Worry seeping in now you only had to glance back to see the mistake that was sleeping in your bed.

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